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List of people executed in Alabama

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following is a list of people executed in Alabama since 1983. All of the 66 individuals (65 men and 1 woman) have been executed at the Holman Correctional Facility, near Atmore, Alabama. All executions since December 2002 have been by lethal injection.

Prior to 1983, an 18-year moratorium on executions was observed under the direction of the Supreme Court of the United States. Alabama previously executed 153 individuals between 1927 and 1965.[1]

List of People Executed in Alabama Since 1983
# Name Race Age Sex Date of Execution Victim(s) Governor Method
1  John Louis Evans III White 33 M April 22, 1983 Edward Nassar George Wallace Electric chair
2 Arthur Lee Jones Black 47 M March 21, 1986 William Hosea Waymon
3 Wayne Eugene Ritter [2] White 33 M August 28, 1987 Edward Nassar H. Guy Hunt
4 Michael Lindsey [3] Black 28 M May 26, 1989 Rosemary Zimlich Rutland
5 Horace Franklin Dunkins, Jr. [4] Black 28 M July 14, 1989 Lynn McCurry
6 Herbert Lee Richardson Black 43 M August 18, 1989 Rena Mae Callins
7 Arthur James Julius [5] Black 43 M November 17, 1989 Susie Bell Sanders
8 Wallace Norrell Thomas [6] Black 35 M July 13, 1990 Quenette Shehane
9 Larry Gene Heath [7] White 40 M March 20, 1992 Rebecca Heath
10 Cornelius Singleton [8] Black 36 M November 20, 1992 Ann Hogan
11 Willie Clisby, Jr. Black 47 M April 28, 1995 Fletcher Handley Fob James
12 Varnell Weeks Black 43 M May 12, 1995 Mark Batts
13 Edward Dean Horsley, Jr. Black 38 M February 16, 1996 Naomi Rolon
14 Billy Wayne Waldrop White 44 M January 10, 1997 Thurman Macon Donahoo
15 Walter Hill Black 62 M May 2, 1997 Willie Mae Hammock, John Tatum, and Lois Tatum
16 Henry Francis Hays [9] White 42 M June 6, 1997 Michael Donald
17 Stephen Allen Thompson White 34 M May 8, 1998 Robin Balarzs
18 Brian Keith Baldwin Black 40 M June 18, 1999 Naomi Rolon Don Siegelman
19 Victor Kennedy Black 37 M August 6, 1999 Annie Laura Orr
20 David Ray Duren White 37 M January 7, 2000 Kathleen Bedsole
21 Freddie Lee Wright Black 48 M March 3, 2000 Warren Green and Lois Green
22 Robert Lee Tarver, Jr. Black 52 M April 14, 2000 Hugh Sims Kite
23 Pernell La'sha Ford Black 35 M June 2, 2000 Willie C. Griffith and Linda Gail Griffith
24 Lynda Lyon Block White 54 F May 10, 2002 Opelika police Sergeant Roger Lamar Motley
25 Anthony Keith Johnson White 46 M December 12, 2002 Kenneth Cantrell Lethal injection
26 Michael Eugene Thompson White 43 M March 13, 2003 Maisie Carlene Gray Bob Riley
27 Gary Leon Brown White 44 M April 24, 2003 Jack David McGraw
28 Tommy Jerry Fortenberry White 39 M August 7, 2003 Ronald Michael Guest, Wilbut T. Nelson, Robert William Payne and Nancy Payne
29 James Barney Hubbard White 74 M August 5, 2004 Lillian Montgomery
30 David Kevin Hocker White 33 M September 30, 2004 Jerry Wayne Robinson
31 Mario Giovanni Centobie White 39 M April 28, 2005 Moody police officer Keith Turner
32 Jerry Paul Henderson White 58 M June 2, 2005 Jerry Haney
33 George Everett Sibley, Jr. (common-law husband of Lynda Lyon Block) White 62 M August 4, 2005 Opelika police Sergeant Roger Lamar Motley
34 John W. Peoples, Jr. White 48 M September 22, 2005 Paul and Judy Franklin and Paul Franklin, Jr.
35 Larry Eugene Hutcherson White 37 M October 26, 2006 Irma Thelma Gray
36 Aaron Lee Jones Black 55 M May 3, 2007 Carl Nelson and Willene Nelson
37 Darrell B. Grayson Black 46 M July 26, 2007 Annie Laura Orr
38 Luther Jerome Williams Black 47 M August 23, 2007 John Kirk
39 James Harvey Callahan White 62 M January 15, 2009 Rebecca Suzanne Howell
40 Danny Joe Bradley[10] White 49 M February 12, 2009 Rhonda Hardin
41 Jimmy Lee Dill[11] Black 49 M April 16, 2009 Leon Shaw
42 Willie McNair[12] Black 44 M May 14, 2009 Ella Foy Riley
43 Jack Trawick[1] White 62 M June 11, 2009 Stephanie Gach
44 Max Landon Payne[13] White 38 M October 8, 2009 Braxton Brown
45 Thomas Warren Whisenhant White 63 M May 27, 2010 Sheryl Lynn Payton
46 John Forrest Parker White 42 M June 10, 2010 Elizabeth Dorlene Sennett
47 Michael Jeffrey Land White 41 M August 12, 2010 Candace Brown
48 Holly Wood Black 50 M September 9, 2010 Ruby Lois Gosha
49 Phillip D. Hallford White 63 M November 4, 2010 Charles Eddie Shannon
50 Leroy White Black 52 M January 13, 2011 Ruby White
51 William Glenn Boyd White 45 M March 31, 2011 Fred and Evelyn Blackmon Robert J. Bentley
52 Jason Oric Williams White 43 M May 19, 2011 Gerald Paravicini, Fred Barber, Linda Barber and Bryan Barber
53 Eddie Duval Powell III Black 41 M June 16, 2011 Mattie Wesson
54 Derrick O'Neal Mason Black 37 M September 22, 2011 Angela Cagle
55 Christopher Thomas Johnson White 38 M October 20, 2011 Elias Ocean Johnson
56 Andrew Reid Lackey White 29 M July 25, 2013 Charlie Newman
57 Christopher Eugene Brooks White 43 M January 21, 2016 Jo Deann Campbell
58 Ronald Bert Smith, Jr. White 45 M December 8, 2016 Casey Wilson
59 Thomas Douglas Arthur White 75 M May 26, 2017 Troy Wicker Kay Ivey
60 Robert Bryant Melson Black 46 M June 8, 2017 James Nathaniel Baker, Darryl Collier and Tamika Collins
61 Torrey Twane McNabb Black 40 M October 19, 2017 Montgomery police officer Anderson Gordon
62 Michael Wayne Eggers White 50 M March 15, 2018 Bennie Francis Murray
63 Walter Leroy Moody, Jr. White 83 M April 19, 2018 U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit judge Robert Smith Vance and Robert E Robinson
64 Domineque Hakim Marcelle Ray Black 42 M February 7, 2019 Tiffany Harville
65 Michael Brandon Samra White 41 M May 16, 2019 Randy Duke, Debra Hunt and her daughters, 7-year old Chelsea and 6-year old Chelisa
66 Christopher Lee Price White 46 M May 30, 2019 Pastor Bill Lynn

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  • ✪ Top 10 Scary Last Words From Prison Inmates - Part 3
  • ✪ Dead Wrong, The John Evans III Story '84- Execution


Death row inmates are given one last opportunity to say their final words. This opportunity is usually given at the absolute last minutes just before the prisoner is executed. So here are the top 10 scary last words from prison inmates – part 3. How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh. (Add intro) If you want to check out the first two parts to this series, click right over here and I’ll be sure to put the links in the description box down below. Let’s get this creepy list started in at number 10 with Gary Gilmore. During a robbery, Gilmore shot a man twice in the head even though he was cooperating with his demands. The next day, he attempted to rob a motel and he ended up fatally shooting the manger in the head. He confessed to the police that he killed two people in cold blood but he was only tried for one of the murders because there wasn’t enough physical evidence against him for the other murder. What the heck? If someone admits to a crime, isn’t that enough? The judge sentenced him to the death penalty and he had a choice of being executed by hanging or shot by a firing squad. I guess he’s a fan of irony because he chose to get killed by the firing squad. And his infamous last words were “let’s do it.” Those definitely wouldn’t be my final words. I’d probably be screaming, “Let’s not do it!” I think Nike must’ve been inspired by his final words though. Climbing up this list in at number 9 we are talking about Erskine Childers. Now I know what you must be thinking…everyone on this list must’ve committed a horrible crime in order to get the death penalty. Well he might be our one exception to this rule. Childers was actually an Irish author who wrote a lot of successful novels but he also had a little bit of a dark side. He would smuggle guns into Ireland with his sailing yacht until he was caught and sentenced to death. Wow seems pretty harsh but this was during the late 1800s. But what makes this even worse, he filed an appeal and it was pending when they executed him which is highly illegal today. So before he was executed by a firing squad he said, “Take a step forward, lads. It will be easier that way.” I don’t blame him for being bitter. I think this was a pretty cruel and unusal punishment for his crime. Number 8 we have Jimmy Glass who said “I’d rather be fishing.” Yeah no shit. I think I would rather be in a cave of sleeping grizzly bears or at a One direction concert than be on the chopping block about to die. It’s like Jimmy doesn’t really give a shit that he’s about to die. I think he must’ve come to terms with his death because those definitely aren’t inspiring or moving last words. I wonder what he picked to be engraved on his tomb stone. “I’d rather be alive?” But before you start feeling sorry for him, just know that he was a convicted murderer, so he had it coming. John Avalos Alba brings us to number 7. He was handed down the death penalty for fatally shooting his wife while he was out on bail for a child molestation charge. He was finally executed by lethal injection on May 25, 2010. I bet the judge who set his bail was feeling really guilty for not setting it higher. So, for his final statement on earth he said this eerie line. “Okay warden, lets do it. I love y’all. I can taste it already. I am starting to go.” Ugh that gives me the chills. I read that you can feel the cold rush of the lethal injection piercing through your veins. I don’t know whether or not that’s true but I guess I don’t really care to know. And now, in at our number 6 spot we have really odd last words. James French was a convicted murderer and he was actually the last person to be executed under Oklahoma’s death penalty. He was a pretty violent man. He was already convicted to life in prison for murdering a man who had picked him up from hitchhiking but he had the desire to die. So that’s when he brutally murdered his cellmate in order to get the death penalty. As he was prepped to be executed by the electric chair, he came up with these infamous last words… “How’s this for a headline? French Fries”. Do you guys get it? His last name was French and he was about to get “fried” by the electric chair. I know I shouldn’t be laughing but that’s pretty clever. From one scary but clever final statement to another. In at number 5 is George Appel. He said “Well gentlemen, you are about to see a baked appel.” I would like to think that if I was given the opportunity for a final statement I would say something clever like this. But it’s also pretty morbid if you think about it. So actually, maybe I would use that opportunity to say something wise. Well thankfully I don’t really have to think about it because I don’t intend to ever be on death row. But anyways George Appel was originally sentenced to death for committing an evil murder. So, I guess he had it coming. And now number 4 brings us to John Rook. In 1980 he kidnapped a 25-year-old nurse in a parking lot where she worked. She was taken to an empty field where she was abused and murdered by Rook. After the killing, he ran her body over with his car. Wow, was that even necessary? After he was sentenced to death, he made several appeals but they all failed. So on the day of his execution he said “Freedom, freedom at last! It’s been a good one.” Well I hope you enjoy your freedom and I’m glad you won’t be able to hurt anyone ever again. Torrey Twane McNabb takes the number 3 spot on this list. He was executed by lethal injection for killing a police officer back in 1997. His lawyers attempted to make an appeal stating that the state’s execution method was cruel and unusual. But the judge was pretty firm and declined their appeals. So during his final minutes he said, “Mom, sis, look at my eyes. I got no tears. I am unafraid. To the state of Alabama, I hate you…I hate you. I hate you.” And as the procedure began he raised his middle fingers to the police officers and died in that position. Wow, what a honourable way to go out…not. And now in at number 2 is Carlos Granados. During a heated argument with his girlfriend, he grabbed a large kitchen knife and stabbed her 3-year-old son. Whoa, talk about anger management issues. And he also stabbed his girlfriend 30 times but she survived and was able to testify against him in court. For his final meal he requested fried chicken, pizza and a soft drink. And right before he was given the lethal injection he said, “Kathy, you know I never meant to hurt you. I gave you everything, and that’s what made me so angry. But I never meant to hurt you. I’m sorry.” Well, I think it’s a little bit too late for an apology. I hope she didn’t even show up to his execution. Topping off this morbid list in at number 1 we have Peter Manuel. He is actually known as Scotland’s worst serial killer ever. He was convicted of murdering a total of seven people between the years 1956-1958. But it is believed that he killed many more people. He was hanged atGlasgow’s Barlinnie Prison and he was one of the last people to have been executed in these gallows ever since the death penalty was over turned. But before he stepped out to his death he said “Turn up the radio and I’ll go quietly.” There’s just something about that statement that gives me the chills and for some reason I hear necks breaking. I know, that sounds pretty weird right. Well there you guys have it

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