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List of The Doctor Blake Mysteries episodes

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following is a list of episodes for the Australian television drama mystery programme, The Doctor Blake Mysteries. As of 5 November 2017, 44 episodes of The Doctor Blake Mysteries have aired.[1]

Series overview

SeriesEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
1101 February 2013 (2013-02-01)5 April 2013 (2013-04-05)ABC
2107 February 2014 (2014-02-07)11 April 2014 (2014-04-11)
3813 February 2015 (2015-02-13)3 April 2015 (2015-04-03)
485 February 2016 (2016-02-05)25 March 2016 (2016-03-25)
5817 September 2017 (2017-09-17)5 November 2017 (2017-11-05)
Telemovie12 November 2017 (2017-11-12)


Series 1 (2013)

No. in
Title[2] Directed by Written by Original air date AUS viewers
11"Still Waters"Andrew ProwseStuart Page1 February 2013 (2013-02-01)1.176 (Overnight)[3]

A woman's body is found in a lake; she was run over by a car, as the autopsy by Doctor Lucien Blake reveals. She was Ann Fitzgerald, student at the local reform school, and she was pregnant. The science teacher Phillip Morrisey, son of the local chemist (pharmacist), is one suspect as the father. Jean, who ran the doctor's office for Lucien's late father, stays on for the son returned to Ballarat from abroad. District nurse Mattie and Jean's nephew Danny Parks, a young police officer, board in the large house. Police superintendent Lawson knows Blake from before he left home, before the war, where Lucien fought and was taken prisoner. Patrick Tyneman, owner of the local newspaper, gets a club membership for Blake, who says he will not stay long enough to use it. Sale of illegal amphetamines, made on Keith Morrisey's press for tablets, is involved in this murder. Phillip's mother Rosemary, an ambitious woman, learned of the pregnancy and her son's love for Ann; she arranged to meet Ann, "the little slut" and killed her, using her son's car. She is arrested.

Guest cast: John Wood, Penne Hackforth-Jones and Ryan O'Kane
22"The Greater Good"Declan EamesStuart Page8 February 2013 (2013-02-08)0.935 (Overnight)[4]

A member of hospital staff, Bert Prentice, is murdered. Blake suspects the former morgue attendant Ron Jackson, who has vanished after he was sacked by Bert Prentice. Police hunt for him. Jackson is a boxer, and Prentice was killed by a blow to the throat by someone's left hand. Gordon McRae entered the Prentice home while Danny Parks is searching the house for clues, so he is seized. Preparations for marking Anzac Day bring Major Alderton into Ballarat, and Sergeant Hannam. Lawson promises to help Alderton find a deserter; Blake says he will not be available to help Alderton, recognizing an old acquaintance. At the club, Alderton tries to persuade Blake to rejoin the intelligence service. Blake mentions that his daughter would be 23 now, and he is still seeking her and her mother. Sergeant Hobart and Danny Parks take Ron Jackson in. Mattie is not pleased to hear Jackson was hit by the police, as she knows him and is sure he did not do the murder. Checking the morgue again, Blake and Danny find evidence of another body brought into the morgue by the ambulance, which brought Prentice down to the morgue, and is now gone. Blake finds a boot print near the refrigerator in the morgue. Then he visits his patient Sally Clements, who had described symptoms that were not hers, but her friend's, and the symptoms were radiation sickness. Blake agrees to treat Jimmy and not reveal his presence to the military. Blake tells Jean he does need help, perhaps not the housekeeping, and admits how different he is from his late father. Blake drinks with Alderton and Hannam, who is left-handed, while Jean searches their hotel rooms for boots. At Blake's house, Blake tells Hannam how he killed Prentice while stealing the body of a man who died from radiation poisoning due to Army tests. Jean stops Hannam from killing Blake, holding her late husband's pistol. Lawson charges Hannam with the murder, while Hannam replies only with his name and rank. Alderton appears at the police station, wanting to make it a military matter, with its conclusive forensic evidence against Hannam. Blake and Alderton were 3.5 years in the same POW camp after the fall of Singapore in the war. Parks apologises to Jackson. Jean and Lucien go out for the ANZAC Day events, with Jean wearing her husband's medals.

Guest cast: Neil Pigot, Ben Anderson and Chloé Boreham
First appearance of police Sergeant Hobart, Army Major Alderton and Sergeant Hannam.
33"Death of a Travelling Salesman"Ian BarryStuart Page & Chelsea Cassio15 February 2013 (2013-02-15)1.131[5]
A car careens down the road where repairs narrow it and Constable Danny Parks is directing traffic. The car crashes and the driver is found dead. Autopsy shows that he was killed by poison. Parks returns to the car to collect the victim's possessions; among the vacuum hoses in the backseat, Parks finds a snake and is bitten by it. Doctor Blake decides that the dead man was bitten by a snake, and realizes the danger to Parks. Blake gets him to the hospital and determines it was an Asian pit viper. Antivenom is given to Parks, who recovers in hospital. The dead man, Ray, was a salesman staying at a local boardinghouse full of salesmen. Blake finds that the owner keeps snakes in the basement, which is against the law, and his Asian pit viper tank is empty. The owner is arrested for keeping the snakes and for murder. He pines away in jail, giving Blake a clue. Jean, Mattie, Blake and Danny return to the boarding house to purchase two appliances. Two salesmen compete for their business and Blake challenges one with his actions in killing Ray. Both men, and Frank, the owner of the boardinghouse, are homosexuals. Frank fell in love with Ray when he arrived, leaving the other man behind. So he put the snake in Ray's car, and confesses to Lawson and Blake, including the challenge of living as a homosexual when it is considered unlawful. Blake does not want Lawson to charge him with more than murder, knowing there is no choice about sexuality.
44"Brotherly Love"Andrew ProwseStuart Page22 February 2013 (2013-02-22)1.095[6]

Danny and another officer arrive at Sean McBride's house, and Sergeant Bill Hobart is taking cover outdoors as Sean is screaming and waving a loaded gun; Danny wounds him in the shoulder. Inside they find a fourth police officer dead on the floor. Thirteen months later, Sean is in prison, about to be hanged for killing the officer Clive Cooper. Doctor Blake is called to the prison to treat Sean for a high fever. In his fevered state, Sean says he did not kill Clive. Doctor Blake says that is the truth, not what he confessed in court. There is public protest against the hanging, and conflict between Danny and Mattie over capital punishment. Journalist Joy McDonald interviews Blake, trying to get quotes from him. Sean has two brothers, a priest, Xavier, and Peter, married and a father of three children. Blake persists, learning that Clive's wife had an affair with Sean, and Sean is the father of her son. Clive learned of the affair the night he died. Mrs Cooper had called Hobart for aid, knowing he was nearby; but he arrived after the shooting. Xavier decided Sean should plead guilty to the results of the fight between Peter and Clive, and no one should mention that three people were in that room. Blake deduced this from the position of the two wounds. Peter hit Clive on the back of the head, but that did not slow him down. Clive had his gun with him, and in the scuffle, it went off, wounding him fatally in the chest. Sean admits to his innocence as to murder, and Blake has Mrs Cooper arrive with the baby, so Sean can see his son.

Guest cast: Daniel Daperis and Sara Gleeson
First appearance of Joy McDonald Dedication: This episode was dedicated in memory of special effects artist, Aaron Beaucaire.
55"Hearts and Flowers"Ian BarryStuart Page1 March 2013 (2013-03-01)1.088[7]

Blake is a judge for the Begonia festival in Ballarat. He meets Professor Ormond and Mr Charles Griffith, also judges. That night, Ormond is found murdered in his greenhouse, strangled before the greenhouse was set afire. Nick Manos never wins in this contest; there is a family feud between Griffith and Manos since the prior century. Newspaper publisher Patrick Tyneman argues with Blake's decision of murder, as bad local publicity; Blake demonstrates on Tyneman how the hyoid bone is broken in strangulation, as in Ormond's case. Manos's daughter Maria and Griffith's son Oliver have something going on, but Maria uses Danny as cover while their romance proceeds in secret. Griffith has been buying land in nearby Bendigo, giving him a motive to move the festival there. Angela Waterston, also a judge and a woman with the fatal disease aplastic anemia, plans to marry and asks Blake to stand in place of her father at her wedding. Blake gets a call saying his wife and daughter, lost to him during the war, were seen alive; then a letter comes from Malaya. Evidence is found showing that Griffith had been paying Ormond to agree to the scheme to move the Festival to Bendigo. Others bribed the judge, including Jean with a cake; it turns out Osmond cannot eat the cake, and that triggers Blake to figure out why Angela, his patient, is deteriorating too rapidly. There is a dinner and a contest for Miss Begonia; Maria announces at the contest that she and Oliver are engaged. Blake realizes someone has tampered with Angela's tonic, adding arsenic with sugar to cover that taste; it is her fiancé, Anthony Farmer. Farmer is a conman with a record of killing his wealthy young brides. Ormond recognized him at the opening day, so Farmer killed Ormond and was speeding the death of Angela. He is charged with murder and attempted murder.

Guest cast: John Wood, David Whiteley, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Alinta Chidzey, and Michael Bishop
66"If the Shoe Fits"Andrew ProwseStuart Page8 March 2013 (2013-03-08)1.021[8]

At the shoe factory owned by Patrick Tyneman, the plant manager Egan and the foreman argue. Mosca, the foreman, is found dead a few hours later. His hand was cut off by one of the machines, which had no safety switch. Blake has been pushing Tyneman to upgrade the equipment, and calls Joy McDonald before the autopsy is complete. Gus, the other police doctor, sees the wound to Mosca's head, showing he was pushed into the machine and thus murdered. Jean auditions with the director, Robert, for the local production of The Importance of Being Earnest, where she gets a minor role, while wanting a major one, which goes to Tyneman's wife. Robert is interested in Jean, and he proposes to her. She turns him down. Another employee, Gorski, tells Blake that Mosca had been taking a percent of the wages of all the workers. Mattie sees Romana Novak, who works at the plant, and has signs of syphilis, including a rash. Mrs Krol tells Blake that many women in the factory have that rash. Blake does a second test on Mosca's blood, which shows evidence of third stage syphilis and suggests he was forcing himself on the women in the factory. Egan knew that employee wages were skimmed and he benefitted of that scheme. All the employees, but not the management, in the factory are immigrants with no political power. Lawson questions Egan and then Romana as possible suspects. Miroslav Gorski confesses to the murder. He was in the factory when Mosca was murdered and does not believe Romana was guilty, or he believes she was guilty but deserves no punishment. Mattie brings antibiotic to inject in Romana as she waits in the jail, to treat the venereal disease. Lawson lets Romana go, as Gorski's confession is all Lawson has.

Guest cast: John Wood, Sara Gleeson and Jacek Koman
77"Bedlam"Declan EamesChris Corbett15 March 2013 (2013-03-15)0.836 (Overnight)[9]

Violet Ashby, a nurse, is murdered in the Blackhill psychiatric hospital. David Hoyle, a patient, is seen above her holding the knife that killed her. Danny and Mattie tell Violet's father, Doug Ashby, of her death. Ashby was commanding officer to Superintendent Lawson for 10 years. Blake is not confident that the patient killed her. After visiting David, Blake talks with another patient, Oriel Vogel, who shows him two paintings she did before and after the murder; she paints the light as it is, and the room is often darkened when the ECT is on. Mattie learns that Violet was reprimanded a year earlier because a patient died, perhaps due to an error in medications. Oriel sees Blake at his office, bringing two paintings of him at the hospital, and she gives him information about David's personality. Dr Winters at the hospital tells Lawson and Blake that he loved Violet. Given a clue by Oriel's paintings, Blake examines the log for ECT sessions, finding that David was given more sessions than were recorded; Dr Laine considered he was doing important research on unimportant people. He was responsible for the patient's death; no one missed him, per Laine. Ashby comes to the hospital and grabs Dr Laine, whose name appeared too often in his daughters notes, which have careful notes of all treatments given to patients. Lawson tells Ashby to put his gun down. Lawson arrests Dr Laine for the murder of Violet Ashby. At home, Blake plays the piano.

Guest cast: John Stanton, Matthew Dyktynski and Lara Jean Marshall
First appearance of Chief Supt. Douglas Ashby
88"Game of Champions"Ian BarryStuart Page22 March 2013 (2013-03-22)0.948[10]

The winning contestant, James Holbrook, on a television quiz show, the Game of Champions, is killed just after the show ends and he finds his prize in a dressing room, touching the new television set. He is killed by electrocution. Simon, with a long run of right answers, is upset that he lost, but all eyes turn to the murdered man. The show is sponsored by Tyneman Electrics store. Patrick Tyneman is upset. James, Simon, Dawn Prentice from the quiz show, and Roger Lambert from Tyneman's store were all in the same class at school, under Professor Waterman. Waterman considers Simon very bright but such a trouble maker. Waterman, James and Roger provoked Simon, but in the end Roger was kicked out of school. The next program has Simon versus Waterman, student versus master. After Simon does a perfect round, the dial is turned to cut off his microphone, but instead he is electrocuted on live television. Blake and his household puzzle over who has murdered the two men, then realize that the murderer made a mistake, wanting to kill Simon, while unaware that the announcer Alan Coleman and Waterman had devised a scheme to end Simon's winning streak. Dawn and James were engaged; the prize money was going to start them off in life. Dawn killed her own fiance, by accident. Blake confronts her in the darkened television station, in s series of questions to be answered true or false. She admits to her failed scheme, while Lawson and Danny listen in the wings. Lawson arrests her for two murders.

Guest cast: John Wood and Nicholas Bell
99"All That Glitters"Andrew ProwseTim Pye29 March 2013 (2013-03-29)0.969[11]
Arthur comes to the pub where Doctor Blake and Danny Parks are playing darts, showing people gold that he says came from his own mine. The next morning, police are at his mine site, where he lies dead, murdered, at the bottom. His appearance was altered from the night before; different clothes, shaved off his beard. He has a scar on his leg from surgery, probably due to polio. Police learn he was Arthur Pike, renting a small place to live on the property of Margaret and Eric Reid. Mattie's friend Eadie getting married. Gus and Blake perform the autopsy; showing blows to the head, and soft hands, unexpected for a gold miner. Arthur had left the gold sample at the bar, as payment for the drinks he said were on him. A metallurgist says the gold is good, and there is quartz and coal in the sample. Eadie's fiancé Russ comes in for treatment of a splinter wound; Blake calls the police. The new British Consul General, arrives; Blake attends the reception. He speaks up about British behaviour to Australia during WWII, after he has drunk too much, ending in a punch to Lawson, who intervened. At the jail where Russ and Blake are held, Blake asks Russ to talk to talk him to distract him as the doctor suffers PTSD from beind kept in a confined space. Russ says he went to the mine site in hopes of finding gold, to pay for a honeymoon and found none. The ladder rungs broke under him, and he did not see Arthur or his car. Blake advises Lawson to speak with Eric Reid, rather than Russ. Two detectives arrive from Melbourne. Lawson says the driver's license was forged, so police do not know Arthur's real name. Blake goes to the Melbourne hospital that specializes in that sort of surgery. Margaret returns to Blake, saying she believes she is pregnant, not by her husband but by Arthur, whose name ias John Strickland. She wants to leave her bully of a husband. Eric claims he was with another woman the night of the murder. Jan Vennick, the man who owned the land before Strickland says there was no gold in that mine. Some time earlier, gold was stolen in Melbourne from Joe Springer's father, never found. The father died, and Joe and his mother moved to Ballarat. Blake finds Joe in the mine, where a wall caved in; Joe killed Strickland yet never found the gold. The stolen gold was found by police in Strickland's car. which was packed to leave town with Margaret; he used the claim site to explain the stolen gold. Lawson outdoes the Melbourne detectives, and is pleased. Blake calls Margaret and Eric in, saying a mix up in the lab shows she is pregnant, and Eric is the father. He advises Eric to take special care of Margaret. Then Blake apologizes to Jean for the words he spoke at the reception, hurtful to all who lost someone in the war.
1010"Someone's Son, Someone's Daughter"Ian BarryJane Allen5 April 2013 (2013-04-05)1.045[12]

After a party at the hospital, Hazel Mahoney and Carol Stanning argue not far from where Mattie is standing. Later that evening, Mattie finds Hazel Mahoney, Ballarat Hospital's first female surgeon, hanging in apparent suicide. Mattie tries resuscitation, but Hazel is dead. Doctor Geoffrey Nicholson is an officious man on the hospital board who makes Hazel's life a misery, according to her and Mattie's last conversation. The autopsy shows she was dead before being hanged. Nancy Carmody tells the police she was upset about her grades from Dr Mahoney, so Carol had taken Dr Mahoney's record book in an effort to make the grades better; when Blake sees Nancy, he knows that Nancy is not a suspect, and needs some help herself. Joy McDonald appears in town to do a story at the request of Patrick Tyneman, who is on the hospital board, about Blake, but he talks her into digging about Dr Nicholson. At the board meeting, Blake embarrasses himself by accusing Nicholson. Joy offers to help find Blake's long-missing wife and child. Jean is upset at Blake's behaviour, telling him he is making his own troubles. Then he opens a letter telling him that his wife has died. Blake becomes suspicious of the autopsy blood tests and draws his own sample at the mortuary; Gus darkens the room and challenges Blake, but Blake challenges Gus that he is a morphine addict, learned from the records of the hospital pharmacist. Dr Mahoney knew and had offered to help him. Lawson comes in the nick of time to stop the action and take Gus away. Blake gets a telegram saying his daughter is alive, so he leaves by taxi, headed for Shanghai to meet her. He leaves a new placard in his own name for his medical office, to replace his father's name plate, as Ballarat is feeling like home.

Guest cast: John Wood and Sara Gleeson
Last regular appearance of Constable Daniel Parks and Assistant Gus Hawting

Series 2 (2014)

No. in
Title[13] Directed by Written by Original air date AUS viewers
111"The Heart of the Matter"Declan EamesStuart Page7 February 2014 (2014-02-07)1.117[14]

Blake returns from Shanghai just as Ballarat's re-elected mayor Graham Trevorrow is murdered. New senior constable Charlie Davis has taken Danny Parks's place on the force; he interviews councillor Adeline Campbell, who first saw the mayor's body on the stairs, and the next morning interviews the contentious Bruce Beattie, who failed to win the position of mayor the day before. Lawson thinks that Davis may have been sent by Melbourne to watch over the Ballarat police force. Patrick Tyneman invited reporter Joy McDonald to Ballarat, expecting political change. Blake meets Mrs McDonald for a drink; he recommends she speak with Carl Laidley at the town hall. Mrs Campbell wears the lipstick color found on Trevorrow's handkerchief. She is an independent councillor persuaded to vote for Trevorrow by his ally Doug Calahan. Lawson brings Blake from home to see Joy McDonald, dead in the same place as the mayor; the sight removes the happy smile Blake has had since his return. Blake speaks with Laidley at the jail cell; Blake does not believe Laidley did it, nor does Lawson. Tyneman disliked Trevorrow, backs Beattie. Blake visits town hall and sees blood up on a ceiling light fixture; Doug Calahan enters the office and then runs from Blake, falling over the stair railing. Blake and Laidley save him from the fall that Blake realises killed Mrs McDonald. Calahan killed the mayor after he bragged about being with Mrs Campbell; the self-centered politician took one thing too many. Joy's death was an accident, though Calahan was struggling with her. He is charged. Once it is over, Jean asks about his daughter, Li. He shows the photo of her at 23. She was not happy to see him, settled with the family that took her in years ago, though he was pleased to see her thriving. He is told that his wife did not survive.

Guest cast: John Wood and Sara Gleeson
First regular appearance of Constable Charlie Davis and last appearance of Joy McDonald
122"The Food of Love"Declan EamesPete McTighe14 February 2014 (2014-02-14)1.011[15]

Bobby Lee, lead singer of a rock and roll group, dies in an alley, of a single stab wound, outside Ballarat's concert hall amongst his fans, including Mattie. The police do the autopsy in the basement of the cellar of the nearby pub owned by Mr Bowen, saying the police morgue is full, and the hospital cannot accept the body. Blake does the autopsy with the aid of Charlie Davis, finding Lee was stabbed and he died after the stabbing, but not instantly. The police investigate his fans including the pub owner's 16 year old daughter Peggy, another young female fan, other band members and a preacher with a violent past who hates rock and roll, the devil's music. One of his band mates, Tony the piano player who started the band with Bobby Lee, argued with Lee after the performance, and was overheard outside the venue. He tells them Bobby Lee is the stage name for Gunther Hansen. Mattie spends the day in a cell, next to Tony, after accidentally assaulting senior constable Davis while assisting a 16-year-old girl, Shirley Freedman, who is heartbroken at the death of Bobby Lee. Constable Ned Simmons makes calls on the background of Preacher McArthur, who has prior arrests, including using a knife. Using photographs taken by a man outside the venue, Blake and Charlie Davis walk through the time from when Lee left the building and when he collapsed. It becomes clear that Lee was stabbed inside the venue. Shirley's father comes looking for her; she is at the police station being questioned. She found Lee-related items outside the venue, and she pulled the ring off his finger when he fell down dead. Blake realizes the items belonged to Peggy Bowen, and when her father comes downstairs, Mr Bowen admits that he stabbed Lee when he brought the complimentary beer to the band. Peggy thought she had been pregnant by Lee, and lost the baby, though Mattie learns from her that she never met him. Her father is arrested. Back at home, Blake comes home to find Jean listening to some of that rock and roll music.

Guest cast: Cameron Daddo
133"A Foreign Field"Lee RogersMarcia Gardner21 February 2014 (2014-02-21)0.914 (Overnight)[16]

Two women from the local library and historical society find the body of a man by a tree in the botanical garden, having been there overnight. The autopsy reveals he died by cyanide, which Blake identifies by its odor during the autopsy and a rhyme learned in WWII on how to identify poison gases. The clothes on the body have no labels. The trail begins when a key is recognized as one from a locker at the train station, where his destination in Ballarat is identified, and a page from a book of poetry by A D Hope is found. People at the botanical garden saw the man kissing a blonde woman under the tree the day before he was found. When his wife, Mrs Lola Lundqvist from Castlemaine, appears at the station, they believe they have his name, Sven Lundqvist, born in Sweden. A mentally impaired man, Aaron, had been hiding in the bushes, and he recognises that Mrs Lundqvist was not the woman seen with the victim in the botanic garden, not the same shape. The librarian tells the police the man was Dutch, because he said so while talking about poetry by A D Hope. The book from the library was not on the shelf; he gave it to the woman who ran his rooming house. There is a page of coded writing in the book. Meanwhile, Lawson has taken calls from several women giving a name for the dead man, their lover or husband; the names belonged to infants or boys who died long before: Sven, Tor Olsen and Niels van der Berg. Blake tries to decode the message in the book; Jean recognizes a phone number in the message and calls it, reaching the historical society. Blake admits to Jean that he spent time after the war working as a government agent, when she tells him that her husband is buried in a foreign country, where he died in WWII. Blake re-enacts the crime scene in the park with Jean, who remarks that the woman may have held the man to hide his body reacting to cyanide. Mattie and Blake find Aaron again in the garden; he wears the coat from the dead man, and a blonde hair from a wig is on the coat. It begins to make sense now. Mattie and Aaron accompany Blake to the library, where Aaron identifies Miss Harris. Miss Martha Harris of the local historical society, and in the local communist party, had been his lover and she left the message in the book. She confesses after Blake stops her from taking a cyanide pill. While wearing a blonde wig owned by her ill aunt, she killed her lover because he was unfaithful to her. His name is never known for sure, an agent for another government, perhaps the Soviet Union. Alice Harvey, a new pathologist joins the Ballarat medical team.

Guest cast: Edwina Wren, Sibylla Budd and Mark Casamento
First regular appearance of Dr. Alice Harvey
144"Smoke and Mirrors"Lee RogersChelsea Cassio28 February 2014 (2014-02-28)1.111[17]

Cec Drury of the Colonists Club is standing outside the club about 9:30 pm when a man falls on to the roof of a car, and dies with serious internal injuries, and a packet of loose tobacco on him. Noel Ashford was the president of the local flying club. Doctors Harvey and Blake start the autopsy together. Blake is called away to assess the injuries to police constable Martin by a hit-and-run driver the same night. Superintendent Lawson and Charlie Davis find the vehicle, a delivery truck owned by Leon Woods, owner of Ballarat Apple Farm. The next morning, the autopsy proceeds; Ashford's body looks like that of a parachutist whose chute did not open, including frost bite on his face; this leads Blake to think Ashford fell from a plane, not the roof of the club. Ashford's wife says Noel did not smoke, leaving the tobacco a mystery. The truck is not one of the two trucks owned by Woods, but a third one painted to look like one of his trucks by an unknown person. At the flying club, Blake and Davis examine the log book and speak with Hugh Dankworth and his co-pilot Lyle Townsend. Barber Willard Baxter has unlicensed loose tobacco for sale; he can get more in 5 hours, the flying time to the nearest source of tobacco. The phony Apple Farm truck was carrying contraband loose tobacco. Blake speaks again with the two pilots and sees that their plane had mud on the tires. The two admit to flying after dark, but say they were back at the airfield by 7:30 pm. Blake observes that Dankworth is red-green colour blind, which makes it difficult to read the plane's controls. Dankworth is arrested, though he and Lyle deny having Noel Ashford aboard. Local farmers complain about plane noise at both 6 pm and 9:30 pm, and Blake realizes it was two different planes. Charlie has a date with Beatrice from the airfield, and Blake interrupts their date. They find another plane in a hangar, with fresh mud on the tires, but Beatrice has no record of it flying. Townsend has a record of flying contraband, so Lawson calls in Willard Baxter to close this connection, and arrests him. At the same time, Blake is at the airfield inspecting the plane, when Beatrice enters the co-pilot seat and then Sarah Alexander gets in the pilot seat. Sarah starts the plane, intending to fly with Blake, but a police vehicle drives on the airstrip until she stops the engines. Those two piloted the tobacco flights. Sarah Alexander's father was killed in a plane accident while Noel Ashford survived and she is bitter about her father's death. Sarah's mother remarried, to Ashford, very difficult for Sarah. Ashford had been inspecting the plane, suspecting illegal use of it, when Sarah and Beatrice entered it, unaware of his presence, and took off. Sarah tells Lawson that Ashford's fall from the plane was an accident, but Lawson says it is murder because she failed to help him when the plane's door popped open as the plane banked without its pilot in her seat. Lawson then calls out Charlie Davis for taking Beatrice on a date, when she was a suspect. How much police information did he share? Lawson is angry. Charlies offers to resign, but Lawson says no.

Guest cast: Freya Stafford
155"Crossing The Line"Pino AmentaChelsea Cassio7 March 2014 (2014-03-07)1.020[18]

Jean goes to the cinema to see Vertigo. Instead of a film, the audience sees smoke from the projection room. Richard Taylor, a firefighter from Adelaide visiting Ballarat, races to the projection room and drags Adam Summers from the room, but Adam is dead. In the autopsy, Blake and Harvey find bruising around his neck, and in answering the question, why did Adam not run out when the fire began, realize he had been unconscious; it was a murder. Charlie and Blake separately interview people, learning how Miles McLaren, the manager of the cinema hated his projectionist, and had recently had a sealed door installed on the projection room. Adam had private showings in the cinema for his friends. Charlie learns that McLaren undercounts his sales to cheat the film distributor, explaining his odd lie to Lawson. Blake finds some partially destroyed, 16 mm film in the projection room, which is not the 35 mm standard for the cinema. In Adam's wallet is a bill for a four poster bed delivered to a derelict mansion owned by Patrick Tyneman's son, Edward. Mattie attends a hen party for Amelia, fiancée of Vincent Foster, while Edward Tyneman and other friends host Vincent at the buck (stag) party in the next room. Charlie goes to the stag party, using the invitation to Adam, and finds a 16 mm projector there, perhaps connected to the film found in the projection room. Jean invites Richard home for dinner, after he calls her. Blake comes home early, and asks Richard questions about the fire, how long the oxygen to support a fire would last in that projection room with the new sealed door; just a few minutes. Edward Tyneman is unco-operative when Lawson questions him about what happens at his property. Charlie and Blake save some of the 16 mm film that was in the projectionist's room and show it at Blake's house; Mattie recognizes a woman in the film, her friend Amelia Yorke. Amelia's brother Paddy borrowed money from Edward Tyneman; when he could not pay it back, Edward said Amelia could pay it back by posing for his pornography, for which she is ashamed, though she knows there were other girls filmed as well. Richard and Jean come home when the film is running, which shocks Richard. Then Blake finds Richard at the Ealing Estate, Edward's property, about to set fire to it; his niece Rebecca was one of the other girls in Edward's pornographic films. His niece is now under medical care. The supposedly private pornography was shown all around the country, so her father, the late brother of Richard, saw it shown in his local pub. Blake walks away with him, with no plans of telling anyone what Richard almost did there. In Edward's next visit with Superintendent Lawson, he sees himself caught in the mirror in an image in the salvaged film. Patrick shows up and tells Edward he is on his own, his behaviour is disgusting. The Tyneman wealth will not protect Edward from the penalties associated with making pornography. Jean remarks that Richard was a good man, but he had something sad about him. He did set a fire to burn the films, and it killed a man.

Guest cast John Wood
First appearance of Edward Tyneman
166"Mortal Coil"Pino AmentaStuart Page14 March 2014 (2014-03-14)1.002[19]
At the funeral for Edith Woodley, a friend of Jean, the pallbearers drop the coffin, and it bursts open to reveal two bodies. The second body is Sid Bartel, age 70, an itinerant scrap metal dealer who has been shot in the head, and was beaten when alive. The autopsy reveals Bartel was shot in the back, running away. Blake knew him in childhood. The driver for the funeral home hit Bartel's cart with their car, and beat Bartel up. Using Bartel's horse and cart, Blake retraces his route to an abandoned shed and discovers evidence of another murder. Lawson is angry that Blake took the cart, as it was evidence; nonetheless Lawson and Charlie Davis examine the signs of two murders at the shed, Bartel and an unknown. Lawson and Davis are perturbed by Blake's erratic behaviour. Jean relates that her doctor says she has reduced liver function, though she had no blood tests; Blake sent his own blood under her name for test and is concerned for his own mortality. Blake and Lawson dig up another body, at night in the cemetery at the site of the last burial before Bartel was found. They find two bodies in one casket, again, and again from the Callow funeral home. The other body was Andrew Morgan; the autopsy reveals his death was likely an execution. Morgan's brother has not been seen lately, so Lawson searches for him. Davis tells Lawson how he was sent from Melbourne to check up on Ballarat, and they think Blake is a liability; Lawson says Blake simply needs managing. Lawson closes down the funeral home run by the Callows. Blake sees Miss Callow involved with Steven Morris, the son of his friend, at the funeral home, which is supposed to be closed. Blake returns alone to the shed, finding its downstairs area and the third man, Victor Morgan, alive. Harold Morris appears at the shed with his service pistol; his homemade whiskey was in the cellar. After a scuffle, Blake has Harold's pistol and wounds Harold in self-defense. Steven tells the police how his father killed Andy Morgan, and then Sid Bartel, who interrupted him in killing both brothers. Blake tells Harold, no longer Blake's friend, how Sid Bartel survived Fromelles, the worst WWI battle that Australians had seen, and Harold, a veteran of WWII, shot Sid in the back, a disgrace. Harold had broken the legs of the father of Andy and Victor years earlier, having learned to be easy with violence from war. Blake tells him that was a choice. Blake finds he has hepatitis, not cirrhosis, from Alice Harvey. She figures that his hand tremors arose from him stopping drinking, after misdiagnosing himself.
177"The Silence"Declan EamesPete McTighe21 March 2014 (2014-03-21)1.101[20]
Joseph Lennox, the headmaster of the local elementary school is found dead in his office from a blow to the head, probably from a school trophy, and a ruptured spleen; the excessive bleeding is at first a mystery to Blake and Alice Harvey. Lennox has warfarin in his blood at high dose. Lawson suspects the deputy headmaster Donald McAvoy, who had bullied him at the same school which McAvoy, Lawson and Blake attended as youngsters. Charlie Davis and Blake search the Lennox house, finding one woman's earring and his medications, one containing warfarin. Blake visits the tuck shop (eatery) run by Mrs Wooton, where he finds a package of the rat poison containing warfarin; it is not allowed in a food preparation location. Lennox got lunch and dinner from the tuck shop daily. Police investigate how the poison was administered and the women involved with the headmaster, including Caroline Palmer, a teacher fired six weeks earlier who had helped at the tuck shop but not since she was fired from the school. Miss Blackwell, secretary at the school, reported that Lennox ate his breakfast at home. A more sinister story emerges from two siblings at the school, Paul and Lisa Wooton. Paul tells Charlie Davies that he heard Lennox and Blackwell shouting at the school that day, when he went back to pick up his school trophy. Blake considers Lennox's diet, and figures he liked tea and cake, not yet analyzed. He takes sweets for tea from the tuck shop and shares them with Jean, Mattie, and Superintendent Lawson. Then he wants to do a blood test on them to test for warfarin; they refuse. Blake ate the coconut cake, a lamington, having found shreds of coconut under Lennox's desk The lamington was the source of the warfarin to Lennox. Blackwell admits to the police the loud argument with Lennox shortly before his death, when Lennox called her a pathetic woman. The tuck shop baked lamington cakes regularly for Lennox; specifically, her son Paul baked them. The earring found belonged to Lisa. Mrs Wooton's husband left her. Caroline Palmer told Mrs Wooton of seeing Lennox abusing Lisa, but Mrs Wooton did not believe her. Miss Palmer tells her own story to Lawson of abuse by her uncle during childhood, when her father did not believe her, after Lawson pulled the trophy used to hit Lennox from her garden waste. Lawson believes her, tells her that Paul had been putting warfarin in the cakes, and then arrests her for the assault. Davis and Blake find Paul and Lisa on the road, where Lisa threatens to jump from the bridge. Blake talks her out of jumping and off the bridge wall. Paul was poisoning the headmaster because of what he did to his sister and will face juvenile justice. Mattie wonders if she should have picked up on the girl's situation. Lawson returns the shoes to McAvoy on his day off, facing him down as he bullies a student.
188"The Ties of the Past"Declan EamesMarcia Gardner28 March 2014 (2014-03-28)1.069[21]

An art class begins; the instructor Geoffrey Ledwith pulls down the screen to reveal a bloody and dead woman, Virginia McKay, the life model and girlfriend of Ledwith. She is posed like a woman in a famous painting in the gallery. Barry Johnstone, director of the gallery, seeks the gallery keys given to Miss McKay, which were not with her possessions. Blake is reminded of his late mother, a painter, at the art gallery. Patrick Tyneman is a main benefactor of the art gallery, which is about to start a special exhibit. Charlie Davis and Blake find broken pottery at McKay's place; they pursue Ledwith at his pottery studio, where he goes after Blake. Lawson questions him at the police station, where Ledwith explains his habit of destroying any pottery not perfect. Blake thinks the murder weapon might have been a potter's tool, but can find no blood on it. Miss McKay was an artist and she worked for the director of the gallery, who had nothing good to say about her. Artist Elaine Greenslade shared her flat and knew her since before Miss McKay studied in Melbourne under Brendan Ross. A painting is stolen from the art gallery, between the guard's rounds. The guard, Ted Baldwin, is found next day hit by a car, in a coma, but alive, with the stolen painting near him. Examining the museum, Blake says that Baldwin gave the stolen painting to a partner in crime. Lawson calls in Ledwith again, and Blake tells him he is wrong to think that Miss McKay was not a true artist just because she was a woman; further, that Ledwith is no artist. In the gallery, Johnstone refers to the one painting by Blake's mother as minor and in the gallery only because the artist was local; he is at least embarrassed when Blake says his mother painted it. Blake's father locked his wife's room in the house when she died, 40 years earlier, when he also sent Lucien off to boarding school. Blake now unlocks the door. A print of a painting by Genevieve Ettienne, his mother, is in McKay's books. David Davies, now a famous Australian painter but once taught by Genevieve Ettienne, gave Blake's mother a painting, which made her husband jealous. She then painted a portrait of her friend Agnes Clasby over the Davies painting because her husband sold the painting to Patrick Tyneman's father, Michael, but the transaction was not completed due to the painting being "lost". Blake's father donated the painting of Agnes Clasby to the local gallery. This is the painting that was meant to be stolen from the gallery; Johnstone had moved it in the process of making space for the special exhibit of works by Davies, and it is re-hung in its original space. Professor Brendan Ross of the Melbourne National Gallery is caught easily stealing the Davies painting, painted over by Blake's mother, in the trap set up by the police, with the missing gallery keys in his pocket. Ross killed McKay, the student he rejected but who had realized what was under the painting by Genevieve Ettienne. Ross also hit Baldwin with his car. That settled, Blake and Tyneman discuss the painting by Blake's mother; Blake comes home with it.

Guest cast: John Wood, Helen Morse
199"The Sky Is Empty"Ian BarryChelsea Cassio4 April 2014 (2014-04-04)1.083[22]

The story opens in church with the priest, Cyril Morton giving a wandering Sunday sermon against adultery. Jean comes to church the next day for confession in the morning, and finds Father Morton dead in the confessional. He died the night before. Evelyn Toohey, his housekeeper, thinks she killed him by giving him a new fruit to eat, a kiwi from New Zealand, as he died of anaphylactic shock. She gave it to him as he was called out in the evening by a late-night penitent. At the autopsy they learn from specialist Mr Michaels that Father Morton had a brain tumor, and see that he was stung many times by bees, to which Father Morton was allergic. Superintendent Lawson seems a bit jumpy, and tells Charlie Davis to take charge of the case. At the scene, Charlie and Blake find broken glass, dead bees and a bible with candle wax on one page; their theory is that someone knew of the priest's allergy to bee stings and barred the priest's door after tossing in a jar of bees with him and blocking the door. Ben Lloyd and his wife Celia walked out on that sermon. The church sewing circle, including Jean, Celia and Dorothy Turner, prepare the linens for the funeral. Dorothy walks out on crutches. Celia announces that she is pregnant, but has not told her husband yet. Jean reveals that Celia is angry with Father Morton, as his sermons lately seemed to match her confessions, which should be private. His brain tumor is reaching into the frontal lobe and may have been affecting his judgment. Police at the Lloyd house are restraining Ben, who has injured his wife. Blake is called to treat Celia, wounded in the abdomen by her husband. At the hospital, she and her baby are found to be in good condition. Ben is looking like a suspect for killing the priest. Evelyn gives letters written by new priest Father Emery, which she said were complaints to the archdiocese about Father Morton, and she would not mail them; Lawson will not let his officers open sealed mail without a warrant. Father Morton's recent sermons, in review, were about the commandments, but each one tied to the secrets of one person. The next sermon written, not yet given, has the topic of murder, or the sanctity of life and the philosophy of live and let live. The bees in the confessional were Cyprian bees. The police find a keeper of Cyprian bees outside town and away from home, and visit that scene with Father Emery, who keeps Ligurian bees. They find one hive tampered, and see cigar ash, the way an amateur would produce the smoke that normally calms bees. Blake says, we have found our killer; he and Charlie visit the medical specialist, surgeon Mr David Michaels, who confesses when Blake challenges him. Michaels was the specialist operating on Dorothy's husband after a car crash, and let the husband die, as he had brutally beaten his wife, disabling her, and Michaels had confessed that sin to the priest whose brain was being taken over by a tumor. After hearing that the case was solved, Superintendent Lawson tells them he is going to Melbourne, called there to face a disciplinary board. Blake visits the church in early morning, to ask aloud of God, did he give a sign to Father Morton about losing his mind due to the tumor? Did God think of all those people in the parish? Blake was last in church for a funeral; now he expects no answer from God, and ends by saying, I can't.

First appearance of Father Emery
2010"An Invincible Summer"Ian BarryStuart Page11 April 2014 (2014-04-11)1.060[23]

Jack Beazley, Jean's 24 year-old son, wins a running race, which is how his mother learns he is in town. Charlie Davis is also running in the race. A window washer sees three dead people at the Dennison home. The police find the Dennison parents and one son dead. Another son ran in the race, and the daughter's whereabouts are not known. Acting Superintendent Doug Ashby is at the scene when Blake arrives. Blake finds the terrified daughter, Aileen, in a cupboard. She is blind, and reports to Blake and Ashby what she heard, three shots, but the police know five shots happened. Her brother Owen returns from the race. Cameron Dennison, his wife Lorna and son Samuel are identified by Cameron's brother Clyde, who tells the police there is a third son Albert, a disgrace to the family who goes by Corrigan. The Dennison family are wealthy, old money per Tyneman, and generous; they sponsored the race that day. Patrick Tyneman demands Ashby explain who has been arrested, as people are calling the newspaper for information. Charlie gets Albert to the police station; Albert gets upset and violent when told his mother is dead; Blake sedates him. Albert tells police he last saw his father a week earlier, when it was made official that he was not in his father's will. They had fought earlier, and Albert was injured, leaving a scar. Charlie reveals to Blake his injury from Jack hitting him during the race, when it seemed that Charlie would win. At home, Jean explains that Albert was cut off because he wanted to marry a Catholic girl; she dislikes Clyde Dennison. Jack stays at Blake's home, where he meets Mattie. Ashby questions Clyde Dennison, who has been in court to take control of the family's many assets in the prior year, and he lost. Ashby has the court records opened before he questions Clyde, who will inherit. Police are called to intercept people driving into town after an armed robbery. There is a fierce shoot-out between them and the police. Ashby kills Ray Banford, the man trying to kill Charlie. Ivy Douglas survives the shoot out; she is pregnant, and Jack is the father. Ashby calls Jack in for questioning as a long ago friend of Ray. Jack was arrested ten years earlier by Ashby, and sent out of town at age 14, soon after his father had died. Ashby orders Blake off the case once Jack is suspected. Blake still worries about lividity of the corpses, the changing appearance of the body after death. The dog bowl is full of dinner scraps. Studying the photos, it appears that the morning newspaper was placed on the table after the shootings, staging the appearance; the blood on the newspaper is not human blood. Blake deduces that the murders could have happened up to 12 hours before the morning discovery. Tyneman publishes where Jack is living in the morning paper, and a crowd of men appear at Blake's house, and attack Jean. Charlie and Blake intervene. Charlie takes Owen Dennison in for questioning, while Blake deals with Aileen who faces him with a gun and makes clear that she aligned with her uncle Clyde, that her father was giving away the family wealth, and directed her brother Owen to do the shooting. Blake gets the gun out of her hand, and she too is arrested. Blake tells Jack how his mother stood up to the crowd of men for him. Jack replies with accusations, then goes home and packs his bags to leave. Blake makes it clear to Jean that she lives there, and her son is welcome in the future; they are always our children.

Guest cast: John Wood, John Stanton
First regular appearance of Acting Superintendent Douglas Ashby

Series 3 (2015)

No. in
Title[24] Directed by Written by Original air date AUS viewers
211"King of the Lake"Pino AmentaMichael Harvey13 February 2015 (2015-02-13)1.174[25]

There are two boats in a rowing competition, with a crowd cheering them on, including Patrick Tyneman. The crowd cheers the winning pair of rowers, from the college; then the losers from the high school accuse Dennis of cheating. Arnie Ross and Dennis Goodman are tossed into the water as part of the celebration, and only one comes out. Per the autopsy, Dennis died with a lot of water in his lungs, indicating his larynx never closed, as it should have. Ashby gives Blake 24 hours to demonstrate this is a murder, not an accident, then ups the ante to suspending Blake if there is no quick decision. The boy's father Herbert hampers the investigation, telling no truth to the police. The father had been an Olympian. Dennis's girlfriend Rachel mentions how Dennis would not taste his lemonade because it was not yellow enough. Dennis took Rachel away from his rowing partner, Arnie. Mrs Monica Goodman, before she was married, was the first girl Blake ever courted, but then he left for school and the army. She has a second son, Lucas, considered academically gifted but working hard rowing, too. Beth Webb is the mother of Timmy Webb, on the losing team, and she trained Mattie. Charlie Davis dove into the lake, and found an item in the water; Arnie said he kicked Dennis under the water. Les Bates, one of the losing rowers, reveals that Herbert Goodman roughed up his son before each race, demonstrating on Blake. Tyneman switches from sponsoring Dennis Goodman, to Tim Webb. Dr Harvey finds that Dennis was injecting himself with testosterone, a performance enhancer. Rachel later says Dennis was seeing another girl, so she put vodka in his drink hoping he would be caught, as alcohol is forbidden. Arnie helped her spike the drink with vodka. Then the "yellow thing' is brought up, as Dennis kept saying things were not yellow enough. The other woman friend, Rachel's mother, reports Dennis was dizzy once, but something in his sports bag got him better. Digoxin, a medicine derived from the foxglove plant, makes things appear yellow; it is treatment for heart problems. That medicine is put in Blake's mind by seeing the phrase 'extract of foxglove' on his mother's records. Lucas confirms that his brother was taking something. Tim Webb switched the digoxin for diet medication; without the digoxin, Dennis's heart would stop in the cold water. Dennis's sports bag is finally found on the roof of the boathouse, complete with needles, testosterone and digoxin bottle. Tim had looked all this up once he found what medications Dennis has been taking. a month earlier. Without the digoxin, things that had looked yellow to Dennis, now looked the wrong color – the yellow thing. Tim's life is now changed totally, from that decision to switch the digoxin with pills that looked the same; he will be tried for murder. Dennis's father feels his son's death is his fault, for the inherited heart condition. His son is a boy who is not missed by many besides his parents. Ashby tells Blake he has many enemies, and Ashby is not one of them. From the newly found file, Blake learns his mother had a miscarriage when he was two years old, and she had been diabetic.

Guest cast: John Wood
222"My Brother's Keeper"Pino AmentaPino Amenta20 February 2015 (2015-02-20)1.063[26]

A fight breaks out among men who are gambling in a game of two-up in McCain's Alley. One man walks away to the cattle pens, and sits on the fence. Later, boys reach the farm and see him dead, trampled by the unpenned cattle. They report their news the next morning. The body is identified by his watch and being on what they think is his own farm, Mark Dempster. There is a shoe imprint near the body, unusual in its shape. Doctors Blake and Alice Harvey await identification. Mrs Barbara Dempster says it is not her husband Mark, but her brother-in-law Ben. Ashby tells Blake he is leaving, as the new man is here. Superintendent William Munro does not like Blake from the start, and tries to limit him in solving the crimes. Munro is brusque and pushy from the start. Blake examines Nathan Eaton, one of those fighting the night before and beat up. Blake learns that the two Dempster brothers left the fight at the same time, though not together. Ben's wife is Ruth. Blake and Charlie Davis interview Ruth, who describes their money problems, as her husband is not a good manager. Mark Dempster shows up at his farm. He slept in the barn so his wife could honestly say she did not know where he was overnight, when he lost his watch to his brother by gambling. He wears the unusual shoes, custom made for him, but cannot explain how the print appeared next to his brother's body. Blake notices that a Gold Tooth Aloe, at his own home, is the same as found at Ruth Dempster's place. That was once the farm where Jean and her late husband Christopher lived; she took a piece of the plant when she moved to work for Blake's father. She accompanies Davis and Blake for the second meeting with Ruth, as Jean knows her. Jean tells the story of how her husband went away to the war after she argued with him, as she wants to see the world and he was content with a simpler life, and she never saw him again. Her grief is still like Ruth's, despite the time that has passed. The lettuce crop at the farm is ruined by herbicide, so Blake takes a piece of a plant to learn which herbicide. Ruth mentions Nathan Eaton, the real estate agent, who had been trying to sell their farm. Eaton tells police that he did apply the herbicide once, but another realtor arranged the sale of that farm, which Ruth did not know, and is why Nathan punched Ben. The money from the sale cleared the mortgage debt, but there is no money for Ruth to inherit. Peter Muir, the bank manager for the Dempster brothers, pulls the prize money from the upcoming agricultural competition. He proves to be a gambler, who gambled the prize money away, his and his family's money. Blake meets farmhand Helen and her daughter Janet at Mark Dempster's farm; Barbara cannot find her husband's work boots. Someone else was wearing them. Blake remarks to Jean that Janet looks like Mark Dempster; Davis gets confirmation of that. Jean tells Blake where she would hide cash, in the freezer, where Blake finds the cash from the sale of the farm. Mark tells Munro it is the cash from the sale of Ben's farm, given to Mark to manage. Blake is sorting items in old boxes, learning about his mother's death. Blake notices the eye color of people at the two farms; Janet has brown eyes, but the two people said to be her parents are both blue-eyed, and a child from them should have blue eyes. Helen admits that Ben was Janet's father. Blake realizes Ruth's possible role in the murder, at the same time that Ruth tells Jean that she knew her husband had hooked up with Helen, and learned the week before he was giving her money. Blake arrives at the farm in time to stop Ruth from a second killing, and she then tells the police how she killed her husband. Blake has solved this murder; nonetheless, Munro lectures him and sets the job up as with him or against him. At home, Jean mentions that she had plans for when her husband returned, to make clear he was man enough. Blake tells her, now is the start of her "being ready" for the next step in her life.

Guest cast: Jane Allsop
First regular appearance of Chief Superintendent Munro
233"This Time and This Place"Fiona BanksMichael Miller27 February 2015 (2015-02-27)1.156[27]
Emma Keneally is shot dead at a Bonfire Night celebration; she was with Mattie and some young children. Sergeant Bill Hobart arrests Winston Cummings, an Aboriginal boy from the orphanage seen holding a gun in his hand. Hobart is rough with the boy. Blake observes at the scene that it was a left-handed shooter, after Charlie Davis finds the gun, a Luger from the war. A boy, Tommy, gives false testimony that he saw Winston shoot; Charlie points out that was not possible given where Tommy was placed. Blake visits the orphanage and does health checks on the children, with Mattie. Mattie finds Mary Jackson in tears at Winston's bed, where his book by Martin Luther King, Jr. sits, with a love letter in it. Jean receives a letter that her son Christopher's wife is expecting a baby. Mrs Olivia Goldsmith comes in with an injury from Bonfire Night; he drives her home and talks with Mr Ian Goldsmith, who has been advocating for the aboriginal children to be enrolled in the public schools, meeting much opposition. There was an explosion in the bonfire; Blake figures out that a can of gunpowder tossed into the bonfire made an explosion with a blue flame. Winston tossed that into the bonfire, leaving an odour of gunpowder on him. Blake then demonstrates that Winston needs eyeglasses, being shortsighted. His eyesight does not support an ability to make the shots that killed Emma. Blake and Mattie visit a shop run by Tommy and his dad Kevin Van Der Hayden, who tackled Winston. Charlie tells Blake that Olivia Goldsmith is a member of the local gun club, while Mattie looks at Emma's diary. Then Sergeant Bill Hobart angrily pushes Blake out. At home, Blake suggests turning their dinner of vegetables into soup for the children at the orphanage run by Catholic nuns. Maroopna is the town that was home to the orphans. Munro tells Charlie that he knew Charlie's late father, working a police beat, emphasising how he was his own man, trying to break Charlie's trust of Blake. Blake writes to his daughter Lee in China. Mrs Goldsmith was taping at the Bonfire Night; Blake finds the tape in her trash bin. The tape reveals that the gunshots happened before the explosion in the bonfire, knocking down a theory that the explosion was meant to cover the noise of the shots. Blake and Mattie seek Mary, who has run to her brothers in Maroopna; she slept outdoors with no coat, which triggers Mattie to recall that Mary gave her coat to Emma on Bonfire Night. Mary was the intended target, not Emma. At the Van Der Hayden's shop, Tommy admits he is in love with Mary, but she loves Winston; he wrote the love letter to her. He brought his grandfather's Luger pistol to Bonfire Night, and shot the wrong young woman. At home, Blake reflects on his own daughter's difficult life in orphanages in China, a girl half-white and half-Chinese, mother dead and father gone.
244"By the Southern Cross"Fiona BanksRoger Monk6 March 2015 (2015-03-06)1.103[28]

Young people from the university in Melbourne stage a protest at the memorial for the Eureka Rebellion. Mattie is present when the police break up the small gathering and a photographer takes her picture. Arguments continue at a bar, a fight breaks out and they bar closes. Next morning, Wendy Smith sees Des Somerville lying dead on the steps of the memorial. Mattie's father Martin. the ministry for industry and commerce, is at breakfast at Blake's home, when Blake is called to the memorial. In the autopsy, substantial blood loss is expected, but none was present at the scene. A second blow to the head was post mortem, showing that the body was moved. The students are members of the CPA; they stay at the house of Colin Doyle, where Charlie Davis questions Joseph Beville, a medical student, and Wendy. At the same time, Colin Doyle is punched in the nose by Blake and caught by Munro, while another youth tosses red paint on Martin O'Brien, in protest of his speech that morning, after being introduced by business owner Ken Farmer. Blake meets Davis at Doyle's home, where they find the track of a wheel leading to the memorial. Then Charlie and Blake question Georgie Bromley, nephew of Ken Farmer. Doyle gave photographs to Patrick Tyneman's newspaper, revealed under harsh questioning by Munro. Blake gives Munro an autopsy report, on time but incomplete. Later, Constable Simmons calls Davis and Blake to Doyle's house, where there is a fight. Blake tells Mattie that Doyle used her to get to her father and used Georgie to get to his uncle. At the political dinner at the club, Munro makes a point of mentioning that Blake's daughter is in China, a Communist nation, and Blake has visited her. In return, Blake asks about Munro's war service; Munro did not do any. Wendy tells Mattie about Des and Colin, how Des had not cared for her. Blake is collecting saliva samples from suspects, without their direct knowledge, with aid from Mattie and Cec. At home, Mattie overhears a phone call, leading her to suspect that Davis spies for Munro. Munro detains Joseph on the basis of his father's long ago support of Mussolini in the war. Joseph is freed once Mattie comes forward, as they were together until 4 am at Doyle's house, when Des was likely murdered before midnight. Blake finds the spot where Des was killed, in the back of Doyle's home, and realizes it was Georgie who killed Des, and wheeled his body to the memorial. Further, his saliva was in the bite on Des, leaving traces of Georgie's asthma medication behind. Blake describes the scene, when Des puts a wrestling hold on Georgie, Georgie bites him to break it, then punches Des, who falls on a brick, the fatal wound. Georgie confesses. Munro commends Davis for his work, and suggests he go for detective training. Mattie and her father make peace. Agnes Clasby, a friend of Blake's mother and now patient of Blake, tells him his mother died of diabetic coma, after a party, not appendicitis as he was told.

Guest cast: John Wood, Martin Sacks and Helen Morse
255"A Night to Remember"Karl ZwickyJeff Truman13 March 2015 (2015-03-13)1.117[29]

Jean's son Christopher, in the Army, comes to see his mother in a performance of Electra at the Colonist's Club, in town for the first time in eight years. Coming out for her curtain call after the performance, famous actress Jacqueline Maddern falls dead on the stage. Blake notices red marks on her skin and suspects poison. Superintendent Munro closes the club so that he can interview all present. Mattie is in the audience, too. Christopher updates his mother on his brother Jack (An Invincible Summer}, who is parted from the woman carrying his baby, and she had a miscarriage. Miss Maddern was about to leave for America, having done scenes in Australia for an American film, based on a book by Australian writer Nevil Shute. Her friend Pamela Gilchrist aids in the search of Miss Maddern's possessions in her dressing room after she died. Munro will not allow the actress's body moved to the morgue; samples are carried to Dr Alice Harvey for testing by Mattie O'Brien. Susan Tyneman was in charge of preparing meals, including what Miss Maddern ate before the performance. Patrick Tyneman argues with Justin Reynolds, a reporter from Melbourne, who tries to escape before he is questioned. The police, Sergeant Hobart and Charlies Davis, stop him. Patrick reveals to Munro that he had a brief affair with the actress a few years earlier when he gave money to support a play; Susan hears this news from Reynolds. Patrick is not pleased with Munro. Cec Drury tells Stuart, his nephew and server for the event, to toss the roses that Miss Maddern held at her final bow. Munro is very harsh, scaring Stu who is wearing gloves while putting the roses in the bin. Stu wears them to hide psoriasis, which Blake calmly discovers. Blake believes the poison is on the roses; who put the poison on them? Warwick Simpson is a theatre director, once her lover; he tells Munro the actress wanted money for the charity performance, money that he gave her. Munro is very harsh with everyone, including Christopher Beazley, who wants to call his pregnant wife Ruby back at home. Before they leave, Susan tells Reynolds her husband will hire him, and that his story, about her husband's affair, is not a tale for him to tell. Munro is determining who stands with him, pushing Sergeant Hobart to report on the two police doctors. Munro calls Major Alderton, in the Army, to get a report on a guest from his military days. When Munro challenges Murray Nelson, Nelson grabs and chokes Dr Harvey, now at the club. Dr Harvey faints, then four men grab Nelson. They find personal items from Miss Maddern's dressing room in Nelson's pockets, and a vial of poison with a label in Korean. Christopher reads the Korean, a poem that Nelson finishes. Nelson applied the poison to the roses after they were delivered. Christopher is allowed to call his wife and the guests are released. Blake finds a photo in Nelson's wallet, showing Nelson with both Miss Maddern and Pamela Gilchrist. Blake describes Pamela's actions to her and Munro. Once Nelson was the rejected lover of Miss Maddern; then he connected with Pamela, who killed Maddern by pushing the roses up to her in a hug, holding an old stage program, from A Night to Remember, so the roses would not poison her. Her plan is to go to Hollywood alone and start anew. Instead, she is arrested. Back at home, Mattie brings out the cake she made to mark Jean's birthday; Christopher, Mattie and Blake sing in her honor.

Guest cast: John Wood, Tottie Goldsmith
266"Women and Children"Karl ZwickyStuart Page20 March 2015 (2015-03-20)1.012[30]
A woman in pain is rushed to the hospital by ambulance, early in the morning. When they reach the operating room, an administrator stops them, after the nurse Glenda Lambert entered to ready for the patient, seeing a dead man on the table of the operating room, his blood run into a basin beneath his head. The dead man is Doctor Orton, a surgeon at the hospital. Blake goes to the cemetery that morning to put flowers on his mother's grave. When he returns, Jean tells him her granddaughter Amelia Jean is born, and that he is called to work. Munro listens to Blake describe the dead man, and then Munro insists on being present while Blake and Dr Alice Harvey perform the autopsy, which makes Dr Harvey uncomfortable. Blake notes the use of the outdated scalpel used to cut the man's blood vessels. He notes also that he had been intimate with a woman shortly before his death. Orton was separated from his wife because of an affair with a nurse. The administrator, Malcolm Beaufort, holds a very low opinion of nurses, there only for the sexual whims of doctors, and thinks nurse Lambert is a suspect. Blake and Harvey are present when Mrs Orton comes to identify her husband's body. After she leaves, Harvey points out the odor on Orton's clothing, indicating that a particular anesthetic was used before the killing, further pointing to a person trained in medical procedures. Dr Caxton appears at Blake's office, and he needs surgery for intestinal blockage. At the hospital, there are no doctors, so Blake does the surgery, assisted by Glenda Lambert, with a successful outcome. Later that evening, Dr Harvey calls Mrs Orton to tell her what Dr Orton did to her when he was alive, coming on to her sexually after he was told no. When Dr Harvey complained to the hospital, she was put on notice, not Dr Orton. Dr Orton had other enemies, including the local veterinarian Ron Caxton, whose wife died on Orton's table, and the hospital administrator, a would-be doctor who could not face surgery. Munro is harsh in interrogations, particularly when he decides to interrogate Dr Harvey with Blake present. Munro tells Sergeant Charlie Davis that Blake's daughter is in Communist China and he visited her there, putting his name on confidential lists. Davis tells Blake about this in an encounter with a very tense Blake. He sees how Munro is getting at people who are friends of his, considered too loyal by Munro. Blake receives a letter from his daughter, asking why she has not heard from him. Blake has written to her, sent her money, but his daughter received none of it, which angers him. Blake does a bit of re-enactment of the scene of the dead man, with Mattie and Jean. He and Mattie go to the hospital, where Blake learns from the administrator about the ambulance men bringing in the woman with the broken leg. He clicks, and sets up a way to expose the killer. Mattie walks around in many spots in the hospital, in her nurse uniform, until one of the ambulance men, Lachlan Kennedy, comes on to her offensively. The other one, Rowley Grant, acts to protect Mattie, but goes too far, beating up his partner. Blake and Davis are there, and Davis arrests Grant. Dr Harvey stops the process to ask, did you murder the doctor to defend me? Grant says yes, and she tells him it was too much; adults cannot blame their actions on a bad childhood. Blake meets with Munro where he gives his resignation in trade for Munro erasing the charge against Dr Harvey, promising a written resignation in the morning, which satisfies Munro. Blake and Harvey are at the cemetery, as he is not satisfied with what he has heard about the cause of his mother's death and has been turned down on his exhumation request. Dr Harvey contemplates how they might start to learn the possibilities without exhumation, and thanks Blake as the hospital is re-examining her complaint. Back at home, Jean explains how Christopher wants her to come help them with the baby; Blake answers the door, to see Superintendent Matthew Lawson in full uniform, who says, I hear you resigned, is it in writing? Lawson is pleased that it is not, as he will need Blake.
277"Room without a View"Declan EamesChelsea Cassio27 March 2015 (2015-03-27)1.077[31]

After talking business with Len Webster at the hotel, Henry King staggers up to his hotel room. The next morning, hotel owner Catherine Lewis tries to wake him up. His door is jammed with a chair; Len pushes to open the door. Henry appears dead. Blake joins Chief Inspector Lawson at the scene. Henry is still just alive, but he dies before Blake can administer adrenaline. Norman Baker appears, he is business partner with Len. Henry had been at an AA meeting at a church before meeting with Len; Blake goes the meeting, where Miss Lewis usually attended as did gun shop owner Errol Stott. Doug Ashby is at the hotel, looking out for his friend's daughter, Miss Lewis. He shares his observations of the hotel with Blake. Further examination of the hotel room reveals a bullet hole through the wall and a painting, and it came from the room next door, where Len spent the night. The casing is found on the floor, but there is no bullet in Henry's body. Stott provides a list of people who bought the gun matching that bullet, including Len Webster. Len says the gun went off accidentally, and he was relieved to hear that Henry died of asphyxiation, not the bullet. Mattie finds a young woman wandering on the street, and takes her to the hospital. Her injuries are tended but her short term memory is gone. Henry took to drinking heavily ten years earlier, when he was a builder and someone was killed on the job. He changed to running a hardware store. Norman Baker mentions that his younger daughter died ten years earlier, and he had a memorial for her that day. Charlie Davis and Blake ask Norman when his daughter Jessie died; she was 8 years old when the roof was being repaired by Henry. Henry took a lunch break without securing the tiles, which fell and killed the girl. Norman blames Henry for the loss of his daughter. Norman's family split apart, as his elder daughter moved away and his wife left him. Blake considers that Mattie's patient may be that elder daughter, as she came from Bendigo for the memorial of her sister's death. She clicks when they ask her if she recalls the name Norman Baker. Her name is Anna, though her father took to calling her Jessie. He comes to fetch her. Charlie finds her car, and a cushion from the hotel at that scene. Blake suggests to Anna, with her father present, that she killed Henry by staying in Henry's room after they had lunch in the hotel and suffocating him. She admits to it all, and adds details. She hid under the bed all night, slipping out when the door was open in the morning. She is arrested. Her father says he was happy to let Henry drink himself to death with the money he would get from the sale of his store, as vengeance. Superintendent Munro is angry that Blake did not submit his written resignation. Lawson shows Munro a photo of Munro and another high-ranking police officer with a well-known and wanted criminal, which puts pressure on Munro. Charlie found the photo in Munro's desk earlier and sent it to Lawson. At home, Jean tells Blake she has decided to go help her son and his wife.

Guest cast: Gary Sweet
288"Darkness Visible"Declan EamesStuart Page3 April 2015 (2015-04-03)1.205[32]

Neville Franklin, the magistrate who put Tyneman's son in jail, is found murdered at his own home, with Patrick Tyneman and his son Edward in the house. After Blake says, from visual inspection of the body, that Franklin died of poison, Munro arrests Edward. In the autopsy, Alice Harvey and Blake notice the man had been held down during death, it was a painful death with limbs flailing, and they find half of a Masonic coin inside him. The poison was strychnine. Franklin was a Mason. Sergeant Davis arrives at the scene with Munro, and is sure that Munro changed something after he pushed Davis out of the room where the body was found. Jean has brought in a new receptionist and housekeeper, Evelyn Toohey, for Blake while she is away in Adelaide with her son and his wife. Patrick is concerned about his son, and asks Blake to check him out medically. Edward, still on parole, has been expelled from the Masons, by Franklin's instigation. That makes Edward angry, saying he wants to kill people. Edward's hands are shaking and he will not allow "skin on skin" contact, as Blake calls it; some effect of being in jail. As the killer did touch Franklin's skin, Blake does not believe Edward could be the killer. Dr Harvey tells Blake of the result of tests of the soil above his mother's grave, revealing the presence of strychnine, which killed Franklin, and Blake is upset that his mother died that way. Blake shows the half-coin to a Mason, Jock Clement, who says it was stolen from the lodge cabinet, and the theft had been reported to Munro. Clare Llewellyn is doing the dishes at the Masonic lodge, to help her husband, but she says she seems not to please Masons. Doug Ashby is a Mason, too, arriving for the vote of the new Worshipful Master, to replace Franklin. Mrs Toohey mistakenly cleans up Blake's office, losing his important papers. Jean is at the local hotel until the bus comes; Mattie meets her there and learns that Blake was just 10 years old when his mother died. Blake meets with Clare Llewellyn, who had been a patient of his father for her mood swings. Her husband is now Deputy Warden in the Masonic lodge. Clare did not steal the coin, and does not know who did. At the Masonic lodge, Blake looks at some of the records; then Jock Clement shows to Blake the other half of the coin that Franklin was forced to swallow. It was the coin he received at his initiation; he got the other half in the mail from a person unknown and it scares him. Jock signed a false death certificate for Blake's mother; he says she took her own life and he tells the story in detail, naming Doug Ashby as being present, among others. Clare enters the room, going after Jock with a knife, but Blake stops her. Munro arrests her, despite Blake telling him that she is not stable for interrogation; she confesses to many things that she did not do. After telling Lawson he is "surplus to requirements", Munro once again tells Blake to get out, he is fired. Blake bakes scones with Mrs Toohey's help, and brings them to Jean. He needs to talk to someone who can clear his thinking. Next morning, Blake asks Cec which man pursued his mother 40 years ago; it was Jock Clement, and Doug Ashby protected Blake's mother. Ashby puts new flowers at the grave of Blake's mother, where Blake meets him. Ashby admits to killing Franklin in revenge for Mrs Blake's murder. Clement with Franklin's aid poisoned Blake's mother 40 years ago. Munro took a diary from Franklin's room at his death, as Franklin had started writing down past stories after he fell out with Clement. Blake confronts Jock Clement with killing his mother; Clement points a gun at him. Lawson and Ashby enter the room; Ashby and Clement struggle over the gun and Ashby is shot, dying in Blake's arms. Lawson takes Clement away. At the police station, Lawson and Davis arrest Munro for tampering with evidence and other charges on the advice of the Melbourne office. Blake describes his world view, with hope in people, in sharp contrast to that of Munro, who sees guilt and deceit all around him. He and Jean have each reached a new stage in their lives. Jean boards the bus to Adelaide; Blake stops it to say a proper good-bye to her, holding her hand.

Guest cast: John Wood, Rod Mullinar, John Stanton

Last appearance of Douglas Ashby

Series 4 (2016)

No. in
Title[33] Directed by Written by Original air date AUS viewers
291"The Open Road"Declan EamesStuart Page5 February 2016 (2016-02-05)1.142[34]

Dr Lucien Blake returns home after a week away to find Ballarat hosting a very public stopover in the 1960 cross-country, endurance motor race. A young mechanic, Errol Moore, is found dead under the car of Trevor McKenzie, apparently murder. The new reporter taking photos for The Courier is Lawson's niece Rose Anderson. Back at the scene of the death, Chief Superintendent Lawson pushes Charlie Davis out of the way as a car comes speeding from the garage, hitting him, bouncing him in the air and driving away. Davis does first aid to Lawson. Blake tells the surgeon in the hospital that the leg can be saved, and Blake begins the procedure to save it with Mattie as the nurse. The suspects for the murder are part of the amateur car racing world, which is slowly changing to professional. Jones drove the car that hit Lawson and broke three of Davis's ribs. Herbert Jones works for the auto manufacturers to make their models drive better, or disadvantages cars from those not paying him. Bomber Denman works with Jones; Blake uses fierce methods to get Bomber, mechanic for to Trevor, to admit his use of dynamite against competitors, and to stop it. Miss Beryl Routledge, the one woman in the race and winner of the stage, has ambitions to win it, and make money in racing; she approached young Errol to join her team, as he was the best mechanic. Errol turned her down as he wanted to drive in the next year's race. Jean returns from Adelaide to see Lawson. The famed Clive Hildebrand, the second place driver of the stage who wants to stay amateur, mistakenly thought that his mechanic Errol betrayed him, so he killed him brutally. He then tries to kill Blake as Blake investigates beneath Hildebrand's car. Jean saves Blake by hitting Hildebrand with a wrench as he lowers his car onto Blake. Bill Hobart comes to arrest Hildebrand. Lawson realises that when he can walk, it will be with a stick, and he expects that means he will not pass the medical exam and says good-bye to his staff. Blake trades in the car inherited from his father, a 1930s Standard, for a new model. Jean and Blake come to terms in Adelaide but do not tell anyone else.

Guest cast: John Wood
Last regular appearance of Chief Superintendent Lawson and first appearance of Rose Anderson
302"Golden Years"Declan EamesPete McTighe12 February 2016 (2016-02-12)1.091[35]

Two businessmen/brothers announce plans for a theme park to glorify Ballarat's goldrush past, with assistance from their sister. The following morning one brother is found dead in the local baths. She wanted a park like Disneyland, while one brother wanted the area preserved, like it was in his boyhood. He killed his own brother in the stream, and moved his body to the swimming pool, proved by matching the water in the lungs to the water in the stream. Chief Superintendent Frank Carlyle replaces Lawson. Mattie O'Brien leaves Ballarat for a new post at St Bartholomew's hospital, London. Blake borrows Jean's engagement ring from her first marriage to have his mother's engagement ring resized.

First appearance of Chief Superintendent Carlyle and last regular appearance of Mattie O'Brien
313"Lucky Numbers"Fiona BanksPaul Oliver19 February 2016 (2016-02-19)1.098[36]

Judith Chapman, the woman who won the state lottery, but did not yet get her winnings, is kidnapped. Charlie Davis takes the phone call from the kidnapper at her home, after the neighbor called the police. Her husband Laurie is the first suspect; a woman in his company tried to start an affair with him, giving the motive. She lies to everyone about her liaison, which never happened. Another employee at the company had been friends with the husband since high school. Blake finds the woman after figuring out the particular phrasing of the kidnapper to mean they were near railroad tracks. But Blake is hit on the head before he can give her the medicine she needs, or untie her. The young daughter Elizabeth of the couple goes from the care of the neighbor to her maternal grandmother Irene to Rose, who finds her at home alone, to the police, and then to Jean. When Blake is found, there is a dead hobo called Bluey next to him, killed by the kidnapper. Blake then realises that the Chapman family's business success and the lottery winnings move them to another social class and leave old friends behind; he confronts the employee who was a high school friend, who finally admits what he has done. He thinks Judith is dead, but Blake thinks she had a crisis from her lifelong disease. She is found and recovers in the hospital, surrounded by her daughter, her husband and her mother. Patrick Tyneman has given his son Edward the position of editor of The Courier; Edward seeks articles that sell more papers and had printed the address of the lottery winner. That proved unimportant in the crime. Solving the case provides Blake with the opportunity to propose to Jean just as Mei Lin, Blake's wife long reported dead (last episode of Series 1, first episode of Series 2), arrives at the front door.

Guest cast: John Wood
324"Against the Odds"Fiona BanksStuart Page26 February 2016 (2016-02-26)1.125[37]

Alex Martin, a jockey dies the morning after a big win, riding around the track on a practice run. The winning horse is put down by the owner of the track, Ada McCrae. Alex was nephew to Agnes Clasby, friend to the Blake family; Alex's effects go to her. Carlyle is in debt to a bookmaker who is one of the suspects, which he states openly. He involves Blake with more interviews on this account. The second place winner runs when the police try to question him, running onto the track, run over by two other racers on the track; he dies of his wounds. Among Alex's effects is a note indicating he was asked to throw the race, and let the second place winner come in first. Many bets were placed by people in the stable assuming that would happen. A young woman at the track who favors the horses over people, starts shooting randomly; her actions bring about the denouement at the track. Alex had serious injuries from an earlier fall, and was advised not to race any more. He still wanted to win, and did win, so all those bets were lost. This was the motive for killing him, with a cable stretched across the race track at rider height. When he fell off the horse, the horse fell too, not part of the plan. Ada McCrae had that cable stretched and then removed before the police arrived. She is arrested, as Blake says, your tears were not for Alex, but for the horse. Rose is present trying to get a good story on the front page, to advance in her career at The Courier. Blake's household is strained with Jean and Mei Lin under the same roof. Mei Lin leaves to stay in a hotel and Blake puts the engagement ring away.

Guest cast: Helen Morse
335"The Price of Love"John HartleyChelsea Cassio4 March 2016 (2016-03-04)1.088[38]

Merv Rogers is killed during a routine midnight training exercise; he was not part of the drill. Major Derek Alderton is in charge of the base, not a person Blake likes though he had known him since the Second World War. Leaving the base with Davis in a police car, they pursue a speeder. A young man has the car, without license plates on it; the car holds a bloody rug and a bayonet. The young man took the car as he found it with the keys in it, untended. Tracing back where the car was stolen, a partially buried body of a woman is found. That woman had been living on the base until she separated from her husband. She has penicillin in her system, which medical records show was to treat a sexually transmitted disease. The circle of friends is described by Keith Ellis, owner of the car, as sharing everything, which includes spouses, as they watch the couples at the gathering in honor of Merv. Blake then confirms this more directly in conversation with the wives, who all need to treat their disease. Rose says that a woman called her with a tip, leaving only a phone number some weeks earlier; she is the murdered woman. The woman are not pleased with this arrangement, feeling relatively powerless. They invent people to add to the military payroll and collect the money. Blake and Rose discover a break in the fence around the base, where Merv was running home, not running because he could not sleep. Blake realizes that Merv did not murder the woman, but aided in moving her body in the Ellis automobile. Daisy Rogers, his mother, killed her, and then her son and a husband buried her. When Merv knew the car was stolen, he ran back to the base, as he was due back by midnight, and got caught in the live fire exercise. Throughout this case, Blake is talking with Jean as he has become accustomed, and also meeting his wife for breakfast at the hotel, and talking with her. The newspaper covers this case at the base and writes about Mei Lin, as well as including more articles on China. Jean tells Blake not to show her affection; it is painful for her and for Mei Lin. The perfect gentleman, he says, yes, of course, as they all cope with the wife alive, back after 17 years, longer than they were together.

Guest cast: John Wood
346"A Difficult Lie"John HartleyPaul Jenner11 March 2016 (2016-03-11)1.081[39]
The body of sports reporter Terry Reynolds is discovered on the 18th hole at the local golf course by Superintendent Carlyle and Patrick Tyneman, as they finish a morning round of golf. Reynolds has enemies at the golf course because of his articles in The Courier. Reynolds was hired by Edward Tyneman to push out Harvey Treloar, a sportswriter hired by his grandfather. Edward instead gives him a job with the presses themselves. He was, however, thought by many to be the superior journalist. Clayton Richardson is questioned as his alibi does not hold up and he is often drunk. Jean reveals that Clayton lost his wife a year earlier. His wife hand handled the financial side of the couple's successful company, easy to tell as Clayton's mathematical inability is obvious from his difficulties on the golf course. Blake confronts Alec Richardson, son of Clayton and a lawyer. Alec hit Reynolds with a ball from the pool table, then finished killing Reynolds when he collapsed in the sand trap. He is arrested. Rose helps to uncover the secrets Reynolds had amassed by transcribing notes in shorthand for the police. Reynolds blackmailed people by agreeing to not print embarrassing stories for a payoff. Then Rose is called by a Melbourne paper, curious about how Edward is running his newspaper, including asking why he hired Reynolds and whether Edward was part of what Reynolds was doing. She makes a deal not to answer those questions and Edward Tyneman agrees to re-hire Treloar and let Rose cover more than routine topics. Articles in The Courier about Mei Lin's return strain Blake and Jean's relationship. In the last scene, Major Alderton shows up uninvited at Mei Lin's hotel room.
357"For Whom the Bell Tolls"Ian BarrySarah Lambert18 March 2016 (2016-03-18)1.018[40]
Rod Drury, a fireman, Cec Drury's brother, falls from the Ballarat Fire Station bell tower in front of Mei Lin, while the other fireman are at a nearby house fire. Mei Lin checks to learn the man is dead, when a star of David falls into her hand. She runs off when a car's headlights blind her. What first appears to be suicide turns into a murder investigation with partial fingerprints from the killer. A black substance on Rod's hands is challenging to identify. Mr Kirby is one suspect, for the boot black he puts on his hair and a fight at a military club some months earlier, broken up by Major Alderton. Rod was injured in an earlier fire and is still not fully healed, so he did not answer the house fire call, but he did pursue the second tolling of the bell, which led to his murder. When Cec tells Blake that he saw Mrs Blake near the Club, Blake asks her what she saw, and she explains what she saw and how she took the star of David unawares when she fled the scene. Mr Theodore Rowe, one of the firemen, lost his warehouse in an earlier fire; the house fire was at the home of his cousin. Mick Lancaster, captain of the fireman, gives no fingerprints because his fingers are burned. In the earlier fire, Rod saw a man in the warehouse before he himself was hit by a falling beam. Since that warehouse fire, Rod pieced together, and so does Blake, that Eli Rosen, a Russian-Jewish immigrant was sleeping rough in the warehouse and died in the fire, unreported. The star belonged to him. The black substance proves to be naphthalene dust, and there are smoke balls to make smoke at the house fire; it was a set-up scene, all the smoke. Blake calls the firemen to the station to explain Rowe's arson fire for insurance and killing Rod for figuring it out. It was Lancaster who returned to the station and tolled the bell, killed Rod, and returned to the house fire. Later he burned his hands to avoid giving fingerprints. Bill Hogan, also a volunteer fireman, arrests Mick Lancaster. Rose brings pictures to Jean of Mei Lin arguing with Major Alderton and Jean overhears him threatening her. Mei Lin confesses to Blake what happened to her in a camp in Hong Kong, horrid scars, and that Alderton found her in the camp a year earlier; he brought her to Australia. He threatens her and their daughter so that Alderton can reach Blake. Derek Alderton has Sergeant Hannam with him all the time. Blake confesses his true feelings to Jean, and promises to set things straight.
368"The Visible World"Ian BarryStuart Page25 March 2016 (2016-03-25)1.059[41]
Blake takes a pistol to the Ballarat observatory on the day of an eclipse to meet Major Alderton. The Major is using Mei Lin to force Blake to return to the army for service in the growing Indo-China war and Blake will not be forced. As the sky darkens during the eclipse Alderton is stabbed in front of Blake, but the murderer is not known. The operator of the Observatory is suspected, as is Blake. Sullivan from the Special Branch of the military arrives to supervise the investigation by the police into Alderton's murder. He is a cocky man, with an almost lunatic grin. Sergeant Robert Hannam was seen entering the observatory and seen leaving it in a green Studebaker by Rose. He is a dangerous hit man for the military, who says he was present in case anything went awry between Alderton and Blake. A sharp instrument is found in Mei Lin's room at the hotel, and Blake is arrested on the evidence of that being the murder weapon. Jean and Mei Lin are visited by Hannam, so they stay at a local hotel for safety. Dr Harvey tells the police that the murder weapon is a finely measured bit of equipment from a complex machine. Blake realises that is the large telescope, which Charlie confirms when he visits Dr Joanna Bainbridge at the observatory. She is rattled as Hannam had been to visit her not long before Charlie arrives. From his cell in Ballarat, Blake works on solving the murder, based on the simple geometry of the event. Sullivan shows Blake the file former Superintendent Munro kept on him, and then asks Blake how many he killed in his time in Special Branch and how he can stand to be away from that life? Blake names the two men he killed and assures Sullivan that he is happy as a country doctor. Superintendent Carlyle and Sullivan say the next step for Blake is going to the Melbourne office of Special Branch. This is a ploy by Blake and Carlyle to flush out the murderer, but only they know this. Mei Lin confesses to get Blake released, with true details about how Alderton pursued and threatened her to get to Blake, as well how she committed the murder. She is put in the cell and Blake is released. While Hannam visits Blake and Jean at their house, and explains Alderton's mistakes and unreliability, Carlyle shows up at the house. Hannam slips away, and Blake becomes aware that Mei Lin was flushed out with her false confession. They race to the cell, saving her from Sullivan, the murderer of Alderton, who is trying to hang her. Sullivan is arrested. Mei Lin asks Blake how he and Alderton stopped being good friends. The two were in a brutal camp and it broke Alderton's will to live, but Blake kept him alive, and Blake thinks Alderton never forgave him for that. The military police arrive to escort Sullivan away. He, in turn, is murdered by Hannam. Carlyle pushes Hannam down to stop him from shooting and he is arrested. Carlyle arranges for Mei Lin to meet her family safely in Hong Kong, which she accepts, as it is time to start a new life. When Blake and Jean are finally alone, they kiss.

Series 5 (2017)

No. in
Title[42] Directed by Written by Original air date AUS viewers
371"A Lethal Combination"Ian BarryPaul Oliver17 September 2017 (2017-09-17)0.929[43]

An exhibition boxing match in Ballarat turns sour when boxer Mickey Ellis dies in front of hundreds of witnesses. Superintendent Frank Carlyle is away in Melbourne due to his gambling debts. Lawson appears and takes his place after the investigation has begun. The cause of death is difficult to determine, but it is soon clear that it was not a punch from his opponent, Ray Davis, younger brother of Charlie. Charlie has been working to support his mother and brother, and his brother is not getting on with him. His mother is dating Bernie Thompson, the man who manages Ray. Charlie's late father, a policeman, had arrested Bernie years earlier for fraud, so Charlie is not quick to believe Bernie has his family's best interests at heart. The police find Flanagan's van. Two points of interest: Mickey was a wild man and a trail of gypsum leads to the body of Sean Flanagan, the cornerman for Ray, killed by Mickey. Gus Jansons, the manager of the arena and coach for Mickey, assisted in the burial at a closed agricultural store yard. Mickey died of poison in his petroleum jelly applied before the fight by Gus, entering his bloodstream when an old wound opens during the fight. The aconite poison was extracted from flowers in the garden of Mickey's fiancée Tracey Corelli. Gus is charged, Ray is cleared, and he and his brother are on better terms. Charlie and Rose have an argument over the story she wrote about Mickey's death.

Last regular appearance of Chief Superintendent Carlyle and reintroduction of Chief Superintendent Lawson
382"Sorrow Songs"Ian BarryDavid Hannam24 September 2017 (2017-09-24)0.903[44]
The murder of a beautiful woman takes Blake inside the intriguing and exotic world of Romani travellers passing through Ballarat. Rose is photographing the wedding of Afina at the camp, part of her story about the Romani. As the leaves, she stops at the group of caravans, finding a door open and the body of Nadya Draghici, sister of the bride, inside. Tamas and Nadya planned to run away the night of the wedding and settle in Sydney, as her father does not approve of him. There is a struggle in the camp the next day as Afina is burning Nadya's suitcase, but the police, including Ned Simmons and Charlie, consider she is destroying evidence, and take the suitcase. It shows her intention to be with Tamas. Edward Tyneman is one suspect and Tamas is another. The autopsy results and a toy dropped at the camp lead to a sometime employer of Tamas, Dean Charles. His wife Libby murdered Nadya, jealous that her husband visited her, sure he was having an affair. Libby failed to learn that her husband was buying pine bark solution, a remedy to aid in their wish to have a second child. Libby is arrested. Rose and Charlie make up.
393"The Call of the Void"Alister GriersonVictoria Madden1 October 2017 (2017-10-01)0.884[45]
A French chef Philippe is found murdered in the freezer of his restaurant, when Jean and Doctor Blake are hoping to have dinner there. The evening before, officers Bill Hobart and Ned Simmons had raided his home, based on a tip of possible homosexual activity from the local butcher, Mr Robinson. They find him alone and the raid becomes violent, with Hobart hitting Philippe hard. The autopsy slowly reveals three sets of injuries to the chef, and the fatal one was a blow to the head. A button from a police uniform was collected in the freezer with the dead body. Robinson's daughter Tilly takes cod liver oil from Jean's kitchen, which Blake realizes will not help her but hurt her. They find her collapsed and send her to the hospital. She reveals her relationship with Philippe, who is not homosexual, and that she was at the restaurant the evening Philippe was killed, seeing a light there. She didn't see anyone as her father had already left after punching Philippe. Superintendent Lawson is angry with Hobart, as it is his uniform button found in the freezer. Henry Dent owns the restaurant and shared his lodgings with Philippe. He tells of the argument they had after the police raid and Philippe's absences from home with Tilly. He shares that Philippe carried the police officer's uniform button with him, meaning to complain to the police about the raid, which removes Hobart from suspicion of murder. Philippe had hepatitis, which closes the restaurant for a few days to test the patrons for the disease. Blake realizes what the piece of shell is, and confronts the sous-chef Mrs Cornish at the closed restaurant, finding her stealing liquor. She was found in the same activity by Philippe the night he was killed. Philippe was at the restaurant to meet a delivery. Mrs Cornish became angry and struck him with a frozen leg of lamb, the third and fatal blow. Hobart and Charlie have bad feelings between them. Jean invites Lawson to stay with them, which he accepts.
404"All She Leaves Behind"Alister GriersonStuart Page8 October 2017 (2017-10-08)0.961[46]
Controversial writer Patricia Neville has returned to her old hometown, writing a new novel that bases its characters on the local people of Ballarat. The book reading at the local library quickly descends into screaming and chaos. She is found dead the next morning with her sister Eve unconscious beside her, seeming to be a murder-suicide that was not completed. Blake searches out truths about the sisters, finding Patricia had been cursed with fatal breast cancer. Patricia was poisoned and did not die of the cancer or the treatment for it. Charlie's careful search of evidence at the scene finds a chip of nail polish matching the angry librarian, who had wanted approval from Patricia for her own writing. She had shared short stories with her but never received any approval. The poison ruined Patricia's behaviour with others before killing her. The male neighbour who loved Eve brought over gin laced with thallium, thinking that Eve never drank alcohol, and that Patricia was a horrible annoyance. Yet Eve did drink when no one was around, and so did Patricia's agent. Doctor Blake tells both of them of the antidote. Jean speaks with Father Emery, who is firm on canon law and remarriage after divorce. Blake learns that his wife is unwilling to sue for divorce as the current law requires her to name an adulterer, which Mei Lin will not do. Blake has more options, but he and Jean like none of them. Constable Ned Simmons learns to be helpful to the detectives.
415"Measure Twice"Daina ReidPaul Jenner15 October 2017 (2017-10-15)1.024[47]
When Blake is called to investigate the murder of a retired carpenter Vernon Armstrong, his first suspect is Ethan Young, a young Jehovah's Witness, who was discovered praying over the body and covered in blood by Vern's niece Florence and her husband Trent Bowman. The police interview Ethan and, despite his pleas of innocence, there is some secret he will not reveal. They learn that Vern has won a lot of cash at cards in an illegal gambling game at a local bakery and cafe, generating enemies. Florence works at the bakery as she and Trent are too often short of money. Trent is in debt to Vern and under suspicion. Charlie and Blake find Ethan attacked at his work site, with the weapon still in his chest, and he is saved by surgery. Superintendent Lawson shuts down the gambling. Ethan's mother reveals that her son helped Vern with paperwork, as Vern could not read or write. Blake searches Vern's workshop, realizing the man's excellent memory (probably how he won the card games), and finds plans for a portable electric drill, which Percy Walker, a plumber and Vern's former partner, is also seeking. It will be a valuable patented device. Vern had parted ways from Percy and was using Ethan to fill out the patent forms. Percy attacks Blake, penetrating his chest with a chisel and nearly killing him. Blake drains his own lung before he passes out, seeing a man in the shadows. Blake wakes up in the hospital with Jean at his bedside. Percy is charged with Vern's murder and two attempted murders.
426"First Dance"Daina ReidEloise Healey22 October 2017 (2017-10-22)1.086[48]
When teenager Charlotte dies in the dressing room of the debutante ball, Blake does his best to investigate though he is still recovering from being stabbed weeks before. Her story is revealed by the autopsy. She is badly treated by two girls, Sally Murphy and her friend Christine, who had assaulted her with foods forced down her throat while she was bound to a chair, as well as other schemes that left their marks. They had a plan for her on the stage before the dance started, but she was killed before the hairy spiders were released. Charlotte's father is principal of her school. Rose Anderson is good friends with one teacher at the school, who was aware of the bullying but did not intervene, just as Charlotte's father failed to protect his daughter. Jean notices the scent of a particular perfume on Charlotte's ball dress. Charlotte did not wear perfume, but her teacher, Kim Fox, did. The teacher was having an affair with the boy who was Charlotte's escort to the ball, and she is arrested for that. Charlie arrests the girls who assaulted Charlotte. Blake then visits the flower shop of Helen Murphy, the mother of Sally. He realizes she had grown up at the hospital but had no chance for medical school. Instead, she was the local backroom abortionist, and Charlotte planned to announce that at the ball in revenge. Helen designed a flower headband for Charlotte and used a piece of wire on it as her murder weapon, and she is charged with the murder. In flashback images, we see Blake putting an envelope in the post box, which he recalls as he and Jean talk about their future, and making decisions together. It seems the doctor decided to file the divorce papers and has not told Jean yet.
437"A Good Drop"Fiona BanksPaul Jenner29 October 2017 (2017-10-29)1.060[49]

Edward Tyneman comes on to Rose, bringing a picnic to show her farmland he is buying. It is the week before Christmas, and Blake investigates the murder of Daryl Fitzpatrick, a local farmer shot to death at point blank range. Angelo Colonna and Norman Baker are business partners wanting to start a winery with a new purchase of land. They were turned down as buyers by the owner, Daryl, in favor of buyer Edward Tyneman. Daryl was found dead after the fire on the land was put out. Colonna and Baker started the fire, which also ruined the topsoil. Baker is angry at Blake, blaming him for the death of his younger daughter Anna, who killed herself in prison while she was being held for a murder she committed (Series 3, Episode 7). Baker has closed his gun store and is planning to leave town. Edward Tyneman makes a scandal of Blake's request for divorce, on the basis of his drinking, in the evening newspaper. Rose rejects Edward's advances firmly but politely. He puts Rose's byline on the offensive article and then fires her. Blake punches Edward for writing about his family. Jean learns that the divorce was filed via the newspaper. Jean speaks again with Father Emery, as she assesses what she leaves behind if she goes ahead with the marriage. He stands firm and rigid on the canon law of the Catholic Church. Lionel Taylor is a neighbour to the Fitzpatricks, and Blake suspects that the Fitzpatrick son, Kevin, may well be Lionel's son. Lionel confesses to having been intimate with Eileen Fitzpatrick years earlier. The autopsy moves slowly, first confused by a sample of dog's blood, resolved when Officer Ned Simmons brings the wounded dog in. The autopsy reveals that Daryl was not killed by a shotgun alone. Blake realizes that Kevin shot Daryl with a 0.22 caliber rifle, and Lionel added a shot from his shotgun so Kevin would not go to jail. Both men are arrested. Mei Lin writes to say she agrees to a quiet divorce. In the closing scene, Cec serves a drink to William Munro, back in town.

Guest cast: Gary Sweet, Craig Hall
448"Hear the Angels Sing"Fiona BanksStuart Page5 November 2017 (2017-11-05)1.028[50]

Ballarat police are shocked when young policeman Ned Simmons is found brutally murdered at night in the station, his neck broken, files and paperwork strewn all over the office, a police gun stolen. Blake finds an engagement ring near Ned's desk, which Blake shows to Ned's girlfriend, Amy Kingham. She is being stalked by violent prior boyfriend Walter Gregan and has been afraid to speak. Superintendent Lawson tells Blake he is discharged from the police for past misbehavior and current bad press on Ballarat police. Simmons was to testify in a few days with evidence against Gregan, who bribed police at another station, so he is the first suspect in this murder. An attempt is made to kill Doctor Blake, but suspended superintendent William Munro takes the fatal bullet instead. Jean tells Father Emery that she is leaving the church because it will not allow her to marry again. She goes to the cemetery where her first husband is buried to think over her decisions, where she is confronted by Norman Baker, using that police gun, a man who blames Blake for the suicide death of his daughter in prison (she murdered the man who the family blamed for her younger sister's death, in Series 3, Episode 7). Blake finds them in the cemetery and tries to protect Jean. Lawson arrives to resolve the situation as Blake makes a full apology for his own mistakes. Baker is arrested as he killed both Simmons and Munro and attacked Charlie at the morgue, all in his furious pursuit of Blake. At the police station, Edward Tyneman insists he wants justice for Blake punching him. Patrick Tyneman follows his son into the station and fires him as editor of the local newspaper for all the trouble he is making. Patrick then says to let Miss Anderson know she can have her job back. The episode closes with a Christmas meal at the Blake home, toasting those who are no longer with them. Jean and Lucien set a date for their wedding.

Guest cast: John Wood, Craig Hall, Annie Jones and Gary Sweet

Telemovie (2017)

No. in
Title[51] Directed by Written by Original air date AUS viewers
451"Family Portrait"Ian BarryPaul Jenner12 November 2017 (2017-11-12)1.070[52]
Edward Tyneman's wedding night ends in his murder. Blake's aunt Dorothy, estranged from the Blakes since his father married, asks him to track down her granddaughter, Catherine Lucas. Jean's nephew Danny Parks, police officer in Melbourne, helps in Ballarat to solve the murder. In Melbourne, Blake goes to Catherine's address and discovers a dead woman in the cellar. The Melbourne police determine her cause of death and her true identity. Edward's father Patrick cannot bear the loss of his son and pulls strings to get Blake re-instated with the police, believing he will find the murderer of his son. Tyneman has high blood pressure. Milton Dunne, father of Harriet, Edward's new bride, is found murdered by a blow to the head. Investigations in Melbourne reveal that Milton was not Harriet's father; they were partners in scams of older people living in nursing homes. In the course of that, they met Catherine, who was quite ill. Milton killed Harriet's sister Evie, leaving her to die in Catherine's cellar. Harriet reveals that she is pregnant with Edward's child, which brings her closer to her mother-in-law Susan. Patrick Tyneman is found dead in a car, in the water. The autopsy reveals he died naturally and then lost control of the vehicle. A new young waitress, Roslyn, at the club catches Blake's eye, as she shows signs of the same heart disease that runs in the Tyneman family and wears a bracelet with sapphires. Blake had found a sapphire stone in the fountain where Edward died. With Lawson present, Blake confronts Roslyn who admits her father is Patrick Tyneman, and that her anger was directed at Edward. Thus she murdered her half-brother and then Milton, because he was blackmailing her. Blake and Jean hunt for Catherine in care homes until they can bring her to Ballarat, near her grandmother. Blake learns that his father was the barrier to family reconciliation after his mother died, and is easier with his aunt Dorothy. Lucien and Jean have a happy wedding, with Lawson and his niece Rose standing up for them. Returning from their four month honeymoon, they set their bags down in the house, and Lawson is there, calling Blake back to work.
462"Ghost Stories"Ian BarryPaul Jenner30 November 2018 (2018-11-30)N/A
Newspaper editor Martin Carver publishes the first two articles in a series on Ballarat's most famous unsolved crimes. A group of Boy Scouts then discovers two bizarre murders mimicking the crimes. Chief Superintendent Lawson, Sgt. Bill Hobart, Constable Peter Crowe, and new police surgeon Dr. Alice Harvey investigate. With Dr. Lucien Blake missing and presumed dead, Jean Blake nevertheless finds herself involved after both deceased are linked to her. Lawson tries to keep Jean out of it, but then the third article in the newspaper series is published and a third victim dies. Carver pledges to publish a fourth article, and Jean and Lawson's team race to prevent another death.

In the UK, the first telemovie (episode number 45) was broadcast in two parts as episodes 9 and 10 of series 5 on 24 and 25 May 2018.[53]


The Doctor Blake Mysteries : AUS viewers per episode (thousands)
SeasonEpisode number
Source: Audience measurement performed by OzTam[54]


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