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List of airports in Papua New Guinea

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Map of Papua New Guinea
Map of Papua New Guinea

This is a list of airports in Papua New Guinea, sorted by location.

Papua New Guinea, officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, is a country in Oceania, occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous offshore islands (the western portion of the island is a part of the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua). It is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, in a region defined since the early 19th century as Melanesia. The capital is Port Moresby.

The country has 22 province-level divisions: 20 provinces, one autonomous region (Bougainville) and the National Capital District. Each province has one or more districts, and each district has one or more local level government (LLG) areas.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

Location served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Scheduled service
Alotau Milne Bay AYGN GUR Gurney Airport 10°18.7′S 150°20.35′E / 10.3117°S 150.33917°E / -10.3117; 150.33917 (Gurney (Alotau))
Awaba Western AYAW AWB Awaba Airport 08°00.86′S 142°45.06′E / 8.01433°S 142.75100°E / -8.01433; 142.75100 (Awaba)
Baimuru Gulf AYBA VMU Baimuru Airport 07°29.69′S 144°49.36′E / 7.49483°S 144.82267°E / -7.49483; 144.82267 (Baimuru)
Balimo Western AYBM OPU Balimo Airport 08°03.07′S 142°56.42′E / 8.05117°S 142.94033°E / -8.05117; 142.94033 (Balimo)
Bosset Western AYET BOT Bosset Airport 07°14.45′S 141°05.54′E / 7.24083°S 141.09233°E / -7.24083; 141.09233 (Bosset)
Buka Bougainville AYBK BUA Buka Airport 05°25.29′S 154°40.49′E / 5.42150°S 154.67483°E / -5.42150; 154.67483 (Buka)
Bulolo Morobe AYBU BUL Bulolo Airport 07°13.05′S 146°38.92′E / 7.21750°S 146.64867°E / -7.21750; 146.64867 (Bulolo)
Daru Western AYDU DAU Daru Airport 09°05.25′S 143°12.5′E / 9.08750°S 143.2083°E / -9.08750; 143.2083 (Daru)
Efogi Central AYEF EFG Efogi Airport 09°09.34′S 147°39.60′E / 9.15567°S 147.66000°E / -9.15567; 147.66000 (Efogi)
Fane Central AYFA FNE Fane Airport 08°33.07′S 147°05.11′E / 8.55117°S 147.08517°E / -8.55117; 147.08517 (Fane)
Goroka Eastern Highlands AYGA GKA Goroka Airport 06°04.9′S 145°23.45′E / 6.0817°S 145.39083°E / -6.0817; 145.39083 (Goroka)
Hoskins West New Britain AYHK HKN Hoskins Airport (Kimbe Airport) 05°27.62′S 150°24.06′E / 5.46033°S 150.40100°E / -5.46033; 150.40100 (Kimbe (Hoskins))
Itokama Oro (Northern) AYIK ITK Itokama Airport 09°12.01′S 148°15.88′E / 9.20017°S 148.26467°E / -9.20017; 148.26467 (Itokama)
Kagi Central AYKQ KGW Kagi Airport 09°08.22′S 147°40.2′E / 9.13700°S 147.6700°E / -9.13700; 147.6700 (Kagi)
Kamusi Gulf AYKS KUY Kamusi Airport 07°25.39′S 143°07.26′E / 7.42317°S 143.12100°E / -7.42317; 143.12100 (Kamusi)
Kavieng New Ireland AYKV KVG Kavieng Airport 02°34.52′S 150°49.05′E / 2.57533°S 150.81750°E / -2.57533; 150.81750 (Kavieng)
Kerema Gulf AYKM KMA Kerema Airport 07°57.9′S 145°46.22′E / 7.9650°S 145.77033°E / -7.9650; 145.77033 (Kerema)
Kikori Gulf AYKK KRI Kikori Airport 07°25.52′S 144°14.87′E / 7.42533°S 144.24783°E / -7.42533; 144.24783 (Kikori)
Kiunga Western AYKI UNG Kiunga Airport 06°07.45′S 141°17.15′E / 6.12417°S 141.28583°E / -6.12417; 141.28583 (Kiunga)
Kokoda Oro (Northern) AYKO KKD Kokoda Airport 08°53.38′S 147°43.8′E / 8.88967°S 147.7300°E / -8.88967; 147.7300 (Kokoda)
Kunaye / Londolovit New Ireland AYKY LNV Lihir Island Airport (Kunaye / Londolovit) 03°02.57′S 152°37.64′E / 3.04283°S 152.62733°E / -3.04283; 152.62733 (Lihir Island (Kunaye/Londolovit))
Kundiawa Simbu (Chimbu) AYCH CMU Chimbu Airport 06°01.75′S 144°58.07′E / 6.02917°S 144.96783°E / -6.02917; 144.96783 (Chimbu (Kundiawa))
Lae Morobe AYNZ LAE Lae Nadzab Airport 06°34.27′S 146°43.54′E / 6.57117°S 146.72567°E / -6.57117; 146.72567 (Nadzab (Lae))
Lake Murray Western AYLM LMY Lake Murray Airport 07°00.49′S 141°29.54′E / 7.00817°S 141.49233°E / -7.00817; 141.49233 (Lake Murray)
Lorengau Manus AYMO MAS Momote Airport 02°03.51′S 147°25.26′E / 2.05850°S 147.42100°E / -2.05850; 147.42100 (Momote (Lorengau))
Losuia, Kiriwina Island Milne Bay AYKA LSA Losuia Airport (Kiriwina Airport) 08°30.65′S 151°05′E / 8.51083°S 151.083°E / -8.51083; 151.083 (Losuia (Kiriwina))
Madang Madang AYMD MAG Madang Airport 05°12.6′S 145°47.22′E / 5.2100°S 145.78700°E / -5.2100; 145.78700 (Madang)
Manari (Manare) Central AYMA MRM Manari Airport 09°11.53′S 147°37.25′E / 9.19217°S 147.62083°E / -9.19217; 147.62083 (Manari)
Mendi Southern Highlands AYMN MDU Mendi Airport 06°08.96′S 143°39.36′E / 6.14933°S 143.65600°E / -6.14933; 143.65600 (Mendi)
Milei Central AYEI Milei Airport 09°04.81′S 147°36.17′E / 9.08017°S 147.60283°E / -9.08017; 147.60283 (Milei)
Misima Island Milne Bay AYMS MIS Misima Airport 10°41.44′S 152°50.13′E / 10.69067°S 152.83550°E / -10.69067; 152.83550 (Misima)
Moro Southern Highlands AYMR MXH Moro Airport 06°21.75′S 143°13.86′E / 6.36250°S 143.23100°E / -6.36250; 143.23100 (Moro)
Mount Hagen Western Highlands AYMH HGU Mount Hagen Airport (Kagamuga Airport) 05°49.84′S 144°17.99′E / 5.83067°S 144.29983°E / -5.83067; 144.29983 (Mount Hagen)
Nomad River Western AYNR NOM Nomad River Airport 06°17.62′S 142°13.98′E / 6.29367°S 142.23300°E / -6.29367; 142.23300 (Nomad River)
Obo Western AYOB OBX Obo Airport 07°35.43′S 141°19.34′E / 7.59050°S 141.32233°E / -7.59050; 141.32233 (Obo)
Ononge Central AYQQ ONB Ononge Airport 08°40.49′S 147°15.66′E / 8.67483°S 147.26100°E / -8.67483; 147.26100 (Ononge)
Popondetta Oro (Northern) AYGR PNP Girua Airport (Popondetta Airport) 08°48.35′S 148°18.41′E / 8.80583°S 148.30683°E / -8.80583; 148.30683 (Girua (Popondetta))
Port Moresby National Capital District AYPY POM Jacksons International Airport (Port Moresby) 09°27.27′S 147°12.85′E / 9.45450°S 147.21417°E / -9.45450; 147.21417 (Jacksons International (Port Moresby))
Rabaul / Kokopo East New Britain AYTK RAB Tokua Airport (Rabaul Airport) 04°20.49′S 152°22.67′E / 4.34150°S 152.37783°E / -4.34150; 152.37783 (Tokua (Rabaul))
Sasereme Gulf AYSS TDS Sasereme Airport 07°37′22″S 142°52′8″E / 7.62278°S 142.86889°E / -7.62278; 142.86889 (Sasereme)
Suki Western AYSU SKC Suki Airport 08°02.97′S 141°43.5′E / 8.04950°S 141.7250°E / -8.04950; 141.7250 (Suki)
Tabubil Western AYTB TBG Tabubil Airport 05°16.67′S 141°13.56′E / 5.27783°S 141.22600°E / -5.27783; 141.22600 (Tabubil)
Tapini Central AYTI TPI Tapini Airport 08°21.38′S 146°59.11′E / 8.35633°S 146.98517°E / -8.35633; 146.98517 (Tapini)
Tari Hela AYTA TIZ Tari Airport 05°50.66′S 142°56.8′E / 5.84433°S 142.9467°E / -5.84433; 142.9467 (Tari)
Tufi Oro (Northern) AYTU TFI Tufi Airport 09°04.64′S 149°19.16′E / 9.07733°S 149.31933°E / -9.07733; 149.31933 (Tufi)
Vanimo Sandaun (West Sepik) AYVN VAI Vanimo Airport 02°41.29′S 141°17.87′E / 2.68817°S 141.29783°E / -2.68817; 141.29783 (Vanimo)
Wabo Gulf AYWB WAO Wabo Airport 07°00′S 145°04′E / 7.000°S 145.067°E / -7.000; 145.067 (Wabo)
Wanigela Oro (Northern) AYWG AGL Wanigela Airport 09°20.34′S 149°09.42′E / 9.33900°S 149.15700°E / -9.33900; 149.15700 (Wanigela)
Wapenamanda Enga AYWD WBM Wapenamanda Airport 05°38.26′S 143°53.52′E / 5.63767°S 143.89200°E / -5.63767; 143.89200 (Wapenamanda)
Wewak East Sepik AYWK WWK Wewak Airport 03°35.1′S 143°40.05′E / 3.5850°S 143.66750°E / -3.5850; 143.66750 (Wewak)
Wipim Western AYXP WPM Wipim Airport 08°47.36′S 142°52.86′E / 8.78933°S 142.88100°E / -8.78933; 142.88100 (Wipim)
Woitape Central AYWT WTP Woitape Airport 08°32.86′S 147°15.12′E / 8.54767°S 147.25200°E / -8.54767; 147.25200 (Woitape)
Other airports/airfields
Abau Central ABW Abau Airport
Agaun Milne Bay AYAG AUP Agaun Airport 09°55.85′S 149°23.14′E / 9.93083°S 149.38567°E / -9.93083; 149.38567 (Agaun)
Aiambak Western AYAK AIH Aiambak Airport 07°20.55′S 141°15.99′E / 7.34250°S 141.26650°E / -7.34250; 141.26650 (Aiambak)
Aiome Gulf AYAO AIE Aiome Airport 5°08′32″S 144°43′55″E / 5.14222°S 144.73194°E / -5.14222; 144.73194 (Aiome)
Aiyura Eastern Highlands AYAY AYU Aiyura Airport 06°20.02′S 145°53.98′E / 6.33367°S 145.89967°E / -6.33367; 145.89967 (Aiyura)
Bensbach Western AYBH BSP Bensbach Airport 08°51.38′S 141°15.36′E / 8.85633°S 141.25600°E / -8.85633; 141.25600 (Bensbach)
Biangabip Western AYBQ BPK Biangabip Airport 05°31′35″S 141°44′40″E / 5.52639°S 141.74444°E / -5.52639; 141.74444 (Biangabip)
Cape Gloucester West New Britain AYCG CGC Cape Gloucester Airport 05°27′S 148°26.5′E / 5.450°S 148.4417°E / -5.450; 148.4417 (Cape Gloucester)
Finschhafen Morobe AYFI FIN Finschhafen Airport 06°37.43′S 147°51.19′E / 6.62383°S 147.85317°E / -6.62383; 147.85317 (Finschhafen)
Gasmata West New Britain AYGT GMI Gasmata Airport 06°16.5′S 150°20′E / 6.2750°S 150.333°E / -6.2750; 150.333 (Gasmata)
Mok West New Britain AYMK MOK Mok Airport 05°43.812′S 149°3.39′E / 5.730200°S 149.05650°E / -5.730200; 149.05650 (Mok)
Gusap Morobe AYGP GAP Gusap Airport 06°03′S 145°55.7′E / 6.050°S 145.9283°E / -6.050; 145.9283 (Gusap)
Haelogo Central AYHG HEO Haelogo Airport 09°08.25′S 147°35.97′E / 9.13750°S 147.59950°E / -9.13750; 147.59950 (Haelogo)
Ihu Gulf AYIH IHU Ihu Airport 07°54.01′S 145°24.01′E / 7.90017°S 145.40017°E / -7.90017; 145.40017 (Ihu)
Jacquinot Bay East New Britain AYJB JAQ Jacquinot Bay Airport 05°39′S 151°30′E / 5.650°S 151.500°E / -5.650; 151.500 (Jacquinot Bay)
Kandrian West New Britain AYKC KDR Kandrian Airport 06°12.5′S 149°32.5′E / 6.2083°S 149.5417°E / -6.2083; 149.5417 (Kandrian)
Karimui-Nomane District Chimbu AYRI KMR Karimui Airport 06°29′35″S 144°49′31″E / 6.49306°S 144.82528°E / -6.49306; 144.82528 (Karimui)
Kieta Bougainville AYIQ KIE Kieta Aropa Airport 06°18.2′S 155°43.4′E / 6.3033°S 155.7233°E / -6.3033; 155.7233 (Aropa (Kieta))
Manguna East New Britain AYNG MFO Manguna Airport 05°34.95′S 151°47.55′E / 5.58250°S 151.79250°E / -5.58250; 151.79250 (Manguna)
Nissan Island Bougainville AYIA IIS Nissan Island Airport 04°30′S 154°13.5′E / 4.500°S 154.2250°E / -4.500; 154.2250 (Nissan Island)
Saidor Madang AYSD SDI Saidor Airport 05°37.59′S 146°27.5′E / 5.62650°S 146.4583°E / -5.62650; 146.4583 (Saidor)
Salamo Milne Bay SAM Salamo Airport 09°40.28′S 150°47.35′E / 9.67133°S 150.78917°E / -9.67133; 150.78917 (Salamo)
Samberigi Southern Highlands AYSM Samberigi Airport 06°43.33′S 143°56.12′E / 6.72217°S 143.93533°E / -6.72217; 143.93533 (Samberigi)
Sangapi Gulf AYSK SGK Sangapi Airport 05°07′30″S 144°19′23″E / 5.12500°S 144.32306°E / -5.12500; 144.32306 (Sangapi)
Tadji / Aitape Sandaun (West Sepik) AYTJ TAJ Tadji Airport (Aitape Airport) 03°11.94′S 142°25.7′E / 3.19900°S 142.4283°E / -3.19900; 142.4283 (Tadji)
Talasea West New Britain AYVL TLW Talasea Airport 05°16.21′S 150°05.32′E / 5.27017°S 150.08867°E / -5.27017; 150.08867 (Talasea)
Vivigani, Goodenough Is. Milne Bay VIV Vivigani Airfield 09°18.52′S 150°19.28′E / 9.30867°S 150.32133°E / -9.30867; 150.32133 (Vivigani)
Former airports/airfields
Lae Morobe AYLA Lae Airfield (closed 1980s)
Namatanai New Ireland AYNX ATN Namatanai Airport (closed 2000s) 03°40′S 152°26.5′E / 3.667°S 152.4417°E / -3.667; 152.4417 (Namatanai)
Rabaul East New Britain AYRB Rabaul Airport (destroyed 1994)

See also

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Download coordinates as: KML


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