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List of New York City Designated Landmarks in the Bronx

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This is a list of landmarks designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission and located in the borough of the Bronx in New York City.

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  • REAL Places Straight Out Of A NIGHTMARE!
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  • Improve Vocabulary ★ Sleep Learning ★ Listen To Spoken English Conversation, Binaural Beats Part 24✔
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From catching a brain-eating amoeba at a water park, to haunted islands filled with ghosts, here are 9 real places straight out of a nightmare! Maybe don’t watch this before you go to bed... 8. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania Hundreds of thousands of crosses cover a hill outside the city of Šiauliai in Lithuania. While its not clear when this hill of crosses actually started, these crosses and rosaries remain a testament to Catholicism and the Lithuanian Spirit. This spooky hill is known for its legends of ghosts, miracles and heroic acts of defiance. In Lithuania, religion has been threatened time and time again and yet the local people have managed to preserve their faith. Monasteries and castles are said to have been on the hill and the ghosts of the slain come out at night. When the Russian Empire took over Lithuania, the locals rebelled against the Tsar but they were soundly defeated. The tsar limited national identity by repressing religious expression so the families of the rebels were unable to bury their dead. Instead they started placing crosses on the legendary hill in memory of their loved ones. In the 1900s, when Germany and then the Soviet Union held a strong grasp on northern Lithuanian, the locals continued to post crosses on the hill as a way to protest their occupiers presence. Under the Communist regime, religion was also forbidden and even though the sight was bulldozed several times over, the crosses kept popping up! They even set up KGB agents to watch the site and everyone bringing crosses was immediately fined and thrown in prison. Whenever the hill was destroyed over the centuries, crosses would pop right back up. This sacred hill became a symbol of Lithuanian culture and history. Nowadays, the hill stands full of rusted metal monuments and cracking statues. This local, historic landmark really means something to the people who maintain and expand it, but to anyone who doesn’t know its story it can be quite an eerie place, especially when the sun sets. 7. Disney’s River Country In 1976, Disney debuted its first ever water park, River Country. It was their “slippery slidingest, raft ridingest, rope swingingest, old fashioned good, clean, wet, American fun you’ve ever had!” Sounds fun right? It was built on the edge of Florida’s Bay Lake. The park had a number of water slides, swimming holes, man-made boulders, and even featured a lagoon that had been creating by damming up a portion of the nearby Lake. Fast forward to the modern day, and the water park is completely devoid of any human life. Everything’s there except the park has been completely abandoned for more than 13 years.Slides, signs, and all of the off-limits destination’s trappings are still there, even though people are not -- or, at least, they’re not supposed to be. In 1980, an eleven year old boy passed away because of a brain eating amoeba lurking in the park’s waters. The amoeba enters through the nose, goes up the nasal passage and attacks the nervous system, including the brain. If this isn’t one of the scariest things that could happen to you, I don’t know what is. There were three other deaths attributed to the same disease from Florida waters although none of them involved River Country. The park remained open for many more years after that until one year, it wasn’t. Parts of the abandoned park are still visible and despite some security guards trying to keep people out, some have managed to sneak in and take pictures and video. The former tourist attraction that used to bring in millions of people is overgrown by weeds, trees, and plants, making it look like a jungle. There is a rumor that Disney will punish trespassers in River Country by banning them from all of their parks for life. 6. Capuchin Catacombs The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo are a vast and extensive network of burial catacombs in Palermo, Sicily, in southern Italy. In the 16th century, the monks of the Capuchin monastery began to excavate a place to bury their dead friars underneath the ground. However, over time the locals of the nearby town began to see being buried in the crypts underneath Capuchin as a sort of symbol of power and status. During the 17th century, the wills of many of the Italian town’s residents requested that they be buried within the catacombs. Some of the richer and pickier residents even demanded that they be buried in certain outfits or that their outfits be changed and rotated on their corpse. Who wants that job?? The catacombs were maintained as long as the relatives kept paying and donating on behalf of the deceased. As long as a steady flow of money kept coming in, the corpses of the dead were kept on display and properly maintained; however, if the money ceased to flow then the bodies of the non-paying family members were put onto a shelf until further notice!! Fun fact: the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo are home to the largest collection of mummies in the world. The last person to be entombed in the catacombs was a local friar who was inducted in 1871. Nowadays, Capuchin is open to the public and is a very creepy kind of tourist attraction. The bodies of the dead are mummified, clothed, and on display for any and all that wish to see them -- some are put up on shelfs, others are enshrined in glass cases, and still others are sleeping eternally on the crypt’s many shelves. How would you like to be locked in at night there? And now for number 6, but first, if you are a returning subscriber, welcome back! Glad to see you again! And if you are new here be sure to subscribe and click the bell so you don’t miss out on the latest videos!! 5. City Of Sand Kolmanskop is a small, abandoned ghost town located in southern Namibia. This former diamond mining town used to be home to 1,000 people. In 1908 a railway worker discovered some diamonds in the sand and he showed them to his supervisor. Maybe the biggest mistake of his life! The German railway inspector spread the word so the German government took over and started exploiting the area. For a long time, the area generated a massive amount of income for its residents and their government. Because of this, an entire small city sprung up around the diamond mines with massive German estates, along with a hospital, ballroom, casino, all kinds of things! This diamond rush made it one of the wealthiest towns in the world and the hospital had the first x-ray machine in the southern hemisphere. After WWI, the diamonds began to run dry in Kolmanskop, and the people started to abandon the town for greener pastures. Without anyone to upkeep the city and fight off the sand of the surrounding desert, the city has been getting slowly swallowed up. This spooky ghost town has been abandoned for years and today it is in a restricted zone, but you can get permission to take a tour there and see how diamonds are not always forever. 4. Cameron Lake Monster Cameron Lake is a massive and isolated body of water that’s located on Vancouver Island, just off the coast of Canada. The lake is chilly, expansive, and surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. However, there just might be something a bit darker lurking under the surface of Cameron. For years, nearby locals have reported sightings of some kind of giant creature swimming in the Lake. Unlike with most reports of cryptids or unrecognized creatures, there is actually some tangible evidence to support the claims that there might be some form of sea monster living within Cameron Lake. British Columbia has more reputed lake monsters than anywhere in the world!! In 2008 and 2009, the radar of a group of researchers picked up on something odd and especially big swimming near a normal-sized school of fish. They couldn’t take any pictures since they lost their camera, but the more conservative experts theorize that it could have been an especially large, world-record-sized sturgeon that was discovered. Others suggest that some kind of sea serpent or giant salamander might be living under the waters of the lake. I don’t know about you, but if I’m out on a boat and a huge, dark shape is lurking below I think I would kind of freak out, no matter what it was! 3. Hashima Island, Japan Just off the coast of Japan, only nine miles away from the famous city of Nagasaki, lies the abandoned island of Hashima. Not a single living person lives on Hashima, although its towering, grey buildings still remain, along with the massive concrete walls that trace the borders of the island and protect it from the surrounding harsh sea. Speaking of abandoned mining towns, established in 1887, the island was once used to mine undersea coal reserves. Over 5,000 people once lived in the island but it was abandoned after WWII during which it was used as forced labor camp where the Japanese Government made their people work to fund their war machine. More recently it has become a popular, ghostly attraction and it is now protected by Japan as a historic landmark. It appeared in the Bond movie “Skyfall” and recently, Google Maps was allowed to make an online street tour of the island that anyone who's interested can view. See, you don’t even have to leave your house to visit this spooky place. Even though people can now once again walk its streets, the abandoned city looks eerily post-apocalyptic and barren. Might be a great place to go if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse. 2. North Brother Island, New York North Brother Island is one spooky reminder of dark asylums, prisons, medical research centers and haunted places right near Manhattan. This patch of land is in the middle of the East River between the Bronx and Rikers island, ominously named “Hell’s Gate”. The first building was the notorious Riverside Hospital in 1885 which served as a quarantine for those suffering from smallpox and tuberculosis. Then they started to expand to bring in people with other infectious diseases lole scarlet fever, typhus, and even leprosy. Everyone lived in the hospital or ramshackle huts and tents until they died. Over the years, those that were doomed were forced to live out their days on the island to keep New York City clean. This place became a black hole that drew in death and disease and the general public was terrified. Unimaginable suffering and horrors went on there. The famous Typhoid Mary, who was an asymptomatic carrier for the infectious disease was confined here in 1907. The island has been used as everything from a drug rehabilitation center to housing for veterans over the years. Currently, North Brother is closed to the public and is designated as a bird sanctuary. The hospitals and buildings of the island have been covered and overgrown by forests and the dark history of the island leads many to whisper that it's quite a creepy place and ghosts are everywhere. 1. Oradour-sur-Glane, France On June 10, 1944, the village of Oradour-sur-Glane in France was overrun by German forces. The soldiers of the Nazi regime burned, looted, and massacred the men, women, and children of the town. Many were herded into a church and burned to death. The SS not only killed the people in the village, but also random French citizens who just so happened to be riding their bicycles nearby. Less than thirty of the village’s hundreds of inhabitants survived. Oradour is now left as a monument and memorial to the many French and other Allied citizens who suffered during WWII. After the war it was decided to neither demolish or rebuild it so it was left frozen in time for 69 years. With crumbling buildings and an air of sadness that surrounds the village for anyone who knows its history, Oradour is a sad reminder of one of the world’s darkest hours. Thanks for watching!! Have you ever visited any of these places? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time! Bye!


Historic districts

Landmark name Date designated Location
Bertine Block Historic District April 5, 1994 [1] [2] Mott Haven, Bronx
Clay Avenue Historic District April 5, 1994 [3] [4]
Fieldston Historic District January 10, 2006 [5] [6] Riverdale, Bronx
Longwood Historic District July 8, 1980 [7]; extension: February 8, 1983 [8] [9] Longwood, Bronx
Morris Avenue Historic District July 15, 1986 [10] [11]
Morris High School Historic District December 21, 1982 [12] [13] Morrisania, Bronx
Mott Haven East Historic District April 5, 1994 [14] [15] Mott Haven, Bronx
Mott Haven Historic District July 29, 1969 [16] [17] Mott Haven, Bronx
Perry Avenue Historic District December 15, 2009 [18] [19] Bedford Park, Bronx
Riverdale Historic District October 16, 1990 [20] [21] Riverdale, Bronx

Individual landmarks

Landmark name Image Date designated Location
175 Belden Street House
175 Belden St City Island jeh.jpg
July 28, 1981 [22] City Island
1857 Anthony Avenue House July 15, 1986 [23]
21 Tier Street House June 20, 2000 [24] City Island
50th Police Precinct Station House (Former) (40th Police Precinct Station House)
Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, August 2013.jpg
July 15, 1986 [25] Kingsbridge Heights
52nd Police Precinct Station House
52 Pct NYPD jeh.jpg
June 18, 1974 [26] Norwood
614 Courtlandt Avenue Building February 10, 1987 [27] Melrose
62nd Police Precinct Station House (41st Police Precinct Station House), 1086 Simpson Street
Fort Apache Police Precinct, 2007.JPG
June 2, 1992 [28] Longwood
Administration Building at East 180th Street (Former New York, Westchester & Boston Railroad, Administration Building)
NYWB HQ from BRP south jeh.JPG
May 11, 1976 [29] Van Nest
Alderbrook House, 4715 Independence Avenue 40°53′44.5″N 73°54′44″W / 40.895694°N 73.91222°W / 40.895694; -73.91222 December 14, 2010 [30]
Alumni House (Housing Office), East Fordham Road and 191st Street February 3, 1981 [31]
American Bank Note Company Printing Plant
Amer Bank Note Tiffany Lafayette jeh.jpg
February 5, 2008 [32] Hunts Point
American Female Guardian Society (Former) (Home of the Friendless Woody Crest Home), 936 Woodycrest Avenue 40°49′50″N 73°55′46″W / 40.83056°N 73.92944°W / 40.83056; -73.92944 March 28, 2000 [33] Highbridge
Andrew Freedman Home
Andrew Freedman Home 1125 GC jeh.jpg
June 2, 1992 [34] Concourse
Anthony Campagna Estate, 640 West 249th Street [35] 40°53′48″N 73°54′39″W / 40.89667°N 73.91083°W / 40.89667; -73.91083 November 16, 1993 [36]
Baird (Astor Court), New York Zoological Park (Bronx Zoo) June 20, 2000 [37] [38] [39] Bronx Zoo
Bartow-Pell Mansion
February 15, 1966 [40] Pelham Bay Park
Bedford Park Congregational Church 40°52′17″N 73°53′0″W / 40.87139°N 73.88333°W / 40.87139; -73.88333 June 20, 2000 [41] Bedford Park
Begrisch Hall at Bronx Community College
Begrisch Hall, Western Elevation.jpg
January 8, 2002 [42] Bronx Community College, University Heights
Samuel H. and Mary T. Booth House, 30 Centre Street November 28, 2017 [43] City Island
Bronx Borough Courthouse
Bronx Boro Court House jeh.JPG
July 28, 1981 [44] Melrose
Bronx County Courthouse
Bronx County Court jeh.JPG
July 13, 1976 [45]
Bronx Grit Chamber
Bronx Grit Chamber north jeh.jpg
June 8, 1982 [46] Port Morris
Bronx Post Office
USPS GC 150 jeh.jpg
September 14, 1976 [47]
Christ Church
Christ Church, Bronx, NY.JPG
January 11, 1967 [48] Riverdale
College of Mount St. Vincent Administration Building 40°54′49″N 73°54′32″W / 40.91361°N 73.90889°W / 40.91361; -73.90889 February 8, 1979 [49]
The Conservatory (Palm House and Wings)
October 16, 1973 [50] New York Botanical Garden
Cornelius Baker Hall of Philosophy
BxCC Hall of Philosophy jeh.jpg
February 15, 1966 [51] Bronx Community College, University Heights
Crotona Play Center 40°50′24″N 73°53′54″W / 40.84000°N 73.89833°W / 40.84000; -73.89833 June 26, 2007 [52] Crotona Park
Dollar Savings Bank (Former), 2972 Third Avenue
Dollar Savings Bank E147 3d Av Bx jeh.jpg
January 12, 2010 [53]
Dollar Savings Bank Building (Emigrant Savings Bank), 2516-2530 Grand Concourse 40°51′47.7″N 73°53′45.5″W / 40.863250°N 73.895972°W / 40.863250; -73.895972 July 19, 1994 [54]
Edgehill Church of Spuyten Duyvil (United Church of Christ)
Edgehill Church jeh.JPG
November 25, 1980 [55] Spuyten Duyvil
Estey Piano Company Factory
Bruckner Lincoln warehouse jeh.jpg
May 16, 2006 [56]
Fire House, Hook and Ladder 17 (Engine Company 60), 341 East 143rd Street
H&L 17 house 341 E 143rd St Bx jeh.JPG
June 20, 2000 [57]
Fonthill (College Library), College of Mount St. Vincent 40°54′48″N 73°54′35″W / 40.91333°N 73.90972°W / 40.91333; -73.90972 March 15, 1966 [58]
Fort Schuyler
April 19, 1966 [59] Throggs Neck
Gould Memorial Library
NYU library2 crop.jpg
February 15, 1966 [60] Bronx Community College, University Heights
Greyston Conference Center (William E. Dodge House), 690 West 247th Street
William E Dodge House, Bronx NY.JPG
October 13, 1970 [61]
Greyston (William E. and Sarah T. Hoadley Dodge Jr., Estate) Gatehouse, 4695 Independence Avenue, Riverdale 40°53′41.3″N 73°54′42.3″W / 40.894806°N 73.911750°W / 40.894806; -73.911750 March 22, 2011 [62]
H.F. Spaulding House (Coachman's Residence)
Henry F. Spaulding Coachman's House, Bronx NY.JPG
July 28, 1981 [63]
Hadley House, 5122 Post Road June 20, 2000 [64]
Haffen Building, Willis Avenue and 148th Street 40°48′55″N 73°55′7.5″W / 40.81528°N 73.918750°W / 40.81528; -73.918750 June 22, 2010 [65] Mott Haven
Hall of Fame
February 15, 1966 [66] Bronx Community College, University Heights
Hall of Languages
BxCC Hall of Languages jeh.jpg
February 15, 1966 [67] Bronx Community College, University Heights
Herman Ridder Junior High School (Public School 98), 1619 Boston Road 40°50′10.8″N 73°53′26.5″W / 40.836333°N 73.890694°W / 40.836333; -73.890694
Boston Rd Suburban La jeh.JPG
December 11, 1990 [68] Morrisania
High Bridge, Aqueduct, and Pedestrian Walk
High Bridge jeh.JPG
November 10, 1970 [69] Highbridge
High Pumping Station
Concourse red shop jeh.JPG
July 28, 1981 [70] Bedford Park
Kingsbridge Armory (Eighth Regiment Armory)
Kingsbridge Armory.jpg
September 24, 1974 [71]
Loew's Paradise Theater
Loews Paradise GC jeh.JPG
April 15, 1997 [72]
Lorillard Snuff Mill
April 19, 1966 [73] New York Botanical Garden
Macomb's Dam Bridge (Central Bridge) and 155th Street Viaduct
Macombs Dam Br 153 park jeh.jpg
January 14, 1992 [74]
Messiah Home for Children, 1777 Andrews Avenue and 177th Street SOUTHEAST (FRONT) ELEVATION - Messiah Home for Children, 1771 Andrews Avenue, Bronx, Bronx County, NY HABS NY,3-BRONX,11-1.tif June 24, 1997 [75]
New York Botanical Garden Museum (Library) Building, Fountain of Life, and Tulip Tree Allee
NYBG HQ west jeh.jpg
March 24, 2009 [76] New York Botanical Garden
New York Public Library, Morrisania Branch (McKinley Square Branch), 610 East 169th Street 40°49′53″N 73°54′6″W / 40.83139°N 73.90167°W / 40.83139; -73.90167 June 16, 1998 [77] Morrisania
New York Public Library, Hunts Point Branch
Hunts Point NYPL 877 Southern Blvd jeh.jpg
April 14, 2009 [78] Hunts Point
New York Public Library, Woodstock Branch, 761 East 160th Street 40°49′14″N 73°54′16.5″W / 40.82056°N 73.904583°W / 40.82056; -73.904583 April 14, 2009 [79]
Noonan Plaza Apartments, 139 West 168th Street 40°50′19″N 73°55′32″W / 40.83861°N 73.92556°W / 40.83861; -73.92556 June 22, 2010 [80] Highbridge
Old West Farms Soldier Cemetery, 2103 Bryant Avenue and 180th Street 40°50′37″N 73°52′46″W / 40.84361°N 73.87944°W / 40.84361; -73.87944 August 2, 1967 [81] West Farms
Orchard Beach Bathhouse and Promenade June 20, 2006 [82] Pelham Bay Park
Park Plaza Apartments
Park Plaza Apts fr Mullaly Park jeh.jpg
May 12, 1981 [83] Highbridge
Poe Cottage
February 15, 1966 [84]
Public School 15
Dark Dyre PS15 jeh.jpg
January 10, 1978 [85] Eastchester
Public School 27, St Ann's Avenue
PS27 St Ann 148 jeh.JPG
September 19, 1995 [86]
Public School 31, 425 Grand Concourse July 15, 1986 [87]
Public School 91
PS91 Highbridge 1257 Ogden jeh.JPG
August 25, 1981 Highbridge
Rainey Memorial Gates
Rainey Memorial Gate (4372257682).jpg
January 11, 1967 [88] Bronx Zoo
Riverdale Presbyterian Church
Riverdale Presbyterian Church Complex. Bronx NY.JPG
April 19, 1966 [89]
Robert Colgate House ("Stonehurst") (Nicholas Katzenbach House)
Robert Colgate House, Bronx NY.JPG
October 13, 1970 [90]
Rockefeller Fountain (Bronx Zoo) February 20, 1968 [91] Bronx Zoo
Rose Hill (Fordham University Administration Building)
Fordham University 09.JPG
August 18, 1970 [92]
St. Ann's Church and Graveyard
St Anns COE jeh.JPG
June 9, 1967 [93] Mott Haven
St. John's Church, 3021 Kingsbridge Avenue
John RCC 3021 Kingsbridge Av jeh.JPG
February 19, 1974 [94]
St. John's Residence Hall, Fordham Road and East 179th Street August 18, 1970 [95]
St. James' Episcopal Church
St. James Episcopal Church, Bronx, NY.jpg
November 25, 1980 [96]
St. Peter's Church, Chapel, and Cemetery, 2500 Westchester Avenue 40°50′19″N 73°50′38″W / 40.83861°N 73.84389°W / 40.83861; -73.84389
St. Peter's Church, Chapel and Cemetery Complex IMG 1921 HLG.png
March 23, 1976 [97] Westchester Square
Samuel Pell House, 586 City Island Avenue 40°52′15.4″N 73°47′24.6″W / 40.870944°N 73.790167°W / 40.870944; -73.790167 October 29, 2002 [98] City Island
William H. Schofield House, 65 Schofield Street April 12, 2012 [99]
Second Battery Armory 1122 Franklin Avenue 40°49′41″N 73°54′20″W / 40.82806°N 73.90556°W / 40.82806; -73.90556 June 2, 1992 [100]
Captain John H. Stafford House (Stafford "Osborn" House) 95 Pell Place November 28, 2017 [101] City Island
Sunnyslope (Bright Temple A.M.E. Church)
Sunnyslope south Bronx 2012-09 jeh.jpg
July 28, 1981 [102] Hunts Point
Tremont Baptist Church, 324 East Tremont Avenue
Tremont Baptist Church by camera phone jeh.jpg
February 8, 2000 [103] Tremont
Union Reformed Church of Highbridge (Highbridge Community Church), 1272 Ogden Avenue 40°50′22″N 73°55′31″W / 40.83944°N 73.92528°W / 40.83944; -73.92528 November 16, 2010 [104] Highbridge
United Workers' Cooperative Colony ("The Coops") 40°51′57″N 73°52′11″W / 40.86583°N 73.86972°W / 40.86583; -73.86972
United Workers Cooperatives, 2700-2870 Bronx Park E, Bronx County, New York.JPG
June 2, 1992 [105]
University Heights Bridge
University Heights Bridge from Harlem River jeh.jpg
September 11, 1984 [106] University Heights
Van Cortlandt Mansion
March 15, 1966 [107] Van Cortlandt Park
Van Schaick Free Reading Room/Huntington Free Library and Reading Room
Huntington FL main reading room jeh.jpg
April 5, 1994 [108] Westchester Square
Varian House
March 15, 1966 [109] Norwood
Washington Bridge
Wash Br Harlem water jeh.JPG
September 14, 1982 [110] Morris Heights
Wave Hill House
Wave Hill entrance.jpg
June 21, 1966 [111] Riverdale
Williamsbridge Reservoir Keeper's House, 3400 Reservoir Oval 40°52′44.5″N 73°52′32.7″W / 40.879028°N 73.875750°W / 40.879028; -73.875750
February 8, 2000 [112] Norwood

Interior landmarks

Landmark name Image Date designated
Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum Interior May 27, 1975 [113]
Crotona Play Center Bath House Interior, Main Floor Interior June 26, 2007 [114]
Dollar Savings Bank (Emigrant Savings Bank), First Floor Interior July 19, 1994 [115]
Gould Memorial Library, Bronx Community College, City University of New York, Ground Floor Interior August 11, 1981 [116]
Loew's Paradise Theater Interior May 16, 2006 [117]
Morris High School, Ground Floor Interior (Duncan Hall) December 21, 1982 [118]
Van Cortlandt Mansion Interior July 22, 1975 [119]

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