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List of United States mobile virtual network operators

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United States lease wireless telephone and data service from the three major cellular carriers in the country, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile US, and Verizon, as well as the regional carriers such as UScellular, for resale.[1][2] As of 2016, MVNOs across the nation such as Metro by T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Tracfone brands, and Straight Talk have served about 36 million subscribers.[3]

Voice and data service operators

In general, the types of phones and other devices supported by the MVNOs are in line with the technologies used by the underlying major and regional cellular network provider(s):

However, many MVNOs tend to sell somewhat older phone models (e.g. ones discontinued by the host networks), which can affect whether all technologies supported by the carrier network are usable by MVNO customers. The acronym BYOD means "Bring Your Own Device", indicating that a customer can port a cellphone or other cellular device they already own to the MVNO, rather than having to buy/rent a new device from them (assuming it is compatible with the host network, has not been reported stolen, is not still locked into a contract, etc.). MVNOs often restrict the list of BYOD devices they'll support to a smaller subset than the host networks. MVNOs will often push/favor a specific model phone because it is locked into the host carrier "preferred network" that gives that MVNO the best deal/rates.[citation needed]

Providers supporting multiple host networks use only one of them for each device, depending on the specific phone model and/or SIM card used (except for Google Fi, which switches automatically between the different listed host networks based on factors such as relative signal strength).[4]

Different companies target different markets: typically a subset of business, lifeline, and personal. Lifeline refers to the Universal Service Fund's Lifeline low-income phone program. In the case of providers with both Lifeline and non-Lifeline offerings, but different options for each (as opposed to the same options, but different costs), the Lifeline offerings have been put on a separate row with "[Lifeline]" in the "Company" field. Note that though the Lifeline program is a Federal one, each state is responsible for implementing its own version, so details beyond the basic requirements of the program can differ significantly from state to state (starting with the set of provider companies available). As of this writing, Lifeline provider info has mostly only been filled in for California and Minnesota.

Most of the MVNOs in this table provide voice, text, and data services to mobile phones ("Yes" in Phone service column; note that this column does not indicate whether the provider sells phones – all providers offering phone service sell phones unless the "BYOD" column contains "Yes, BYOD-only"). Some MVNOs also have data-only offerings, which can be intended for tablets ("Tablet plans available" in Notes column), or can require the purchase (or BYOD) of a dedicated mobile broadband modem, usually in the form of a Wi-Fi Hotspot device ("Yes" in Modem service column; not to be confused with the Tethering / phone hotspot[Note 1] column, which refers to the ability to use a phone or tablet to share data as a Wi-Fi hotspot or via Bluetooth or USB. There are also MVNOs who provide only data service to mobile hotspot devices (mobile broadband providers).

Native Wi-Fi calling refers to the ability of mobile phones on the service to seamlessly use Wi-Fi rather than the cellular network to connect normally dialed calls, when enabled. It does not refer to the ability to use third-party programs to make calls over Wi-Fi networks, which is generally always supported on smartphones.

Company Host network(s) Market Phone service Modem service BYOD Unlimited fast data Unlimited slow data 5G access Tethering / phone hotspot International Native Wi-Fi calling Notes
Access Wireless Sprint[5][6] Lifeline: CA[7] Yes No Yes, but must call to check compatibility[8] No, plans capped at 6 GB maximum for Californians[9] No ? Used to be known as i-wireless
Affinity Cellular Verizon[10] Personal[11] Yes[12] No[12][13] Yes, but no online compatibility-checker[10][14] No, plans capped at 10 GB max[13] No[14] ? ? No; also, no service in Alaska[14] ? AAA members receive extra benefits.[15]
Airvoice Wireless AT&T[16][17] Personal[18] Yes[16] No?[19][20][21][22] Yes, BYOD-only[16][17] No, "We have the right to slow down the speed of data browsing upon our own discretion at any time during your 5 or 30 day cycle."[17][19][18] Yes, on Unlimited data plan (only?); 2G speeds: 128 kbps[19][18] ? ? Yes, unlimited int'l calling and texting on appropriate plans[17][22][23] ? Terms of Services includes "Since you are on an Unlimited Plan, there will be no disputes about calls not connecting or dropped calls or any other reason to call customer service and complain."[18]
Allvoi Wireless AT&T[24] Personal Yes[25][26] No?[26][27] Yes[24] No, plans capped at 15 GB max[27] Yes, on Unlimited plans[27] ? No[28] Yes, Calls to int'l #s on Unlimited plans[27] ?
Armed Forces Wireless / My AF Mobile T-Mobile[29][30] Personal[31] Yes[32] No[29][32] Yes[29][33] Yes, on Unlimited Data plan, though "Usage over 26GB of data in a month period may result in throttled speeds when in congested areas."[29][33] Yes, on 4 GB Data plan[29] ? No[34] ? ? Available to the general public. Gives a portion of its proceeds to veterans and first responders via a charity foundation.[31] Previously used the Verizon network.[35][36]
Assist Wireless Sprint,[5][6] T-Mobile[6] Lifeline: OK, AR, MD and MO[37] Yes Yes[38] No, plans capped at 6 GB maximum with additional payment of $5 per month from consumer with OK Tribal Lifeline Plan[39] No ?
Assurance Wireless T-Mobile, the legacy of Sprint[40] Lifeline: Over 40 states[41] Yes No No, plans capped at 6 GB maximum for ZIP codes within California[42] No ?
Beast Mobile AT&T, Verizon[43] Personal Yes[44][45] Yes[45] Yes[44][46] No, plans capped at 10 GB max[46] Yes, on Unlimited Talk, Text & High Speed Data plan[46] ? Yes, phone hotspot on Sprint only, for extra fee[46] Yes, int'l calling from U.S. with add-on?[46][47] ? First MVNO based on the FreeMo MVNE.[44] Operates "Phones For The Homeless" program in Seattle and Oakland.[48]
Best Cellular AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon[49] Personal Yes[49][50][51] No?[50][51][52] Yes[49] No[49][52] No?[49][52] ? No?[49][52] ? ? Formerly Boss Cellular.[49]
Black Wireless AT&T[53] Personal[54] Yes[53][54] No[55] Yes, BYOD-only; no online compatibility-checker?[53][56][57] No, plans capped at 6 GB max[55] Yes, 2G speeds: 128 kbps[55] ? No[58] Yes, non–Pay As You Go plans include unlimited (but not "unreasonable") calls to up to 10 unique int'l #s per month in >65 countries[54][55][59] ?
boom! MOBILE T-Mobile, Verizon[60] Business, Personal[61][62][63] Yes[64] Yes[65] Yes, but no online compatibility-checker[61] No, plans capped at 20 GB max on Verizon, 60 GB max on AT&T[61][62][63] Yes, 2G speeds: 128 kbps[61] ? Yes, but "iPhone Only for Non-HD" (??) on Verizon network[61] Yes, int'l calling and texting, but on AT&T network only[61] ? AT&T network available to business customers only.[61][62]
Boost Mobile T-Mobile[66] Personal Yes[67][68] Yes[69] Yes[67][70] Yes, on Unlimited High-Speed plans, but "Customers who exceed 35GB of data during a single payment cycle may experience a temporary slowing of their network performance during the remainder of the billing cycle."[71][72] Yes, 2G speeds[73] Yes, with compatible device. Yes, but no Unlimited option available Yes, Calls and Texts to int'l #s for additional fees[74] Yes[75] Owned by Dish Wireless.[76]
CellNUVO AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon[77] Personal Yes Maybe: depends on the MVNO or major network[77][78][79] Yes[78] Maybe: depends on the MVNO or major network[77][78][79] Maybe: depends on the MVNO or major network[77][78][79] ? Maybe: depends on the MVNO or major network[77][78][79] Maybe: depends on the MVNO or major network[77][78][79] Maybe: depends on the MVNO or major network[77][78][79] "Virtual MVNO" that directs customers to WhistleOut (so, arguably "virtual virtual virtual") to get price comparisons of other MVNOs and major carriers with affiliate links to sign up. In addition, users may install and use CellNUVO app to play ad-supported "simple swipe games" to earn credits to apply against cell service bills.[77][78][79]
Cellular Abroad AT&T
[citation needed]
Personal Yes[80][81] Yes[80][82][81] Yes[83][81] No, plans capped at 1 GB max[83] No[83] ? ? Yes, int'l calling, texting, and roaming[83][84] ? No unlimited services except incoming texts (worldwide).[83] Sells and rents int'l phones & hotspot devices.[80] Offers VPN that works in China.[85] Offers service in Antarctica.[84] BBB A+ rating.[80]
Charity Mobile Verizon
[citation needed]
Personal Yes ? ? No No Yes ? Yes ?
China Telecom CTExcel T-Mobile[86] Personal Yes[87] ? Yes, BYOD-only[87][88] No, plans capped at 10 GB max[87][89][90] Yes, 2G speeds: 128 kbps[87] ? No[88] Yes, plans available with unlimited calls to 20 countries, unlimited int'l texts, int'l roaming[87][89][90] ? China Telecom and parent company China Telecommunications Corporation are state-owned (by China). Dual-number activation: U.S. phone number and virtual Chinese local number.[87]
China Unicom Cuniq US T-Mobile[91] Personal Yes[92] No?[93][94][95] Yes, BYOD-only[92] No, plans capped at 9 GB max[93][94][95] Yes, 2G speeds: 128 kbps[93][94][95] ? Yes, but only until Fast Data allowance depleted[92][93][94][95] Yes, calling, texing, and int'l roaming for select countries[92][93][94][95] ? China Unicom is state-owned (by China).
Chit Chat Mobile Sprint[96] Personal Yes[96] No?[97][98] Yes, BYOD-only[97] No, plans capped at 3 GB max[99] No[99] ? No[99] Yes, calls to int'l #s from U.S. included[99] ?
Clearway AT&T, Verizon[100] Business[101] Yes[101] Yes[101] Yes[101] No, plans capped at 20 GB max[102] Yes, 2G speeds[102] ? ? ? Yes?[103] Owned by TracFone Wireless.[101]
Community Phone AT&T, Sprint, and an unspecified third major network[104][105] Personal Yes[106] No?[106][107] Yes[108] Yes, though after 22 GB, speeds are not throttled, but service may be deprioritized during periods of network congestion. After 30GB the service may slow down or stop.[109] Yes, after 22 GB of fast data, during some periods of network congestion[109] ? Yes[109] Yes, with Unlimited plans, unlimited Calls to Canada and Mexico, and unlimited roaming in Mexico[109] Yes Tablet plans available. Physical store in Cambridge, MA.[110] Promotes tech literacy, puts on seminars at senior centers, etc.[111]
Consumer Cellular AT&T, T-Mobile[112][113] Personal Yes[112][113][114] Yes?[114][115][116] Yes[113][116] No, after 35GB of use, your access to high speed data will be reduced, and you may experience slower speeds for the remainder of your billing cycle.[115] Yes, though speeds may be throttled once use exceeds 35 GB in addition to overage charging[115] ? No, except for plans "specifically designated for tethering usage"; no information on site regarding such designation;[117] reportedly, tethering can be added to plans on request
[citation needed]
Yes, int'l calling, texting, and roaming[118] Yes[118] Tablet plans available. Discounts offered to AARP members, including 5% off monthly service.[115]
CREDO Mobile Verizon[119][120] Personal Yes[121] ? No[119] No, plans capped at 20 GB max[122] Yes, on Unlimited Data plan; 2G speeds: 64 kbps[122] ? Yes[122] Yes, int'l calls and roaming for select countries[123] ? Tablet plans available.[122] Switched from Sprint to Verizon in August 2016.[120] Sells itself as a strong supporter of liberal / progressive political issues such as "Saving Mother Earth" and funds Planned Parenthood, among others.[119][124][125]
Cricket Wireless AT&T[126] Personal Yes[126][127] Yes[128] Yes[126][129] Yes, on Unlimited extra. On unlimited data plans, but data speeds throttled to 3 Mbps, video streaming throttled to 1.5 Mbps (SD quality); after 22 GB on Unlimited plan, or anytime on Unlimited Extra plan, "Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds during network congestion"[130] Yes[130] Yes, with compatible device.[131] Yes, but on Unlimited data plans, after 10 GB, throttled to 2G speeds: 128 kbps[130] Yes, with appropriate plans: unlimited calling to landlines in 35 countries from U.S., unlimited texts to 37 countries from U.S., unlimited calling and texts to and from Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., roaming in Canada and Mexico[130][132] Yes Owned by AT&T.[133] Tablet plans not offered?[128][134][135]
DataJack Sprint Personal No Yes ? N/A N/A
DataXoom AT&T, Sprint, Verizon[136] Business[136] Yes Yes[136] No?[136] No?[136] ?
easyGO Wireless AT&T[137] Personal Yes[137][138] No?[138][139] Yes, but unlocked AT&T phones only[137][140] No, plans capped at 2 GB max[139][140] No[139][140] ? ? Yes, unlimited calls from U.S. to landlines in >80 countries (and mobiles in some), unlimited texts to int'l #s from U.S.[139][140] ? Owned by Telrite Holdings.[141]
EcoMobile Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon[142][143] Personal Yes[143][144] Yes[144] Yes[143][145] No, plans capped at 8 GB max[145] Yes, 2G speeds[145] ? No?[145][146] Yes, calls to int'l #s from U.S.[147] ?
EXTREMEConnect .me AT&T, T-Mobile Personal yes yes yes yes
enTouch Wireless Verizon,T-Mobile[148] Lifeline: AZ, AR, CA, CO, GA, HI, ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NV, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, PR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, WA, WV, WI, WY;[149]
Yes[150] No?[151] Yes[152] No, plans capped at 6 GB maximum for California Tribal Plan only[153] No ? ? Yes, calls to int'l #s available through BOSS International Long Distance[154] Formerly Boomerang Wireless.[155] In early December 2020, one week after sending inquiry via web contact form still got no reply. Called 1-866-488-8719 many times were told wait time is over 15 minutes, offered to leave message by pressing 1, did not work, could not leave message, after holding for 15 minutes, got disconnected.
Feelsafe Wireless AT&T Lifeline: CA, KY, MI, MS, OH, OK, PA, SC and WI[156] Yes Yes No, plans capped at 8 GB maximum with Californians Tribal LifeLine plan[157] No ? Up to unlimited international SMSs with Californians Tribal LifeLine plan[157] Owned by Airvoice Wireless.[158]
Flash Wireless Sprint,[159] Verizon[160] Personal Yes[161][162] No?[161][162][163][164] Yes, but "By the end of 2021, 3G and older 4G devices will no longer work properly on Flash Wireless."[159][160][165][166] No, plans capped at 22 GB max with unlimited slow data, or (on Sprint only) 50 GB max without[163][164] Yes, on Unlimited Data plan[163][164] No, coming soon Yes, but only on iPhone and select Android models, and on Sprint, only up to 10 GB[163][164] Sprint: Yes, unlimited calling to Canada, Mexico, & Puerto Rico; per-min. rates to others; unlimited calling to 80 or >130 additional countries with World Plan add-ons; unlimited (?) int'l texting[161][167][168] / Verizon: Yes, unlimited calling to Canada, Mexico, & Puerto Rico; per-min. rates to others; int'l texting for $0.20 per message[164][169] Yes, and texting, but only for Sprint?[170][171] Owned by ACN, the world's largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services for home and business. International roaming no longer offered as of 2019-08-01.[170][171]
FreedomPop AT&T, Sprint[172] Business,[173] Personal Yes[172][174] Yes[174] Yes[172] Yes(?), "by completing partner offers"[175] Yes, "by completing partner offers"[175] ? Yes[172] Yes, int'l calling from U.S.[176][177] Yes, and texting, but via FreedomPop app, not natively[178] Owned by Red Pocket Mobile.[179] Voice is VoIP by default; "Premium Voice" add-on enables cellular calling.[172]
FreeUP Mobile AT&T[180] Personal Yes[180][181] No[182] Yes[183] No, Unlimited Data offers first 15GB at 4G speeds[182] Yes, 2G speeds after allotment used, except FREE and lowest tier plan[182] ? No[184] Yes, unlimited calling to 150 countries or “Pay As You Go” per-minute rates - available with all plans; seems to include even FREE one. Int'l texting to more than 150 countries.[182]

[185] [186]

Yes, but via FreeUP Talk app, not natively[187] FREE plan: "250 Talk and Text", Unlimited Wi-Fi; upgraded plans available for additional charge. Unlimited 2G after allotment added on select plans on 10/22/2019.[182]
Gen Mobile T-Mobile, Sprint[188] Personal Yes[188][189] ? Yes[188][190] No?[188][190] No?[188][190] ? Yes[190] Yes, unlimited calling to >100 countries from U.S., unlimited int'l texts (on appropriate plans)[191] Yes[192] Owned by Dish Wireless.[193]
Global Data Telecom AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon[194] Business[194] Yes ?
Good2Go Mobile AT&T,[195][196] Sprint (coming "soon" as of July 2019; not yet available as of October
Personal Yes[198] No?[198][199] Yes[200] No[199] Yes[199] ? No, "Technically no. Tethering is against the Terms & Conditions of Good2Go."[197] Yes, unlimited Calls & Texts to 60 countries with International Plan, per-minute rate for other countries[197] No, but "hope to launch it in 2019"[197]
Google Fi Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular[201] Personal Yes[201][202] No?[202] Yes, Only "Designed for Fi" models have full functionality (e.g. non-Fi phones only use the T-Mobile network)[4][203] No, plans capped at 15 GB (Flexible plan) or 22 GB (Unlimited plan) max[204][4][205] Yes[204][4] Yes, with compatible device and only on the T-Mobile Network.[206] Yes[204] Yes, int'l calls, unlimited int'l texts, and roaming with data (6 GB fast, then unlimited slow, with Bill Protection),[4][207] using Three network (UMTS-based)
[citation needed]
Yes[4] Switches automatically between the different listed host networks and Wi-Fi hotspots based on factors such as relative signal strength.[4]
GoSmart Mobile T-Mobile[208] Personal Yes[208] No?[209] Yes, BYOD-only, but no NET10, SafeLink, Straight Talk, Telcel, Total Wireless, or TracFone phones allowed[208][210] Yes, on unlimited data plan, but at 4G speeds only with Facebook, and 3G speeds for all else; phone hotspot limited to 10 GB Fast Data[208][209] Yes, 2G speeds[209] ? Yes, but limited to 10 GB Fast Data on unlimited data plan (up to 20 GB shared Fast Data on 20 GB plan)[209][211] Yes, int'l calling to 69 destinations; roaming in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and many Latin American countries[209] Yes?[103] Owned by TracFone Wireless.[212] Acquired from T-Mobile.[208]
GreatCall Verizon[213] Personal Yes[213][214] No?[214] No[213] Yes, on unlimited data plan?[215] No?[215] ? ? Yes, int'l calling, texting, and roaming in select destinations[216] ? Owned by Best Buy.[213] "Senior Cell Phones, Medical Alert Systems & Safety for Seniors".[214]
h2o Wireless AT&T[217] Personal Yes[217][218] No?[218][219][220] Yes[217][221] No, but speeds are limited to 8Mbps for LTE and 4Mbps for 4G. (After 30GB speeds will be slowed.)[219] Yes, 2G speeds[219][221] ? Yes, but only on Unlimited Plan and only 30GB at LTE speeds.[219][222] Yes, int'l calls to 10 unique int'l landline #s per month in landlines in >50 countries and to mobile phones in select countries on non-Pay-As-You-Go plans, int'l texting[219][220][221] No
[citation needed]
Owned by Telrite Holdings.[141]
Hello Mobile T-Mobile[223] Personal Yes[224][225] No?[225][226] Yes[224][227] Yes, on Unlimited data plan, but "speeds may be lowered during periods of high congestion"[226][228] No[226][228] ? Yes, on Unlimited data plan, otherwise extra fee for Mobile Hotspot Yes, unlimited int'l calling and texting from U.S.[229][230] Yes[231] Formerly also offered T-Mobile coverage.[224]
Ideal Mobile Sprint[232] Personal Yes[233] No?[233] Yes, BYOD-only[232][233] No, plans capped at 7 GB max[233] ? ? ? ? ? "A Nationwide prepaid carrier for any Sprint device and for blacklisted iPhones from Verizon, T-Mobile, and At&t [sic]".[233] FAQ page is empty.[234] Targets youth market, with plans called "Cool", "Wow", "No Way", and "Holy Cow".[233]
Internet on the Go Sprint Personal No Yes ? N/A N/A Owned by TruConnect.
Jethro Mobile T-Mobile[235] Personal Yes[236] No?[236][237] Yes[237][238] No, plans capped at 6 GB max[237] Yes, 2G speeds[237] ? Yes, on 6 GB monthly and 1 GB yearly plans[237] Yes, calls to up to 15 unique #s in 75 int'l destinations on Unlimited International, or pay-as-you-go credits for other destinations[239] ? FAQ link just redirects to current page.[235][236][237][239] Based on Plintron MVNA.[240]
Jolt Mobile AT&T[241][242] Personal Yes[242] No?[242][243] Yes, BYOD-only[242] No, plans capped at 5 GB max[243] No
[citation needed]
? ? Yes, direct dialing to int'l #s[242][244] ?
Kajeet "your choice of the five largest U.S. wireless networks, as well as one in Canada"[245] Business[245][246] Yes Yes[245] ? Targets the K-12 educational market.[245][246]
Karma Mobility Sprint[247] Personal No[247] Yes[247][248] No[247] No[249] No?[249] ? N/A N/A
KidsConnect T-Mobile[250][251] Personal[251] Yes[251] No
[citation needed]
No, specialty 3-button i Luv Wireless KC2 only?[251] No
[citation needed]
[citation needed]
? No
[citation needed]
[citation needed]
[citation needed]
GPS tracker phone for communication between kids and their parents.[251]
Kroger Wireless Sprint[252][253] Personal Yes[252][253][254] No?[254][255] Yes[252][253] No, plans capped at 20 GB max[255][256][257] Yes, on Unlimited data plan[255][256][257] ? Yes?[257] Yes, int'l calling from U.S.[256][258] ? Phones available for sale online and in Kroger-owned stores such as Ralphs.[256]
Kynect Sprint[259] Personal Yes[260] No?[260][261] Yes[262] No, plan capped at 15 GB[261] Yes, 2G speeds: 128 kbps[261] ? Yes[261] Yes, int'l calling, text, and voice + data roaming, with Global Pass add-on[262][263] Yes?[262] Tablet plans not offered.[260][261] Formerly Stream Wireless.[264] Multi-level marketing company.[265][266]
Ladybug Wireless AT&T, T-Mobile[267][268] Business,[269] Personal[270] No(?), "Check back soon"[267][271] Yes[267][269][270] No(?), "Check back soon"[267][271] Yes, but prohibited are video streaming above SD (must be manually limited), "large" downloads, hosting servers, etc.[270][272] No[270][272] ? No
[citation needed]
[citation needed]
[citation needed]
Founded to provide high-speed Internet service to rural customers.[273]
Lexvor Verizon[274] Business,[269] Personal[270] Yes No Yes Yes, but speeds may be slowed after 50GB of usage due to network prioritization. No Yes Yes No Yes Focus on providing a Premium service without cutting corners in any facet of their business.
Liberty Wireless T-Mobile[275] Personal Yes[276] ? Yes[276][277] No[278] No[277] ? Yes[277] No[277] Yes[277]
Life Wireless AT&T,[5] T-Mobile[279] Lifeline: AR, AZ, CA, CO, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, ND, NV, OH, OK, PA, PR, RI, SC, TX, UT, VI, WA, WI and WV[280] Yes Yes, but not officially supported No, plans capped at 6 GB maximum for Californians[281] No ? Owned by Telrite Holdings.[141]
Lycamobile T-Mobile[282] Personal Yes[282][283] No?[283][284] Yes[285] Yes, on the top High Data Plan, but "After Use of 50GB of 4G LTE, data speeds may be reduced for the remainder of the plan period", and tethering / phone hotspot is not permitted on this (or any?) plan[284][286][287][288] Yes[284][286][287] ? No?[286][287][288] Yes, unlimited talk & text to >75 countries, int'l roaming[284][289] Yes, and texting[290] Lycamobile has been involved in legal and financial controversies in France, Ireland, and the U.K. They are a significant donor to the British Conservative Party. See Lycamobile § Controversies for details and citations.
Madstar Mobile Sprint[291] Personal Yes[292] Yes[293] Yes[294] No, no 4G or full 3G speeds[295] Yes, 3G speeds: up to 512 kbps on Ultimate Plan[295] ? No[296] Yes, int'l calling, and int'l roaming in countries with CDMA networks(?)[297][298][291] ? Talk & Text (not Data) roams onto Verizon Network for no additional charge.[291]
Metro by T-Mobile T-Mobile[299][300] Personal Yes[299][300][301] Yes[302] Yes[300][303] Yes, on Unlimited High-Speed plans, but "If congested, the fraction of customers using >35GB∕month may notice reduced speeds and Metro customers may notice reduced speeds vs. T-Mobile due to prioritization. Video streams at 480p. Unlimited on handset and on network only."[304] Yes[304] Yes, with compatible device. Yes, but limited to 15 GB max?[304] Yes, unlimited calls and texts to select countries, and roaming in Canada and Mexico[305] Yes[306] Owned by T-Mobile. Formerly MetroPCS.[299][300]
MetTel Mobile AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Business[307] Yes ?
Mint Mobile T-Mobile[308] Personal Yes[308][309] No?[309][310][311] Yes[310] Yes, though "Data speeds reduce after 35GB"[312] Yes, 2G (64 kbps) speeds or higher[313] Yes[314] Yes, though "The data you use just pulls from your monthly 4G LTE amount", which may indicate phone hotspot cannot use unlimited slow data Yes, int'l long-distance calling via PLD, and int'l roaming[315][316] Yes, and texting[317] Formerly Mint SIM; subsidiary of Ultra Mobile.[308] Targets youth market with website content like "C’mon, aren't you dying to use the phone plan with a cute little fox on everything?" and "Staying connected while exploring the world just got super F*!ing easy! (We said “Foxing.”)".[313][316] campusSIMS partners with Mint to serve the market of international students in the U.S.[318]
Mobal T-Mobile[319][320] Business, Personal[319][321] Yes[319][320][322][323] Yes[320] Yes[320] Yes, but only in Japan with Japan SIMs; Europe SIM capped at 7 GB max[324][325] Yes, with USA Visitor SIM only: 2G speeds (128 kbps) after 2 GB of 4G data[320] ? Yes, "but there is no guarantee that it will work"[320] Yes, int'l calling, texts, and roaming with appropriate SIMs[320][324][325][326] ? Bypasses the usual stringent requirements for obtaining a Japanese SIM.[324] Donates the majority of its profits to self-founded charity ("Krizevac transforms communities. This starts with placing a cross on a mountain in an area of great need. This symbolizes the values of public service & personal sacrifice underpinning the Krizevac Charity.").[327] "Mobal is one of the world's longest running cell phone providers and was founded in 1989".[323]
Net10 Wireless AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular (only on PAY-AS-YOU-GO minute plans),[citation needed] Verizon[328] Business, Personal Yes[329] Yes[330] Yes[328][331] No, plans capped at 12 GB max[332] Yes, 2G speeds on Smartphone plans[332] ? Yes, but no Unlimited option available[333] Yes, int'l calling, and unlimited int'l texting on a few phone models[334] Yes?[103] Owned by TracFone Wireless.
NetBuddy AT&T Personal No Yes ? N/A N/A
netTALK CONNECT T-Mobile[335][336] Business[335][336] Yes[336] Yes, BYOD-only[335][336] ? Yes, unlimited int'l talk & text in U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico[336] Yes[336]
NetZero Sprint Personal No Yes ? N/A N/A
Never Throttled AT&T[337] Personal No[338] Yes[338] Yes[339] Yes[338] N/A ? N/A No[337] N/A Primary target market is rural broadband. No setup fees, contracts, or credit checks; pledges never to raise prices for existing customers.[340][341]
Optimum Mobile T-Mobile[342] Personal Yes[343][344] No?[345][344] Yes, BYOD-only, unless phones are bought at an Altice retail location. Currently supported models are (unlocked) iPhone SE, 6, and above; Galaxy S9 series; and Motorola moto e6 & g7 play.[344][346] Yes, when not roaming off Sprint, but tethering speeds limited to 600 kbps; after 50 GB data usage, tethering and video streaming limited to 2G speeds: 128 kbps[345][347] Yes[345][347] ? Yes, but see Unlimited Fast Data column for speed throttling info[345][347] Yes, unlimited int'l talk and text from U.S. to >35 countries; unlimited talk, text, and data (1 GB 4G LTE, then unlimited 2G unless additional data packs purchased) while roaming in >35 countries[345] Yes[348][349] CDMA not supported, only LTE (thus non-WiFi voice is VoLTE). Reportedly uses Sprint as primary network and only roams to AT&T when needed; data speeds limited to 128 kbps when roaming. Also automatically connects to Altice WiFi access points when in range; service then provided over Wi-Fi, not 4G LTE. $10/mo. discount for Optimum & Suddenlink customers.[345][347][349][350][351]
OTG Mobile Sprint (main page claims "All 4 US Carriers in one place", but only Sprint shown as option on Coverage page)[352][353] Personal Yes[354][355] Yes[355] Yes, BYOD-only[354] No, plans capped at 10 GB max[355] Yes
[citation needed]
? ? ? ? As of July 2019, the website's SSL certificate expired 2019-05-21.[352] Linked-to FAQ page does not exist.[352][356]
OTR Mobile T-Mobile[357] Personal No[357] Yes[357] Yes[357] Yes[357] N/A[357] ? N/A[357] No?[357] N/A[357] No Terms & Conditions page ("Updating policy. Will be posted soon.").[357]
Page Plus Cellular Verizon[274] Personal Yes[274][358] No?[358][359] Yes[274] Yes, on Fully Unlimited 4G LTE data plan, but "Video typically streams at DVD quality", and "At 60 GB, we reserve the right to review your account for usage in violation of Page Plus's terms and conditions."[359] Yes, on 3 GB & 8 GB 4G data plans[359] ? No?[360] Yes, int'l calling and unlimited texting[359] ? Owned by TracFone Wireless.[359]
Patriot Mobile Sprint[361] Personal Yes[361][362] Yes[363] Yes[361][364] No[365][366] Yes[365][366] ? Yes[367] Yes, int'l calling from U.S., including unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico[368][369] ? Tablet plans available. Takes a political stance with "Mobilizing Conservatives" tagline and "fight the liberal agenda through your phone", etc.[370]
Pix Wireless AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile,[371] Verizon[372][373][374] Personal Yes[372] No?[375][376] Yes, BYOD-only[372][373] NoAT&T: No, capped at 30GB, hotspot capped at 15GB[375] / Sprint: No, plans capped at 12 GB max[375] / T-Mobile: Unannounced[376] / Verizon: No, plans capped at 12 GB max[375] AT&T: No?[375] / Sprint: Yes, 2G speeds[375] / T-Mobile: Unannounced[376] / Verizon: Yes[375] ? AT&T: Yes / Sprint: No / T-Mobile: No / Verizon: No / International: Yes, assuming active data plan in participating country[377] Yes, int'l SIMs available, but Calls and Texts to int'l #s with U.S. SIMs only available on Verizon network[378][379] Yes Tablet plans available.
Pond Mobile T-Mobile Business[380] Yes[380] Yes?[380] Yes, BYOD-only?[381] Yes[380] Yes, 2G speeds: ~128 kbps[380] ? ? Yes, int'l calling, unlimited int'l texting, voice + data roaming in >200 countries[380][382] Yes[381] Tablet plans available.[380]
Proven Services Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon[383][384][385] Business,[386][387] Personal[386] Yes[388] No?[387][388] Yes, BYOD-only, but on Verizon network, "CDMA (3G)-only devices, including 3G basic phones and 3G smartphones / 4G LTE smartphones that do not support HD Voice / Apple® iPhone® 5s or prior including the Apple® iPhone® 5c" can no longer be activated[389][383] Yes, but "we have the right, at our discretion, to suspend or terminate your account for any excessive or abusive use"; on T-Mobile and Verizon, "Netflix and other Movie Streaming are prohibited"[383] N/A[383] ? No[383] ? ? Donates a share of profits to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.[390][391]
Pulse Cellular T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon
Business, Personal[392] Yes[393] Yes, MiFi routers, Hotspot, USB Modem & Tablet plans available, (Full Unlimited No Deprioritization & Unlimited with deprioritization plans available online & through call center)
Yes, Most unlocked devices are accepted if compatible with preferred network.[394] Yes, Full unthrottled unlimited plans available. No speed caps. AT&T is network managed at 22GB, and throttled at 75GB.[392] Yes, Low cost 2 GB LTE plan throttles to 128kbps for unlimited audio streaming[392] ? Yes, 4G & 3G speeds depending on wireless plan[392]

Yes, U.S. coverage also usable in Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands; coverage also provided in Canada & Mexico with 5 GB of LTE data (unlimited 128 kbps thereafter), network normal usage policies apply;[392] additional international calling, texting, and roaming packages available via call center or email
Additional plans and new international territories in progress.
Puppy Wireless Sprint, Verizon[395] Personal Yes[396] No?[395][396] Yes, BYOD-only, but on Verizon network, "CDMA (3G)-only devices, including 3G basic phones and 3G smartphones / 4G LTE smartphones that do not support HD Voice / Apple® iPhone® 5s or prior including the Apple® iPhone® 5c" can no longer be activated[395] Yes(?), on Sprint only[395][397] No[395][397] ? No[397] Yes, int'l calling from U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands[397] ?
Pure TalkUSA AT&T[398] Personal Yes[398][399] No Yes[398] No (After 30GB of data usage you will experience slower speeds) [400] Yes, 2G speeds: 128 kbps[400] ? Yes, but only officially supported on Apple devices. Android may work depending on model and firmware version.[401] No[402] No[402] Owned by Telrite Holdings. Customers who have multiple lines are eligible for a group plan discount: 2nd line gives 10% off, 3 lines 15% off and a 4th line 20% off the total cost of the combined plans price.[141]
Q Link Wireless T-Mobile, the legacy of Sprint[403][404] Lifeline: AZ, AR, CO, GA, HI, ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MN, MS, MO, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, PR, RI, SC, TX, UT, VT, VI, WA, WV and WI[405] Yes Yes[404][406] Yes, with Unlimited Data add-on[407] No ?
Reach Mobile Verizon[408] Personal Yes[408][409] No, Reach supports personal hotspots, but not dedicated hotspot or modem devices (Jetpacks, USB modems). Yes, BYOD-only[408][410] No, plans capped at 20 GB max[409] Yes, on Unlimited plan[409][411] ? Yes[409][412][411] Yes[411][413] No
[citation needed]
10% of each data plan contributed to provide connectivity to women, families, and students in India, Nigeria, and the U.S.[414][415]
Red Pocket Mobile AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon[416] Personal Yes[417] Yes?[418] Yes[416][417] Yes, on unlimited plan[419] Yes, 2G speeds on plans with 3GB LTE/month or more[419] ? AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile: Android & iOS / Verizon: iOS only[420] Yes, calling, unlimited texting, and voice(?) + data roaming[421][422][423] Only on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint[424] Tablet plans available.[418]
Republic Wireless T-Mobile, Sprint[425] Personal Yes[425][426] No?[426][427] Yes, but only Android, and only devices Republic sells or has sold[425][428] No[427] No[427] ? Yes, on certain plans[429] No[427] Yes[430] Owned by Dish Wireless.[431]
SafetyNet Wireless T-Mobile, the legacy of Sprint[432] Lifeline: CA, CO, GA, KY, MI, OK, PA and WI[432] Yes No No, plans capped at 6 GB maximum for Californians with SafetyNet Wireless for 90 days[433] No ?
Scratch Wireless Verizon[434] Personal Yes[435] No[435][436] No, only one provider-supplied device supported, the Coolpad Arise (Android 4.4)[435][436] No, plans capped at 1 GB max[437] No[437] ? ? No (except calls and texts to U.S. numbers from foreign Wi-Fi networks)[438] Yes[435][438] Uses Wi-Fi instead of cellular network, whenever available, for voice, texts, and data.[435]
Seawolf Wireless T-Mobile[439][440] Personal Yes[441] No?[441] Yes, BYOD-only[442] No, plans capped at 2 GB max[441] No?[441] ? ? Yes, int'l calling & texting from U.S., including >30 countries for free[443] ? "With business locations in both the US and China, Seawolf focuses on the world's largest two communication markets, offering a wide range of IT/Communication solutions and services".[444]
Selectel Wireless Verizon[445] Personal Yes[445][446] No?[446][447] Yes[445][448] No, plans capped at 22 GB max[447] Yes, 2G speeds[447] ? ? No, "International use is strictly prohibited on Selectel's service. Dialing and/or receiving international calls and/or texts may result in permanent suspension due to violation of terms of use. In the event your service is supended for violation of terms of use a refund for purchased plans will not be issued."[449] ? Has corporate stores and authorized retailers throughout most of the U.S.[450]
Simple Mobile T-Mobile[451] Personal Yes[451][452] Yes[453] Yes[454] Yes, on Truly Unlimited plans, but "Video Streams at up to 480p", "If congested, customers may notice reduced speeds vs. T-Mobile customers that may be further reduced for small number of customers who use >40GB." [sic], and phone hotspot limited to 10 GB[455] Yes, 2G speeds after up to 15 GB (or 10 GB starting October 2019) 4G LTE data[455] ? Yes, but no unlimited data?[455] Yes, int'l calling, unlimited texting, and roaming in Mexico and several Central and South American countries[456] Yes[457][103] Owned by TracFone Wireless.[457]
Spectrum Mobile Verizon[458] Personal Yes[458][459] ? Yes, but Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG only[460] No, plans capped at 20 GB max (and only SD video streaming is supported)[461] Yes[461] Yes, with compatible device.[462] Yes, but after 5 GB of fast data usage, speeds are reduced to 600 kbps[461] Yes, int'l calling, unlimited texting, and roaming[461] Yes[463] Owned by Charter Communications. Spectrum Mobile is available to Spectrum Internet subscribers only. Tablet plans available.[461]
SpeedTalk Mobile T-Mobile[464] Personal Yes[464][465] No?[466] Yes, BYOD-only[464][465] No, plans capped at 2 GB max[466] No?[466][467] Yes, compatible devices only No, but "working hard on getting this on board"[467] Yes, int'l calling from U.S.[468] ?
StandUp Wireless T-Mobile, the legacy of Sprint[469][470] Lifeline: 31 states and territories,[471][472] Personal[473] Yes Yes[469][470] No, plans capped at 6 GB maximum with ZIP codes within California[472] No ?
Straight Talk AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon[474][475] Personal Yes[474][476] Yes[477] Yes[474][475] Yes, on Ultimate Unlimited plan, but "At 60 GB, we reserve the right to review your account for usage in violation of Straight Talk's terms and conditions." On AT&T Hotspot is prohibited.[477] Yes, 2G speeds[477] Yes[477] No[478][479] Yes, int'l calls from U.S. to >1000 landline destinations, and to mobile phones in Canada, China, India, and Mexico[480] Yes[103] Owned by TracFone Wireless.[477] Tablet plans available.[477] Rooted or jailbroken devices not allowed.[479]
TAG Mobile T-Mobile, the legacy of Sprint, Verizon[481] Lifeline: AZ, AR, CA, CO, IA, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MN, MO, NV, OK, PA, SC, TX, WV and WI,[482] Personal[483] Yes Yes[481][484] No, plans capped at 4 GB LTE maximum for Californians [485] No ?
Telcel América T-Mobile[486][487][488] Personal Yes[486][489] No?[489][490] Yes[488] Yes, on Unlimited plan[490] Yes, 2G speeds[490] No Yes?[491] Yes, unlimited calls from U.S. or Puerto Rico to up to 15 int'l landlines; unlimited calls to up to 15 mobile #s in Canada, China, India, and Mexico; int'l texting to Mexico only; and voice + data roaming in Mexico[490][492] Yes?[103] Owned by TracFone Wireless.[491]
Tello Mobile Sprint, T-Mobile[493] Personal Yes[493][494] Yes?[495][496] Yes[493][495] No, plans capped at 25 GB max[496] Yes, 2G speeds, but not for phone hotspot[496] ? Yes, but no Unlimited: disabled after 4G data allotment is depleted[497] Yes, int'l calls and texts from U.S. No service in Alaska.[497] Yes[497]
Teltik T-Mobile Business Yes ?
Tempo Telecom T-Mobile, the legacy of Sprint[498] Lifeline: CO, GA, HI, IN, IA, KS, KY, MD, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, ND, OH, RI, SC, UT, WV, WI, WY;[499]
Yes[500] No[500] No, only one provider-supplied device supported, the Blu Vivo Air 4G LTE (Android 5.0)[500][501] No, plans capped at 4.5 GB maximum[499] Yes, on unlimited plans; 2G speeds[502] ? ? ? ? No FAQ section.[503]
TerraCom Wireless T-Mobile, the legacy of Sprint[504] Lifeline: AR, AZ, CO, IN, IL, IA, KS, LA, ME, MD, MN, MO, NE, NV, OK, PA, RI, TX, WA, WV, and WI;[505]
Yes No[506] Yes[507] No, plans capped at 4.5 GB maximum[505] Yes[508] ?
TextNow Sprint, T-Mobile[509] Personal Yes[509][510] No?[510][511][512] Yes[509][512] No, plans capped at 23 GB max[511] Yes, but only on Sprint network[511] ? Yes(?), but only on Sprint network[511] Yes, int'l calling from U.S. and Canada, unlimited texting to >100 countries[513][514] Yes, but via TextNow app, not natively?[511]
Ting Mobile T-Mobile, Verizon[515] Personal Yes[516] Yes[516] Yes[517] No[518] Yes, but only on handset, it is reduced to 2G speeds after allotment[518] Yes[519] Yes, but cutoff once hotspot allocation is reached[520] Yes, int'l calling, texting, and roaming.[521] Limited data service in Alaska. Yes[522] Owned by Dish Wireless.[523] All new plans include unlimited minutes and texts.[518]
Total Wireless Verizon[524] Personal Yes[524][525] No?[525][526][527][528] Yes[524][526] No, plans capped at 25 GB max[526] Yes, on unlimited data plan; 2G speeds[526] No Yes Yes, int'l calling from U.S. with Global ILD add-on[526][529][530] Yes[531] Owned by TracFone Wireless.[524][525]
Tracfone AT&T, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular (feature phones only),[citation needed] Verizon[532] Personal Yes[532][533] No[533][534][535] Yes[535] No, plans capped at 13 GB max (after purchasing up to +5GB at $10/GB), however can carryover ununsed data every month[534] No, plans do not slow and are cutoff upon reaching limits[536] Yes [537] Yes, carried over data can be used for tethering too Yes, int'l calling from U.S.[536] Yes[103] TracFone Wireless is a subsidiary of América Móvil.[538]
TruConnect T-Mobile, the legacy of Sprint[539] Lifeline: 32 states and territories,[540]
Yes[542] Yes[543] Yes for non-Lifeline[541] Yes for non-Lifeline[541] No ? Yes [544] Yes [544] ? No FAQ section.[545]
Twigby Sprint,[546] Moving to Verizon end of 2021[547] Personal Yes[546][548] No?[548][549] Yes[546][550] No, plans capped at 10 GB max[549] Yes, 2G speeds: ~64 kbps[549][551] ? Yes[549] Yes, calls to ~20 countries and texts to ~180 countries from U.S. for no additional charge[549] Yes, but only using 3rd-party apps, not natively[552] Talk & Text (not Data) roams onto Verizon Network for no additional charge.[553]
Ultra Mobile T-Mobile[554] Personal Yes[554][555] No?[555][556][557] Yes[557] No, plans capped at 50 GB max[556] Yes, 2G speeds?[558] ? Yes, though "Full speeds available up to monthly allotment, including tethering, then slowed up to 2G speeds for remainder of service period" may indicate that phone hotspot ceases functioning after fast data is depleted[558] Yes, unlimited calling to >80 destinations, int'l texting, int'l roaming[557][558][559] Yes, and texting[557]
Unreal Mobile AT&T, Sprint[560] Personal Yes[560][561] Yes[562] Yes[560][563] No[564] Yes, 2G speeds[564] ? No[565] Yes, int'l calling, with appropriate plan[566][567] Yes, but via Unreal Mobile app, not natively[568] Owned by FreedomPop.[560] On AT&T network, all calling is via VoIP.
US Mobile T-Mobile, Verizon[569] Personal Yes[569][570] Yes, BYOD-only[570][571][572][573] Yes[569][571][572] Yes, Uncapped, unthrottled on Verizon. Plans soft capped at 50 GB on T-Mobile[571] Yes, 3G speeds on Unlimited data plan (T-Mobile) after 50 GB[571][574] Yes, GSM (T-Mobile) sims have low band 5G, while Super LTE (Verizon) have nationwide 5G with coming support for mmWave 5G.[575] Yes, for additional fee[571][573] No?[571][576][577] No?[573] Unlimited plans with discounts and Perks with 3 or more lines.
Visible Verizon[578] Personal Yes[578][579] No[579][580][581] Yes: iPhones 6, original SE, and up; Google Pixel 3 and up; some Samsung, Motorola, ZTE, LG, OnePlus, and Hot Pepper phones also official BYOD devices.[578][581] Some unofficially compatible devices might also work either right away when the sim is activated and inserted, or with some setting changes (like trying to add VSBLINTERNET APN), or with limited features. Yes.[580] No usage-based throttling [581] Unlimited de-prioritized data which yields somewhat inconsistent speeds ranging from over 500 Mbps in a great Verizon LTE non congested area to less than 1 Mbps in a substantially congested Verizon area "However, when the network gets congested, your data could slow up for a bit."[581] N/A[580][581] Yes, Access to Verizon nationwide 5g and UWB (mm wave) 5g capped at 200 Mbps, however the speed cap is not strictly enforced. Yes, Unlimited hotspot; Speeds capped at 5 Mbps (not typically enforced- usually same speed as the phone); Only one device may connect to the mobile hotspot at a time, however this is not enforced on iPhones, Pixels, and most other phones. It is enforced on Visible ZTE phones.[580][581] Yes: Send and receive unlimited international texts while in the US. Unlimited incoming international calls to the US. Unlimited incoming international calls over WiFi calling while in the US or International. Unlimited outgoing international calls to US numbers over WiFi calling.[580][581] Yes[581] Owned by Verizon[582] Operates on Verizon's native 4G/LTE network and WiFi calling (no 3G – Verizon will shut this down at the end of 2020 anyway or roaming- some reports of LTEiRA roaming with talk and text). No toll-free customer service #; service provided via in-app chat, text, Facebook, or Twitter; callbacks by request.[581][583] Visible Connect assists nonprofit technology startups.[584] With party pay it's exactly 25$ a month taxes&fees included.
Walmart Family Mobile T-Mobile[585][586] Personal Yes[585][587] No?[587][588] Yes[585][589] Yes, on Truly Unlimited plan, but tethering limited to 5 GB on this plan; "Video typically streams at DVD quality"[588] Yes, 2G speeds, after up to 14 GB 4G LTE data[588] Yes Yes, but unclear if tethering continues to function after 4G data is depleted[588] Yes, with Extras Pack: int'l calling, and roaming in Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico[590] Yes[103] Owned by TracFone Wireless. Acquired from T-Mobile. Family plans with discounts for up to 4 additional lines.[590]
Wing AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile[591] Business, Personal[592] Yes[591][593] No?[594] Yes[591] Yes, on TM Unlimited plan (limited-time offer), but on the AT&T Unlimited plan it is network managed at 22GB and stopped at 50GB.[594] Yes, 2G speeds, but on Sprint network only[595] ? Yes[594][596] Yes, int'l calling, texting, and voice + data roaming[597] Yes[594] Tablet plans not offered.[594]
Xfinity Mobile Verizon[598] Personal Yes[598][599] No[599][600][601] Yes, but Apple and certain Android models only[598][601] No, plans capped at 20 GB max[600] Yes, on Unlimited plan[600] ? Yes[600] Yes, int'l calling, texting, and roaming[602] Yes[602] Owned by Comcast Corporation. Activation available to Xfinity Internet customers only. Tablet and Smart Watch plans available.[602]
Zing Wireless AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon[603] Personal Yes[603][604] No?[604][605] Yes[603][606] No, plans capped at 8 GB max[605] No?[605] ? No?[607] Yes, int'l calling,[607] texting,[607] and roaming(?)[608] ? No FAQ section.[608]

International SIM voice and data service operators

All MVNOs listed below are BYOD, unless otherwise noted.

Company Host network Wireless technology Notes
POND Mobile T-Mobile UMTS, LTE, 5G
ChatSim AT&T, Sprint, Verizon UMTS, CDMA, LTE Unlimited messaging with 10 apps in >160 countries.[609]
Flexiroam AT&T, Sprint, Alaska Wireless UMTS, CDMA, LTE Apple eSIM supported Worldwide Service Provider[610]
KnowRoaming Telna GSM
Telna Telna GSM
TravelSim AT&T UMTS
TravelSim T-Mobile GSM & UMTS
Truphone AT&T UMTS Apple eSIM supported Worldwide Service Provider[610]
Truphone T-Mobile GSM & UMTS Apple eSIM supported Worldwide Service Provider[610]

IoT service providers

IoT is "Internet of Things", the extension of Internet connectivity (in this case, cellular network–based) into physical devices and everyday objects.

Company Host network Wireless technology Notes
Aeris Communications Inc AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone CDMA, LTE, GSM & UMTS
KORE Wireless AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone, Rogers, Telstra, Telefonica CDMA, LTE, GSM, UMTS
NTT DOCOMO USA AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telstra, NTT DOCOMO CDMA, LTE, GSM, UMTS
Sierra Wireless AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Rogers, Telefonica CDMA, LTE, GSM, UMTS
Telit AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Rogers, Tele2, Telefonica CDMA, LTE, GSM, UMTS
Telna ? GSM
Twilio T-Mobile CDMA, LTE, GSM, UMTS
US Mobile[569][611] T-Mobile, Verizon CDMA, LTE, GSM, UMTS

Defunct, merged, and acquired operators

Company Market Host network Wireless technology End date Notes
7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless Personal AT&T, Sprint CDMA, GSM, & UMTS 2010
Amp'd Mobile Personal Verizon GSM & UMTS 2014
Aio Wireless Personal AT&T GSM & UMTS 2007 Owned by AT&T.
AirLink Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA ?
Blue Jay Wireless Lifeline: CA Sprint, Verizon[5][6] CDMA & LTE 2018 Defunct.
Brightspot Personal T-Mobile GSM & UMTS December 2015
Budget Mobile Lifeline: CA Sprint,[5] Verizon[5][6] CDMA & LTE April 2017[6] Defunct.[6]
BYO Wireless Personal T-Mobile, Verizon CDMA, GSM, UMTS, & LTE 2015
BZRMobile Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE
Caffee Communications Personal Verizon CDMA & LTE March 2018
Charge Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE June 2017 [612]
Circle-K Talk-and-Go Personal AT&T GSM & UMTS 2011
Cloven Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE
Comcast Personal Clearwire, Sprint CDMA 2011
Common Cents Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA 2011
Cox Personal Sprint CDMA 2012
DataPass Personal Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon CDMA, GSM, LTE, UMTS March 2019[613] Defunct.
Disney Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA 2007
EarthLink Personal Sprint WiMAX 2015
Embarq Personal Sprint CDMA 2009
enVie Mobile Personal Verizon CDMA & LTE March 2017
Español Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE ?
ESPN MVP Personal Sprint CDMA 2006
Expo Mobile Personal Sprint, Verizon CDMA & LTE ? Essentially no information about Expo's services available on their site, just a bunch of broken links, including the "Contact us today!" link. Firefox displays security warning about website's use of self-signed SSL certificate that expired 2018-02-14.[614][615]
FamilyTalk Wireless Personal AT&T, Sprint, Verizon UMTS, CDMA & LTE 2017
FordMobile Personal MarkFordMobile GSM, LTE & UMTS 2018
Firefly Mobile Personal AT&T GSM & UMTS 2012
FMP Wireless Personal Verizon CDMA & LTE 2017
Fuzion Mobile Personal AT&T GSM & UMTS 2013
GIV Mobile Personal T-Mobile GSM & UMTS 31 January 2016
GTC Wireless Personal AT&T GSM & UMTS 2009
Hello US Mobile Personal T-Mobile, Verizon CDMA, GSM, & UMTS ?
Helio Personal Sprint CDMA 2010
Infinium Wireless Personal Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon CDMA, GSM, LTE & UMTS 2017
iQ Cellular Personal AT&T, Sprint, Verizon CDMA 2014
Itel UTel Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE
Jaguar Mobile Personal T-Mobile GSM, LTE & UMTS ?
Jump Mobile Personal Cricket CDMA 2010
KDDI Mobile Personal AT&T (originally Sprint) GSM January 2019 Locus Telecommunications and the U.S. MVNOs under its umbrella were acquired from KDDI America in January 2019.[616][617][618][619][620][621]
Lucky Wireless Personal Verizon CDMA 2011
Mi Gente Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE 2013
Mingo Wireless Personal Sprint CDMA 2012
MOSH Mobile Personal Centennial Wireless GSM & UMTS 2012
Movida Personal Sprint CDMA 2012
Omni Prepaid Personal 2012
Millenicom Personal Verizon CDMA & LTE 2014 As of 2019, offers service on T-Mobile.
Next G Mobile Personal Verizon CDMA 2013
The People's Operator USA Personal Sprint, T-Mobile CDMA, LTE February 2019[622] Ceased operations in the wake of financial problems and legal scandals.
Phonata Personal AT&T, Sprint, Verizon CDMA, GSM, & UMTS 2013
PrepaYd Wireless Personal Sprint CDMA 2014
PTel Mobile Personal T-Mobile GSM & UMTS 31 January 2016
Pure Mobile Personal Verizon GSM & UMTS 2012
Pure Unlimited Personal AT&T[623] GSM unknown Defunct no-data-service MVNO; "Order Today" page suggests customers switch to sister company Pure TalkUSA.[624][625]
Qwest Wireless Personal Sprint CDMA 2010
Red Stick Wireless Personal Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon[626] CDMA, GSM, LTE circa February 2019?[627] As of August 2019, site permanently displays "This site is currently in a maintenance window".[628]
Ring Plus, Inc Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE 21 February 2017 Customers absorbed by Ting Mobile in February, 2017.[629]
Roam Mobility Personal T-Mobile GSM & LTE 30 June 2020 Shutdown June 30, 2020.[630]
ROK Mobile Personal AT&T GSM October 2018 ROK ceased offering Sprint and Verizon service in May 2018. ROK website went blank circa October 2018.[631][632] SSL certificate expired April 5, 2019.[633]
Shaka Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA
Simple Freedom Personal Alltel CDMA 2007 Customers in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, Georgia, & Florida moved over to Verizon prepaid. All other markets flipped to AT&T Mobility.
SkyView Wireless Personal AT&T[634] GSM ? As of July 2019, SkyView is no longer accepting new customers, and website only offers links to login forms for h2o and easyGO, and a link for existing SkyView customers to recharge.[635]
Solavei Personal T-Mobile GSM & UMTS December 2015
Spot Mobile Personal T-Mobile GSM & UMTS September 7, 2014
STi Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA ?
SWT Mobile Personal AT&T GSM & UMTS 2013
TalkForGood Personal Verizon CDMA 2013
Total Call Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA ?
Touch Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE ?
Trumpet Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA 2013
TúYo Mobile Personal T-Mobile GSM & UMTS 2012
Univision Mobile Personal T-Mobile GSM, UTMS & LTE 2017 Absorbed by Ultra Mobile in July 2017.[636]
UppWireless Personal T-Mobile GSM & UMTS 2016
UVA Mobile Personal T-Mobile GSM, UMTS & LTE 2017
UWT Mobile Personal AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile GSM, CDMA, UMTS & LTE ?
Value Wireless Personal T-Mobile GSM ? Content area of website's main page is blank.[637] About page contains "Lorem ipsum" placeholder text.[638] Contact Us page is missing.[639] No phones, BYOD, or plans pages.[637]
Venn Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE 2020 In June 2020, they had all customers lines terminated, due to their inability to pay their(Venn Mobile's) bill to Sprint. Was over 3 months past-due, totally over $60,000. Blamed "outage" on the Sprint/T-Mobile merger. Their sister company Teltik is no longer taking new customers either.[640]
Virgin Mobile USA Personal Sprint CDMA February 2020 As of February 2020, The Virgin Mobile USA service was discontinued, and the existing Virgin Mobile customers were transferred to Boost Mobile.[641]
Voce Personal AT&T GSM & UMTS 1 February 2008
Votel Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA 2014
Voyager Mobile Personal Sprint CDMA 2015
Wireless Services US Personal Verizon CDMA & LTE July 2017 [642]
WOW Mobile PCS Personal Sprint CDMA 2012
XCellular USA Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE 25 July 2014
ZACT Personal Sprint CDMA & LTE 3 August 2014
Zapp Personal Sprint CDMA 2012
ZERO11 Wireless Personal AT&T UMTS ?
ZUMA Prepaid Personal Sprint CDMA 2013

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