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List of Flight 29 Down episodes

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following is a list of episodes of the Discovery Kids' series Flight 29 Down which premiered on October 1, 2005 and ended on August 25, 2007. A total of 30 episodes were produced spanning 3 seasons.

Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
113October 1, 2005 (2005-10-01)March 18, 2006 (2006-03-18)
213September 9, 2006 (2006-09-09)March 10, 2007 (2007-03-10)
34August 25, 2007 (2007-08-25)


Season 1 (2005–06)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"The Arrival"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHale & Stan RogowOctober 1, 2005 (2005-10-01)
Ten teens from the Hartwell school are flying to a class eco-adventure to Palau on a small plane with a pilot. During a thunderstorm, the plane is struck by lightning, forcing the pilot to leave the plane in the ocean, but sees a patch of land and decides to crash there. The plane is next seen on the beach, resting on the sand, with smoke coming from one of the wings with the call letters, 29 DWN visible on the side. Everyone is alive, but they're stuck on an island with nothing but freeze dried food, a crippled airplane, camping gear, and each other. The group has a meeting and although many don't think they should split, the pilot and three of the students (Abby, Jori and Ian) leave to look for help. After the pilot leaves, everyone realizes that despite his maturity, he is unfit to be a leader. Each member of the group goes off and deals with the crash in a different way; Daley organizes food and water, Jackson goes off and listens to music, Taylor and Eric go to swim. Throughout the episode Lex is ignored and appears to play in the water. Towards the end, Jackson finally listens to Lex who tells him about the dangers of the tide coming in. The group realizes Lex is right and begin to pull the plane from the rising tide. The others return with the pilot after hours of searching and announce they have found nothing. (Day One – Morning to Day One – Midday)
22"The Quest For Fire"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleOctober 8, 2005 (2005-10-08)
The pilot and three students leave because they hope to find something on the island. Daley and Nathan fight for the leader's role in his absence, which disgruntles the rest of the camp. Nathan tries to make a fire by using wood and friction and becomes stubborn by saying that his way is the only way of getting the fire started. Melissa finds matches but runs into the ocean on a dare from Taylor and Eric, making the matches useless. They act as if nothing is wrong. Taylor is ignorant and thinks help is already on the way. Meanwhile, Daley and Lex search for a suitable campsite; Daley concludes that she has found one despite the wet ground – until Lex points out that leeches have attached themselves to Daley's leg from the ground moisture. Nathan forces everyone to keep trying his way of building a fire until he finally concedes defeat, at which point Jackson unveils his lighter. At first, everyone thinks Jackson is a bully for concealing this. But, people begin to realize that Jackson is teaching Nathan to calm down and get a grip. Lex uses a hot stick from the fire to burn the leeches off Daley. (Day One – Midday to End of Day One)
33"It's Lonely at the Top"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleOctober 15, 2005 (2005-10-15)
After a restless first night of sleep, the group decides on a secret ballot to choose the leader. Daley takes charge of the food and decides to exaggerate the amount left until after the election. Nathan tries to find food in the jungle but falls from a tree while trying to climb it. Jackson and Lex find him unconscious but unharmed. Melissa and Taylor get into a fight when the battery on the video camera runs out, and seek Daley's help in settling it, but Jackson finally points them to Lex's find of a solar-powered battery charger on the plane. In the vote, Daley and Nathan vote for themselves, Jackson doesn't vote, and everyone else votes for Jackson as the leader. (Day Two – Morning to Day Two – Midday)
44"Not a Drop to Drink"Steve De JarnattD. J. MacHaleOctober 22, 2005 (2005-10-22)
The group on the beach is running out of fresh water. Daley and Eric search for a source of water, while Nathan designs a method to capture water condensation. In the end, Nathan's method produces about a half-cup of water, while Daley's digging in the leech-infested grass strikes an underground spring, thus solving the water problems. Jackson does not agree on becoming leader, until Melissa talks him into it. Jackson then assigns chores: Daley is in charge of rationing the food and water, Nathan of organizing food searches in the jungle, Melissa of the lighter and the fire, Eric of hauling water from the spring, and Taylor of keeping the batteries charged. Lex uses Daley's iPod to create a sound system using the plane's speakers. (Day Two – Midday to End of Day Two)
55"A Fish Story"Steve De JarnattD. J. MacHaleOctober 29, 2005 (2005-10-29)
With the dried food running out, Nathan, Daley, and Lex have to find food in the jungle. Nathan tries to prove himself by climbing up the tree he previously fell from. Meanwhile, Jackson tries to help out by catching fish, with little success. Eric fakes an ankle injury in order to avoid work altogether, and Melissa carries water for him. Jackson finds a series of three messages in his tent that help him to finally catch fish (use a hook, fish in rocky water, use shiny stones). Nathan succeeds at climbing the tree, only to retrieve 6 coconuts. Then, Daley and Lex show him the other fruit they found, which is plentiful (bananas, mangoes, etc.), and Nathan is embarrassed for not listening to them. At the end of the episode, everyone is seen full after eating all the fruit and fish. Eric belches. Taylor belches like a man and she, Melissa, and Eric laugh. Daley tells Nathan that, even though he didn't listen to her, his effort in climbing the coconut palm was very brave. Jackson thanks Lex, whom he thinks left him the notes on how to fish, but Lex looks confused – and then Lex gives Taylor an earring that he found in the boys' tent, which was part of one of the clues (and identifies Taylor as their source). Taylor winks at Jackson. (Day Three)
66"The Pits"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleNovember 6, 2005 (2005-11-06)
Daley is fed up with Taylor because she isn't doing her share of the work. Meanwhile, Lex finds a signal kite that he and Nathan build together but is destroyed due to Nathan's recklessness with the flare gun. To prove themselves, Taylor digs a bathroom pit, and Daley realizes that everyone doesn't do things her way, but they can still contribute. Daley thinks she has sunburn, but Nathan identifies it as an allergic reaction to her sunburn cream. (Day Four)
77"The Cry of the Wolf"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleNovember 13, 2005 (2005-11-13)
Eric blackmails Melissa into doing his share of the work by threatening to tell Jackson about her crush on him. Nathan has to borrow a skirt to wear because he has a rash on his legs from wearing wet pants and gets teased by the others. Meanwhile, Lex finds some raw oysters. Lex doesn't know if they're poisoned or not. Still everyone eats them after Jackson tries them first. Eric gets hives from eating them because he is allergic to shell fish and collapses. Melissa gives him an allergy shot from the first aid kit and saves him. (Day Five)
88"Survival of the Fittest"Tim O'DonnellD. J. MacHaleNovember 20, 2005 (2005-11-20)
Taylor spreads Melissa's secret that she likes Jackson, after she accidentally burns a part of Taylor's shirt. Melissa runs away and falls off a cliff. However, Taylor feels guilty so she looks for Melissa. Taylor also falls off the cliff and then Lex and Jackson go to look for them. Lex and Jackson find them and save them. Meanwhile, Daley and Nathan find a wild pig and are deciding whether to kill it or not. They eventually let it go. (Day Six)
99"Mazeathon"Tim O'DonnellD. J. MacHaleDecember 3, 2005 (2005-12-03)
Nathan and Daley nearly get into a fight with Jackson over building a raft. To try to bring the survivors together, Lex builds an obstacle course and challenges the others to a competition. Lex builds it as a way to celebrate his birthday which Daley completely forgot about. Jackson was glad he was against Nathan and he ended up winning after sprinting. The raft that Jackson was building was actually a distress signal which they send into the water. In the episode Jackson wears converse low tops, but in the novel The Seven, Jackson had two pairs of sandals, one of which started to blister his feet which had him run slower. Nathan uses that to an advantage, but Jackson fought the pain and had Nathan beat until the last run back to the finish line. Jackson told Nathan to get a head start at the end so he would strap off his sandals to be barefoot; while Nathan wore a pair of canvas slip-ons, barefoot Jackson sprinted in his bare feet to the finish line and beat Nathan who was running slower due to his shoes and already tired. Jackson remains barefoot for the rest of the book. (Day Seven)
1010"Eight is Enough"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleDecember 10, 2005 (2005-12-10)

Nathan and Eric discover a distress message that leads them to believe that there is someone else on the island.

Meanwhile, Daley and Melissa fight over a lost necklace that they found in the plane, Taylor holds the necklace until they resolve their differences. As it turns out the necklace belongs to Abby, one of the original castaways who was recently rescued by the others after leaving that message. (Day Eight – Morning to Day Eight – Midday)
1111"Abby Normal"Tim O'DonnellD. J. MacHaleDecember 17, 2005 (2005-12-17)
A recently rescued Abby finds that much has changed since the crash, making it hard to fit in with the other survivors. In the end, Abby and Lex makes a surprise for the others. But then Abby sneaks off to find the rest of her friends. (Day Eight – Midday to Day Nine – Morning)
1212"Until Proven Guilty"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleDecember 24, 2005 (2005-12-24)
All the castaways have been making video diaries to document their personal feelings about the trip and each other. After awakening one morning and finding out that their video tapes have been stolen, they all worry that their secrets will be exposed. Daley and Nathan figure out that Lex is the only one who had an opportunity.
1313"Scratch"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleJanuary 1, 2006 (2006-01-01)
The beginning of this episode, Lex reveals his actions to the "judge" (Jackson) and the "jury" (Nathan, Taylor, and Melissa), along with the lawyers Daley and Eric. It turns out Lex stole the tapes to keep Eric from blackmailing someone and to divert suspicion, had to take everyone's tape. In one of the tapes, Jackson says that he hopes they never get rescued, because the police are looking for him back home. Jackson, angry and betrayed leaves the group along with his gear. Nathan and Melissa decide to go look for him, knowing he's left. Meanwhile, Taylor steps on something sharp on the beach that has embedded itself in her foot. Though Daley wants to help find Jackson, she stays behind with Taylor and sends Eric as punishment for his blackmailing. Lex stays behind sending radio transmissions. Taylor is not cooperative when trying to remove the spike (FYI, it's from a sea urchin) so Daley calls Lex away from the radio to help. As he leaves, someone answers his mayday call. Meanwhile, Eric leaves Nathan and Melissa in the search as soon as it begins raining. Later, Jackson finds Eric huddled under a tree, lost and scared. Jackson agrees to bring Eric back to camp and leave again. Back at camp, Lex receives a distant return on his S.O.S., only to realize that he can't be near the plane in an electric storm. Taylor doesn't care and sends a transmission. Nathan realizes that the antenna is down. Nathan erects the antenna again and receives a signal, in which the pilot keeps saying "Please identify, repeat 29er, did not copy your mayday transmission". Daley knocks him away from the plane as lightning struck with only seconds to spare. Eric and Jackson return to the beach and before he can leave again, Melissa convinces Jackson to stay. The next day, the castaways awaken to find the main fuselage, and the port wing of the airplane gone, leaving scraps of metal, wire, a main cabin door, and half of the starboard wing on the beach.

Season 2 (2006–07)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
141"Look Who's Not Talking"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleSeptember 9, 2006 (2006-09-09)
After the storm, Everyone tries to rebuild. All the food supplies have been washed out to sea and nothing is left to eat. Taylor is in shock because of the destruction of the plane and their hopeless situation and she won't speak. Eric wants to build his own shelter since everyone found out there is only one left. He doesn't want to be all cramped up with six other people in one small tent. Eric works with Lex to build his shelter, but makes critical design flaws. Lex finds an assortment of fruits and vegetables and plants their seeds so more can grow. Although it seems their food problems have been solved, the fruit and vegetables won't grow until at least 2 months pass. Lex shows Jackson the garden, but Jackson is anxious because if they remain on the island to eat it, that will mean they haven't been rescued by that time. Daley and Nathan scout out new areas for shelter. After an argument between the castaways, Jackson gets fed up and doesn't want to deal with the drama, he decides he no longer wants to be the leader. Later a meeting is called and attended by everyone, but Eric. Nathan voices his opinion and everyone agrees for Daley to be appointed leader. During the conversation, Eric continues to cut down a tree. It falls on his abysmal shelter, crushing it easily. Taylor laughs and they find out that was all she needed to return to her normal self. (Day Eleven – Morning to End of Day Eleven)
152"Groundbreaking"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleSeptember 16, 2006 (2006-09-16)
Eric finds an old ammo box buried in the sand and doesn't want to share it with anyone else. While the others imagine what might be inside the box based on their own personal needs. Finally, after a tussle with Jackson the box is opened and they find an old picture of a World War II soldier, a dog tag and a letter. In the letter it says how the soldier and his troop were trapped on that very island and the dog tag signifies how they were never found. The castaways each dedicate a shrine in their memory. Nathan tries to tell Daley how he feels about her but is constantly being interrupted. (Day Twelve – Morning to End of Day Twelve)
163"She Said, He Said, She Said"Steve De JarnattD. J. MacHaleSeptember 23, 2006 (2006-09-23)
Nathan is still trying to tell Daley how he really feels but decides it's too awkward. So Melissa and he just keep it to themselves. With all this secrecy Taylor and Eric are being suspicious of foul play. So they both ask Melissa what's going on and she lies to them in order to keep Nathan's secret. Eventually, Taylor and Eric finally have come up with the answer, Melissa and Nathan are trying to hook up. So, when confronted about it Melissa can't keep her mouth shut any longer so she tells the group Nathan is in love with Daley. Meanwhile, Lex has come up with a plan to build a shelter and what it will look like. There were bumps in the road while building but in the end they got the roof of the shelter up. (Day 13)
174"The Uninvited"Steve De JarnattD. J. MacHaleSeptember 30, 2006 (2006-09-30)
Eric becomes "tired" of carrying water from the well to the campsite and since the only way to purify the water is by boiling it, he decides to hide the lighter (their only source of getting fire) to get out of doing his assigned job. He hides the lighter in the dirty laundry, Daley begins washing the clothes with Eric still thinks that the lighter is in there. But the lighter actually fell out of the clothes and got covered in the sand. Nathan drives the shovel into the sand breaking the lighter. Everyone else wonders how the lighter got there, they ask Eric who of course lies, while they others already know that he is lying. Also a large lizard is found in the tent, and after Melissa suggests it, everyone agrees that Eric should go in there and get it out as punishment for what he did. Eric goes into the tent and handles the lizard without any hesitation and takes it into the bushes. After everyone else leaves, Melissa walks over to Eric who thanks her for not revealing that the reason he was unafraid about handling the lizard was because he has one as a pet back home. (Day 14)
185"The Tide"Steve De JarnattD. J. MacHaleOctober 7, 2006 (2006-10-07)
Everyone is still upset with Eric for breaking the lighter and everyone gets a new responsibility except for him. Nathan is still trying to talk to Daley about their "relationship" now that she knows about Nathan's crush on her but she keeps changing subject. They then find that the plane has washed up on the shore and alert the others to their good fortune. They begin to decide whether to move up to the campsite, but realize they need more food, water, and fire before they begin. Taylor begins to make a diary by filming people as they collect food and back at camp, Nathan works to start a new fire. Nathan walks by Eric as he lies in the sand and accuses him of being unhelpful, when Eric asks what he could do to help, they walk over to the plane and Nathan tells him to begin taking things out to lighten the load. Nathan climbs on top of the plane and then gets his legs trapped under it as it tips over on him. Eric remains by his side for much of the time until the others return from their food search. The group returns with its fruit after an amount of time of going in circles. They find Eric's note, rush over to Nathan and rollover the plane to rescue him. After a hard day of teamwork, Eric surprises everyone by doing something productive and fixing the lighter. (Day 15 – Morning to Day 15 – Afternoon)
196"Where There's Smoke"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleOctober 14, 2006 (2006-10-14)
Taylor is causing a lot problems by leaving the solar panel in the sand and forgetting to use it to charge the solar-powered battery. She also uses the last bit of lighter fuel to light the candles, meaning that the lighter is now completely out of fuel. The castaways decide to take action with the plane by moving it from it place near the tide to the campsite. As they vote on the issue, the group reaches a tie and Taylors vote will decide the outcome. She surprises everyone by voting to move the plane and with the majority winning the vote, the castaways begin. They chop down logs to serve as skids so the plane can easily make its way onto the campsite and attach thick ropes to pull it along with. Taylor goes into the jungle to clean the solar panel without being bothered by anyone and Jackson appears from behind some trees. They talk with each other in the jungle and it is revealed that Taylor plays the cello and Jackson plays the guitar. As there is no source for fire, the castaways once again try to make fire by using a bow and lighting the wood with friction. All hope is lost until Taylor uses her cello-playing skills to finally get the fire started and redeem herself in the eyes of many members of the group. (Day 15 – Evening to End of Day 16)
207"Home Sweet Home"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleOctober 21, 2006 (2006-10-21)
In the episode before, the castaways began to start pulling the plane onto the first couple of skids. Now it is the next day and they are fully determined to get the plane by the firepit for shelter. Everyone, including those who voted to move the plane, are skeptical; they know it is the right course of action, but are still apprehensive. They do all they can by pulling and pushing the plane to higher ground until a miscommunication results in Nathan accidentally scraping his leg on one of the skid logs. First, some waterbottles have disappeared, and when they get the medical kit, Daley notices that some things are missing. Lex follows Eric discovers that he has been hiding supplies from the other castaways. He then tells Lex that the reason why he hid the supplies was because he wished to use them to one day go off on the island on his own. Lex agrees to keep Eric's secret, but inadvertently reveals it to Melissa. Nathan continues to work, despite his hurt leg and only stops after Melissa notices it has begun to bleed again. They can't seem to find the right cream to heal Nathan's leg until Eric volunteers to get the bag and secretly slips it in. Finally, they all use one last stretch of effort to get the plane onto the campsite. After Daley asks for the camp knife (which Eric hid in his stash), Eric pulls it out and hands it to her with a nod of approval from Lex. In the end despite all their prior doubts they all feel a sense of accomplishment from what they achieved. (Day 17 – Morning to Day 17 – Afternoon)
218"Chilloween"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleFebruary 3, 2006 (2006-02-03)
The episode starts with everyone getting notes reading 'it's coming' or 'the excitements building'. Taylor seems to be the only one who knows what is going on and reveals that she has created an imaginary holiday called Chilloween to try to raise everyone's spirits. Everyone agrees to have a holiday, except Daley who dismisses it as a joke. Trying to get into the holiday spirit, Nathan makes a bracelet for Daley to try to show her how much he likes her. She crushes his feelings by telling him that she knew it was a misunderstanding because they are too different for them to ever have a relationship. For the celebration each person presents a present to the group: Melissa draws pictures for everyone, Taylor makes jewelry for everyone, Lex makes a shower, Nathan prepares a feast, and Eric makes a tool for fire. Daley, who has nothing, runs off feeling foolish. Nathan theorizes that because it wasn't her idea, she didn't take it seriously and everyone begins to argue. Everything stops as Jackson sings and begins to play "I Won't Stand Alone" on the (still missing) pilot's guitar, with Taylor awed by him. Jackson and Taylor eye-flirt with one another after the song and as a result, Melissa gets upset and leaves to talk to Daley. At the end of the episode Daley points out that she likes Nathan but that it might be tough to have a relationship with all that is happening. Nathan feels angry after what Daley did to him decides he does not like her anymore. (Day 17 – Afternoon to End of Day 18, Chilloween)
229"Regrets"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleFebruary 10, 2007 (2007-02-10)
This episode starts off with Jackson cutting firewood and getting a bad stomach-ache. At first they have no clue of how Jackson became sick. Melissa, Lex and Eric come to his rescue. Melissa remembers when she first met Jackson... the first look into their past. Everyone helps out still wondering what is wrong with Jackson. It is revealed that Jackson became sick from drinking unsafe water. Melissa blames herself because she was the one who voted for Jackson to come to the island. By the end of the episode they find the antidote. Also, Lex and Eric get Eric's fire making device working. (Day 19 – Morning to End of Day 19)
2310"The Drift"Neal IsraelD. J. MacHaleFebruary 17, 2007 (2007-02-17)
Almost 3 weeks being stranded on the island, Day 20 begins. Eric finds a piece of board from Guam and figures out there could be a current near the island. Jackson is feeling better because of the antibiotics. He calls the group together (except for Taylor who was in the middle of a shower when Lex left) and they have an idea of building a raft to test the current to get off the island. Daley, as usual, disagrees along with Nathan because of the danger involved, but they are out-numbered 4-to-3. Daley questions their democracy if as a result they make bad decisions. Everyone begins to build the raft with Eric's instruction. An argument between Eric and the others ensues, listing reasons that each person cannot go; Eric can't swim, Melissa and Taylor aren't strong swimmers, Lex is too young and Jackson is sick. It is decided that even though they are against the idea, Daley and Nathan will be the ones to take the raft out. They talk alone with each other about their apprehension about the trip and Daley voices her opinion about the problems with democracy. Early morning, Day 21. The group brings the raft out to sea and Daley and Nathan set sail. The current acts as they predicted and brings them west toward Asia. The remaining group watches from the shore visibly nervous, with the exception of Eric who is happy his plan worked. Taylor leaves to tend to Jackson and they have a heart-to-heart conversation on what they think will happen to them. Daley and Nathan acknowledge that Eric was right; if they went east they would have sailed to somewhere within the Pacific Ocean, and that the raft really does work. Taylor and Jackson continue to talk and wonder if people are looking for them. Their friendship with each other which ends with Taylor laying her head on Jackson's shoulder and Jackson leaning against her head. Daley and Nathan realize they have gone too far out and the raft is beginning to break. They wonder if they can make it back to the island alive because now the raft has completely fallen apart. When Eric, Lex, and Melissa can't see them any more Melissa runs to get the first aid kit just in case and stumbles upon Jackson and Taylor together leaning in each other. She is shocked and hurt from Taylor and Jackson betraying her and she runs and gets the first aid kit without being noticed by them. Daley and Nathan help each other get back to shore, taking turns swimming against the current while the other rests. Eric, Melissa and Lex move to a better vantage point to get a better look at Daley and Nathan. They swim past the last wave and once safe on shore, Daley admits to Nathan that she likes him, saying she didn't know what she'd do if he wasn't there. The rest of the group finds Daley and Nathan on the shore and talk about what they could do better and confirm the current is there. The episode ends with Daley kissing Nathan on the cheek. (Day 20 – Morning to End of Week Three)
2411"Good Luck Abby"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleFebruary 24, 2007 (2007-02-24)
It starts off with Day 9... 13 days ago showing the scene where everyone is searching for Abby and they find her note. Then you see the story so far from Abby's perspective. She begins heading for the jungle. After the theme we return to the main group on day 22, the air in the camp has switched from being survival-based to being more social. Lex begins to question what has happened to the pilot and the others and suggests a trip to find them. It goes back 10 days still see Abby alone, she is admiring the island, but realizing the danger it presents. She hasn't found Ian, Jory or the Captain and begins to retrace her steps. Back to now... Nathan is interested in Daley now more than ever. While Daley is inside cleaning the plane windows, Nathan is outside popping up and bugging her. They talk and Daley tells him they are just friends, Nathan dismisses what she says and Daley admits in her diary that she does like him. Melissa feels heartbroken that there might be a relationship between Jackson and Taylor. She asks Taylor if something is going on, Taylor forces out a laugh and sincerely replies "Honestly, Melissa, I don't know." leaving them both misunderstood and Melissa hurt. It goes back to Abby on day 10 who is having a hard time in the jungle. She didn't take the camp's food and as a result is becoming hungry, she hopes she can find the others before it runs out. Back to now... Lex asks Eric about what he thinks happened to the others. He does know what occurred, but admires them for taking action rather that sitting around. It is back to Day 11 now, Abby hopes things will get better. She is running out of food and while getting water from the stream, finds the gear and food she lost in the flood. Before Abby moves on, she looks for more food and water to supplement her gear. She sleeps to build up her strength and heads back in the jungle. Back to now... Melissa sees Jackson pass and questions his feelings about Taylor. Melissa feels Jackson hasn't been honest with her and questions how it wasn't okay for them to have a relationship, but it is okay for him and Taylor. Day 13, Abby is scared because she is out of food and it hasn't rained. She wonders if she will ever find the others. She nearly dies after a rockslide occurs when she is resting, but escapes with only minor injuries. Back to now... Eric is boiling water and Nathan pesters Daley "as a friend." Day 16, Abby is lying on the ground thinking about everything that has happened on the island. In her mind, she has 2 choices: she can stay where she is and die, or can save herself. She packs up and bandages her wounds, gets up and leaves on 'Stick Crutches'. Back to now... Daley and Nathan question their relationship; Daley admits her feelings, but knows she has to put her energy into surviving. Daley says: "Compared to all the drama, survival is a piece of cake." Abby arrives at the camp and asks "how is survival a piece of cake?" Taylor brings around water, but no one accepts it. The others see Abby return to camp and she criticizes how good they are doing and brings a warning of how bad things can be. (Day 9 to Day 22 – Afternoon)
2512"One Breath Away"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleMarch 3, 2007 (2007-03-03)
Abby returns to camp, and isn't the same girl she was before. She wasn't as hard as this. Lex finds a chicken. Chickens aren't native, so that must mean people have brought it to the island. Abby says that she hasn't even seen any sign of the others, and criticizes how the group live, saying that it's an easy lifestyle. After what she's been through, she's grown strong and tough. The group makes a vote about what to do with the chicken. Abby says 'Kill it', and she starts shaking things up: her idea is to kill the chicken, eat it, and hunt for the others. Her personality has grown very dark. Melissa and Abby have a conversation. Lex starts to talk to the chicken. The chicken gives out an egg, which Abby takes, cracks and eats in front of the others. Eric says that there are 2 groups between the group - one that wants to stay and wait for rescue and one that wants to take action. This is the episode where Jackson admits his feelings toward Melissa. But, they still decide to stay friends until they get off the island. (Day 22 – Afternoon to Day 23 – Afternoon)
2613"See Ya"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleMarch 10, 2007 (2007-03-10)
Everyone takes a vote to decide the fate of the chicken. Daley breaks the tie and decides not to kill the chicken. Melissa is still angry at Taylor because she knew how much she liked Jackson, but she still tried to get close to him anyway. Abby is going to leave again and Eric wants to join her. She accepts. There is a split going on between the group, and it's getting bigger and bigger - one side waiting for rescue, one side going for action. Lex, Nathan and Daley are walking and talking when they realize the chicken escaped...or Eric and Abby took her... Everyone yells at Eric, and Nathan even attacks him, but he didn't do it. Melissa took it. She said it was all alone and she thought Abby would take it. They don't trust each other anymore, and it's somewhat Abby's fault. By the end of the episode the group splits to find the others. The team that will stay home: Nathan, Lex, Daley and Taylor. the other team that leaves: Abby, Eric, Jackson and Melissa. (Day 23 – Afternoon to Day 24 – Morning)

Season 3 (2007)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
27–301–4"The Hotel Tango"D. J. MacHaleD. J. MacHaleAugust 25, 2007 (2007-08-25)

Part 1: With the group split into two, tension mounts on the beach as Lex blames Daley for everything. He begins to think that everybody might have been better off leaving, and eventually runs off by himself to join them. Daley, Taylor, and Nathan follow him, but it is Taylor who convinces him to return. Meanwhile, those that left begin their mission to find life on the island, discovering that they need some form of organization despite Eric's desires to the contrary. (Day 24 – Morning to Day 24 – Late Afternoon)

Part 2: After seeing their first boat in a month, Nathan creates a new signal to grab the attention of passing ships, but Daley sets it off when she thinks she sees a ship that turns out to have been a whale. After Melissa saves Eric from drowning, she starts to lose her patience with him. At the end of the episode, the group that is exploring the island spots a building. Could this be hope to get saved? (Day 24 Evening – Day 26 Morning)

Part 3: The fate of Jory, Ian, and, Captain Bob Russell are discovered. Jory is alright as Ian suffers from a light fever and a broken leg. Russell suffers from mental instability after injuring his head during a flood. Russell reveals that the island they landed on was used in World War 2 called Hotel Tango. Russell also tries to getaway alone in his boat. The others devise a plan to steal it (also realizing that the boat is there last hope of getting rescued and since a month has gone by there is no chance anyone will be looking there for them); however, things don't go to well and Eric accidentally drops the igniter into the boat and burns it. Russell swears revenge and the others quickly race back to camp. Lex also invents a flashing beacon from parts of the plane wreck to signal any passing ships that they need help.

Part 4: Captain Bob Russell threatens revenge after the accidental destruction of his boat. Eric, Melissa, Jackson, Abby, Jory, and Ian race to get back to the beach to protect Daley, Lex, Taylor, and Nathan before Russell can do any damage. Day 27 Morning. Daley points Lex's beacon to the sky thinking a satellite would see it, but gets tongue-lashed by Lex for doing so. Russell then vows revenge for the destruction of his airplane, although he was the one flying it when they went down. Everyone manages to stop him from burning down the camp. Day 28 Morning. Back in the real world, two astronomers at the Guam air force base find a small light on one of the pictures that the satellite took over the island. Curious, they send a plane out to see what it is. The plane flies over the beach, and the teens all scream and wave their hands. The plane turns back to report the castaways to the coast guard. Russell apologizes to the others for his unstable behavior. Then they get in the boat, that brings them to the helicopter that brings them home, saving them from Typhoon Melissa that is about to hit their island.

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