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List of Muisca toponyms

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The Muisca Confederation
The Muisca Confederation

This list contains the toponyms (place names) in Muisca, the language of the Muisca who inhabited the Colombian Altiplano Cundiboyacense before the Spanish conquest of the Muisca in the 1530s. The name of the language of the Muisca is called Chibcha, Muisca or, in its own language, Muysccubun. Muisca means "man", "person" or "people".

Most names of the Muisca have been kept by the Spanish colonists, though some are slightly altered through time. A number of names refer to the farmfields () or other geographical features of the region.[1][2] The name of the department of Cundinamarca is an exception, it is inferred the name comes not from Chibcha, yet from Quechua, meaning condor's nest.[3]

Chibcha language toponyms outside the Muisca Confederation territories, such as the Guane, Lache, U'wa or Sutagao and Spanish language toponyms within the Muisca Confederation are not included.

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Muisca toponyms

(Modern) name
bold is capital
bold is capital
bold is seat
Meaning(s) in Muysccubun
bold is personal name
Notes Map
Bogotá Formation
Bogotá River
Bogotá savanna
BD Bacatá
Cundinamarca zipa (Enclosure) outside the farm fields [2][4][5][6]
Boyacá zaque Proud lord [1]
Tundama Province
Boyacá Tundama Named after cacique Tundama [1]
Sugamuxi Province
Boyacá iraca Dwelling of the Sun (Sué) [1]
Arcabuco Formation
Boyacá cacique Place of the intricate scrublands
Place enclosed by the hills
Betéitiva Boyacá cacique Chief of the mouth
Named after cacique Betacín
Boavita Boyacá cacique Point on the hill worshipping the Sun
Gate of the Sun
Boyacá Department
Boyacá zaque Region of the blankets
Enclosure of the cacique
Busbanzá Boyacá iraca Named after cacique Boazá [1]
Cerinza Boyacá Tundama My throat
Named after cacique Cerinza
Chinavita Boyacá zaque Our point or illuminated hill top [1][10]
Chiquinquirá Sandstone
Chiquinquirá Valley
Boyacá cacique Place of swamps covered with fog
Also: Holy people, because of the
Fúquene Lake ceremonies
Chíquiza Boyacá zaque Only or alone, Chiqui means priest
Hairy field
part of Paz de Río
Boyacá Tundama From cacique Chitagoto [12]
Chitaraque Boyacá zaque Our vigorous farmfields from before [1][13]
Chivatá Boyacá zaque Our outside farmfields [1][14]
Chivor Mine
Boyacá cacique Our farmfields - our mother
Green and rich land
Ciénega Boyacá zaque Place of water [1]
Cómbita Boyacá cacique Force of the summit
Hand of the jaguar and wheel of life
Covarachía Boyacá cacique Land of the Sun and the Moon
Cave of the Moon
Cucaita Boyacá zaque Seminary enclosure
Shade of the farming fields
Cuítiva Boyacá iraca Similarity to the chief [1]
Firavitoba Boyacá iraca Air of clouds [1]
Gachantivá Boyacá zaque Chief of the Gacha [1][18]
Gámeza Boyacá iraca Serf of the Sun [1]
Garagoa Boyacá zaque Behind the hill
On the other side of the hill
Boyacá cacique Stream of the ravine
Lord of the winds
Guayatá Boyacá cacique Domain of the female cacique
From Guaya (creek in Tenza) and "tá" (farmfields or land over there)
Iza—Paipa volcanic complex
Boyacá iraca Place of healing [1]
Lengupá Province
Lengupá River
Boyacá zaque "Len": site; "Gua": of the river; "Paba": father or chief [21]
Macanal Formation
Boyacá zaque From: Macana: palm tree or garrote [1][22]
Mongua Boyacá iraca Bath on the hill
Moniquirá River
Boyacá cacique Place of bath [1]
Motavita Boyacá zaque Washing place to prepare for growing crops [23]
Nobsa Boyacá Tundama Decent bath of today [1]
Oicatá Boyacá zaque Domain of the priests
Hailstoned farmlands
Pachavita Boyacá zaque Peak of the man
Proud chief
Iza—Paipa volcanic complex
Boyacá Tundama Named after the cacique of the Paipa people [1]
Paya Boyacá cacique People of hope [1]
Pesca Boyacá iraca Strong enclosure
Domain of the fortress
PNN Pisba
Boyacá cacique Honourable domain from before [1]
Boyacá zaque White earth
Ráquira Boyacá cacique Village of the pans [1]
Saboyá Boyacá cacique Taste for the blankets
Named after cacique Saboyá
Sáchica Boyacá zaque our present domain
fortress or mansion of the sovereign
San Miguel de Sema Boyacá zaque Named after the Sema tribe, part of the Muisca [1][26]
Sativanorte Boyacá Tundama Named after the cacique Sátiva [1]
Sativasur Boyacá Tundama Named after the cacique Sátiva [1]
Siachoque Boyacá zaque Land of the vigorous taste
Place of good smells and strong and vigorous cultures
Soatá Formation
Boyacá Tundama Farmfields of the Sun [1]
Socotá Formation
Boyacá iraca
Good harvest
Land of the Sun and farmfields
Somondoco Boyacá zaque So = stone, Mon = bath, Co = support
Named after cacique Somendoco or Sumindoco
Sora Boyacá zaque Devil worshipper [1]
Soracá Boyacá zaque Ruling mansion of the sovereign [1]
Sotaquirá Boyacá zaque Town of the sovereign [1]
Susacón Boyacá Tundama Ally of the cacique Susa [1]
Sutamarchán Boyacá zaque Merchant of the sovereign Suta
Marchán refers to 18th century encomendero Pedro Merchan de Velasco
Sutatenza Boyacá zaque Cloud behind the mouth
Descending to the house of the cacique
Tenza Valley
Boyacá cacique Behind the mouth
Going down at night
Tibaná Boyacá zaque Named after Tibanaes
"Tiba" means chief
Tibasosa Formation
Boyacá Tundama
Chief of the domain [1]
Tinjacá Boyacá zaque Enclosure of the powerful lord [1][33]
Tipacoque Boyacá zaque Name of the hacienda of the Augustines
Dependency of the zaque
Toca Boyacá iraca Domain of the river [1]
Togüí Boyacá zaque River of the wife or house of the dog [1][35]
Tópaga Boyacá cacique Behind father river [1]
Lake Tota
Boyacá iraca Farmfields of the river [1]
Turmequé Boyacá zaque Vigorous chief [1]
Tuta Boyacá zaque Borrowed farmlands or Property of the Sun
Named after the Tuta tribe
Tutazá Boyacá cacique Named after cacique Tutazúa; son of the Sun [1]
Úmbita Boyacá cacique Your point, your summit, summit of the farmlands [1]
Viracachá Boyacá zaque Air of the lake or lord of the enclosure of the wind [1][37]
Zetaquira Boyacá zaque Land of the snake or City of the snake [1][38]
Bojacá River
Cundinamarca zipa Purple enclosure [3][39]
Cajicá Cundinamarca zipa From ca and jica; "stone fortress"
From the cacique Cajic
Cáqueza Group
Cundinamarca zipa Region or enclosure without forest [42]
Chía Formation
Cundinamarca zipa Named after Chía, Moon goddess [43]
Chipaque Formation
Cundinamarca cacique Derived from Chipapabacue; Forest of our ancestors [44]
Choachí Cundinamarca zipa Derived from Chi-gua-chí; our mountain of the Moon [45]
Chocontá Cundinamarca zipa Farmlands of the good ally [46]
Cogua Cundinamarca zipa Support of the hill [47]
Cota Cundinamarca zipa From personal name Gota or cota; "curl" [48]
Cucunubá Cundinamarca zipa Similarity to a face [3][49]
Facatativá Cundinamarca zipa Strong enclosure at the end of the plains [50]
Fómeque Formation
Cundinamarca zipa Your forest of the foxes [51]
Funza River
Cundinamarca zipa Powerful lord [52]
Lake Fúquene
Cundinamarca zipa
From and quyny; bed of the fox
Named after the god Fu; bed of Fu
Gachancipá Cundinamarca zipa Pottery of the zipa [54]
Gachalá Cundinamarca cacique Clay vessel or defeat of the night [55]
Gachetá Formation
Cundinamarca cacique Behind our farmfields [56]
Gama Cundinamarca cacique Our back [57]
Guachetá Cundinamarca cacique Farmlands of the hill [58]
Guasca Cundinamarca zipa From guâ and shucâ; skirt of the mountain range [59]
Lake Guatavita
Cundinamarca cacique End of the farmlands [60]
Lenguazaque Cundinamarca zaque End of the reign of the zaque [61]
Machetá Cundinamarca zaque Your honourable farmfields [62][63]
Manta Cundinamarca cacique Your farmfields [64]
Nemocón Cundinamarca zipa From Enemocón; sadness of the warrior
Named after Nemequene
Guataque or Gotaque
Cundinamarca zipa Good father
"Gua" = mountain, "tha"; strong and "que"; elevated; strong elevated mountain
Pasca Cundinamarca zipa Father's enclosure [67]
Quetame Group
Cundinamarca cacique Our farmfields of the mountain [68]
Sesquilé Cundinamarca zipa Hot water [69]
Sibaté Cundinamarca zipa Leak of the lake [70]
Simijaca Formation
Cundinamarca zaque (<1490)
zipa (1490-1537)
Blue circle or nose of the white owl [71]
Soacha Province
Soacha River
Cundinamarca zipa Súa; Sun god Sué and chá; Man of the Sun [72]
Sopó Cundinamarca zipa Rock or strong hill [73]
Subachoque River
Subachoque Formation
Cundinamarca zipa Work of the Sun
Farmfields of the front
Lake Suesca
Cundinamarca zipa Rock of the birds or Tail of the macaw [75][76]
Susa Cundinamarca zaque (<1490)
zipa (1490-1537)
White reed or soft reed [77]
Sutatausa Cundinamarca zipa Small tribute [78]
Tabio Cundinamarca zipa Mouth [of the river] [79]
Tausa Cundinamarca zipa Tribute [80]
Cundinamarca zipa Place of rest for the zipa [81]
Tenjo Cundinamarca zipa In the mouth [82]
Tequendama Falls
Tequendama Province
Cundinamarca zipa He who precipitates downward [83]
Tibacuy Cundinamarca zipa
Official chief [84]
Tibiritá Cundinamarca zaque [citation needed]
Tocancipá Cundinamarca zipa Valley of the joys of the zipa [85]
Ubalá Cundinamarca cacique Place on the hillside or At the foot of the hillside [86]
Ubaque Cundinamarca cacique From Ybaque; blooding Eucalyptus tree or from Ebaque [87]
Ubaté Province
Ubaté River
Ubaté Valley
Cundinamarca zaque (<1490)
zipa (1490-1537)
Sower of the mouth or blooded land [88]
Une Formation
Cundinamarca cacique Drop it or mud [89][90]
Zipacón Cundinamarca zipa Crying of the zipa [91]
Zipaquirá Cundinamarca zipa City of our father [37]
Charalá Santander cacique Named after the Guane cacique Chalala [92]
Chipatá Santander cacique "chi" = our, "pa" = father, "tá" = farmland
Named after cacique Chipatá
Onzaga Santander Tundama From cacique Hunzaá [95]
Bosa Cundinamarca zipa Enclosure of the one who guards and defends the cornfields [96]
Engativá Cundinamarca zipa From Ingativá; Cacique of the land of the Sun
Engue-tivá; captain of the delicious [people]
Fontibón Cundinamarca zipa Powerful chief [96][51]
Suba Hills
Cundinamarca zipa From "sua"; Sun and "sie"; water
From "uba"; fruit or flower and "sua"; Sun; Flower of the Sun
Teusaquillo Cundinamarca zipa From Teusacá; borrowed enclosure [96]
Tunjuelo Formation
Tunjuelo River
Cundinamarca zipa Diminutive form of tunjo; anthropomorph made of gold [98]
Usaquén Cundinamarca zipa From cacique Usaque; Usaque means "under the pole" [99]
Usme Fault
Usme Formation
Cundinamarca zipa Nest of love [100]
El Chicó Cundinamarca zipa Chicó comes from chicú; "our ally" [101]
Techo wetland
Cundinamarca zipa From cacique Techitina [102]
Chingaza Cundinamarca zipa
Middle of the width [103]
Siecha Lakes Cundinamarca zipa House of the Lord [104]
Tibabuyes Cundinamarca zipa Land of the farmers [105]
Maiporé Cundinamarca zipa Welcome [106]

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