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List of Wyoming Attorneys General

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The Wyoming Attorney General is the senior legal officer of the State of Wyoming. The Attorney General is appointed by the Governor.

The 38th and current Attorney General is Bridget Hill.[1]

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Your support helps us bring you programs you love. Go to click on support and become a sustaining member or an annual member it's easy and secure, thank you - [Narrator] In his last appearance on Wyoming PBS as Governor we will say a fond farewell to Wyoming Governor Matt Mead. We will reflect with the Governor on his past two terms as Wyomings chief executive what went well and what were some of the tough times and we will ask how he and his family have changed over eight years in the Governors residence. Governor Matt Mead: A reflection next on Capitol Outlook - [Second Narrator] This program is supported in part by a grant from the BNSF railway foundation dedicated to improving the general welfare and quality of life in communities throughout the BNSF railway service area proud to support Wyoming PBS - [Female Narrator] And in part by the Wyoming public television endowment and viewers like you - Welcome to this special Capitol Outlook I am Craig Blumenshine from Wyoming PBS and it is our pleasure and our privilege to be joined by Governor Matt Mead, Governor welcome - Thank you Craig it is good to see you again - The days of your being chief executive are waning and we are shooting this right before Christmas of course is this a bittersweet time for you? - Well it is, Carol and I have had time to reflect and we think about what a privilege it has been to be in this job for eight years, the people we have gotten to meet, the great staff hopefully things we have accomplished but we also are looking forward to the next chapter I mean it is a busy job you are always busy and we have a ranching interest in Albany county and we are looking forward to spending time out there but it will be just one of the greatest things I will ever get to do in my life is to serve the state in this way So it is, there is a bittersweet part of it but eight years is good we are good - There are some issues Governor you wish you maybe had a little more time with instead of being maybe fourth down instead of just third down - Yeah well there is a couple, one is I wish we would have gotten started on DOW earlier and I don't have a reason why that was - [Craig] And this was your program to diversify the economy - The program to diversify the economy I wish we would have got that started. Just in the short time it has been going on I have seen the progress I have seen the hope and I am really encouraged by that the other area where I just, and we started early on this and we worked that I just don't think we moved the needle like I would have liked to is on healthcare you know it's a challenge in rural states in particular it's a challenge in Wyoming these high healthcare costs we have and I think as we diversify the economy if you don't take care of healthcare it is going to be problematic so I think that's been a challenge and we have obviously as you know tried a thing or two and it didn't work out but I am worried about healthcare for Wyoming. - What are you thinking Governor, as you plan to move forward how have those conversations went with you and your family? Do you have opportunities to go back to the ranch how have the discussions went can you let us in - Well yeah I mean there is sort of the professional side you know what did we accomplish and what do we wish we would have accomplished on the job and the sub set of matters and there is the private side you know you saw our kids when we first came in office they were little kids and now they are both at the University of Wyoming and as the nature of this job you miss some stuff as a parent and there is no catching up you don't go back and do it again and so that is the other thing as we reflect have we missed some stuff with our kids we will regret that but we also know our kids have gotten, they can go in any room they are good hand shakers, better than I am and we are proud of them and the way that they have handled this so we think that all in all it has been a good experience for them - What are they telling you about heading back to the ranch - Well they probably the last couple of years they are ready for me to have more time to do some stuff with them and they love being at the ranch and they love not having every weekend sort of a half a weekend or quarter of a weekend and so they are I think they are looking forward to it and as I told them we are going to be close by the University so we will come and stay the night at your dorm. - They will love that, you bet - Right so it's good I think we are at a good place as a family now moving on and but I know not only Carol and I but the kids well have had some amazing experiences they would not have otherwise had and we are very grateful for that - I know that in recent Gubernatorial campaign and in many campaigns candidates often say it changes them a little bit, in reflection Governor how have you changed in the last eight years? - You know I think I have changed of course you hopefully get better at the job every year with experience but I think I changed also as a person I think I came into this job that my profession was largely as a prosecutor which was there's this and there is that. I think this experience has broadened me and that I am I think that I am more open to hearing diverse ideas and I think that is one of the things you have to do in this job is you got to be willing to hear from people you completely disagree with I think you have to be willing to read in the newspaper a direct criticism of you and not just say oh that person is wrong because they are criticizing but say you know what do I learn from that, is there something in there that I should learn from that. I think that is just a process that has happened for me during my eight years and I think that has been helpful to be able to hear criticism and not dismiss it because it's critical and be open to ideas that are completely foreign to your own. - You haven't been unwilling to change your opinion - I have been able to change my opinion and of course we know sometimes in this world sometimes, anytime you change your mind that's criticism but I think that's part of this job is being practical and responding to the circumstances and trying to find the best way forward and it may not be your perfect choice but you have to keep your eye on the ball which is what is in the best interest of the people in Wyoming. - Governor I have a list of topics I want to ask you how your thinking has evolved and how your thoughts have changed and maybe whether they have changed and the top of every ones list is medicaid expansion originally it's something that you didn't think was a great idea for Wyoming but your thoughts on that certainly have changed - Yeah you know as we have done this when I was campaigning in 2010 I put together a list of heres issues I want to address and here is issues I think we are headed in the right way or maybe in the wrong direction and one of those was the ACA Obamacare and I said in my paper when I was campaigning I think this is wrong and I don't think it passes legal mustard and so I think it was the first lawsuit out of the box. We sued on that and we lost and after losing I mean I thought well what is the, we lost that is the law of the land now how do we make the best out of it for Wyoming and that's when I started asking legislature to consider expanding medicaid and I think it has become even more prevalent as we look at the money that state has said we don't want as we look at the people who are not getting healthcare in an appropriate way instead using for example the emergency room and so I lost two years on that and that's where we are now and I think it is unfortunate because where I started was I didn't like the law I didn't think it was going to pass legal muster we were one of the states that sued and we lost and so I thought it was in the best interest of Wyoming to make good on what the law was particularly for those who are struggling to get healthcare - And you mentioned just a moment ago how serious of an issue healthcare is in this state - It is - [Craig] What do you see in the next few years - I think there is going to be some incremental improvements I think we have expanded broadband in this state exponentially in eight years which was one of my priorities and I think with the advancement of telemedicine and telehealth I think there is opportunities to improve access but I also know that we are going to face challenges outside of cost which is we have this bleed over effect into the surrounding states that have larger medical facilities and we travel to those to get healthcare and the more we do that there will be a tipping point where you want to go get primary care, see an ob-gyn, back surgery those people are not going to be here so it's going to be a challenge for the next administration and probably for the next few administrations but I think that if we have an opportunity in the state to again look at expansion it is still the law I think that would be helpful to the state, I understand that may not happen but we have to recognize that healthcare isn't just a healthcare issue it's an economic issue it's a quality of life issue and we tout our quality of life in Wyoming and I think we should but healthcare is a big part of it that we need to address - To stay on the topic just briefly for a long time as you know I lived in Riverton I have watched now the last year the community perceive that it's lost healthcare essentially from the services available from it's hospital and now make the decision to build it's own hospital I ask the question, or to at least begin the process of seeing whether they can build their own hospital and I ask that question because do you worry that a lot of services in Wyoming are going to become centered in two or three of the more population centered areas - Well I think that's partly the trend because economy is a scale right? If you have some economy as a scale you can save money and you can recruit Doctors and Nurses and I think that is naturally going to be the trend but for rural Wyoming you know if you don't have healthcare in some of our small communities those communities are going to struggle to survive because our kids are going to get broken arms our spouses are going to have issues to say that to live in Wyoming you got to load up and drive 100 or 150 miles to tend to those things To me that's just not good for Wyoming - The endow group Governor posted a few months ago posted and I asked the incoming Governor this question as well that it sees maybe by 2038 two Wyoming communities with a population of 100,000 is that what you see - I think that is inevitable I do I think Cheyenne has got almost this tipping point that is outside dependence on minerals, I mean minerals are a part of it but we are also seeing influx from Colorado the front range is going to continue to grow I think Casper will continue to grow So that wouldn't surprise me at all if we see two communities in excess of 100,000 probably even before then and my idea on DOW isn't to grow population it's to grow opportunities because as we talk about expanding our economic opportunities in the state of Wyoming I still get pushed back well, that's good but we don't want to become Denver or we don't want to become Salt Lake or Billings and I get that - Or I think we have talked about before and I am curious of if you have heard this more and more we don't want to change at all and we like it this way - Well I have heard that and it's, I am making up a story here but you will hear from the same person I don't want any change but my granddaughter can't find a job and so I think that you as Wyoming has a unique ability to do because of our small nature I think we can grow and change in a way that still suits us and still we have what we value in Wyoming the opportunities and recreation and open space and hunting and clean air and clean water I don't think you know if population was just the answer California would never be in a recession right So it's not a population goal it's an opportunity goal so we are not forcing kids to stay here but if they choose to stay here they can have a meaningful career for themselves and their families - As we speak your supplemental budget is being posted online literally its becoming available one of the things that you talk about is the need to find stable funding for education in Wyoming - Yeah - How has your thinking about education funding evolved - So as we look at the budget, I don't what amount you have seen but we are heading into this in a pretty good shape on the Government operation side I want to point out that the this budget that we are submitting combined with the budget last year is smaller than it was my first year in office we have fewer people our savings has grown both permanent savings and our rainy day funds almost doubled in size so government operation and we are going to leave about 300 million dollars - And we have reduced rules and executive orders I think we have created efficiencies there, the challenge is clearly on the education side and depending on who you talk to numbers differ between 300 to 500 million dollars deficiency every year and so as you may know in my budget I have recommended as has joint appropriations and joint education that ECA for our teachers - [Craig] Which is an external cost adjustment - External cost adjustment thank you I have been in government too long I am used to ECA but we have to find a solution for education funding and it cannot be just keep taking from the government side because nursing homes, elderly prisons that cannot be the answer and so that's where you get into where are we going to find the additional revenue, I think diversifying our economy is going to help but that doesn't pay the bills next year that is a longer term vision - And you and I have talked about necessarily more jobs outside of the energy sector may be actually problematic for a longer term tax structure that supports education - Yeah I think its the simple formula is the more people you bring the more cost it is to the people of Wyoming and so you have to figure out the tax base I think that is true I think we have to have a tax structure which would bring in businesses outside of energy we have to have a tax structure that helps pay for our schools helps pay for our education otherwise we are just continuing to rely too heavily in my mind on the mineral industry and I think also what is happening the good news on revenue and people are like well we have dodged a bullet but I would say we have not dodged a bullet because we are facing this deficit in education and as good as the revenue picture looks from the October revenue estimating group you know it's still 56% percent less than our all time revenue high - I saw that statistic this morning - We are better but cautiously better and we have a long way to go to get out of what was one of the worst economic setbacks this state has ever had - You came in literally with no experience in working with a legislature - Right, well I want to correct you I interned when I was in high school - Okay there you go so you were on the floor even, probably - I was on the floor a limited time to pick up a note or two - But you have changed in how you have worked with the legislature over your eight years give us some insight into Matt Mead in 2011 and Matt Mead today in relationship with the Wyoming legislature - I think it's you know that one is I came in, this hasn't changed I came in with a respect for the legislature recognizing is men and women who are really are there to serve you are going to have people that you completely disagree with and people that you agree with more often than not and what I think I got better at over the years is recognizing you know I would think hey this is a great idea and it got shot down, or this is a great idea and by the time it comes out it looks completely different and that was a source of frustration for me but what I think I got better at and I think the legislature got more comfortable with me is lets talk about this and the more you can talk about it with the door closed and figure out what their point of view I think the better you can get and the legislature always changes because it is a citizen legislature and so they have to know how the Governor works and you know how he or she is making decisions and the same for the Governor but you have different people in different seats and you need to have an opportunity to learn about them - Our nation right now is mourning the death of President George H.W. Bush Bush 41, you have met him - I have I have met him a couple of times and of course George W. Bush his son appointed me US Attorney but I have nothing but great admiration for him, the first time I saw him I was in college in Texas and he gave a speech - This was when you were working the overnight shift being a D.J. we can get to that in a minute if you like - As you know I was a terrible D.J. but I saw him he was at an event at the University of Wyoming with Dick Cheney and I was US Attorney at the time And I was standing sort of in this little almost an alley underneath the stadium and I was standing back there with some sheriffs deputies and we were actually standing around a dumpster and just I was waiting to go in a different way to be one of many to see the President Bush there the secret service drove him down the alley in the black suburbans and as soon as he got out they grabbed him to usher him in and he looked out the side of his eye and he saw the deputies over there and he made a point of leaving where he was being told to go and come shake those deputies hands there was no cameras just the deputies there and it just struck me I think that is indicative of the type of guy he was a true American and cared about those people in a way that wasn't for publicity wasn't for politics he genuinely cared for people and so I just have nothing but admiration for him - Being remembered as someone who really believed in civility, Governor I think you can be put in that category why has that been so important to you? - Well thank you I hope that is true, Wyoming is a small state and I learned from my parents and grandparents you just don't get that far when you are taking shots at people and it's just not the way to get things done and particularly in Wyoming I will be on the other side of an issue on day one and on day two we may be partners on addressing an issue and I think it is more important than ever now because our system of Government requires people to step up we want women and men to step up into office and if it looks like to do so is just going to be if you are just going to be vilified by everybody and your family is just going to be under attack who is going to to think about wanting to get into politics in some form because without great people stepping up our system is going to fail - You said something in the past that you are in politics but you don't really consider yourself a politician is that true and are you a little more comfortable in that role now for sure - I am not a good politician in this I mean I meet people who live and breathe polls and watch every race and I don't do that and to me it's just issue oriented I mean here is an issue and how do we work on that so we find a solution that's best for Wyoming - Governor Sullivan also talked about how this job people just don't realize it's 24/7 you have described yourself as a world class warrior I think and that your wife has recognized that has that been harder for you? - It is I just I mean I have gotten when the phone rings at an odd hour where's the fire, are we going to get bad news from over seas with one of our national guard members you know what has happened and I think that is by the nature of the job as Governor Sullivan said it it's there is always it's ongoing matters of the state are 24/7 and on any hour any minute you may get notification that something has blown up and so it does no good to worry about it but I do worry about it and I think that is the job I think that if you are not worrying about Wyoming all the time you are probably not in the right job - You paid great respect to the men and women who serve in the Wyoming National Guard you see them often and you welcome them home - It is one of the great privileges of this job beyond my expectations I mean those men and women are so amazing and I just I wish I could better articulate to the people of Wyoming what they do you know with natural disasters those send offs Craig I get emotional about it because you see these young mothers kissing their infant goodbye as they are headed to Afghanistan and you know at 4 in the morning they are saying goodbye and it just it tugs at your heartstrings and you know they raise their right hand and they volunteer for this and so the guard and the military you know that has just been a great privilege to see great Americans - You have actually visited Wyomings Guard overseas - Yeah we have been to Afghanistan and Cuba and Kosovo and Cutter and a number of different places and it's a joy because I remember serving Thanksgiving dinner in Bahrain and you know they are grateful you are there but it's really a great joy for us because you know one is they are just respected wherever they go our guard does such an amazing job so that has been I was at a Governors conference last week and I gave a few pieces of advice for incoming Governors and I said you know one thing you have to do is pay attention to the Guard and the Military and our Vets because it means a lot to them but more importantly it's just one of the great privileges of the job - What are you most proud of Governor in these last eight years - Well I think we've I have tried to be very proactive on energy and energy strategy, water and endangered species broadband connectivity, the integrated test center I have tried to address issues that are not I guess normally addressed by some is you know suicide, homeless issues but I am proud that I have tried to work hard every day and keep Wyoming at the forefront I have tried not to be you know as I said in my first inaugural I am not a Governor for Republicans or a Governor for Democrats I am a Governor for everybody in the state of Wyoming and my door has been open to all parties and I have learned a lot from those people that have come in and I have been willing to work with people that I agree with and disagree with and then on the personal front I am happily married and I have wonderful kids - Governor this is airing just a few days before Christmas what would a holiday, a Christmas message be from you to the folks here in Wyoming - Well I one is just recently we did a Hanukah ceremony at the Governors residence and regardless of religion I think I hope we all take time to recognize how blessed we are to live in Wyoming and that as we sit down let joy with our family and friends this season keep remembrance of our men and women who are overseas for those that are less fortunate than us and lets start the new year after this time of holiday celebration with hope and optimism and gladness that we live in Wyoming - What are any Mead family Christmas traditions that you can share with us - Well we do have one I am not quite sure how it got started but we have on Christmas Eve the kids and Carol and I each open one gift. Christmas Eve now is anything beyond ten o'clock in the morning its moved back over the years - Kids will do that to you, sure - And that is fun but the biggest thing I think as tradition is that the gifts and all that is great but you know it's the meal afterwards and just making sure spend that - [Craig] Who cooks? - Actually Carol does most of the cooking but she lets me do the meat which means that I get to burn something on a grill - Are you a Traeger, a Traeger guy? - I have had a Traegar I have a big stick smoker now, I have done deep fried nearly setting things on fire I have done it all but that is one of the things I enjoy and Carol was very tolerant and letting me try new things - Well Governor it has been a pleasure for us to always have an opportunity to visit with you I know I have shared this with you before I don't think that all Governors are as welcoming as you are to not just us to everyone - Well thank you Craig it has been a pleasure and I do appreciate you taking time to do this as you and I have talked in the past one of the challenges of Governor is how do you have an opportunity to talk about what you are working on and what you are thinking and this really provides a great platform and we are grateful - From all of us best wishes on your future - Thanks Craig I appreciate it very much, Thank you - [Narrator] This program is supported in part by a grant from the BNSF railway foundation dedicated to improving the general welfare and quality of life in communities throughout the BNSF railway service area Proud to support Wyoming PBS and in part by the Wyoming Public Television Endowment and viewers like you

Attorneys General of Wyoming

# Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Hugo Donzelmann 1890 1891 Republican
2 Charles N. Potter 1891 1895 Republican
3 Benjamin F. Fowler 1895 1898 Republican
4 Josiah Van Orsdel 1898 1905 Republican
5 W.E. Mullen 1905 1911 Republican
6 Douglas A. Preston 1911 1919 Democrat
7 William L. Walls 1919 1923 Republican
8 David J. Howell 1923 1927 Democrat
9 William O. Wilson 1927 1931 Republican
10 James A. Greenwood 1931 1933 Republican
11 Ray E. Lee 1933 1939 Democrat
12 Ewing Thomas Kerr 1939 1943 Republican
13 Louis O'Marr 1943 1947 Democrat
14 Norman B. Gray 1947 1951 Democrat
15 Harry S. Harnsberger 1951 1953 Republican
16 Howard Black 1953 1955 Republican
17 George F. Guy 1955 1957 Republican
18 Thomas O. Miller 1957 1959 Republican
19 Norman B. Gray 1959 1963 Democrat
20 John F. Raper 1963 1965 Republican
21 Dean W. Borthwick 1965 1967 Republican
22 James Barrett 1967 1971 Republican
23 Clarence Brimmer 1971 1974 Republican
24 David B. Kennedy 1974 1975 Republican
25 V. Frank Mendicino 1975 1978 Democrat
26 John J. Rooney 1978 1979 Democrat
27 John D. Troughton 1979 1981 Democrat
28 Steve Freudenthal 1981 1983 Democrat
29 Arch McClintock 1983 1987 Democrat
30 Joseph Meyer 1987 1995 Republican
31 William U. Hill 1995 1998 Republican
32 Gay Woodhouse 1999 2001 Republican
33 Hoke MacMillan 2001 2002 Republican
34 Patrick J. Crank 2002 2007 Democrat
35 Bruce Salzburg 2007 2011 Democrat
36 Gregory A. Phillips 2011 2013 Democrat
37 Peter K. Michael 2013 2019 Republican
38 Bridget Hill 2019 present Republican


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