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List of Major League Baseball career putouts as a second baseman leaders

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bid McPhee, the all-time leader in career putouts by a second baseman.
Bid McPhee, the all-time leader in career putouts by a second baseman.

In baseball statistics, a putout (denoted by PO or fly out when appropriate) is given to a defensive player who records an out by a Tagging a runner with the ball when he is not touching a base (a tagout), catching a batted or thrown ball and tagging a base to put out a batter or runner (a Force out), catching a thrown ball and tagging a base to record an out on an appeal play, catching a third strike (a strikeout), catching a batted ball on the fly (a flyout), or being positioned closest to a runner called out for interference.

In baseball and softball, second baseman is a fielding position in the infield, between third and first base. The second baseman often possesses quick hands and feet, needs the ability to get rid of the ball quickly, and must be able to make the pivot on a double play. In addition, second basemen are usually right-handed; only four left-handed throwing players have ever played second base since 1950.[1] In the numbering system used to record defensive plays, the second baseman is assigned the number 4.

Bid McPhee is the all-time leader in career putouts as a second baseman with 6,552. Eddie Collins (6,526) and Nellie Fox (6,090) are the only other second basemen with over 6,000 career putouts.

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Panago Pizza presents: S. D. P. The Steve Dangle Podcast, with your hosts, Steve Dangle and Adam Wylde. Morgan Rielly will not be going to the 2019 NHL all-star game in... uh. San Jose. San Jose! San Jose, where he can show off his legs because he's a man rocket. It's ridiculous. It's--it's funny though, because, 'Morgan Reilly will not be going to the all-star game.' WHAT?! Who's he replaced with?! Jeff Skinner. ...oh. Yeah, alright Like, It was kind of BS that he wasn't going too. Yeah, like, I don't know, is it? The three-on-three, like, I’m down with the three-on-three format, I like it. mmhm. But, the downfall is fewer players go. Although, credit me for inventing it. I, yes, if you don't remember, it was The's idea. Way to g--yes, very good point Podcast, it was The’s idea. Thank you. So many people who hadn’t listened to the episode yet were very confused... Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, man. Because people were just rolling with it on Twitter. 'Hey The!' 'Podcast! Tall guy. Tall guy. Tall Adam. They both deserved it-- They both deserved it and it didn't really matter which one went. Yeah, and I think you're gonna run into that every year. It's--what's interesting though I--I wouldn’t--I would I would doubt that any Toronto Maple Leafs’ defensemen is going to win a Norris trophy But, uh... Morgan Reilly might be the first defenseman to win and Norris and not go to the all-star game. Like imagine... Oh, wow. He doesn't go to the all-star game, wins the Norris Trophy Oh, gee, I didn't even think of that. Like, I'm not saying he will, but I--you know. He's in contention. He should be. He's within arm's reach. He's a... G-d, the Leafs, when they're on? They're so on. Like, who thinks to pass... the pass that Morgan Reilly sent to Tavares for the 3-0 goal. It was classic... Like the Panago Classic. Oh, WOOOW. Mmhm. Like organic Italian tomato sauce, pepperoni, Canadian ham, red onions, sauteed mushrooms, black olives, green peppers... Not for Steve anyway. An all-star pizza, a pizza rocket! [Adam's lunatic impersonation] Mozzarella too - we just got to keep it real here, like the sauce. Wow, yeah. Morgan Real-ly. Morgan Real-ly, really?. Mm, mmhm. Yeah, right, he's got some pepperoni in his steperoni. Would you give that pizza the Norris? Yes. Because I get defensive about it. That's how. I see what you did there. You see, you know, I would check out Yes, stuff your face with goodness. Deliciousness, Adam! It’s in the show! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s in the show. I never listen to the extro anymore. You should. It's been years since I've listened to the extro. Man, I listen to old episodes. I listened to our live episode last night. Really? Yeah. How was it? It was, uh, it was good except for we got--oh boy did I get a lot wrong. It's like, 'so Steve...' 'What what's gonna be the key if the Leafs face the Bruins?' Because we didn't know who they were gonna face yet. Right, and it was like, 'well...' 'You know Matthews looked good against the Caps' and like, the whole story was, he's only got one goal and I was like, 'and the other key is gonna be Nazem Kadri.' Suspended three games. Just firing on all cylinders. Ah, it was great. No, but you're right about the pass. Like, who thinks to pass the pass that they got? That's a--that's a shot right there, and yet, not so much on that first goal. Nope. Adam Wylde, in the 2014-2015... Erik Karlsson won the Norris Trophy, did not attend the All-Star game. Did not attend or was not selected? Was, was not selected. Bobby Ryan as the representative of the Ottawa Senators that year. Who was? Bobby Ryan. Who is still a Sen, by the way. Every time I see him, I'm like... what?! Yeah, it's crazy. They were, they traded for him to go for it. Oh, yeah, like every other time they traded for a player to go for it. Man, I... Like, the Sens have players I'm nostalgic for who, like, are still here. [laughter] You know what I mean? I'm nostalgic for Bobby Ryan's wrists. Bob Ry—aw. And hands, and fingers. Like, when, pre-broken hands Bobby Ryan. He, man, for a while. He was a flyer like there's a there's a reason he was a sought-after commodity There's a reason he makes 7.25 million dollars. There's a reason that it was a big deal when they didn't--when they said he couldn't make the American Olympic team. Remember? That's right, Burky, he had that clip leak out. I don’t think that was supposed to get out. No, it wasn't, and he sort of had to put out some fires there. Can I do more All-Star Game 2015 trivia? Yeah! So this is 2015? 2015 game All-Star game trivia. Yeah, please do. Which we're talking about like it was 25 years ago. G-d if it--this was This was, like, less than 4 years ago. Jesse you were on the show at this point, right? Yes, yeah, yeah. So, just like in this All-Star game you could vote in a certain amount of players. So six players were voted in this time. Kay. Only six. Like, this year it’s four and there’s a Captain and the rest is kind of selected. So this year it was six players. Of those six players, five were from one team. Do you remember this happening? Was it the host team? No. Blackhawks. It has to be the Blackhawks. Columbus hosted and yet five Blackhawks were voted in by fan voting. Oh, that's because the voting was different back then. So, Hold on, so it was Toews, Kane, it had to be, uh, Sharp, Keith, and then Seabrook. No. No. Oh man. Or was Corey Crawford one of them? Toews, Kane, , Keith, Seabrook, Corey Crawford. Yeah. No Sharp?! No Patrick Sharp. I feel so sorry for Patrick Sharp, never got any love and he was really good. No one gave him the love he deserved. He's a guy who, like I look forward to making the Patrick Sharp retirement video where I go, 'Ah, he never got his due,' He didn't yeah, but looking back at his career. He was very good the best part of all of that trivia... None of those Blackhawks led the fan voting in votes. The sixth member led it in votes. Do you know who the sixth fan vote was that year? For, this would have been for the Central Division? No, just for it all, you could vote in anybody. So they pick the teams, and then I think they allowed you six picks? Six fan votes. Six picks and it could be from anybody. I think the fan vote came before the actual team. So then there would be six guys already in and then they selected the rest of the roster. 2015 wasn't John Scott was it? No, no. He played for the Buffalo Sabres. Oh, Zemgus Girgensons! He lead the All-Star vote. Vote for the worst right? Zemgus Gigensons. I still remember the Latvian rap video and everything. He was a sensation. Wasn't that the Columbus one? That was Columbus. You were there. I saw that... sensation that was Zemgus Girgensons. I loved it. Latvia, nothing like it. Anyways, I thought that was funny. Man, Latvia gets behind their guys, eh? It's--it's a small country that packs a punch. Yep. Yep, I wonder what [butchered attempt at saying Kristers Gudlevskis] is going right now. Kristers Gurs[inaudible], he's uh, I think... Guy who almost beat Canada, by the way in the Olympics. I know, what is he doing? I have no idea what he's doing. Can we look up... Do you want to know? Let's attempt to spell Kristers Gudlevskis. I mean the Flyers are gonna get him for like a conditional six like next week. Someone spell it out for me. Uh, K - R - I - S - T - E - R - S... I thought it was K - H? Oh, I don't know dude. I'm guessing. G - U - D - L - E - V - S - K - I - S SKIS. Yeah, they came up in autocorrect. There you go. Oh, how off was I? Fairly alright.. Yeah G - U - D - L - E - V - S- K - I - S. Oh, okay, I got the last name. Yeah, Kristers is K - R - I - S - T - E - R - S. [dramatically disappointed sound] Pretty good. Pretty good, you got the harder one. He's currently playing for the Riga Dynamo. Ahhh, DY-NA-MO, DY-NA-MO, RI-GA. Of the KHL. That's professional hockey on basically the second-biggest scale. That's not bad. With the worst team to do highlights for bar none. Oh, because they have no, they have terrible cameras? They--no, they all end... First and last names end with 'S'. Like the, almost the whole team is Latvian and they're just a nightmare. They're impossible. Like for the KHL teams, uh... who were Russian based, they were mostly Russian and I could rely on Andre to be like, 'how do I say this name?' Then for the Latvian names, he's like 'ah G-d, I, even I struggle with them.' So I'm just like 'here's the right winger, goes down the right wing.' 'and passes to the...' Ah, it was just brutal. Yeah, and there's no YouTube translation for Latvian, Latvian hockey players, right? No Nooo, I don't think so. We just added a song on *** Radio called, what is it, Lost In The Fire? From The Weekend and Gesaffelstein. What the? Who the? Who is a French house DJ and I don't even know if I said his name properly, properly but he... he's like been a he's been a bit of a force and in writing and that sort of thing and he's produced a couple songs on previous Weekend's--Weekend albums anyway, so they released the song and we played it a lot this morning. It's really good. And, uh, it's hard to find a translation on that guy it's hard to find him in an interview going here's how you pronounce it Interesting. Yeah. Interesting. So sometimes you have to sometimes you have to look that up on YouTube. But I wouldn't imagine that exists for Latvian hockey players. I saw a video yesterday. We'll get to hockey in a moment. I saw a video yesterday. Because when you log into the back end of your YouTube channel sometimes they'll they'll have special, special YouTube creators studio videos where they're like [Steve doing a creepy voice that sounds like it's supposed to be pretty French woman] here's how to be a better creator. And yesterday's video was from... And you ignore them and watch wrestling videos. I usually ignore them yes. But this one was from a YouTuber I was familiar with, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. So, she is deaf But she didn't lose her hearing until she was 15. So to listen to her, you can't tell she's deaf right. Wow. Like, she... Can enunciate... It is pristine. She sounds better than all three of us for sure... uh, and it was basically about captioning your videos and I have it enabled so that it Auto captions, but like I put it out on Twitter yesterday I'm like, so how is it and they're like, it's trash. It's better than nothing, but it's trash. So, but you can go in and You can go in and do the translations or not translations you can go in and caption it yourself and you can even translate it into different languages. The problem is, that would take an eternity to-- it would take a long time to caption and to translate. Well, I don't know how to do any of those things So I've opened up my own channel to the audience to do their own contributions. Oh. I obviously get to review them before I publish like... 'fuck, shit, shit, fuck,' yeah yeah yeah. Pizza, pizza, fuck. It's like an all meme version of that. Yeah, so uh, just letting you know and we'll see how that goes. I think you know that's a great idea and what other people might do is... Have a production staff. yeah, no, I'm, I'm, I might like pay a company to do it or I might like hire someone to do it yeah. Wow, so we've turned a corner on that one, because that was off the table last year. No, someone, someone, well, I mean I'm not gonna spend thousands of dollars on it, you know, I'll do what I can afford. someone named Rikki Poynter? Pointer? Rikki Poynter, tweeted me and she has a company, so we'll see how...That'd be cool. But no, I want it to be better access to people. Alright, wouldn't it be cool I mean, Jesus our podcasts are 2 up--2 hours each like I don't know, I don't know if we'll be able to get a like a translation or an accurate caption on this Oh, for this? This is a little more difficult. LFR is 10 to 15 minutes and you know some people someone last night was like, 'I'll do the 9-2 Nashville video' and I'm like, 'that's perfect. That's two and a half minutes.' Yeah, I don't know, but it's something I want to look in to. Wouldn't it be great? Don't you want to see what our voices look like in Russian? In Cyrillic, yeah, I want to know. Where every letter looks like a weird stool. Yeah, in Russian, isn't it? It does look like something you could sit on. Yeah. Yeah this letter's posturepedic This letter has good lumbar support. This letter is an ottoman with a nice little back on it. It's nice. You think so weird, I love it. I'm just saying. I'm just a guy who needs furniture, that's basically why I'm saying that. That's a different dude. So Morgan Rielly. Oh yeah, we're done, we're done with Morgan Rielly. Moving on to Morgan Klimchuk. Yes, who the Leafs traded for Gabriel Gagne. Now, I guess Klimchuk just didn't fit in with Sheldon Keefe's system and this is sort of like a AHL for AHL, 'we don't think I there's gonna make it and we'd like to give someone a fresh start' Yeah, I think that's it Yeah, I know I texted someone I was like 'what do what do I think of Gabriel Gagne?' and they said 'you don't.' So, I don't know the trade reminds me of Leaf great Jeremy Morin. You remember Jeremy Morin? Yes, I do. Got him for Richard Panik. He was the guy, we were sort of talking about this before you came in, like Jeremy Morin was one of those guys who perpetually never reached his potential. You know what I mean? Yeah, once he got drafted it just never. 'Ah, just wait if he hits a stride.' never hit the stride. Which happens. Sort of reminds me of that, they get a guy with size, I don't know much beyond that I know Gagne is having a real off season. He's a winger. He's having an off season in terms of offensive production with Belleville, but last year he had 20 goals in the AHL. So I don't know, maybe he can turn it around with the, with the Marlies. He's big. And, you know, when you're playing three games in a weekend you got to rotate somebody in. You sure do and he's a big boy, 6'5". Yep and they say there's not much to his game at least according to Scott Wheeler beyond like he's got a real shot and he's big, but he needs other guys to sort of, you know, make things happen. You know what though? Like, I like the Leafs taking chances on guys, like on projects. I don't know how old he is I assume he's-- I think 28. I think he's a year younger than Morgan Klimchuk. Check, I think he's 22. Yeah, so you're, you're, you're getting there you're getting sort-of to what you're gonna end up being, but there is time to sort of reclaim this project and dude, look how fast Freddie Gauthier is now, I never thought he'd be this quick I don't think he's gonna break any records or anything, but I I never knew he had this kind of stride, so I don't know, maybe they look at him and think he can be another one of him. Well, and that would be great. That would be, you know, if he's--if he's even the Marlies' Freddie Gauthier. Yeah, because we have the Leafs Freddie Gauthier now. Yeah, yeah, that's true. I liked Platinum Seacoast's respond-- response to the tweet is just, kay. Thanks Leafs PR. Leafs win and you know what, Jeff O'Neal, and I think he rightly called it a greasy one. A greasy one in New Jersey, just a greasy road win. Maybe, should have, probably, NOT allowed two goals in 26 seconds. That was ridiculous. Yeah, no, the Leafs had a horrible second period and I think I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm always going to love Jake Gardiner, but just hate some of the stuff that he does. I feel like it's like it's like being a parent, you know, where you like, you love your kid, but G-d, you're pissing me off right now he's on pace to score fewer points than he did last season and he's still on pace for 45 points. Like, it's difficult to replace. Everyone was like 'trade him!', like okay, let's say--this is what I said in the video yesterday, but like, let's say you get a guy who's better defensively but he's gonna put up 15 fewer points. So he better find a way to-- He's gotta find a way to prevent 15 goals that Jake Gardiner would have allowed to break even. Yeah. Like, just to break even, so, Listen, he drives me nuts too. Drives me up an abso--an absolute wall. Um a guy who might be taxed with replacing him next year and a guy who I thought might be getting a call up after a hit in the first period was Calle Rosen because I thought Travis Dermott was injured after that. He went concussion protocol. Heck of a hit. Apparently he cleared so he's okay. Well, yeah. Well yeah, yeah he played, played in the back half of yesterday's game. That was a greasy hit though. I was--I didn't--I thought maybe that could be more than two minutes. ****** certainly did. Like what was Seney's point, like what are you doing? Are you trying to make a point? I mean, I I guess, I don't know, I don't know Dermott did turn a bit. Like maybe, I know, I know, I don't think it was predatory. I think it was just a dumb hit. Okay. Yeah, that's fair. Difference between you know, intention and all that. Yeah, You don't want--you're not trying to kill someone, I guess. It just sucks. Maybe they were just like, 'oh that'sdumb.' What were you gonna say about Calle Rosen though? Oh, he had two goals in the Marlies' most recent win, I can't remember if that was even yesterday or whatever, but the Leafs clearly love this guy, and have plans for this guy. He's gonna play for the Leafs this season. I think, I just--I, I'm struggling to find how that happens. Well, if Ron Hainsey can play top line minutes with a left-handed shot, I don't see why Calle Rosen couldn't come in and do that too. And, but Rosen though, is at least from what I've seen of him, a little bit similar mold to Gardiner in that he, offensively, there's nothing to worry about, he's very good. But in his own end, I worry a bit. I like that he fires the puck. Like, he shoots a lot which I beg the defenders to do more often with the Leafs. But when they do shoot it's like from the absolute tip of the blue line and it's this little wrister, like he can actually wire It hmm. I loved Hainsey's his goal. That is no longer Hainsey's goal. That made me mad. Why? Because I was talking about it in the video and I'm like, I don't know. It's rare that I'll do a night-of video--I'm very sleepy, I don't know if you can tell--it's it's rare that I do a night-of video and then I wake up to like two goal changes. Yeah, I'm like 'you prick!' Yeah, that's sucks. So they give Hainsey's to Connor Brown, Marner still has MArner's goal, but I think they added an assist. Well, they gave Hainsey an assist, I wonder if that was the trade-off. Alright, we're taking away your goal, but we're gonna give you a secondary assist on an empty netter. Don't worry! How's that Ronald?! Yeah, that's nice. I'm sure Ron Hainsey doesn't care. He doesn't seem, whenever he's in an interview, he just doesn't seem like he cares about anything He's like I would rather be, I would rather literally be drinking sewage than doing this interview. Like he hates it James Myrtle tweeted, I think it was a quote from Morgan Rielly that the best video to get Reilly into the All-Star game was from Ron Hainsey. But they were like, 'we can't publish this.' [laughter] Which I 100% believe. That's amazing. Now, I know that we have talked about this and Oh, come on.Pokemon! We--we've sort of-- The Bachelor! No, no. Panago! No, goaltending, goaltending. South bar! We talked about that too. I like this game. To say that Michael--frozen pants!--Hutchinson doesn't look anything but fragile, I feel You think he looks fragile? I think he looks good. And then I think he doesn't. Do you know what I mean? No. Well, I[stuttering] there are goals sometimes with him where I'm like, oh we needed a save on that one What didn't you like last night? well I just I mean I-I don't actually, can't really fully pin the pin on any of the real, like, goals on him. Obviously the Jake Gardiner thing, I think you would have wanted a save there. Ahhh. I would have prefered Jake Gardiner to not be ass. Sure, but that's going to happen. So when it does, which is why you have a guy standing there in pads, I think that goal and I mean, I'm not gonna like be like, [aggressively] oh Michael Hutchinson! I'm not gonna rake him over the coals, you know, this guy has clearly come in and at least held the line a little bit, right? Yeah, which is what we needed. There were a couple plays where am I'm like, yeah, 'if they weren't playing the Devils that might have been a problem.' But I don't think you could make the argument, and this is where I was going with this, I don't think I can make the argument that he's stepped in and definitively won the backup role away from Garrett Sparks. Now--he's stepping in and done his job--yes, now a lot of people don't even wanna have the conversation, which I understand because there's a lot of, you know, a lot of Garrett Sparks support and there's a lot of people who don't like Garrett Sparks. And I'm somewhere in the middle, where I'm like, 'I don't really know.' I just don't know. but If you look at Hutchinson and what he's done, I don't think you could say definitively Yeah, well, you know. Because, according to Elliot Friedman even earlier this week, that is up in the air. If Hutchinson had come in and stolen the show and looked like the second coming of Curtis McElhinney-- so weird That's so weird. Then we would be having a very different conversation about the Leafs back-up goaltending. You shall--you shall only refer to Curtis McElhinney as Jhonas Enroth's replacement. Oh man, yeah, isn't that amazing? That feels like it was fourteen years ago, decades, decades. It was two years ago. That's insane. So but,you know, I think it's, it's sort of like, [indecisive sound] I feel like, I don't know if that Hutchinson is the guy that they're like, okay we're gonna hang on to him long term up here. I really--he might be more of--he's a Marlies guy. He's up here on an emergency call-up. And, well, that's why they got him. Yeah, so a little bit of confusion there because there was something about waivers. He cleared or something previously--he did--and now he's up with the Leafs as an emergency recall. So I assume when Freddie comes back--he's supposed to be playing the Bruins tomorrow, on Saturday, Kaskisuo will get sent down and then once Sparks is healthy Hutchinson will get sent down, as was the plan to begin with, I think. Because, well, you don't want to lose Sparks for nothing do you? Yeah, it's not an option to send Sparks down at this point. I don't think, I don't think it makes any sense. Dude, like, Mike McKenna has been claimed, I think more than once, Yep, like dude, Sparks is getting claimed. Yeah, so the discussion about if Hutchinson can steal Sparks' job isn't really a question Well, but it was raised earlier this week by Elliott Freidman. I don't think it would have been a discussion,but a guy like that talks about it and I'm like, okay, I'm gonna listen to that. I mean internally, I think it is, I think they are looking at it. I don't think they're looking at waiving Sparks. No. Not at all, but you know, maybe a trade. Yes. Yeah, okay, I suppose that makes sense. I wouldn't say waive. No, they're not gonna give him up for nothing. If they they wouldn't have waived the other two guys, right? But I definitely think that they're still unsure. That's fine, that's, I mean dude give Sparks a freakin' chance I just, I still don't feel like he's been given enough time. It just sucks that he got the concussion now. Yeah, brutal, this would have been the chance. Like, every game he played previously was on a back-to-back, except for one. Yeah, I think he had two games where it was like, 'oh, they're finally giving him a chance' and then you find out afterward and you're like, ah. Yeah, it's it's just, this is his one opportunity to actually do his job. Yeah, but on the other hand It has allowed us to have a little bit of peace and quiet What do you mean? Every freakin' thing he did for the past, how many games has Hutchinson played now? Four straight? Yeah, I think so. Every game would just be World War III on Twitter. And I'm just, I'm just so sick of it. See, some of us don't participate in that so, I don't know. No, I don't either really, I just have to see it. I think I read Twitter too much. Yeah, you know what I mean? It's like you're participating but without entering the fray. Well in like, the LFR questions, I think it was like the Leafs beat that Canucks 5-0 and 'what's Nylander's issue?' And I'm like, they won five nothing! But he didn't score five goals. That's your burning question. That's it. Listen It's a I suppose it's valid, but it is, for me, it's like twenty questions down in terms of like, priority, after a 5-0 win. Did Garrett Sparks take himself out? So, by hitting himself in the head with the puck, so he didn't have to hear all the conversation? Yeah, no, I did read that. The internet said that. No, it's unfortunately on him. I think, see, I think this is Garrett Sparks' fault. Yeah, I mean we can't rule it out. That is using your head. He used his head. [snort] Yes, that's one of the most bizarre tinfoil hat theories I've ever read. Well, for those of you who don't know, we're talking about how some people think that it's Garrett sparks fault that he got a concussion from a shot. If you would like to hear about it, it;s in the last episode. We break it down--I think it's two episodes ago. Was it two episodes ago? Yeah, I think it was. Holy moly. Okay, now it sure would be nice--What, do you guys have a morning show or something? Sure would be nice if Freddie Andersen came back against the Bruins wouldn't it? [dying whale noise] Now if he doesn't, do the Leafs sort of get a pass on the Bruins on this one? No. I think from the average fan, from the average fan, even if--whether the Leafs win or lose, if Hutchinson is in net, they're gonna be like, yeah, but Freddie wasn't starting. Yeah, but that's the average fan. The average fan says ridiculous things. Let's trade Matthews. Yeah, but is Andersen comes back and he's cold--let's trade MAtthews, he had a bad game, let's trade him. Offer sheet Matthews. He's on our team! Offer sheet him. Andersen comes back and he's cold, he hasn't played in a couple of weeks and the Leafs go and stink. When the Leafs inevitably have to play Boston in the playoffs, and you know it's coming, you know it's coming. Oh, Adam, you're forgetting such a key cultural issue. What is it? Hockey Night in Canada. It's different. It's--winning and losing on Saturday night is a little bit different. You think that matters to the players? Yes, I do. Okay. Yes, I do. I mean that honestly, I don't know. I don't have an answer either. Everyone's watching. Uh-huh. And everyone's watching together, You know what I mean? Like, if I'm home alone I'm less likely to be... Well, I suppose it's different because I have a bunch of Twitter followers, but I'm less likely to be vocal about the things I like and dislike. But on Saturday night, I'm almost always watching the game with people right? And we all got our opinions and they're not always smart, you know, I think when people gather they just [inaudible screeching] Maybe have a few in you, 'Huttchinson should be the starter ahead of Andersen!' 'Trevor Moore better than Nylander' and 'Frederik Andersen's not even the best 'sen' on the team!' You know? And 'Moore should take over for Willie and Matthews' and 'you can put Moore out there with only one other forward.' 'Why don't they ever try three defenders and two forwards?' 'Why don't they always, why don't they just flip it?' 'Just flip that right upside down make a weird little diamond sort of thing,' anyway, the point I'm saying is that Saturday night is a little different because people watch the game together. Right? Mm-hmm, and it's Hockey Night. Yep, it is. And all the pundits are together. Don gets on there and 'hey buddy!' [inaudible Don Cherry impersonation] and then [Don Cherry impersonation] Smarten up! Hutchinson better smarten up! Sparks turned his head, you can't be turning your head, smarten up! It'd be funny to get like, the ratio of real words to just... noises that Don Cherry makes. Because half of the time it's not a, it's not a word. No, it's just [noises] Bobby Schmutz! It's a combo, it's not even a real name most of the time or it's Bobby's Schmutz. What did he call Gudbranson? Gudbinsky, or something? Gudbunsky, Gudbunsky. Oh, shit. Oh no. Yeah. He had such a good one the other day. Oh, who was it? Kotkaniemi. Oh, please like just type in, like do a Twitter search, like 'Don Cherry Kotkaniemi.' Alright. He's like, 'Slapenemmy.' Speaking of which, we probably should get back to doing our Don Cherry predictions. Yes. Yes, we really need to. So what do we want to do? Whoo. Oh, right, that's today that would be today. 'Oh, we should somewhere down the road,' said Steve and that's interesting, yes. He's gonna rip Marchand. Why gonna rip Marchand? And I know you're talking about the Lars Eller thing, right? Yes, Lars Eller tried to fight Marchand and he got his team a power play, I think out of it, but dude. Like, Marchand is such a shit. Mm-hmm. Like there's there's a fine line between: Is he an evil genius or a coward? Because like, dude, he's always willing to go, when the opponents tied up by a ref or a teammate, or when someone much bigger on his team is on the ice with him/ He was totally ready to fight Eller at one point and then buddy after the game goes Well, you know, he plays 12-13 minutes a game; I play 20. Which is just wrong, Eller plays like 17 minutes or something a game and he's a reigning Stanley Cup Champion. I still love--he has as many cups as you do there Brad!. I love that chirp though. I love that chirp. It's a good chirp, but like, dude just say, just say that you turtled to get a penalty. Just, I'd have so much more respect for you if you, instead of trying to throw out chirps that have no basis in reality, were just like 'got a power-play.' Dude, that's so on brand if you just go 'got a power play out of it' and just a give a little Mona Lisa smile and like wink in to the camera or something. You get to still be the villain but I think there's a little bit of redemption there, instead you just turtle in front of your home crowd in Boston. I can guarantee you in Boston they would've loved it, because the thing is--I don't know, I don't know about that. He's always the villain Yeah, he's always the villain. So it doesn't matter whether he runs away from a fight or fights as long as he is the villain to the other team, they will love him, the crowd will love him. I tell you what--That is his brand and he, and he, you know what he sticks it better than anybody, I think, in the history of the NHL. Oh, absolutely. The evil villain. He's awesome at it. I respect the hell out of him for it because he's able to stick to it. And I--and the funny part about it was that Eller was like well, you know, there's no what do you call it? There's no, uh he's got no, it's basically no scruples [integrity] to his game. Like, he's got he doesn't have any--doesn't stand for anything. Exactly. He stands for not standing for stuff and that is exactly why he's getting under your skin and why you're going after him and why you took a penalty. I swear, Marchand is playing this perfectly. He plays us all like a fiddle. It's unbelievable. I mean, and it's different right? Like it's not like it was random. It's they have a thing. They have a thing. I mean I can read you the quotes from Eller, if you want. Sure, well, and before you read the quotes--Bruins fans, I Don't want to hear anything about Kadri. I don't want to hear anything about Kadri ever again. uh-uh. Vetoed. Vetoed. Brad Marchand ruined that for you. You are such a hard core Kadri defender. It's because he's ours. Marchand is yours, Kadri is ours. Kadri is not even that bad. No, he's not. He's like he's done. Like I quite--Listen, he's a shit. Sure, but it's not like--He's not nice to play against. Okay, but 'oh he won't even stand up for,' nope, can't say that anymore. You can't say that anymore. You lose. Good day, sir. Post game, Eller said "He obviously didn't want any part of it. Everybody saw. I would have rather fought him, but you can't fight a guy that doesn't want to fight. I mean everybody saw what he is. I don't know what else to say. We got out of here with two points/ We got what we wanted." Oh and they won. "I don't think there's a lot of integrity in his game." "He plays, you know, maybe 10-12 minutes a night and I'm playing 20." No. No, this is Marchand. Oh, yeah, this is Marchand though.. Yeah, "he plays, you know, maybe 10-12 minutes a night. I'm playing 20. So in a 1-0 game, to go on the power-play doesn't make a lot of sense for us. That's the way it is." That's what Marchand responded with. Yeah, LOST. Too bad. Yeah, well, I mean, who is he gonna sucker punch on the Leafs to redeem himself? He knows it's Hockey Night in Canada. He knows--Jesse stop it. How many years has this guy been in the league? If Brad Marchand doesn't sucker punch somebody on Saturday, you have to eat another bell pepper. Oohhh. I'm not taking that bet. Oh, no, I would rather take it back than take that bet. One is bad enough Brad Marchand on Saturday night will be in full Brad Marchand mode, 100%. Full Brad Marchand against the Leafs. You know why? He wants to get in their heads. He's ready for the playoffs already. We want to see you in 40 games. This is the end of their season series, I believe too. I don't think they play the Bruins the rest of the way. All ready? Yeah. Yeah because the Leafs have--oh yeah, because they lost two, won one. Yeah, and they the Leafs have barely played Buffalo. So that's who they're, that's who they're big. Don't they play six times? I think they play six times. No, I'm pretty sure this is the end of the season series. Oh, well, I--he should just-- Regardless of--even if this was the first game, he should be doing it. Yeah, it's his job. Yeah, right, it's his job. But I mean they lost last game and he turtled in front of the home crowd. He's gonna be a dick on Saturday night. He's gonna be at his Brad Marchandiest. 100%. And if you're the Leafs, like I look at Tavares, for instance, and I look at Matthews too. These are two great examples of guys that nobody really bothers them too much. Oh, see that's interesting. They don't really talk too much. Tavares has really been getting into it, I've noticed for the past like 20 games or so. Yeah, it's still like relative to-- Oh, like, compared to other guys. Yeah. No. It's like people just go, 'oh, hey John, how you doing?' I mean, they're angels compared to like Matthew Tkachuk. Yeah. Yeah, if you compare them to the absolute fucking biggest pests in the league, yeah. Yeah, Tavares is not like Crosby. You can get under Crosby sometimes or at least you used to really be able to. Not so much anymore. He smartened up. He does have moments though. He smarten up. It seems like he's just gotten older Yeah, it seems like late 20s Crosby you could really just kind of poke him and he'd-- early twenties Crosby would just explode I looked at his page the other day, Sidney Crosby is 31. Rick Nash just retired yet. He's been in our lives forever Yeah, are we all like about to die, like tomorrow? How fast is--Oh my god. That's crazy um Fun fact about Sidney Crosby him and Alexander Ovechkin have the exact same number of points in the exact same amount of games, I'm pretty sure. No, no. Ovechkin has played more games, but Crosby and Ovechkin have tied in points now. Oh that's neat. Well, this season will finally decide who is the better draft pick. Until next season, when we finally decide who is the better draft pick. Until the next season, when we finally decide who is the better draft pick. Then they're like in a senior's game they're like 82. Okay, let's see who lasted the longest!. One day, in like 2035, I'm totally down for watching Sidney Crosby and Aleks Ovechkin fight in an old-timers game By the way, 2035 is not that far away and I was told by somebody on Twitter, they're like, do you know your kids draft draft yeah? Is it gonna be 2035? Well, I was like I was like, what do you mean drafter? He's like yeah, if you're going to have a-- If you're going to have a kid, you gotta know what year they're going to get drafted. 2036. Let's start preparing. Panago wild. I mean, Adam, it's hard to make the NHL,you can't slack off on this, how are their crossovers? Someone on Reddit wrote that you should name your child, Minnesota. That's funny. I mean, yeah, I juggle. Also Ovechkin has passed Crosby in points now because I guess they played game since I saw the stat. Ocechkin is at 1171. Crosby is at... 1169. Oh, you meant in their career. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Oh because I saw this blowing up on Twitter and I'm like, okay they have the same amount of points to season, who gives a shit. No overall. In their entire careers. Ovechkin has played, like, a hundred and a bit more games. That's crazy, eh. Because Crosby's missed so much, but they're tied in points, which I thought was fun. How insane is it that Aleks Ovechkin is a first-ballot hall-of-famer? First-ballot and it's taken him over a hundred more games to have the same amount of points as Crosby. That's how good this hockey player has been, he's so crazy. He's so crazy. Sidney Crosby, man. He might break Gretzky's goal scoring record, Ovechkin, and he won't come close to catching Crosby when it's all said and done. Oh no, at least in terms of points-per-game. Chris Johnston wrote a really great article. I don't believe it, how out of character! He's not known for that, He wrote an article on 'is John Tavares going to be the best free agent signing of all time?' Really? [Steve stutters stupidly] Okay, now in typical Chris Johnston style he obviously means first season in. Well, I and I should also--he's building a case for the best ever season by free-agent signing as in your first year. with a team. So Chris Johnston, writers rarely write the titles, sure, I should say that. So I don't know if he was going 'Wow!' and he was just throwing it out there. He tweets it like at the Islanders. Like can you imagine? Have you seen that really bad Islanders Tavares snake by the way? Yeah, I have. It's so bad. I'm like, I'm like, Jesse could have done a better job for you Islander fans. He can he can make one. What happened? They made a-- Go to James, James Myrtle is the last guy I saw post it, but there's been other ones before but go check out myrtles thing and there's like a he's like, I'm just checking in with Islanders fans and oh... I'm getting ready to laugh. It's, it's... Get ready for the chuckles. How recently? I'm going back Oh, wow, maybe James has been tweeting a lot today. Have you seen it? Yes, the Super Snake. Yeah, they couldn't have found a picture of him looking like more menacing Super Snake also, you're making him look like evil and badass. Oh G-d. You should use like a garden snake. It's a co-- it's John Tavares his head on a cobra with some scales on his face and I try to imagine that John Tavares--who never looks not like a boy scout--and but they're making into a Cobra. Cobras are the coolest looking snakes on the planet. Yeah, dude, you screwed this up. You made him look like a like Voldemort's sidekick a little bit. It just looks dumb. [laughing] Also the super snake. Like, was this made by a Leafs fan? No. I think it might have been. I don't know. You're making John look a lot cooler than, like straight up, as a Leafs fan, and you're making a him look cooler than he is. If you're looking for rationality in what the Islanders fans have reacted to John Tavares leaving, you're looking in the wrong .place What's so weird is like, haven't they won six of seven? Yeah, they're doing great. And it's still like, oh! John Tavares! Bro, Matt Barzal. You know what I want to do? I want to do a live show on the island one day and just walk in and the first thing we say is John Tavares. [imitating hysterical Islanders fans] I want to walk in with a boa constrictor on my shoulders. Jake the snake Roberts. Oh yeah. Britney Spears is so much better. He was just going for a famous wrestler! But Brittney Spears! You go out with Jake the Snakes' outfit and I'll go out with Britney Spears' outfit. Oh, it'll be great. I'll have Tavares shorts on yeah. Jesse will just dress normal and look disapproving. What's interesting about it though is that, and this is, I thought this part of the the article was pretty insane. Oh yeah, we were talking about that, sorry. about John Tavares He scored his 300 and 301 goals yesterday, last night, in the first period, making him the first overall pick for 2009 the first in his draft class to reach that milestone by a wide margin. He's now at five more goals than his previous best mark through forty three games of a season and the only Leaf player in the last 31 years, and that includes the crazy-ass 80's, with this many since Dave Andreychuk had 31 and 1994, heady stuff. Wow, Pretty crazy. That is pretty good. Now one thing a lot of Islanders fans have been saying is 'well he was on this pace last year.' Like, apparently he had a hot start and sort of ended slow. I don't really remember that. Yeah, I'll take your word for it. Yeah, the whole team did. The whole team did. But they got Brandon Davidson and it turned their season around. For a third, I remember that. Could have got him on waivers this year. But now I think a couple weeks have passed since I read those things and he's still trucking. Well, okay, so here's what I'm interested in, because Islanders fans, the the ones who were rational on July 1st are like, they reached out and said, 'hey congratulations it Sucks for us.' Because there are rational Islanders fans and a lot of them listen to this show and they're very nice. I like to think our listeners are cool. Yeah. Yeah, they're not the average like they're not the listen to--they're probably not listening to WF a.m. and then shit-talking our good friend Mike Francesa. They're pretty rational human beings with families and and one of the guys said, 'listen, he's a bit streaky he's great player, but he's a bit streaky.' And I think in his career, he has been, but I think if you look at the reasons why Tavares is playing the way he is, I mean you have to look at Mitch Marner, and, and I don't think, like last--I'm looking at, what is it, Josh Bailey stats this year. I think Josh Bailey's only got nine goals this year so far. Well, he's a player. He's a playmaker, but you know you look at the the talents thatJohn Tavares had to play with on the island, and I think Islanders fans can back me up on this one, Good. No, no, no, but Steve, Mitch Marner and anybody else he's ever played. Marner's unreal, he is absolutely Unreal and it's such a match made in heaven. G-d, I love those two. And also, hi Zach. I'm not slagging the guys he played with, but look at who he's playing with compared to who he played with. Yeah, with no disrespect to Bailey or Lee. Or any of the other guys. But, he's playing with the best player he's ever played with. and there were a few others, those were just the two most recent ones. Yeah. Yep Marner is so unreal. The back hand ridonkulous pass he made to Reilly, like the prettiest secondary assist I've ever seen. He's--I love watching Mitch Marner play hockey. I never know what he's gonna do like, he's so creative and so fun. If Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews were playing game of ice horse, Mitch Marner would win. Jesse is just on this--this is an argument that no one cares about and Jesse has brought it up like four times. Okay, what is ice horse? Like what is ice horse? Jesse, stop making this argument a thing. Have you ever played horse? Okay, they're playing so there's a there's a net on the ice-- There's a net on the ice. You got to do something and then get the puck into the net, it's just like basketball. So already, off the hop, Matthews has an advantage because it involves shooting. But it also involves creativity. Okay, interesting. Okay, so, Mitch Marner's extracurricular skills make him better. Extracurricular skills? Make him better at horse than Auston Matthews. We need to settle this once and for all, man. Why don't the Leafs have a skills competition? They got to bring that back. I want to see. Mitch Marner would win. Mitch Marner's skills are better than Auston Matthews'. Whoa, listen. But, he's not a better hockey player. Listen. That title belongs to Auston Matthews What is, okay, is this like when people were like listen, if you were playing Alvin Williams in the street he'd be the best Raptor? And I'm like, well, he's nuts not playing anymore, they play it in the Air Canada center. Yeah, that's exactly the argument I'm making. I'd, so it's ridiculous. Back to the regular conversation, as we sidetracked from the most important debate that has ever happened. This is very important. We're never going to have, you're never going to have the top two faces of the company face off. You need a face and a heel. I think that's what makes the debate so interesting. It would be kind fun to see it. Face vs Face. You know, that could be a really great NHL skills competition, like a horse battle. Yeah. I would love it. Like one guy does something and then the rest of the guys have to do it. Can you imagine? Mitch would be like, 'Alight, catch it in midair do a spin, various Fortnight dances, and then you shoot it at the net.' 'Talk in to a yellow shoe, sell some insurance, do a commercial, upload it.' Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I love that the Leafs are finally chirping him. Yeah. Yeah for like, oh, yeah, like 'Mitch you got another ad there?' Andrew Berkshire Boo! I know right. Sorry, he did his weekly article for Which again... Are you not gonna boo him again? Oh, BOOOOO. I'm sorry, I thought you were going to say I'm in it. No, well you are in it, but we're not talking about your part in it. Oh, boooo. In that case, boo. Because yours is about Tyler Seguin, yes. Yeah. Or Seg-win. Or horseshit. Before. Horseshit One or Two? That's what I would like to know. Tyler is Horseshit One. I missed shift, I meant to do an exclamation point. I don't want to blow the whole article because I want you to read it, but the question you asked Andrew Berkshire in it, what do you--what's the question and he answers it? I believe it was. Okay, Seguin, post-Jim-Lites 'horseshit' comments, has been on fire. Was this always, I'm, based on numbers from earlier this season, was this always sort of just... coming? Yeah. Was this bound to happen or is he actually playing different now that he's been motivated by the president of the team? Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna go with yes, it was coming, but I'm sure Andrew can actually prove that. Now, I wanted to bring up something, because he mentions a few players. But Dougie Hamilton is one of them and Carolina Hurricanes fans have been on Dougie Hamilton Management, coaching staff, have been on Dougie Hamilton He goes into a little bit of the situation, because Dougie Hamilton could get moved here. Potentially even to Toronto. Potentially. So I'm not gonna read the whole thing, but it picks it up where Andrew Berkshire has. And I keep calling him by his full name. It just feels good. It does, it's a good name. It's a strong name. He goes into why he's having tough luck and he says, 'but on top of the poor luck Hamilton's play has indeed been falling off a bit recently. Over the past couple of weeks the Hurricanes have been getting just 40% of the high danger chances when Hamilton is on the ice and fewer than 35% percent of the passes to the slot. Whether it's a bit of a crisis of confidence or just a mid-season lull in play, if the Hurricanes are planning to move him--or move on from Hamilton, excuse me, it seems as though this would be a terrible time. Because they'd be selling low. Which they do. Now, hm. I don't like what I'm about to say, but I'm gonna say it. So, Dougie Hamilton, drafted by Boston. Mmhm. Now, they're saying part of part of his regression, by the way, is no longer playing with Giordano. Totally and Giordano is ridiculous. Oh my G-d, who was it? Someone last night. I want to say Dimitri Filipovic. Maybe you could search this on Twitter somehow, Jesse. It was, it was a list of defensemen, and where they sit in scoring, but it's just 35+ defensemen. Ron Hainsey's like third. Oh. Well, because there's just not a lot of 35+ defenseman out there. Yeah, and Giordano I think is like 20 points up on second place, or something like that. He's been, I can't believe he's that old now. He's so good. That's crazy to me. He's so good. He's over 35. Yeah, now, Dougie Hamilton. So that that's a more logical thing than what I'm gonna say, 'well they took him away from a very good defenseman in Calgary and now he's,' playing with In Carolina, part of its deployment as well. You know, could be that. Could be, I mean, that team doesn't bloody score. So maybe there's no one really to pass to. So, but, drafted by Boston and he was sort of running out of town and once he left everyone's like boo. Now that's sort of just what Boston does. Chiarelli. Chiarelli did that. Yeah, then he goes to Calgary and It's weird, there was a pocket at the fan base that always seemed to love him. Some people--I think it was mostly media actually, were like, 'Eh, I don't know about this guy' and then they got mad at when Freddy, or they said he got mad when Freddy Hamilton was waived. And then there was the Museum thing, and he got traded, and we talked about how ridiculous that was. Now it's been less than a full season in Carolina and they might move him again. Is he taxing? Is he exhausting? Is is there something? Is P.K. Subban exhausting? I mean... It depends how you view him, by the sounds of it. Then that would be my answer for Dougie Hamilton. Interesting. Okay? Okay, it would depend on how you view Dougie Hamilton. But only one team has moved on from Subban. Yeah, because only one team is idiotic. [laughter] Look at how much the Montreal Canadiens have suffered since he left. Like, this is the first year where they're sort of close and-- Look at how much the Calgary Flames have succeeded since Hamilton left, devil's advocate. Okay a little bit of a different situation. I know, I know it's ridiculous. I'm just trying to see if there's something there. Maybe Montreal did make the playoffs the first year after Subban. Did they? Yeah they did, they won the division. Yeah, they did. Sorry, I'm wrong. The point I'm trying to make is there was a gigantic hole in the Montreal blue line. And that's not because Shea Weber is not a good player, it's because the game is going to players like P. K. who can movit it. Now, okay fine, the player is taxing. I wouldn't suggest that Calgary had the best dressing room last year. In fact, they said that they didn't. Management said it, media said it, players alluded to it. Mmhm Then you go to Carolina, which has seen a ton of upheaval recently, and you know, they, they... For all that--for as hard as they are trying, they're having a real, real tough time, trying to sign Michael Ferland and now they're asking a first-round pick and a top prospect to get him for the trade deadline. Do you think they're maybe a little bit unhappy? I think maybe... It's not maybe that it might not just be they're unhappy. They might not just have, these two teams--at the time these players were there--may have just not had strong dressing rooms. Now, you could argue that, 'well these players keep being in these places without strong dressing rooms.' But, what I would argue back to that is, true, and I don't know what happened, I don't have any insight into that. You're case-by-case basis. Exactly, and if you bring a guy like that into the Toronto Maple Leafs organization, and I don't think it would cost the Leafs as much as it even cost Carolina to get him. Not at this point. I just don't think could. It was just, it was such a big trade. You can't say. Like, there were other players involved, right? Yeah. So like some of the payment might have been for this guy, etc, etc. Yeah. I don't think the Leafs are gonna. I don't think you pay a high price in the same way that you would have last summer for Dougie Hamilton. With that said, you know guys in stronger dressing room, sometimes stronger dressing rooms can bring out the best in guys. And you can be upset about guys like Patrick Marleau with his contract, or Ron Hainsey with his play, or whatever. But there are guys in that dressing room, Tavares included, who are older, been there before, and aren't gonna take the shit. Or just guys, you know how to get along like, Rielly, Matthews, and Andersen, you know, seem to have their own little clique, sort of. And other guys belong in that clique as well. But it's what I said about Chiarelli sort of, in Boston and in Edmonton, like, 'oh this player is a pain in the ass, he doesn't fit our culture, we're gonna trade him.' And, he's in Edmonton, 'Oh, you know we gotta establish our culture.' And then guys move on and they have success elsewhere. Why never you? Why never you? Mmhm.You know? It's just, I don't know, it's something I was wondering to myself because we sorta gave like P. A. Parenteau the benefit of the doubt, and there were no problems in Toronto, it wasn't, it wasn't until he moved on. Like he, he seemed to like it here He had problems in Montreal though. It was a nasty departure with the island, and then Colorado too. Was there a problem in Colorado? No, Colorado was before Montreal and then I want to say he went to... he, oh G-d, he played for like two teams the year after the Leafs, and then I think he was like, a healthy scratch in Detroit or something like that. And then there was Cody Franzen I remember with the Leafs and then, he moves on and he sort of pinged around a little bit and he wasn't very good and I'm like... Okay, is this guy exhausting? And then he finally leaves. There's been a few guys where I've been like, 'oh that's ridiculous' and then enough time passes where I'm like, okay, I think we were wrong on this player Yeah, I hope it's not Dougie Hamilton because he seems wonderful and 'he's a pretty good player' [Mike Babcock impersonation] Well, except for the past two weeks. If the issues are what they are, like he doesn't like to go to team functions, and he's sort of anti-social... Is that really the worst thing? Um. I could, I could see how... Is this fair? I could see how players would overreact to it. That is fair, but I would say on the list of, like you said, 'what's wrong with Nylander' after the 5-0 win, right, that's--on the list of issues that I would have with a player, that would be pretty low on the list. Just like what's wrong with Nylander after 5-0. So let's say, I'm just... We're just talking. Yeah I know, I'm just trying to figure this out here. So let's say, Hamilton doesn't like going to stuff. He's that guy who, when people cancel plans and he goes [relieved sound] phew. Yeah. So let's say he doesn't like going to stuff and he knows, let's say he knows the team is gonna overreact to it, and he chooses not to go. And the team overreacts. Whose fault is that? Coaching. Coaches? No, like okay. We're just talking people. We're just talking about the people in the dressing room, the players. I think it depends on what it is. If it's a team dinner? That's one thing. If it's a 'we're gonna go get fucked up' and a guy just says 'I don't want to get fucked up." Yeah, wasn't it, like, they were gonna have like a party or whatever and he went to a museum? I also... Can I just say I have a difficult time believing that story word-for-word? I think there's more to that story. Like 'oh, we're going to go to a party!' and he went to a museum. Like, that sounds like hyperbole. Like. We do not have all the details. No, I don't think so. That'd be impossible to get unless you were there. That's like. Oh, I'm sure somebody knows. That's like in a movie, like, I'm just imagining them [Steve attempts to replicate the sound of club music] They're in a club. And then there's Dougie Hamilton. [Adam and Steve sing the same rhythm] How do we have the same song in our head? That's the museum song. [singing] Holy shit, we've been doing this too long. That's just , that's a nice story, who knows that would actually went down. Yeah, I think that was, maybe when John Shannon tweeted that, I think that was maybe more of a metaphor. Okay. Yeah, I don't know, it's a little. It's silly. It's a silly story. I don't know if that's the case, I haven't asked John personally, but--I just, listen Dougie Hamilton is someone who I would like to play on the Toronto Maple Leafs At not too high of a cost to the Leafs--hopefully. Ideally, you know, don't always get your way, but I want to make sure because the Leafs, for the first time in a very long time, seem to all like each other. Yeah. I just want to make sure it all stays peaceful. I'd imagine that the Leafs want to make sure of that too. Of course. Seems very important to them. Of course. I know Kyle Dubas was extremely high on Dougie Hamilton back in 2011, the problem was, he was in an NHL GM. I wonder too, if a team looks at that. Let's say that they're looking at... Because Pietrangelo and Hamilton are in the same contract situation, right? Both of them have this year and next and then they're off, then they're set free. Only Pietrangelo is making, I think a million in a bit more. He's making 6.5 and I think Dougie's making 5.25 or something, whatever it is. I wonder if whether a player is taxing or not, or somewhat taxing, plays into that. We're gonna have to give up just about the same to pick up both of--one of these players. You know, I bet they look at pretty well everything right? I mean, I think maybe part of the part of like Kane's--Evander Kane's success in San Jose is... when was the last time we heard about that guy? You know what I mean? Bingo. No, track suit issues, nothing. And people forget, like I think the Sabres ended up getting a first for him, because he re-signed. Yeah, they're not gonna re-sign this guy if he's a pain in the ass. For seven years. For seven years. And then, but then, how different is the conversation if the Sharks don't retain him? And then it's all, 'dude, we only got a second round pick for this guy?' Yeah, we haven't heard about him in a while. Friedman was talking on the 31 thoughts podcast-- shouldn't be congratulated for that by the way, you should just not be an asshole. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. But he was saying a lot of that should be credited to Burns and Thornton and the guys who have been there forever, because when you go in there, it's their room and you've got to get in line to what they're doing. That's the point I'm trying to make with Dougie Hamilton too, in the Leafs. Right. That's Auston's room. That's John Tavares' room. That's Freddie Andersen's room. That's Morgan Rielly's room. With the Leafs it's--it's their room. Like it's a team. It finally belongs to the Toronto. Maple Leafs, you know what I mean? Yeah. That's why I don't give a shit about the captain thing. I just don't know who you'd pick. Morgan Rielly, obviously. I just don't, I just don't care. Like... It should be a game of horse. It should be a game of horse to decide who the captain is! Trevor Moore replaces William Nylander in a game of horse! Okay, how about this? To decide... Okay, it's got to be like some sort of obstacle course or like game of horse. Not a single aspect of it is on the ice, I don't want any of it to be hockey related. I want to see like who could jump the highest. Remember those YouTube videos-- Who's the best at chess? With people just throwing things backwards and they had to do it like a thousand times before they got it? What do you mean, do you remember? That's still the most popular-- It's the Big Bang Theory of YouTube videos. [Steve cackles like Elmo] What?! Trick shots are the Big Bang Theory of YouTube videos.But not, not DudePerfect. Dude, DudePerfect is some other level. Ok. Ok, ok. Because they like kind of started it. They like go to the, where were they at? They were at where the Texans play, you know, they're on the field there. I think they're at--No, AT&T is probably Dallas Cowboys. Anyways, they're there in that massive stadium doing these amazing things. That's a little cooler, but just the garbage 'hey, here's me on a trampoline throwing this ball through a bucket and it took me a hundred tries and I got this [Steve hype screams] and I got this one thirty second video.' Fuck that. I watch it for the reaction though. I also like-- how different is it? Like, okay, I saw this video recently of... there were all these guys, it's always freakin' guys. There were these guys, and it had to be a dozen of them, and they had--I want to say it was a basketball--and they have one guy who's just like sort of standing under the net to collect the ball, he throws it to another guy, he throws it to another guy who's standing just under a building, he throws it up to a guy who's standing in a window, he throws it up to another guy who's standing in another window, he throws up to another guy, and then this other guy throws it into the basketball net and gets it in. I'm not here for that. But they clearly had this chain going. Like, how did that conversation start? Alright, so, the 12 of you, do want to hang out and for a few hours...[dissolves into laughter] Literally. [still laughing] Try this shit.Yes. Is that what happened? Is that the conversation? Yes! That's the video. That's so weird, man. Exactly. Listen, my friends would be like... no. [laughter] Let's not shoot this video and go do something else with our lives. Or, like, that's the sort of idea that, for my friends to agree to it, we would already all have to be drunk. Like, but I feel like people soberly are like 'this is gonna be cool.' 'Hey, do you guys want to get on to one of Barstools 300 Instagram accounts for five minutes? [maniacal cackling from Adam Wylde] I have an idea. One of the branches of a Barstool account. They're so specific! Here's Midwestern Fishing Instagram from Barstool! But like, it's a thing. Oh, weird, I also saw this on Barstool Bama. [Jesse laughing] Or Barstool Berta. They're so specific. Is Barstool Canada actually associated with Barstool? I have no idea. Or is it just a person? Like I don't, I don't, you can't tell. If they did have them in Canada, it'd be like Barstool Sughar Plaza in East Scarborough. And, for people who drive Honda Civics that are silver. Barstool, but just bottle flip videos. Look, it's so specific. Hold on man. Quiet, quiet. You're giving them great ideas here. Oh shit, you're right These are the ones they haven't thought of yet. Someone is like 'my G-d.' [laughter] My G-d, he's a genius. El Presidente is sitting there. Barstool: Just ideas Dangle came up with. [continuing and ridiculous laughter] So anyway, back to Dougie Hamilton. Wait! The has good ideas as well! But not Podcast. But don't sleep on that Podcast. No, no, I uh, I just, you know, I look at Dougie Hamilton and I think 'okay.' 'What a handsome boy.' You know, there's probably one more move in there, where if they move him you're like, 'okay, this is the make or break. This is where we find out it's Dougie or maybe a couple bad situations he stepped into.' Do you want to be the main situation? What's that? Do you want to be the make or break situation? I think if you're going for the cup, you take that risk. Mmm. Don't you Jesse? I mean--for Toronto? I mean, well if you can get him... Let's say you, okay, Pietrangelo is an Olympic defenseman who's a captain who's incredible. We all get it. We know what he is. If Dougie Hamilton--an Olympic Defenseman? My goodness, okay. That's factual. If Dougie Hamilton--I don't know if he's comparable to Pietrangelo. I think they play different games. No, I don't think so. Somebody called him like, the right-handed Jake Gardiner. That's what they called Dougie Hamilton and I don't know. Man... He had a game. One of the Leafs/Hurricanes games. It wasn't the game where the Leafs got out shot like 29-2 or whatever, in the first period. But I think the Leafs scored four goals and all four were Hamilton's fault. Wow. It was bizarre. It's rare, like, my eyes are just so trained to focus on the Leafs when I'm watching games, but I just I couldn't take my eyes off of 'oh, that was Hamilton's fault. Oh that was Hamilton's fault.' And I'm not looking for it. I'm cheering for the guy, I just wish he was on my team. But that was one game where I went, eh, that wasn't very good was it? Awesome, game seven would have been like... 'oh, that's Jake Gardiner's fault. That's also Jake Gardiner's fault.' Poor Jake. I love Jake. So you think Toronto should trade for Dougie Hamilton? Yeah, if you could get Dougie Hamilton at a bargain basement price. Which is what, basically what Berkshire alluded to at the end of his article is that this is a terrible time to move him. His value has never been less. Yeah And if you can get that guy back to the value--or you can get that guy playing what he was last year? You put him with Morgan Rielly, see how he does. You know what? I'm gonna call someone out right now. I'm gonna call out Andrew Berkshire as a matter of fact, I was right to boo you. Delete that article right now. Delete it. You're being a narc. Boo-shire. We know Tom Dundon is all upon the Twitter. He's part of #HockeyTwitter and I'm sure he watches #IceSurfing. Delete that right now. You're narc-ing on the Leafs chances to win a Stanley Cup. Oh, he wants that. No. But he's not a fan. I have a picture of youin a Leafs jersey. He's not a fan. He's not a fan. No, he's not a fan. And you're not a Habs fan. Definitely not. Berkshire your picture in my phone, like your contact photo is you in a Leafs jersey. I want you to know that. Don't you narc on us. Do we want dougie Hamilton on the team next year? For 5.75? Oh, it's 5.75? And then the year after for 5.75. Is that what he signed to? That's what it says. Oh, so a couple more years. Yeah. Now see that makes it more valuable, if he fits. Yeah, I mean you're gonna have to, you're gonna have to figure some things out. Like, I don't know. Who are they losing? Are they losing Connor Brown? [indecisive sound effect] Are they losing William Nylander? Oh, wait wait wait. Wait just a sec. By the way, the Leafs are, I want to say third, in the league in possession since Nylander's return. They're playing better. Playing better. The puck is eventually gonna go in. Be cool. Everybody be cool. It's all I'm saying. It's all I'm saying. Let's also, let's move on to Bobrovsky. and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Now Elliott Friedman was on Starting Lineup this morning on SportsNet 590 and They asked like, okay, what's the future there? And Elliott said probably no future. Now he didn't mean immediately. Yeah. But he does think that at the end of the, at the end of this. they'll go with Korpisalo, because they think he's got a high-end potential. Interesting. And that Bobrovsky will play for another team next year. Now, this is what he's heard so far, I'm just breaking this down. He said, 'If they don't sort out whatever it was that happened today' because they were supposed to have a meeting Jarmo Kekalainen and [stuttering] Sergei Bobrovsky. Sorry. I've been up for a while, Sergei Bobrovsky. It's Friday. He and Sergei Bobrovsky are supposed to meet today. 'If they don't meet today and sort out whatever the issue is,' which we think we know, 'then he won't play this weekend.' He apparently, Jarmo Kekalainen, this summer, and I don't know if we mentioned this this summer, but I don't remember hearing this story. But evidently, he went to Spain this summer, to meet with both Panarin and Bobrovsky because both of them have expiring deals. Panarin came, Bobrovsky didn't show. Oh, how do you ghost your GM? Wait, in Spain? Like, the country? Yeah, because it's like halfway between--No, Spani, Russia, Jesse--between the United States and Russia. Yeah, so they met halfway. Yeah, I'm sure Jarmo was like, 'maybe I'll do a vacation.' And Bobrovsky didn't? Oh, yeah, yeah. Hey, hey, meet me halfway... in Madrid. Let's rock it in friggin Spain. Yeah after our one hour meeting, I might stay another week. Well, I hope he did, I hope he did. Okay, this isn't Dubas going to Austria to meet William Nylander in the middle of the season. Switzerland. No, this is in the summer. Oh, Switzerland. Which I think meant a lot, you know, neutral country. so symbolic. So Bobrovsky didn't go. Bobrovsky didn't go, because apparently he hadn't gotten over some things that were said after the playoffs last year and I believe it was things said by the team. Now we know that the coach from time-to-time lets lose some things that maybe he'd like to have back. We're all bored of it, or at least I'm bored of it, but you know, here we are. He's been unhappy all year. He apparently, earlier in the season, gave them a small list of teams he would accept a trade to - because he has a no move clause. And now it's unclear whether he'd accept a trade anywhere. As in, apparently that has been rescinded, and they're not sure they could actually trade him even if they wanted to. Oh. Friedman says that on the other side of this though and where Columbus has a few cards in their hand is that he's not helping his market value right now. He is a free agent at the end of the season--he hasn't been great. He hasn't been great. He wants huge money. He wants 9-10 million dollars per year--STUPID, dude, you're not worth that. Well, he's the only active goalie with two Vezinas. Who gives a shit? What are--what are you right now? Yeah, what are you right now? This is a bad year for him to struggle. He probably would have wanted his contract to end after last season, because he had a great year last season. Right. So what happened last night? So here's what happened. He gets pulled against... Is it Tampa? I don't remember. I forget, I think, I think so. Yeah, now, Tampa is a great team. So, okay. you got pulled against Tampa. Or, it might have been after Tampa. Yeah, doesn't matter. He got pulled during a game, their most recent game. It was Tampa on Tuesday. There you go. He got pulled after allowing four goals on 19 shots. Right. And then what was the next game? And on Thursday is when the Nashville thing happened. Yeah, so this is why I'm gonna explain what happened. Geez! Let me explain, let me explain! Let him get to it. So he gets pulled against Tampa, four goals on 19 shots, he's probably pretty pissed off about it. Big game. Really, you get to test your metal against the NHL's best and he comes up flat. Connection to Torts, too. Yeah, that - he wants to put on a show. Evidently what happened was, when he got pulled he walked right to the dressing room. Trainer came in after him after a bit and said, 'hey, we need you to be on the bench just in case there's an injury or whatever, you're still the backup goalie for today. And at that point he'd already taken his clothes off--his equipment off, showered, and gotten into his suit, and was like, I'm not coming back out there. So they went the rest of the game without a goalie on the on the bench. Which is dangerous. Dangerous and you can understand why Columbus said, okay, now we've got a problem. It's a dick move Korpisalo. It's a dick move to the whole team, really. Yeah. Now this could be a guy that is just straight-up not happy where he is and doesn't know what to do because he's got a contract and whatever. But he does have to do the hard thing here and just get his shit together. Like he does have to play well. So, you know, what do you do? And I think we'll find out more with whatever happens today. If they sort it out today, he's playing this weekend. He apologised. He did. He apologized, I saw in a video today. I didn't see that yet. Yeah, and what he, I don't know if you can maybe find the quotes. I saw it very briefly, but it, the impression I got was there was a like an explosive argument. It was a really, really bad argument. That's what I've heard too. You know, Russians are fun and not huge fans of subtlety. Passionate, yeah, very passionate. I got to imagine some shit was said and it was some... shit. I have the quotes here if you wanna. Let's hear it. Yes. He said, "Tuesday night against Tampa was a tough loss for everybody, so it was emotional. We might play them again in the playoffs. I let my emotions get to me when I shouldn't. So, yeah. We had the meeting with the team. I pride myself to be a good teammate all the time, wherever I've played and whomever I've played. I addressed that to the team. It is what it is. What happened has happened. We cleaned the air and we're probably ready to move on. It's unfortunate for the fans too that it happened. But it's going to stay in the room between us and that's it." There you go. I got to imagine there was a wee conversation between Bobrovsky and I'm gonna say maybe Nick Foligno. Okay, like listen, let's say you think the coach wronged you and you're mad at the GM, you know sort of like you said, but this situation. Like that's dangerous, right? You you left your team in an extremely vulnerable situation and imagine how much more embarrassing the the incident would have been if Korpisalo gets hurt and like, what do you do, delay the game? Yeah. Because you don't have a goalie. He'd have to take his suit back off and put his equipment back on. Do they get a penalty? That's what they would have had to do. I don't know if they get a penalty for that. That's an interesting question. It's delay of game. You don't have--it's not like both goalies got hurt. One goalie threw a temper tantrum and the game is now delayed. Because buddy was a Munson. Well the thing that sucks about it too is the the fact that, you would think, in a perfect situation, kind of like, I wouldn't call the leaf situation perfect, but you know the Leafs have a leader in Freddie Andersen. He's a quiet leader, but he's a guy that leads by example. He's been outspoken. He he has been outspoken when he's needed to be. Yeah. But he's not every game, you don't, I, other than that quote there's no Freddie Andersen quote that sticks out in my mind. Ever. His commercials. And I don't mean to use just Freddie Andersen. Roberto Luongo with the Canucks, leader. Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, and all different types of leaders. Well, I've heard mixed things with Luongo, like behind the scenes he's not quite what we see on like, Twitter. He was the captain Steve. Yeah for five minutes. I think he was the captain longer than that. I don't think so. Okay fine. My point is, goaltenders have some sway, especially the starters, especially stars, in the room. It sucks that when his team walked in, that's what they saw. It sucks for them and it's it's a shame because Columbus is such a well-built hockey team. Well, it seems like he's lame duck. Right, like, I'm sure he's not stupid. Like, he knows, he sees the writing on the wall and what's gonna happen. And that can't be a good feeling. Well, and I think Friedge alluded to this, I think Columbus is putting all their eggs in one basket. They're going to do everything they can to get Panarin signed, and... I think the right to do it. I agree. I don't think, why would you go after a guy that doesn't want to be there? He doesn't want to be there. He wants way way way too much. I wouldn't sign Bobrovsky to his current cap hit. Really? No. Now why is that? It's too much bloody money. Like you gotta be... This is the thing about Carey Price's--with the Vesinas, is he not worth it? Of course he is, but he ain't gonna do that. Like my thing with Carey Price's contract is, all right, you--that's fine, if you're Carey Price every friggin season. And he's only been Carey Price for like the past two or three weeks or something like that, but for ten and a half million dollars? You better... What what is? Eight years 10.5 million dollars? I believe so? Four Vezinas is what I would expect and I'm not, I didn't fucking stutter. Dude, you're the only goalie who makes anywhere near this. Lundqvist I think is the next highest at 8.5 and he's Henrik Lundqvist. Every year, he's Henrik Lundqvist. He doesn't win a Vezina every year but every year he's in the conversation. A little bit different this year with New York. I mean, you're not gonna win anything right with that team, it's difficult.You could argue that he was the reason that they were able to go on life support and continue to make the playoffs. Yes. Every year he brings it and with Carey Price, I'm not saying he's lazy. Oh, no, he got hurt, it's different. But with Bobrovsky? At--I think it's 704--7.425, Yeah. So in order for him to even get that number, right, which I think would still make him... I want to say the third highest paid goalie. So Carey Price at 10.5, Henrik Lundqvist at 8.5, Bobrovsky at 7.425, then Pekka Rinne at 7, Tukka Rask at 7, Connor Hellebuyck at 6.1, Holtby at 6.1. Wow, Hellebuyck is at 6.1? Yeah, it's a tough one. He's got to get back on track as well. Man, the way she played last year, what were they supposed to do? What about Frederik Andersen? Oh he's seventeenth. Seventeenth highest paid goaltender is Frederik Andersen. Pretty good. That's pretty good. The Leafs have some good contracts. Also interesting, and this might have changed in the last couple days, I understand people post things in the moment that they regret. I've deleted posts before. Of course. You know. Of course. But Bobrovsky, two days ago, did post a picture with him--on his Instagram--with his legs on his desk with the peace emoji. Did you see that? I'm so--yes. I'm so amazed. I'm so amazed that so many pro athletes do that shit. And it's not a generational thing, Bobrovsky is our age. NBA players do it all the time. And they openly talk about leaving teams at the end of the season. It's a little bit different because the NBA is just a different world entirely. Like that's just what they do. *** is literally on his Instagram shouting guys out like, 'hey I want you to play here next year.' It's hilarious. Like, how many times? should he have been like caught for tampering? Yeah, it's unbelievable. And I also had no idea Bobrovsky was still only 30. Yeah, it feels like he's one, he feels like Crosby. Like he's so old and he's been around here forever. He's only 30. I remember him when he was Ilya Bryzgalov's back up. Yeah. Like and that was all--you know, what's such cruel fate? This is--this is a bit of a different topic, but some people are saying 'oh, yeah and in the off-season he could go to Philly.' Dude. Imagine, Philly had him, they trade him away for nothing, and then they finally sign him to a big deal after he's done being Sergei Bobrovsky. And then, yeah, he's trash for them. Yeah, I mean, so, the thing, the interesting thing with Bobrovsky is, you can't put a price on a good mood. And, if you go somewhere else and he's much happier? Who knows, maybe he returns to Vezina form. That can happen. But you want 9-10 million dollars? Nope, not with the season you're having. With the season you're having, I wouldn't sign you to what you're making. I'm not making you--I'm not letting you continue to be the third highest paid goalie in the league for the way you're playing. I'm just not. You need to be constantly in the Vezina conversation. Oh, what does John Gibson make? John Gibson currently makes a grand total of, 2.3 million dollars. Okay, so he signed his extension in the summer and I think it kicks in next year. I want to say he's--it's going to be big. Next year? No, it's already signed. Yeah, it's gonna be big. It's 6.4. Wow really, how was Anaheim going to afford all that? That's interesting. John Gibson 6.4, which would make him--no, but HE'S worth it. We sort of criticized this at the time and it was a valid criticism, like, the guy gets hurt sometimes so... and he's been fine this season so you got to be worried about that. You always have to be worried about it with the goalies. Like, when they when they get hurt, they get hurt. Right. A lot of really crazy, explosive movements. So much in the lower body crazy, but he deserves that money the way he's playing. The way he played before, the way he's playing now, he's worth more than what he's gonna end up making. Although it's still one of those year ahead of time contracts where I'm like... dude. I hate those. What was the last one that worked? I know. They're--I think teams have been bitten by them more often than they're worth. Doughty's I don't think kicks in until next year, his extension. And dude. It's funny, you take your risk either way. Mmhm. And the Kings were like, okay, we don't want to risk him going to free-agency. OOPS. Do you guys remember what Doughty's cap hit is? It's, this, unless he gets back on track--suit, suit, suit--damnit. Unless he gets back on track suit, that could, by the end of it, be one of the worst contracts. It's 11 million dollars. It's a good thing Tavares is performing. I completely forgot it was that much money. Yeah, it's a lot. He negotiated it himself though, and here's the problem--Genius--if there was--yeah, he's like, 'I saved myself the agent fees' and people are like, well if there's a lockout and you have no bonus protection, you'll save yourself a lot of money. [laughter and sad 'oh'] You'll save yourself from any money being put in your bank account. Damn yeah, yeah. Just think, Tavares has lockout protection and I believe Nylander does too. Which is just smart. Well, it's why you have an agent. It's important to have an agent. The thing is, your thing is playing hockey. Their thing is negotiating contracts. So, uh, so I got a book agent for the book, yep, and believe me, I was like, I don't know, do I need this? And then he--Of course you did. You will die with the first penny you earned, my friend. [Steve's Mr. Krabs impersonation] Adam, I still have me first dollar. I don't think I should be criticised for that. Um. Sorry, I have to bug you. I know. It's true. It's true. It's the way I was raised. Raised that way, to keep me first dollar. But I mean after a very quick explanation I was like, ah, that's why. Yeah Drew Doughty does have a 10 million dollar signing bonus on the first year of the contract. Yeah, I mean, he'll be fine. He's okay. But like,. He's not going to be poor. Imagine going , 'Oh, no, I could have had 11 more million.' Like, don't think that that doesn't stick in someone's craw later on in life. Imagine losing a million dollars. Like I know that's nothing to him, but imagine just setting a million dollars on fire. Better hope there's not a lockout and you can bet Drew Doughty is gonna be voting 'no' for a lockout or strike. You would think. That's a big ol 'no' on that. Followed by no and then no. I'm sorry you guys aren't making much money, not my problem. Drew No-ughty. Anyway, by the way, Panarin obviously was offered free vodka by a local company to stay and we--have we not talked about that? No, last episode we did. Okay, but here's here's the follow-up. Oh, yeah According to David Pegnotta at the fourth period, he said that, 'Columbus is doing all it's all in his power to keep Artemi around. First free vodka for life, now free dentistry.' So there's a place called Murray Hill Dental and they're like, 'Hey, Panarin! Check this out, stay in Columbus and enjoy free dentistry.' See, that's just smart publicity. So he gets free teeth--Oh, it's brilliant. It's brilliant publicity. I mean dude works for an NHL team. Yeah. They have a dentist, I'm sure. That's hilarious. What if they make him Mayor? Artemi Panarin. Just go all the way. By the way, he seems to be the polar opposite of Bobrovsky. He wants to hit the free market, but he has been a total professional, according to, and and again different situations, But apparently he's been quiet, gone about his businesds, done his thing, been a good teammate, been quiet, and I don't know if his value has ever been higher. That's the guy you keep. Bingo. Nate MacKinnon, got upset with his coach. Yeah, a little. Yeah, just a little. He says he's not now, because it's hockey and they've made nice, but do you want to know what his explanation was? Do you know it? No, and I was believe me, I was trying real hard to read those lips. You've seen the video? You've seen the video. And if you guys haven't seen the video, Google the video, it's not hard to find. Nathan MacKinnon throws his water bottle, screams at his coach, and falls off the bench It's great. So according to Eric Engels, Coach Bednar, Jared Bednar, said, 'all of us at the time were frustrated. I thought we played two really good games, could have come out of it with four points to me. The outburst didn't bother me at all. That's what I love about Nathan.' And Nathan, for his part, basically said that he was mad and he had-- what we were able to pick up was, 'do your job.' The Avalanche were--had three minutes left in the game. They were down 5-3 and they didn't pull the goalie. And so he was pissed off at the coach for not pulling the goalie so they could get a chance. Even with a two goal deficit that's pretty late. Sorry, that, that's not that's not very late. Three minutes? Do your job? You do your job, Nate! He's been doing his job. He has been doing his job but, dude, that's not your call. It's not your call. It's just, it's, it's unfortunate for Nathan MacKinnon because like, if you imagine it was just the screaming match without him falling off the bench, then you could be like, 'oh turmoil in Colorado.' But, because he fell off, he just looks like the idiot. Yeah, and it's funny. And it's funny, and I feel bad because like, dude, there's not many scenarios where you can make Nathan MacKinnon look foolish in the National Hockey League. Rick Nash is retiring. Unresolved concussion issues. He could have accepted huge money this summer, he was offered it, but was unsure about whether he was able to play. Leafs were one of the teams who called, apparently. Pittsburgh as well. And you know, again, like, it's funny. He could have just signed the contract and then said, 'oh by the way, I have these huge concussion issues.' Well, no, I think Well, no I think--I think--they would have had to subject-- Well Boogie Cousins did. Did he? But he's gonna, he's gonna play. He's gonna play. He's gonna play like, in a week. I mean, Rick Nash could have played, if he wanted to. But he doesn't want to because he doesn't want to risk getting--No, no. I think there's some sorta, you gotta pass some kind of medical test. Oh, I'm sure the concussion tests are so strenuous [Sassy Adam Wylde] Listen, I'm sure, I'm sure it's a little bit different than if it was an ankle, but I don't think it would have been that simple. Well, it's a shame. Yes, because he did play really well in the playoffs. Didn't know he had a concussion, because he was playing through it. He got it in March. Think I knew that, I'm trying to remember now. That was almost a year ago now. Hockey Hall-Of-Famer? Yeah. Wow, I never thought of that. What are his stats? 437 goals, 368 assist, 805 points. In how many games? 1060. That's a tough sell. He has a Richard, I believe. I know he split at least one Richard. Yes. Rarely made the playoffs. Six All-Star selections. Blegh. Jason York said something very unpopular on IceSurfing, where he was talking about how it's not the 'Hockey Hall of Very Good.' Yeah, the difference is he was referring to Henrik Lundqvist. I disagreed with him, as did almost the entirety of Twitter, but--Two Olympic gold medals. That's something--that's hockey--that counts. It counts. Yeah, it counts towards the Hall of Fame discussion, too. If he does get in he's gonna have to wait a while. He's gonna have to wait a while. Dude, David Andreychuk had six hundred goals, yand he waited, what was it? Like 12 years? He did, yeah. There's so many guys, the queue to get into the Hall of Fame is getting long, and There's some really really really good players Has Rick Nash had a better career than Theoren Fleury? No. I can say that definitively. I mean he hasn't pissed off as many people as Theoren Fleury There are other issues there. There are other issues, but like, I don't think Alfredsson's in yet. Yeah, he is not. For a goalie, Chris Osgood's not in yet. Well, you want to talk about the Hockey Hall of Very Good? Yeah. I don't think Chris Osgood was an elite player. He has elite numbers, he played on an elite team. His resume stacks up to Grant Fuhr's and Grant Fuhr is--I don't think his play does though. Dude, Grant Fuhr's play doesn't stack up to Grant Fuhr's reputation. Go back and look at his career and look at all the numbers. It was the 80's, man, and everybody had a high GA. But you compare him to his peers from the league--Okay fair enough. It's a tough one. It's not a fun one to look back at. Is Mike Vernon in? I don't know. Mike Vernon's another guy where I was like man, I love you, you're great. I don't know. But like, I would want him in. It's just one of those, I know, and that's no disrespect to Chris Osgood by the way. Very good player, underrated part of when the Red Wings went back to back in the late nineties. Didn't they have two different starters Vernon and Osgood? He's not in the Hall of Fame. Vernon isn't? Wow, and he won the cup with Calgary and, uh, and Detroit. And Detroit. Yeah, so if queue to get in is long, I-- Rick Nash, there's no shame in having an exemplary NHL career that doesn't end up with a Hall of Fame induction. Mike Vernon is in the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. Yay! Congratulations on that, Mike Vernon. Adam, you're in as many Halls of Fame as Mike Vernon. How do you feel? That's not true, he's probably in more Halls of Fame. I think that's true. Directly comparable. The Humber Hall of Fame. What's it called? The Humber Radio hall of fame. It's not even the Humber Hall of Fame. It's kind of cool. Do you ever think about that? How you're a Hall of Fame? No, I don't think about that. You don't? No. I don't give that much thought. Not that it's not an honor. Fine! Don't think about it Adam. [Jesse being dramatic] It's an honor. I just, you know, just day-to-day it's not something you're like, 'Wow that happened' It was a lot of fun, I'm sure I will look back on and go 'that's very cool.' Especially that I got in before 30. That was cool. I thought that like, meant something to you. Adam, I drove to that. [cackling] Steve wasn't going to initially attend. But then he did attend. And now I'm finding out I shouldn't have gone. Wow. Wow, Because Steve is a good friend. Yes. Because he backed you. He's you people, if you remember. That was like, 40 minutes on a podcast, like a couple years ago. Yeah, that was great. That was fun. I didn't realize I meant that much to you and now I find out it didn't mean anything. It does but you don't think about it every day. You're honored by it. Do you have a plaque? I have a little microphone... It's a little microphone trophy thing and it says 'Adam Wylde.' Oh, it's in a box. No, it's not. Is it on display? It's sitting--no it's in my changing room. No, if it's an Adam's house, it's in a box. I have a little closet change room area and it's there. It's hiding to the side, he threw it in the garbage. Should put it in the fridge. I have a few other awards [stuttering] It wouldn't fit in the fridge. We have too much food. Oh. Too many, too many jeans. I thought the award was too big. Too many jeans. Good point. The very bad Oilers. Well, the bad Oilers beat the very bad Panthers last night. There you go. In the shootout. What was interesting about this, Connor McDavid of course scores the winner. He did what I said, he always does. The Oilers are losing a game and then I turn it off and then 'ope, McDavid McDavided.' And they won. What stood out to me, and you made this point on Twitter a few days ago, was Ken Hitchcock's quotes ,and they're starting more and more to stand out to me. Ken Hitchcock's post-game press conferences are very interesting, pay close attention, because here's what he said, and I'm paraphrasing. He said we have some stars that are getting it done, and he's said that before. And we'd like to have some other contributors, but that's what we have. And it almost seems like, from the inside out, Ken Hitchcock is trying to get the rot out of the Oilers' management. Ken Hitchcock you know, I've said the... The change with the Oilers has to come from above Peter Chiarelli. Mmhm. Right now, it's coming from below. Ken Hitchcock, you're right. He's the, he's got absolutely nothing to lose. Go ahead and fire me, I was retired. You needed me, you called. Yeah, that's awesome. "I'm here from Mitch and Murray. And I'm on a mission of mercy." He's friggin Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross. 'I'm doing you a favor. Okay?' 'Third place is you're fired.' That's Ken Hitchcock right now. He's got nothing to lose. I'm pretty sure he grew up in Oilers fan, like he, or was an Oilers fan when he was younger. Like, he... Which is weird to say because he's an old man now. But he wants this team to succeed, he's got nothing to lose, and he doesn't give a shit. This guy is gonna call it the way he sees it and, very quickly, Ken Hitchcock wears the pants. Yeah? At the dinner table for the Edmonton Oilers, he sits at the head of the table. There's two heads at the table, right? Daryl Katz has to get one. He's the owner. The other one is Ken Hitchcock. You don't take Ken's seat. That's Ken's seat. Peter move so Ken can get that seat. [cackling] Bob, move so Ken can get that seat. When they, when they fill up the plates and pass him down the table, Do you think Ken does the passing? No when the plate arrives at him, he eats. That's the pecking order of the Edmonton Oilers and Oilers fans? It's a good thing. Hey look, I said a nice thing about the Oilers! Stability. Did you see that? You need someone to say the things that Ken Hitchcock is saying. He's finally saying what we've all been saying. Yeah, but he's saying it publicly. Yeah, and so there's no gettin around it anymore and I feel like Peter Chiarelli, in his panic to to hire a new coach, hired a guy Who may get him fired, because it's been making it like blatantly obvious, what's been happening. Well now, let's also, he hired him. We think. That's a good thing, right? Yeah. Maybe. Can we, out loud, say that Peter Chiarelli did a good thing? Yeah. For the Oilers? Sure. They haven't been that great under him. But that's not the point. But at least they have a different leader. Yeah, and it's obvious. Remember I said with the Leafs defense, no matter, you know, you're holding $1.80 in your hand and you're trying to make it $2.50, and no matter how you arrange it okay, four quarters and this and no matter how you divvy it up, You still only have a buck 80. No matter how many times you get change it's a buck 80. The Oilers tried to load up that top line, they tried the three guys down the middle. Remember I was yelling and screaming for that and then they did it and I'm like 'oh, that's why you don't do it.' Oh did Peter Chiarelli do a good thing by drafting Connor McDavid first overall? Yes. He didn't. Oh no, did he? Did he do a good job? He did. They won the draft lottery under McTavish. McDavid was the guy, sorry, sorry, Chiarelli. hiring Ken Hitchcock is like drafting Connor McDavid. Could have got someone else. Yeah, but he kind of just did the default thing. That's kind of good. No. No, there's other coaching candidates available. It wasn't like 'hey, Hitchcock is clearly the best.' Like, no. Well, out of who was available, Ken Hitchcock was kind of the only-- Ken Hitchcock was kind of like, 'okay this guy is really good and will come in here'--Joel Quenneville was available. That's true, but I assume he didn't want to do that. Very astute point there Jesse. Yes. I just think we shouldn't give him too much credit for doing one good thing that was kind of easy to do. I'm not giving the guy a giant microphone award. I'm just he being--should he be in the drafting, er, hiring coaches hall of fame? He gets a dollar. Here's a dollar--towards his 250?--pat. pat. You did a good thing, good for you. Alright. Here's a treat.. Yes. Yes. 100%. Now, listen, Peter Chiarelli's not that much of a good boy. Alright. But he's okay. He's okay. He's like one of the neighbors dogs who comes over and--no, I wouldn't even put him on par with that. But listen, he deserves credit where it's due He deserves it there. Sorry, I value my neighbor's dogs, Boston and Stanley. Connor McDavid, according to Elias Sports Bureau-- Has requested a--makes up 53% of the Oiler's goals, this is the second highest in NHL history, What was the highest? That's a good question, I don't know. Why is every year a record breaker for them? That's crazy. Remember the power play/penalty kill last year? Yeah, but at least this is, yeah, that's still a bad record. This is a, this is a record that Connor McDavid doesn't want to hold. Yeah, so no, I think I saw the numbers yesterday, so he's on the ice. You said for 50, no, is he on the ice or in on, like goal or assist? Or just score? Responsible for. Okay, so I assume that means primary assist or goal. Yeah, so he's in on 53% of the Oilers offense and supposedly he's only on the ice for 35% of the goals against. This guy is such a good player. Get him some friggin help. Like, how hard is it to find mediocre wingers? How hard is it to find 15 goal a year wingers that McDavid can turn into 22s? A couple of Connor Shearys? That's such a good name. That's such a good name. Bryan Rust. Yeah, and that's a guy who was available. Tanner Pearson. Yeah. Was available for dick. Hey, Josh Leivo. Yeah. At least with Pearson you can go, 'Well, you know, he's making too much money.' Dude, Leivo?! Leivo!? Should have paid. Milan Lucic everyone. McDavid already has 66 points by the way. I'm just throwing that out there. 26 goals, 48 assists. Holy shit. Not as much as Kuch. Not as much as Kuch. But I mean,come on, pretty good. By the way, Kuch also has the Tampa Bay Lightning around him, not to take away from his talent--he's great. Yeah. But let's just be, let's give McDavid his due. He did that with no one. Yeah, I need to 'but actually.' Some of the people on Twitter, because, 'you know so and so is on pace to be the first person to do this' and 'so and so...' Almost every team has that this year, so looking at like the era adjusted stuff that I wrote last year, this is gonna be, I think this might be a year ,scoring is so high this year that I wonder if numbers are era adjusted down for the first time in a very long time. For the first time like since, probably the early 90s. You have to change whatever ratio you're doing, just adjust that because this era is getting closer to the other era. Yes, like, this isn't the dead puck era anymore, and it's been steadily climbing mostly. But like, I have a feeling like, let's say Kucherov ends up hitting 130. Which I think he's on pace for. It's, I imagine when it's all said and done--I haven't seen the numbers yet-- but when it's all said and done it gets adjusted down. It's still spectacular. Like, you can't take the accomplishment away. If you lead the league in scoring this year you led a high-scoring year in scoring. You should be praised for that but, scoring is just up and it's a good thing. The NHL has been dying for this for a long time. Someone much smarter than the three of us will figure that out. I'm sure, yes. Yeah. Yep. Well like save percentage, isn't like league-wide average save percentage like .904 or something just, repugnant like that? It's so... So bad, we like this. I don't know. Or maybe it's the new normal. Yeah, and we like that. I like that being the new normal. Maybe. I don't want league average to be .950. That's terrible. It's weird, like you gotta--I want goals. Like I'm so used to looking at a save percentage that started with .92 and going 'you should be in the Vezina conversation,' but now like, I don't know, maybe there's like a .915 or .916 guy out there who should be in there. Why not? Yeah, because it's gone down and it's... To have a .91 or up, is getting harder and harder to do by the minute. Um, I wanted to quickly draw your attention to something that's going on in Chicago right now, before we get to the press conference. Patrick Kane's unbelievable points, uh, point output this year? No. I just think we should shout that out. No. Because they have been terrible, but Patrick Kane has 58 points and is top 10 in the league. Is he? Yeah, he's, uh, 7th. This is actually having to do with baseball and it's a Deadspin article that I had to read because its title is, "White Sox Sign Shitty Player." [beat of silence] [explosive laughter] So basically, they hired a guy, hired? No, they signed a guy named John Jay today. He'll make 4 million dollars in a one-year deal. He has hit poorly. His on-base percentage is an 86. Is that good? Basically, wins above replacement is the stat you want to look at here and he's been good for 2.8 wins above replacement since 2015. As in, he's added two wins to his team's total in the 200 or 300 games since, which is not good. Oh, that's bad? Yeah, it's bad. I don't know, I don't know baseball stats. He's pretty much a replacement level player. He is also reportedly a good friend of Manny Machado, a good player that the Sox are trying to sign to a free agent deal. The signing follows up the Sox trade for Machado's brother-in-law Yonder Alonso, who also sucks ass. [giggling] Sox general manager Rich Hahn bizarrely claimed that the team has been trying to acquire shitty players for years unconvincingly disavowing any suggestion that he's just filling the lineup with Machado's cronies in a sad attempt to convince the sctually good player that the Sox, who are bad and not worth his time, are willing to--in addition to paying him lots of money-- Institutionally degrade themselves to make him happy. And here's the quote, "Rick Hahn has said John Jay will, ''give the White Sox professional at-bats, good defense at multiple outfield spots, and his clubhouse presence.' Said, 'they've targeted Jay for years, and not because of his relationships with any other players.'" Sorry, can you, can you say like, the first sentence of what he'll give you again? Like, the professional at-bats one? "John Jay will give the White Sox professional at-bats, good defense at multiple outfield spots..." Here, stop that's like Virgin going, 'Adam Wylde will step in front of the mic and give us literal English, talking into a mic, grammatically correct English, and pop-culture references.' Like, yeah, that's his job. He'll give us professional at-bats? Fuck does that mean? He goes up to bat with a tie? That's what a baseball player does! He's a professional baseball player and he takes at-bats. What does that mean? He will give them to the team. The team will have professional at-bats from this player. You know, they call that? Non-glish. Because it's nothing. It's doublespeak. No, doublespeak is--it's no-speak. It's nothing. Jargon. Jargon. It's nonsense. You'll give us professional at-bats. What's the hockey equivalent of that? Is it good stick? If I was getting paid to be a baseball player, if the Sox called me tomorrow because I'm a good friend of Manny Machado-- and I am me in this situation, I am not a baseball player-- You're just you. And he's, and they go, 'we're gonna give you 4 million dollars because we think bringing you in is gonna get Manny here, I would be a professional baseball player. Literally. It doesn't mean I'm qualified to be and I would be giving you professional at-bats because I'm a professional. Because that's your job title. Right. Yes, you are just doing the thing that you've been paid to do. Which makes me a professional. Doesn't mean you're doing it well. Doesn't mean anything at all. Just means you're doing it. Adam Wylde will miss the remainder of the game, he threw out his shoulder on the second pitch he ever faced. They believe he exacerbated an injury that he suffered on the first pitch he ever faced, seconds before. That's right. Professional at-bats. I love it. "White Sox Sign Shitty Player." So wait a second, do they have Manny Machado? No, nobody's signed him or uh... Oh wait, so they might not get him? It's like the Raptors when they hired Kawhi's good friend to be on the team. Yeah. Like, one of the coaches. And he's like, 'no, we're just making this hire, we don't really want Kawhi to come.' Yeah. And then they did it. Yeah. Anyways. Well, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are both holding out for like 50 million a year. 5-0. Yeah, and I don't see it. I don't think --that's a different sport. There are some questions about Machado's character that people have brought up, is that what the thing? Yeah, he's just also--that amount of money could never be worth it. Yeah It was worth it because A-Rod was probably the greatest home-run hitter of all time, if he played like one more year, but nobody should ever get that amount of money, so they don't want to give it out. YEah, and he was making 25. No, he got to 30. And then like some pitchers have gotten 30 like Verlander and David Price and David Price has gotten up there. Similar to the conversation we had earlier with Carey Price, if I'm giving you this amount of money you better be in contention for MVP every year. Listen, I get you not winning it every year but you better be top five in the league every single year. For a while A-Rod was. I mean he was amazing. The thing is, the thing is, the contracts sort of overshadowed how really good he was--but also every penny of that contract was worth it, because in the years when he was the Yankee, he was a hall-of-famer. Yes he was, yeah, he was, and he was the only good player in Texas when he signed there. Yeah, but what's interesting about Bryce Harper is that you know, we talk, we, this has been coming for years. Like, know you know, they were targeting this off-season. I think the players--pitchers, and catchers report in six weeks and Bryce Harper had a bad year last year compared to his standards. And the thing with that is that he's at an age where sometimes players his age regress. That's interesting because, like, I still remember, because I don't follow baseball as closely, Bryce Harper's like 22 to me. I just remember he came in at like 19. How old is he now? Must be 25. Yeah. He's a hell of a player, there's no question. Also, he's fun, but like-- 26. 50 million dollars. 50 million isn't even good money, it's not even best hitter on the team money. It's all-league money. But there's no cap here, it doesn't matter, like they have a luxury tax, but the Yankees don't care. Basically, the Yankees are the candidate. And the Dodgers. The Dodgers can pay anyone anything. I don't know if the Dodgers are trying to re-sign Machado or they're going after Bryce Harper. Yeah, I don't know. Why would they need to when they just got Russell Martin? That's right. They're gonna be fine. That's right, they did. Thank you for taking that money off our books, basically. Do you guys want to talk about Tim Tebow? having, uh, marital relations? Did you also see this one? Do you want to read it or should I? I have not seen this. Tim Tebow to Have Sex Soon. [married laughter] So, Tim Tebow got engaged to his girlfriend, who is the 2017 Miss Universe. Hey, And that means he's allowed to have sex because. When he gets married. Right. No, no, not now. But he is practicing abstinence, I guess? Mm. Still? So... He's almost there, ladies and gentlemen. Heeeyy. [applause] Tim Tebow--he's gonna be like, what the hell did I wait for? I wasted all those good years. Yeah, I like how you're going with the bit like, he's definitely never, yeah for sure. He's never. Publically! Like the Jonas Brothers never had sex and then publicly came out said 'yeah, we totally did it.' [high-pitched voice] We've got our purity rings! I I would like to congratulate him on his prospective sex. Yeah. Prospective. No, yet. No, that's great. It's great that he's engaged, like that's actually is awesome. Are we dicks for that? No, that's a funny title. Yeah, that is a very funny title. If he wouldn't laugh at that I'd be like, 'come on Tim that's funny.' But good for him. He's engaged. That's happy, good for him. That's awesome. I would still want to see him play pro ball though. I wanna see him playing the Mets. Is he tying the knot or tying the Tebow? You see? Oh, ha ha. Let's do the press conference. The Presser. S. D. P. The Steve Dangle Press Conference. Uh, back in 2009--the Deadspin article links to this article where Tebow... 'Tebow Practices What he Preaches' is the title of it. 'He's not embarrassed about being a virgin, he plans to stay nookie free until he's married.' Fair enough. It's coming, Tebow. To each their own. Oh, great. I thought I couldn't read a dumber headline. What happened? I just I opened my phone, literally for a second. This is why you don't do it. 'Teen Driver Crashes While Attempting Bird Box Challenge.' Guys. Can we--also that movie sucks, have you guys seen it? I liked that you were like, "is everyone on cough syrup?" Is that what you asked? Why--it's one of those, it was like Castle Rock the movie where it was /so spooky/ and I'm like aw this this could get good! And as the movie goes on I'm like... was I just suckered into watching a shitty movie? And by the end of it, I'm like... Yes, I was. Thanks. They're like, 'well the end wasn't very good' and I'm like, 'that means it wasn't good!' We got a trade. A player that the Leafs targeted a couple years ago Jordan Weal heading to Arizona for a sixth round pick. So the Flyers have officially started to sell. Mmhm. Wow, that's crazy. Well, is that even a big enough sell that we can call them--I mean, yeah, they're bad. You're right. They're selling, they're starting to sell, that was their first sale. We were talking about Jordan Weal getting, like, a couple million bucks a year. Yeah, and the thought was he would have fit in really well. Had he decided to come to Toronto, he would have fit in really well with where where they were going. And I guess his game fell off a little it. We gonna play Center or something. That was what they wanted. Well, you just had this crazy heater of a season, I remember. Oh, interesting. Yeah shoutout, PhaneufIsUnderrated on our sub-Reddit who pointed out that the Carolina Hurricanes for wallpaper Wednesday had Greg McKegg as their wallpaper Wednesday. With a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg? And once, when he was with the Leafs, wore the number 69. He did. This question is from Big Daddy Weaver. He wants to know--or she wants to know--is it time for... Imagine if it's this dainty woman named Big Daddy Weaver? I'm just picturing her in a live podcast event. 'Yes. Hi. This is Big Daddy.' This is Big Daddy Weaver. He wants to know, is it time for the Oilers to sell high on Milan Lucic? [cackling] Why, because he scored a sexy goal? The time to sell on Lucic was last summer when apparently someone was interested. It's un-trade-able. Un-trade-able. They almost, they had someone interested last summer. They did? Oh, man. Yeah, we talked about it. Oh, I can't remember. There was interest. You're retaining on that. You're retaining on that. I don't even know if you can--I don't--because what... 50% is the most you can retain? I don't know if a team would take him at 3 million. Dude, like I said this... Oh, no, they wouldn't. They wouldn't, no. The... and it'd be, I think it'd be more than that. No, no, you're right at 50% Yes, sorry. Has the game passed Lucic by or has Lucic's skill just diminished? Because at one point Lucic was a very good player. He's a monster. He's a monster of a player. His first season in Edmonton was a little bit less than, maybe I think, people expected, but it was still very good. But, like I said last podcast, you know, maybe not the most progressive take, but the Oilers, generally speaking are tougher than your team. And they should sort of goon it up a little bit. If Lucic isn't scoring and he's not doing that, he's got front-row seats every game, which, you shouldn't be getting paid for that, you should be doing the paying. He's gotta do some--it's one of those... It's such a bad contract that they have no choice but to reclaim him. He should--is the situation so dire with him that he should be Ken Hitchcock's number-one priority? Is that a crazy thing to say? What what's higher priority on the Oilers? They need wingers to score. They have one who used to, in like recent memory, he just does not anymore. What the Oilers need to do is buy him out. Ooh. They need to buy him out. I don't know if that's buyout protected, that contract. I have no idea that would make sense, that it would. G-d that's bad. Of course. They need to buy him out if they can. I'm sure for Lucic, man-- If you're the Oilers though, I think at this point he is such a beacon of why all this went wrong so quickly that you get, you just, you just go, 'you know what? We're gonna eat this one.' Unless you can find somebody who, maybe for a prospect or something, I don't know what you have in Bakersfield who will take him at three million. Is it a Phil Kessel? Is this what this turned into? Where it doesn't matter if he'll still be good when we're goodor he's still good right now, we're gonna lose value on him, but we just need to get rid of him for the locker room? Because everybody wants to hate on him. Kessel was a good player though, I think, when the Leafs traded him. I think the Leafs wanted to just be bad. And the Oilers don't want to be bad, and they are, and that's the difference. Like, the Leafs wanted to be so bad they were terrible. And they wanted to start fresh. Yeah, and they wanted a reset and that sort of thing, and I mean, I remember Phil Kessel saying, 'yeah, I'm excited to play for Mike Babcock.' He said that. Damn. That's crazy, when you think about it. That sucks. And so--yeah, he's fine, he's over it. I think that yeah, I think it's time for Milan to give it to get another shot somewhere else. He's not gonna get traded. If the Oilers continue to stick this out, nothing will change. Devil's advocate, if well, not really devil's advocate, if Lucic turns it around, it's such an Edmonton story. He'd be a hero. Because he'd be a hero and all Oilers fans would just get to 'fuck you!', double middle fingers to the entire hockey world. To every hockey blogger. To me.They still lost two and a half seasons. What about now? Talk about today bro, talk about today. Steve. And if you got something to say about it, you can come to Fort Mac and we can settle it like men. I hate to say this. Alright. I work for a living! I'm telling you 100% that's how it would be received. Sure. Not gonna happen. I'd take the bet on this. Yeah, I'll take that bet. All right. Well, you're gonna get the double middle fingers too, buddy. I got I got this guy for you and I got this guy for you. I don't know, that's how people talk in Edmonton. 'Hey buddy, I'm from Edmonton! No, it's just a bad impression, this is a terrible character I've invented. I like it. Final thing, because I'm a man of the people, I will shout out the YouTube commenters. I see you watching everybody parallel parking in this window. Yeah, it is a phenomenon. It is your favourite thing to do. And nobody's good at it and it's hilarious and keep watching. So that's--so instead of the new 'No-Sleep Squad' it's the 'No Parallel Park Squad', you know our hours have kind of moved to regular hours, so you'll be getting your sleep. Yeah, so watch the parallel parking. No Parallel Parking Squad. We do want to thank the No-Sleep Squad for their, for their devotion over the years. The No Sleep Squad still exists. Yeah, because now it's like, 'No Sleep Squad if I'm from Europe!' [laughter] No, the parallel parking has been a struggle. Or the people who just delay the podcast, they're like 'no, I have to watch this at 3 a.m.' Yeah, stop that. I know it's 6 now, but I'm just going to wait until it's 1 a.m. 'Steve, you're killing me here.' No, you're killing you! Go to bed. You're a human. I like those people. Yeah, stop being so devoted to this show! Find something else! Shut us off right now! Follow the guys on Twitter: @Steve_Dangle, @AdamWylde, and @JesseBlake. The Steve Dangle Podcast Brought to you by: Panago Pizza. Order at and stuff your face with deliciousness.



Rank Rank amongst leaders in career putouts. A blank field indicates a tie.
Player (2019 POs) Number of recorded putouts during the 2019 Major League Baseball season.
PO as 2B Total career putouts as a second baseman.
* denotes elected to National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Bold denotes active player.[a]


Robinson Canó, the active leader in putouts as a second baseman and 20th all-time.
Robinson Canó, the active leader in putouts as a second baseman and 20th all-time.
  • Stats updated as of the 2019 season.
Rank Player (2019 POs) PO as 2B
1 Bid McPhee * 6,552
2 Eddie Collins * 6,526
3 Nellie Fox * 6,090
4 Joe Morgan * 5,742
5 Nap Lajoie * 5,496
6 Charlie Gehringer * 5,369
7 Bill Mazeroski * 4,974
8 Bobby Doerr * 4,928
9 Willie Randolph 4,859
10 Billy Herman * 4,780
11 Lou Whitaker 4,771
12 Frank White 4,742
13 Fred Pfeffer 4,719
14 Red Schoendienst * 4,616
15 Roberto Alomar * 4,458
16 Frankie Frisch * 4,348
17 Bobby Grich 4,217
18 Del Pratt 4,069
19 Jeff Kent 4,016
20 Robinson Canó (163) 4,005
21 Craig Biggio * 3,992
22 Kid Gleason 3,887
23 Cupid Childs 3,865
24 Ryne Sandberg * 3,807
25 George Cutshaw 3,762
26 Johnny Evers * 3,758
27 Lou Bierbauer 3,726
28 Larry Doyle 3,635
29 Joe Gordon * 3,600
30 Steve Sax 3,574
31 Brandon Phillips 3,548
32 Ray Durham 3,506
33 Félix Millán 3,495
34 Buddy Myer 3,487
35 Cub Stricker 3,447
36 Hughie Critz 3,446
37 Claude Ritchey 3,444
38 Bret Boone 3,443
39 Ski Melillo 3,437
40 Chase Utley 3,426
41 Miller Huggins * 3,425
42 Frank Bolling 3,423
43 Bucky Harris * 3,412
44 Manny Trillo 3,403
45 Ian Kinsler (96) 3,397
46 Julián Javier 3,380
47 Tony Lazzeri * 3,351
48 Bobby Lowe 3,336
49 Joe Quinn 3,329
50 Luis Castillo 3,287
Rank Player (2019 POs) PO as 2B
51 Tony Taylor 3,274
52 Jerry Priddy 3,226
53 Rogers Hornsby * 3,206
54 Dave Cash 3,185
55 Johnny Temple 3,172
56 Davey Lopes 3,142
57 Jim Gantner 3,139
58 Bobby Richardson 3,125
59 Cookie Rojas 3,100
60 Jack Burdock 3,075
61 Don Blasingame 3,065
62 Tito Fuentes 3,046
63 Eddie Stanky 3,030
64 Bill Wambsganss 2,986
65 Tom Herr 2,932
66 Ted Sizemore 2,928
67 Fred Dunlap 2,909
68 Tony Cuccinello 2,883
69 Davey Johnson 2,837
70 Bobby Ávila 2,820
71 Glenn Hubbard 2,795
72 Joe Gerhardt 2,794
73 Jimmy Williams 2,759
74 Max Bishop 2,752
75 Harold Reynolds 2,749
76 Otto Knabe 2,743
77 Ron Hunt 2,734
78 Glenn Beckert 2,710
79 Bill Hallman 2,701
80 Tommy Helms 2,688
81 Horace Clarke 2,682
Johnny Ray 2,682
83 Mark Ellis 2,671
84 Tom Daly 2,652
85 Orlando Hudson 2,635
86 Eric Young 2,623
87 Bill Doran 2,619
88 Robby Thompson 2,611
89 Delino DeShields 2,608
90 Ron Oester 2,591
91 Juan Samuel 2,580
92 Dustin Pedroia (9) 2,574
93 Rod Carew * 2,573
94 Sandy Alomar Sr. 2,572
95 Rennie Stennett 2,568
96 Bobby Knoop 2,566
97 Chuck Knoblauch 2,529
98 Dick Green 2,518
99 Hobe Ferris 2,501
100 Jerry Lumpe 2,469


  1. ^ A player is considered inactive if he has announced his retirement or not played for a full season.


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