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List of films about food and drink

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a list of films about food and drink.

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STAR MEDIA presents Lida. Lidie! Wake up. I don’t feel like waking up at all... Neither did I. Igor! Why didn’t you wake me up? How could you? I’m being late! You were sleeping so well, so I didn’t wand to wake you up. I’ve got to go to work. Well… Want me talk to your boss? I do. Then come, come here. What? Here we are. Well. O, Igor. I’ve forgot my bracelet at yours. I’ll return it when I’m back. And the interest too. Igor… maybe… Lida. Lida, we’ve decided it didn’t we? Be a good girl. No tears, honey. Right. Blanket drill is the best one in the army. Yes, sir! No, sir! My fault, Igor Anatolyevich. Another journey, eh? Another one, Petrovich. Let it stay near you for a while. By the way, Prtrovich, ask Kostia to drive the car to the parking and cherish it like the apple of his own eye. Only, Pertovich — ask him gently, will you? So, Articles of Incorporation, the Certificate, the License… All’s here. Seems to be all. Lida’s copied the documents on a disk for you… — You’re listening to me? — Of course, buddy. Only, you’re a nuisance just like my granny. When I was leaving for school, she used to check me just like a customs officer. Glasses, schoolbag, pencil case and the tooth braces. You used to pick off those braces in the entrance hall. And moved a plush mouse from your sock to your pocket. And scared Lida with it to death at school. Yeah… Good morning, Lidie. Good morning. Thank you. Well, write an account of what prospects we can have in the Far East when you arrive there. Well, buddy, East is a delicate matter. Especially the Far one. Why are you so strained? I remember everything. I do. Because you are a scallywag. Light—headed scallywag. I’m no scallywag, Sanie. I’m a lucky businessman dearly loved by Fortune. Knock on wood, lounger. Fast to go, fast to win! — Good luck. — See you. It must be Arthur. Yes? Sanie? Yes, Arthur. Sanie? Don’t mourn. Of course. Saw Igor off and now getting to work. Lida, Sanie told me to take some disk. What? Take a disk from you. Here it is. So, this one is in, this one too… That’s it. So long, honey. Igor, don’t leave please. Lida, wait. Sanie may go out now. Let him go, I don’t care. I’m no some lover, am I? Of course not, you’re no lover. We… We’ve agreed to wait for a while, haven’t we? We have. We are happy together, aren’t we? Of course we are. I’ll set the business there and come back. And we announce it right after my coming back. But you leave for six month. I leave only for six months. We’ll check up how we miss one another during my absence. I’m already missing you. I’ll bring aquarium fish for you. You love them, don’t you? And you order an aquarium meanwhile. So, You won’t feel so lonely when I’m out for business. Cheer up. Mikhail Pshenichny Denis Rodniansky Liubava Greshnova Yana Sobolevskaya, Sergey Gazarov Written by Marat Tiuleyev and Olga Solovyova Directed by Dmitry Laktionov Director of photography: Pavel Kochev Production designer: Yevgeny Pitenin Music by Yevgeny Zaytsev Executive producer: Dmitry Minzianov Domashny channel’s producer: Yelena Teplova DOLCE VITA — Lidie, my honey. Producer: Yuri Minzyanov I hope very much you’ll like my present. General producers: Natalya Bilan, Vlad Riashyn My Friend’s Fiancée Excuse me; is this number 9/12? What? Ah, yes, it is. It is? Thank you. (Answering machine): You’ve got no messages. Good evening. DOLCE VITA congratulates you. We link up hearts. This is for you. Wow! I’m so pleased that my admirers still remember my art! Oh, a note. Just a second. Well… My dearest Honey, On considering the whole thing, I came to understanding that I’m ready. So, make me the happiest man in the world and… marry me. How sweet! But there is no signature. It’s not signed. This is for you too. Wow! Ah! It’s certainly from Nikolay. Though… Such a fine bouquet… No, this is likely from Sergey Lvovich… Sign here, please. Aha. Ah! Already a signature needed. Maybe, it’s you who is my secret admirer? Eh, young man? No. DOLCE VITA is always at your disposal. Good bye. Good bye. Good bye, young man. What a mess! That’s the meaning of a helpless and lonely woman living here. Well. It’s time to get married again. The time’s right, Sergey Lvovich. Did he call? No. Poor thing! If he hasn’t sent his birthday greeting, It’s finished. It’s the end! Either he forgot, or… or even worse. Look, stop that. Stop what? What are you going to do? I don’t know what to do. Lida! Lidie! — Good morning, Aleskandr Vasilyevich. — Good morning. Look, I cannot find the… Lida, what is it with you? Nothing. Nothing. I’m fine. I’m really fine. I see. Look at me. Look at me. — Have you had breakfast today? — I have. No, you haven’t. Very well. We go to the café now. I’ve got a surprise for you. —I don’t want to. I’ll show it and then you tell me whether it’s fine o not. Stay here and put on your coat. I’ll be right back. What? There’s another one. Thank you. Thank you. A lecture in math. There are three students and the professor in the class. Five rise and leave; then the professor says: «Now two in, then it’s going to make zero.” You’re so funny. Thank God I have you beside. Are you serious? Of course. You’re kind, smart, cheerful, reliable, charming… Don’t… Don’t stop, please… Really? It’s all right. Cheers. It’s autumn now. I like autumn. Seems we saw Iggie off only few days ago, and it’s half a year passed now. How’s he there, I wonder… I don’t care. Lidie, don’t say so. He’s our friend, isn’t he? A very good friend indeed. He could have written a couple of lines over the past half a year. You do know Igor, don’t you? He’ll beg you to forgive him on his knees when he comes. And if he won’t, I’ll force him. I’m strong one, am I not? Not only strong, but kind, smart and reliable. Having my own business. Having your own business. But still not married for some reason. Well, I’m waiting for you. Oh, come on. I’m serious. I’m serious too. — A second… — What? — O my God! — Lidie… Sasha, what are you doing? Lidie… Sasha, are you sane? — Dear Miss Lidia Andreevna… — Oh come on! Would you agree to… Who’s that?! Excuse me please. It’s Igor. Hallo? Yes, buddy. I’m busy. Spill up. Aha. Right, I see. — She’s near me. — Give me the phone please. Say what? He disconnected. Asked to tell you he’ll bring you aquarium fish. Lida… You didn’t answer me. I agree. Yes!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ouch! Put me on my feet! Lidie, my sweetheart! My honey! Hold on! I’m so happy! I was so much afraid you would refuse me! Oh come on! There are people all around looking at us. Let them look! I’m prepared. Wait. Wait. Hurrah!! Igor Anatolyevich, you have the floor. Well… We’re waiting. Everyone’s got champagne? All right! Friends! I’ve gathered you here to tell you that the first branch of our company has been launched in the Far East! Our first branch! And Lady Luck plays on our side! — Hurrah! Hurrah! Yeah! So, we have an occasion to celebrate. More than one! More than one, friends! More than one! Just look who’s there! Fast to go, fast to win! Wow! Are you pumping iron? Working out in a gym? Later, it’s later. Dear friends! We’re deliriously happy that Igor Anatolyevich is back with us! He managed to establish and launch our first branch in a record short term. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! However… however, this is not the only news of the day. I’m glad to announce that our dear Lida is going to marry. And the man of her choice is working for our company. And this lucky one is... me! Aleksandr Vasilyevich! That’s great! Thank you. Lida, I don’t… Welcome back, Igor. Thank you, honey. Though, excuse me, I have no rights now to call you this now. Yes. Now you have no right to call ME this now. Lida, I don’t get it. What does this mean? What is it you don’t understand? By the way, where is the promised aquarium fish? Fish? Yes, fish. You worry about the fish? I will do it tomorrow. Yes, Dad. Yeah, hi. Yeah, I’m home. Of course you’re welcome. I cannot finish the redecoration without you. Why you’re so sad? Something’s up? Excuse me, a fit of cough. No, of course I’m not smoking. I’ve quitted. I mean it, I have. What’s up? What? Lida left you? Holy cow! Sasha’s a cowboy indeed. Well done. Did you really want to be waited all your lifetime? Okay, okay. Don’t be so sad! Cheer up! I’ll come and we’ll talk. Okay? Well, I say! The girl’s all right. Well done. Ah, hi. You’re already here? The business trip was of use for you. It’s the jet lag. The body hasn’t adapted yet. It’s done. I’ve put cheaper fish into the tank first, to make it habitable. And I’ll put guppies and barbels in here later. Why are they odd in number? They will be even later. Barbels are supposed to be kept like this — one female, two males. Wait, one female and two males? Is it matriarchy? And I’ll put the guppies in here after, and it’s vice versa with them: one male, two females. Do fish really have something like a perfect couple? They do. Platyfish. But they are in quarantine now. Ah, by the way, see this? See this? The male has a sword—like tale fin. What is it for? To protect his female from encroachment of other males. Man indeed! Thank you. Well, grow up, guys. Buddy, we need to hire someone for Lida’s position. She resigned or what? You see, I wad thinking it doesn’t fit her to work as a secretary when she becomes my wife. Let her stay at home, nursing kids. What kids? Already done? Not yet. Close your eyes and stretch your hands. Close your eyes. Open’em up. Pleased? The headlights can be turned on. I’ll give it to a neighbor boy if you handle with it without due care. Ah, Iggie, do you remember how we started? An office in a basement, an old Mercedes, one for two of us. And one secretary, for two of us. Yeah. Lidie really helped us much then. Just look at him! Yet another final warning. What’s that? Restaurant VENICE is privileged to invite you on the occasion of engagement… — Hey, buddy! Are you going to marry?! — Yes. — And you’ve been keeping this secret?! Where did you meet her?! — There. — The business trip? — Aha. How fortunate you are to have that! Yes, I am. And why did you throw it away? Eh… we wanted to celebrate on Saturday… but she cannot come in time. So now I’ll have to… cancel the restaurant reservation, by the way. Wait, don’t cancel the reservation. I wanted to celebrate my engagement too. Why not on Saturday? VENICE is Lida’s favorite restaurant. Can we do that instead of you? — All right. — Thank you so much! So, why did your lady fail to come? Haven’t packed the purses and ribbons yet? You should help her. Girls are not to be left alone for long. I’m off. Yeah, that’s true. Ouch, what is that? Wait. It’s going to be all right now. One, two, three… “I’ll recognize…” — Wrong tune, guys. Will you do it again? (Song): “I’ll recognize my love from his step. He wears peg—top trousers, And he wears a Panama too, And also bovver boots. I shouldn’t have met you, my love. I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you. I didn’t know this romance stuff before. And now I’m suffering from love every hour…” Have a cigarette to borrow? Just a second. Igor Anatlyevich, you don’t smoke, do you? I don’t. And I don’t drink too. (Song): “… He’ll never be back home to Moscow. There’s only picture that remained after him.” Well, I declare. Lidka did nice indeed. She did hatch up his Sasha. Well done! No surprise. An old love never rusts. They are together since they were children. He, she and Vetrov. Well, if I were to choose, I would choose Iggie. He’s so nice fellow! Nice fellow! He’s that sort of fellows. He loves first and than leaves. Guys like Kuptsov are better fit to live with. Short, plump, having money and no requirements. I heard the other day Lidka calling Kuptsov Hamster. Hey, Iggie… Hold this please. Hold it… sit down. Iggie… I’m so happy. I want to thank you. What for? For everything. I thought Lida prefers you. But she’s good girl. She knows which one is better to be with. Why are you better to be with? I don’t know. Perhaps… because you’re a hostage of this your… everything… How to say… You’re handsome, chicks run after you, and you ought to accord… with this style. That’s the thing. Not to live, but to accord. To accord. Oo—ooh! Lida, Sasha’s already out of condition now. It’s high time to take him home. I’ll go to order a taxi. What? Nothing. Why are you looking at me like that? It’s nothing. Iggie, Iggie, see Lida her home, please, will you? Unfort… Unfort… Unfortunately… I can’t do that now. Lidie, please forgive me. Iggie will see you home. You live in the same building, don’t you? I hope you fiancée wont mind it. His fiancée is a real beauty. Did you tell me her name? You didn’t. You didn’t ask me, buddy. Come, come. Come, buddy, hold on. So, where did you meet her? Over there. Or there. In the East. Aha. I’m curious to look at her. You’ll have enough time to. Meaning? Sasha offered her to work for us. Can you follow me faster?! You’re slow as a snail. Lida? What? Do you really love him? Who? Sasha. Do you really love your fiancée? I was the first to ask. I was the second to answer. Look, does this really matter for you who loves whom, or doesn’t love. — Here we are again!… — Yes, here we are again. — You don’t see anybody around except you, handsome one. — No, I don’t. And that people around you suffer, have thoughts and feelings. No, I don’t. You care of your nice suit only. It’s being fit and in accord to your position, right? Are you two in collusion? Just stop that. Stop seeing me home. I am not seeing you. I’m going MY home. Then go. So, can I go? Aha. Catch up with me. Come on, just go. Or your fiancée will be jealous… Your Far East fiancée… Some man indeed… Hallo? Hallo? Yes, speak up. Maria… Are you Maria Leonidovna? Yes. Nice to hear you. It’s Igor Vetrov from the Moscow office. Igor Anatolyevich. Glad to hear you too. Maria, I remember you telling me you would like to be transferred from your branch to our Moscow office, right? Yes, I had such a wish. So, if you haven’t changed your mind, I have a job for you. Sanie, what are you doing here on such an early Sunday morning? Iggie, hi. I was sort of walking and walking until I reached the office. Now I’m watching two men pursuing one chick. It’s humiliating… I mean the fish. And what brought you here? Need to sort our papers. No mood to work home. God gracious! What a terrible headache! Well… You shouldn’t have drunk that much. Oh, come on! That was an important occasion indeed. A marriage. — Your fiancée coming soon? — Tomorrow. Iggie, I’m so happy for you. Look, I really drank to excess yesterday and blabbed out a heap of bullshit to you. Forgive me please. Oh, come on. Shit happens. That’s okay. So, peace? Peace. — Ariadna Smionovna? — What? — Good afternoon. — Good afternoon, Iggie. — Wouldn’t you like to let out one of your rooms? — To you? No. A friend of mine is coming. I cannot receive her because of damned redecoration going on at my place. Why not? That would be better than being alone. — You did your jogging? — Yes. You look great. Of course. I’m going to marry soon. Ariadna Smionovna, you’re breaking my heart. Don’t be upset. Don’t be upset that much. I may change my mind. — Ah, that’s another piece of cake. — Unlock it. You’re kidding. You just don’t know how I looked when I was young. Haw—haw! Colleagues, the pitch board has its session on Thursday. I’ve got partners visiting me on Wednesday. Prepare all the stuff by that time please. — Aleksandr Vasilyevich, not enough time. — Or we lose potential clients. Igor Anatolyevich? Good afternoon. You are Maria? I’m Aleksandr. And I’m happy for Igor and you. Maria is tired, she’s just arrived. You’ll have time for a closer talk. — I’m not. — You are. Let me help you. Get to work. I didn’t understand what your partner was talking about. My partner is absolutely sure you’re my fiancée. But it’s not the point. Good afternoon. And what is the point? I now ask you to believe that thing too. Let’s move further. The walls are too thin here, you know. Well, Maria, I’m glad you’ve understood me and I’m glad you have sense of humor. I hoped my job would be connected with professional matters. It will be. Directly. Maria, please understand, you will save not only pending… Call me Masha. Or no one would believe we’re going to marry. In sum, Masha, you’ll save not only Sasha and Lida’s pending marriage, but the entire company. Because a conflict between two key figures often leads to collapse of the entire business. Sasha is my best friend, and I don’t wish our relationship to change because of Lida. In total, he should never guess that Lida and I had any sort of relationship or may ever have. Are you sure you can do that? I am. All right. Then I’ll show you the place you’re going to live in. Am I going to stay at yours? No. I have an ongoing redecoration. But I’ve arranged a room for you with a lady. So, you stay at hers. For a while. Well, it would be more plausible when ones in love live together. Or, at least he comes to pick her up for work. I’ll be picking you up. By elevator. So? Good luck. You too. — Thank you. — Would you excuse me? It’s for long. Yes, Arthur? Yes, I’m already in Moscow. May I? Who’s there? Aleksandr Vasilyevich, it’s Masha Rumiantseva. Ah, Masha, come in please. I’m upstairs now. Descending. O my God! Excuse me, Masha, I’m so clumsy. We’ll put it right here now. Right. Thank you. Thank you very much. That’s it. What is this? Ah, it’s Wondertown. I’ve made it just for fun. A spare time hobby. It’s very beautiful. You really like it? I do. An original concept indeed. And what is this? Come, I’ll show it to you. This is a sort of a vertical park. It’s going to be placed here. I haven’t made it yet. And this — one, two, three — these are hollow cylinders. Strings will be fixed inside them, so that they would sound when the wind blows. All right, see you in the evening. Yes. Yes. It’s a way different piece of cake. … Ah! A gorgeous story! Heard recently. I nearly fell off my chair, laughing… Hi. Here’s another one. A lecture in math. There are three students and the professor in the class. Five suddenly rise and leave… Then the professor says: «Now two in, then it’s going to make zero.” By the way, the working day has already started. Did you notice that? Stop grumbling. Masha likes my Wondertown. And my story too. Aleksandr Vasilyevich did a huge work. If I were an investor, I would choose your company only. When do you present the project? We pitch another one. Which? This one. Presenting together with our partners. This one’s good too. But why don’t you wish to present the Wondertown? It’s much more intriguing, to my mind. I don’t think it will pass. There’s a serious guy sitting there. Named Khromov. He will say it’s a childish stuff. Why? With a due approach to the presentation it’s going to work. Surely. I have skills in matters like this. Well, then you might give a master class for us, the slow—witted, eh? Oh, Masha, beware. Igor doesn’t tolerate competitors. All right. Then I’ll give my propositions to Igor Anatolyevich for approval. Igor Anatolyevich, will you receive me? Iggie, where did you find this treasure? Aleksandr Vasilyevich… Call me Sasha. Masha, I have no doubt you would be able to sell any project, even the Wndertown, in view of your talents. However, a business—center for Khromov is our current priority. Let’s direct your enthusiasm that direction. Igor, I propose to appoint Masha your deputy. Why so low? My own shoes would be better. Oh, come on! I’m nothing without you. But having some assistance would be of use for you. So what? Accept the deputy? Or I’ll take her. All right. Just a second. God damn where does she keep coffee? Shall I make a coffee for you? Yes. Why so nervous? Afraid of competitors? Or jealous of my interest in your friend? Know what? Trying to impress me? Sugar? Or your fiancée is supposed to meet… Slow down, Maria Rumantseva. Your fiancée position is nothing but a mere formality. I’ll send you back in case you show buck. I drink it without sugar. Is it clear? Excuse me. Lida, meet Masha, my fiancée. It’s Lida, Sasha’s fiancée. Nice to meet you, Lida. Sasha told me many things about you. Nice to meet you. And Igor didn’t tell me anything of you. Strange, isn’t it? Excuse me. Sasha’s waiting for me. Honey, I’m here. Come to me, darling. Was it a formality too? Your coffee’s terrible. Here, my darling. We’ll correct you slightly now. Wait, wait… What position she going to work in? Iggie’s deputy. Brilliant rise. That’s the meaning of a right connection, isn’t it? That’s the meaning of a college’s certificate with honors coupled with work experience… Aha, I see… and she’s got a whole lot of other virtues. By the way, she liked my Wondertown. No doubt she would. Lidka, you’re jealous, aren’t you? Me? Why should I? Yes, you’re jealous. Sanie, I forgot to tell. Arthur called me. Tonight we’re meeting with the investors at the bowling club. Khromov himself is going to come. So we need to… We’re playing bowling tonight. Khromov’s going to come. Arthur made the appointment. It’s great. Very well, we should prepare… Lida, what is it with you? I’m fine. I just dislike Masha very much. And it seems to me we might lose Igor, having her here. We’ve been friends with Igor for 15 years. And now we are going to lose him, eh? Hamster, you’re so funny. And naïve too. Can you tell me about Khromov? Who is he? Our potential investor, a great gun. He lives a retired life. No parties, no interviews. Only few know him in the face. And now he agreed to meet with us. It’s a miracle indeed. We need to make friends with him. Go and try. Don’t be so angry. Ariadna Semionovna, I’m home. Good evening, Masha. Good evening. I’m leaving for the bowling club. With Iggie? Yes. Accept my admiration! Do you have a romance with him? If you forgive me my curiosity… We’ve got a deal. I’m temporarily acting his fiancée. And he employs me for his headquarters in exchange. And why should you act his fiancée? To save his business. Ah, Masha! If I were you, I would never miss a chance like that. What chance? A brilliant chance to become his real fiancée. Iggie’s handsome, well—mannered and well—off. An answer to any girl’s prayer. But he’s dreaming of another woman. No chance. Masha, could such a smart beauty like you have any match? Ah, I would never miss such a prey if I were younger. Are you kidding, Ariadna Semionovna? If anything, ask me, daughter. I’m an experienced hunter. Where are you? So, we go? Yeah, get in, please. — Ah, yes. — Yes. — The one in the suit is… — Arthur. And the guy he’s talking to? Probably Khromov. Smile. Let me introduce you. Masha, my fiancée. My future fiancée and my present deputy. Nice to meet you. I’m Arthur. Nice to meet you too. Meet Henry. He represents our potential partner. It’s my pleasure to meet you, miss. You’re really charming. I’m charmed. — So, let’s have a game or two! — Of course. We go. Sport is power! Sanie, where’s Khromov? Hasn’t come. Sent his deputy instead. That’s all right. Masha’s already taken him in her hand. We’ll make it. Right, we go. So, friends, heads or tales? Heads. Tails. Heads of tails? — Heads. Come on, Masha. Show us a first—rate work! A turn of a weaker team. Come on! Come on now! Well… Which one to choose? A minute… Roll it at the pins! Come on, Maria! Show us a first—rate work! — You go! Well done! Excellent. We go on. Come on! We keep on! Need to consolidate success! Lidie, come on, darling! Roll it. Where’s my balloon? It’s, actually, a ball. A ball, a ball… I’ll make it. Go! Remember what we taught you. — Careful! — Come on, it’s all right. Well… Things happen… Oh, dear!… It’s okay. This is your first time… She serves coffee much better, as I see it. — Masha! — And now papa’s rolling! Come on, papa! Did they teach you manners in Harvard? They taught us that being jealous in the presence of the other woman doesn’t speak well for a fiancée. — Go! Go—go—go! Bingo! — Well done! Now we consolidate the winning series. — I bless it. — Me too! Go! That’s the thing. Very good, very good! Nice score! I’ll show you now. It’s a master class. You’re in a good shape! To success! To success! To success! Iggie, I’m begging, show it to her, please. You’re a good teacher. Show Lida what to do. Sasha, no. I’ll do it. No need. Iggie, I don’t want to be losing badly beaten. Help her please. Come on. Thank you, Igor. I’m thirsty… Take my glass. Thank you. Ouch… May I? Of course. Thank you. Well, years pass. I used to make a 100 m race in 11 seconds. Pardon, are you saying this to me? Oh, I’m sorry. No. I’m just talking to myself. I live alone, you know. No one to talk to. And here, I’ve found an interesting and charming vis—à—vis. If you don’t mind, of course. Well, go and try. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anatoly Georgiyevich, a colonel… Retired, unfortunately. Ariadna Semiononvna, an operetta actress. Used to be one. Though this profession is still keeping me. Do you leave close by? I have never seen you here before. No. I used to live here. Then left for the country. To live closer to Nature… Now I’m here to visit my son, helping him with his redecoration. However, he’s got in a nice mess… so, he’d rather be helped to fix his life, so to say, not the flat. He’s having troubles with his marriage, so I help him as good as I can. What interesting coincidence. I’m too in a support group for a fiancée. Really? It’s splendid. So, we have a common subject for our conversation. We do. It’s so good to be boss’s fiancée. You can be late for work any day you wish. I’m glad to see you too. Hey, Sanie. Hi. Hi. I’ve made a pie for you. Lidie, guess what I’ve invented? I surely will, but not until you try my pie. Because, first: it can get cold; and the second — you’ve grown too slim. You’re my slimmy… Oh, come on. Take it out. Wow, what delicious smell! A fish pie. Attention! Come in. You emanate such wonderful odors… It’s Lidie indulging me. Take a seat. Help yourself. No… No objections. It’s a fish one. Just delicious. Really? I’ll try it too. Excuse me. Masha, join us. There’s a piece left for you. No, thank you. You should try it. Definitely. Lida’s glorious cook. Aha. I’ve already had breakfast. And then, I keep my figure. Unlike others. I’ll drop in later. Bon appetite. Thank you. Well, if no one wants to have it… Masha’s good cook too. Just try them. Ah! It’s tasty. Good morning. Morning, Lidie. Masha’s decided to indulge us today. We’re so lucky with our fiancées! Thanks, I’m not hungry. Where do you find time to do it all? It’s time management. Many things can be done if you manage your time right. Of course… Cabbage pasty — 44 roubles; rice pasty — 46 roubles; potato pasty 48 roubles, potato and mushroom pasty — 46 roubles. Pasty Confectioner’s. Bon appetite, guys. I’ve got an apple one… Do you work with Home Design? What? It’s a 3D design program. Ah. 3D. No, I dont. But for some reason I think it’s not too difficult to learn it. No time for learning. Print out please pages 1 through 26, 20 copies, and distribute them among the designers. Eh… how many copies did she say? Twenty. I need the reports on this project. It’s urgent. And please in the first place do… Wait a minute. Lida? Lida this… what is this? Maria ordered me to print them out and distribute them among the designers. But we do not print out. We give them recorded on disks or via the net. They will laugh at you. Bitch! Hold it please. Lida?… Sasha, open up! Sasha, I know you are here, open up please! Open up! I’m fed up with her! Understand, Sasha, she’s humiliating me! I see. Let’s meet on Monday and discuss this stuff. Arthur, I’ll see you off. You’d better sort out things here. Lida… I did my job all right. Why’s she… Lida! Igor... I cannot get it… Let’s come for a talk. Lida, what are you doing? You’re at work, aren’t you? What Arthur might think of us? Fire her. Lida… Do you think I’m pleased to hear from you every day — Masha did that, Masha did this?… I have no reason to be dissatisfied with Maria. She’s a good professional. A good bitch your Maria is! Masha is my friend and companion’s fiancée. Why should I fire her? Because you must! Are you doing this on purpose? Doing what? What? Humiliating Lida. Making her out to be a fool. I don’t need to make much effort for that. Your Lida is only able to serve coffee to her boss, nothing else. You’re not in the position to judge. All right. We’ve got other fish to fry, more urgent than your Lida. Arthur refuses to present the Wondertown. Then we get back to the business—center. Look, I’ve read all I could find on Khromov and the bidding. Hundreds of standard designs are going to be presented to him. And none close to Sasha’s. So what? I believe it will attract him and we win. We win? And what about Arthur? Why we need Arthur? Why? He’s got connections with Khromov, he’s on the bid too, and we… we’re partners, at last. Swindler is your Arthur, nothing more. It’s very likely he doesn’t know Khromov at all. We don’t need him. We can to it on our own. All right. I’ll talk to Sasha. And you do stop humiliating Lida. Hallo? Yes. Yes, I called you. Listen to me carefully… Iggie, hi. Hi. Come on in. Look, Sanie, I think Masha’s right. We need to present the Wondertown. Independently, without Arthur involved. He’ll eat us up. Arthur is using us. In addition, if we fix this deal independently, we’ll repay our loans a couple of years earlier. And besides: nothing venture, nothing have. What if we fail? We’ll remain without Arthur and without money. Or we’ll regret that we missed such a chance for the rest of our lives. We have no time. It’s only a week before the bidding. Masha’ll make it in time. The main thing now is to get them reconciled. Yeah, our fiancées do not get along well. Look, perhaps, we’d better transfer Lida to some other department, eh? — Which one? — Say, the Personnel Department. We don’t have one. Then we’ll have it. So, these milksops decided to outstrip me. Aha. Then do anything so that they failed to meet the deadline. Or I’ll fail to do something for you. Lida? You have internet connection? Sanie, you cannot imagine what huge work I have done. I’ve spoiled my manicure while cleaning up here. I’ve got an impression that no cleaner has ever visited this place since time immemorial… Lida! What? That was out server! I didn’t touch it. You… I… Sasha! Tomorrow? Can you do it any faster? All right, thank you. What time is it? Half past four. We won’t be it in time. I’m sorry to interrupt you. What if we print our all these papers and deliver them right there? It’s really nice. I’ll be going there by car for two hours this part of the day. I can go there by the subway. It’s only three stations away from here. — Lida! Nice idea! All documents are here. Folder “Pitch”. I hope you won’t sink it in the water, will you? Maria! — Masha! I’ll deliver it. I will deliver it. No, I will deliver it, Sasha. You don’t worry. I’ll do it fast. It’s going to be okay. Good evening. — Coffee? — No. Do you have vodka? We do. Can I? More? More. You’d better make Martini Dry for her. I don’t drink Martini. There’s only 200 grams of Martini in it. The rest is gin. The same thing but tastes better. If you decided to pick me up in this manner, it will never work. I’m getting married and I love my fiancé very much. Had words? Nobody to talk to? Not at all. I just fancied I’ve met a kindred spirit. You fancied, nothing more. I’m Zhora. I’m Lida. Look, Lida, what if I hire you, eh? Why not? Do accept my offer. You’ll have a good salary, a good position. I cannot leave my rogues. Otherwise this hag will eat them up without choking. And what can you really offer me? Real estate trading is sort of small fly. And have bidding at hand. I see. Enough. No more alcohol. I’ve got to be on deck tomorrow. Lida, let me see you home. I’ve just explained it to you, haven’t I? Ah, yes. Then let’s have a drop before you leave. All right. This shit?! This damned shit?! I’ll beggar you! You think you can treat mi like that?! I’ll ruin you! You’ll go beggars, milksops! And you have no least chance to make it with this shit! You heard me! Clear?! Good afternoon, Masha. You’re looking great. Good afternoon. Sasha, what’s up? Well, you know, he’s right. It’s a stupid project by a stupid architect. How could the idea of promoting this project ever come into one’s head, I wonder? But that’s okay. There’s still a wonderful market for us. — We’ll go trading construction materials. — Don’t say so. It’s a brilliant project. And you’re a brilliant architect. You just need to have more confidence and push. Did you think of what you were going to speak of in your presentation speech? O my God! I need to speak of something… Masha, let me give this privilege to you. Sasha, you’re the author, you’re the boss; hence, you’re the one to present. I can help you. Come on. I don’t know what to type. I’ll start. The first step is the hardest. What do you think? I like it. Now you go. Shavasana, or the death pose, will release your mind of all negative thoughts. Shavasana, the death pose, will bring your nervous system in harmony. Lida? Lida? Lida? Are you nuts?! Idiot. You are the idiot. And this is Shavasana, a special yoga exercise. Or you yokel haven’t been taught that in your village? You are the yokel. What else did you learn from me, monkey? I might well be a monkey; and you… You… are a real shark. You snap everything you see! I snap what belongs to me! Maybe. But it seems to me, it’s just the opposite. Leave Sasha alone. Leave Igor alone. What is it with them? She’s pregnant. Exactly. My sister had that same stuff when big with her first child. She started fighting every time she disliked something. Hi. Hi. Get in. No. I’m having an English class. I’ll give ride to you. All right. Why do you need to study English? Wanna leave for the US. You’re said to jog every morning. Aha. Ten miles. Training yourself for the Olympics? Sort of. Want to be like Masha? Why? You are you. You do well, don’t you? Your life, your job; you have the best guy in the world to marry. Sasha Kuptsov. Aka Hamster. Well, Hamster isn’t engaged in double dealing, at least. What are you talking about? You know what I’m talking about. Listen to me. You do your job and in exchange, just as was promised, you have the office on the twenty—fifth floor. Yeah. With this glorious sight. But beware not to repeat the failure we had the previous time. Sasha, you wanted to see me? I’m Aleksandr Vasilyevich when at office. Already squawked? I was not the first to begin. Lida… I know everything about Lida. You’d better tell your story. What story? — Sasha, what’s got into you? — A fly. You find it funny? I’m not. Why am I the last to learn the news? Why you all are running around like mice and… scheming? You’re really looking like a cat now. And you… Why didn’t you tell me you’re pregnant? Me? Pregnant? By who? What a good question! I just cannot get it: how did it come that you like her? Yes, she’s beautiful. Yes, she’s smart. But she’s cruel. Hi, guys! What are you celebrating? Sasha, are you drunk? You’ve already had a celebration, as I see? Eh? There was an occasion indeed. What occasion? Go ahead, share it with us. We’ll celebrate it like old… friends. Are we not friends, Sanie? Good friends indeed. Your fiancée is pregnant, and you’re running after other man’s one meanwhile. What? Oh! It’s a secret? Didn’t know, forgive me. Didn’t you tell Lida that… Here, Sanie. Chew this. You didn’t tell Lida you were going to have little kids soon? Sanie, what is it with you? What are you talking about? It’s not funny. Masha is pregnant. Sanie… The last one’s… daddy. Good luck! The cap is mine. Sanie! — Lida, Lida, don’t worry. — Oh, no. No worries. Calm down. Lida, Sanie was kidding. Waiter! The bill! Lida! Taxi! Lida! Lida! Wait! Where are you going? Please, come to me. Come here. What are you doing? I don’t get it… You’re silly one. You’ll go to live to my place, away from those chicks… Kuptsov, what are you doing here? I’ll save this man. Where’s that damned aq… aquarian? Aquarian! Gone? He’s fired. You, Vetrov, by the way, are fired too. What did you say? I say you’re fired. I’m the boss and it’s in my power to. You’re the boss. I am the boss. Very well, Kuptsov, I’ll take half of employees with me, the Far East branch, Lida and Masha. Here you have Lida. Here you have Masha. And the Far East branch. You’re fired. Kuptsov! Kuptsov! Come to your senses! You’re fired, Kuptsov. Fired. No, YOU’re fired.You fired. I’m off to the Personal department. — Accept this. — Hold!... Guys?! Igor?! Ah! My fiancée seems to be coming. Ouch, Masha… Guys, are you crazy? It’s your fiancé. He wanted to fire me. Though, I wanted to fire him too. We’ve got the presentation the day after tomorrow. See? And you’re firing me. I’d fire both of you. Can she do that? In sum, Igor and Kuptsov were full to the gills. And you know the reason? A rumor was spread in the office that I was pregnant. Is it Igor? Of course not. Igor and I… well we… we haven’t... yet… I see. You see? If it weren’t “haven’t”, but “have”, that rumor would be to our advantage. Igor’s driven to the bay. You go to the church. And you quickly mend matters by getting into a delicate state. You’re cynical, Ariadna Semionovna. I’m practical, my dear. Don’t leg behind. What, buddy? Feeling hard? Don’t drink that much. Look, stop taunting me, will you? It’s Saturday today. You’d better not awake me so early. Aha. Fresh air and a morning jogging are the best medicines. — And, besides, you should be in good shape. — I am in good shape. Ouch! Damn! Iggie, help me! I seem to have sprained my ankle. Let me see. Hold on to me. — Hurts now? — It hurts! — To the side. — It hurts! Hurts! Don’t press. — And here? — Yes, it hurts. Apply ice to it when come home, compress it and you can run again. I cannot walk. No problem. Here you go! Comfortable? — Yeah. Am I heavy? — It’s okay. How is it going with your son’s wedding? Oh, Ariadna Semionovna. This all may be wrong, but my son had a fiancée before. And she matched him much better, you know… We, Anatoly Georgiyevich, have the problems of the same kind. By the way, what would you advice my son? Should he fight for his first love? Or surrender to his new passion? Let him listen to his heart. I know from my own experience. A new feeling can never supersede the old love. You’re a wise lady. What a pity! That you haven’t broken your leg? That our home is so close. Really? Already tired? Huh! Maybe, we should nevertheless apply ice to it? No need. It’s okay. Masha, are you home? I am! In the kitchen. Ah, Iggie, hi. Good morning, Ariadna Semionovna. Morning, morning. I’ll leave you to yourselves. Oh, no! Of course not. Do take a seat. Yes, take a seat. Will you have tea with us? All right, if you insist. Thank you. Thank you so much. Where did you get this ring? This one? Yes. It’s a funny story. I’ve got a new secret admirer. He presented this ring to me and gorgeous flowers with a note in them. Proposing his heart and his hand. He’s so shy. Sent a boy to me instead of coming himself. Now I’m waiting for him to come in person. Would you excuse me? Igor! What about tea? What is it with him? I don’t know. Dad! I’m here! On the balcony. I’m here, son. Dad… Look at them. Which one do you like better? This or this? It’s a disaster! The courier confused the doors. He gave my ring to the neighbor. Lida didn’t know at all that I made a proposal to her. That’s the price of you new technology… What shall I do now? Perhaps, I should explain everything to her? Forget it. The girl’s had enough sufferings over you. Let her be happy now. She’s getting married? Nice! To your best friend, by the way. And they don’t need to know about that. Yes, you’re right. I propose to get married this Saturday. We’ll divorce later. And for now, we avert Sasha’s suspicion. And Lida will take her ease meanwhile. What say you? Maria! You’re looking good. A date? Aha. Lida? What are doing this Saturday? I don’t know. Why? I invite you to our wedding. Congratulations. Here you are. I’ll be downstairs. Lidie, it’s time. We go to Khromov Group. Sasha, no. Sanie, I’m not going. Why? Because I was thinking, it would be better for me to leave. And there’s a lot preparation for the wedding to be done. As you wish. Guys, are you coming? I’ll be waiting downstairs. Lida, are you coming? No, I am not. I need to pack the things. I congratulate you on your wedding. Thank you. Iggie, we go. It’s Khromov. Well, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s get started. Two companies reached the final, and they are going to present today. Mr. Kuptsov will be the first. Mr. Kuptsov, please. Ladies and gentlemen, let me start. Our company offers a special project, unique in its nature and having no pair in modern urban planning. Please, look at the screen… Yeah. It has no pair indeed. Let her come here. Now. Gentlemen, it’s nothing but a mistake. The needed disk will be delivered in half an hour, and we’ll gladly present our project then. Well, we wait. And you, Mr. Kuptsov, do apply with this project for Eurovision. You’ll be in fair way to success. All right. We then ask Mr. Zhukarin to present his project meanwhile. Mr. Zhukarin, please. Yes. Of course, our project is not that special as our competitor’s one, but, nevertheless. Please, meet. Our project is a breakthrough and an innovation in urban planning. Please, look at the screen… The project’s title is Wondertown. Our assistant is going to distribute the booklets. Vika, please. I’m sure to smash his face. Sanie, Sanie! Guys! Guys, what’s happened? Everything happened. What? Arthur stole our project. How stole? Vika sold it to him. That bitch! Oh, hi! You know Khromov? No, I don’t. You said hi to him right now. Is he Khromov? Yes, he is. Hold it. And? He’s ready to listen to us. Can you remember anything known to nobody but you? I mean us. Think faster. Wait. Remember you were telling of some sound effects? Ah, yes. There are cylinders there, and the strings… Come on! Go. Go now. Strings will be fixed inside them, so that they would sound when the wind blows. Mr. Zhukarin, may I see you for a moment? Of course. Mr. Zhukarin, what architects you involved in the development of your project? Architects? There were no architects. I did it on my own. My first profession is an architect. Really? It’s a pleasant surprise, Mr. Zhukarin. Then would you please explain the purpose of these hollow cylinders in the exterior of the main building? It’s nothing but a ventilation system. The ventilation system is hidden in the neighboring building. Well, of course I cannot tell this for sure now… The project is voluminous, so I need to check… I see, I see. Well, gentlemen, my congratulations. Keep on working. Lidie, it was nice to work with you. Yhank you, Zhora. Thank you. You are fired. All right… We win! Hurrah!!! So, cheers? To justice. Yeah, justice. The notion alien to the West, isn’t it? I’m not finished yet! Come on! Come on! Anatoly Georgiyevich, I should say I’m angry with you. You used me. I opened my heart to you, and you… Ariadna Semionovna, don’t say so. I really didn’t know that Igor and Masha… I didn’t know, I swear. How could you think of me being able to hurt you? And Masha, by the way, turned out to be a good girl. So, you don’t want now Igor to abandon Masha? Ariadna Semionovna? Wasn’t it you who was talking of listening to one’s own heart? Come on! — Move it! — Come on! Go—go—go—go! Why so light, buddy? I just pass it to you. — You ready? — I am. — Beware! — Cross a high one! Catch it! — It’s Sanie! — Yggie! — Do help him! — He’ll make it on his own, he’s a big boy! Like little boys! It’s cold. It’s all right. You won’t freeze. Do you love him? Who? Sasha? Of course I do. And I’ll deliver a son for him. I mean Igor. I say, darling! It’s you who hunt other girl’s fiancés, not me. Igor still loves you. Well… You seem to have gone absolute nuts. Sanie! Come on! Don’t fail me! He made a proposition to you a month ago. As far as I remember, he had amours with you, in the Far East. Or I mistake? Look. He sent a ring to you by courier. But he confused the doors and delivered the ring to Ariadna Semiononva instead of you. The note was not signed. So what? Can you imagine Igor’s state when he finds out his fiancée engaged to his best friend when he comes? You don’t trick me this time, do you? O my God! What shall we do now? That’s okay, we’ll find a way out. Hey, ladies! What? Boys! Come here! Shashlyk is ready! Welcome to the table! To the table! To the table! Here you are. — Wow! — A shashlyk by master. Hope there’s some more left, dad, isn’t there? Of course. By the way! Friends! We took some counsel, Sasha and me, and decided it would be great to celebrate our weddings on the same day. — If the ladies don’t mind. — Of course! Hurrah! Bravo! Attention! Attention, please! I’ve got a toast. I’d like to drink to you. To your friendship, your love. Look at one another. Believe in the goods! To you! Hurrah! Hurrah! Igor Vetrov and Maria Rumiantseva. Your turn. Ladies and gentlemen! I congratulate the neatest and dearest of this perfect young couple, Igor Vetrov and Lidia Timokhina, who decided to marry… It’s Maria Rumiantseva. Lidia Timokhina. Igor Vetrov and Maria Rumiantseva. I have Lidia Timokhina here. Look, it’s some kind of mistake. Lidia Timokhina registers her marriage later. Mister, I never mistake. I assure you, it’s Maria Rumiantseva. You have it right. I’m Lidia Timokhina. We’ll, young people. Decide please whether you are going to marry or not. We already have. Haven’t we, Igor? So do we register the marriage or we do not? We do. Igor, will you have Lidia to be your wedded wife? I will. Lidia, will you have Igor to be your wedded husband? I will. How do you find my idea, Anatoly Georgiyevich? Amazing! I’ve got another one in store. Ariadna Semionona! Friends! Excuse me! Make way, make way! How do you find such an exchange? The best! Sanie!! Go now! Come on! We’ll be right back! — Igor! — What? — You’re fired! — You are fired! Girls catch it! — You fumbler! Ready? — Yeah. We get in. Excuse me, is that building No. 86? It’s 97! Thank you. THE END


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