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List of schools in North Yorkshire

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a list of schools in North Yorkshire, England.

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  • ✪ Most AMAZING World Records You Won't Believe!
  • ✪ John List's crime scene CAUTION
  • ✪ This is Britain - School


From fingernails to Big Macs, here are 11 of some of the most shocking world records in the world. #11 Longest Fingernails Do you ever let your fingernails get a little too long? Well, however long they get, they are probably nowhere near as long as the record set by American Lee Redmond. She holds the record for “longest fingernails ever on a pair of female hands”. The Guinness Book of World Records divides the record for the longest fingernails into genders. Lee started her fingernail pursuit in 1979. In actuality, it wasn’t planned, she was simply challenging herself. She was trying to grow her nails out and told herself she would only cut them if they started growing out of shape. But thanks to her grooming skills, they grew out perfectly curved and healthy. In 2008, Lee had her nails measured on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, an Italian T.V. program dedicated to world records. They were over 8.65 m(24ft) long! The following year, Lee Redmond was in a fatal car accident. Not to worry! It wasn’t fatal to her per se, but it was fatal to her prized nails. She says that she discovered there was more to life than nails. A good friend of Lee’s, Melvin Boothe understood her pain. Boothe, in December 2009, set the record for the “longest fingernails on a pair of male hands” whose nails had a combined length of 9.85 m (32 ft 3.8 in), when measured in Troy, Michigan, USA on May 30th 2009. .His nails seemed to grow astray unlike Redmond’s. Unfortunately, Melvin passed away in December 2009, just a few months after setting the record. #10 Heaviest Onion Just hearing about this record is bound to make your eyes water! In 2014’s Harrogate Autumn flower show in North Yorkshire, UK, British gardner Tony Glover presented us with a record-breaking onion. For years, Mr. Glover had loved gardening, but it wasn’t until that year that he finally grew the onion of his dreams. The whopper weighed 8.5 kg (18 lb 11.84 oz). That one onion is large enough to make 250 onion bhajees, French onion soup for 36 people or 50 portions of onion rings! The only sad part about this record was that it was taken from Peter Glazebrook, who at 68, broke the record two years prior at the same festival. Glover beat his by more than ten ounces. Lucky for Mr. Glazebrook, although he loves his onions, he has been known to grow a large variety of hefty veggies, such as cabbages and beets, so it’s safe to say this won’t be the end for him! #9 Tallest Mohawk I’ve seen some crazy hair-dos, but this one may top them all. In April of 2014, Kazuhiro Watanabe set the record for the tallest Mohican Hairstyle. Also known as a Mohawk spike, his hair reaches almost 4 ft tall. It took Kazuhiro 15 years to grow his hair out. He wanted to be in the Guinness Book of World Records and his initial idea was to drink the most Tabasco sauce in one sitting, but decided to go with this hairy record instead. To get it into shape takes three stylists, three cannisters of hair spray and a bottle of hair gel, Watanabe said. Without gel and hairspray, the hair reaches his knees. You may think of him as the Mohawk guy, but actually, he tends to keep his hair down or clipped back. He only gels it to display his record. His kids have never even seen his record-setting ‘do in person. Although, his young daughter swears she will be the one to reach hair heights greater than her father one day when she beats his record fair and square! #8 Loudest Bark You might think that your dog has to have the loudest bark in the world. Especially at four in the morning. If this is actually true, he will have to prove it by beating Charlie who lives in Adelaide, Australia. Belinda Freebairn, Charlie’s owner, measured his bark at a Purina Bark in the Park event and it read 113.1 dB. Which means, the golden retriever’s bark is louder than a rock concert! Medical professionals state that less than a minute exposed to 112 decibels can cause permanent damage to the ear. A thunderclap is 120 dB and a siren is 115. Any louder and Charlie would be equivalent to one of these! To be fair, golden retrievers are known for having the loudest bark out of any other dog breed. I’m just glad I am not her neighbor. #7 Most Expensive Dessert Have a taste for the sweeter things in life? Well this record might not be as strange but it is pretty cool! In New York City you can purchase the world’s most expensive dessert! It will only cost you $25,000 at Serendipity 3. It is named The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae. Of course at that price, it can’t be an ordinary sundae. The dessert contains 14 of the world's most expensive cocoas. It was special made to partner with Euphoria New York jewelers. What’s the real catch, though? There’s no way that cocoa could be that expensive. Well, it just so happens it is decorated with 5 g of edible 23-karat gold and served in a gold-lined goblet. The base of the dish is an 18-karat gold bracelet with 1 karat of pure white diamonds. The ice cream is to be eaten with a gold spoon, which of course is decorated with white and chocolate colored diamonds. Everything in the dish is meant to be taken home. Just be careful not to eat the diamonds! #6 Most Pierced Woman Many cringe at the thought of piercings aside from your everyday ear. So, you can see how Elaine Davidson from Brazil is a woman to behold. This woman has actually broken two records when it comes to piercings. The first was in 2000 when she was recorded to have had the most piercings at one time, which added up to 462. Another was in 2003 when she broke the record for having the most piercings in a lifetime, which was 4,225 at the time. All of these piercings took place within a time span of seven years. Meaning, on average, she received two piercings a day. Let’s just say there isn’t a single body part that hasn’t been pierced. She regularly changes it up and switches them out for a different look. She likes to add face paint, feathers, and tattoos to brighten up her look even more. You can visit Elaine at her shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. #5 Most Big Macs Ever Eaten This may be one of the least advised records to break, but in August of 2016 Donald Gorske ate his 28,788th Big Mac in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He buys them in bulk and consumes them twice a day, on average. In the last forty-four years, there have been only eight days in which he did not eat a Big Mac. That means he eats a Big Mac over 99.5% of days. Over the last ten years, Gorske has even kept every Big Mac carton he’s ever gotten, has a statue of Ronald McDonald in his yard, proposed to his wife at McDonalds, sees Burger King as the enemy, eats Big Macs at Christmas, and may just be McDonald’s number one fan. Until 2011 when he ate his 25,000 burger, Gorske worked as a correctional officer! #4 Hairiest Family When you see this record, you may think of some strange costume or mythical creature, but really, this hairy group is just your average, everyday family. The Ramos Gomez family is the largest hairy family in the world as of 2003. They span across Mexico with nineteen members who all suffer from a genetic disorder known as Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis. The most famous of the group would be a small family of four, Victor "Larry" Gomez, Gabriel "Danny" Ramos Gomez, Luisa Lilia De Lira Aceves and Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves. Approximately 98% of the body of the men is covered in thick hair. Two of these four have turned lemons into lemonade and perform in the Mexican National Circus. #3 Longest Single Prison Sentence In 1994, the record for the longest prison sentence for one person on multiple counts went to Charles Scott Robinson, an American child rapist. He was sentenced by a judge in Oklahoma City for 30,000 years, 5,000 years for each child he had raped. He is known across the world for holding this record. But his sentence wasn’t really the longest per se… One account worth mentioning is that of Chamoy Thipyaso who did receive a sentence of 141,078 years for a pyramid scheme that defrauded people out of £2 million. The wife of a senior Thai air force officer, some of her victims had allegedly been members of the Thair royal household. However, the law at that time stated no one could serve more than 20 years for fraud. She ended up serving eight. There have been others, but they were committed by groups of people who received 40,000 years each so they were disqualified by the Guinness book of World Records since they were sentenced as a group. Charles Scott Robinson still holds the record for the longest prison sentence for one person, even though it was for multiple counts. #2 Quietest Place on Earth Have you ever been somewhere you thought was silent? Turns out it wasn’t or else this record couldn’t’ have been set. Orfield Laboratories 'anechoic chamber' in the U.S is 99.99% sound absorbent. It is used to test products such as washing machines and cellphones, but many journalists and manufacturers like to have a little fun with it. The room was created with 3.3-foot-thick fiberglass acoustic wedges, double walls of insulated steel and foot-thick concrete. Sound like paradise? Think again. The longest anyone has survived inside was 45 minutes. The only sound in the room is yourself. Most people will be driven crazy in a short amount of time as they hear their own heartbeat, their throat swallow, their eyelids touch as they blink. The majority of people will start to hallucinate after a few minutes and are unable to stand after 30. So, is silence golden, or suicide? #1 Wealthiest Cat The bitter truth is that there are animals out there that are far richer than any of us could ever hope to be. In 1988, British millionaire Ben Rea died, leaving his fortune to his trustee Blackie. Blackie was the last surviving of the 15 cats he had shared his home with, but mysteriously Blackie is the only one still living. So, the cat inherited the entire $12.5 million. To be fair, Ben Rea also left a portion to his gardener, mechanic, and plumber, as well as leaving his home to a good friend. But still, compared to Blackie, the luxurious feline, they are still lower class citizens. Thanks for watching! Remember to subscribe and click the notification bell so you don’t miss out! New videos are posted 4x a week! See you next time! Bye!!!


State-funded schools

Primary schools

  • Ainderby Steeple CE Primary School
  • Airy Hill Community Primary School
  • Alanbrooke School
  • All Saints Roman Catholic Primary School
  • All Saints Church of England School
  • Alne Primary School
  • Amotherby Community Primary School
  • Applegarth Primary School
  • Appleton Roebuck Primary School
  • Appleton Wiske Community Primary School
  • Arkengarthdale CE Primary School
  • Arncliffe CE VC Primary School
  • Askrigg VC Primary School
  • Askwith Community Primary School
  • Aspin Park Community Primary School
  • Athelstan Community Primary School
  • Bainbridge CE Primary School
  • Baldersby St James CE VC Primary School
  • Barkston Ash RC Primary School
  • Barlby Bridge Community Primary School
  • Barlby Community Primary School
  • Barlow CE VC Primary School
  • Barrowcliff Community Junior School
  • Barton CE Primary School
  • Barwic Parade Community Primary School
  • Beckwithshaw Community Primary School
  • Bedale CE Primary School
  • Bilsdale Midcable Chop Gate CE VC Primary School
  • Bilton Grange Community Primary School
  • Birstwith CE Primary School
  • Bishop Monkton CE Primary School
  • Bishop Thornton CE Primary School
  • Bolton-on-Swale St Mary's CE VA Primary School
  • Boroughbridge Primary School
  • Bradleys Both Community Primary School
  • Braeburn Infant School
  • Braeburn Community Junior School
  • Brayton Community Junior School
  • Brompton Community Primary School
  • Brompton and Sawdon Community Primary School
  • Brompton-on-Swale CE Primary School
  • Broomfield School
  • Brotherton and Byram Community Primary School
  • Bullamoor Junior School
  • Burneston CE VA Primary School
  • Burnsall VA Primary School
  • Burnt Yates CE Primary School
  • Burton Leonard CE Primary School
  • Burton Salmon Community Primary School
  • Camblesforth Community Primary School
  • Cargill Community Primary School
  • Carleton Endowed School
  • Carlton Miniott Community Primary School
  • Carlton and Faceby CE VA Primary School
  • Carlton-in-Sith Community Primary School
  • Castle Church of England Junior School
  • Castleton Community Primary School
  • Cawood CE VA Primary School
  • Cayton Community Primary School
  • Chapel Haddlesey CE VC Primary School
  • Christ Church CE VC Primary School
  • Cliffe VC Primary School
  • Colburn Community Primary School
  • Cononley Community Primary School
  • Coppice Valley Community Primary School
  • Cowling Community Primary School
  • Cracoe and Rylstone CE VC Primary School
  • Crakehall CE Primary School
  • Crayke CE VC Primary School
  • Croft CE Primary School
  • Dacre Braithwaite CE Primary School
  • Danby CE VC School
  • Darley Community Primary School
  • Dishforth Airfield Community Primary School
  • Dishforth CE VC Primary School
  • Drax Community Primary School
  • Easingwold Community Primary School
  • East Ayton Community Primary School
  • East Cowton CE Primary School
  • East Whitby Community Primary School
  • Egton CE VA Primary School
  • Embsay CE VC Primary School
  • Eppleby Forcett CE Primary School
  • Escrick CE VC Primary School
  • Fairburn Community Primary School
  • Farnley CE VC Primary School
  • Filey CE VC Infant School
  • Filey Junior School
  • Follifoot CE Primary School
  • Forest of Galtres Anglican-Methodist Primary School
  • Foston CE VC Primary School
  • Fountains Earth CE Primary School, Lofthouse
  • Friarage Community Primary School
  • Fylingdales CE VC Primary School
  • Gargrave CE VC Primary School
  • Gillamoor CE VC Primary School
  • Gladstone Road Junior School
  • Glaisdale Primary School
  • Glahouses Community Primary School
  • Glusburn Community Primary School
  • Goathland Primary School
  • Goldsborough CE Primary School
  • Graington CE VC Primary School
  • Great Ouseburn Community Primary School
  • Great Smeaton Community Primary School
  • Green Hammerton CE Primary School
  • Greatwood Community Primary School
  • Grewelthorpe CE Primary School
  • Grove Road Community Primary School
  • Gunnerside Methodist Primary School
  • Hackforth and Hornby CE Primary School
  • Hackne CE VC Primary School
  • Hambleton CE VC Primary School
  • Hampsthwaite CE Primary School
  • Hawes Community Primary School
  • Hawsker Cum Stainsacre CE VC Primary School
  • Helmsley Community Primary School
  • Hemingbrough Community Primary School
  • Hensall Community Primary School
  • Hertford Vale CE VC Primary School
  • Hinderwell Community Primary School
  • Hipswell CE Primary School
  • Hirst Courtney and Temple Hirst Community Primary School
  • Holy Trinity CE Junior School
  • Hookstone Chase Community Primary School
  • Hovingham CE VC Primary School
  • Huby CE VC Primary School
  • Hungate Community Primary School
  • Hunmanby Primary School
  • Hunton and Arrathorne Community Primary School
  • Husthwaite CE VC Primary School
  • Hutton Rudby Primary School
  • Ingleby Arncliffe CE VC Primary School
  • Ingleby Greenhow CE VC Primary School
  • Ings Community Primary School
  • Kell Bank CE Primary School
  • Kellington Primary School
  • Kettlesing Felliscliffe Community Primary School
  • Kettlewell Primary School
  • Kildwick CE VC Primary School
  • Killinghall CE Primary School
  • Kirby Hill CE Primary School
  • Kirk Fenton Parochial CE VC Primary School
  • Kirk Hammerton CE Primary School
  • Kirk Smeaton CE VC Primary School
  • Kirkby Fleetham CE Primary School
  • Kirkby Malzeard CE Primary School
  • Kirkby and Great Broughton CE VA Primary School
  • Kirkby in Malhamdale United VA Primary School
  • Kirkbymoorside Community Primary School
  • Kyton CE Primary School
  • Langton Primary School
  • Le Cateau Community Primary School
  • Lealholm Primary School
  • Leavening Community Primary School
  • Leeming and Londonderry Community Primary School
  • Leeming Bar CE Primary School
  • Leeming RAF Community Primary School
  • Leyburn Community Primary School
  • Lindhead School
  • Linton-on-Ouse Primary School
  • Lofthouse CE Endowed Primary School
  • Long Marston CE VC Primary School
  • Longman's Hill Community Primary School
  • Lothersdale Community Primary School
  • Luttons Community Primary School
  • Lythe CE VC Primary School
  • Malton Community Primary School
  • Manfield CE Primary School
  • Markington CE Primary School
  • Marton-cum-Grafton CE VA Primary School
  • Masham CE VA Primary School
  • Meadowside Community Primary School
  • Melsonby Methodist Primary School
  • Michael Syddall CE Aided Primary School
  • Middleham CE Aided School
  • Middleton Tyas CE Primary School
  • Mill Hill Community Primary School
  • Monk Fryston CE VC Primary School
  • Moorside Junior School
  • New Park Community Primary School
  • Newby and Scalby Primary School
  • North Duffield Community Primary School
  • North Rigton CE Primary School
  • North Stainley CE Primary School
  • North and South Cowton Community Primary School
  • Northstead Community Primary School
  • Norton Community Primary School
  • Nun Monkton Primary Foundation School
  • Oakridge Community Primary School
  • Oatlands Community Junior School
  • Osmotherley Primary School
  • Overdale Community Primary School
  • Pannal Primary School
  • Pickering Community Junior School
  • Pickhill CE Primary School
  • Ravensworth CE Primary School
  • Reeth Community Primary School
  • Riccall Community Primary School
  • Richard Taylor CE Primary School
  • Richmond CE Primary School
  • Richmond Methodist Primary School
  • Rillington Community Primary School
  • Ripley Endowed CE School
  • Ripon Cathedral CE Primary School
  • Ripon, Greystone Community Primary School
  • Roecliffe CE Primary School
  • Romanby Primary School
  • Roseberry Community Primary School
  • Rosedale Abbey Community Primary School
  • Roett Acre Primary School
  • Ruswarp CE VC Primary School
  • Sacred Heart RC Primary School
  • St Benedict's RC Primary School
  • St Cuthbert's CE Primary School
  • St George's RC Primary School
  • St Hedda's RC Primary School
  • St Hilda's Ampleforth CE VC Primary School
  • St Hilda's RC Primary School
  • St Joseph's RC Primary School, Harrogate
  • St Joseph's RC Primary School, Bishop Thornton
  • St Joseph's RC Primary School, Harrogate
  • St Joseph's RC Primary School, Pickering
  • St Martin's CE VA Primary School
  • St Mary's RC Primary School, Kresborough
  • St Mary's RC Primary School, Malton
  • St Mary's RC Primary School, Richmond
  • St Nicholas CE Primary School
  • St Peter and St Paul RC Primary School
  • St Peter's Brafferton CE VA Primary School
  • St Peter's CE Primary School
  • St Peter's RC Primary School
  • St Robert's RC Primary School
  • St Stephen's RC Primary School
  • St Wilfrid's RC Primary School
  • Saltergate Community Junior School
  • Sand Hutton CE VC Primary School
  • Saxton CE VC Primary School
  • Scotton Lingerfield Community Primary School
  • Seamer and Irton Community Primary School
  • Seay CE VC Primary School
  • Selby Abbey CE VC Primary School
  • Selby Community Primary School
  • Seton Community Primary School
  • Settrington All Saints' CE VC Primary School
  • Sharow CE Primary School
  • Sherburn CE VC Primary School
  • Sheriff Hutton Primary School
  • Sicklinghall Community Primary School
  • Sinnington Primary School
  • Skelton Newby Hall CE Primary School
  • Skipton Parish Church CE VC Primary School
  • Sleights CE VC Primary School
  • Slingsby Community Primary School
  • Sinton CE VC Primary School
  • Snape Community Primary School
  • South Kilvington CE VC Primary School
  • South Milford Community Primary School
  • South Otterington CE VC Primary School
  • Sowerby Community Primary School
  • Spennithorne CE Primary School
  • Spofforth CE Controlled Primary School
  • Stakesby Community Primary School
  • Starbeck Community Primary School
  • Staveley Community Primary School
  • Stillington Primary School
  • Stokesley Community Primary School
  • Summerbridge Community Primary School
  • Sutton-in-Craven CE VC Primary School
  • Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School
  • Sutton on the Forest CE VC Primary School
  • Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe CE VC Primary School
  • Swainby and Potto CE Primary School
  • Tadcaster East Community Primary School
  • Tadcaster, Riverside Community Primary School
  • Terrington CE VC Primary School
  • The Boyle and Petyt Primary School
  • Thirsk Community Primary School
  • Thornton Dale CE VC Primary School
  • Thornton Watla CE Primary School
  • Thornton in Craven Community Primary School
  • Thorpe Willoughby Community Primary School
  • Threshfield School
  • Tockwith CE VC Primary School
  • Topcliffe CE VC Primary School
  • Warthill CE VC Primary School
  • Water Street Community Primary School
  • Wavell Community Junior School
  • Weaverthorpe CE VC Primary School
  • Welburn Community Primary School
  • West Burton CE Primary School
  • West Cliff Primary School
  • West Heslerton CE VC Primary School
  • Western Primary School
  • Wheatcroft Community Primary School
  • Whitley and Eggborough Community Primary School
  • Wistow Parochial CE VC Primary School
  • Womersley CE Primary School
  • Woodfield Primary School
  • Woodlands Community Junior School
  • Wykeham CE VC Primary School

Non-selective secondary schools

Grammar schools

Special and alternative schools

  • Brompton Hall School
  • Brooklands School
  • The Dales School
  • Forest Moor School
  • The Forest School
  • Mowbray School
  • Springhead School
  • Springwater School
  • Welburn Hall School
  • The Woodlands Academy

Further education

Independent schools

Primary and preparatory schools

  • Aysgarth School
  • Belmont Grosvenor School
  • Botton Village School
  • Brackenfield School
  • St Martin's Ampleforth
  • Terrington Hall School
  • Wharfedale Montessori School

Senior and all-through schools

Special and alternative schools

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