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List of cities founded by the Romans

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This is a list of cities and towns founded by the Romans. It lists every city established and built by the ancient Romans to have begun as a colony often for the settlement of citizens or veterans of the legions. Many Roman colonies rose to become important commercial and cultural centers, transportation hubs and capitals of global empires.

Cities founded by the Romans

'This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Foundation Latin name Modern-day Modern country
753 BC Roma Rome Italy
268 BC Ariminum Rimini Italy
220 BC Belum Belluno Italy
218 BC Placentia Piacenza Italy
218 BC Tarraco Tarragona Spain
206 BC Italica Santiponce Spain [1]
3rd c. BC Mod Monza Italy
197 BC Salernum Salerno Italy
189 BC Bononia Bologna Italy
188 BC Forum Livii Forlì Italy
187 BC Regium Lepidi Reggio Emilia Italy
181 BC Aquileia Aquileia Italy
169 BC Corduba Cordoba Spain
168 BC Ascrivium Kotor Montenegro
138 BC Valentia Edetanorum Valencia Spain
138 BC Scalabis Santarém Portugal
136 BC Villa Euracini Póvoa de Varzim Portugal
118 BC Colonia Narbo Martius Narbonne France
2nd c. BC Massa Massa Italy
2nd c. BC Pistoria Pistoia Italy
80 BC Segovia Segovia Spain
77 BC Gerunda Girona Spain
73 BC Naissus Niš Serbia
62 BC Brigantium A Coruña Spain
59 BC Florentia Florence Italy
58 BC Vesontio Besançon France
52 BC Lutetia Parisiorum Paris France
50 BC Atuatuca Tungrorum Tongeren Belgium [2]
49 BC Iulia Romula Hispalis Seville Spain
44 BC Augusta Raurica Basel Switzerland
43 BC Lugdunum Lyon France
35 BC Siscia Sisak Croatia
30 BC Marsonia Slavonski Brod Croatia
30 BC Augusta Treverorum Trier Germany [3]
29-19 BC Castra Legionis León Spain
28 BC Augusta Taurinorum Turin Italy
25 BC Augusta Praetoria Salassorum Aosta Italy
25 BC Emerita Augusta Mérida Spain
25 BC Lucus Augusti Lugo Spain
25-13 BC Caesarea Caesarea Israel
20 BC Bracara Augusta Braga Portugal
16 BC Novaesium Neuss Germany
15 BC Castra Vetera (15 BC to 110 AD) - Colonia Ulpia Traiana (after 110 AD) Xanten Germany
15 BC Pons Drusi Bolzano Italy
15 BC Ovilava Wels Austria
15 BC Iuvavum Salzburg Austria
15 BC Augusta Vindelicorum Augsburg Germany
15 BC Turicum Zurich Switzerland
14 BC Sirmium Sremska Mitrovica Serbia
14 BC Borbetomagus Worms Germany
14 BC Caesaraugusta Zaragoza Spain
14 BC Sorviodurum Straubing Germany
13-12 BC Mogontiacum Mainz Germany
110 AD Colonia Ulpia Traiana (after 110 AD) - Castra Ventra (15 BC to 110 AD) Xanten Germany
12 BC Argentoratum Strasbourg France
11 BC Bonna Bonn Germany
10 BC Noviomagus Speyer Germany
9 BC Castellum apud Confluentes Koblenz Germany
1st c. BC Divodurum Metz France
1st c. BC Caesaromagus Beauvais France
1st c. BC Ambianum Amiens France
1st c. BC Faventia Paterna Barcino Barcelona Spain
1st c. BC Abila Avila Spain
1st c. BC Lousonna Lausanne Switzerland
1st c. BC Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum Nijmegen Netherlands
6AD Rigomagus Remagen Germany
6 AD Aquae Mattiacorum Wiesbaden Germany
9 AD Mursa Osijek Croatia
15 AD Emona Ljubljana Slovenia
39 AD Praetorium Agrippinae Valkenburg Netherlands
41 AD Lugdunum Batavorum Katwijk Netherlands
42 AD Aequum Čitluk Croatia
43 AD Londinium London UK
43 AD Albanianis Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands
43 AD Lauri Woerden Netherlands
43 AD Durovernum Cantiacorum Canterbury UK
43 AD Regulbium Reculver UK
43 AD Rutupiae Richborough UK
46 AD Viminacium Kostolac Serbia
43-49 AD Camulodunum Colchester UK [4]
47 AD Traiectum Utrecht Netherlands
47 AD Matilo Leiden Netherlands
47 AD Forum Hadriani Voorburg Netherlands
47 AD Nigrum Pullum Zwammerdam Netherlands
48 AD Lindum Colonia Lincoln UK
50 AD Ratae Corieltauvorum Leicester UK
50 AD Durocobrivis Dunstable UK
50 AD Colonia Agrippina Cologne Germany
50 AD Durocornovium Swindon UK
50 AD Verulamium St. Albans UK
50 AD Letocetum Wall UK
50 AD Dubris Dover UK
50 AD Danum Doncaster UK
52 AD Mediolanum Whitchurch UK
55 AD Isca Dumnoniorum Exeter UK
55 AD Blestium Monmouth UK
58 AD Viroconium Cornoviorum Wroxeter UK
60 AD Durnovaria Dorchester UK
60 AD Lindinis Ilchester UK
60 AD Ad Flexum Mosonmagyaróvár Hungary
70 AD Clausentum Southampton UK
70 AD Venta Belgarum Winchester UK
70 AD Calleva Atrebatum Silchester UK
70 AD Duroliponte Cambridge UK
70 AD Clausentum Southampton UK
70 AD Concangis Chester-le-Street UK
70 AD Condate Northwich UK
70 AD Corinium Dobunnorum Cirencester UK
71 AD Eboracum York UK
72 AD Luguvalium Carlisle UK
73 AD Arae Flaviae Rottweil Germany
74 AD Isca Augusta Caerleon UK
74 AD Lagentium Castleford UK
74 AD Lopodunum Ladenburg UK
75 AD Moridunum Carmarthen UK
75 AD Venta Silurum Caerwent UK
79 AD Deva Victrix Chester UK
79 AD Mancunium Manchester UK
79 AD Olicana Ilkley UK
79 AD Vinovia Binchester UK
80 AD Inveresk Roman Fort Musselburgh UK
83 AD Bonames (present city district) Frankfurt am Main Germany
85 AD Coria Corbridge UK
85 AD Gerulata Bratislava Slovakia
89 AD Vindobona Vienna Austria
90 AD Biriciana Weißenburg in Bayern Germany
90 AD Cannstatt Castrum Stuttgart Germany
97 AD Colonia Nervia Glevensium Gloucester UK
98 AD Sumelocenna Rottenburg am Neckar Germany
98 AD Lopodunum Ladenburg Germany
98 AD Traiectum ad Nicrem Heidelberg Germany
1st c. AD Castra Batavar Passau Germany
1st c. AD Nida Frankfurt Germany
1st c. AD Lactodurum Towcester UK
1st c. AD Bovium Cowbridge UK
1st c. AD Burgodunum Leeds UK
1st c. AD Lentia Linz Austria
1st c. AD Aquae Granni Aachen Germany
1st c. AD Portus Victoriae Iuliobrigensium Santander Spain
1st c. AD Aeminium later renamed Conimbriga Coimbra Portugal
1st c. AD Traiectum ad Mosam Maastricht Netherlands
1st c. AD Coriovallum Heerlen Netherlands
1st c. AD Portus Lemanis Lympne UK
1st c. AD Colonia Pietas Iulia Pola Pollentia Herculanea Pula Croatia
1st c. AD Andautonia Zagreb Croatia
1st c. AD Salona Solin Croatia
1st c. AD Cibalae Vinkovci Croatia
103 AD Aquincum Budapest Hungary
107 AD Apulum Alba Iulia Romania
120 AD Pons Aelius Newcastle upon Tyne UK
120 AD Durovigutum Godmanchester UK
131 AD Aelia Capitolina Jerusalem (part of) Israel / State of Palestine
150 AD Ala Aalen Germany
179 AD Castra Regina Regensburg Germany
2nd c. AD Theranda Prizren Kosovo
2nd c. AD Pomaria Tlemcen Algeria
2nd c. AD Partiscum Szeged Hungary
1st c. AD Castra Bononia (upper city)-Gesoriacum (lower city) Boulogne-sur-Mer France
1st c. AD Gesoriacum (lower city)-Castra Bononia (upper city) Boulogne-sur-Mer France
210 AD Aurelia Aquensis Baden-Baden Germany
273 AD urbs Aurelianorum Orléans France
421 AD Venetiae Venice Italy
7th c. AD Ragusium Dubrovnik Croatia

Cities not founded by the Romans, but which have gained importance with them

Conquest Latin name Modern-day Modern country
4th c. BC Pompeii Pompeii Italy
338 BC Capua Capua Italy
315 BC Thessalonica Thessaloniki Greece
3rd c. BC Volubilis Meknes Morocco
293 BC Barium Bari Italy
293 BC Antiochia Antakya Turkey
268 BC Asculum Ascoli Piceno Italy
229 BC Dyrrachium Durrës Albania
225 BC Brixia Brescia Italy
222 BC Mediolanum Milan Italy
3rd c. BC Barium Bari Italy
196 BC Comum Como Italy
146 BC Colonia Augusta Achaica Patrensis Patras Greece
146 BC Tingi Tangier Morocco
133 BC Attalia Antalya Turkey
89 BC Patavium Padua Italy
78 BC Spalatum Split Croatia
74 BC Nicomedia İzmit Turkey
72 BC Nicaea İznik Turkey
67 BC Tarsus Tarsus Turkey
64 BC Berytus Beirut Lebanon
27 BC Ulpia Serdica Sofia Bulgaria
15 BC Poetovio Ptuj Slovenia
15 BC Neviodunum Drnovo Slovenia
15 BC Celeia Celje Slovenia
15 BC Nauportus Vrhnika Slovenia
44 AD Colonia Claudia Caesarea Cherchell Algeria
64 AD Trapezus Trabzon Turkey
330 AD Constantinopolis Istanbul Turkey

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  1. ^ The first purely Roman city to be established outside Italy
  2. ^ Oldest town in Belgium
  3. ^ It has a claim to being the oldest city in Germany
  4. ^ It has a claim to being the oldest city in Britain
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