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List of cities in New York

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 Map of the United States with New York highlighted
Map of the United States with New York highlighted

This list of the 62 cities in New York State contains all municipalities incorporated as cities and also gives the primary county in which each city is located.

Except for Sherrill, the cities are distinct from towns. Geneva and New York City are the only cities in more than one county.

This list is complete. Do not add or remove any municipalities from this list unless that place has legally changed its incorporation.
 Map of USA & New York
Map of USA & New York

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According to Travel and Leisure magazine, the best city in the world right now you could visit is San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, followed by Charleston in the USA, followed by Chiang Mai in Thailand. These three places, however, don’t even get on the top 20 places to actually live, in this year’s Quality of Living Index, a yearly list compiled by HR firm, Mercer. Apparently, if you want to live the good life, you should move to Vienna, Austria, Zurich, Switzerland, or Auckland, New Zealand. The top twenty list doesn’t include any cities from the UK or the USA, two countries that have arguably been the two heavyweights in the last century regarding power and wealth. These two countries, however, contain cities that attract millions of overseas visitors every year. Today we are going to compare them, in this episode of the Infographics Show, New York City vs London. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell button so that you can be part of our Notification Squad. The cities are two of the most visited places in the entire world. In 2016, though, the most visited city in the world by international travelers was Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. 21.47 million people visited Bangkok that year. In second place was London, with 19.88 million visitors, and in third place was Paris with 18.03 million visitors. The most visited U.S. city was New York City, and that was in fifth place with 12.75 million visitors. Dubai was in fourth. In the last five years, Bangkok held the first position three times, and London twice. In our comparison, we might thereby deduce that London is more visitable than New York City. Let’s find out why. First, we will take a look at the two cities’ abridged history. We’ll start with London as it’s the elder. The city of London is old, but nowhere near as old as some cities in the Middle East, China, or other parts of Europe. You’ll know from our show on the British and Roman Empires that Britain was invaded by the Romans in 43 AD. They established the city of Londinium, that at the time was about the size of a small village in England right now. When the Romans left Londinium, it was pretty much a ghost town, and for hundreds of years it remained so. Even the invading Vikings didn’t do much with it, and it wasn’t until the Normans invaded from France and subjugated the country that London became a powerful city. William the Conqueror made London the Norman stronghold, building the famous Tower of London. The Normans would be the last people to this date to successfully invade England. In medieval times London grew in power and wealth, but that also included the spread of poverty, corruption and greed among the upper echelons of society, and bouts of population-denuding plagues. It wasn’t until 1850 that London became the largest city in the world in terms of population. Some sources say it was as early as 1825, though most scholars agree that London was the most populated city until the 1920s. Another city then took over right up until the 60s, and that was the city of New York. Long before New York City had high-rise buildings, it was the stomping ground of Algonquin natives who hunted and fished where people now trade stocks and eat pastrami sandwiches. It wasn’t until 1624 that European settlers would start a community in the city, when families of the Dutch West India Company made a home on Nutten Island. That’s now known as Governors Island and is between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Being Dutch, they called this place New Amsterdam. Some historians say that the Dutch bought the area from the natives for a few trinkets. The peace between the natives and the Euro expansionists didn’t last, and the trouble ended with the a lot more native causalities than Dutch casualties. New Amsterdam soon covered much of what we regard as New York City today, but the imperialistic Brits guided by London prospectors would soon burst the Dutch bubble. On August 26, 1664, four British frigates sailed to New Amsterdam and in a bloodless coup took control and renamed it New York, after the Duke of York, not the city of York in the north of England. At that time, the city had about 1,500 Europeans and 375 Africans, most of whom were slaves. It remained that way for over a hundred years, and even when American independence was on the cards, New York City was a stronghold for British loyalists. In 1783 the British were forced out, and in 1789 it became the first national capital of the U.S. Only in 1790 did the capital become Washington DC. Like London, the growing city had its fair share of growing pains, including great fires, and huge loss of life due to yellow fever and cholera. Nonetheless, by 1850 the population was more than 550,000 and New York City had become a center of the world. So now we come to the present day. The population of London right now is thought to be about 8.7 million. This has spiked lately due to the arrival of ethnic minorities that make up about 44 percent of the city’s population. London covers an area of 607 sq. miles (1,570 sq km), making it the biggest city in Europe. New York City has a population of 8.538 million, and is it a mixed city in terms of ethnicity. About 44 percent of residents are white Caucasian, 27 percent Hispanic, 25 percent black or African American, with a much smaller mix of other ethnicities. The city covers 304 sq miles (789 sq km) and is the biggest city in the USA, though considerably smaller than London. But with almost equal populations, this means New Yorkers have far less space. So what about the standard of living in these cities? They are both pivotal cities regarding the financial sector, though one website claims that London’s financial sector is slightly bigger with 340,000 employees to New York's 322,000. As of March 2017, the Global Financial Centres Index puts London at the center of the world, with New York hot on its heels in the number two spot. New York has more billionaires, with 103 in 2017 according to Forbes, while London only has 72. London is said to have better job growth, though, over the last decade. For the average Joe of us, how is life in these cities? Again, it depends on which source you read. The latest cost of living Index by Expatisan puts New York as the 5th most expensive city to live in the world and London in 12th, with food and housing in New York being more expensive, but clothes and transportation being cheaper. The Guardian reports that after Brexit, London got a lot cheaper, stating that the city has recently arrived at a “new-found bargain-basement status”. In fact, according to the website Numbeo - that compares cost of prices around the world - the cities are fairly equal in terms of eating, going out, shopping, but just a bit more in New York. Renting in London is cheaper than New York if you’re not renting high-end apartments, but actually buying a place is much more expensive in London on average. Travel is more expensive in London, whether you buy your own gas or use public transportation. Gas and electric is also more expensive in London, but Internet is almost half the price of New York on average. Education is more expensive in New York, and it’s thought that inner city London schools are a bit better than inner city New York schools. The average wage in New York is 4,542 dollars a month, while in London it is only 2,952 dollars a month. That might sound bad for Londoners, but they get free health care, lots of paid vacation, and in general better workers’ rights. Money aside, what about the general day to day creature comforts? Well, as London is much bigger, it also has more space. With that you get more parks, and more green spaces. At the same time New York is easier to get around and some people speaking on forums say a bit more fun as it's compact, and unlike London, is more of a 24-hour city. If you are out at night, London may have more crimes in terms of robberies and assaults, but New York has more murders. According to Numbeo, respondents to a survey said they felt similar about safety in London and New York. It seems the difference is bigger crimes are more common in New York, but your chances of finding trouble on the street is more likely in London. We should, however, take this to those that have lived in both cities. According to one American man who did both for many years, he said on a forum thread that both cities were too expensive, even when single. He loved the open sprawling green spaces in London, and at times didn’t like the noisy, claustrophobic streets of New York. He did, however, like the fact that in New York, you could sit down anywhere and find enjoyment, while London was too spread out for him at times. The writer agreed with the sites we cited already on costs of things, also the heavy workload in the U.S. for most people, but did say in terms of meeting new people, socializing, or partying, New York is easier. One more thing he pointed out that we didn’t mention yet was the weather, which is a deal-breaker for some people. New York has colder winters and can have steaming hot summers, whereas London is cool, damp and grey for much of the year, with some warm weeks in summer and only a moderately cold winter compared to New York. We’ll end it there with the weather. Have you lived in or visited either of these two cities? If so, we’d love it if you shared your opinion in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video called American Cops vs British Cops! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

List of cities

City County Population [1]
(2011 census estimate)
FIPS code
FIPS code
GNIS feature ID
Albany Albany 97,660 1686 3600101000 3601000 00978659
Amsterdam Montgomery 18,507 1830 3605702066 3602066 00978677
Auburn Cayuga 27,590 1848 3601103078 3603078 00978695
Batavia Genesee 15,444 1915 3603704715 3604715 00978713
Beacon Dutchess 15,565 1913 3602705100 3605100 00978716
Binghamton Broome 46,996 1867 3600706607 3606607 00978733
Buffalo Erie 261,025 1832 3602911000 3611000 00978764
Canandaigua Ontario 10,604 1913 3606912144 3612144 00978784
Cohoes Albany 16,133 1869 3600116749 3616749 00978847
Corning Steuben 11,187 1890 3610118256 3618256 00978867
Cortland Cortland 19,212 1900 3602318388 3618388 00978870
Dunkirk Chautauqua 12,511 1888 3601321105 3621105 00978911
Elmira Chemung 29,204 1864 3601524229 3624229 00978938
Fulton Oswego 11,906 1902 3607527815 3627815 00978979
Geneva Ontario
13,324 1898 3606928640
3628640 00978992
Glen Cove Nassau 27,063 1918 3605929113 3629113 00979003
Glens Falls Warren 14,728 1908 3611329333 3629333 00979004
Gloversville Fulton 15,621 1890 3603529443 3629443 00979006
Hornell Steuben 8,566 1888 3610135672 3635672 00979078
Hudson Columbia 6,657 1785 3602135969 3635969 00979083
Ithaca Tompkins 30,054 1888 3610938077 3638077 00979099
Jamestown Chautauqua 31,020 1886 3601338264 3638264 00979102
Johnstown Fulton 8,718 1895 3603538781 3638781 00979110
Kingston Ulster 23,887 1872 3611139727 3639727 00979118
Lackawanna Erie 18,121 1909 3602940189 3640189 00979124
Little Falls Herkimer 5,188 1895 3604342741 3642741 00979157
Lockport Niagara 21,119 1865 3606343082 3643082 00979164
Long Beach Nassau 33,395 1922 3605943335 3643335 00979167
Mechanicville Saratoga 5,227 1915 3609146360 3646360 00979207
Middletown Orange 28,243 1888 3607147042 3647042 00979217
Mount Vernon Westchester 67,780 1892 3611949121 3649121 00979245
New Rochelle Westchester 77,606 1889 3611950617 3650617 00979271
New York City Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Richmond 8,550,405 1653[B] 3651000 02395220
Newburgh Orange 29,026 1865 3607150034 3650034 00979258
Niagara Falls Niagara 50,086 1892 3606351055 3651055 00979276
North Tonawanda Niagara 31,501 1897 3606353682 3653682 00979293
Norwich Chenango 7,139 1914 3601753979 3653979 00979296
Ogdensburg St. Lawrence 11,104 1868 3608954485 3654485 00979301
Olean Cattaraugus 14,363 1854 3600954716 3654716 00979305
Oneida Madison 11,387 1901 3605354837 3654837 00979308
Oneonta Otsego 13,843 1908 3607754881 3654881 00979309
Oswego Oswego 18,158 1848 3607555574 3655574 00979325
Peekskill Westchester 23,755 1940 3611956979 3656979 00979348
Plattsburgh Clinton 19,949 1902 3601958574 3658574 00979376
Port Jervis Orange 8,878 1907 3607159388 3659388 00979387
Poughkeepsie Dutchess 32,790 1854 3602759641 3659641 00979392
Rensselaer Rensselaer 9,391 1897 3608361148 3661148 00979414
Rochester Monroe 210,855 1834 3605563000 3663000 00979426
Rome Oneida 33,660 1870 3606563418 3663418 00979430
Rye Westchester 15,834 1942 3611964309 3664309 00979445
Salamanca Cattaraugus 5,780 1913 3600964749 3664749 00979450
Saratoga Springs Saratoga 26,727 1915 3609165255 3665255 00979462
Schenectady Schenectady 66,273 1798 3609365508 3665508 00979468
Sherrill Oneida 3,147 1916 3606566993 3666993 00979493
Syracuse Onondaga 145,151 1848 3606773000 3673000 00979539
Tonawanda Erie 15,112 1904 3602974166 3674166 00979550
Troy Rensselaer 50,120 1816 3608375484 3675484 00979559
Utica Oneida 62,110 1832 3606576540 3676540 00979575
Watertown Jefferson 27,423 1869 3604578608 3678608 00979604
Watervliet Albany 10,230 1896 3600178674 3678674 00979606
White Plains Westchester 57,258 1916 3611981677 3681677 00979637
Yonkers Westchester 197,399 1872 3611984000 3684000 00979660

Extremes in size and population

The most populous and largest city by area in the state is by far New York, home to over 8.2 million people and comprising just over 300 square miles (800 km2) of land (468.87 square miles (1,210 km2) including water). The least populous city is Sherrill, with just 3,147 inhabitants in 2000. The smallest city by area is Mechanicville, which covers 0.91 square miles (2.4 km2) (of which 0.08 square miles (0.2 km2) is water).[1]


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  1. ^ Geneva is located within both the counties of Ontario and Seneca, although the section in Seneca County has no population and is all water.[2]
  2. ^ 1653 is the officially recognized date.[3] Peter Stuyvesant convinced the States General of the Netherlands to charter the city of Nieuw Amsterdam in 1653.[4] The English envoy, Richard Nicolls, renamed the city "New York" two days after capturing it in 1664.[5] Provincial governor Thomas Dongan rechartered the city under the auspices of the Duke of York in 1683,[6] though the charter was not published until 1686.[7] Finally, New York was reincorporated to include all five of its present boroughs in 1898.


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