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List of Little House on the Prairie characters

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There are many Little House on the Prairie characters, appearing in various forms of media in the Little House on the Prairie media franchise.

Television series characters

The Ingalls family

Name Seasons No. of
Portrayer Character summary
Charles Ingalls 1–9 161 Michael Landon Farmer; husband and father and grandfather
Caroline Ingalls 1–8 172 Karen Grassle Wife and mother and grandmother
Laura Ingalls Wilder 1–9 190 Melissa Gilbert Daughter; later Almanzo's wife and Rose's mother; nicknamed "Half-pint" by Charles and "Beth" by Almanzo
Mary Ingalls 1–8 133 Melissa Sue Anderson Mary is the eldest daughter of Charles and Caroline, and the older biological sister of Laura, Caroline, and Grace. As a young child, she was extremely studious and consistently performed well academically. She was less tomboyish than Laura and an obedient rule-follower, but as the eldest, was also independent and stood up for herself and her family. Despite her dreams of being a teacher, she falls into depression and becomes increasingly agitated after falling blind at 15. Although she is initially hostile to anyone who comes near to her, she begins to come to terms with her blindness when her parents send her to a blind school in Iowa, where she falls in love with Adam Kendall. The couple get married and Mary stays in Winoka with Adam to teach at the blind school. A few months later, the entire school moves to Walnut Grove, where Mary will be closer to her family. In Season 6, Mary gives birth to a baby boy, Adam Charles Holbrook Kendall Jr. Mary and Adam are a happy family, but when Adam Jr. dies in a fire at the blind school, Mary enters a state of shock and is unable to come to terms with the reality of her son's death. With the help of Adam and the rest of her family, she eventually finds closure. She and Adam continue work at the blind school until he regains his sight following an explosion, and they move to New York so Adam can work as a lawyer. They return to Walnut Grove one last time for Christmas in Season 8, where they make their final appearance.
Carrie Ingalls 1–8 164 Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush Daughter, youngest child at the beginning of the series
Charles Ingalls Jr. 1 2 Unknown Son, died as an infant
Grace Ingalls 5–8 60 Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh Youngest child
Albert (Quinn) Ingalls 5–9 89 Matthew Labyorteaux Son, adopted after spending many years in orphanages and on the streets
James (Cooper) Ingalls 7–8 21 Jason Bateman Son, adopted after first parents were killed in a wagon accident
Cassandra (Cooper) Ingalls 7–8 21 Missy Francis Daughter, adopted after first parents were killed in a wagon accident
Rose Wilder 8–9 17 Jennifer and Michele Steffin Granddaughter, daughter of Laura and Almanzo

The in-laws

Name Seasons No. of
Portrayer Character summary
Almanzo Wilder 6–9 65 Dean Butler Farmer; Laura's husband (season 7); Rose's father; nicknamed "Manly" by Laura
Adam Kendall 4–8 35 Linwood Boomer Teacher of the blind; Mary’s husband (season 5)
Adam Kendall Jr. 6 3 Unknown Adam and Mary's son; dies in fire with Alice Garvey
Jenny Wilder 9 18 Shannen Doherty Almanzo's niece, whom he gets custody of after his brother/her father Royal dies
Eliza Jane Wilder 6–8 14 Lucy Lee Flippin Teacher; Almanzo's older sister
Perley Day Wilder 6 1 Charles Bloom Almanzo and Eliza Jane’s youngest brother; gambler


Name Seasons No. of
Portrayer Character summary
Nels Oleson 1–9 147 Richard Bull Mercantile proprietor; husband and father
Harriet Oleson 1–9 153 Katherine MacGregor Mercantile proprietor; wife and mother
Nellie Oleson 1–7, 9 104 Alison Arngrim Oldest child of Nels and Harriet
Willie Oleson 1–9 140 Jonathan Gilbert Son of Nels and Harriet
Nancy Oleson 8–9 33 Allison Balson Daughter of Nels and Harriet, adopted from orphanage
Percival Dalton/Isaac Cohen 6–7 11 Steve Tracy Nellie’s husband
Rachel Brown Oleson 9 2 Sherri Stoner Willie’s wife
Dr. Hiram Baker 1–9 113 Kevin Hagen Town physician
Reverend Robert Alden 1–9 76 Dabbs Greer Church minister
Melinda Foster 1–9 61 Ruth Foster Post office manager
Isaiah Edwards 1–3, 6, 8–9 52 Victor French Charles’s best friend
Grace Snider Edwards 1–6 23 Bonnie Bartlett / Corinne Camacho Wife of Isaiah Edwards
John Sanderson Edwards 2–4 8 Radames Pera Oldest child of Isaiah & Grace Edwards, adopted after first mother died
Alicia Sanderson Edwards 2–3, 5, 8 19 Kyle Richards Youngest child of Isaiah & Grace Edwards, adopted after first mother died
Carl Sanderson Edwards 2–4 19 Brian Part Middle child of Isaiah & Grace Edwards, adopted after first mother died
Matthew Rogers 9 5 Jonathan Hall Kovacs Young boy that is taken care of by Isaiah Edwards (season 9)
Jonathan Garvey 4–7 51 Merlin Olsen Farmer; husband and father
Alice Garvey 4–6 33 Hersha Parady Wife and mother; teacher; dies in fire with Adam Kendall Jr.
Andy Garvey 4–7 43 Patrick Labyorteaux Son of Jonathan and Alice
Eva Beadle Simms 1–4 45 Charlotte Stewart School teacher
Adam Simms 4 2 Joshua Bryant Miss Beadle's husband
Lars Hanson 1–5 41 Karl Swenson Lumber mill owner; a founder of Walnut Grove
Hester-Sue Terhune 4–9 40 Ketty Lester Head of the school for the blind
John Carter 9 19 Stan Ivar Blacksmith; husband and father
Sarah Carter 9 15 Pamela Roylance Starts a newspaper; wife and mother
Jeb Carter 9 18 Lindsay Kennedy Older son of John and Sarah
Jason Carter 9 18 David Friedman Younger son of John and Sarah
Susan Goodspeed 4–7 16 Michelle Downey Student at the school for the blind
Etta Plum 9 15 Leslie Landon School teacher
Christy Kennedy 1–2 10 Tracie Savage Schoolgirl
Sandy Kennedy 1 4 Robert Hoffman Schoolboy; Christy's brother
Hans Dorfler 1–4, 6 9 Jim Jeter Resident of Walnut Grove; a stable-owner
Bill Anderson 6–9 6 Sam Edwards Banker of Walnut Grove
Joe Kagan 4–5, 7 5 Moses Gunn Aging boxer who retires to farm life in Walnut Grove
Judd Larrabee 4–5 5 Don "Red" Barry Resident of Walnut Grove
Mrs. Amanda "May" Whipple 1–4 5 Queenie Smith Resident of Walnut Grove; local seamstress
Mr. Kennedy 1 4 Wayne Heffley Resident of Walnut Grove; father of Christy and Sandy
Mrs. Kennedy 1–2 3 Eileen Ryan (season 1),
Janice Carroll (season 2)
Resident of Walnut Grove; mother of Christy and Sandy
Ebenezer Sprague 2–3 4 Ted Gehring Banker of Walnut Grove
Houston Lamb 6–7 4 Dub Taylor Works and lives at the school for the blind in Sleepy Eye
Henry Riley 4–9 15 Dan McBride recurring role - customer in Nellie's Restaurant arguing
Kezia Horn 4–5 3 Hermione Baddeley Resident of Walnut Grove and friend of Laura and Albert

One-shot characters

Season one

Season two

  • Episode 4
    • Jebediah Mumfort (played by Karl Lukas)
    • Margaret Mumfort (played by June Dayton)
    • Slick McBurney (played by Gregory Walcott)
  • Episode 5
    • Amos Pike (played by John Anderson)
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 10
    • Jonah (played by Shane Sinutko)
  • Episode 17
  • Episode 18
  • Episode 19
  • Episode 20
  • Episode 21

Season three

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 9
    • Bubba Galinder (played by Michael LeClair)
    • George Galinder (played by Roy Jenson)
    • Sam Galinder (played by Geoffrey Lewis)
  • Episode 10
  • Episode 14
    • Ginny Clark (played by Rachel Longaker)
    • Harold Mayfield (played by Warren Vanders)
    • Della Clark (played by Kay Peters)
  • Episode 15
  • Episode 18
    • Solomon Henry (played by Todd Bridges)
    • Mrs. Henry (played by Maidie Norman)
    • Jackson Henry (played by David Downing)
    • Kramer (played by Frederic Downs)
    • Dr. Tane (played by Don Pedro Colley)
  • Episode 19
  • Episode 20
    • Elmer Dobkins (played by Eric Olson)
    • Sam Dobkins (played by Charles Aidman)
    • Ellen Dobkins (played by Mitzi Hoag)
  • Episode 21
    • Zachariah (played by E.J. Andre)
    • Rev. Phillips (played by Larry Golden)
    • Ben Griffin (played by Larry Pennell)

Season four

  • Episode 3
    • Ellen Taylor (played by Mia Bendixsen)
    • Eloise Taylor (played by Corinne Michaels)
    • Cal Taylor (played by James Wainwright)
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 6
    • Bailey Farrell (played by Bernard Behrens)
    • Timothy Farrell (played by Johnny Doran)
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
    • Mr. Dankworth (played by Dennis Rucker)
    • Mr. Hobbs (played by John Bennett Perry)
    • Bob Ford (played by Tony Marks)
    • Lewis Ford (played by Frank Marth)
  • Episode 9
  • Episode 14
    • Samantha Higgins (played by Seeley Ann Thumann)
    • Jimmy Hill (played by Chris Petersen)
  • Episode 15
    • Nats Rachel Peal (played by Anita Dangler)
    • Caleb Fisher (played by John McLiam)
    • Katie Fisher (played by Linda McMillan)
    • Ellen Fisher (played by Dee Croxton)
  • Episode 16
    • Jordan Harrison (played by Ronnie Scribner)
    • Young Caroline (played by Katy Kurtzman)
    • Younger Laura Colby Ingalls (played by Sarah Miller)
    • Mr. Watson (played by Sorrell Booke)
    • Harold Watson (played by Adam Gunn)
    • Peter Ingalls (played by David Considine)
    • Henry Quiner-Holbrook (played by Gregg Forrest)
    • Polly Ingalls (played by Robin Muir)
    • Eliza Ann Quiner-Holbrook (played by Kristi Jill Wood)
    • Lansford Ingalls (played by Nicolas Coster)
    • Charlotte Holbrook (played by Virginia Kiser)
    • Young Charles Ingalls (played by Matthew Labyorteaux)
  • Episode 17
    • Bobby Harris (played by Michael Mullins)
    • Anna Mears (played by Lenora May)
    • Shaniel Mears (played by Donald Moffat)
    • Rev. Pritchard (played by Woodrow Parfrey)
  • Episode 21
    • Dr. Burke (played by Ford Rainey)
    • Miseth Barton (played by Rob Kenneally)

Season five

  • Episode 4
    • John Bevins (played by Cliff Emmich)
    • Bess Bevins (played by Kate Woodville)
    • Amelia Bevins (played by Julie Ann Haddock)
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 8
    • Erich Schiller (played by Ike Eisenmann)
    • Otto Schiller (played by King Moody)
    • Anna Schiller (played by Lisa Pera)
  • Episode 15
    • Isaac Singerman (played by John Bleifer)
    • Aaron Singerman (played by Alvin Kupperman)
  • Episode 18
    • Miss Elliot (played by Ellen Regan)
    • Holly (played by Martha Nix)
    • Giles Kendall (played by Philip Abbott)
  • Episode 20
  • Episode 22
    • Leslie Harper (played by Jenny Sullivan)
    • Samantha Harper (played by Kyle Richards)
    • Bret Harper (played by Charles Cioffi)
    • Thomas Harper (played by Bobby Rolofson)
  • Episode 24
    • Dylan Whitaker (played by Steve Shaw)

Season six

  • Episode 3
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 9
    • Milo Stavroupolis (played by Leo Gordon)
    • Anna Stavroupolis (played by Nora Meerbaum)
  • Episode 10
    • Rev. Danforth (played by James Olson)
  • Episode 12
  • Episode 13
  • Episode 20
    • Penelope Parker (played by Stacey Sipes)
  • Episode 21
  • Episode 22

Season seven

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
    • Brenda Sue Longworth (played by Tisch Raye)
  • Episode 8
    • Leslie Barton (played by Suzy Gilstrap)
  • Episode 9
  • Episode 15
  • Episode 17
  • Episode 19
    • Edgar Mills (played by Jeff Corey)
    • Edna Mills (played by Barbara Collentine—wife of Richard Bull)
  • Episode 21
    • Mr Case (played by Ivan Bonar)
    • Jed Cooper (played by EJ Andre)
    • Sarah Cooper (played by ME Loree)
    • Alvin Cooper (played by George McDaniel)
  • Episode 22
    • Isaiah Tompkins (played by Len Wayland)

Season eight

  • Episode 1
    • Miss Mason (played by Elizabeth Hoffman)
    • Michele Pierson (played by Melora Hardin)
  • Episode 4
    • Dr. Caleb Ledoux (played by Don Marshall)
    • Mattie Ledoux (played by Marlene Warfield)
  • Episode 5
    • Mortimer Carstairs (played by Patrick Collins)
    • Ralph Waldo Emerson (played by George Petrie)
  • Episode 6
    • Amy Cassidy (played by Martha Nix)
    • Rodolfo Gambini (played by Jack Kruschen)
    • Ana Rosa Gambini (played by Gloria Manos)
    • Marco Gambini (played by Stephen Manley)
    • Stefano Gambini (played by Robert Torti)
  • Episode 7
    • Max (played by Todd Susman)
    • Georgie (played by Royce D. Applegate)
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 9
    • Elmer Miles (played by J.Brennan Smith)
  • Episode 10
    • Major Guffey (played by Laurie Main)
  • Episode 12
    • Gideon Hale (played by Peter Billingsley)
    • Braden Hale (played by Dennis Howard)
    • Mrs. Hale (played by Jennifer Rhodes)
  • Episode 14
    • Jack Prescott (played by Claude Earl Jones)
  • Episode 16
    • Sam Terhune (played by J.A. Preston)
    • Naomi Terhune (played by Marguerite DeLain)
  • Episode 20
    • Sherman Andruss (played by Dennis Lipscomb)
    • Helen Andruss (played by Judith Weston)
    • Louisa Beckwith (played by Ruth Silveira)
    • Horace Beckwith (played by Calvin Bartlett)
    • Nora Cramer (played by Betty McGuire)
  • Episode 21
  • Episode 22

Season nine

Post-series movies

  • Little House: Look Back to Yesterday
  • Little House: The Last Farewell


  • Dogs: Jack and Bandit
  • Horses: Pet and Patty
  • Pony: Bunny
  • Goat: Fred
  • Bull: Fagan
  • Raccoon: Jasper

Ingalls's and Wilder's genealogy

The Ingalls family

Charles Ingalls
Caroline Lake Quiner
James Wilder
Angeline Day
Mary Ingalls
Carrie Ingalls
Charles Frederic Ingalls
Grace Ingalls
Laura Wilder
Royal Wilder
Eliza Jane Wilder
Alice Wilder
Perley Wilder{{{ }}}
Laura Ingalls
Almanzo Wilder
Rose Wilder
Son died shortly after birth was unnamed
  • Ingalls line :
Henry Ingalls and Joan/Johan Wytton
Robert Ingalls (1563-1617) and Elizabeth x (1567-1631)
Edmund Ingalls (1598-1648) and Ann Tripp (1599-1648)
Henry Ingalls (1627-1718) and Mary Osgood (1633-1686)
Samuel Ingalls (1654-1733) and Sarah Hendrick (1661-1738)
Samuel Ingalls Jr. (1683-1747) and Mary E. Watts (1687-?)
Timothy Ingalls (1720-1757) and ?

  • Delano line :
Jonathan Delano (b.1647) and Mercy Warren (1658–1727) (gdau. of Richard Warren of the Mayflower)
Jonathan Delano (b.1680) and Amy Hatch (b.1687)
Jabez Delano (b.1708) and Prudence Hibbard (b.1711)

  • Colby line :
Matthew Colby (b.1530) and (from 1555) Mary (last name unknown) (b.1532)
Thomas Colby (b.1567) and (from May 4, 1596) Anne Jackson (b.1571)
Anthony Colby (b.1605) and (from 1632) Susanna Haddon (b.1608)
John Colby (b.1633) and (from January 14, 1655) Frances Hoyt (b.1636)
John Colby (b.1656) and (from December 27, 1675) Sarah Eldridge (b.1658)
Joseph Colby (b.1680) and (from November 22, 1704) Anne Bartlett (b.1684)
Nathan Colby (b.1710) and (from December 18, 1735) Hannah Worthen (b.1716)

Jonathan Ingalls (1750–1834)
Martha Jane Locke (1753–1785)
Jonathan Delano (1735–1811)
Anne Ladd (1734–1816)
Ezekiel Colby (1739–1791)
Sally Fowler (1734–1834)
Elijah Blood (1748–1826)
Eunice Sleeman (1758–1811)
Samuel Ingalls (1771–1841)
Margaret Delano (1773–1837)
Nathan Colby (1778–1857)
Eunice Blood (1782–1862)
Lansford Ingalls (1812–1896)
Laura Colby (1810–1883)
Peter Ingalls (1833–1900)
"baby boy" Ingalls (1835–1835)
Charles Ingalls (1836–1902)
Lydia Ingalls (1838–1913)
Polly Ingalls (1840–1886)
Lansford Ingalls (1842–1928)
Laura Ingalls (1845–1918)
Hiram Ingalls (1848–1923)
George Ingalls (1851–1901)
Ruby Ingalls (1855–1881)

Based on the data from : The Genealogy of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder

  • Peter Riley Ingalls (1833–1900) – born in Cuba, New York. On June 5, 1861, in Brookfield, Wisconsin married Eliza Ann Quiner (see : The Quiners) and they had 6 children (see below). They left Pepin in 1874, together with Laura's family, and stopped in Zumbro Falls, Minnesota. Next they moved to South Troy, Minnesota where the Ingalls visited them for some time (in 1876).
    • Alice Josephine Ingalls (Apr 23, 1862 – January 30, 1934) – married Arthur Whiting. They had five children, born between 1883 and 1899 (Altha Whiting Taylor, Jay Whiting, Fred Whiting, Vena Whiting Clark and Roy Whiting).
    • Ella Estella Ingalls (Jan 23, 1865 – March 9, 1945) – married Leslie Lee Whiting and had four sons, born between 1885 and 1894 (Earl Whiting, Floyd Whiting, Harry Whiting and Clarence Whiting). She spent some time in DeSmet, with her husband and the eldest baby Earl Leland.
    • Peter Franklin Ingalls (Nov 16, 1866 – September 23, 1932) – lived with Laura and Almanzo in De Smet for a while. Married Mary Edith "Molly" McGowin and they had between seven and eight children (presumed to be Edith Ingalls, Alexander Ingalls, Florence Ingalls Lindsey, Pearlie Ingalls Chiles, Fred Ingalls, Mary Ingalls, Mable Ingalls Mims and an unnamed infant)
    • Lansford Newcomb Ingalls (b. April 5, 1870)
    • Edith Florence "Dolly Varden" (Jun 23, 1872 – July 13, 1951), on June 9, 1892 married Heil Nelson Bingham and they had eight children, born between 1893 and 1912 (Frederick Bingham, Estella Bingham Mahoney, Pearl Bingham Shanahan, Percy Bingham, Mabel Bingham Leverty, Thomas Bingham, Edna Bingham and James Bingham).
    • Edmond Llewellyn Ingalls (b. August 26, 1880), married Edith Mae Ide and they had 6 children. (Lois Ingalls Gibson, Herbert Ingalls, Wallace Ingalls, Margaret Ingalls Cowsar and William Ingalls).
  • "baby boy" Ingalls (1835–1835). Died at approximately two weeks of age, of "convulsions", and had not been named yet.
  • Charles Phillip Ingalls (1836–1902) – Laura's father
  • Lydia Louise Ingalls (1838–1913) – on January 15, 1856, she married Robert Fulton Clough and later – in 1859, Joseph Stouff. She had five children, first of whom was Clough's.
    • Issac Lafayette Clough (1858-1893, got married in 1876)
    • Amos Alvin Stouff (1860-1893)
    • Minnie Stouff (1868-1941)
    • Amy Stouff (1870-1947)
    • Robert Stouff (1875-1926)
  • Polly Melona Ingalls (1840–1886) – born in Cuba, New York. In 1859 married Henry Odin Quiner (see : The Quiners) and they had seven children (see below). The family left Pepin with Laura's family in 1868 and both families stopped in Rothville, Missouri. In 1869 they returned to Pepin. Some time later they went West.
    • Louisa Martha Quiner (1860-1917), m. Walter Smith and had at least one son, William Smith
    • Charles Henry Quiner (1862-1881)
    • James Albert Quiner (1865-1947), m. Gertrude Frances Price (1866–1945) in 1903
    • Charlotte A. "Lottie" Quiner (1867-), m. Charles Sheldon (1857-1942) and had three daughters (May Sheldon Scharen, Grace Sheldon and Blanche Sheldon)
    • George Lansford Quiner (1870-1884)
    • Lillian M. "Lillie" Quiner (1873-1881)
    • Ruby Quiner (1878-1885)
  • Lansford James Ingalls (1842–1928) – was married twice; to Sarah Dickinson (1846–1897) and later to Mary Dickinson. Both of them were born in England.
    • Samuel James Ingalls (1866-1933)
    • Sara Belle Ingalls (1870-1856)
    • William Walter Ingalls (1872-1846)
    • Mary Elizabeth Ingalls (1874-1923)
    • Andrew Jackson Ingalls (1876-1959)
    • Charles Reuben Ingalls (1878-1880)
    • Edward Eugene Ingalls (1881-1888)
    • Horace Foster Ingalls (1883-1888)
    • Olive May Ingalls (1885-1888)
    • Martha Esther Ingalls (1887-1977)
  • Laura Ladocia "Docia" Ingalls (July 8, 1845 – January 18, 1918) – married August Waldvogel (divorced later) and the couple had two children (see below). Next she married Hiram "Hi" Forbes and they had seven daughters. Hiram was a contractor for the Chicago and North Western Railway. They spent some time in DeSmet with the Ingalls but soon moved to Nebraska. They lost contact. Hiram died in 1906, and Docia subsequently moved to Colorado. She died twelve years later.
    • Lena Evelyn Waldvogel (1866–1943), m. Samuel Aughey Heikes and they had eight children (Agnes Heikes Kate, Eugene Heikes, Marion Heikes Lueder, Samuel Heikes, Lola Heikes Flack, Winfred Heikes, Warren Heikes and Geraldine Heikes Sloan)
    • August Eugene "Jean" Waldvogel (1870-1945), m. first Maria Luella Harmon and subsequently Leona Beatrice Hinton, and had seven children in total (Earl Waldvogel, William Waldvogel, Velma Waldvogel Mellor, Verne Waldvogel, Ernest Waldvogel, Robert Waldvogel and Leonard Waldvogel). Died in a car accident along with Leona, Verne and Leonard.
    • Ida May Forbes (1875-1953), m. Charles W. Norman
    • Adeline Forbes (1877-1936), m. Algernon "Al" Russell
    • Emma Laura Forbes (1879-1912), m. Henry Schneider
    • Mary Amanda Forbes (1881-1958), m. Edward Oscar Baker
    • Maud Marie Forbes (1884-1983), m. Joseph Gregg or John Gunderson
    • Frances I. Forbes (1887-1968), m. Joseph Halda
    • Katie P. Forbes (1890-1919) - possibly married a man with the surname Wilton
  • Hiram Lemuel Ingalls (1848–1923) – on October 18, 1867, married Sarah Elizabeth Woodward (1847–1910) and on February 27, 1919 – Ellen Parker
    • Laura Eliza Ingalls (1867–1943), m. John Monroe Butterfield (1856–1943)
    • Ruby Evaline Ingalls (1871–1941), m. Austin Johnson Beers (1852–1929) in 1884 and William E. Garrison (1874–1947) in 1931
    • Phillip L. Ingalls
    • Sarah Jeanette Ingalls (1877–1956), m. Emil Otto Kreiner (1865–1937) and later Bernard Connor (1871–1914) in 1896
    • Mary Rose Ellen Ingalls (1880–1951), m. Marion Ormal Kezer (1875–1942)
    • Hiram LeRoy "Roy" Ingalls (1882–1949), m. Mathilda Bartosh (1883–1966) in 1901
    • Leo Vincent Kreiner Ingalls (1896–1974), m. Viola Edna Edgerton. Adopted by Hiram in 1898.
  • George Whiting Ingalls (1851–1901) - married Julia E. Bard (1858–1910) in Alden, Wisconsin, and moved with her to Webster, Wisconsin
    • "baby boy" Ingalls (b. 1878) - died shortly after birth
    • "baby boy" Ingalls (b. 1880) - died shortly after birth
    • Benjamin Ingalls (1884-1885) - suffocated on the way back from a family visit
  • Ruby Celestia Ingalls (1855–1881) - married Joseph Card (1849-1923)
    • George Card (?)
    • Sherman Card (?)
    • Alma Josephine "Dolly Varden" Card (1880-1885)

NOTE: A second daughter of Ruby Ingalls Card, Lettie Letishia Card Anderson, is listed as being born in 1888, seven years after Ruby's death. How this is possible is unknown.

The Quiner family

William Quiner (1773–1831)
Margaret Doer
Lewis Tucker (1779–1870)
Martha Gráinne Morse (1772–1862)
Henry Quiner (1809–1844)
Charlotte Tucker (1809–1884)
Frederic M. Holbrook (1819-1874)
Martha Quiner (1832–1836)
Joseph Quiner (1834–1862)
Henry Quiner (1835–1880)
Martha Quiner (1837–1927)
Caroline Quiner (1839–1924)
Eliza Quiner (1842–1931)
Thomas Quiner (1844–1903)
Charlotte Holbrook (1854–1939)

(Laura's maternal great-great-grandparents)
Allan Alexander Morse and Margaret Drummond *These are fictional names. Real names unknown.

(Laura's maternal great-grandparents)
Lewis Tucker (1779–1870) and Martha Gráinne Morse (1772–1862)
William Quiner (1773–1831) and Margaret Doer (1774–1839)

(Laura's maternal grandparents)
Charlotte Tucker and Henry Quiner

THEIR CHILDREN (Laura's aunts and uncles) :
  • Martha Morse Quiner (1832–1836)
  • Joseph Carpenter Quiner (1834–1862). He married Nancy Frank in Wisconsin in 1856. Died of wounds suffered at the Battle of Shiloh.
    • Frank R Quiner (1859–1944)
    • John Carpenter Quiner (1861–1950)
  • Henry Odin Quiner (1835–1880) – born on December 7 in Ohio. He married Polly Ingalls (for more – see above)
  • Martha Jane Quiner (1837–1927) – married Charles Carpenter in 1860 and had fourteen children.
    • William Augustus Carpenter (1861–1884)
    • Joseph Quiner Carpenter (1863–1923) married Elizabeth C.Reese.
      • Phoebe Carpenter
      • Joseph Carpenter
      • Elizabeth Carpenter
      • Clara Carpenter
      • Martha Carpenter
      • Charles Carpenter
      • Theodore Carpenter
      • Donald Carpenter
      • Lillian Carpenter
      • Emilie Carpenter
    • Lettice "Lottie" Jane Carpenter (1864–1949)
    • Nancy Cora Carpenter (1865–1955)
    • Martha Eliza Carpenter (1868–1871)
    • Millicent Ann Carpenter (1869–1960)
    • Charles Carr Carpenter (1871–1918)
    • Emma Bertha Carpenter (1873–1955)
    • Etta Minerva Carpenter (1874–1899)
    • Martha Josephine Carpenter (1876–1962)
    • Marion Caroline Carpenter (1879–1939)
    • Myrtie Emmeline Carpenter (1879–1956)
    • Thomas Quiner Carpenter (1882–1944)
    • George Lockwood Carpenter (1882–1954)
  • Caroline Lake Quiner (December 12, 1839 – April 20, 1924) – Laura's mother
  • Eliza Ann Quiner (1842–1931) – born on April 21 in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Both families – the Ingalls and the Quiners – moved several times and stopped finally in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Eliza married Peter Ingalls in Concord, Wisconsin, on June 5, 1861 (for more – see above).
  • Thomas Lewis Quiner (1844–1903) – born on November 23. He married Lillian Graham 'Lily' Hill (1858-1924) and they had six children. They lived for some time in DeSmet. Died in an accident at the Columbia River on February 23, 1903.
    • Helen Marion Quiner (1881-1961)
    • Alice Quiner (1882-1883)
    • Donald Quiner (1885-1887)
    • Lillian Josephine Quiner (1887-1959)
    • Dugald Lewis Quiner (1889-1964)
    • John Hill Quiner (1900-1978)

Henry Quiner died in October 1844 in the sinking of a trading ship on the Great Lakes. Charlotte Tucker Quiner remarried, to Frederic Holbrook, and they had one child

  • Charlotte Elizabeth "Lottie" Holbrook (January 20, 1854 – February 15, 1939). She married Henry Moore (b. 1852) in 1875 and they had five children.
    • Frederick Moore (b. 1878)
    • Arvin Moore (b. 1880)
    • Harry C. Moore (b. 1882)
    • Ralph Moore (b. 1887)
    • Pearl Eva Moore (b. 1888)

Charlotte Tucker

Lewis Tucker
Martha Morse
Betsy Tucker (1800–?)
Lewis Tucker (1802–?)
Linus Tucker (1802–?)
Lydia Tucker
Thomas Tucker (1807–?)
Charlotte Tucker
Caroline Tucker (1811–?)
Mary Tucker
Nancy Tucker (1816–?)
George Tucker(1820–1821)

Charlotte Wallis Tucker was born on May 25, 1809 in Roxbury, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston). She died September 20, 1884 in Rome, Wisconsin. Her mostly fictionalised story was described in the four-book series The Charlotte Years by Melissa Wiley. Charlotte was maternal grandmother to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

As a young woman, Charlotte married Henry Newton Quiner from Connecticut. She was the first woman in her family to travel west, living in Ohio and Indiana before settling in the frontier town of Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Martha Morse

Allan Alexander Morse
Margaret Drummond
Grisell "Grisie" Morse (b. 1774)
Alisdair Morse (b.1776)
Robert "Robbie" Morse (b.1778)
Duncan Morse (b.1780)
Martha Morse

Martha Morse was born on January 2, 1782 in Scotland, where her father was a wealthy landowners in the Scottish Highlands. Her mostly fictionalised story was told in the four-book series The Martha Years, by Melissa Wiley. Martha was Charlotte Tucker's mother and great-grandmother to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Martha married Lewis Tucker, a blacksmith's son. Lewis and Martha travelled to the United States and began their new life near Boston, Massachusetts, becoming the first of Laura's ancestors to immigrate to America.

The Wilder family

Daniel Wilder (1764–1851)
Mary Polly Gould (1765–1828)
Thomas Payne
Sarah Stewart Mason
Abel Wilder (1784–1849)
Hannah Payne (1790–1842)
Royal Gould Wilder (1809–1815)
Thomas Payne Wilder (1811–?)
James Mason Wilder (1813-1899)
Hannah Payne Wilder (1814–1891)
Royal Gould Wilder (1816–1887)
Phoebe Wilder (1821–1890)
Polly Maria Wilder (1824–1851)
William Wilder (1828–1909)
Sarah Charlotte Wilder (1820–1892)
Joshua Prince Wilder (1832–1832)
  • Royal Gould Wilder (1809–1815)
  • Thomas Payne Wilder (1811–?)
  • James Mason Wilder (1813-1899) – Almanzo's father. Married Angeline Albina Day.
    • Laura Ann Wilder (1844–1899) – born June 15, 1844, in 1874 married Harrison Lomanzo Howard.
      • Kearny Howard (step-child, born c.1869)
      • Angelina Esther Howard (1876–1964), in 1897 married Fred Merritt.
        • Ralph Merritt
        • Ethel Merritt
        • Howard Merritt
      • Harrison J.Howard (1878–1918)
      • Josephine Howard (1880–1918), married to William Walker
      • Ralph Waldo Howard (1881–1934), married to Estelle C.
        • Charles E. Howard (1908–1978)
        • Clarence Howard (1909–1913)
        • James J. Howard (1911–1981)
        • Ralph R. Howard (1913–1921)
        • Ralph Waldo Howard (1914–1976)
        • Paul Martin Howard (1920–1923)
    • Royal Gould Wilder (1847–1925), born February 20, 1847. In 1893, married Electa Averill Hutchison.
      • Ethel Hutchinson (step-child, died 1905), married Willard Stevens (died in 1928)
      • Clyde Hutchinson (step-child), married Edna Baily
      • Rae Hutchinson (step-child), married Bertha Luedtke (died 1910)
      • Mae Hutchinson (step-child), in 1912 married George Pooler
      • Angeline Bernice Wilder (1894–1957), in 1917 married Arlow Laging and in 1929, George Granger.
      • "baby girl" Wilder (stillborn in 1897)
      • Susan E. Wilder (1898–1899)
    • Eliza Jane Wilder (1850–1930), born January 3, 1850. In 1893, married Thomas Jefferson Thayer and in 1904, Maxwell Gordon. Died in Los Angeles.
      • Walcott Wilder Thayer (1894–1965), in 1918 married Frances Cockrell.
        • Walter Thayer – married Elaine Ditch
          • Cynthia Thayer
          • Walter Thayer
        • Francis Gervaise Thayer – married Alena Jobe.
          • Thomas Thayer
          • Larry Thayer
        • Betty Mae Thayer – married a man with the surname Raymond, and later, married a man with the surnam Huey.
          • Cynthia Raymond
          • Walter Raymond
          • David Huey
          • Joan Huey
          • Donald Huey
    • Alice Maria Wilder (1853–1892), born September 3, 1853. In 1879 married Albert A.Baldwin (1848–1905). Died in Florida.
      • Myrtle Baldwin (1880–1945), married to John R. Brown
      • Leland Edward Baldwin (1884–1913)
    • Almanzo Wilder (1857–1949)
    • Perley Day Wilder (1869–1934), born June 13, 1869, In 1897 married Elsie Lillian Merritt (1879–1948). Died in Los Angeles.
      • James Wilder (1903–1990), married Thelma Gricourt
      • Gladys Wilder (1905–1987)
      • Harold O. Wilder (1909–2003)
      • Perley Wilder Jr., (1912–1977), married to Ethel Smith, and later, Dolores Moore
      • Dorothy A. Wilder (1914–1966). Married to Carl Pittman
      • John Wilder (1916–1916)
  • Hannah Payne Wilder (1814–1891)
  • Royal Gould Wilder (1816–1887) – born after his eldest brother's death (and so named after him). He became a reverend and married Eliza Jane Smith (1822-1910).
    • Edward Payson Wilder (1847-1890)
    • Mary Jane Wilder (b.1856)
    • William Royal Wilder (1858-1925)
    • Grace Evelyn Wilder (1861-1911)
    • Robert Parmelee Wilder (1863-1938)
  • Phoebe Wilder (1821–1890) – married Joseph C.Lamson.
    • Chester Lamson (1854–1934) – married Catherine McDonough.
      • Mabel Lamson (1888–1982)
    • Charles Lamson
    • Gussie Lamson
    • "baby girl" Lamson
  • Polly Maria Wilder (1824–1851)
  • William Wilder (1828–1909) - married Adeline Hastins (1831-1909)
    • William A. "Willie" Wilder (1847-1860)
    • George Wilder (1868-1922)
  • Sarah Charlotte Wilder (1820–1892) – married Andrew Day (her sister-in-law's – Almanzo's mother – brother)
    • Carrie May Day (1856–1898) – married Orville Everett.
      • Frances Everett – married a man with the last name of Smith.
        • Dorothy Belle Smith
    • Elmer A.Day (1862–1947) – married to Mary MacMaster (1864–1945)
    • Willard R.Day (1858–1891) – married Emma Hubbard
    • Grace Day (1864–1894) – married to Grant Collins
  • Joshua Prince Wilder (1832–1832)

The Day family

Justin Day, I
Justin Day, II
Diadema Bateman (1794–1868)
Laura Day (1819–?)
Delia Day (1824–?)
Angelina Albina Day (1819-1905)
Celinda A.Day (1826–?)
Andrew Day
John Wesley Day (1829–1907)
George W.Day (1821–1872)
  • Laura Day (1819–?)
  • Delia Day (1824–?)
  • Angelina Albina Day (1819-1905) – married James Mason Wilder and they had six children, including Almanzo James Wilder (Laura Ingalls Wilder's husband). For more information, see above.
  • Celinda A.Day (1826–?)
  • Andrew J. Day (1828–1894) – married Sarah Charlotte Wilder (1820–1892) and they had four children. For more information, see the Wilders' tree above (since Sarah was a sister of Almanzo's father).
  • John Wesley Day (1829–1907) – married Alcesta Lindy.
    • Fred Day
    • Frank Day
    • Albert Day
    • Wilton Day
  • George W.Day (1831–1873)

Neighbors, friends and acquaintances

Real people

  • Robert and Ellie Boast, were neighbors and friends of the Ingalls family.[2][3]
  • Reverend Edward Brown,[4][5] was the reverend and Ingalls's neighbour in De Smet, South Dakota
  • Ida Wright-Brown, was an adopted daughter of the Reverend and Laura's school friend in De Smet
  • Oscar Edmund "Cap" Garland was one of the male school friends of Laura. He saved the town from starvation by going 15 miles to find wheat in a blizzard, along with Almanzo Wilder.[6]
  • Florence Adelia Garland Dawley was a teacher in De Smet and an older sister of Cap Garland.[7]
  • Mary Power,[8][9] was Laura's friend in De Smet
  • Neta Seal,[10] was a real-life close friend of grown-up Laura in Mansfield, Missouri
  • Dr. Tann,[11] was the Indian's doctor in Kansas, during Ingalls's stay there

Characters based on real people

  • Lew Brewster was a pseudonym for Louis Bouchie, a homesteader who offered Laura her first teaching job.
  • Mr. Edwards, Ingalls's fictional friend
  • The Kennedy Family were the Ingalls's neighbors in Walnut Grove, Minnesota and their children went to school with Mary and Laura
  • Nellie Oleson was actually three real people: Nellie Owens, Genevieve Masters, and Stella Gilbert.
  • Soldat du Chene,[12] was a fictional Osage chief in Kansas, during Ingalls's stay there


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