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List of Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks (Anderson-Callahan)

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The following is an introductory partial list in a series of Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks (RTHLs) arranged by county as designated by the Texas Historical Commission and local county historical commissions in Texas. This initial page includes RTHLs in the following counties: Anderson, Andrews, Angelina, Aransas, Archer, Armstrong, Atascosa, Austin, Bailey, Bandera, Bastrop, Baylor, Bee, Bell, Bexar, Blanco, Borden, Bosque, Bowie, Brazoria, Brazos, Brewster, Briscoe, Brooks, Brown, Burleson, Burnet, Caldwell, Calhoun, and Callahan.

Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks listed by county
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My name is Emily Coates I direct the dance studies curriculum that's housed within theater studies I'm appointed within theater studies and the Yale School of Drama and I'm so grateful for my partnership with the Yale Art Gallery and I want first to thank the Art Gallery Jock Reynolds the director of the Gallery Pam Franks who is associate director Molleen Theodore who is my contact for these types of activities and Liz Harnett who does wonderful work with us on the ground helping to facilitate these events the partnership between the dance curriculum and the Yale Art Gallery has been ongoing for the last decade of the curriculums life and it's been a very important and fruitful connection that we have to explore connections precisely like the one that Robert Madison is here today to talk with us about his visit is related to a project that I'm undertaking the semester with a group of devoted dancers students here at Yale who are participating in a project called Yale dance theater which has been going now for eight years the project that we have set up for this spring is a thrilling collaboration with the Paul Taylor Dance Company the project is led by Ruth Andrian who's here with us in the house she is the head of Taylor too and was a longtime dancer with the Taylor company the Yale dance theater project is looking at a reconstruction of a 1963 work by Paul Taylor called party mix and this is a piece that hasn't been seen in decades so Ruth and her dancers the dancers of Taylor too are doing incredible work of pulling out of the archive the Film Archive the choreographic notation anything that might exist photo the score of music what this dance was and and Ruth is leading that charge so I thank the Paul Taylor Dance Company for bringing that project here we also have a Yale alum who is currently with the company celebrating his 10th anniversary and that's Michael Apuzzo and he has been integral to this Yale dance theater project as well I want to put a plug in for the culminating performance of that project on April 14th at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. look out for that information that will be posted on the Yale art calendar but today we are here to look at a little bit before 1963 at some of the ties surprising ties forged between Robert Rauschenberg and Paul Taylor and what's exciting about Robert Madison's lecture is that it's bringing to light something that's fairly unrealized in dance history it's not commonly associated with Taylor that he had this period of experimentation and period of very fertile collaboration with visual artists influenced by John Cage as well everybody knows Taylor came through the Martha Graham company few know his forays into the experimental dance world and music world and visual art world Robert Madison is the Marshall our Metzger professor of art at Lafayette College in Easton Pennsylvania and when you look up his CV you will note many publications he has an impressive record a PhD from Princeton University but the one that stands out is his book on Robert Rauschenberg which is called Robert Rauschenberg breaking boundaries published by our own Yale University Press in 2004 I am greatly appreciative that he's here to talk with us and so thrilled to learn more about what it has been like for him as an art historian a scholar of art and contemporary art to think about dance and to think about the connections between visual art and dance the lecture and performance will last about an hour and then we'll have a little bit of time for the Q&A I do want to mention that the museum is going to close at 5:00 p.m. and you won't be able to go back and get your stuff so if right now you know you have something in a locker upstairs like your coat or your umbrella now is the opportunity to run up and retrieve it will be exiting through a different exit thank you so much for being here and thank you Bob Madison for joining us thank you Emily I'm delighted to be here and I just want to say at the beginning that I'm merely the cover band for this the the real performance is to see is to see three epitopes and tracer tracer particularly which is just fabulous so you're gonna have a chance to see this this breakthrough piece which has been revived so anyway I want to talk about tracer a little bit about the reconstruction of it and about about Bob rauschenberg generally tracer was premiered in 1962 in April 11th let me go forward here yeah there you are at the at the National Theatre of Nations in Paris it was the 12th and final collaboration between Taylor and Bob Rauschenberg I was performed until 1964 just ten times and then it slipped from the repertoire as Taylor moved forward and the what's so exciting is to have this dance revived the term that's gets thrown around which I love a lot is dance archaeology what a great what a great term the dance was put back together by the tail or company working with Kim Jones who's a professor at the University of North Carolina it was an 18-month project her husband who was a sculptor recreated the Rauschenberg set sculpture tracer wheel for this it'll be brought out during the performance and you'll see that and it's also what's right there of course on the figure I used my pointer here Yeah right there on the on the stage with the dancers the the in the day and the reconstruction ISM involves documents it involves memories involves sensibilities and imaginations a complex team project it involved a Ruth and Rihanna most most importantly on taylor company's dance rehearsal director who has intense knowledge of the taylor dances she she danced with paul she's an intimate with paul and was key to developing this piece I'd also involved Tom Patrick who was trailer trance company's archivist particularly in working on the notations that I'll show you some of that Paul did for the dance Bridget well D who was the company's manager who's here also oversaw the reconstruction the lighting and the costumes and then Tim Robinson who has a director of tour engagements who sort of brought me into this and most importantly are the dancers Amanda ray Sloane Princeton Jake and Irving who are all here with us one of the nice things about this with Taylor two is the Taylor two company is the size of tell Taylor's original company you know when you could see Taylor one it's this behemoth company but Taylor too with these important reconstructions of these and exciting reconstruction early works with these incredibly talented young dancers is the size that Paul started out with and the project involved some exciting discoveries James Tenney's music which was thought to be lost was rediscovered and an old reel-to-reel tape ten days a port an avant-garde composer for those of you in the visual arts he was also the the husband was the husband of Carolee schneemann it was a great show at ps1 right now the Rauschenberg costumes were found in an old shoebox the original costumes in Paul Taylor's closet Paul's closet is clearly better than mine and and then Paul's memory was was drawn upon for this obviously heavily and also his dance notations were rediscovered I'll show you Celer of those another few of the dancers on the stage seemed pleased Paul Taylor Paul Taylor was born in Wilkinsburg Sylvania grew up near Washington DC he was a swimmer always a great athlete and a painting student at the University of Syracuse and Syracuse he discovered through books in the school library dance and transferred to Julliard and the dance program there and got his dance degree in 1953 in 1974 he assembled his own company sorry I could just get used to always get used to these Bob rauschenberge born in Port Arthur Texas born in a working-class family with no interest in the arts Bob when he was young was a terribly dyslexic before people knew what that was people told him he was just stupid in fact he's one of the most brilliant and original minds I've ever had an opportunity to meet as a child he grew up in an Elvin Jellicle home he danced in secret he was shy but he was stage-struck he painted scenery for plays and did decorations for school dances that's Bob in the in the 1954 show at the stable gallery run by Eleanor Ward I'll talk about this more in a second but that's that's the show where he and Paul met and perhaps you see in among some of the elemental sculptures around in that wheel piece which looks an awful lot like the wheel for tracer and wheels and tires and things like that of obsessed bob throughout his career well what a key component of this of this early history is Black Mountain College there's one of Paul he's Black Mountain College Rauschenberg well Black Mountain College was found in the late 30s one of the most really avant-garde arts school in this country at the time I rouse sure it was um headed up by Josef Albers and when it closed down on 54 Albers of course came to Yale to run the great department here Rauschenberg was there on and off for quite a long period of time between 1948 1953 in addition to and what Albers did in addition the regular program is he brought artists there for the summer and so I just want to get out of New York City for the summer there was a small stipend they got to come to country be with these talented students and with each other so while bob was there on and off between 48 and 53 bilder Kooning was there a lane de Kooning was their fronts Klein was there Bob mother WA was there Aaron Siskind and Harry Callahan the photographers uh but Mr Fuller was there Bucky came in 1953 and again in 1954 and what he did was I wanted to build his first geodesic domes there and the first geodesic dome attempting to prove these structures he tried to build out of venetian blinds I've got wonderful pictures of black mountain college you may have seen them if everyone's standing around a circle with these blinds lying on the ground and Elaine de Kooning nicknamed it the supine DOE because it wouldn't stand came back a second time and built one using metal rods and there it is with all the black mountains students hanging on it to show just how strong it is just this year at Lafayette we did a buckminster fuller's show and we built a 40-foot dome geodesic dome on the quad with our students so as a revival of of that interest and so in 1948 and 52 and again in 53 John Cage and Merce Cunningham came there and that's when Rauschenberg first met them in fact the the Merce Cunningham dance company was founded at Black Mountain College in 1953 and in that year that's when Paul Taylor was there with and Paul's because you well know was hugely in demand as a dancer he danced extensively with Martha Graham Cunningham was after him as a dancer to invited him to Black Mountain College and he was down there at that time undoubtedly he and Rauschenberg at least saw each other when we were there but they didn't really meet as far as we know are the other people who were there in the group with Merce or some of them were Carolyn Brown viola Farber Judith done Steve Paxton what a crew to bring all those people together so what happens is that oh and Ed so Black Mountain and there we did a a gig with this was a version of this performance in North Carolina and you know I hadn't been to Black Mountain before so I people say oh you shouldn't go it close down they don't want you there what's eternity it's paternal boys cameras I've got to go see it so uh the originals building that the students build is standing there remind my students when they think they're working hard that they built their own building and when there was a forest fire they put out the forest fire to save the college those are real students and just be there you know in that spot it's like standing on holy ground so I imagine you know what happened but little lake Eden which was right there is you know Merce Cunningham and John Cage and when Bucky was there they'd have uh they have tea every morning underneath the tree by Leakey and you want to know what they talked about every morning so what happens is 1953 Rauschenberg moves to New York goes to 61 Fulton Street in lower Manhattan it's a Coldwater walk-up he got it for $25 a month the and what he used to do is he'd go to people's houses to take a bath he'd go to openings vents at their houses needs sneaked in the bathroom and take a bath there paging Cunningham lived right across the right herb right down the block Taylor moved to New York and was a Cohen was in another Coldwater flat in Hell's Kitchen and so 1954 Taylor and Rauschenberg met at the stable gallery it was that image that I just showed you to Bob's show Bob was doing where they met was in the basement Bob was allowed to show his works down there if he cleaned the gallery as if he kept the gallery clean and among the things was a problem was he was doing his dirt paintings then which as Paul commented gravity was a bit of an issue and the dirt was all over he met bob when bob was actually sweeping up the gallery one of the statements he remembers by bob from that time in Rauschenberg is so wonderful was his statements he said he said you know all that hot water is is cold water heated up which on one hand has a very direct meaning to people who live in a Coldwater flat on a bigger sense what it says as you know is we're starting out both he and Paul that there's a great future for us that there's so much we can do and that's the optimistic really values that Bob carried through life and Paul - Paul had just really founded his own dance company he'd been involved with Cunningham I and he said that he was as he began to as he was dancing with him he's critiquing the dances at the same time and if said if you're critiquing the dances then it's time to make your own company and make your own dances and the the turning point came with a dance of dye or a dime a dance Cunningham's piece were cutting him with his collaboration with John Cage had all the dancers learned all the parts and then as you walked on stage you would pick out of a hat an indication of which part you'd have and it got as far as Paul and there was nothing left he didn't have a part and that was it he said that's that's enough of Cunningham and began in his own direction yeah so one of the things that did Bob became in this relates to you'll see - um - tracer when he was first in New York was he was living on Fulton Street and what he did with with John Cage is John Cage and his model a for he persuaded him to drive down Fulton Street and that's a picture of cajon's Model A Ford not at not at Fulton Street but I Black Mountain College but nevertheless he drove it down the street and what Bob did is Bob ran pieces of paper that were and inked the tires continuously and set out these 40 sheets of paper the movement of the car which reads like a Chinese scroll as you unroll it but it's also about it's about movement it's about time lapses and changes it's about index indexical markings and it's all many of the things that concern Bob through his career and particularly this notion of tires and tire marks for him that was mobility it was changed it was the energy of the modern era and the tire print was was a key early piece what also happened to Rauschenberg right around that time 1954 in addition to meeting Paul Taylor he met Jasper Johns that year and one of the first things he and Jasper did together as they went down to Philadelphia to see the newly installed collection of marcel duchamp's work and Marcel Duchamp has meant an enormous amount to them through their entire careers they went to see his marcel duchamp's assisted ready-made the bicycle wiill for John's it was a philosophical problem of how you define art for rauschenberg what he said was this is the most beautiful piece of sculpture made in the 20th century and you'll see how this relates to tracer as well and so what happens is as Emily pointed out is that you have the beginning of these collaborations between important collaborations between Paul and Ren Rosen Berg the he's also collaborating with Merce at the same time Rauschenberg was the set designer sometimes lighting designer in costume designer and a number of these projects I want to show you a couple of the projects just the images we have still images of them and not much information again all things to be reconstructed may 1954 the first of their projects was I was Jack in the Beanstalk and for that what rauschenberg created was the the beanstalk was a piece of string and the a golden egg was a helium balloon with light shined on it up above and this is one of the images from that piece what happened at the edge it was just danced once what happened at the end of that piece is that ceremonially he and Paul took the helium balloon outside and released it up to up to the sky and Rauschenberg's comment was isn't it great that dance there's dances are so easy to erase and you know what he's thinking about again it's pops always with the clever turn of the phrase but it's you know that what they were after was experimentation not monuments and so they were also involved in three epithets epitaphs which you'll you're going to see here on stage 1956 kind of black comedy dance based uses New York New Orleans funeral music Rauschenberg provide this wonderful slinking slouching sort of movement of the performers are gonna see what Rauschenberg provided were these black body suits which we'll also see which have mirrors attached to the helmets and the hands and you get this reflected light that reflects out towards the audience what rauschenberg said about this piece he said he said it's either the saddest or funniest thing I've ever seen and then in 1957 Taylor premiered his seven dances including epic events panorama events to opportunity and resemblance and what it what and what these involved a number of them was was interest in in everyday motions and the everyday events of the city absorbing urban life what rauschenberg suggested was that they were street clothes and there's there's Paul Taylor there and the street clothes for this performance what Taylor said he was determined there would be no Greek goddesses he's referring to Martha Graham there'd be no throwing of the dice he was referring to Merce Cunningham and there'll be no cobwebs he was referring to traditional ballet and I want to read you what he said there's another piece from epic the first of these seven dances which is so poignant I think oh it's a short paragraph I'll read it all to you I'm very interested in urban art and this is just quite lovely he said everywhere the city's inhabitants are on the move just waiting to be found make dues of an untraditional piebald nation I think that's kind of an important point in today's world the way we're looking at our world milling walking sitting tearing off after a bus some drunk lying flat out lines of Restless people at banks at theatres at restrooms if given the proper format they defined dance in a new way oh it's all there for the taking an array of riches surrounds me daily and its timeless beauty needs to be pointed out and shared it's kind of a lovely way to look at urban art so these are oh one more thing to show you our there's another piece that they were involved in a couple more to mention there's us just still footage from Tower no more than these still images remain it's a work that's about urbanism and domesticity sort of combined and Rauschenberg for that they've designed the freestanding combine tower which which is here that's still that still exists I'll just mention a couple of other dances the March I should say before I said the epic you know one things other things that Paul talked about that to create these Street movements it took 8 months of rehearsal mostly done at night because they're all working during the day and he said the issue was to break dance habits to move towards natural music and he said natural movements in a Dancy way looked unnatural so they memorized a vast amount of even counts to give rhythmic variety and tried to move away from traditional dance towards these movements when you talk about these seven new dancers I think one has to remit on resemblance there are no images that I know of of that but what what happened wasn't one more out and burgers crazy ideas was that the piece would begin with a dog placed on stage and so they got a dog trainer and hired the dog the dog was the only ones getting paid for this performance and the dog was supposed to stay there and the piece would end when the dog left stage well apparently what happened was the dog was uncomfortable for many of us on stage and was slowly crawling off the stage and the trainer was sort of gesturing him to go back and people in the audience were paying much more attention this crawling dog than Paul during his solo and Taylor's comment was that's the last time I'm gonna be upstaged by a dog and one of Rauschenberg's combines having actually it's one of the great combines first first landing jump which is Museum of Modern Art you've got two wonderful combines up in the gallery but rauschenberge using all the materials from the street but also suggesting movement this piece doesn't move but it looks like it could roll away on that tire and I think when he's doing this one of the many things he's thinking about is his dance so there's the tracer wheel finally you're gonna see the real thing on stage the recreation of it the and the wheel and it moves during the performance at varying speeds there are the dancers getting ready for a performance I think this was in North Carolina the and there's Duchamp again so it's what's going on here is I think that the things we see in Tracy was a really important project for Paul and for and for Bob is a kind of is a homage to his meeting Paul Taylor his involvement with Jasper Johns and is involved with with Cunningham which all started just about the same time and as if Anna's in his love of Duchamp and so they're the tracer wheel is certainly a homage to Marcel Duchamp it's also a homage to another project the important one that bob was involved in and that's the jean tinguely homage to new york which was in 1960 the bob invented a part of this that threw coins at it and it was accidentally was it was it was turned on set fire in the middle of the Museum of Modern Art sculpture garden Duchamp was there and said that's just as it should be so this becomes part of this this a mechanical urban interest and again with all the wheels that are there so long with the tracer wheel what you have in the costumes these are the original rauschenberg costumes and you saw already the tire print that he did into the first work with the piece with with John Cage and his interest in tires throughout his career well he used the tire prints as this costume so it ties into the wheel and ties into this and I and Bridget was the one who I think had to had to redo these costumes for the group and she came up with a fascinating idea she said judging by looking at the originals she believes that rauschenberg actually printed the tire prints while the costumes are on the dancers bodies and that's just like Rauschenberg to do that kind of thing I love I love that suggestion but there's one of the costumes there's Tom holding up one of the costumes and there's the tire print one more time so you know rauschenberg is I as I knew him as his mind works in association cycles and associations and it makes perfect sense that he'd bring all these elements together that dated to his his his friendship which started about eight years before with Paul with Merce and with Jasper and with the UM Duchamp there's Bob continuing the tire prints as a work I did last show I did last year in New York of his works called tracks and he's made molds of tire prints there he is with one called hound and there he is actually making these uh these plaster tire pieces kind of his own kind of performance and so the the the in the hunt term is a whole performance I think that the rauschenberg elements of play an important important part one things that Paul Taylor said was he said I'm quoting him Bob created the tracer designs first and presented them to me I did the dance around them it does not always work that way so there's an integral relationship between the pieces and the dancers and what I see when I when I look at this this piece when I've watched it now several times is is how much of the of the piece involves the dancers moving around the wheel circular motions their arms often in a circular pattern and it plays a great role I've had a chance to see them the dancers rehearse with this with the wheel off and it's kind of it's dead it's it's it's a little deader as a dance with the wheel off and the wheel comes on it becomes almost like an additional dancer on stage these are a couple of pages to show you of Paul's dance notations which were recovered for this dance and they're absolutely fascinating Ruth Ruth he was kind enough to share them with me and they're a combination of these exact descriptions along with these stick figures I mean at this point the dancers of this generation didn't do traditional dance notation and Paul usually stick figures to help along with the descriptions and what stood out about these Precision's these descriptions to me is how precise they were you know Billy lies on his side with his head near the wheel arms around his knees girls girls go to the wheel Bonnie runs around the wheel etc etc but what was also pointed out to me quite clearly by Ruth and others is it's one thing to say you know Billy goes towards the wheel it's another thing there are a million ways you can go towards the wheel so it's an awful lot of interpretation here of how you take what would seem to be an exacting description and you turn it into our into an into a recreated odd dance there's another page of the journals and what that what the group did I guess Ruth if the head is you know then cut out the stick figures and repay stood them together I have one page of this that she gave me which I have on the wall of our house which shows the different motions that Paul was thinking about I'm just watching my time I could yeah so you know I just show you a couple of things related to this um this is this is Rauschenberg's autobiography which was done in the early 70s and it's rauschenberge sort of summary of his of his life it's it's the early it's the largest print in history at the time that was done it stands about about 18 feet tall it's it's also was the largest run in a print in history and a fine art print was there were 10,000 copies done most awards were lost and a flooding but more importantly what it is is it's very much tied to rauschenberg as a collaborator collaboration was essential to hims up above is his skeleton is actually x-ray of him top to bottom it's his astrological chart around it I finally found someone who can really read it when I did an article on this and the astrological chart is all about collaborations and then in the centerpiece there's a photograph of Rauschenberg with his family in that in the US on the lowlands around Port Arthur Texas with this circular pattern which looks like a thumb print but what it is is a list of all the people rauschenberg has collaborated with including including of course paul and i'm get it close up see and find you and then i'll talk about this last image which is Rauschenberg dancing and pelican down below so there's the upper section you know there's the kind of drawing together of images the body as a structural machine the the astrological star chart Bob very much believed in astrology the on side down motorcycle wheel which is of course light tracer like to the Duchamp wheel the umbrella Bob is fascinated by parachutes and umbrellas it's a photographic umbrella Bob's a photographer and also a bit like hanging Duchamp works like the I like the the hanging coathanger and you have tum here of course and a great great Duchamp works in this collection and so there's the detail and right now I'm sitting at staying it's such an angle I have to find Paul I get quite you you probably can see him better than I can but you know I can see John Cage's in there and Merces in there and Bob drew on sort of everything everyone around him and that was one of his great strengths collaboration and I just like to show you this too very briefly um Rauschenberg gave Paul the of course the tracer wheel and this is the other piece that he gave him it's quite wonderful it's an untitled piece it's a combine from the late 50s small small-scale tabletop what it shows is that aggressive sort of painting of Rauschenberg's it's painted on both sides and what it has so it's about motion about moving around the piece and what it also has and it is a remember these when we were kids a pair of crooks radiometers or Adama ters which you know they spin when they get near lights because of the agitation of molecules and so everything moves it's an appropriate piece for Taylor it's all about it's all about movement what happens is that during the early 60s 60 to 62 at Rauschenberg is also doing is he's involved in experimental dance classes that Robert Dunn held which eventually led to the formation of the Judson dance theater and Bob became and heavily involved with them Trisha Brown was there Lucinda childs was there Steve Paxton was there Yvonne Rainer was there and then in 1963 Bob was still listed for Judson now as a as a set designer and a lighting designer and they held a um an event in 1960 there had go to hell one event in 1963 in Washington DC in a used roller rink when when Rauschenberg found out it was in a roller rink he thought ah he he taught himself to roller skate in his studio which was then on Broadway and invented these parachute light devices and the piece Pelican involves Rauschenberg and one other dancer and then carolyn brown was a real trained dancer doing solos duets and pettite waz on the stage what happens is Rauschenberg and pair who lose Dancing with them come in rolling themselves on these real devices almost like they're crippled and then they rise up and soar with the parachute and when the end they go back on these wheeled devices I think it's about inspiration it's about flights of the imagination Bob does lots of works with parachutes in them and I think he loved that because flights of the imagination parachute you them only partly control you take off in it and the winds are gonna blow you and he loved that was his sense of art partial control and where the winds were gonna take you at the same time what's happening with Paul Taylor is in August 1962 he does aerial and it was four months after tracer it was his 30th dance it was a departure for him his one of his dancers Kimi Reni Wadley recalled that aerial was completely new and it was pure dance on capturing Taylor's earlier explorations invention and movements while simultaneously referring to the classical past and was done to Handel's music it alienated some of the modernists who thought it was too lyrical but the audience who saw did Connecticut College absolutely loved it what Taylor remembered was he said quote we thought we'd have to take a bow in a hurry before they stop clapping but they didn't stop they clapped and clapped and clapped and it led Taylor in slightly in a different direction on Rauschenberg simultaneous was going in a different direction with the Judson dance group and it was the last of their collaborations so what I thought is I might get Rauschenberg the last word and I love this quote I like this quotation is what Bob said about dance he said dance is an essential addition to my life the dancers did the dances the dancers the collaborations the responsibilities in the trust which is essential in cooperative art because the most important and satisfying is it's the most important and satisfying element in my life it's an alternative to the privateness and the loneliness of painting so thank you very much for coming out in bad weather was great to talk with me and there's Paul dancing an area and so it's a it's these performances you're gonna absolutely love and it's an honor to be here with you all right thank you and so that some of the shapes are you know flattened I think he's had a fascination with this and several of his pieces but as bob said that three epitaphs was choreographed in 1956 so it's the early the earliest work two-dimensional work and the earliest surviving work in the repertory of paul taylor he has about building toward 150 got the dances he's still choreographing actually as hundred I think one hundred and forty eighth Bridget told me as we speak for the season that's coming up at age 87 but he's been always fascinated with another I think primary fascination of his is the is human nature and so you'll see as the dancers show you the movement which is danced to New Orleans early jazz and that the piece that was that he chose was played at funerals and debt weddings so somehow this gets back to Paul's fascination with the human being and the kind of pathetic mixed in with the comic so that you see and all of this pieces more than one direction that he did it takes around human nature and so he shows an upright guy in in three epitaphs that has as Paul put it when we first rehearsed with them not that long ago he has the ego to stand up straight and the others are slumping and schlepping and and it you know over in a kind of apathetic kind of position but he mixes this kind of sadness and using us you know the music that was from weddings and funerals and dresses MO and black but with Rauschenberg you know I think was the first introduction of something that po used in many pieces afterwards the use of mirror so there are mirrors on their palms and mirrors on their on their helmets Martha Graham said to Paul when she saw this piece Oh naughty boy we don't cover their faces but they're wearing masks that fully cover them of course they have netting so that they can actually see where they're going but they have almost like the eyes of flies these mirrored pieces and that says something you know to me it says that it's a reflection of us so that policy usually making some kind of comment anyway let's get going and the dancer will be coming to show you through Thank You dancer they're gonna just get changed into their costumes for a tracer and I'll tell you just a little bit more though about covered it so well I think that the connection that Paul had to music was something that he was relating to John Cage and Cunningham and his work with them about really that music happened on one side you know of the thinking process and dance happened in a totally separate and so Paul he works with music by using silence and in in tracer I think that he's using kind of the psychological feeling behind the music to create an austere kind of an atmosphere and it feels it is you know an abstract dance but they seemed to be having an indirect focus in the way that they relate to one another and not so much of the dramatic mnestheus trying to depart from with Martha Graham so he he uses the music some of the feeling sense of it sometimes uses the rhythms of it and sometimes completely abandoned set at the same time and tries to really fight with the idea of like should dance go with music have its own independent life or how should it work and so this is his in 1962 is early exploration also about his relationship to music he was did study a little bit of music when he was at Julliard but then came kind of you know he does basically his definition of what is modern dances whatever he needs it to be at the moment and you know I think that he's held to that that standard very well in the diverse themes in his works he has in his you know he says he's made pieces that are pretty ugly and funny I mean there there's a lot more going on than that but I think that in this piece you'll see some of the abstract nature that he's exploring in his early work and it's a work for three women and one one gentleman here they are you you you I think the dancers will get their sweatshirts on and get some water and if you have any questions of them then this would be a good time and Bridget how are we doing for time oh there you're sorry okay a couple questions okay I think an absolutely extraordinary impact on you know teaching in America and how we teach art and it was you know transferred by Albers directly to Yale University has one of the places on I think our curriculum even my smaller college is based still on that and so that's part of any other part is just the the people that it turned out I think it made a great difference to the artists who visited there you know other than you know Bob rauschenberg as students Dorothea Rock burn was their site WOM Lee was there a Dorothea used to tell me that just to say where Black Mountain College was like instant they awarded no degree they had didn't have the ability to award any sort of a degree by any academic standards but Dorothea said it was like an immediate entree to say you were part of the black Martin Mountain program people just right away you know perked up and played attention to paid attention so I think it's had an enormous value through history and it's you know now just being reconsidered once again I mean I did a little show in New York a few years ago and then of course Helen Molesworth did I did a huge show that just finished its run about a year ago so everyone's talking and thinking about Black Mountain yeah anything for the dancers yes sir yeah a lot of the emotions felt very oriental the Indian you know the statute is upstairs did you have that feeling when you were working on this Paul is like very influenced by I Ruthie would tell stories of him you know sometimes bringing in an archaic figure to some of the pieces that he created and to use like the idea of a static body shape I think in these experimental works I mean personally I wasn't thinking about them directly but I think in researching him and his early works I think he was really playing with stillness and maybe not referencing back to ancient or oriental sculptures finding as bob was talking about the sculptures and everyday movement of the gesture you're sitting in right now so but I mean this arm he does use and I feel like I have seen it in two-dimensional kind of things at the Met Museum you would probably know that more but I don't know I think that the sign it's almost like a symbol a lot of symbol shapes and if you look at what symbols do they they tap into something kind of just really ancient in us we know what they mean is the kind of language that's speaking to us in a way we we get but you know we might have different impressions but it's very primal and I think that beingness of the shapes is very much you know where he likes the audience to make up their own meanings but he definitely leaves the horse to water less them drink where's Mary our students if she's still here she probably ran over to we're teaching in about 20 minutes well and some of the students that are doing party mix which is another work that's two-dimensional that uses a lot of shapes and she's probably warming up for the for the rehearsal yes I have a question for the for the dancers and maybe for I've seen seeing all of you dancing this over time now and and I've seen some of you have danced it the whole time I've known you like Amanda and then I saw Jake the first time you danced it so I just wanted to know how over time and dancing this has this dance changed you has it has it as you've you know danced it a number of times and it's become so comfortable more comfortable part of your repertoire how is that changed for me when I first was learning I was so focused on the shapes and the steps that I put most of my effort into that and then the more I danced this piece I realized it was much more about the effort so it's you know when the pictures of Paul doing and footage of other dancers doing it you see the effort of them spinning around the space and jumping up and us not necessarily shape their making but the effort that they're doing it and I think that's what makes the the movement kind of stand out and that's what really like you could see so many archetypal shapes in this piece that is like throughout his rap repertoire so I really tapped into that sort of effort side of it the more I did it I don't know it's funny because as it's you know Sloane is the most recent to doing it and having a be another girl that's entered it it's not a normal piece where you can say five six seven eight or or you could you you go on this it was all done off of notes so for us to kind of say what we do we always go back to well it said waft and so we decided to do this or it said to do this shape and we all leaned and our decision was to lean in this way so it's it's been an interesting process having new people come in and share the words that we use to develop the movement because I feel like that's where we it came from for us so it's been fascinating one more question anyone yes thank you dear with the first piece there was that comment that it was either like the saddest or the funniest thing ever and I was wondering for you guys as dancers what it feels like to do a piece like that if you like tend to lean one way more like more one way or the other or maybe like you go through phases and sometimes it resonates with you on one end of that spectrum and maybe other days it completely different or as you like work on it in rehearsals I was just wondering if you wanted to comment on that piece a little bit are you a dancer yes well I think the challenge of trying to make it funny is what makes it sad for me but it's it's such an interesting piece to just try to reinvent so often because there are times that the audience are gonna laugh whether or not but for me it's more I'm trying to investigate what's happening around me the entire time and there's the shorter character who's following me around and mimicking me and you know it's said that one character is kind of piled and able to stand up while the other characters can't and I just think about her following me so often and how that's like when you're reaching for something that's kind of unattainable to you or that you're that person who is upstanding you have this problem this about yourself and there's someone who wants to be like you or trying to imitate you so I think sometimes I do feel sad for her that she can't quite get there but generally I try to make it as funny as possible it's a fine dance I feel like the longer I've done it the more I realize I can do crazy faces like it's underneath that mask in it because it requires of its so much effort so it would not be normal faces I would make and every day I always make faces in in rehearsals and under the mask in performance well we'd like to thank you for coming and we're going to go over and teach a class over at the studio have a lovely evening you



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⁕ Listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) as a National Historic Landmark
asterism Listed on the NRHP as a contributing property of a National Historic Landmark District
dagger Listed individually on the NRHP
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Anderson County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Anderson County Courthousedagger
Anderson courthouse tx 2010.jpg

More images
8732 500 N. Church St.

31°45′54″N 95°37′34″W / 31.76500°N 95.62611°W / 31.76500; -95.62611

Palestine 1988 courthouse square, corner of Lacy and Church
Col. G. R. Howard Housedaggerdouble-dagger

More images
8766 1011 N. Perry St.

31°46′11″N 95°37′34″W / 31.76972°N 95.62611°W / 31.76972; -95.62611

Palestine 1966 1011 N. Perry St., Palestine
First Presbyterian Churchdagger
Palestine August 2017 39 (First Presbyterian Church).jpg

More images
8751 410 Ave. A

31°45′45″N 95°37′44″W / 31.76250°N 95.62889°W / 31.76250; -95.62889

Palestine 1966
Frankston Railroad Depot 8756 159 W. Railroad St.

32°2′58″N 95°30′23″W / 32.04944°N 95.50639°W / 32.04944; -95.50639

Frankston 1977 SH 155, Frankston
Hodges-Darsey Housedouble-dagger 8764 517 E. Hodges St.

31°46′15″N 95°37′36″W / 31.77083°N 95.62667°W / 31.77083; -95.62667

Palestine 1973 517 E. Hodges St., Palestine
I & GN Hospital and Nurses' Quartersdouble-dagger 8767 919 S. Magnolia St.

31°45′12″N 95°37′54″W / 31.75333°N 95.63167°W / 31.75333; -95.63167

Palestine 1990 919 S. Magnolia St., Palestine
John Starr House 8815 US 287 / SH 19 N of CR 158

31°39′46″N 95°35′4″W / 31.66278°N 95.58444°W / 31.66278; -95.58444

Elkhart 1968 State Highway 19
John and Laura Miller House 7159 3 mi. S on FM 19 Frankston 1999 3 miles south of Frankston on FM 19
Link House, Thedouble-dagger
Palestine August 2017 44 (Link House).jpg
8774 1003 Link St.

31°46′9″N 95°37′46″W / 31.76917°N 95.62944°W / 31.76917; -95.62944

Palestine 1972 1003 Link St., Anderson
Mount Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Churchdagger
Mount Vernon AME Church (1 of 1).jpg

More images
8782 913 E. Calhoun St.

31°46′5″N 95°37′22″W / 31.76806°N 95.62278°W / 31.76806; -95.62278

Palestine 1986 913 E. Calhoun, Palestine
Palestine Carnegie Librarydagger
Palestine carnegie library.jpg

More images
8788 502 N. Queen St.

31°45′48″N 95°38′4″W / 31.76333°N 95.63444°W / 31.76333; -95.63444

Palestine 1970 502 N. Queen St., Palestine
Palestine High Schooldagger
Palestine Museum for East Texas Culture.JPG

More images
8790 400 Micheaux Ave.

31°45′29″N 95°37′38″W / 31.75806°N 95.62722°W / 31.75806; -95.62722

Palestine 1986 400 Micheaux Ave., Palestine
Pennybacker-Campbell-Wommack Housedouble-dagger
Palestine August 2017 52 (Pennybacker-Campbell-Wommack House).jpg
8796 814 S. Sycamore St.

31°45′17″N 95°37′46″W / 31.75472°N 95.62944°W / 31.75472; -95.62944

Palestine 1969 814 S. Sycamore at W. Angelina, Palestine
Pine Lodge Club House 8800 1.5 mi. S on FM 1817 Elkhart 1967 1.5 mi. SE of Elkhart on FM 1817
Sacred Heart Churchdagger
Palestine August 2017 22 (Sacred Heart Catholic Church).jpg

More images
8806 401 W. Oak St.

31°45′45″N 95°38′4″W / 31.76250°N 95.63444°W / 31.76250; -95.63444

Palestine 1964 401 W. Oak St. at Queen, Palestine
Seven Oaks (Mallard-Alexander House)double-dagger Mallard-Alexander-McNaughton House, 407 East Kolstad Street, Palestine, Anderson County, TX HABS TEX,1-PAL,3-1.tif
More images
7158 407 E. Kolstad St.

31°46′5″N 95°37′41″W / 31.76806°N 95.62806°W / 31.76806; -95.62806

Palestine 1966
The Bowers Mansiondouble-dagger 8739 301 S. Magnolia St.

31°45′36″N 95°37′59″W / 31.76000°N 95.63306°W / 31.76000; -95.63306

Palestine 1973 301 S. Magnolia St.
William and Caroline Broyles Housedagger
William and Caroline Broyles House.JPG
8820 1305 S. Sycamore St.

31°44′52″N 95°37′44″W / 31.74778°N 95.62889°W / 31.74778; -95.62889

Palestine 1989

Andrews County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
"C" Ranch House 3 FM 1788 10 mi. N of SH 158

32°11′41″N 102°20′32″W / 32.19472°N 102.34222°W / 32.19472; -102.34222

Andrews 1966 From Andrews, 10 mi. from SH 158/FM 1788 intersection; private access
Irwin Ranch House 2653 FM 1967 7 mi. W of US 385

32°24′11″N 102°41′16″W / 32.40306°N 102.68778°W / 32.40306; -102.68778

Andrews 1967 From Andrews, take U.S. 385 north about 7 miles, then go west on FM 1967 about 7 miles.

Angelina County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Collins-Shotwell Housedagger
Marsh-Smith House, Lufkin, TX.jpg
6987 503 N. Raguet St.

31°20′30″N 94°44′8″W / 31.34167°N 94.73556°W / 31.34167; -94.73556

Lufkin 1992
Gibbs Housedagger 7001 156 Grimes-Flournoy Rd.

31°8′30″N 94°32′26″W / 31.14167°N 94.54056°W / 31.14167; -94.54056

Huntington vicinity 1993 10 miles south of Huntington on FM 844
Kurth Homedagger
J. H. Kurth House, Lufkin, TX.jpg

More images
8707 1860 Old Mill Rd.

31°21′30″N 94°44′53″W / 31.35833°N 94.74806°W / 31.35833; -94.74806

Lufkin vicinity 1964 on US 69 in Keltys, one mile north of Lufkin
Masonic Hall 18004 228 Leach St.

31°21′14″N 94°43′39″W / 31.35389°N 94.72750°W / 31.35389; -94.72750

Lufkin 2014
The Gann House John Gann House, Route 94 Vicinity, Lufkin, Angelina County, TX HABS TEX,3- ,1-1.tif
More images
6999 Off SH 94 near Neches River Lufkin vicinity 1970 near Hwy. 94, 7.5 mi west of Lufkin

Aransas County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Baldwin-Brundrett House 16918 1028 N. Live Oak St.

28°1′57″N 97°3′8″W / 28.03250°N 97.05222°W / 28.03250; -97.05222

Rockport 2011 1028 N. Live Oak
Bracht House 16457 409 N. Magnolia St.

28°1′37″N 97°3′6″W / 28.02694°N 97.05167°W / 28.02694; -97.05167

Rockport 2010
Fulton-Bruhl House 2084 409 Broadway St.

28°1′36″N 97°3′0″W / 28.02667°N 97.05000°W / 28.02667; -97.05000

Rockport 1988 409 N. Broadway, Rockport.
Fulton MansiondaggerSection-signHash-tag
Fulton mansion 2006.jpg

More images
2083 317 S. Fulton Beach Rd.

28°3′27″N 97°2′5″W / 28.05750°N 97.03472°W / 28.05750; -97.03472

Fulton 1964 Fulton Mansion State Historic Site. Corner of Henderson and Fulton Beach Road, Fulton
Hoopes-Smith Housedagger
Hoopes smith house 2006.jpg
2557 417 Broadway St.

28°1′37″N 97°2′59″W / 28.02694°N 97.04972°W / 28.02694; -97.04972

Rockport 1989 417 N. Broadway, Rockport.
Hynes-Balthrope House 18105 801 S. Church St.

28°1′5″N 97°3′21″W / 28.01806°N 97.05583°W / 28.01806; -97.05583

Rockport 2015
Joe A. and Bertha Harper House 17584 811 N. Live Oak St.

28°1′50″N 97°3′10″W / 28.03056°N 97.05278°W / 28.03056; -97.05278

Rockport 2013
Mathis Housedagger
Mathis House Rockport Texas.jpg

More images
3256 621 S. Church St.

28°1′12″N 97°3′18″W / 28.02000°N 97.05500°W / 28.02000; -97.05500

Rockport 1989 621 S. Church Street, Rockport.
Moore House 13692 413 S. Church St.

28°1′18″N 97°3′16″W / 28.02167°N 97.05444°W / 28.02167; -97.05444

Rockport 2006 413 S. Church Street
Rockport School
Former rockport school 2014.jpg

More images
13653 619 N. Live Oak St.

28°1′43″N 97°3′11″W / 28.02861°N 97.05306°W / 28.02861; -97.05306

Rockport 2006 619 N Live Oak St
Smith-Brundrett House 18009 901 N. Austin St.

28°1′51″N 97°3′3″W / 28.03083°N 97.05083°W / 28.03083; -97.05083

Rockport 2014 West side of N. Austin Street between Orleans and Cedar Streets at 901 N. Austin, Rockport, Texas, Aransas County
Sorenson-Stair Building 15535 406 S. Austin St.

28°1′16″N 97°3′4″W / 28.02111°N 97.05111°W / 28.02111; -97.05111

Rockport 2008 406 S. Austin
Woman's Club of Aransas County 15786 1104 E. Concho St.

28°1′34″N 97°2′59″W / 28.02611°N 97.04972°W / 28.02611; -97.04972

Rockport 2009
Wood-Jackson House 17218 701 N. Magnolia St.

28°1′46″N 97°3′6″W / 28.02944°N 97.05167°W / 28.02944; -97.05167

Rockport 2012 northeast corner of Magnolia and Nopal

Archer County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Archer County CourthousedaggerHash-tag
Archer courthouse.jpg
191 100 S. Center St.

33°35′42″N 98°37′31″W / 33.59500°N 98.62528°W / 33.59500; -98.62528

Archer City 1963 Archer County Courthouse, Highway 79, Center Street, Archer City.
Archer County Discovery Well
Archer County Discovery Well, Archer City, Texas Historical Marker (8406448916).jpg
192 100 S. Center St.; marker located at sidewalk leading to W courthouse entrance

33°35′43″N 98°37′32″W / 33.59528°N 98.62556°W / 33.59528; -98.62556

Archer City 1967 Courthouse lawn, SH 79 and Center Street, Archer City.
St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church 18852 705 14th St.

33°27′21″N 98°56′13″W / 33.45583°N 98.93694°W / 33.45583; -98.93694

Megargel 2017 14th Street at the end of St. Mary's Rd

Armstrong County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Warner Memorial Community Center 5720 400 Vine St.

35°6′28″N 101°22′0″W / 35.10778°N 101.36667°W / 35.10778; -101.36667

Claude 1962 400 Vine Street, Claude.

Atascosa County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Old Rock Baptist Church 3795 Old Rock Road 0.3 mi. S of Roseville Rd.

29°11′27″N 98°40′49″W / 29.19083°N 98.68028°W / 29.19083; -98.68028

Somerset 1971 Old Rock Road; From Somerset take FM 2790 to Rossville Road. Turn left on Rossville Road, then right onto Old Rock Road. The church and cemetery are located about .25 miles on right.

Austin County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Austin County Jaildagger
Austin county jail 2008.jpg

More images
244 36 S. Bell St.

29°56′58″N 96°15′27″W / 29.94944°N 96.25750°W / 29.94944; -96.25750

Bellville 1976
Bellville Turnverein Pavilion
Bellville Turnverein Pavilion.jpg
11703 966 E. Main St.

29°56′46″N 96°14′49″W / 29.94611°N 96.24694°W / 29.94611; -96.24694

Bellville 1996 on East Main Street (FM 529), Bellville
E. O. Finn Building 6349 301 E. Main St.

29°56′58″N 96°15′19″W / 29.94944°N 96.25528°W / 29.94944; -96.25528

Bellville 1982
Hackbarth Building 17788 111 & 113 Main St.

29°46′54″N 96°9′20″W / 29.78167°N 96.15556°W / 29.78167; -96.15556

Sealy 2013 Sealy, 111-113 Main Street
Harigel House, The 2378 104 S. Bell St.

29°56′57″N 96°15′28″W / 29.94917°N 96.25778°W / 29.94917; -96.25778

Bellville 1984
Haynes-Felcman House 11701 305 Hardeman St.

29°46′49″N 96°9′36″W / 29.78028°N 96.16000°W / 29.78028; -96.16000

Sealy 1999 at the intersection of Hardeman and Main streets
Hess-Kollatschny Farm House 2465 14992 Cherry Blossom Ln.

29°53′5″N 96°20′19″W / 29.88472°N 96.33861°W / 29.88472; -96.33861

Cat Spring 1982 Roff Ranch, 2 miles from Cat Spring Agricultural Hall; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Hill House
San Felipe TX Hill House.jpg

More images
11704 256 PR 38

29°48′22″N 96°6′3″W / 29.80611°N 96.10083°W / 29.80611; -96.10083

San Felipe 1962 On Park Road 38 just off FM 1458, San Felipe. Medallion may be missing.
Industry Methodist Church 14222 2131 Pilgrim Rest Ln.

29°58′27″N 96°30′20″W / 29.97417°N 96.50556°W / 29.97417; -96.50556

Industry 1967
John Bell Lewis Home 3079 232 S. Masonic St.

29°56′57″N 96°15′35″W / 29.94917°N 96.25972°W / 29.94917; -96.25972

Bellville 1979
John Reichle General Merchandise (Welcome Store) 2805 12528 FM 109

30°1′43″N 96°29′16″W / 30.02861°N 96.48778°W / 30.02861; -96.48778

Industry 1992 from Industry, take FM 109 north about 4 miles
Joseph L. Leshikar House 1730 3373 Skalak Rd.

29°56′17″N 96°24′20″W / 29.93806°N 96.40556°W / 29.93806; -96.40556

New Ulm 1965 Nelsonville-New Bremen Rd., 4.5 miles south of Nelsonville off SH 159 (private)
L. A. and Adelheid Machemehl House 3179 621 E. O'Bryant St.

29°56′34″N 96°15′17″W / 29.94278°N 96.25472°W / 29.94278; -96.25472

Bellville 1992
Lambert House 12402 153 Third St.

29°48′12″N 96°5′54″W / 29.80333°N 96.09833°W / 29.80333; -96.09833

San Felipe 1962 Off FM 1438; MEDALLION REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Lindemann-Ott House 16481 2207 Main St.

29°58′18″N 96°30′27″W / 29.97167°N 96.50750°W / 29.97167; -96.50750

Industry 2010
Magruder-Cannon-Bryan Home 3185 Leschper Rd.

29°55′56″N 96°16′27″W / 29.93222°N 96.27417°W / 29.93222; -96.27417

Bellville 1982 S. Holland Street, Bellville
Old Roesler Place, Thedagger 4336 12169 SH 159 W

29°58′32″N 96°26′15″W / 29.97556°N 96.43750°W / 29.97556; -96.43750

Nelsonville 1977 From Nelsonville, take SH 159 west about 2 miles; private.
Paul and Mahala Hackbarth House

More images
2326 325 Sixth St.

29°46′41″N 96°9′28″W / 29.77806°N 96.15778°W / 29.77806; -96.15778

Sealy 1991
Pitts Place 11705 637 Antonio Martinez St.

29°48′22″N 96°6′9″W / 29.80611°N 96.10250°W / 29.80611; -96.10250

San Felipe 1962 corner of Park Road 38 and Antonio Martinez St., San Felipe
Preibisch Building
Historic Preibisch building in Sealy, TX IMG 8249.JPG
12526 207 Main St.

29°46′53″N 96°9′24″W / 29.78139°N 96.15667°W / 29.78139; -96.15667

Sealy 2001 corner of Main and Fowlkes streets
San Felipe Church 11706 3922 FM 1458

29°48′16″N 96°5′53″W / 29.80444°N 96.09806°W / 29.80444; -96.09806

San Felipe 1962 FM 1458 at Park Road 38, San Felipe
San Felipe Town Hall

More images
4535 927 Sixth St.

29°48′0″N 96°5′47″W / 29.80000°N 96.09639°W / 29.80000; -96.09639

San Felipe 1970 Sixth Street, 0.25 miles east of FM 1458, San Felipe. MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Shelburne-Reinecker House 4666 402 S. Masonic St.

29°56′49″N 96°15′40″W / 29.94694°N 96.26111°W / 29.94694; -96.26111

Bellville 1994
The Wesley Brethren Churchdagger
Wesley brethren church 2013.jpg
8405 9643 Wesley Church Ln.

30°3′55″N 96°29′53″W / 30.06528°N 96.49806°W / 30.06528; -96.49806

Wesley 1966 From Brenham, take FM 332 about 10 mi. SW to Wesley Church Rd., follow rd. 1/2 mi. E to church. Wesley is in Washington County but the church is in Austin County.
Waddell-Dudensing-Bering Home 5698 5323 Post Oak Point Rd.

29°55′43″N 96°31′35″W / 29.92861°N 96.52639°W / 29.92861; -96.52639

New Ulm 1974
Witte-Schmid Housedagger
Witte schmid house 2008.jpg
18687 2650 Witte-Schmid Rd.

30°0′7″N 96°33′38″W / 30.00194°N 96.56056°W / 30.00194; -96.56056

Shelby 2017 near Shelby, TX FM 1457 off of State Highway 159

Bailey County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Cookhouse - Muleshoe Ranch
Muleshoe Cookhouse.JPG
3531 2000 W. Ash Ave.

34°14′20″N 102°44′47″W / 34.23889°N 102.74639°W / 34.23889; -102.74639

Muleshoe 1965 Relocated to Muleshoe Heritage Complex 1986

Bandera County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bandera County Courthouse
Bandera county courthouse.jpg

More images
291 504 Main St.

29°43′36″N 99°4′21″W / 29.72667°N 99.07250°W / 29.72667; -99.07250

Bandera 1972 504 Main Street (Highway 16)
Bandera County JaildaggerHash-tag
Former bandera county jail.jpg

More images
3755 End of 12th St. SE of Cypress St.

29°43′30″N 99°4′9″W / 29.72500°N 99.06917°W / 29.72500; -99.06917

Bandera 1965 One block southeast of SH 16, Bandera.
Bandera Methodist Church 292 406 11th St.

29°43′30″N 99°4′23″W / 29.72500°N 99.07306°W / 29.72500; -99.07306

Bandera 1967 Corner of Eleventh and Hackberry Sts., Bandera.
Bandera's First Bank 294 315 11th St.

29°43′27″N 99°4′21″W / 29.72417°N 99.07250°W / 29.72417; -99.07250

Bandera 1965 Corner of Cedar Street and Eleventh, Bandera.
Benjamin Franklin and Mary Hay Langford, Jr. Homedagger
Langford house bandera 2009.jpg

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12931 415 14th St.

29°43′41″N 99°4′12″W / 29.72806°N 99.07000°W / 29.72806; -99.07000

Bandera 2002 407 Fourteenth St
First Bandera County CourthousedaggerHash-tag
Former bandera county courthouse.jpg

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1599 End of 12th St. SE of Cypress St.

29°43′29″N 99°4′9″W / 29.72472°N 99.06917°W / 29.72472; -99.06917

Bandera 1979 County agricultural offices, one block southeast of Highway 16, next to old jail, Bandera.
Hix Ranch House 2500 Windmill Dr. N of FM 3240

29°47′57″N 99°9′34″W / 29.79917°N 99.15944°W / 29.79917; -99.15944

Bandera vicinity 1965 From Bandera, take FM 3240 about 8 miles northwest to Ranch entrance, south side of road, just before junction with FM 2828.
Jureczki Housedagger
Jureczki house 2009.jpg
2890 607 Cypress St.

29°43′13″N 99°4′31″W / 29.72028°N 99.07528°W / 29.72028; -99.07528

Bandera 1964 Northwest corner of Seventh and Cypress, Bandera.
Old Buck Ranch 3694 Wharton's Dock Rd. at San Julian Creek

29°41′48″N 99°3′1″W / 29.69667°N 99.05028°W / 29.69667; -99.05028

Bandera vicinity 1966 From Bandera, take FM 689 SE about 1 mile to Wharton's Dock Rd. & follow east about 2 miles to San Julian Creek. (Pass Flying L. Ranch)
Old English-Crist House 3725 3 mi. S of Pipe Creek on FM 1283 Pipe Creek vicinity 1968 From Pipe Creek, take FM 1283 South about 3 mile (house is just before Bottle Creek Rd.)
Old Huffmeyer Store 3750 301 Main St.

29°43′28″N 99°4′16″W / 29.72444°N 99.07111°W / 29.72444; -99.07111

Bandera 1967 Corner of Main Street and Cypress, Bandera.
Old Stanard Home 3820 E edge of town on SH 16

29°47′48″N 99°14′20″W / 29.79667°N 99.23889°W / 29.79667; -99.23889

Medina 1965 Hwy. 16, E city limits, Medina
Pilot's Lounge at Bandera Airpark 18353 141 Airport Rd.

29°42′50″N 99°2′45″W / 29.71389°N 99.04583°W / 29.71389; -99.04583

Bandera 2016
Polly's Chapel

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4067 359 Polly's Chapel Rd.

29°46′26″N 98°59′26″W / 29.77389°N 98.99056°W / 29.77389; -98.99056

Bandera vicinity 1965 From Bandera, take SH 16 about 8 miles northeast to Privilege Creek Bridge. Go north on County Road about 3 miles to Polly's Chapel.
Schmidtke-Callahan House

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4601 285 SH 16

29°43′35″N 99°4′7″W / 29.72639°N 99.06861°W / 29.72639; -99.06861

Bandera 1981 Corner of Cypress (SH 16) and Main, Bandera.
Spettel Riverside House 5008 Off Spettel Rd. in Bandera County Park

29°43′35″N 99°4′7″W / 29.72639°N 99.06861°W / 29.72639; -99.06861

Lakehills 1981 Off Park Road 37, Lakehills. Take Ten Thousand Trails Road to recreational area, house is just inside gates - here road changes to Spettel Road.
St. Stanislaus Catholic Church 5081 300 Seventh St.

29°43′15″N 99°4′31″W / 29.72083°N 99.07528°W / 29.72083; -99.07528

Bandera 1962
St. Stanislaus Convent and First Catholic School

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5082 302 Seventh St.

29°43′17″N 99°4′31″W / 29.72139°N 99.07528°W / 29.72139; -99.07528

Bandera 1975 Corner of Seventh Street and Cedar Street, Bandera.

Bastrop County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Aldridge-Fitzwilliam Home 9146 1 mi. S on SH 304 from SH 21 / SH 71 Bastrop 1968 2 mi. W off highway 204
Allen-Fowler Housedagger
Allen fowler house 2011.jpg

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15623 1404 Wilson St.

30°6′55″N 97°19′22″W / 30.11528°N 97.32278°W / 30.11528; -97.32278

Bastrop 2008
B. D. Orgain House

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9215 1508 Church St.

30°6′59″N 97°19′18″W / 30.11639°N 97.32167°W / 30.11639; -97.32167

Bastrop 1981 1508 Church St., Bastrop
Bastrop Christian Churchdouble-dagger
Bastrop, TX, Christian Church IMG 0510.JPG
9150 1104 Church St.

30°6′43″N 97°19′17″W / 30.11194°N 97.32139°W / 30.11194; -97.32139

Bastrop 1965 Corner of Church and Spring Streets
Bastrop County CourthousedaggerHash-tag
Bastrop courthouse.jpg

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9153 804 Pecan St.

30°6′33″N 97°19′5″W / 30.10917°N 97.31806°W / 30.10917; -97.31806

Bastrop 1964 Courthouse Square, Pine/Walnut/Pecan/Water streets, Bastrop
Bastrop County JaildaggerHash-tag
Bastrop old jail 2010.jpg

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9154 801 Pine St.

30°6′33″N 97°19′7″W / 30.10917°N 97.31861°W / 30.10917; -97.31861

Bastrop 1977 Corner of Pine and Waters Streets, Bastrop
Bastrop Opera Housedouble-dagger

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9158 711 Spring St.

30°6′41″N 97°19′10″W / 30.11139°N 97.31944°W / 30.11139; -97.31944

Bastrop 1984 711 Spring St., Bastrop
Burger Homedouble-dagger 9162 703 Farm St.

30°6′45″N 97°19′11″W / 30.11250°N 97.31972°W / 30.11250; -97.31972

Bastrop 1979 703 Farm St., Bastrop
Calvary Episcopal Churchdouble-dagger
Calvary Episcopal Church in Bastrop, TX IMG 0511.JPG
9167 605 Spring St.

30°6′41″N 97°19′15″W / 30.11139°N 97.32083°W / 30.11139; -97.32083

Bastrop 1962 Spring Street, Bastrop
Chancellor Housedouble-dagger 9170 201 Ramona St.

30°0′30″N 97°9′40″W / 30.00833°N 97.16111°W / 30.00833; -97.16111

Smithville 1994 201 Ramona, Smithville
Crocheron-McDowall Housedagger
Crocheron mcdowall house 2006.jpg

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9174 1502 Wilson St.

30°6′58″N 97°19′22″W / 30.11611°N 97.32278°W / 30.11611; -97.32278

Bastrop 1996 1502 Wilson, Bastrop
D. O. Hill Housedouble-dagger 9197 502 Olive St.

30°0′36″N 97°9′26″W / 30.01000°N 97.15722°W / 30.01000; -97.15722

Smithville 1962 502 Olive St., Smithville
Dr. I. B. Nofsinger Housedouble-dagger

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9214 310 N. Main St.

30°21′1″N 97°22′19″W / 30.35028°N 97.37194°W / 30.35028; -97.37194

Elgin 1982 310 N. Main St., Elgin
Dr. Sayers' Officedouble-dagger 7162 1003 Main St.

30°6′39″N 97°19′11″W / 30.11083°N 97.31972°W / 30.11083; -97.31972

Bastrop 1968 1003 Main St., Bastrop
Elgin Methodist Church 9182 216 W. Third St.

30°21′0″N 97°22′25″W / 30.35000°N 97.37361°W / 30.35000; -97.37361

Elgin 1988 216 W. 3rd St., Elgin
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Smithvilledouble-dagger 9186 400 Burleson St.

30°0′29″N 97°9′21″W / 30.00806°N 97.15583°W / 30.00806; -97.15583

Smithville 1979 4th and Burleson, Smithville
First Methodist Church of Smithvilledouble-dagger 9187 400 Olive St.

30°0′32″N 97°9′28″W / 30.00889°N 97.15778°W / 30.00889; -97.15778

Smithville 1988 corner of Olive and 4th St.
Governor Sayers Housedagger
Governor Joseph Sayers House, Bastrop, Texas.jpg

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9226 1703 Wilson St.

30°7′4″N 97°19′20″W / 30.11778°N 97.32222°W / 30.11778; -97.32222

Bastrop 1971 1703 Wilson St.
H. P. Luckett Housedagger
Luckett house 2007.jpg

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16996 1402 Church St.

30°6′54″N 97°19′18″W / 30.11500°N 97.32167°W / 30.11500; -97.32167

Bastrop 2011 1402 Church St., Bastrop
Haralson Housedagger
Bastain haralson house.jpg
9193 1006 Chestnut St.

30°6′39″N 97°18′57″W / 30.11083°N 97.31583°W / 30.11083; -97.31583

Bastrop 1963 1006 Chestnut St., Bastrop
Hartford Jenkins Homedagger
Fowler-Jenkins House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9200 1302 Pecan St.

30°6′50″N 97°19′4″W / 30.11389°N 97.31778°W / 30.11389; -97.31778

Bastrop 1971 1302 Pecan St., Bastrop
Henry N. Bell Housedagger
Allen-Bell House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9160 1408 Church St.

30°6′57″N 97°19′18″W / 30.11583°N 97.32167°W / 30.11583; -97.32167

Bastrop 1962 1408 Church St., Bastrop
Hubbard - Trigg Housedagger
Hubbard-Trigg House.jpg
9198 1508 Pecan St.

30°7′0″N 97°19′4″W / 30.11667°N 97.31778°W / 30.11667; -97.31778

Bastrop 1964 1508 Pecan St., Bastrop
Jung - Pearcy Housedagger
Joe Jung - Pearcy House, Bastrop, Texas.jpg
9203 909 Pecan St.

30°6′38″N 97°19′2″W / 30.11056°N 97.31722°W / 30.11056; -97.31722

Bastrop 1964 909 Pecan St., Bastrop
Kesselus Buildingdouble-dagger
9204 912 Main St.

30°6′35″N 97°19′13″W / 30.10972°N 97.32028°W / 30.10972; -97.32028

Bastrop 1985 912 Main St., Bastrop
Kleinert Buildingdouble-dagger

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13158 910 Main St.

30°6′35″N 97°19′13″W / 30.10972°N 97.32028°W / 30.10972; -97.32028

Bastrop 2003 Bastrop, 910 Main Street
Kleinert - Hoppe Housedagger
Kleinert-Hoppe House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9205 806 Jefferson St.

30°6′32″N 97°18′59″W / 30.10889°N 97.31639°W / 30.10889; -97.31639

Bastrop 1990 806 Jefferson St., Bastrop
Margaret Chambers Homedagger
Bartholomew Manlove House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9169 502 Elm St.

30°7′9″N 97°19′20″W / 30.11917°N 97.32222°W / 30.11917; -97.32222

Bastrop 1962 502 Elm St., Bastrop
Meeks - Maynard Cabin 9210 8 mi. S on Upper Elgin River Rd.

30°15′53″N 97°26′21″W / 30.26472°N 97.43917°W / 30.26472; -97.43917

Elgin 1965 8 mi. south of Elgin on CR 127, upper Elgin River Rd.
Miller - Gillum House

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9211 100 N. Ave. B

30°20′53″N 97°22′23″W / 30.34806°N 97.37306°W / 30.34806; -97.37306

Elgin 1987
Mina - Bastrop Pioneers Homedagger
Taylor-Fisk House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9212 1005 Hill St.

30°6′41″N 97°18′54″W / 30.11139°N 97.31500°W / 30.11139; -97.31500

Bastrop 1964 1005 Hill, Bastrop
Mt. Olive Baptist Church 14151 250 Mt. Olive Rd.

30°6′18″N 97°25′46″W / 30.10500°N 97.42944°W / 30.10500; -97.42944

Bastrop 2008
Murray Burleson Homedouble-dagger
9164 207 NE Eighth St.

30°0′45″N 97°9′22″W / 30.01250°N 97.15611°W / 30.01250; -97.15611

Smithville 1962 207 E. 8th St., Smithville
Old Bastrop Academy Bell 9149 1201 Main St.

30°6′47″N 97°19′10″W / 30.11306°N 97.31944°W / 30.11306; -97.31944

Bastrop 1966 1201 N. Main St., Bastrop
Old Cornelson-Fehr Housedagger
Bastrop County, TX, Historical Museum IMG 0501.JPG
9173 702 Main St.

30°6′26″N 97°19′11″W / 30.10722°N 97.31972°W / 30.10722; -97.31972

Bastrop 1967 702 S. Main St., Bastrop
Old Jenkins Homedagger
Jenkins house 1710 main bastrop.jpg
9201 1710 Main St.

30°7′8″N 97°19′14″W / 30.11889°N 97.32056°W / 30.11889; -97.32056

Bastrop 1964 1710 N. Main St., Bastrop
P. O. Elzner Housedagger
Elzner House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9183 802 Main St.

30°6′31″N 97°19′12″W / 30.10861°N 97.32000°W / 30.10861; -97.32000

Bastrop 1976 802 S. Main St., Bastrop
Pfeiffer Homedagger
Phieffer House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9218 1802 Main St.

30°7′9″N 97°19′14″W / 30.11917°N 97.32056°W / 30.11917; -97.32056

Bastrop 1978 1802 Main St., Bastrop
R. L. Perkins Homedagger
Hall-Sayers-Perkins House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9217 1307 Church St.

30°6′52″N 97°19′16″W / 30.11444°N 97.32111°W / 30.11444; -97.32111

Bastrop 1965 1307 Church St., Bastrop
Rabb Housedouble-dagger 12765 401 Colorado St.

30°0′47″N 97°9′12″W / 30.01306°N 97.15333°W / 30.01306; -97.15333

Smithville 2002 401 Colorado Street
Richard J. and Annie Brieger Housedagger
Brieger House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9161 1508 Hill St.

30°7′0″N 97°18′55″W / 30.11667°N 97.31528°W / 30.11667; -97.31528

Bastrop 1994 1508 Hill St., Bastrop
Rock Front Saloon, 1870

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9222 557 Old Hwy. 20

30°17′13″N 97°14′24″W / 30.28694°N 97.24000°W / 30.28694; -97.24000

McDade 1963 in McDade, intersection of Loop 323 and US 290 on Main St. - in McDade Historical Museum
Scottie Chambliss Jenkins Housedagger
S. C. Jenkins House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9229 801 Pecan St.

30°6′31″N 97°19′2″W / 30.10861°N 97.31722°W / 30.10861; -97.31722

Bastrop 1963 801 Pecan St., Bastrop
The A. A. Erhard Homedagger
Adolph A. Erhard House, Bastrop, Texas.JPG
9184 1205 Pecan St.

30°6′48″N 97°19′2″W / 30.11333°N 97.31722°W / 30.11333; -97.31722

Bastrop 1963 1205 Pecan St. Marker reported missing May 2009.
Trigg Home (Henry E. McGehee House) 9234 5 mi. S on SH 304 Bastrop 1964 5 mi. S of Bastrop on FM 304
Wallace - Holme House 9237 907 Pine St.

30°6′34″N 97°19′0″W / 30.10944°N 97.31667°W / 30.10944; -97.31667

Bastrop 1991 907 Pine St., Bastrop
White - Turner Housedagger
White house bastrop 2011.jpg
9238 1307 Main St.

30°6′52″N 97°19′11″W / 30.11444°N 97.31972°W / 30.11444; -97.31972

Bastrop 1983 1307 Main St., Bastrop
Wilbarger Housedagger
Brooks Wilbarger House, Bastrop, Texas.jpg

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7161 1403 Main St.

30°6′55″N 97°19′12″W / 30.11528°N 97.32000°W / 30.11528; -97.32000

Bastrop 1967 1403 N. Main St., Bastrop
Wiley Hill Housedagger
Abraham Wiley Hill House, Bastrop, Texas.jpg

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9195 Hills Prairie Rd. E of SH 304

30°2′53″N 97°18′28″W / 30.04806°N 97.30778°W / 30.04806; -97.30778

Bastrop 1962 5 mi. S of Bastrop on SH 304 county road, cutoff to Hills Prairie
Yerge-Hill Family Homedouble-dagger 9241 401 Main St.

30°0′35″N 97°9′33″W / 30.00972°N 97.15917°W / 30.00972; -97.15917

Smithville 1965 400 Main St., Smithville

Baylor County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Early Community Building
Seymour Texas Early Community Building.jpg
1 200 N. East St.

33°35′21″N 99°15′32″W / 33.58917°N 99.25889°W / 33.58917; -99.25889

Seymour 1969 S. East and E. Morris streets, Seymour
First Christian Church of Seymour
Seymour Texas First Christian Church.jpg
1717 401 N. East St.

33°35′29″N 99°15′34″W / 33.59139°N 99.25944°W / 33.59139; -99.25944

Seymour 1970 401 N. East St., Seymour

Bee County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
A. C. Jones Home 7126 611 E. Jones St.

28°24′46″N 97°44′50″W / 28.41278°N 97.74722°W / 28.41278; -97.74722

Beeville 1967 611 E. Jones St., Beeville
Bee County CourthousedaggerHash-tag
Bee courthouse.jpg

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12317 105 W. Corpus Christi St.

28°24′4″N 97°44′53″W / 28.40111°N 97.74806°W / 28.40111; -97.74806

Beeville 2000
Beeville Post Officedagger
Beeville Post Office, Beeville, Texas.JPG
15808 111 N. St. Mary's St.

28°24′10″N 97°44′55″W / 28.40278°N 97.74861°W / 28.40278; -97.74861

Beeville 2009
Camp-Ezell House 683 1313 W. Flournoy St.

28°24′14″N 97°45′51″W / 28.40389°N 97.76417°W / 28.40389; -97.76417

Beeville 1971 1313 W. Flournoy, Beeville
Cook Home 1050 E edge of town on private road Beeville 1966 W. Cook 1001 St., Beeville
First Christian Church 1698 220 N. Commerce St.

28°37′13″N 97°48′4″W / 28.62028°N 97.80111°W / 28.62028; -97.80111

Pettus 1965 Corner of Commerce and Walton streets, First Christian Church of Pettus.
George Home 2155 801 N. Adams St.

28°24′34″N 97°44′57″W / 28.40944°N 97.74917°W / 28.40944; -97.74917

Beeville 1966 801 N. Adams, Beeville
Jim Little Homestead 2754 0.25 mi. S of FM 799 4 mi. W of town Beeville 1966 W. Cadiz Rd., on private property
McClanahan House 3840 206 E. Corpus Christi St.

28°24′9″N 97°44′47″W / 28.40250°N 97.74639°W / 28.40250; -97.74639

Beeville 1964 206 E. Corpus Christi St., Beeville
Medio Creek 3315 Marker located 0.2 mi. E of U.S. 59 bridge over Medio Creek

28°29′10″N 97°39′12″W / 28.48611°N 97.65333°W / 28.48611; -97.65333

Beeville 1967 From Beeville, take US 59 about 4 mi NE to junction of US 59 & Medio Creek, then continue east O.2 mi.
Medio Creek Bridgedagger
Medio Creek Bridge, Normanna, Texas.JPG
3316 CR 241 over Medio Creek

28°31′46″N 97°47′39″W / 28.52944°N 97.79417°W / 28.52944; -97.79417

Normanna 1987 From Normanna, take county road 241 about 1 mile west
Park Hotel 3936 US 181 N end of town

28°34′18″N 97°48′6″W / 28.57167°N 97.80167°W / 28.57167; -97.80167

Tuleta 1994 US 181 North, Tuleta (private property)
Praeger Buildingdagger
Praeger Building 2012-09-26 16-44-03.jpg

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4104 110 W. Corpus Christi St.

28°24′6″N 97°44′57″W / 28.40167°N 97.74917°W / 28.40167; -97.74917

Beeville 1981 110 W. Corpus Christi St., Beeville (Marker fales Washington St.)
Rialto Theaterdagger
Rialto Theater, Beeville, Texas.JPG

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13965 112-114 N. Washington St.

28°24′8″N 97°44′57″W / 28.40222°N 97.74917°W / 28.40222; -97.74917

Beeville 2007
Rountree Rock House 4364 6 mi. S on FM 1349 from U.S. 59

28°16′47″N 97°48′16″W / 28.27972°N 97.80444°W / 28.27972; -97.80444

Beeville 1971 From Beeville, take US 59 west about 4 mi. Then go south on FM 1349 about 6 mi.
Saint Philip's Episcopal Church 4487 311 E. Corpus Christi St.

28°24′13″N 97°44′44″W / 28.40361°N 97.74556°W / 28.40361; -97.74556

Beeville 1967 Corner of N. Adams and Corpus Christi Sts., Beeville
Thompson Building (First Brick Building on Square) 1692 108 W. Corpus Christi St.

28°24′7″N 97°44′56″W / 28.40194°N 97.74889°W / 28.40194; -97.74889

Beeville 1971 108 W. Corpus Christi, Beeville
William E. Madderra Home 5824 401 N. Adams St.

28°24′23″N 97°44′50″W / 28.40639°N 97.74722°W / 28.40639; -97.74722

Beeville 1983 401 N. Adams St.

Bell County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Anderson Place, Olddagger

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159 35 S. Main St.

30°56′46″N 97°32′12″W / 30.94611°N 97.53667°W / 30.94611; -97.53667

Salado 1965
Armstrong-Adams Housedagger
205 2 N. Main St.

30°56′49″N 97°32′14″W / 30.94694°N 97.53722°W / 30.94694; -97.53722

Salado 1985 Main and Thomas Arnold Streets, Salado.
Avenue D Schooldagger
Avenue D School Killeen Texas.jpg

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251 101 N. College St.

31°7′16″N 97°44′0″W / 31.12111°N 97.73333°W / 31.12111; -97.73333

Killeen 1981
Bell County Courthousedaggerdouble-daggerHash-tag
Bell County Texas Courthouse March 2017.jpg

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12460 101 E. Central Ave.

31°3′21″N 97°27′49″W / 31.05583°N 97.46361°W / 31.05583; -97.46361

Belton 2000 Central Ave. at Main St.
Belton Farmers Co-op Gindagger
Belton Farmers Coop Gin.jpg

More images
17122 219 S. East St.

31°3′18″N 97°27′45″W / 31.05500°N 97.46250°W / 31.05500; -97.46250

Belton 2012 One block south east of the Belton Courthouse, backing up to the Nolan Creek
Berry-Vickrey Housedagger
Vickery house 2008.jpg
380 680 N. Main St.

30°57′4″N 97°32′11″W / 30.95111°N 97.53639°W / 30.95111; -97.53639

Salado 1962 Horsefeathers (2007)
Bethel Primitive Baptist Church 391 400 S. Gray St.

31°6′51″N 97°43′46″W / 31.11417°N 97.72944°W / 31.11417; -97.72944

Killeen 1990
C. L. Walker Home 6491 1206 N. Third St.

31°6′34″N 97°20′20″W / 31.10944°N 97.33889°W / 31.10944; -97.33889

Temple 1978
Capt. Robert Bonner Halley Homedagger
Robert halley house 2008.jpg
2343 681 N. Main St.

30°57′15″N 97°31′57″W / 30.95417°N 97.53250°W / 30.95417; -97.53250

Salado 1962
Carnegie Library Buildingdouble-daggerdagger
Carnegie library belton 2008.jpg

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733 201 N. Main St.

31°3′27″N 97°27′48″W / 31.05750°N 97.46333°W / 31.05750; -97.46333

Belton 1981
Christ Episcopal Church of Templedouble-dagger
Christ Episcopal Church in Temple, TX IMG 2390.JPG
842 300 N. Main St.

31°6′0″N 97°20′25″W / 31.10000°N 97.34028°W / 31.10000; -97.34028

Temple 1976 NW corner of Calhoun & Main
Clark Housedagger 905 520 S. Main St.

31°3′10″N 97°27′56″W / 31.05278°N 97.46556°W / 31.05278; -97.46556

Belton 1982
Dr. John S. and Mary McCelvey House 11728 804 N. 11th St.

31°6′22″N 97°20′40″W / 31.10611°N 97.34444°W / 31.10611; -97.34444

Temple 1999
Early Bell County Jail 1336 210 N. Pearl St.

31°3′29″N 97°27′53″W / 31.05806°N 97.46472°W / 31.05806; -97.46472

Belton 1967
Ele B. Baggett Homedagger
Ele baggett house 2008.jpg
1445 1019 N. Main St.

31°3′57″N 97°27′36″W / 31.06583°N 97.46000°W / 31.06583; -97.46000

Belton 1983
Fellrath Buildingdouble-dagger
Fellrath Building Belton Texas.jpg
1586 126 N. East St.

31°3′25″N 97°27′45″W / 31.05694°N 97.46250°W / 31.05694; -97.46250

Belton 1984 corner of East and 1st
Ferguson Homedagger
1591 518 N. Seventh St.

31°6′12″N 97°20′36″W / 31.10333°N 97.34333°W / 31.10333; -97.34333

First United Methodist Church of Belton
First United Methodist Church of Belton.jpg
1882 205 N. East St.

31°3′31″N 97°27′42″W / 31.05861°N 97.46167°W / 31.05861; -97.46167

Belton 1978 N. East St. at 3rd Ave, Belton
First United Methodist Church of Templedouble-dagger
First United Methodist Church in Temple, TX IMG 2389.JPG
1896 102 N. Second St.

31°5′52″N 97°20′24″W / 31.09778°N 97.34000°W / 31.09778; -97.34000

Temple 1979
Fowler Housedagger
Fowler house salado 2008.jpg
2044 1301 N. Stagecoach Rd.

30°57′30″N 97°31′58″W / 30.95833°N 97.53278°W / 30.95833; -97.53278

Salado 1968 US 81, 1 mile north of Salado.
George Washington Baines Housedagger
George washington baines house 2008.jpg
279dagger 316 Royal St.

30°56′31″N 97°31′59″W / 30.94194°N 97.53306°W / 30.94194; -97.53306

Salado 1981 Royal Street, Salado.
Grace United Methodist Church
Grace United Methodist Church Temple Texas.jpg
2237 601 S. Main St.

31°5′26″N 97°20′36″W / 31.09056°N 97.34333°W / 31.09056; -97.34333

Temple 1983
Home of Captain A. J. Harrisdagger
Harris Home.jpg

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2527 1001 W. Tenth Ave.

31°4′2″N 97°28′9″W / 31.06722°N 97.46917°W / 31.06722; -97.46917

Belton 1966 Corner of 10th and Harris Sts., Belton
James A. Fletcher House 1918 504 W. Nugent Ave.

31°6′44″N 97°20′27″W / 31.11222°N 97.34083°W / 31.11222; -97.34083

Temple 1981
John and Ettie Mayfield House 3268 400 W. Travis St.

30°52′49″N 97°24′26″W / 30.88028°N 97.40722°W / 30.88028; -97.40722

Holland 1994
Luther Memorialdagger
Bell Tower, UMHB, Belton, TX IMG 5539.JPG

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13713 Vann Cir., University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

31°3′59″N 97°27′51″W / 31.06639°N 97.46417°W / 31.06639; -97.46417

Belton 2004 University of Mary Hardin-Baylor campus, Vann Circle Drive
M. H. Denman Cabin

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3161 601 N. Main St.

30°57′5″N 97°32′4″W / 30.95139°N 97.53444°W / 30.95139; -97.53444

Salado 1968 Behind Salado Civic Center at corner of Main and Van Bibber Sts., Salado
Major A.J. Rose Housedagger
Major rose house 2008.jpg
4349 101 Rose Way

30°56′26″N 97°31′46″W / 30.94056°N 97.52944°W / 30.94056; -97.52944

Salado 1979 Corner of William Rose Way at Royal Street, Salado.
Maxdale Bridge 3263 Maxdale Rd. over of Lampasas River S of FM 2670

30°59′21″N 97°49′46″W / 30.98917°N 97.82944°W / 30.98917; -97.82944

Killeen 1990 10 mi. S on SH 195, 3.7 mi. W on FM 2670, 0.3 mi. S on Maxdale Road, south side of bridge. Marker was stolen 2005; recovered and in possession of BCHC
Messer-Limmer Farmhouse 12391 1717 Eberhardt Rd.

31°7′18″N 97°21′28″W / 31.12167°N 97.35778°W / 31.12167; -97.35778

Temple 1989 Texas Early Day Tractor and Engine Association grounds, Eberhardt Rd.; relocated to Temple from Bartlett area ca. 2006; former location=3.8 miles east of Bartlett on FM 487, then 1.6 miles south on Aubrey Messer Rd., then 0.6 miles north on drive to house
Muehlhause House 3524 620 S. Main St.

31°3′5″N 97°27′57″W / 31.05139°N 97.46583°W / 31.05139; -97.46583

Belton 1994 Corner of S Main and Ave F
Norton-Orgain Housedagger

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3614 7 N. Main St.

30°56′50″N 97°32′11″W / 30.94722°N 97.53639°W / 30.94722; -97.53639

Salado 1991 Thomas Arnold and Main Streets, Salado.
Omar L. Fletcher Home 1919 1314 N. Ninth St.

31°6′41″N 97°20′29″W / 31.11139°N 97.34139°W / 31.11139; -97.34139

Temple 1979
Robertson Homedagger

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4305 646 S. Robertson Rd.

30°56′32″N 97°32′34″W / 30.94222°N 97.54278°W / 30.94222; -97.54278

Salado 1967 on west side of IH-35, just south of Salado Creek, Salado
Salado Methodist Churchdagger
Salado united methodist church 2008.jpg
4494 650 Royal St.

30°56′30″N 97°31′44″W / 30.94167°N 97.52889°W / 30.94167; -97.52889

Salado 1969 relocated from corner of Stage Coach & Church Streets in 2005
Sanderford Log Cabin 4562 Paddy Hamilton Rd. near FM 93

31°4′38″N 97°32′19″W / 31.07722°N 97.53861°W / 31.07722; -97.53861

Belton 1967 Private property near FM 93 and Paddy Hamilton Road
Stagecoach Inndagger The Stagecoach Inn in Salado, a small town on the historic Chisholm cattle-drive trail between Waco and Austin in Texas LCCN2014633960.tif
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5091 401 S. Stagecoach Rd.

30°56′31″N 97°32′15″W / 30.94194°N 97.53750°W / 30.94194; -97.53750

Salado 1962 Main Street (old US 81) at College Hill, Salado.
Steakley Home 5102 2207 Marlandwood Rd.

31°4′0″N 97°22′46″W / 31.06667°N 97.37944°W / 31.06667; -97.37944

Temple 1964 2207 Marland Wood Road, Temple.
Stinnett's Mill 5123 10195 Stinnett Mill Rd.

30°57′48″N 97°30′8″W / 30.96333°N 97.50222°W / 30.96333; -97.50222

Salado vicinity 1962 About 4.5 miles NE of Salado on Stinnett's Mill Rd via Rose Rd.
Summers' Mill 5147 FM 1123 at Salado Creek

30°58′13″N 97°25′59″W / 30.97028°N 97.43306°W / 30.97028; -97.43306

Belton vicinity 1965 5 miles east of Belton on FM 1123 @ Salado Creek; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Temple Public Librarydouble-dagger
Temple Public Library.jpg
5223 101 N. Main St.

31°5′52″N 97°20′26″W / 31.09778°N 97.34056°W / 31.09778; -97.34056

Temple 1978 former Temple Post Office building
The Curtis Mansiondagger
Miller curtis house 2008.jpg
1137 1004 N. Main St.

31°3′56″N 97°27′38″W / 31.06556°N 97.46056°W / 31.06556; -97.46056

Belton 1977 NW corner of N. Main & E. Tenth
Twelve Oaksdagger
Twelve Oaks, Salado, Texas (19 November 2008).jpg
5577 628 Center Cir.

30°56′45″N 97°31′55″W / 30.94583°N 97.53194°W / 30.94583; -97.53194

Salado 1962 Center Circle, Salado
Wedemeyer Housedagger
Belton Academy (1 of 1).jpg
6108 404 E. Ninth Ave.

31°3′49″N 97°27′28″W / 31.06361°N 97.45778°W / 31.06361; -97.45778


Bexar County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Acequia Madre de Valero (Main Irrigation Ditch of Valero Mission)double-dagger
Alamo Madre Acequia, East of Alamo Street, North of Durango Boulevard, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX HAER TEX,15-SANT.V,4C- (sheet 1 of 1).png

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78 HemisFair Park, 434 S. Alamo St.

29°25′9″N 98°29′11″W / 29.41917°N 98.48639°W / 29.41917; -98.48639

San Antonio 1968 Log in Hemis Fair Plaza, S. Alamo St., San Antonio
Aldrete Housesdouble-dagger

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13326 526 E. Nueva St.

29°25′14″N 98°29′20″W / 29.42056°N 98.48889°W / 29.42056; -98.48889

San Antonio 1966
Alexander and Alma Oppenheimer Halff Housedagger
Halff house san antonio 2015.jpg

More images
112 601 Howard St.

29°26′31″N 98°29′45″W / 29.44194°N 98.49583°W / 29.44194; -98.49583

San Antonio 1997 601 Howard Street, San Antonio at West Laurel
Alfred Giles Homedouble-dagger 18172 308 King William St.

29°24′53″N 98°29′34″W / 29.41472°N 98.49278°W / 29.41472; -98.49278

San Antonio 2015
Altgelt-Isbell Housedouble-dagger Historic American Buildings Survey, Jack Boucher, Photographer, October, 1961 VIEW FROM SOUTHWEST. - Ernst H. Altgelt House, 226 King William Street, San Antonio, Bexar County, HABS TEX,15-SANT,22-2.tif
More images
134 226 King William St.

29°24′56″N 98°29′31″W / 29.41556°N 98.49194°W / 29.41556; -98.49194

San Antonio 1962 [house also has Historic American Buildings Survey marker]
Anna Barbara and Johann Engelbert Heidgen Housedagger
Johann and Anna Heidgen House, San Antonio, Texas.jpg

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12947 121 Starr St.

29°25′34″N 98°28′56″W / 29.42611°N 98.48222°W / 29.42611; -98.48222

San Antonio 2003 121 Starr
Anton Wulff Housedouble-dagger

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5914 107 King William St.

29°25′4″N 98°29′27″W / 29.41778°N 98.49083°W / 29.41778; -98.49083

San Antonio 1976 107 King William St., San Antonio
Espada Aqueduct TX NPS.jpg

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177 Between Espada Rd. and San Antonio River

29°19′56″N 98°27′40″W / 29.33222°N 98.46111°W / 29.33222; -98.46111

San Antonio 1962 Mission Aqueduct, Espada Rd., San Antonio
Arsenal Magazinedagger GENERAL VIEW; EAST (LEFT) AND NORTH FRONT (RIGHT) SIDES - U.S. San Antonio Arsenal, Storehouse, San Antonio Arsenal, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX HABS TEX,15-SANT,42F-1.tif
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212 646 S. Main Ave.

29°24′28″N 98°29′44″W / 29.40778°N 98.49556°W / 29.40778; -98.49556

San Antonio 1977
Benjamin Grossenbacher House Historic American Buildings Survey, Jack Boucher, Photographer, October, 1961 EAST ELEVATION. - Joseph Boelhauwe House, 321 North Alamo, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX HABS TEX,15-SANT,26-1.tif
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13360 321 N. Alamo St.

29°25′44″N 98°29′8″W / 29.42889°N 98.48556°W / 29.42889; -98.48556

San Antonio 1962
Biesenbach Housedouble-dagger 18355 528 King William St.

29°24′43″N 98°29′43″W / 29.41194°N 98.49528°W / 29.41194; -98.49528

San Antonio 2016
Boldtville Schoolhouse
447 6634 New Sulpher Springs Rd.

29°21′46″N 98°21′36″W / 29.36278°N 98.36000°W / 29.36278; -98.36000

San Antonio 1984 Loc. at Boltville community, at interection of Sulphur Springs and Foster roads, San Antonio
Book Buildingdouble-dagger 450 140 E. Houston St.

29°25′35″N 98°29′33″W / 29.42639°N 98.49250°W / 29.42639; -98.49250

San Antonio 1978 140 East Houston, San Antonio; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011 (may be inside building)
Bullis House

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568 621 Pierce Ave.

29°26′34″N 98°27′53″W / 29.44278°N 98.46472°W / 29.44278; -98.46472

San Antonio 1983
Caile Housedouble-dagger
Caile-house2013-3 526-nueva.jpeg

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622 526 E. Nueva St.

29°25′14″N 98°29′20″W / 29.42056°N 98.48889°W / 29.42056; -98.48889

San Antonio 1995
Caile Housedouble-dagger

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15506 526 E. Nueva St.

29°25′14″N 98°29′20″W / 29.42056°N 98.48889°W / 29.42056; -98.48889

San Antonio 1966
Carl Wilhelm August Groos Housedouble-dagger
Carl groos house san antonio 2014.jpg
2287 335 King William St.

29°24′52″N 98°29′38″W / 29.41444°N 98.49389°W / 29.41444; -98.49389

San Antonio 1977 335 King William St., San Antonio
Casa Villitadouble-dagger
Jeremiah dashiell house 2014.jpg

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13340 511 Villita St.

29°25′19″N 98°29′18″W / 29.42194°N 98.48833°W / 29.42194; -98.48833

San Antonio 1962
Chabot Housedouble-dagger 796 403 Madison St.

29°24′48″N 98°29′36″W / 29.41333°N 98.49333°W / 29.41333; -98.49333

San Antonio 1978
Christ Episcopal Churchdouble-dagger 841 301 W. Russell Pl.

29°27′5″N 98°29′49″W / 29.45139°N 98.49694°W / 29.45139; -98.49694

San Antonio 1986 Russell Pl. at Belknap
Christopher Columbus Italian Society Hall 848 201 Piazza Italia

29°25′51″N 98°29′55″W / 29.43083°N 98.49861°W / 29.43083; -98.49861

San Antonio 1992
Cos Housedouble-dagger Historic American Buildings Survey, Marvin Eickenroht, Photographer March 10, 1934 VIEW FROM SOUTHWEST. - Cos House, 513 Paseo de la Villita, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX HABS TEX,15-SANT,4-1.tif
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1072 503 Villita St.

29°25′19″N 98°29′20″W / 29.42194°N 98.48889°W / 29.42194; -98.48889

San Antonio 1965 503 Villita St., San Antonio; MEDALLION REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
David J. and May Bock Woodward Housedagger
Woodward house sa 2011.jpg
13398 1717 San Pedro Ave.

29°27′1″N 98°29′59″W / 29.45028°N 98.49972°W / 29.45028; -98.49972

San Antonio 1994
Dominguez-Micheli Houses 13344 228 Arciniega St.

29°25′10″N 98°29′23″W / 29.41944°N 98.48972°W / 29.41944; -98.48972

San Antonio 1967
Dr. Claudius E. R. King House 2952 819 Augusta St.

29°26′7″N 98°29′15″W / 29.43528°N 98.48750°W / 29.43528; -98.48750

San Antonio 1973 819 Augusta St., San Antonio
Eagar HouseHash-tag 1324 434 S. Alamo St.

29°25′10″N 98°29′17″W / 29.41944°N 98.48806°W / 29.41944; -98.48806

San Antonio 1962 434 S. Alamo, San Antonio
Elias and Lucy Edmonds Housedouble-dagger
Elias and lucy edmonds house 2014.jpg
15407 419 King William St.

29°24′49″N 98°29′40″W / 29.41361°N 98.49444°W / 29.41361; -98.49444

San Antonio 2008
Emil Elmendorf Housedagger
Emil elmendorf house 2012.jpg
1467 509 Burleson St.

29°25′58″N 98°28′22″W / 29.43278°N 98.47278°W / 29.43278; -98.47278

San Antonio 1982 509 Burleson St., San Antonio; MARKER REPORTED TO BE INSIDE HOUSE 5/2011
Engleman-Muench Housedaggerdouble-dagger
Engelman muench-house2013-2.jpeg
1483 415 E. Sixth St.

29°25′47″N 98°28′59″W / 29.42972°N 98.48306°W / 29.42972; -98.48306

San Antonio 1984 415 Sixth St., San Antonio
Ernst Homestead

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1498 411 S. Presa St.

29°25′9″N 98°29′24″W / 29.41917°N 98.49000°W / 29.41917; -98.49000

San Antonio 1983 411 S. Presa, San Antonio; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Fest-Steves Blockdaggerdouble-dagger
Vogel Belt Complex, San Antonio, Texas.jpg
13349 111-121 Military Plaza

29°25′28″N 98°29′45″W / 29.42444°N 98.49583°W / 29.42444; -98.49583

San Antonio 1977 MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Fiesta Housedouble-dagger
Otto bombach house 2014.jpg
13350 231 S. Alamo St.

29°25′19″N 98°29′17″W / 29.42194°N 98.48806°W / 29.42194; -98.48806

San Antonio 1962
Fort Sam Houston, 4th U.S. Army Headquarters Quadrangleasterismdaggerdouble-dagger

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2014 E. Grayson St. at N. New Braunfels Ave.

29°26′40″N 98°27′44″W / 29.44444°N 98.46222°W / 29.44444; -98.46222

San Antonio 1964 Grayson Street Gate, quadrangle on New Braunfels Rd.; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
George Isbell Homedouble-dagger Historic American Buildings Survey, Jack Boucher, Photographer, October, 1961 SERVICE STAIR. - Ernst H. Altgelt House, 226 King William Street, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX HABS TEX,15-SANT,22-3.tif
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13366 226 King William St.

29°24′56″N 98°29′31″W / 29.41556°N 98.49194°W / 29.41556; -98.49194

San Antonio 1962
German-English Schooldouble-dagger
2178 421 S. Alamo St.

29°25′13″N 98°29′19″W / 29.42028°N 98.48861°W / 29.42028; -98.48861

San Antonio 1962 421 S.Alamo St., San Antonio
Gilbeau Slave Quarters 13354 526 S. Main Ave.

29°25′10″N 98°29′42″W / 29.41944°N 98.49500°W / 29.41944; -98.49500

San Antonio 1965
Gould-Onderdonk Housedouble-dagger 13355 128 W. French Pl.

29°26′59″N 98°29′43″W / 29.44972°N 98.49528°W / 29.44972; -98.49528

San Antonio 1973
Gugger Homestead 14737 14464 Old Bandera Rd.

29°34′40″N 98°41′25″W / 29.57778°N 98.69028°W / 29.57778; -98.69028

Helotes 2008
Gustav Blersch Housedouble-dagger 16997 213 Washington St.

29°25′1″N 98°29′35″W / 29.41694°N 98.49306°W / 29.41694; -98.49306

San Antonio 2011
Halff HouseHash-tag
HemisFair Park May 2018 01 (Halff House).jpg
2333 HemisFair Park, 434 S. Alamo St.

29°25′14″N 98°29′13″W / 29.42056°N 98.48694°W / 29.42056; -98.48694

San Antonio 1966 Hemisfair Park, S. Alamo St., San Antonio Carcross from La Vallia)
Hangar Ninedagger
Hangar92 (1 of 1).jpg

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13363 8030 Challenger Dr.

29°20′38″N 98°26′39″W / 29.34389°N 98.44417°W / 29.34389; -98.44417

San Antonio 1967 N of intersection of Challenger Dr. and Inner Circle Rd., Brooks Air Force Base; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 6/2011
J.M. and Birdie Nix Housedouble-dagger

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13658 434 King William St.

29°24′46″N 98°29′40″W / 29.41278°N 98.49444°W / 29.41278; -98.49444

San Antonio 2006 434 King William
Jack Hays Housedouble-dagger 13365 212 S. Presa St.

29°25′18″N 98°29′23″W / 29.42167°N 98.48972°W / 29.42167; -98.48972

San Antonio 1962 South Presa at Nueva
Jay Adams Housedouble-dagger

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17233 505 Belknap Pl.

29°27′5″N 98°29′52″W / 29.45139°N 98.49778°W / 29.45139; -98.49778

San Antonio 2012 Northwest corner of Belknap Place and Russell Place
Krause House/Mann's Crossing Post Officedagger
Krause House.JPG
11747 8551 Old Pearsall Rd.

29°18′20″N 98°39′56″W / 29.30556°N 98.66556°W / 29.30556; -98.66556

San Antonio 1999
L. B. Clegg Housedagger

More images
916 123 W. Park Ave.

29°26′39″N 98°29′43″W / 29.44417°N 98.49528°W / 29.44417; -98.49528

San Antonio 1978
La Quinta de las Piedras (Miguel Menchaca House) 12539 19801 Scenic Loop Rd.

29°37′43″N 98°41′6″W / 29.62861°N 98.68500°W / 29.62861; -98.68500

Helotes 1965
La Villitadagger
La Villita National Historic District - San Antonio, TX USA - panoramio (21).jpg

More images
3006 W of S. Alamo St. from E. Chavez Blvd. to Riverwalk

29°25′17″N 98°29′20″W / 29.42139°N 98.48889°W / 29.42139; -98.48889

San Antonio 1962 Villita Rd., San Antonio
Little Church of La Villitadouble-dagger
La-villita2014-11 church.jpeg

More images
3096 508 La Villita St.

29°25′18″N 98°29′19″W / 29.42167°N 98.48861°W / 29.42167; -98.48861

San Antonio 1962 508 La Villita. Medallion reported missing Dec. 2005
Locke Hill Auditorium
Locke Hill Auditorium San Antonio Texas 2018.jpg
17996 11937 I-10 W

29°33′18″N 98°35′11″W / 29.55500°N 98.58639°W / 29.55500; -98.58639

San Antonio 2014 East side of IH-10 W. between Huebner Road and DeZavala Road
Madison Square Presbyterian Church 13368 319 Camden St.

29°26′7″N 98°29′30″W / 29.43528°N 98.49167°W / 29.43528; -98.49167

San Antonio 1977
Majestic Theatredaggerdouble-dagger
Majestic Theater (1 of 1).jpg

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5972 212 E. Houston St.

29°25′35″N 98°29′26″W / 29.42639°N 98.49056°W / 29.42639; -98.49056

San Antonio 1991 212 E. Houston St., San Antonio
Marnoch Homestead 16488 15350 Scenic Loop Rd.

29°35′9″N 98°41′13″W / 29.58583°N 98.68694°W / 29.58583; -98.68694

Helotes 2010 15350 Scenic Loop Road
Maverick-Carter Housedaggerdouble-dagger
Maverick-Carter House, San Antonio, Texas.jpg

More images
16377 119 Taylor St.

29°25′48″N 98°29′16″W / 29.43000°N 98.48778°W / 29.43000; -98.48778

San Antonio 2010
Menger Hoteldouble-dagger
The Menger Hotel c. 1859 - panoramio.jpg

More images
3334 204 Alamo Plaza

29°25′29″N 98°29′10″W / 29.42472°N 98.48611°W / 29.42472; -98.48611

San Antonio 1965 Menger Hotel, 204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio
Menger Soap Worksdagger

More images
3336 500 N. Santa Rosa St.

29°25′45″N 98°29′48″W / 29.42917°N 98.49667°W / 29.42917; -98.49667

San Antonio 1983 500 N. Santa Rosa-backs to Martin St., San Antonio
Mission Concepciondaggerdouble-daggerHash-tag
Mission Concepcion, San Antonio, TX, USA - panoramio.jpg

More images
13372 807 Mission Rd.

29°23′27″N 98°29′28″W / 29.39083°N 98.49111°W / 29.39083; -98.49111

San Antonio 1964 MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Mission San Francisco de la Espada Dam, Ditch and Aqueductdaggerdouble-dagger
Espada Dam, part of the Espada Aqueduct.jpg

More images
3412 Between Espada Rd. and San Antonio River

29°19′56″N 98°27′40″W / 29.33222°N 98.46111°W / 29.33222; -98.46111

San Antonio 1969 Espada Road
Mission San Josedaggerdouble-daggerHash-tag
Mission San José Church.jpg

More images
3415 6701 San Jose Dr.

29°21′44″N 98°28′47″W / 29.36222°N 98.47972°W / 29.36222; -98.47972

San Antonio 1962 Mission San Jose,Mission Dr. San Antonio; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 6/2011
Mission San Juan Capistranodaggerdouble-daggerHash-tag
Mission San Juan Capistrano San Antonio, TX, United States - panoramio (14).jpg

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14071 9101 Graf Rd.

29°19′55″N 98°27′16″W / 29.33194°N 98.45444°W / 29.33194; -98.45444

San Antonio 1962 MARKER REPORTED MISSING 6/2011
Moos Homestead

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3466 14610 I-10 W

29°34′50″N 98°35′53″W / 29.58056°N 98.59806°W / 29.58056; -98.59806

San Antonio 1964 northwest corner of IH-10 and Utex Blvd. (Gunn Honda property). Marker reported missing Jan. 2012.
Navarro HousesdaggerSection-signHash-tag
Casa Navarro State Historic Site July 2017 12 (main house).jpg

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3555 228 S. Laredo St.

29°25′23″N 98°29′50″W / 29.42306°N 98.49722°W / 29.42306; -98.49722

San Antonio 1962 228 S. Laredo St., San Antonio
Norton-Polk-Mathis Housedouble-dagger

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3615 401 King William St.

29°24′50″N 98°29′39″W / 29.41389°N 98.49417°W / 29.41389; -98.49417

San Antonio 1971 401 King William St., San Antonio
O. Henry Housedouble-dagger
O-henry-house2013-2 dolorosa laredo.jpg

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2453 601 Dolorosa St.

29°25′28″N 98°29′50″W / 29.42444°N 98.49722°W / 29.42444; -98.49722

San Antonio 1964 corner of Laredo and Dolorosa Sts.
Old Edward Steves (Stevens) Housedouble-dagger Edward Steves Homestead museum, built in 1876 in the historic King William District of San Antonio, Texas LCCN2011632170.tif
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5117 509 King William St.

29°24′46″N 98°29′43″W / 29.41278°N 98.49528°W / 29.41278; -98.49528

San Antonio 1970 509 King William St., San Antonio
Old S. J. Brooks Homedouble-dagger 526 155 Croften Ave.

29°24′26″N 98°29′37″W / 29.40722°N 98.49361°W / 29.40722; -98.49361

San Antonio 1969 (King William District)
Old San Antonio National Bank Buildingdaggerdouble-dagger
First-national-bank2013-1 239east-commerce.JPG

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3804 239 E. Commerce St.

29°25′28″N 98°29′25″W / 29.42444°N 98.49028°W / 29.42444; -98.49028

San Antonio 1979 239 East Commerce St. San Antonio
Old St. Mary's Collegedouble-dagger 3819 112 College St.

29°25′32″N 98°29′26″W / 29.42556°N 98.49056°W / 29.42556; -98.49056

San Antonio 1969 located En Route to Riverwalk. 112 College St., San Antonio
Oscar and Rachel Berman Housedouble-dagger 13621 338 Madison St.

29°24′48″N 98°29′33″W / 29.41333°N 98.49250°W / 29.41333; -98.49250

San Antonio 2006
Otto Koehler House
Koehler Cultural Center.jpg

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2972 310 W. Ashby Pl.

29°26′55″N 98°29′49″W / 29.44861°N 98.49694°W / 29.44861; -98.49694

San Antonio 1975 310 W. Ashby Place, San Antonio
Pereida HouseHash-tag 3987 510 S. Alamo St.

29°25′8″N 98°29′17″W / 29.41889°N 98.48806°W / 29.41889; -98.48806

San Antonio 1962 502 S. Alamo St., San Antonio; MEDALLION REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Perrin Home 13380 4101 Swans Landing

29°31′30″N 98°24′49″W / 29.52500°N 98.41361°W / 29.52500; -98.41361

San Antonio 1968 MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Petty House 18597 10 Tenth St.

29°26′8″N 98°28′56″W / 29.43556°N 98.48222°W / 29.43556; -98.48222

San Antonio 2017 End of Tenth Street at San Antonio River
R.L. White Ranchdagger 17310 18744 Bandera Rd.

29°37′4″N 98°45′2″W / 29.61778°N 98.75056°W / 29.61778; -98.75056

Helotes 2012 on highway approximately in front of Rancho Blanco sign inside fence
Rechel-Stumpf House

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4215 311 Howard St.

29°26′20″N 98°29′45″W / 29.43889°N 98.49583°W / 29.43889; -98.49583

San Antonio 1962 311 Howard St., San Antonio
Robert B. Evans Home 1510 7830 E. Evans Rd.

29°36′33″N 98°20′10″W / 29.60917°N 98.33611°W / 29.60917; -98.33611

Selma 1969 Evans Rd., 4 mi of Fm 1604 (or Anderson Loop), San Antonio
Roy and Madge Hearne Housedouble-dagger 18444 300 W. French Pl.

29°26′59″N 98°29′50″W / 29.44972°N 98.49722°W / 29.44972; -98.49722

San Antonio 2016 Southeast corner of West French Place and Belknap Place
Ruiz Housedouble-dagger Historic American Buildings Survey, Arthur W. Stewart, Photographer June 29, 1936 NORTH ELEVATION (FRONT). - Francisco Ruiz House, Witte Museum, 3801 Broadway, Brackenridge Park, HABS TEX,15-SANT,20-1.tif
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4384 3801 Broadway St.

29°27′43″N 98°28′5″W / 29.46194°N 98.46806°W / 29.46194; -98.46806

San Antonio 1966 Brackenridge Park at the Witte Museum, Broadway, San Antonio
Saint Mark's Episcopal Churchdaggerdouble-dagger
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, San Antonio, Texas.jpg

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4463 315 E. Pecan St.

29°25′43″N 98°29′19″W / 29.42861°N 98.48861°W / 29.42861; -98.48861

San Antonio 1962
San Antonio Casino Club Buildingdaggerdouble-dagger
San Antonio Casino Club.jpg

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752 102 W. Crockett St.

29°25′30″N 98°29′19″W / 29.42500°N 98.48861°W / 29.42500; -98.48861

San Antonio 1979
San Fernando Cathedraldaggerdouble-dagger
San Fernando Cathedral July 2017 3.jpg

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4538 126 E. Main Plaza

29°25′28″N 98°29′39″W / 29.42444°N 98.49417°W / 29.42444; -98.49417

San Antonio 1966 Main Ave., at main plaza; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
San Francisco Di Paola Catholic Church 4539 205 Piazza Italia

29°25′51″N 98°29′56″W / 29.43083°N 98.49889°W / 29.43083; -98.49889

San Antonio 1991
Sartor Housedouble-dagger

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4595 217 King William St.

29°24′58″N 98°29′32″W / 29.41611°N 98.49222°W / 29.41611; -98.49222

San Antonio 1983
Schultze Hardware Store 13388 300 S. Alamo St.

29°25′19″N 98°29′17″W / 29.42194°N 98.48806°W / 29.42194; -98.48806

San Antonio 1967
Schulze-Schilo House 4609 221 Adams St.

29°24′35″N 98°29′30″W / 29.40972°N 98.49167°W / 29.40972; -98.49167

San Antonio 1986
Scottish Rite Cathedraldaggerdouble-dagger
4612 308 E. Ave. E

29°25′39″N 98°29′3″W / 29.42750°N 98.48417°W / 29.42750; -98.48417

San Antonio 1987
Site of Old St. Mary'sdouble-dagger 3818 202 N. St. Mary's St.

29°25′32″N 98°29′28″W / 29.42556°N 98.49111°W / 29.42556; -98.49111

San Antonio 1969 corner of St.Mary's and College, San Antonio
Site of Original Building, First Baptist Church 13352 407 E. Travis St.

29°25′40″N 98°29′17″W / 29.42778°N 98.48806°W / 29.42778; -98.48806

San Antonio 1967 SE corner of Travis and Jefferson
Spanish Governor's Palacedaggerdouble-daggerHash-tag The Spanish Governor's Palace in San Antonio, Texas LCCN2014633550.tif
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5001 105 Military Plaza

29°25′30″N 98°29′45″W / 29.42500°N 98.49583°W / 29.42500; -98.49583

San Antonio 1962 Military Plaza, San Atonio
St. Anthony Catholic Schooldouble-dagger 14596 205 W. Huisache Ave.

29°27′22″N 98°29′45″W / 29.45611°N 98.49583°W / 29.45611; -98.49583

San Antonio 2008
St. John's Lutheran Church, "the Rooster Church" 5045 502 E. Nueva St.

29°25′14″N 98°29′22″W / 29.42056°N 98.48944°W / 29.42056; -98.48944

San Antonio 1962 502 E. Nueva St., San Antonio; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
St. Joseph's Churchdouble-dagger
San Antonio May 2018 2 (St. Joseph Catholic Church).jpg

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5049 623 E. Commerce St.

29°25′25″N 98°29′11″W / 29.42361°N 98.48639°W / 29.42361; -98.48639

San Antonio 1962 623 E. Commerce St., San Antonio
St. Mark's Episcopal Churchdaggerdouble-dagger Historic American Buildings Survey, Arthur W. Stewart, Photographer March 14, 1936 SOUTH ELEVATION (SIDE). - St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 307 East Pecan Street, San Antonio, Bexar HABS TEX,15-SANT,8-2.tif
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5056 315 E. Pecan St.

29°25′43″N 98°29′19″W / 29.42861°N 98.48861°W / 29.42861; -98.48861

San Antonio 1992
St. Paul's Epsicopal Church 5073 1018 E. Grayson St.

29°26′35″N 98°28′5″W / 29.44306°N 98.46806°W / 29.44306; -98.46806

San Antonio 1962 1018 E. Grayson, San Antonio
Staacke Brothers Buildingdaggerdouble-dagger

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5085 309 E. Commerce St.

29°25′28″N 98°29′22″W / 29.42444°N 98.48944°W / 29.42444; -98.48944

San Antonio 1984 309 E. Commerce, San Antonio
Stevens Buildingdaggerdouble-dagger
Staake Stevens Buildings.jpg
5116 315 E. Commerce St.

29°25′27″N 98°29′21″W / 29.42417°N 98.48917°W / 29.42417; -98.48917

San Antonio 1984 315 E. Commerce, San Antonio
Steves Homesteaddouble-dagger
Edward steves homestead.jpg

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15493 509 King William St.

29°24′46″N 98°29′43″W / 29.41278°N 98.49528°W / 29.41278; -98.49528

San Antonio 1970
The Alamodaggerdouble-daggerHash-tag

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13324 300 Alamo Plaza

29°25′32″N 98°29′10″W / 29.42556°N 98.48611°W / 29.42556; -98.48611

San Antonio 1962 Alamo Plaza; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
The Argyle Historic American Buildings Survey, Arthur W. Stewart, Photographer March 18, 1936 EAST ELEVATION (FRONT). - Argyle House, 924 Patterson and Argyle-Alamo Heights, San Antonio, HABS TEX,15-SANT,11-1.tif
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197 934 Patterson Ave.

29°28′32″N 98°28′19″W / 29.47556°N 98.47194°W / 29.47556; -98.47194

Alamo Heights 1972 934 Patterson Ave., Alamo Heights, San Antonio (at doorway)
The Bexar County Courthousedaggerdouble-daggerHash-tag
San Antonio July 2017 06 (Bexar County Courthouse).jpg

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399 100 Dolorosa St.

29°25′23″N 98°29′36″W / 29.42306°N 98.49333°W / 29.42306; -98.49333

San Antonio 1976 Main Plaza,San Antonio
The Oge Housedouble-dagger
King-william2013-10 oge-house .jpg

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3680 209 Washington St.

29°25′2″N 98°29′34″W / 29.41722°N 98.49278°W / 29.41722; -98.49278

San Antonio 1971 209 Washington St., San Antonio
Thiele Cottagedaggerdouble-dagger

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5461 411 E. Sixth St.

29°25′47″N 98°29′0″W / 29.42972°N 98.48333°W / 29.42972; -98.48333

San Antonio 1984 411 Sixth St., San Antonio
Thomas Jefferson High Schooldagger
Thomas Jefferson High School San Antonio.jpg

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5470 723 Donaldson Ave.

29°27′54″N 98°32′15″W / 29.46500°N 98.53750°W / 29.46500; -98.53750

San Antonio 1983 723 Donaldson Ave., San Antonio (Marker inside)
Toltec Apartmentsdaggerdouble-dagger
The Toltec, San Antonio, Texas.jpg
17893 131 Taylor St.

29°25′49″N 98°29′16″W / 29.43028°N 98.48778°W / 29.43028; -98.48778

San Antonio 2014 131 Taylor Street (also known as 110 Auditorium Circle)
Twohig Housedouble-dagger

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5585 3801 Broadway St.

29°27′44″N 98°28′4″W / 29.46222°N 98.46778°W / 29.46222; -98.46778

San Antonio 1962 Witte Museum Brackenridge Park, Broadway St., San Antonio
Ursuline Convent and Academydaggerdouble-dagger Historic American Buildings Survey, Arthur W. Stewart, Photographer March 14, 1936 INNER COURT, LOOKING WEST. - Ursuline Academy, 300 Augusta Street, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX HABS TEX,15-SANT,7-6.tif
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3828 300 Augusta St.

29°25′52″N 98°29′32″W / 29.43111°N 98.49222°W / 29.43111; -98.49222

San Antonio 1962 Southwest School of Art and Craft, 300 Augusta, San Antonio
Vollrath Building Historic American Buildings Survey, Jack Boucher, Photographer, October, 1961 WEST ELEVATION. - Vollrath House and Store, 712 South Alamo Street, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX HABS TEX,15-SANT,28-1.tif 13397 712 S. Alamo St.

29°25′1″N 98°29′18″W / 29.41694°N 98.48833°W / 29.41694; -98.48833

San Antonio 1964
W. B. Teagarden House 14565 408 Dwyer Ave.

29°25′9″N 98°29′38″W / 29.41917°N 98.49389°W / 29.41917; -98.49389

San Antonio 2008 408 Dwyer Ave.
William and Mary Ann Richter Housedouble-daggerHash-tag

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13156 419 S. Presa St.

29°25′8″N 98°29′24″W / 29.41889°N 98.49000°W / 29.41889; -98.49000

San Antonio 2002 San Antonio, 419 S Presa; MARKER REPORTED MISSING 5/2011
Wolfson Housedouble-dagger 5887 415 Broadway St.

29°25′49″N 98°29′9″W / 29.43028°N 98.48583°W / 29.43028; -98.48583

San Antonio 1969 415 Broadway, San Antonio
Yturri Homestead and Milldagger
5932 128 Mission Rd.

29°23′53″N 98°29′15″W / 29.39806°N 98.48750°W / 29.39806; -98.48750

San Antonio 1966
Zambrano House 5938 104 Anastacia Pl.

29°27′18″N 98°28′48″W / 29.45500°N 98.48000°W / 29.45500; -98.48000

San Antonio 1966 104 Anastacia Place, San Antonio (near Breckinridge Park)
Zion Lutheran Church
Historical-marker2015-154a helotes zion-methodist.jpeg
11752 9944 Leslie Rd.

29°32′8″N 98°41′6″W / 29.53556°N 98.68500°W / 29.53556; -98.68500

San Antonio 1997

Blanco County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Adrian Edwards Conn Homedaggerdouble-dagger
6385 503 3rd Street

30°5′49″N 98°25′22″W / 30.09694°N 98.42278°W / 30.09694; -98.42278

Blanco 1966 corner of Main and 3rd
Blanco County Courthouse
Blanco courthouse.jpg

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427 101 E. Pecan Dr.

30°16′41″N 98°24′41″W / 30.27806°N 98.41139°W / 30.27806; -98.41139

Johnson City 1983 located on courthouse square (7th and G street) in Johnson City
Blanco Methodist Church 431 61 Pecan St.

30°5′41″N 98°25′22″W / 30.09472°N 98.42278°W / 30.09472; -98.42278

Blanco 1967 corner of 1st and Pecan Street in Blanco
Goeth Ranch House 2195 0.125 mi. N of RM 962 on CR 304

30°24′13″N 98°15′11″W / 30.40361°N 98.25306°W / 30.40361; -98.25306

Round Mountain 1972 from Round Mountain (or US 281) to east on RR 962 then north on CR 304; 1/8 mile down CR 304
Hye Post Office The old "Hye" store and post office in Blanco County, west of Johnson City, Texas LCCN2014633820.tif
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2607 10261 W. US 290

30°14′33″N 98°34′13″W / 30.24250°N 98.57028°W / 30.24250; -98.57028

Hye 1966 US 290 west in Hye, marker is on post office, the only building currently open and operating in the town of Hye.
Joseph and Eliza Bird Residence
Joseph bird house 2013.jpg

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13484 265 Bird Ln.

30°25′51″N 98°20′33″W / 30.43083°N 98.34250°W / 30.43083; -98.34250

Round Mountain 2005 265 Bird Lane, off FM 962
L. B. J. Boyhood Homedouble-dagger
LBJ Boyhood Home Johnson City Texas 2016.jpg

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2828 200 E. Elm St.

30°16′32″N 98°24′38″W / 30.27556°N 98.41056°W / 30.27556; -98.41056

Johnson City 1965 9th and G Sts. in Johnson City
Old Blanco County Courthousedouble-daggerHash-tag
Old Blanco County Courthouse, Blanco, TX IMG 1911.JPG

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428 300 Main St.

30°5′50″N 98°25′19″W / 30.09722°N 98.42194°W / 30.09722; -98.42194

Blanco 1972 Corner of 3rd and Main Street (on public square) in Blanco
Saint Mary's Help of Christians Catholic Church
Saint marys help church 2013.jpg
4471 1 mi. E of US 281 on CR 473

29°59′32″N 98°23′33″W / 29.99222°N 98.39250°W / 29.99222; -98.39250

Blanco vicinity 1965 from Blanco, take US 281 south 6 miles, then go east on CR 473 about one mile; one north side of road

Borden County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Borden County Jail
Borden County Former Jail 2018.jpg
457 Courthouse Square along 100 blk S. Elm St.

32°46′12″N 101°26′40″W / 32.77000°N 101.44444°W / 32.77000; -101.44444

Gail 1967 Courthouse Square

Bosque County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Bosque County CourthousedaggerHash-tag

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464 110 S. Main St.

31°55′22″N 97°39′26″W / 31.92278°N 97.65722°W / 31.92278; -97.65722

Meridian 1965 at courthouse square, SH 22, Meridian
Clifton College Administration Building
Clifton college admin building.jpg
919 215 S. College Hill Dr.

31°46′36″N 97°35′13″W / 31.77667°N 97.58694°W / 31.77667; -97.58694

Clifton 1982 west 9th Street and South Avenue Q
Clifton Whipple Truss Bridge
Clifton Whipple Truss Bridge, Clifton, Texas (9057841981).jpg

More images
920 CR 3265 over North Bosque River

31°47′35″N 97°34′21″W / 31.79306°N 97.57250°W / 31.79306; -97.57250

Clifton 1996 CR 3265 and FM 1991, northeast part of Clifton
First Methodist Church of Valley Mills 1774 501 Ave. C

31°39′33″N 97°28′15″W / 31.65917°N 97.47083°W / 31.65917; -97.47083

Valley Mills 1991 SH 6 at 5th Street
First United Methodist Church of Morgan
1892 907 Charles St.

32°0′59″N 97°36′29″W / 32.01639°N 97.60806°W / 32.01639; -97.60806

Morgan 1983 Louise and Charles Streets, Morgan
Graves-Payne House 13078 CR 1140 SE of SH 174

32°3′25″N 97°33′11″W / 32.05694°N 97.55306°W / 32.05694; -97.55306

Morgan 2004 5.3 mi. NE on SH 174, then right on CR 1140
John and Mary Colwick Housedagger 2825 Jack Branch Rd. N of CR 4235

31°42′37″N 97°41′50″W / 31.71028°N 97.69722°W / 31.71028; -97.69722

Clifton 1989 from Clifton take FM 219 8 miles west; take CR 4230 south 1 mile; take CR 4235 1.1 miles west to house (first on the right)
Odle Log Cabin 3672 Odle Ln. near McClennan County line

31°36′36″N 97°32′26″W / 31.61000°N 97.54056°W / 31.61000; -97.54056

Valley Mills 1978 5 miles west of Valley Mills via FM 217 to CR 3155 west to Odle Ln. (200 yards north of intersection of Odle Ln and CR 401)
Omenson Housedagger
3859 At Norway Mill 3 mi. S of FM 219 on FM 182

31°41′31″N 97°39′31″W / 31.69194°N 97.65861°W / 31.69194; -97.65861

Clifton 1962 from Clifton take FM 219 west about 7 miles; take FM 182 south about 3 miles; house is located on southeast side of the highway as road turns to the west, through gate reading "Norway Mill"
Our Savior's Lutheran Church
3889 152 CR 4145

31°46′21″N 97°40′43″W / 31.77250°N 97.67861°W / 31.77250; -97.67861

Clifton 1965 from Clifton take FM 219 west about 6.8 miles; take FM 182 2.8 miles north to church
Searsville Baptist Church
Searsville Baptist Church, Bosque County, Texas (9111833667).jpg
4625 686 FM 217

31°39′29″N 97°30′19″W / 31.65806°N 97.50528°W / 31.65806; -97.50528

Valley Mills 1962 from Valley Mills take FM 217 west about 2 miles to church
St. James Episcopal Church 13712 514 N. Bosque St.

31°55′40″N 97°39′31″W / 31.92778°N 97.65861°W / 31.92778; -97.65861

Meridian 2004 514 N. Bosque
St. Olaf Lutheran Churchdouble-dagger

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18219 2680 CR 4145

31°47′32″N 97°46′27″W / 31.79222°N 97.77417°W / 31.79222; -97.77417

Cranfills Gap 2015
The Bertelsen Housedouble-dagger 5292 1 mi. W on CR 4145 from Old St. Olaf Church

31°47′8″N 97°48′2″W / 31.78556°N 97.80056°W / 31.78556; -97.80056

Cranfills Gap 1979 2.5 miles northeast of Cranfills Gap via SH 22 north to Old Meridian Creek Road (1 mile before Rock Church) (Private residence)
Valley Mills Santa Fe Railway Depot
5630 401 Fifth St.

31°39′26″N 97°28′16″W / 31.65722°N 97.47111°W / 31.65722; -97.47111

Valley Mills 1973 Valley Mills Park, 5th to 6th Streets on Avenue D, 2 blocks west of SH 6, Valley Mills

Bowie County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
"Ace of Clubs" Housedagger
Texarkana April 2016 109 (Ace of Clubs House) (cropped).jpg

More images
9493 420 Pine St.

33°25′27″N 94°2′39″W / 33.42417°N 94.04417°W / 33.42417; -94.04417

Texarkana 1964
Black Cherry Tree 12405 US 62 on Red River Army Depot New Boston vicinity 1969 6 miles east of New Boston on US 62 (on U.S. Government reservation)
Central Christian Church
Central Christian Church, Texarkana, TX IMG 6402.jpg
9471 903 Walnut St.

33°25′47″N 94°2′39″W / 33.42972°N 94.04417°W / 33.42972; -94.04417

Texarkana 1987
Cervini House 9472 524 Spruce St.

33°25′25″N 94°2′53″W / 33.42361°N 94.04806°W / 33.42361; -94.04806

Texarkana 1988
Dalby Springs Methodist Church 9474 CR 4507 at Dalby Rd.

33°22′2″N 94°40′52″W / 33.36722°N 94.68111°W / 33.36722; -94.68111

DeKalb 1965 11 miles south of DeKalb on US 259, 1 mi. E on FM 561
Dr. A. H. A. and Ruby Jones House 12938 1121 S. Lake Dr.

33°24′36″N 94°3′37″W / 33.41000°N 94.06028°W / 33.41000; -94.06028

Texarkana 2002 1121 South Lake Dr
Earl-Rochelle Housedagger
11760 1920 Magnolia St.

33°26′8″N 94°2′37″W / 33.43556°N 94.04361°W / 33.43556; -94.04361

Texarkana 1997
Ellis House
Ellis House 716 Olive Street Texarkana Tax 75501 2013-07-14 20-50.jpg
11761 716 Olive St.

33°25′38″N 94°2′41″W / 33.42722°N 94.04472°W / 33.42722; -94.04472

Texarkana 1997
Home of Eli H. Moores 13374 1609 New Boston Rd.

33°26′5″N 94°3′37″W / 33.43472°N 94.06028°W / 33.43472; -94.06028

Texarkana 1964
Howell W. Runnels Home 9506 1402 W. Ninth St.

33°25′32″N 94°3′27″W / 33.42556°N 94.05750°W / 33.42556; -94.05750

Texarkana 1964
Hubbard Home
New Boston July 2018 01 (Hubbard Home).jpg
9487 108 Magnolia St.

33°27′47″N 94°25′8″W / 33.46306°N 94.41889°W / 33.46306; -94.41889

New Boston 1967
John F. Floyd House 9481 1203 Wood St.

33°25′54″N 94°2′48″W / 33.43167°N 94.04667°W / 33.43167; -94.04667

Texarkana 1989
Jones-Tyson House
New Boston July 2018 02 (Jones-Tyson House).jpg
9489 211 Magnolia St.

33°27′45″N 94°25′21″W / 33.46250°N 94.42250°W / 33.46250; -94.42250

New Boston 1965
Moores-Burke-Ragland Home 9494 802 Main St.

33°25′37″N 94°2′50″W / 33.42694°N 94.04722°W / 33.42694; -94.04722

Texarkana 1978
Offenhauser Buildingdagger

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9497 219 N. State Line Ave.

33°25′20″N 94°2′36″W / 33.42222°N 94.04333°W / 33.42222; -94.04333

Texarkana 1965 Texarkana Historical Museum; State Line Ave. and Third St.
Old Rialto Buildingdagger

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9503 317 N. State Line Ave.

33°25′24″N 94°2′36″W / 33.42333°N 94.04333°W / 33.42333; -94.04333

Texarkana 1966
Phillip A. Dalby Homestead 12406 CR 4315 near county line

33°21′34″N 94°44′49″W / 33.35944°N 94.74694°W / 33.35944; -94.74694

DeKalb vicinity 1966 11 miles south of DeKalb on US 259, then 3.3 mi. west on County Line Rd.
Rochelle Place 9504 595 Myrtle Springs Rd.

33°28′52″N 94°9′59″W / 33.48111°N 94.16639°W / 33.48111; -94.16639

Texarkana vicinity 1966 9 miles northwest of Texarkana on Myrtle Springs Rd./Birdwell David Dr.
Saenger TheatredaggerHash-tag

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9507 219 Main St.

33°25′18″N 94°2′41″W / 33.42167°N 94.04472°W / 33.42167; -94.04472

Texarkana 1982
St. James Episcopal Church
Texarkana April 2016 031 (St. James' Church).jpg

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9509 417 Olive St.

33°25′28″N 94°2′38″W / 33.42444°N 94.04389°W / 33.42444; -94.04389

Texarkana 1964
The Jamison Building 9488 513 W. Third St.

33°25′14″N 94°2′51″W / 33.42056°N 94.04750°W / 33.42056; -94.04750

Texarkana 1983 523.5 W. Third St.
United States Post Office and Courthousedagger
Texarkana April 2016 035 (United States Post Office and Courthouse).jpg

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9512 500 N. State Line Ave.

33°25′32″N 94°2′35″W / 33.42556°N 94.04306°W / 33.42556; -94.04306

Texarkana 1970
Whitaker Housedagger
9514 517 Whitaker St.

33°25′19″N 94°3′25″W / 33.42194°N 94.05694°W / 33.42194; -94.05694

Texarkana 1973

Brazoria County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Aldridge-Smith Home 9518 533 Main St.

29°8′23″N 95°37′5″W / 29.13972°N 95.61806°W / 29.13972; -95.61806

East Columbia 1983
Allen Place 9519 622 Burnett St.

28°56′6″N 95°18′25″W / 28.93500°N 95.30694°W / 28.93500; -95.30694

Quintana 1964 Burnett St. near Quintana Beach Park
Bethel Presbyterian Church
East Columbia Wiki12.jpg
9529 119 Main St.

29°8′36″N 95°36′44″W / 29.14333°N 95.61222°W / 29.14333; -95.61222

East Columbia 1966 Duval and Main St.
Birchfield - McCown House 9530 404 S. Beauregard St.

29°25′15″N 95°15′7″W / 29.42083°N 95.25194°W / 29.42083; -95.25194

Alvin 1972 SE corner of Lang and Beauregard St.
Brazoria Bridgedagger
BrazoriaBridge1 (1 of 1).jpg

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9531 Immediately W of SH 332 bridge over Brazos River

29°3′15″N 95°33′25″W / 29.05417°N 95.55694°W / 29.05417; -95.55694

Brazoria vicinity 1991 SH 332 and FM 521 interchange, 1 mi. east of Brazoria in roadside park
Cummings-Smith House 9550 503 W. Lang St.

29°25′15″N 95°14′53″W / 29.42083°N 95.24806°W / 29.42083; -95.24806

Alvin 1977
Freeport National Bank (Freeport Sulphur Company Building) 9563 226 W. Park Ave.

28°56′59″N 95°20′48″W / 28.94972°N 95.34667°W / 28.94972; -95.34667

Freeport 1997 corner of Board and Park St.
James & Selina Phillips House 14761 104 Main St.

29°8′38″N 95°36′44″W / 29.14389°N 95.61222°W / 29.14389; -95.61222

West Columbia 2008
Levi Jordan PlantationSection-sign 9570 7234 FM 521

28°59′57″N 95°38′54″W / 28.99917°N 95.64833°W / 28.99917; -95.64833

Brazoria 1967 4 mi. SW of Brazoria on FM 521 just past intersection of FM 521 and FM 524 (Four Corners)
Liverpool Cemetery 9571 S end of St. Anne St.

29°17′43″N 95°15′56″W / 29.29528°N 95.26556°W / 29.29528; -95.26556

Liverpool 1966 end of St. Anne St., off CR 171
M. L. Weems Housedouble-dagger 9613 716 Main St.

29°8′16″N 95°37′9″W / 29.13778°N 95.61917°W / 29.13778; -95.61917

East Columbia 1962 Main St., East Columbia
Masonic Oak 9573 Pleasant St. across from Masonic Oak Park

29°3′21″N 95°34′12″W / 29.05583°N 95.57000°W / 29.05583; -95.57000

Brazoria 1966 Pleasant St., across from Masonic Oak Park
Munson Cemetery 9577 Jimmy Phillips Blvd. W of Munson Ranch Rd.

29°8′48″N 95°31′21″W / 29.14667°N 95.52250°W / 29.14667; -95.52250

Bailey's Prairie 1966 SH 35
Old Brazoria County CourthousedaggerHash-tag
Angleton TX Old Brazoria county courthouse DSC 6265 ad.JPG
9533 100 Cedar St.

29°10′8″N 95°25′52″W / 29.16889°N 95.43111°W / 29.16889; -95.43111

Angleton 1983 currently Brazoria Co. Historical Museum, corner of Cedar and SH 288, Angleton
Peach Point House 9580 SH 36

28°58′31″N 95°28′8″W / 28.97528°N 95.46889°W / 28.97528; -95.46889

Jones Creek 1964 on SH 36, Jones Creek
Phair Cemetery 9586 Phair Cemetery Rd.

29°4′9″N 95°22′11″W / 29.06917°N 95.36972°W / 29.06917; -95.36972

Freeport vicinity 1966 in the Phair Community, north of Oyster Creek off FM 523
Schuster Home 17999 1130 W. Second St.

28°57′17″N 95°21′40″W / 28.95472°N 95.36111°W / 28.95472; -95.36111

Freeport 2014
Sweeny Cemetery 9598 N. Main St. at edge of town

29°2′51″N 95°42′51″W / 29.04750°N 95.71417°W / 29.04750; -95.71417

Sweeny 1966 north side of Sweeny, next to flag pole, FM 524
Sweeny Home 9599 405 E. Locust St.

29°10′5″N 95°25′42″W / 29.16806°N 95.42833°W / 29.16806; -95.42833

Angleton 1986
Sweeny-Waddy Log Cabin
East Columbia, Texas1.jpg
9601 523 Main St.

29°8′24″N 95°37′2″W / 29.14000°N 95.61722°W / 29.14000; -95.61722

East Columbia 1983 South Main Street, behind Ammon Underwood House
The 1937 Pearland High School 11765 2319 N. Grand Blvd.

29°33′51″N 95°17′0″W / 29.56417°N 95.28333°W / 29.56417; -95.28333

Pearland 1999
The Ammon Underwood Housedagger
AmmonUnderwoodHouse2 (1 of 1).jpg

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9612 505 Main St.

29°8′25″N 95°37′2″W / 29.14028°N 95.61722°W / 29.14028; -95.61722

East Columbia 1970 Main St., East Columbia
The Nash-Wright House
East Columbia Wiki10.jpg
9615 Duval St. at Market St.

29°8′41″N 95°36′43″W / 29.14472°N 95.61194°W / 29.14472; -95.61194

East Columbia 1973 Duval St., 1 block from SH 35, East Columbia
Tyler-Bryan-Weems Housedouble-dagger 12937 628 Main St.

29°8′21″N 95°37′6″W / 29.13917°N 95.61833°W / 29.13917; -95.61833

East Columbia 2002 628 CR 703
Varner-Hogg Home (The "Varner")daggerSection-signHash-tag
VarnerHoggHouse (1 of 1).jpg

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9603 1702 N. 13th St.

29°9′47″N 95°38′25″W / 29.16306°N 95.64028°W / 29.16306; -95.64028

West Columbia 1964 Varner-Hogg Plantation State Historical Park, north of West Columbia on Park Road

Brazos County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Astin-Porter Homedouble-dagger 8663 600 E. 29th St.

30°40′14″N 96°22′6″W / 30.67056°N 96.36833°W / 30.67056; -96.36833

Bryan 1980
Carnegie Public LibrarydaggerHash-tag
Carnegie library bryan 2009.jpg

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13339 111 S. Main St.

30°40′23″N 96°22′24″W / 30.67306°N 96.37333°W / 30.67306; -96.37333

Bryan 1969
Cavitt Housedaggerdouble-dagger
8673 713 E. 30th St.

30°39′59″N 96°22′2″W / 30.66639°N 96.36722°W / 30.66639; -96.36722

Bryan 1994
E. J. Jenkins Housedagger
Edward j jenkins house bryan tx 2014.jpg
8686 607 E. 27th St.

30°40′19″N 96°22′3″W / 30.67194°N 96.36750°W / 30.67194; -96.36750

Bryan 1982
Edge Housedagger
Eugene edge house bryan tx 2014.jpg
8676 609 S. Ennis St.

30°39′54″N 96°21′57″W / 30.66500°N 96.36583°W / 30.66500; -96.36583

Bryan 1991
Eugene Edge Homedouble-dagger
Eugene edge home bryan tx 2014.jpg
8677 508 E. 30th St.

30°40′8″N 96°22′8″W / 30.66889°N 96.36889°W / 30.66889; -96.36889

Bryan 1985
La Salle Hoteldagger
Lasalle hotel bryan 2009.jpg
12883 120 S. Main St.

30°40′23″N 96°22′25″W / 30.67306°N 96.37361°W / 30.67306; -96.37361

Bryan 2001 120 S. Main St.
McMichael-Wilson Housedouble-dagger
McMichael Wilson House Bryan Texas 2018.jpg
8687 712 E. 30th St.

30°40′1″N 96°22′0″W / 30.66694°N 96.36667°W / 30.66694; -96.36667

Bryan 1985
Queen Theatre
Queen theater bryan tx 2014.jpg

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17340 110 S. Main St.

30°40′24″N 96°22′26″W / 30.67333°N 96.37389°W / 30.67333; -96.37389

Bryan 2012
Waldrop Housedouble-dagger
Waldrop House Bryan Texas 2018.jpg
8700 615 E. 29th St.

30°40′9″N 96°22′5″W / 30.66917°N 96.36806°W / 30.66917; -96.36806

Bryan 1983
Wilkerson Housedouble-dagger
Wilkerson House Bryan Texas 2018.jpg
8702 614 E. 29th St.

30°40′11″N 96°22′4″W / 30.66972°N 96.36778°W / 30.66972; -96.36778

Bryan 1983
Wipprecht Homedouble-dagger
Wipprecht Home Bryan Texas 2018.jpg
16361 500 E. 29th St.

30°40′14″N 96°22′9″W / 30.67056°N 96.36917°W / 30.67056; -96.36917

Bryan 2010

Brewster County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Albion E. Shepard House 17696 100 NW. Second St.

30°12′28″N 103°14′43″W / 30.20778°N 103.24528°W / 30.20778; -103.24528

Marathon 2013 NW corner of North Avenue D and North 2rd Street
Brewster County CourthousedaggerHash-tag
Brewster County Courthouse - Alpine, TX.JPG

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1092 201 N. Sixth St.

30°21′30″N 103°39′48″W / 30.35833°N 103.66333°W / 30.35833; -103.66333

Alpine 1965 5th St., Alpine
Chambers Hotel 801 106 SE. First St.

30°12′18″N 103°14′42″W / 30.20500°N 103.24500°W / 30.20500; -103.24500

Marathon 1965 Main St., Marathon
City Building
Alpine City Building.jpg

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872 205 E. Sul Ross Ave.

30°21′36″N 103°39′38″W / 30.36000°N 103.66056°W / 30.36000; -103.66056

Alpine 1965 205 Ave. E, Alpine
First Methodist Church
First Methodist Church Alpine Texas DSC 5561 ad.JPG
6405 208 E. Sul Ross Ave.

30°21′35″N 103°39′37″W / 30.35972°N 103.66028°W / 30.35972; -103.66028

Alpine 1965 208 Ave D., Alpine
First School House 1862 106 NE. Third St.

30°12′29″N 103°14′39″W / 30.20806°N 103.24417°W / 30.20806; -103.24417

Marathon 1965 Off Main Street 1 block west at 4th., Marathon.
Gage-Van Sickle House
Gage-Van Sickle House.jpg

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2093 109 N. Third St.

30°21′32″N 103°39′35″W / 30.35889°N 103.65972°W / 30.35889; -103.65972

Alpine 1965 109 W. 3rd St., Alpine
Garcia-Valadez House 2103 108 W. Ave F

30°21′20″N 103°39′41″W / 30.35556°N 103.66139°W / 30.35556; -103.66139

Alpine 1968 108 W. Ave F, Alpine
Hancock Building
Alpine Hancock Building.jpg

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13362 118 N. Fifth St.

30°21′30″N 103°39′41″W / 30.35833°N 103.66139°W / 30.35833; -103.66139

Alpine 1965
Holland Hotel Building
Holland Hotel 1.jpg

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2509 207 W. Holland Ave.

30°21′26″N 103°39′46″W / 30.35722°N 103.66278°W / 30.35722; -103.66278

Alpine 1980 207 W. Holland, Alpine
J.C. Carr-Bob Slight House 2669 406 N. Fifth St.

30°21′38″N 103°39′45″W / 30.36056°N 103.66250°W / 30.36056; -103.66250

Alpine 1968 406 5th St., Alpine
Nolte-Rooney Housedagger
Nolte-Rooney House.jpg

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3603 307 E. Sul Ross Ave.

30°21′37″N 103°39′35″W / 30.36028°N 103.65972°W / 30.36028; -103.65972

Alpine 1968 307 Ave. D, Alpine
Old Roman Catholic Church 13386 102 W. Gallego Ave.

30°21′17″N 103°39′38″W / 30.35472°N 103.66056°W / 30.35472; -103.66056

Alpine 1965
Our Lady of Peace Parish Hall 3884 102 W. Gallego Ave.

30°21′17″N 103°39′38″W / 30.35472°N 103.66056°W / 30.35472; -103.66056

Alpine 1965 102 W. Ave G, Alpine
Pioneer School House 13381 106 NE. Third St.

30°12′29″N 103°14′39″W / 30.20806°N 103.24417°W / 30.20806; -103.24417

Marathon 1965 Off Main St.
Ritchey Hotel, 1886 4276 102 E. Murphy Ave.

30°21′24″N 103°39′39″W / 30.35667°N 103.66083°W / 30.35667; -103.66083

Alpine 1965 Corner of Murphy & S. 4th Sts., Alpine; (fronts tracks)
The Gage Hotel Gage Hotel near Big Bend National Park, Marathon, Texas LCCN2011633299.tif
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2092 102 NW. First St.

30°12′24″N 103°14′46″W / 30.20667°N 103.24611°W / 30.20667; -103.24611

Marathon 1981 US 90 & Ave. C
W. W. Townsend Home 5679 807 W. Ave. D

30°21′26″N 103°40′11″W / 30.35722°N 103.66972°W / 30.35722; -103.66972

Alpine 1986 807 W. Ave. D, Alpine

Briscoe County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Briscoe County Jail 513 400 Broadway St.

34°28′26″N 101°18′11″W / 34.47389°N 101.30306°W / 34.47389; -101.30306

Silverton 1967 At northeast corner of Courthouse Square, SH 207, Silverton
Pleasant Lafayette Crawford House 4051 200 Pulitzer St.

34°28′34″N 101°18′21″W / 34.47611°N 101.30583°W / 34.47611; -101.30583

Silverton 1983 200 Pulitzer, Silverton

Brooks County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Brooks County Courthousedagger
Brooks County Courthouse, Falfurrias, Texas.JPG
523 100 E. Miller St.

27°13′32″N 98°8′38″W / 27.22556°N 98.14389°W / 27.22556; -98.14389

Falfurrias 1977 US 281, Falfurrias

Brown County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Adams-Shaw House 83 1600 Shaw Dr.

31°41′37″N 98°59′41″W / 31.69361°N 98.99472°W / 31.69361; -98.99472

Brownwood 1975
Brownwood Harvey Housedagger 11768 600 Washington St.

31°42′59″N 98°58′47″W / 31.71639°N 98.97972°W / 31.71639; -98.97972

Brownwood 1999 adjacent to the Santa Fe Passenger Depot
Brownwood Santa Fe Passenger Depotdagger
Sante Fe Railroad Station, Brownwood, TX.jpg
12464 600 E. Depot St.

31°42′57″N 98°58′47″W / 31.71583°N 98.97972°W / 31.71583; -98.97972

Brownwood 1996 on Washington Ave., between E. Depot and E. Adams streets
Coggin Academy-McClelland Library 3279 1320 Austin Ave.

31°42′39″N 98°58′39″W / 31.71083°N 98.97750°W / 31.71083; -98.97750

Brownwood 1963 on campus of Howard Payne University
J. A. Walker Housedagger
2668 701 Center Ave.

31°43′8″N 98°59′5″W / 31.71889°N 98.98472°W / 31.71889; -98.98472

Brownwood 1982
John Wesley Malone Home 2821 606 Coggin Ave.

31°42′44″N 98°58′27″W / 31.71222°N 98.97417°W / 31.71222; -98.97417

Brownwood 1976
R. B. Rogers Housedagger
Rogers House.JPG
4150 707 Center Ave.

31°43′7″N 98°59′6″W / 31.71861°N 98.98500°W / 31.71861; -98.98500

Brownwood 1982
St. John's Episcopal Churchdagger
St johns church brownwood 2009.jpg
5042 700 Main St.

31°43′10″N 98°59′8″W / 31.71944°N 98.98556°W / 31.71944; -98.98556

Brownwood 1962 Main and Depot Streets, Brownwood.
Zephyr Gospel Tabernacle 5949 FM 218 at CR 281

31°40′30″N 98°47′33″W / 31.67500°N 98.79250°W / 31.67500; -98.79250

Zephyr 1976 SH 218, 1 block east of US 183, Zephyr

Burleson County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Duewall House 12724 4212 E. SH 21

30°34′27″N 96°38′50″W / 30.57417°N 96.64722°W / 30.57417; -96.64722

Caldwell 2001 4 miles east of Caldwell on SH 21
Lyons Methodist Church 8642 13608 Pecan Dr.

30°23′13″N 96°33′55″W / 30.38694°N 96.56528°W / 30.38694; -96.56528

Lyons 1968 Southern Oaks Drive and Pecan Drive (1 block W of SH 36), Lyons
Porter House 12376 5760 CR 324

30°29′9″N 96°50′31″W / 30.48583°N 96.84194°W / 30.48583; -96.84194

Caldwell 2000 4.5 miles west of Caldwell on SH 21, then 5.5 miles north on CR 324
Reeves-Womack Housedagger

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8650 405 W. Fox St.

30°31′48″N 96°41′46″W / 30.53000°N 96.69611°W / 30.53000; -96.69611

Caldwell 1983 405 W. Fox St. at Harvey St., Caldwell
San Salvador Mission Church 8652 9203 CR 286

30°36′13″N 96°31′40″W / 30.60361°N 96.52778°W / 30.60361; -96.52778

Caldwell 1974 from Caldwell, take SH 21 E about 11 miles to FM 50, go S about 2 miles to CR 286, go W about 0.5 mile to church
Somerville Stadium
Somerville Stadium Northwest Side.jpg

More images
18443 725 Eighth St.

30°20′23″N 96°32′10″W / 30.33972°N 96.53611°W / 30.33972; -96.53611

Somerville 2016 Southwest block of 8th Street and Ave. L (middle of block surrounded by 8th Street, Ave. L, 7th Street, Ave. O)
Thomas Kraitchar, Jr. Housedagger
8639 200 E. Buck St.

30°31′58″N 96°41′29″W / 30.53278°N 96.69139°W / 30.53278; -96.69139

Caldwell 1983 200 E. Buck St. at Porter St., Caldwell
Yegua Center at Somerville ISD
Yegua Center at Somerville ISD.jpg
18442 616 Eighth St.

30°20′29″N 96°32′8″W / 30.34139°N 96.53556°W / 30.34139; -96.53556

Somerville 2016 Northeast corner of 8th Street and Ave. L

Burnet County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
1910 Post Office Building
Marble-falls-tx2016-36(1910-post-office) 02.jpg

More images
9740 115 Main St.

30°34′15″N 98°16′40″W / 30.57083°N 98.27778°W / 30.57083; -98.27778

Marble Falls 1989 115 Main St.
Airy Mount Barn 9695 1819 E. Polk St.

30°45′17″N 98°12′30″W / 30.75472°N 98.20833°W / 30.75472; -98.20833

Burnet 1986 from Burnet take SH 29 E approx. 1 mi.
Brandt Badger House 9701 404 S. Ave. M

30°34′7″N 98°17′10″W / 30.56861°N 98.28611°W / 30.56861; -98.28611

Marble Falls 1974 404 S. Avenue M
Briggs State Bankdagger
Briggs state bank 2009.jpg
13181 176 S. Loop 308

30°53′17″N 97°55′28″W / 30.88806°N 97.92444°W / 30.88806; -97.92444

Briggs 2002 Briggs, S. Loop 208
Burnet County Jail

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9708 109 S. Pierce St.

30°45′28″N 98°13′35″W / 30.75778°N 98.22639°W / 30.75778; -98.22639

Burnet 1966 corner of Washington and Pierce St (NE corner of Courthouse Square)
Christian-Matern House 9706 603 Seventh St.

30°34′28″N 98°16′18″W / 30.57444°N 98.27167°W / 30.57444; -98.27167

Marble Falls 1996 603 Seventh St.
Crownover Chapel 9709 0.2 mi. S on CR 122 from FM 1855

30°38′33″N 98°17′4″W / 30.64250°N 98.28444°W / 30.64250; -98.28444

Marble Falls 1972 take US Hwy. 281N approx. 2 mi. to FM 1855; then west on FM 1855 2 miles to Fairland Cemetery (chapel opposite cemetery)
Early Oatmeal School
Early Oatmeal School, Oatmeal, Texas (8653178537).jpg

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9738 0.5 mi. S of CR 326 on CR 327

30°41′47″N 98°5′10″W / 30.69639°N 98.08611°W / 30.69639; -98.08611

Bertram 1968 from Bertram take FM 1174 S approx. .5 mi. to CR 326; west on CR 326 approx. 1.5 mi. to CR 327; south on CR 327 .5 mi.
Fort Croghan Stone Building 9712 703 Buchanan Dr.

30°45′25″N 98°14′15″W / 30.75694°N 98.23750°W / 30.75694; -98.23750

Burnet 1966 on Fort Groghan Museum grounds
George Whitaker Home 9756 802 S. Main St.

30°45′6″N 98°13′35″W / 30.75167°N 98.22639°W / 30.75167; -98.22639

Burnet 1966 802 S. Main
Governor O. M. Roberts' House

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9743 819 Seventh St.

30°34′33″N 98°16′29″W / 30.57583°N 98.27472°W / 30.57583; -98.27472

Marble Falls 1978 819 Seventh St.
Henry Thomas Lodge, A.F. & A.M. 9752 S end of CR 344

30°34′24″N 98°16′18″W / 30.57333°N 98.27167°W / 30.57333; -98.27167

Marble Falls 1967 from Marble Falls take FM 1431 E approx. 8 miles to CR 344, then south on CR 344 approx. 2 miles
Hoag-Faubion-Fuchs House 9718 902 Ave. F

30°32′34″N 98°10′4″W / 30.54278°N 98.16778°W / 30.54278; -98.16778

Marble Falls 1994 902 Avenue F
Joppa Iron Truss Bridge 18764 E of CR 200 bridge over North Fork San Gabriel River

30°49′29″N 98°1′56″W / 30.82472°N 98.03222°W / 30.82472; -98.03222

Bertram 2017 In Bertram at traffic light on SH 29, turn east for 0.3 m. on FM 243. Turn left on SH 1174 for 5.5 m. Turn right onto CR 200 for 3.4 miles to Joppa. Located east of new bridge on CR 200.
Logan Vandeveer
9755 703 Buchanan Dr.

30°45′25″N 98°14′15″W / 30.75694°N 98.23750°W / 30.75694; -98.23750

Burnet 1974 703 W. SH 29 (in Fort Croghan Historical Museum complex)
Longhorn Cavern Administration Buildingdouble-dagger
Longhorn cavern administration building.jpg

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9725 6211 PR 4 S.

30°41′4″N 98°21′3″W / 30.68444°N 98.35083°W / 30.68444; -98.35083

Burnet 1989 from Burnet go south on US 281 approx. 5 miles to Park Rd. 4;then west on D4 approx. 7 miles (at park headquarters)
Masonic Hall 13370 308 S. Main St.

30°45′22″N 98°13′39″W / 30.75611°N 98.22750°W / 30.75611; -98.22750

Burnet 1966 308 S Main St.
Old Cook Home 9707 200 N. Main St.

30°45′34″N 98°13′42″W / 30.75944°N 98.22833°W / 30.75944; -98.22833

Burnet 1968 200 N. Main
Old Thomas Ranch House 9753 1 mi. W of FM 3509 1.5 mi. SW of SH 29

30°45′6″N 98°17′24″W / 30.75167°N 98.29000°W / 30.75167; -98.29000

Burnet 1968 from Burnet take SH 29 W approx. 1.5 miles to CR 116; then SW on CR 116 1.5 miles, then west on private ranch road 1 mi.
Oldest Commercial Building in Burnet

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9739 309 S. Main St.

30°45′21″N 98°13′37″W / 30.75583°N 98.22694°W / 30.75583; -98.22694

Burnet 1966 309 S. Main
Otto Ebeling House 9710 601 Ave. F

30°34′24″N 98°16′18″W / 30.57333°N 98.27167°W / 30.57333; -98.27167

Marble Falls 1983 601 Avenue F
Rocky Rest 9744 404 S. Water St.

30°45′16″N 98°13′48″W / 30.75444°N 98.23000°W / 30.75444; -98.23000

Burnet 1966 404 S. Water St.
Russell Fork Iron Truss Bridge 18750 E of CR 272 bridge over Russell Fork San Gabriel River

30°48′32″N 98°1′40″W / 30.80889°N 98.02778°W / 30.80889; -98.02778

Bertram 2017 In Bertram at traffic light on State Highway 29; east on FM Road 243 for 2.1 miles. Turn left onto CR 272 for 3.9 miles. The bridge is on the east side of the new bridge built in 2005.
Stewart Pioneer Home 9749 1 mi. W of Mahomet 500 ft. N of FM 243

30°49′14″N 97°57′10″W / 30.82056°N 97.95278°W / 30.82056; -97.95278

Bertram 1980 off FM 243
Struve House 9751 Double Horn Ranch 4 mi. S on CR 401 from SH 71

30°28′39″N 98°15′55″W / 30.47750°N 98.26528°W / 30.47750; -98.26528

Marble Falls 1973 private property
The Bryson Place 9703 1100 CR 322

30°43′3″N 98°1′58″W / 30.71750°N 98.03278°W / 30.71750; -98.03278

Bertram 1982 on private property
The Galloway House 9715 108 E. League St.

30°45′21″N 98°13′35″W / 30.75583°N 98.22639°W / 30.75583; -98.22639

Burnet 1981 League and Pierce streets
The Roper Hoteldagger
Roper hotel 2010.jpg

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9745 707 Third St.

30°34′16″N 98°16′31″W / 30.57111°N 98.27528°W / 30.57111; -98.27528

Marble Falls 1981 707 Third St.
The Russell-McFarland Homestead 9746 309 N. Boundary St.

30°45′42″N 98°13′30″W / 30.76167°N 98.22500°W / 30.76167; -98.22500

Burnet 1978 309 N. Boundary St.

Caldwell County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Caldwell County Courthousedouble-daggerHash-tag
Caldwell courthouse 2005.jpg

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9760 110 S. Main St.

29°53′4″N 97°40′19″W / 29.88444°N 97.67194°W / 29.88444; -97.67194

Lockhart 1976 Courthouse Square
Caldwell County Jaildouble-dagger

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9761 315 E. Market St.

29°53′4″N 97°40′10″W / 29.88444°N 97.66944°W / 29.88444; -97.66944

Lockhart 1977 Brazos and Market St.
Cardwell Home 9762 505 S. Main St.

29°52′51″N 97°40′19″W / 29.88083°N 97.67194°W / 29.88083; -97.67194

Lockhart 1980
Dr. Eugene Clark Librarydouble-dagger
Eugene clark library 2013.jpg

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9763 217 S. Main St.

29°52′59″N 97°40′21″W / 29.88306°N 97.67250°W / 29.88306; -97.67250

Lockhart 1963 corner of S. Main St. and E. Prairie Lea St.
Ebenezer Lutheran Church 13742 291 Church St.

29°52′40″N 97°48′6″W / 29.87778°N 97.80167°W / 29.87778; -97.80167

Maxwell 1986 291 Church Street
Emmanuel Episcopal Churchdaggerdouble-dagger
Emmanuel episcopal church 2011.jpg
9768 118 N. Church St.

29°53′7″N 97°40′24″W / 29.88528°N 97.67333°W / 29.88528; -97.67333

Lockhart 1962 corner of N. Church St. and W. Walnut St.
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Lockhartdouble-dagger
First christian church lockhart 2013.jpg
9770 202 W. San Antonio St.

29°53′4″N 97°40′25″W / 29.88444°N 97.67361°W / 29.88444; -97.67361

Lockhart 1985 corner of W. San Antonio and Church St.
Francis-Ainsworth House 9772 214 S. Pecan Ave.

29°40′45″N 97°39′3″W / 29.67917°N 97.65083°W / 29.67917; -97.65083

Luling 1996
Karbach-Flowers Home 9779 219 Hackberry St.

29°52′46″N 97°40′23″W / 29.87944°N 97.67306°W / 29.87944; -97.67306

Lockhart 1980
Lockhart Vocational High School (Carver HS)dagger
Lockhart vocational school 2011.jpg
14288 1104 E. Market St.

29°53′9″N 97°39′47″W / 29.88583°N 97.66306°W / 29.88583; -97.66306

Lockhart 2008 1104 E. Market Street
Mebane House 9782 508 State Park Rd.

29°52′7″N 97°40′33″W / 29.86861°N 97.67583°W / 29.86861; -97.67583

Lockhart 1986
The Coopwood House 9764 412 W. San Antonio St.

29°53′2″N 97°40′35″W / 29.88389°N 97.67639°W / 29.88389; -97.67639

Lockhart 1979
The Fritz Zedler Home 9785 1115 S. Laurel Ave.

29°40′6″N 97°39′4″W / 29.66833°N 97.65111°W / 29.66833; -97.65111

Luling 1974 near the corner of S. Laurel St. and SH 80
William Johnson Cabin

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9778 300 blk. N. Magnolia Ave. in Blanche Sq.

29°40′45″N 97°39′3″W / 29.67917°N 97.65083°W / 29.67917; -97.65083

Luling 1973 corner of US 183 and Austin St. (Blanche Square)

Calhoun County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Calhoun County JailHash-tag 627 301 S. Ann St.

28°36′45″N 96°37′31″W / 28.61250°N 96.62528°W / 28.61250; -96.62528

Port Lavaca 1983 301 S. Ann St., Port Lavaca
Grace Episcopal Church 1247 213 E. Austin St.

28°36′49″N 96°37′23″W / 28.61361°N 96.62306°W / 28.61361; -96.62306

Port Lavaca 1965 213 E. Austin Street, Port Lavaca

Callahan County

Registered Texas Historic Landmark Image Marker Number Physical Address Nearest city Year designated Description
Burkett Pecan Tree 573 Near end of I-20 N frontage road W of Cooper Creek Rd. (Exit 322)

32°22′41″N 99°9′40″W / 32.37806°N 99.16111°W / 32.37806; -99.16111

Putnam 1966 2 mi. E of Putnam on US 80
Callahan County Courthouse
Callahan County Texas Courthouse 2017.jpg

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13799 100 W. Fourth St.

32°23′39″N 99°23′41″W / 32.39417°N 99.39472°W / 32.39417; -99.39472

Baird 2003 100 W. 4th St.
Clyde First Methodist Church 923 217 Oak St.

32°24′29″N 99°29′36″W / 32.40806°N 99.49333°W / 32.40806; -99.49333

Clyde 1986
First Callahan Jail
First Callahan Jail Baird Texas.jpg
1694 100 blk. W. Fifth St.

32°23′44″N 99°23′42″W / 32.39556°N 99.39500°W / 32.39556; -99.39500

Baird 1965 Courthouse square
Merchant Home 3343 CR 471

32°18′39″N 99°21′39″W / 32.31083°N 99.36083°W / 32.31083; -99.36083

Baird vicinity 1962 from Baird, take US 283 south about 8 miles, then take county road 2.5 miles east for about .75 mile and turn north; follow road north to private property
Prew House 5406 118 Cherry St.

32°24′21″N 99°29′22″W / 32.40583°N 99.48944°W / 32.40583; -99.48944

Clyde 1970 intersection of Bluebonnet and N. 1st Street, Clyde
Texas & Pacific Railway Depotdagger
Baird Texas and Pacific Depot.jpg

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5241 100 Market St.

32°23′27″N 99°23′41″W / 32.39083°N 99.39472°W / 32.39083; -99.39472

Baird 1985 South Market Street & First St., Baird

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