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List of Lockheed aircraft

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This is a list of aircraft produced or proposed by the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation from its founding as the Lockheed Aircraft Company in 1926 to its merging with Martin Marietta to form the Lockheed Martin Corporation in 1995.

Ordered by model number, Lockheed gave most of its aircraft astronomical names, from the first Vega to the C-5 Galaxy. Aircraft models listed in italics and with higher numbers – 780 following 80 and preceding 81, for example – are variants or developments of the base model.

Model Name First flight Remarks
1 Vega July 4, 1927 six-passenger monoplane
2 Vega
3 Air Express April, 1928  
4 Explorer 1928  
5 Vega 1928  
6 unknown   model number not used
7 Explorer Special    
8 Sirius 1929  
 8A Altair 1930  
 8D Altair 1930  
9 Orion April, 1931  
10 Electra February 23, 1934 twin-engine transport
11 design study   six-passenger transport
12 Electra Junior June 27, 1936 six-passenger transport
13 unknown   model number not used
14 Super Electra July 29, 1937 passenger transport
15 PV-1 Ventura July 31, 1941 naval patrol bomber
16 design study   unbuilt derivative of Model 10
17 unknown   model number not used
18 Lodestar September 21, 1939 passenger transport (military version, C-60 cargo transport)
19 design study   unbuilt derivative of Model 14
20 XP-58 Chain Lightning June 6, 1944 long-range interceptor version of the P-38 Lightning (model 022)
21 Ventura   patrol bomber
22 P-38 Lightning January 27, 1939 World War II fighter
 122 P-38 Lightning 1941 YP-38 through P-38D
 222 P-38 Lightning P-38E through P-38H
 322 P-322 Lightning export variant, impressed into U.S. service at war's outbreak
 422 P-38 Lightning P-38J through P-38M
 522 XP-49 November, 1942 advanced fighter prototype, based on P-38
 622 XP-38A Lightning June 6, 1944 pressurized conversion of a P-38
 822 P-38 Lightning navalized P-38 proposal
23 P-49 never flown production version of XP-49
24     proposed naval version of P-38 Lightning
25 model number not used    
26 P-2 Neptune May 17, 1945 patrol bomber and anti-submarine warfare aircraft
27     proposed twin-engine canard transport
28 model number not used    
29     proposed twin-engine bomber
30     proposed twin-engine canard bomber
31     proposed export version of Model 29
32     proposed reconnaissance version of Model 18
33 Little Dipper August, 1944  
34 Big Dipper December 10, 1945  
35     military trainer design from North American Aviation
36 model number not used    
37 Ventura   patrol bomber
38 model number not used    
39 model number not used    
40     aerial target
41     aerial target proposal
42     aerial target proposal
43 unknown    
44 Excalibur never flown unbuilt four-engine predecessor to Constellation
45     proposed radio control vehicle
46-48 unknown    
49 Constellation January 9, 1943 four-engine airliner
 049 Constellation January 9, 1943 original passenger version
 149 Constellation extra fuel tanks
 249 XB-30 Never flown redsesignation of XB-30 (model 051)
 349 C-69 Constellation Never flown unbuilt C-69B long range troop/cargo transport
 449 Constellation Never flown unknown airliner proposal
 549 C-69 Constellation C-69C VIP transport
 649 Constellation October 18, 1946 improved passenger version
 749 Constellation March 14, 1947 uprated engines,
 849 Constellation Never flown unbuilt turbo-compound R-3350 powered version of model 749
 949 Constellation Never flown unbuilt passenger/cargo convertible version of model 849
 1049 Super Constellation October 13, 1950 improved Constellation
 1149 Super Constellation Never flown unbuilt Allison turboprop powered version of the model 1049
 1249 Super Constellation September 1, 1954 experimental turboprop military transport version
 1349 N/A Never flown model number skipped
 1449 Super Constellation Never flown stretched turbine powered version of model 1049 with larger wings
 1549 Super Constellation Never flown further stretched version of model 1449
 1649 Starliner October 11, 1956 final version of Constellation
50     proposed liaison aircraft
51 XB-30 never flown proposed bomber version of Constellation, later redesignated model 249
52     proposed single-engine fighter
53-59 unknown    
60   never flown proposed twin-engine trainer
61   never flown proposed twin-engine trainer
62   never flown proposed twin-engine trainer
63-70 unknown    
71-73     model numbers reserved for Lockheed-Georgia
74 unknown    
75 Saturn June 17, 1947 small passenger airplane
76-79     model numbers reserved for Lockheed-Georgia
80 P-80 Shooting Star June 10, 1944 United States' first operational jet fighter
 080 P-80 Shooting Star YP-80A-P-80C
 380 P-80 Shooting Star unbuilt naval proposal
 480 P-80 Shooting Star unbuilt naval proposal
 580 T-33 Shooting Star March 22, 1948 trainer; originally designated TP-80C and TF-80C
 680 F-80D Shooting Star unbuilt version with engine upgrade
 780 F-94 Starfire April 16, 1949 all-weather jet fighter
 880 F-94C Starfire redesigned tail & wing with rocket pods
 980 YF-94D Starfire unbuilt ground attack version
 1080 T2V-1 SeaStar naval trainer
81 XFV-1 December 23, 1953 prototype tailsitter
82 C-130 Hercules August 23, 1954 four-engine medium transport
 182 C-130 Hercules All early models, including mission-specific variants
 282 C-130 Hercules C-130B and later, including variants
 382 C-130 Hercules, L-100-30 Later models, including variants and -30 stretch"
83 F-104 Starfighter February 28, 1954 supersonic interceptor
84 W2V-1 never flown turboprop WV (EC-121 Warning Star) variant; contract cancelled
85 P-3 Orion April 15, 1961 military patrol aircraft developed from the Electra (88/188)
86 XH-51A September 29, 1962 attack helicopter prototype
87 AH-56A Cheyenne September 21, 1967 CL-840, experimental helicopter
88 L-188 Electra December 6, 1957 turboprop airliner
89 R6O/R6V Constitution November 9, 1946 large transport prototype
90 XF-90 June 3, 1949 jet bomber escort prototype
91 L-2000 never flown proposed supersonic transport (SST)
92     proposed civil helicopter
93 L-1011 Tristar November 16, 1970 tri-engine, widebody airliner
94 S-3 Viking January 21, 1972 submarine hunter
95-98 unknown    
99   never flown cancelled USAF interceptor
133 L-133 never flown cancelled jet fighter aircraft
140 XP-80 Shooting Star January 8, 1944 experimental jet fighter
141 XP-80A Shooting Star experimental jet fighter
193 L-193 jetliner/aerial tanker concept
245 L-245 converted T-33 used by the company for development of the T2V-1 (model 1080)
246 Lockheed XF-104 March 4, 1954 interceptor prototype, led to the F-104
300 C-141 Starlifter December 17, 1963 large jet transport
301 L-301 never flown hypersonic research project
329 JetStar September 4, 1957 business jet
1329 JetStar business jet
2329 JetStar II business jet
351 U-2 August 4, 1955 CL-282, high-altitude spyplane
500 C-5 Galaxy June 30, 1968 large jet transport
645 YF-22 Raptor September 29, 1990 air superiority stealth fighter
  XFM-2 1930s heavy fighter, bomber destroyer, cancelled
  YP-24 1931 fighter, ground-attack aircraft
  XC-35 May 9, 1935 experimental aircraft
  Hudson December 10, 1938 bomber, reconnaissance aircraft
  X-27 Lancer never flown CL-1600, cancelled replacement of F-104 Starfighter
  TR-1/U-2R August 1, 1981 advanced U-2
  ER-2/U-2ER   NASA U-2
  A-12 Oxcart April 26, 1962 CIA supersonic spyplane
  YF-12 Blackbird August 7, 1963 supersonic interceptor prototype
  SR-71 Blackbird December 22, 1964 USAF supersonic spyplane
  CL-295   design studies for a 'tail-sitting' VTOL fighter
  CL-320   intermediate long-range high-speed interceptor project
  CL-325   Reconnaissance aircraft project, predecessor to CL-400 Suntan design[1]
  CL-346   proposals for supersonic VTOL fighters, based on the F-104
  CL-379   tilt-wing research aircraft project[2]
  CL-400 Suntan   proposal for Mach 2.5 reconnaissance aircraft, liquid hydrogen fueled
  CL-407   proposals for supersonic VTOL attack and reconnaissance aircraft
  CL-475   prototype helicopter
  CL-760   Lockheed proposal for the LARA (Light Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft), competition won by the OV-10 Bronco
  CL-823   designs for SST (Super Sonic Transport)
  CL-901 September 1966 Converted F-104 for advanced air superiority
  CL-977-16   composite helicopter
  YO-3A Quiet Star 1966 Reconnaissance
  CL-934   interceptor variant of the F-104
  CL-981   enlarged variant of the F-104, developed into the CL-1200
  CL-984   strike variant of the F-104
  CL-985B   development of the CL-984 for Belgium
  CL-1026   designs for a commercial helicopter, using the rigid-rotor system from the Cheyenne.
  CL-1195   designs for fighter, proposal for the "Free World Fighter" program circa 1969
  CL-1200 Lancer   development of the F-104. became CL-1600 / X-27
  CL-1800   helicopter project
  F-16 Fighting Falcon    
  LASA-60 September 15, 1959 Light Utility Sport Aircraft
  XV-4/XV-10 Hummingbird July 7, 1962 VTOL prototype
  Have Blue (XST) December, 1977 stealth technology testbed
  F-117 Nighthawk June 18, 1981 stealth attack aircraft
  Flatbed 1980s military transport aircraft project, cancelled
  P-7 1980s maritime-patrol aircraft project, cancelled

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