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List of military equipment used by Syrian Democratic Forces

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List of military equipment used by Syrian Democratic Forces in the Syrian Civil War. This list does not include equipment used by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the Syrian opposition.


The YPG and overall SDF have largely acquired their weaponry from local sources. With small arms being seized from Syrian Army weapons depots or as the result of clashes with other factions. During the war against Islamist groups and the Islamic State, the SDF captured weapons and vehicles which came from other countries, primarily Iraq. Weapons transfers have also taken place between the Syrian Government and the YPG on a small scale, such as at Tel Rifaat. The YPG has received weapons and equipment from the United States in the form of small arms, ammunition, armored vehicles, and medical support, with a large boost delivered for the Raqqa offensive.[1]


Small arms

Name Country of origin (manufacturer) Type Number Caliber Notes
Makarov pistol  Soviet Union Pistol Thousands 9×18mm
Browning Hi-Power  Belgium Pistol Thousands[citation needed] 9×19mm
Glock  Austria Pistol ? 9×19mm
Beretta M12  Italy Submachine gun Thousands[citation needed] 9×19mm
HK MP5  West Germany Submachine gun ? 9×19mm
M4 carbine  United States
Assault rifle Thousands[2] 5.56×45mm
M16 rifle  United States Assault rifle Thousands[citation needed] 5.56×45mm
NEA PDW-CCS 7.5  Canada Carbine ? 5.56x45mm
FN FAL  Belgium Battle rifle ? 7.62×51mm
Steyr AUG  Austria
Bullpup assault rifle ? 5.56×45mm
Steyr HS .50  Austria Anti-materiel sniper rifle ? 12.7×99mm
Zagros Rifle[3]  Rojava Anti-materiel rifle Hundreds 12.7×108mm Self made anti-materiel rifle
Zijiang M99  China Anti-materiel rifle ? 12.7×108mm
AK-47  Soviet Union Assault rifle Tens of thousands 7.62×39mm
AKM  Soviet Union Assault rifle Tens of thousands 7.62×39mm
AKS-74U  Soviet Union Carbine ? 5.45×39mm
AK-74  Soviet Union Assault rifle ? 5.45×39mm
AK-74M  Russia Assault rifle ? 5.45×39mm
AK-103  Russia Assault rifle ? 7.62×39mm
AK-104  Russia Assault rifle ? 7.62×39mm
Type 56  China Assault rifle Tens of thousands[citation needed] 7.62×39mm
Type 88  North Korea Assault rifle ? 5.45×39mm
PM md. 63/65 Romania Socialist Republic of Romania Assault rifle Tens of thousands[citation needed] 7.62×39mm
MPi-KM  East Germany Assault rifle Tens of thousands[citation needed] 7.62×39mm
AK-63  Hungary Assault rifle Tens of thousands[citation needed] 7.62×39mm
AMD 65  Hungary Assault rifle Tens of thousands[citation needed] 7.62×39mm
Kbk wz. 1988 Tantal  Poland Assault rifle ? 5.45×39mm
Blaser R93 Tactical  Germany Sniper rifle ? 7.62×51mm
Dragunov sniper rifle  Soviet Union Sniper rifle ? 7.62×54mmR
PSL (rifle) Romania Socialist Republic of Romania Sniper rifle ? 7.62×54mmR
Tabuk Sniper Rifle  Iraq Sniper rifle ? 7.62×39mm
Mosin–Nagant  Soviet Union Rifle ? 7.62×54mmR
Rheinmetall MG 3  Germany General-purpose machine gun ? 7.62×51mm
FN MAG  Belgium General-purpose machine gun ? 7.62×51mm
M249  United States Light machine gun ? 5.56×45mm
RPK  Soviet Union Light machine gun ? 7.62×39mm
Ultimax 100  Singapore Light machine gun ? 5.56×45mm
Zastava M72  Yugoslavia Light machine gun ? 7.62×39mm
PK machine gun  Soviet Union General-purpose machine gun Hundreds 7.62×54mmR
Zastava M84  Yugoslavia General-purpose machine gun Hundreds 7.62×54mmR
M2 Browning  United States Heavy machine gun ? 12.7×99mm
M1919 Browning machine gun  United States Medium machine gun ? 7.62×51mm
DShK  Soviet Union Heavy machine gun Hundreds 12.7×108mm
KPV heavy machine gun  Soviet Union Heavy machine gun Hundreds 14.5×114mm


Name Country of origin Type Number Caliber Notes
RPG-7  Soviet Union Rocket-propelled grenade Thousands 40mm YPG's RPG are supposed to be of this type
Type 69 RPG  China Rocket-propelled grenade Thousands 40mm
M79 Osa  Yugoslavia Anti-tank weapon Few 90mm
Mk 19  United States Grenade launcher ? 40×53mm
RBG-6  Croatia Grenade launcher ? 40×46mm
GP-25  Russia Grenade launcher ? 40 mm
MILAN  France Anti-tank missile ? 115mm
BGM-71 TOW  United States Anti-tank missile ? 152mm
AT-4 Spigot  Soviet Union Anti-tank missile ? 120mm
AT-5 spandrel  Russia Anti-tank missile ? 115mm
AT-13 Saxhorn-2  Russia Anti-tank missile ? 130mm
SPG-9  Soviet Union Recoilless rifle ? 73mm
IED  Rojava Improvised explosive device ? N/a


Name Country of origin Type Number Caliber Notes
82-BM-37  Soviet Union Mortar unknown 82mm Captured, SAA had 200
M1938 mortar  Soviet Union Mortar unknown 120mm Captured, SAA had 300
120-PM-43 mortar  Soviet Union Mortar unknown 120mm Captured, SAA had 400
Improvised mortars Syria Syria Improvised mortars unknown Various Captured from Syrian Opposition
Hell Cannon Syria Syria Improvised mortars dozens Various Captured from Free Syrian Army

Armored vehicles

Photo Name Country of origin Type # in Afrin # in East Rojava Notes
T-72[4]  Soviet Union Main battle tank 0 0 At least 2 used in the Northern Aleppo offensive (February 2016), 2 destroyed by the Falcons of Mount Zawiya Brigade All lost.
T62 side.jpg
T-62  Soviet Union Main battle tank 0 2-4 Captured from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Tabqa and Al-Hasakah Governorate. At least one is operable.
T-55 4.jpg
T-55 with 2*14.5MG[5]  Soviet Union Main battle tank 0 1 Well designed local variant with twin 14.5MG, used in eastern Syria
T-55 4.jpg
T-55  Soviet Union Main battle tank 0 6 Captured from the Menagh Military Airbase as well as from various battles with ISIS.
Amna Sur 02.JPG
MT-LB  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier 0 4 Captured from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Originally from Iraq.
BTR-60  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier 0 1+
SDF Guardian Armored Personnel Carrier 1.png
IAG Guardian  United States Armoured personnel carrier 0 unknown Supplied by the Coalition.
ZSU-23-4 Shilka  Soviet Union Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 0 1[6] Captured from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant at the Tishrin Damn
Nash Bearcat.jpg
Lenco BearCat  United States MRAP 0 Dozens Supplied by the Coalition. Mostly used for internal security.
1st AD Military Police Build Knowledge About MRAP Vehicles DVIDS209198.jpg
International MaxxPro  United States MRAP 0 dozens Supplied by the Coalition.
ZIL Karatel  Russia MRAP ? ?
060322-N-5438H-018 U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the Bravo Battery 3rd Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment along with Iraq Army soldiers from the 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 4th Division perform a routine patrol.jpg
Humvee  United States Armoured car 0 Hundreds 20+ received as aid in November 2017. Others captured from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, whom likely captured from Iraqi military forces donated by the United States when they left Iraq.

Utility vehicles

All are pickup trucks which were either modified to hold weapons, or are used to transport troops to battlefields.

Name Country of origin Type Number Notes
Toyota Hilux  Japan Improvised fighting vehicle, technical Thousands
Toyota Land Cruiser  Japan Improvised fighting vehicle, technical Thousands Most typically the 70 series family which replaced the 40 series in 1984
Safir  Iran Technical unknown


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