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List of airports in Lithuania

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This is a list of airports in Lithuania, grouped by type and sorted by location


City served / Location ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Kaunas EYKA KUN Kaunas International Airport 54°57′50″N 024°05′05″E / 54.96389°N 24.08472°E / 54.96389; 24.08472 (Kaunas International Airport)
Palanga EYPA PLQ Palanga International Airport 55°58′24″N 021°05′38″E / 55.97333°N 21.09389°E / 55.97333; 21.09389 (Palanga International Airport)
Šiauliai EYSA SQQ Šiauliai International Airport (CIV/MIL) 55°53′38″N 023°23′42″E / 55.89389°N 23.39500°E / 55.89389; 23.39500 (Šiauliai International Airport)
Vilnius EYVI VNO Vilnius International Airport 54°38′13″N 025°17′16″E / 54.63694°N 25.28778°E / 54.63694; 25.28778 (Vilnius International Airport)
Akmenė EYNA Akmenė Airport (Akmenė Aero Club) 56°14′34″N 022°43′58″E / 56.24278°N 22.73278°E / 56.24278; 22.73278 (Akmenė Airport)
Alytus EYAL Alytus Airport [lt] (Alytus Aero Club) 54°24′47″N 024°03′25″E / 54.41306°N 24.05694°E / 54.41306; 24.05694 (Alytus Airport)
Barysiai / Šiauliai EYSB HLJ Barysiai Airport (Šiauliai Airport) (CIV/MIL) 56°04′17″N 023°33′11″E / 56.07139°N 23.55306°E / 56.07139; 23.55306 (Barysiai Airport)
Biržai EYBI Biržai Airport (Biržai Aero Club) 56°10′29″N 024°45′53″E / 56.17472°N 24.76472°E / 56.17472; 24.76472 (Biržai Airport)
Druskininkai EYDR Druskininkai Airport [lt] 54°00′59″N 023°56′37″E / 54.01639°N 23.94361°E / 54.01639; 23.94361 (Druskininkai Airport)
Jurbarkas EYJB Jurbarkas Airport 55°07′05″N 22°45′54″E / 55.11806°N 22.76500°E / 55.11806; 22.76500 (Jurbarkas Airport)
Kartena / Klaipėda EYKT Kartena Airport (Klaipėda Glider Club) 55°55′13″N 021°34′02″E / 55.92028°N 21.56722°E / 55.92028; 21.56722 (Kartena Airport)
Kaunas EYKG Kaunas/Gamykla Airport [lt] (Kaunas State Aviation Enterprise) 54°52′46″N 023°54′18″E / 54.87944°N 23.90500°E / 54.87944; 23.90500 (Kaunas/Gamykla Airport)
Kaunas EYKS S. Darius and S. Girėnas Airport 54°52′49″N 023°52′55″E / 54.88028°N 23.88194°E / 54.88028; 23.88194 (S. Darius and S. Girėnas Airport)
Kazlų Rūda EYKR Kazlų Rūda Air Base (MIL) 54°48′20″N 23°31′59″E / 54.80556°N 23.53306°E / 54.80556; 23.53306 (Kazlų Rūda Air Base)
Kėdainiai EYKD Kėdainiai Airport [lt] 55°18′42″N 023°57′12″E / 55.31167°N 23.95333°E / 55.31167; 23.95333 (Kėdainiai Airport)
Klaipėda EYKL KLJ Klaipėda Airport 55°42′43″N 021°14′34″E / 55.71194°N 21.24278°E / 55.71194; 21.24278 (Klaipėda Airport)
Kyviškės [lt] EYVK Kyviškės Airfield [lt] (MIL) 54°40′05″N 25°30′56″E / 54.66806°N 25.51556°E / 54.66806; 25.51556 (Kyviškes Airfield)
Molėtai EYMO Molėtai Airport (Molėtai Aero Club) 55°06′47″N 025°20′12″E / 55.11306°N 25.33667°E / 55.11306; 25.33667 (Molėtai Airport)
Nemirseta EYNE Nemirseta Airport 55°51′42″N 021°04′44″E / 55.86167°N 21.07889°E / 55.86167; 21.07889 (Molėtai Airport)
Nida EYND Nida Airport 55°19′40″N 021°02′44″E / 55.32778°N 21.04556°E / 55.32778; 21.04556 (Nida Airport)
Paluknys [lt] / Vilnius EYVP Paluknys Airport (Vilnius Aero Club) 54°28′59″N 024°59′23″E / 54.48306°N 24.98972°E / 54.48306; 24.98972 (Paluknys Airport)
Panevėžys EYPN Panevėžys Airport (Panevėžys Aero Club) 55°42′32″N 024°20′43″E / 55.70889°N 24.34528°E / 55.70889; 24.34528 (Panevėžys Airport)
Panevėžys / Istra EYPI Panevėžys/Istra Airport [lt] (Aerodromas "Istra") 55°49′39″N 024°21′23″E / 55.82750°N 24.35639°E / 55.82750; 24.35639 (Panevėžys/Istra Airport)
Panevėžys EYPP PNV Panevėžys Air Base (Pajuostis) 55°43′48″N 024°27′36″E / 55.73000°N 24.46000°E / 55.73000; 24.46000 (Panevėžys Air Base (Pajuostis))
Pikeliškės [lt] EYPK Pikeliškės Airport
Pociūnai / Kaunas EYPR Pociūnai Airport (Kaunas Parachute Club) 54°39′13″N 024°03′26″E / 54.65361°N 24.05722°E / 54.65361; 24.05722 (Pociūnai Airport)
Rojūnai [lt] EYRO Rojūnai Airport 55°36′40″N 024°13′03″E / 55.61111°N 24.21750°E / 55.61111; 24.21750 (Rojūnai Airport)
Rokiškis EYRK Rokiškis Airport 55°58′19″N 25°36′15″E / 55.97194°N 25.60417°E / 55.97194; 25.60417 (Rokiškis Airport)
Rūdiškės EYRD Rūdiškės Airport 54°29′49″N 023°43′06″E / 54.49694°N 23.71833°E / 54.49694; 23.71833 (Rūdiškės Airport)
Rukla / Jonava EYRU Rukla Airport (Jonava Airport) 55°00′36″N 024°21′48″E / 55.01000°N 24.36333°E / 55.01000; 24.36333 (Rukla Airport)
Sasnava EYMM Sasnava Airport (Marijampole Aero Club) 54°39′44″N 023°27′08″E / 54.66222°N 23.45222°E / 54.66222; 23.45222 (Sasnava Airport)
Šeduva / Šiauliai EYSE Šeduva Airport (Šiauliai Aero Club) 55°44′42″N 023°48′31″E / 55.74500°N 23.80861°E / 55.74500; 23.80861 (Šeduva Airport)
Šilutė EYSI Šilutė Airport [lt] (MIL) 55°20′13″N 21°31′50″E / 55.33694°N 21.53056°E / 55.33694; 21.53056 (Šilutė Airport)
Tauragė EYTR Tauragė Airport [lt] (Tauragė Aero Club) 55°13′54″N 022°09′01″E / 55.23167°N 22.15028°E / 55.23167; 22.15028 (Tauragė Airport)
Telšiai EYTL Telšiai Airport (Telšiai Aero Club) 55°59′15″N 022°17′33″E / 55.98750°N 22.29250°E / 55.98750; 22.29250 (Telšiai Airport)
Tirkšliai / Mažeikiai EYMA Tirkšliai Airport (Mažeikiai Aviation Sport Club) 56°13′43″N 022°15′17″E / 56.22861°N 22.25472°E / 56.22861; 22.25472 (Tirkšliai Airport)
Utena EYUT Utena Airport (Utena Aero Club) 55°29′21″N 025°43′06″E / 55.48917°N 25.71833°E / 55.48917; 25.71833 (Utena Airport)
Zarasai EYZA Zarasai Airport (Zarasai Aero Club) 55°45′09″N 026°15′25″E / 55.75250°N 26.25694°E / 55.75250; 26.25694 (Zarasai Airport)
Žėkiškės [lt] EYZE Žėkiškės Airport

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