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List of sovereign states in Europe by GDP (nominal)

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Map of European countries by Nominal GDP in billions USD. Data produced by the International Monetary Fund for the year 2018.[1]

     >$1 trillion      $100 bil. - $1 tril.      <$100 billion


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T square a platform of top-10s here is a list of richest European countries in the world that have highest GDP in the continent in ascending order number 10 Netherlands located in the Western Europe Netherlands is a small densely populated country it is the world's second largest exporter of food and a result of fertile soil and mild climate it is the 17th largest economy in the world and ranks 10th in GDP per capita in the world it has a market based economy with foodstuffs as chief industrial sector the country's other industries are chemicals metallurgy machinery tourism and electrical goods some well-known international companies operating from Netherlands include Randstad Unilever DSM Shell Philips TomTom Port of Rotterdam being the largest port in Europe provides prime access to markets in the UK and Germany the country has the 13th highest per capita income in the world and has a high-level economic freedom number 9 San Marino this is a small country situated on the Italian peninsula and is not a member of European Union the country has highest of the GDP centered to have highly stable economy san marino has a budget surplus has no national debt and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in europe its economy mainly relies on industry finance services and tourism chief industries include banking ceramics and electronics it import staple goods from Italy as the main agricultural products in the country are wine and cheese it is said to be the only country with more vehicles than people number eight Sweden Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe divided into 21 counties and 290 municipalities the country ranks highly in several metrics of national performance including education protection economic competitiveness equality human development etc it is has eighth highest per capita income in the world it has a high standard of living and has an export-oriented mixed economy it is the ninth highest arms exporter in the world sectors like telecommunications automobiles pharmaceuticals engineering are of prime importance and country's output and exports the country takes Fame for having one of the highest telephone and internet access penetrations some of the world-renowned Swedish companies are Volvo Ericsson Sandvik Scania IKEA Nordia SKF Atlas Copco Electrolux and others the country is said to have best creativity for having world's most purposeful workers number 7 Ireland it is an island in the Western Europe being the second most populated island in Europe it has lush vegetation and climate is very moderate it has a unique Irish music Irish language and Gaelic games as the part of its indigenous culture alongside Western culture it is one of the highest producers and consumers of wine and other alcoholic products the rural areas in the country use peat a source of energy while sods of turf were used in urban areas the entire island is a busy center of trade and tourism which accounts for its income number six Denmark it is a Scandinavian country that consists of a peninsula Jutland and an archipelago of 443 islands the country offers a high standard of living and ranks highest in the world for social mobility Denmark has a high level of income equality has one of the world's highest personal income tax rates and is the least corrupt country in the world it has a developed mixed economy that is considered as one of the freest economies in the world the country has a productive population that produces high GDP per hour work value it is also considered as the eighth most competitive economy in the world number five Switzerland one of the powerful economies in the world Switzerland is a small country mostly dependent on manufacturing it is the 20th largest e exporter in the world with products like chemicals watches health and pharmaceutical goods musical instruments etc it is one of the most developed countries in the world and has placed itself in two key spots in several metrics of national performance it has a GDP of 59 thousand one hundred fifty dollars and is considered to be a stable high-tech economy that is a home for companies like Novartis Nestle have UBS AG tetrapack swatch and many more number for Norway this European country ranks as the second richest country in the world and monetary value with largest capital reserve per capita of any nation by D s sixth highest GDP in the world is the result of abundance of petroleum natural gas minerals lumber hydropower seafood it has a mixed economy featuring a combination of free market activity a nd a large state ownership in various sectors it is the well-functioning and stable country in the world and has a higher standard of living than any other country in the world number three Liechtenstein this is a mountainous microstate located in Central Europe governed by Prince of Liechtenstein it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world it has the third highest GDP in the world when adjusted by PPP although the country has small area limited resources and limited manpower it has a highly industrialised free enter free se economy that which has made the country so prosperous the living standard is very high in the nation has more registered companies than citizens the reason being very low business taxes corporate taxes thus it is a popular tax haven for enormous ly wealthy individuals and companies to evade taxes in their native countries this accounts for about 30% of Lichtenstein's revenue are just producer of ceramics and false teeth and its other major industries are electronics textiles power tools precision instruments and pharmaceuticals number two Monaco it is a sovereign city state governed by Prince Albert ii located on the french rivera in west of europe it is a small and densely populated sea boundary and has the world's highest Human Development Index in the world the country has world's highest GDP nominal per capita and records world's lowest poverty rate it is said to have world's high best number of millionaires and billionaires per capita the economy is very stable as the country holds monopoly in various sectors like tobacco postal service gambling etc tourists are only allowed to take part in the casinos in the country it is also a major banking center in Europe number one Luxembourg officially called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg this nation is the world's second largest investment fund center and the most important private banking center in the eurozone it has a GDP of one hundred thousand nine hundred ninety one dollars accounted by diversified industries including chemicals rubber and other products banking and other financial services also account for ma your fraction of economic output and is the prominent Centre for reinsurance companies quality of life index is high in this country an unemployment rate is very low it has a stable and high income market economy featured by steady growth low inflation and a high level of novelty Luxembourg City is the one of the three capitals of European Union and is a seat for various institutions and agencies of the European Union including European Court of Justice its culture is highly influenced by its neighbors making it a combination of French and Germanic cultures please subscribe our channel so you don't miss our upcoming videos thanks for watching you


List of nominal GDP for European countries in billion USD

This is a sortable list of all European countries by their gross domestic product in US dollars at market or official government exchange rates (nominal GDP). The data for 2018 are estimates.

2018 Rank Country  2011  2012  2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018[2]
1st  Germany 3,761.142 3,545.946 3,753.687 3,885.440 3,365.293 3,479,232 3,684.816 4,211.635
2nd  United Kingdom 2,611.108 2,655.458 2,721.489 2,945.394 2,858.482 2,660,687 2,624.529 2,936.286
3rd  France 2,865.304 2,682.900 2,809.390 2,843.673 2,420.163 2,466,472 2,583.560 2,925.096
4th  Italy 2,278.376 2,073.972 2,130.997 2,141.937 1,815.759 1,860,152 1,937.894 2,181.970
5th  Russia 2,031.768 2,170.145 2,230.624 2,030.973 1,326.016 1,283,286 1,527.469 1,719.900
6th  Spain 1,489.381 1,340.689 1,369.690 1,383.537 1,199.715 1,237,766 1,313.951 1,506.439
7th  Netherlands 894.576 829.406 866.951 881.033 750.696 777,548 825.745 945.327
8th   Switzerland 696.528 665.898 685.871 712.050 664.603 668,748 678.575 741.688
9th  Poland 524.104 496.687 526.031 546.644 474.893 471,216 524.886 614.190
10th  Sweden 563.110 543.881 579.526 570.137 492.618 514,460 538.575 600.771
11th  Belgium 528.721 499.129 524.970 534.672 454.687 468,148 494.733 562.229
12th  Austria 429.493 407.801 428.456 437.123 374.124 390,961 416.845 477.672
13th  Norway 498.157 509.705 522.349 500.244 389.482 371,075 396.457 443.252
14th  Ireland 237.990 222.089 232.150 246.438 238.031 304,499 333.994 385.142
15th  Denmark 341.498 322.277 335.878 340.806 294.951 306,900 324.484 369.760
16th  Finland 273.925 256.849 268.281 271.165 229.671 238,776 253.244 289.557
17th  Czech Republic 227.307 206.751 208.796 205.658 181.858 195,305 213.189 251.577
18th  Portugal 245.120 216.488 224.983 230.012 199.077 205,269 218.064 248.891
19th  Romania 186.113 172.041 191.598 199.950 177.315 187,807 211.315 245.590
20th  Greece 289.068 249.663 242.306 238.023 195.320 192,770 200.690 226.774
21st  Hungary 139.447 126.825 133.424 137.104 120.636 129,144 132.034 163.541
22nd  Ukraine 163.307 175.707 179.572 130.660 90.524 93,263 109.321 119.134
23rd  Slovakia 97.621 92.799 97.743 99.971 86.629 89,806 95.938 111.483
24th  Luxembourg 59.010 56.323 60.150 62.395 57.423 58,655 62.393 72.461
25th  Bulgaria 55.799 52.613 54.517 55.837 48.957 53,236 56.943 64.781
26th  Croatia 62.172 56.484 57.849 57.159 48.850 51,350 54.516 61.056
27th  Belarus 59.735 63.615 71.710 76.139 54.609 47,703 54.436 59.246
28th  Slovenia 51.299 46.288 48.005 49.506 42.768 44,727 48.868 56.933
29th  Lithuania 43.478 42.828 46.426 48.232 41.267 42,791 47.263 54.352
30th  Serbia 46.488 40.749 45.520 43.866 36.513 38,300 41.471 48.279
31st  Latvia 28.488 28.343 30.838 31.970 27.048 27,584 30.319 35.915
32nd  Estonia 22.824 22.673 24.888 25.953 22.704 23,348 25.973 30.821
33rd  Iceland 14.666 14.183 15.330 16.693 16.718 20,304 23.909 29.109
34th  Bosnia and Herzegovina 18.318 16.906 17.852 17.977 15.794 16,917 18.058 20.340
35th  Albania 12.891 12.345 12.916 13.262 11.543 11,865 13.181 15.289
36th  Malta 9.604 9.289 10.056 10.582 9.801 11,278 12.543 14.873
37th  Macedonia 10.659 9.751 10.774 11.342 9.922 10,759 11.366 13.085
38th  Moldova 7.018 7.283 7.985 7.944 6.414 6,773 8.085 9.202
39th  Montenegro 4.500 4.048 4.419 4.462 4.039 4,376 4.764 5.547
40th  San Marino 2.056 1.802 1.802 1.786 1.566 1,565 1.636 1.809


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