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List of townlands in County Down

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In Ireland, Counties are divided into Civil Parishes and Parishes are further divided into townlands. The following is a list of townlands in County Down, Northern Ireland:[1]

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Acre McCricket, Aghacullion, Aghandunvarran, Aghavilly, Aghlisnafin, Aghnaleck, Aghnamoira, Aghnatrisk, Aghyoghill, Angus Rock, Annacloy, Annadorn, Annaghanoon, Annaghbane, Annaghmakeonan, Annahunshigo, Ardaghy, Ardarragh, Ardbrin, Ardgeehan, Ardglass, Ardigon, Ardilea, Ardkeen, Ardkeeragh, Ardmeen, Ardminnan, Ardquin, Ardtanagh, Ardtole, Attical, Audley's Acre, Audleystown, Aughintober, Aughnacaven, Aughnacloy, Aughnadarragh, Aughnadrumman, Aughnafosker, Aughnagon, Aughnahoory, Aughnaloopy, Aughnaskeagh, Aughnavallog, Aughrim


Backaderry - Balloonigan

Backaderry, Backnamullagh, Ballaghanery, Ballaghanery Upper, Ballaghbeg, Balleevy, Balleny, County Down, Balliggan, Ballinarry, Ballincurry, Ballincurry Upper, Ballindoalty, Ballindoalty Upper, Ballinlare, Ballinran, Ballinran Upper, Ballintaggart, Ballintine, Ballintlieve, Ballintogher, Ballintur, Ballintur Upper, Balloo, Balloo Lower, Ballooly, Balloolymore, Balloonigan

Ballyadam - Ballyewry

Ballyadam, Ballyagherty, Ballyaghlis, Ballyagholy, Ballyalgan, Ballyalicock, Ballyalloly, Ballyaltikilligan, Ballyalton (Newtownards South), Ballyalton (Raholp), Ballyardel, Ballyatwood, Ballyaughian, Ballybannan, Ballybarnes, Ballybeen, Ballybeg, Ballyblack, Ballyblack Little, Ballyblaugh, Ballyboghilbo, Ballyboley, Ballybranigan, Ballybrannagh Lower, Ballybrannagh Upper, Ballybredagh, Ballybrick, Ballybryan, Ballybunden and Kilmood, Ballybuttle, Ballycam, Ballycanal, Ballycarn, Ballycarngannon, Ballycastle, Ballyclander Lower, Ballyclander Upper, Ballycloughan, Ballycopeland, Ballycoshone Lower, Ballycoshone Upper, Ballycowan, Ballycran Beg, Ballycran More, Ballycreelly, Ballycreen, Ballycroghan, Ballycross, Ballycrune, Ballycruttle, Ballycullen, Ballyculter Lower, Ballyculter Upper, Ballycultra, Ballydargan, Ballydavey, Ballydesland, Ballydollaghan, Ballydonety, Ballydonnell, Ballydoo, Ballydoonan, Ballydorn, Ballydown, Ballydrain, Ballydrumman, Ballydugan, Ballydulany, Ballydyan, Ballyedmond (townland), Ballyedmond Upper, Ballyedock Lower, Ballyedock Upper, Ballyedock or Carrstown, Ballyesborough, Ballyewry

Ballyferis - Ballylucas

Ballyferis, Ballyfinragh, Ballyfotherly, Ballyfounder, Ballyfrench, Ballyfrenis, Ballygalget, Ballygallum, Ballygally, Ballygarvan, Ballygarvigan, Ballygeegan, Ballygelagh, Ballygilbert, Ballyginny, Ballyglighorn, Ballygorian Beg, Ballygorian More, Ballygoskin, Ballygowan, Ballygowan (Aghaderg), Ballygowan (Drumbeg), Ballygowan (Kilkeel), Ballygowan (Killinchy), Ballygowan (Moira), Ballygraffan, Ballygrainey, Ballygrangee, Ballygrot, Ballygunaghan, Ballyhackamore, Ballyhafry, Ballyhaft, Ballyhalbert, Ballyhanwood, Ballyharry, Ballyhaskin, Ballyhay, Ballyhemlin, Ballyhenny, Ballyhenry, Ballyhenry Island, Ballyhenry Major, Ballyhenry Minor, Ballyherly, Ballyholland Lower, Ballyholland Upper, Ballyholme, Ballyhomra, Ballyhornan, Ballyhosset, Ballyhosset Milltown, Ballykeel, Ballykeel Artifinny, Ballykeel Edenagonnell, Ballykeel Lougherne, Ballykelly, Ballykilbeg, Ballykillare, Ballykine, Ballykine Lower, Ballykine Upper, Ballykinler Lower, Ballykinler Middle, Ballykinler Upper, Ballyknock, Ballyknockan, Ballyleidy, Ballylenagh, Ballylenaghan, Ballyleny, Ballylesson, Ballylig, Ballylimp, Ballylintagh, Ballylisbredan, Ballylone Big, Ballylone Little, Ballylough, Ballyloughan, Ballyloughlin, Ballylucas

Ballymacanallen - Ballynoe

Ballymacanallen, Ballymacanally, Ballymacaramery, Ballymacarrett, Ballymacaratty Beg, Ballymacaratty More, Ballymacarn North, Ballymacarn South, Ballymacarron, Ballymacashen, Ballymacateer, Ballymacbredan, Ballymacbrennan, Ballimachoris, Ballymackilreiny, Ballymacmaine, Ballymacnamee, Ballymaconaghy, Ballymaconnell, Ballymacormick, Ballymacreelly, Ballymacromwell, Ballymacruise, Ballymadeerfy, Ballymaganlis, Ballymagaraghan, Ballymagart, Ballymagaughey, Ballymagee, Ballymageogh, Ballymaghan, Ballymaghery, Ballymagin, Ballymaginaghy, Ballymaglaff, Ballymaglave North, Ballymaglave South, Ballymagreehan, Ballymakeonan, Ballymalady, Ballymarter, Ballymartin, Ballymenagh, Ballyminetragh, Ballyministragh, Ballyminnish, Ballymiscaw, Ballymisert, Ballymoney, Ballymorran, Ballymote Lower, Ballymote Middle, Ballymote Upper, Ballymullan, Ballymurphy (Annahilt), Ballymurphy (Ardquin), Ballymurphy (Greyabbey), Ballymurry, Ballynabragget, Ballynacraig, Ballynadrone, Ballynafern, Ballynafoy (Annaclone), Ballynafoy (Knockbreda), Ballynagallagh, Ballynagappoge, Ballynagarrick, Ballynagross, Ballynagross Lower, Ballynagross Upper, Ballynahatten, Ballynahatty, Ballynahinch, Ballynamagna, Ballynanny (Annaclone), Ballynanny (Clonduff), Ballynaris, Ballynaskeagh, Ballynavally, Ballyneddan, Ballyneddan Upper, Ballynester, Ballynewport, Ballynichol, Ballynoe

Ballyobegan - Ballyworfy

Ballyobegan, Ballyoran, Ballyorgan, Ballyphilip, Ballyplunt, Ballyquintin, Ballyrainey, Ballyrawer, Ballyreagh, Ballyree, Ballyregan, Ballyrenan, Ballyrickard, Ballyridley, Ballyrobert, Ballyrogan, Ballyrogan or Mourne, Ballyrolly, Ballyroney, Ballyrush, Ballyrushboy, Ballyrusley, Ballyrussell, Ballysallagh, Ballysallagh Major, Ballysallagh Minor, Ballysheil, Ballyskeagh, Ballyskeagh High, Ballyskeagh Lower, Ballyspurge, Ballystockart, Ballystokes, Ballystrew, Ballysugagh, Ballytrim, Ballytrustan, Ballyurnanellan, Ballyvally, Ballyvange, Ballyvarley, Ballyvarnet, Ballyvaston, Ballyveagh Beg, Ballyveagh Beg Upper, Ballyveagh More, Ballyveagh More Upper, Ballyvester, Ballyvicknacally, Ballyviggis, Ballywaddan, Ballywallon, Ballywalter, Ballyward, Ballywarren, Ballywatticock, Ballyweely, Ballywhiskin, Ballywhite, Ballywhollart, Ballywierd, Ballywilliam, Ballywillin, Ballywillwill, Ballywoodan, Ballyworfy

Bangor Bog - Buskhill

Bangor Bog, Banoge, Barnamaghery, Barnboy, Barnmeen, Bavan, Beardy Rocks, Begny, Benagh, Benagh Lower, Benagh Upper, Benraw, Bessy's Island, Big Gull Rock, Bird Island, Bishops Court, Black Abbey, Black Island, Black Islands, Black Rock, Blaris, Bleary, Bonecastle, Bootown, Boretree Island East, Boretree Island West, Boretree Rock North, Bottier, Bovennett, Brackenagh East, Brackenagh East Upper, Brackenagh West, Brackenagh West Upper, Bradock Island, Braniel, Breda, Bresagh, Brickland, Bright, Broaghclogh or Murvaclogher, Broom Quarter, Burial Island, Burren, Burrenbane, Burrenreagh, Bush Island, Buskhill


Cabra, Cabragh, Cahard, Calf Island, Cappagh, Carcullion, Cardy, Cargabane, Cargacreevy, Cargacroy, Cargagh, Cargygray, Carmeen, Carnacally, Carnacavill, Carnalbanagh West, Carnamuck, Carnany, Carnasure, Carnbane, Carnew, Carney Hill, Carnreagh, Carrickcrossan, Carrickdrumman, Carrickinab, Carrickmacstay, Carrickmaddyroe, Carrickmannan, Carricknadarriff, Carricknaveagh, Carrickrovaddy, Carrigenagh Upper, Carrigullian, Carrintaggart, Carr, Carrogs, Carrowbaghran, Carrowbane, Carrowcarlin, Carrowdressex, Carrownacaw, Carrowreagh, Carrowvanny, Carrstown or Ballyedock, Carryduff, Carryreagh, Carsonstown, Caskum, Castleaverry, Castlebeg, Castleboy, Castle Espie, Castle Island, Castlemahon, Castlenavan, Castlereagh, Castleskreen, Castlevennon, Castleward, Castlewellan, Cattogs, Cavan, Chanderies Islands, Chapel Island, Cherryvalley, Church Ballee, Church Quarter, Churn Rock, Clanmaghery, Clanvaraghan, Claragh, Clare, Clarkill, Clay (Annaclone), Clay (Killyleagh), Cleomack, Clintagh (Annahilt), Clogher, Cloghram, Cloghskelt, Cloghy, Clonachullion, Clonallan Glebe, Clonta Fleece, Clontaghnaglar, Clontanagullion, Clontonakelly, Clough, Cluntagh (Killyleagh), Cock Mountain, Commonreagh, Commons, Commons of Clanmaghery, Conlig, Conly Island, Cookstown, Coolnacran, Coolsallagh, Coney Island, Coniamstown, Coose, Copeland Island, Corbally, Corbet, Corcreaghan, Corcreeny, Corgary, Cornreany, Corporation, Corrog, Cotton, Craigaroddan, Craigarusky, Craigavad, Craigaveagh Rock, Craigboy, Craignasasonagh, Craigogantlet, Cranfield, Creeghduff, Creevy, Creevy (Drumbo), Creevyargon, Creevybeg, Creevycarnonan, Creevyloughgare, Creevytenant, Cregagh Croan, Crolly's Quarter, Cronstown, Cross, Crossan, Crossgar, Cross Island, Crossnacreevy, Crossnamuckley, Culcavy, Cullintraw, Cullion, Cumber, Cumran, Cunningburn


Darragh Island, Dead Mans Island, Deehommed, Demesne, Demesne of Down, Derry, Derryboy, Derrycraw, Derrydrummock, Derrydrummult, Derrylough, Derryneill, Derryoge, Dillin, Dodd's Island, Donaghcloney, Donaghaguy, Dooey, Dooghary, Dooglen, Dree, Drennan, Drin, Dromara, Dromore, Dromorebrague, Drumaconnell East, Drumadoney, Drumadonnell, Drumahoe, Drumaghadone, Drumaghlis, Drumaknockan, Drumalig, Drumanaghan or Drumulcaw, Drumanakelly, Drumanaquoile, Drumaness, Drumantine, Drumaran, Drumardan, Drumardan Quarter, Drumaroad, Drumatihugh, Drumawhy, Drumbane, Drumbeg, Drumbo, Drumbonniff, Drumbroneth, Drumcaw, Drumcro, Drumcro and Drumo, Drumdreenagh, Drumee, Drumena, Drumfad, Drumgath, Drumgavlin, Drumgiven, Drumgooland, Drumgreenagh, Drumhirk, Drumhorc, Drumindoney, Drumkeeragh, Drumlee, Drumlin, Drumlough, Hillsborough, Drumlough, Rathfriland, Drummanlane, Drummanmore, Drummiller (Aghaderg), Drummiller (Donaghmore), Drummiller (Dromore), Drummiller (Tullylish), Drummond Island, Drumnabreeze, Drumnaconagher, Drumnaferry, Drumnagally, Drumnahare, Drumnascamph, Drumnavaddy, Drumneth, Drumo and Drumcro, Drumra, Drumreagh, Drumreagh Upper, Drumsallagh, Drumsesk, Drumskee, Drumsnade, Drumulcaw or Drumanaghan, Duck Rock, Dunbeg Lower, Dundrine, Dundrinne, Dundrum, Duneight, Dunevly, Dunlady, Dunmore, Dunnaman, Dunnanelly, Dunnanew, Dunnaval, Dunnyneill Islands, Dunover, Dunsfort, Dunsy Island, Dunturk


Echlinville, Edenagarry, Edenballycoggill, Edendarriff, Edenderry, Edenderry (Aghaderg), Edenderry (Seapatrick), Edenmore, Edenordinary, Edenslate, Edenticullo, Edentiroory, Edentrillick, Edentrumly, Ednego, Enagh, Erenagh


Farranfad, Fedany, Feney, Ferryquarter, Finnabrogue, Finnis, Fish Quarter, Fofannybane


Gabbock Island, Galwally, Ganaway, Gargarry, Gartross, Garvaghy, Gibb's Island, Gilnahirk, Glaskerbeg East, Glaskerbeg West, Glaskermore, Glasdrumman, Glasdrumman Upper, Glass Moss, Glastry, Glebe (Annahilt), Glebe (Donaghmore), Glebe (Kilclief), Glebe (Rathmullan), Glenloughan (Aghaderg), Glenloughan (Kilkeel), Glovet, Gordonall, Gores Island, Gortgrib, Gortnamony, Goward, Grallaghgreenan, Granagh, Grange, Grangee, Grangewalls, Grangicam, Gransha, Great Minnis's Island, Greenan (Aghaderg), Greenan (Dromore), Greenan (Newry), Greencastle, Greengraves, Green Island, Greenisland Rock, Greenoge, Gregorlough, Grey Abbey, Groomsport, Growell, Guineways, Gull Rock, Guiness, Guns Island


Hare Island, Hen Island, Herdstown, Hillhall, Hillsborough, Hogstown, Hollymount, Holywood, Horse Island


Imdel, Inch, Islandacorr, Islandbane, Islandderry, Island Henry, Islandhill, Islandmore, Islandmoyle, Island Taggart, Isle McCricket, Isle O'Valla


Jackdaw Island, Jocks Island, Jordans Acre, Jordans Crew


Kearney, Keentagh, Kernan, Kilbride, Kilbright, Kilbroney, Kilclief, Kildares Crew, Kilfeaghan, Kilfullert, Kilkeel, Kilkinamurry, Killaghy, Killaney, Killard Lower, Killarn, Killavees, Killeen, Killinakin, Killinchy, Killinchy in the Woods, Killinure, Killough, Killowen Mountains, Killydressy, Killynether, Killysavan, Killysorrell, Killyvolgan, Kilmacrew, Kilminioge, Kilmood and Ballybunden, Kilmore, Kilnatierny, Kilpike, Kiltarriff, Kinallen, Kinghill, Kircassock, Kircubbin, Kirkistown, Kirkland and Toy, Knock, Knockbarragh, Knockbreckan, Knockgorm, Knockinelder, Knocknagoney, Knocknagore, Knocknanarny, Knocksticken


Lackan, Lagnagoppoge, Lappoges, Large Park, Largymore, Launches Little, Legacurry, Legamaddy, Legananny, Leggygowan, Legmore, Leitrim, Leitrim Upper, Lenaderg, Lenish, Leode, Lessans, Letalian, Levallyclanone, Levallyreagh, Leveroge, Light House Island, Linden's Lump, Lisadian, Lisbane, Lisbarnet, Lisboy, Lisdalgan, Lisdoonan, Lisinaw, Lisleen, Lismaine, Lismore, Lisnabrague, Lisnabreeny Lisnacree, Lisnacreevy, Lisnacroppan, Lisnafiffy, Lisnagade, Lisnagonnell, Lisnamaul, Lisnamore, Lisnamulligan, Lisnaree, Lisnasallagh, Lisnashanker, Lisnasharragh, Lisnasliggan, Lisnastrean, Lisnasure, Lisnatierny, Lisnatrunk, Lisnavaghrog, Lisnaward, Lisnisk, Lisnode, Lisnoe, Lisoid, Lisowen, Lissara, Lissize, Listooder, Listullycurran, Little Minnis's Island, Long Island, Longlands, Loughadian, Loughans, Loughdoo, Loughkeelan, Loughmoney, Loughriscouse, Lurgananare, Lurganbane, Lurgancahone, Lurgancanty, Lurganconray, Lurganreagh, Lurgantamry, Lurganville, Lythe Rock


Maddydrumbrist, Magherabeg, Magheraconluce, Magheracranmoney, Magheradartin, Magheradrool, Magherageery, Magherahinch, Magheraknock, Magheralagan, Magherally, Magheralone, Magheramayo, Magheramurphy, Magherana, Magherasaul, Magherascouse, Magheratimpany, Maghereagh, Maghery, Mahee Island, Marlfield, Marl Island, Marshallstown, Mayo, Maze, Mealough, Meenan, Mew Island, Midge, Milecross, Miller Hill, Millquarter Milltown Minnis's Island & Little, Moneycarragh, Moneydorragh Beg, Moneydorragh More Upper, Moneygore, Moneylane, Moneymore, Moneynabane, Moneyreagh, Moneyscalp, Moneyslane, Monlough, Monree, Mount Alexander, Mount Stewart, Mourne Mountains East, Mourne Mountains Middle, Mourne Mountains West, Mourne Park or Ballyrogan, Moyad, Moyallen, Moybrick Lower, Moybrick Upper, Moydalgan, Moygannon, Moymore, Mullabrack, Mullafernaghan, Mullagh, Mullaghdrin, Mullaghmore, Mullartown, Multihogy, Murlough Lower, Murlough Upper, Murvaclogher or Broaghclogh


Naghan, Narrow Water, Near Craiglee Rock, Newcastle, Newtown, Newtown Upper, Nunsquarter


Ogilby Island, Orlock, Ouley, O'Valla & Isle


Parson Hall, Parton Island, Pawle Island, Peggys Island, Phersons Island, Pig Island, Portavoe, Portavogie, Portloughan, Pound Island, Priest Town


Quarter Cormick, Quarterland, Quilly, Quoile


Rademan, Raffrey, Raholp, Rainey Island, Raleagh, Ramharry Rock, Ratallagh, Rathcunningham, Rathgorman, Rathmullan Lower, Ravara, Ravernet, Reagh Island, Reillys Trench, Ringawaddy, Ringbane, Ringcreevy, Ringdufferin, Ringfad, Ringhaddy, Ringmackilroy, Ringneill, Ringolish, Ringreagh, Risk, Roddans, Roe Island, Rolly Island, Rosemount, Ross, Rossconor, Rossglass, Rosstrevor, Rosstrevor Mountains, Round Island, Rough Island, Rowreagh, Russell's Quarter, Russell's Quarter South


Saintfield Parks, Saint John's Point, Salt Island, Salt Marsh Islands, Salt Rock, Sandy Island, Saul, Saul Quarter, Scady Rocks, Scarva, Scrabo, Scrib, Seafin, Seaforde Demesne, Seavaghan, Shamrock Island, Shankill, Shanrod, Shark Island, Sheelah's Island, Sheepland Beg, Shones, Shooters Island, Simmy Island, Skeagh, Sketrick Island, Skillyscolban, Slanes, Slatady, Slievenaboley, Slievenagriddle, Slievenalargy, Slievenisky, Sloanstown, Small Park, South Island, South Sheelah's Island, Spittle Ballee, Spittle Quarter, Springvale, Stang, Stinking Rock, Stirk Isle, Strand, Strangford Lower, Struell, Swan Island, Swan Rock


Taghnabrick, Tamary, Tamnaharry, Tamnyveagh, Tannaghmore, Tara, Taughblane, Taughlummy, Taughrane, Teconnaught, Templepatrick, The Devils Jacks, The Point Park, Thomastown, Thompson's Island, Tievenadarragh, Tieveshilly, Tirfergus, Tirkelly, Tirygory, Tobercorran, Tobermoney, Tollumgrange Lower, Tollymore, Tollymore Park, Tonaghmore, Town Parks, Town Parks of Donaghadee, Toy and Kirkland, Trasnagh Island, Trooperfield, Tullindoney, Tullinespick, Tullinisky, Tullintanvally, Tullyboard, Tullycarn, Tullycarnet, Tullyconnaught, Tullycross, Tullyear, Tullygarvan, Tullyherron, Tullyhubbert, Tullylish, Tullyloob, Tullymally, Tullynacrew, Tullynagardy, Tullynakill, Tullyorier, Tullytramon, Tullywasnacunagh, Tyrella North


Walshestown, Watson's Island, Whigamstown, Whitechurch, Whitehills, Wood Island

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