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List of members of the Parliament of Norway, 1954–57

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of all the members of the Storting in the period 1954 to 1957. The list includes all those initially elected to the Storting.

There were a total of 150 representatives, distributed among the parties: 77 to Norwegian Labour Party, 27 to Conservative Party of Norway, 15 to Venstre (Norway), 14 to Farmers’ Party, 14 to Christian Democratic Party of Norway, and 3 to Norwegian Communist Party.


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Magnhild Hagelia Norwegian Labour Party
Arne Leonhard Nilsen Conservative Party of Norway Elected through a joint list of Conservative Party of Norway/Farmers' Party
Bjarne Henry Henriksen Norwegian Labour Party
Arnt Jacobsen Mørland Christian Democratic Party of Norway Died in September 1957, replaced by Thor Martin Nilsen Sauvik.


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Ole Jørgensen Norwegian Labour Party
Bent Røiseland Venstre (Norway)
Jens Haugland Norwegian Labour Party
Sverre Walter Rostoft Conservative Party of Norway
Arne Askildsen Christian Democratic Party of Norway


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Halvard Lange Norwegian Labour Party
Hartvig Svendsen Norwegian Labour Party
Hartvig Caspar Christie Conservative Party of Norway
Liv Tomter Norwegian Labour Party
Hans Borgen Farmers’ Party
Arne Torolf Strøm Norwegian Labour Party
Kristian Asdahl Conservative Party of Norway


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Nils Langhelle Norwegian Labour Party
Henrik Svensen Conservative Party of Norway
Torstein Selvik Norwegian Labour Party
Arthur Sundt Venstre (Norway)
Kjell Gjøstein Aabrek Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Konrad Gustav Knudsen Norwegian Labour Party
Olaf Fredrik Watnebryn Norwegian Labour Party
Bernt Ingvaldsen Conservative Party of Norway
Astrid Skare Norwegian Labour Party
Olaf Sørensen Norwegian Labour Party
Hans Oskar Evju Farmers’ Party
Olaf Knudson Conservative Party of Norway


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Johannes Olai Olsen Norwegian Labour Party
Harry Johan Olai Klippenvåg Norwegian Labour Party
Gotfred Johan Hølvold Norwegian Communist Party
Erling Johannes Norvik Conservative Party of Norway


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Kristian Fjeld Norwegian Labour Party
Harald Johan Løbak Norwegian Labour Party
Reidar Magnus Aamo Norwegian Labour Party
Einar Frogner Farmers’ Party Died in July 1955. Was replaced by Karen Grønn-Hagen.
Paul Oskar Lindberget Norwegian Labour Party
Alv Kjøs Conservative Party of Norway
Emil Løvlien Norwegian Communist Party
Otto Dahl Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Jakob Martin Pettersen Norwegian Labour Party
Torstein Kvamme Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Isak Larsson Flatabø Norwegian Labour Party
Knut Ytre-Arne Venstre (Norway)
Chr. L. Holm Conservative Party of Norway
Ola Olsen Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Knut Severin Jakobsen Vik Norwegian Labour Party
Ola Høyland Farmers’ Party
Olav Hordvik Venstre (Norway)
Hjalmar Olai Storeide Norwegian Labour Party

Møre and Romsdal

Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Ulrik Olsen Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to Cabinet. Was replaced by Peter Kjeldseth Moe and later, when Moe replaced Alvestad instead, Arnfinn Severin Roald.
Einar Hareide Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Anton Ludvik Alvestad Norwegian Labour Party Died in July 1956. Was replaced by Peter Kjeldseth Moe.
Knut Olaf Andreasson Strand Venstre (Norway)
Olav Rasmussen Langeland Farmers’ Party
Knut Toven Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Ivar Kornelius Eikrem Norwegian Labour Party
Sverre Bernhard Nybø Conservative Party of Norway
Bjarne Fjærtoft Venstre (Norway)
Anders Sæterøy Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Reidar Carlsen Norwegian Labour Party
Jens Olai Steffensen Norwegian Labour Party
Alfred Sigurd Nilsen Norwegian Labour Party
Håkon Kyllingmark Conservative Party of Norway
Parelius Hjalmar Bang Berntsen Norwegian Labour Party
Hans Berg Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Kolbjørn Sigurd Verner Varmann Norwegian Labour Party
Erling Johan Vindenes Venstre (Norway)
Jonas Enge Norwegian Labour Party
Erling Engan Farmers’ Party
Lauritz Johan Riise Conservative Party of Norway
Sigurd Lund Hamran Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Lars Magnus Moen Norwegian Labour Party
Olav Meisdalshagen Norwegian Labour Party
Anton Ryen Farmers’ Party
Martin Smeby Norwegian Labour Party
Gunnar Kalrasten Norwegian Labour Party
Trond Halvorsen Wirstad Farmers’ Party
Anders Hove Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Einar Gerhardsen Norwegian Labour Party
Carl Joachim Hambro Conservative Party of Norway
Rakel Seweriin Norwegian Labour Party
Berte Rognerud Conservative Party of Norway
Finn Moe Norwegian Labour Party
Herman Smitt Ingebretsen Conservative Party of Norway
Trygve Bratteli Norwegian Labour Party
Erling Petersen Conservative Party of Norway
Lars Samuel Myhrer Evensen Norwegian Labour Party
Helge Seip Venstre (Norway)
Johan Strand Johansen Norwegian Communist Party
Erling Wikborg Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Reidar Bruu Conservative Party of Norway


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Ivar Kristiansen Hognestad Norwegian Labour Party
Lars Ramndal Venstre (Norway)
Trond Hegna Norwegian Labour Party
Kjell Bondevik Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Ole Bergesen Conservative Party of Norway
Lars Elisæus Vatnaland Farmers’ Party
Jakob Martinus Remseth Norwegian Labour Party
Paul Ingebretsen Venstre (Norway)
Endre Kristian Vestvik Christian Democratic Party of Norway Died in March 1956. Was replaced by Peder Ree Pedersen.
Peter Torleivson Molaug Conservative Party of Norway

Sogn and Fjordane

Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Einar Magnus Stavang Norwegian Labour Party
Per Severin Hjermann Farmers’ Party
Anders Johanneson Bøyum Venstre (Norway) Vararepresentant Johnny Bakke
Hans Karolus Ommedal Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Ivar Jacobsen Norevik Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Olav Aslakson Versto Norwegian Labour Party
Sverre Offenberg Løberg Norwegian Labour Party
Harald Selås Norwegian Labour Party
Neri Valen Venstre (Norway) Died in January 1954. Replaced by Ketil Skogen and then Torkell Tande.
Jørgen Grave Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Eigil Olaf Liane Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Peder Nikolai Leier Jacobsen Norwegian Labour Party
Ingvald Johannes Jaklin Norwegian Labour Party
Hans Nikolai Stavrand Venstre (Norway)
Nils Kristen Jacobsen Norwegian Labour Party
Frithjov Meier Vik Conservative Party of Norway
Bjarne Daniel Solli Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Johan Wiik Norwegian Labour Party
Gunvald Engelstad Norwegian Labour Party
Jon Leirfall Farmers’ Party
Leif Granli Norwegian Labour Party
Olav Benum Venstre (Norway)
Inge Einarsen Bartnes Farmers’ Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Amund Rasmussen Skarholt Norwegian Labour Party
Håkon Johnsen Norwegian Labour Party
Mons Arntsen Løvset Conservative Party of Norway
Paul Martin Dahlø Norwegian Labour Party
Lars Sæter Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Per Borten Farmers’ Party
Reidar Andreas Lyseth Norwegian Labour Party
Harald Houge Torp Conservative Party of Norway
Oddmund Hoel Venstre (Norway)
Johan Sigurd Karlsen Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Oscar Fredrik Torp Norwegian Labour Party
Claudia Olsen Conservative Party of Norway
Torgeir Andreas Berge Norwegian Labour Party
Sigurd Lersbryggen Conservative Party of Norway
Reidar Strømdahl Norwegian Labour Party
Johan Andersen Norwegian Labour Party
Johan Møller Warmedal Conservative Party of Norway


Name Party Comments/Suppleant representatives
Nils Hønsvald Norwegian Labour Party
Karl Henry Karlsen Norwegian Labour Party
Erling Fredriksfryd Conservative Party of Norway
Klara Amalie Skoglund Norwegian Labour Party
Asbjørn Solberg Christian Democratic Party of Norway
Henry Jacobsen Norwegian Labour Party
Wilhelm Engel Bredal Farmers’ Party
Arthur Arntzen Norwegian Labour Party
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