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Leonard James Spencer

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Leonard James Spencer CBE FRS[1] (7 July 1870 – 14 April 1959) was a British geologist. He was an Honorary member of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, and also a recipient of its Bolitho Medal.[2][3] He was president of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland from 1936 to 1939.[4] In mineralogy Spencer was an original investigator who described several new minerals, including miersite, tarbuttite and parahopeite. He also did important work as a curator, editor and bibliographer.[5] He was the third person to receive the Roebling Medal, the highest award of the Mineralogical Society of America.[6] He wrote at least 146 articles for the Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition.[7]

His daughter, Penelope Spencer became a successful free-style dancer and choreographer.[8]

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californian committed a series of horrific crimes that devastated the lives of everyone with a conscience at special inspections of militarism and lyrics sexual fantasy kidnapped tortured and murdered and the evidence but left behind stanzas testimony from a handy creatures lake recorded his state of mind in his chair and in charge of the murders in a series of cartoons and they'd be devoted to torture of two women they have this texans and talk to us from prison during his trial ect k let's talk about that and he said in his home made her life to contain or aren't and offer that combines the disadvantage is that these two men became a lethal cocktail and a story shows how devastating such deep into the company goes undetected fundamentally return after the nineteen eighty five he committed suicide and it is taken fifteen years to bring charting to justice lost in protest his innocence and this woman lakes ex-wife has immunity on nineteen counts of murder this is the story of the hottest created by the street and a devastating impact on the lives of so many more than a twenty five victims yesterday it something spent those fifteen years in solitary confinement and demand in anything better than most is his lawyer public defender bill cannon in speaking about charles things personality if u appeared annoyed or here in katy initially let's say you're arguing with him at severe stress assert himself what you assert himself you assert yourself typically he just withdraws and becomes very meek and uh... kind of those who shall uh... i would say he's uh... without confidence almost child michael mormon christmas eve nineteen sixty in hong kong talking with a constant disappointment to his demanding father as a child he fought hard against the family's expectations this lead to severe and repeated beatings patrick callahan a criminal psychologist animal parity in this case has spent many hours in conversation with him editing charles father uh... was seriously physically abusive uh... charles interesting to note is that while he was being physically abusive he was saying it was to make him strong him charles strong and he was also saying while he was being beaten encountered to out the window i love you i'm doing is to make you strong it's for your own good that's been fannie mae being withdrawn for other into a fantasy world of violence and martial arts he began to sacrifice collins abstinence charming become a disgrace throughout middle class family then in nineteen seventy seven he was found to a private school in england bidding could not fund with this new environment he became more violent felt compelled to keep cool and harassed his teacher with sexually explicit necklace he would then sent to san francisco to live with relatives and in october nineteen seventy nine using a fake both certificate didn't join the u_s_ marines and and opt out calendaring corporate is not an individual but he saw the organization except sunday he can go on to the cash yourself to be part of so they never really felt with his father after email also found environment encouraged his novel minus but within two years interesting fifteen weapons he escaped went on the run and sold out and ex-marine he had contacted through our right to me was the client list magazine batman with leonard lake he was to become the father figure in the things that simple and would feel inclined section couldn't hack somewhere toter there and i'm starting to st uh... script or or organization or said and feel and ac seventeen late because i'm gril owner showing signs of retarded sexual development when he met a classic novel called the collection it approved a catalyst for the dvd's and his dad could shake his adult life the collector is a chilling story of an obsessive young man isolated from the world he fixed rates on the young woman miranda in prison time and i hope she will grant to love him lake became obsessed with his tail and over the next twenty years distorted planting trees and women's six decoded plan project miranda off to the imprisonment collector and called his victims and ladies even laid out two sets of rules by which he would close his miranda to leave just to quote number three years i was never show my disrespect either verbally or silence promise never crossed my arms or ladies in front of my body or clench my fist unless eating must always keep my lips parted so you can see from that leonard not only wanted physical domination but he wanted psychological domination he wanted them to be totally open to him so that they lost their individuality lost their personal grudge and totally became everywhere but mister itself creative facility that it's a start so i think that it shouldn't have painful questions anticipated it condition n too cooperate network contract wasn't leveling construction will constitute towards women what the repeated and compounding a series of rejections faster the child when he's adored mother abandoned him then by his beloved marines when he was just javascript severe psychological problems after two tours in vietnam at the last straw was the first one divorcing him thirty-eight confided to his sister looking back on all of the event i think it certainly was a significant one in terms of his developing her reinforcement i should say we enforce memphis hatred of women today despite patrons lake was to find a woman who said he extreme sexual appetite in nineteen eighty he met critical ash and a year later they were married either it strong special hold on lake would give cricket a controlling influence over him until his death he's also rejected by women that someone like cricket for that westmont particularly beautiful or intelligent for him to be involved with someone like that i think reflect his own self-esteem problems that to me was clearly a dynamic even though he claimed to be smarter and cleverer than her if he had no power and the relationship but the relationship lake can't control was about to begin solving was on the ground lost his arm section on the marines defense leonard lake if revivalist pen pal in remembers the first time he made this man arrow and reform the got along very well on the stand a lot of time to get it d lived very cooperatively and cooperatively they had a patient care of the dog they and they look like intermingling confound the classic partner to help you realize he's projects miranda and indonesian schindler to the closure to the extreme sexual games played by lake and could here it another the a when he observes that there was an ab reduction or there was a connection between at the wedding of pain and loved that he felt in his relationship with his father and his mother and and that again blinded him more closely to lake and to correct it's life with hispanic family was abruptly started when he had laid were arrested by the f_b_i_ for weapons in went to prison motley jumps bail and began life as a fugitive and as you mentioned he's turned lake completely severed his links with society amusing are ran to the previews not prepared to give it to actively with the true the freemen partly due to one who carries sign and in his pocket when de tocqueville fears four crewmen fifteen fugitive he had told us job he been experimenting to find the right joseph finder that way killed a man an adult male and that he was to keep her from capsule with him at all times uh... afresh one-third in the event that he wherever captured that he wasn't he would rather die than be imprisoned in nineteen eighty-three lake this lady crickets to buy a house in the remote field the calaveras county three dollars from san francisco the client hamilton will be built was the perfect place is produced in london we'll sort it all tropical wall com approval and most people are brought up her first beauty and it's quiet and uh... before from us i think on it like stronger could be isolation it was the uh... ideal place for him nobody bothered him nobody recommend him nobody would ask you one question legs began his adverse effects for the perfect time lately the woman he would hold captive in his bunker haiti their headquarters initiate more long-haired just ahead bhai reasonable lake needed a new identity which meant cold-bloodedly murdering his best friend charles kinam and he needed money to build a bunker close to his house so he lost his brother danny up to move to them when he came to pick up time to take into this apartment house sitting job he shot him in the head while he was asleep input point-blank he shot him couple of project miranda lake would require a constant supply of money using the right hand inoculate donnie academy beginning then in june nineteen eighty fourteen was released from prison he hates shaking his newfound coming in with him finally landed late tromping and could you tell us your feet get it now operation around the country this week within the next year total of twenty five people would disappear from san francisco when the will of the hill area never can be seen the bronco was ready and particularly under had indeed to be done lakes chatting fantasy with finally on the way facility for today passionate lenin lake named not seen used much these days my next year for the future skilled with definite arctic ten fantasy nine major talked the bronco madera project miranda was good and the next year but see at least twenty-five violent there the murders that were perpetrated by leonard lake and charles ng are very complex they include individual murders they include families were a whole family is murdered and include the murder of children show dogs and his parents continent country the reduction from her home in san francisco when lincoln being tainted by the video camera backing will be filled render a comment on the bombs and their faces abduction from the house next door to lakes debated shown dobson lonnie bundy unionism and incontinence suggest horrifying and the children were perhaps tortured i'd teach further gaining compliance of the women vendor o'connor kathy allen and possibly deborah dot imprisonment and radiation voted independent demand were killed quite quickly because they were physical threat lay hang and again the fact that they could leave any witnesses led to the gap of many of these people but when they contain abducted cool calm clear they could not have broken down the deficit consistent with which he kissed and sharon stone ito when such control my connection with the in cases that uh... my brother park i was there was one of their victims he and put it out in the home chronicle in nineteen eighty four to sell a car a honda prelude and um... leading to lake answered that and decided my brother look enough like him two years to cite the someone told reporters the clearance to the police but was told they wouldn't look for a missing person over six years of age but they would look for a stolen car my brother is missing nobody care all awaiting donating five thousand dollars thinking cars dot and you can send somebody over right away fish are not going to cut concerns fly picking the city with pictures of pool no i didn't sleep i didn't eat i kept thinking packet income everything to do but i can't find forgot one thing that would work sharon's fights to find her brother was not completely insane by reporting his comic thing every month for seven months she kept the vehicle on the hot seat and on june second nineteen eighty five this was instrumental in the capture of the men the conduct of the program he died on that day they contain went to a hardware store in san francisco and attempts to steal advice when confronted instead to seen eating lakes to deal with the police un-checking the honda prelude lake was driving the police found a company called silencer at the police station lake discourses after his identity card the concentration triple costner and the i_d_ card to another missing person scott stately determined not to be taken alive lakes alleged suicide attack so she kept sending the abilities jacket before he couldn't himself lake then two suicide notes cricket his ex-wife dearest cricket and love you i forgive you freedom is better than arnelle's before he lost consciousness lakes gave the police king's name nurturing is very clear he believes that uh... he was given up by eleven lake in order to give time for cricket to get away and uh... for her also to uh... dispose of whatever evidence there may be opt-out wilsonville but he was not completely betrayed cricket took him downtown dc alexis clare who comes and she drove him to come from to content and will make was unconscious in hospital cricket had called and told me that when you talk to find a capsule he was on life support so about midnight that night my mother and three younger sister and i went to kaiser in they were detectives waiting for us in the waiting room at the intensive care unit who wanted to access question about money and of course at this point we had no idea anything that was about to unfold within the four days it took leonard lake county if insignificant shoplifting incident grew into a horrifying case of mass murder police if that's cool cause news conference but it holds as well as electricity bill in the name of cricket a large peddling tied to the will to build property after being questioned by the police cricket took a chance it was jennifer at the gate after my brother swallow the cyanide capsule cricket keen to my mother's house she was very nervous she was very agitated she actually asked need to go up with her to the wheels of the house what she said get some personal belongings out of the house that she did not want the police to see lakes if they refuse to go with cricket but lakes mother agreed and mother told me later that she filled several bach cardboard boxes an things including beforehand the next day policeman with cricket calculates house but there was no way they could ever have imagined the magnitude of the crimes they would uncovered big case just started just mushrooming out from there and when the inspector from san francisco found that video equipment to the dubs family i think that's when things really started parole the police found bullet holes in blood stains in the house gustaria pollsters who measure the the next to the bed with the video camera stolen from the government can then they could use to film the building acupuncture and you can teach nothing crime periods cut in here without across that worked for twenty four hours myself three uninhabitable picks and shovels and we'll go to work three or four days cricket became more nervous because we find and refused to let the police expert pablo bunker close to the house later on that day we uh... william brought the search warrant to the residence and took a look around the grounds and at that point in time uh... there was a uh... uh... patrol ship it had all the regular towards just the people who were trapped anyways from their detectives after looking at it notice that the war with for their back into the hillside and then as they drove around the more they found that there was quite a bit of the building that went back into the dirt so that they don't pay for how you get in and they started looking and they found a secret sir passageway what we're looking at is what has been described as the inner cell area of this bunker as you can see the door was hidden with uh... to forfeit three cultural he gave us a lot about a career with actually two different compartment in the first they found a copy of the collector and packed to the wall by photographs of twenty one's any clothes young women but you're a member of the product bundle including one which was in fact hiney and this is an next to the middle of the night before his undoubtedly team to the congress so i actually in the cell if you go in there close the door internalized it's very much pregnant women that one then you can daily for two nd people have been held captive here but who was in a and why would they held lake and barry evidence in front of the bunker would enable the police to unravel this mystery they discovered lakes journal detaining the last eighteen months of his life and he philosophy taint expanding his plans for project around here but most chilling we could be delayed boot immediately filmed in lake house and sharing late and ng torturing innocent women if you don't go along with us will probably take you into bed tie you down radio shoot you andheri what appears interesting is at least of the two in ways that we know that they were not his easy to control as letterhead a fuck and las i'd think they're they're just working in short at first police had no idea who these two women work or whether they were alive or dead until they found a trench that was fifty yards long and contain the driving licenses of kathy allen and brendor o'connor the two women on the and they just need amongst hundreds of other items of personal belongings the fleet also found cold continents i_d_ and evidence that friend his best friend who sometimes celebrating here that they found a articles of clothing belongs to a more victims one of them being sky quickly yes sure believes cooperative own pocket the property with literally strewn with human bone protecting until cost were and this is a plot for plot five in in this area it appears that they would bring in japan in just a moment retired police eight weeks to sift through these grisly remains in mn my from some across from a_b_c_'s literacy at least one child uh... grin brutal only one of the people who did for forty five minutes groups bloomberg constitute is minimal research worried humans salt we knew that we had been awarded number of people that have been killed disinclined to danny six identifiable body had been found in the the bones of other evidence the estimated at least another seventeen victims vista three weeks later police found more bodies untundi released into the waistband and hunted down for school and shelves they tried to escape one of them are returned franco's three both of these victims were shocked and it was right there in this area that there were tested fabric material on the ground there have been better price that's where the air the bodies of water bonds nothing further bissell was shut down his throat and it was render i'm breaking all of his teeth out and he was shocked acted just makes for a shudder to think torture of what he must have been going through why did this have to happen to these people want and uh... uh... to to mankind such tragedy in the lives of so many people are not just the family lives of the victims but other people who are affected during the investigation has been heightened he's for the victims' families that fight for justice was done beginning many have turned out to lunch too badly the police had no suspects to question and the family's pain is being mailed to public by the media and lina answer machine and drinking and i turn it on and i said uh... mysteries if they pay their fair so-and-so protection french television station in san francisco we would like to talk to you about your son robin in the murders in calaveras county our telephone number is blah blah blah blah please call us but today we have pictures picture that will probably leave namely the were watching the news one night and all of a sudden on the t_v_ there's my daughter saying in a chair in shared goals him cutting her clothes she'll is big into the baby descended on friday instead has changed out conditionally present they just kept talking they'd show their hands on t_v_ at night and i have marble sized chunks sometime and he didn't have to postpone you know and nobody's wildest imagination can we expect it to be this bad in this horrible facade discoveries it will be bill had left the police with many questions and a victims' relatives in the evening desperate for justice but late today cricket refused to give any information without immunity badlands charting advanced and international manhunt was underway then on july six nineteen eighty five ng attempted to shop lead from the hudson bay department store calgary in canada he was arrested within hours f_b_i_ agents were in calgary to bury fire that this man was charles n and to take him back to california but the canadian government refused to extradite being tuesday twenty face the death penalty it took six years of campaigning by sound silly to other victims' relatives as well as political wrangling between governments before in facing extradition hearing doesn't have any right he made a decision event the ronnie one and a half of the consequence must be a condition was granted in with on the plane back to california mckinney com afghanistan has this in a task force all the time this whole six years that he getting canada they would just got that i have to pick them up and ask them off and process what we can and and that's not what happened the next seven years so it's a procession of delays due to meet management of the case and interning jailhouse lawyer imagine even a an american citizen and he's manage two years our legal system debtor any longer than any criminal in history and the united states that was born here ke aane changed extranet likey changed his stock five teams the defense lawyers seven judges and three trials dot dates cain and went one million nineteen ninety-four english given the low end that would be spent in the trial i was appointed trolleys lawyer in november of nineteen ninety four immediately uh... i went to calaveras county just to get a sense of how large the file was and i was a of course dumbstruck six times of paper and machinery bookshelves in our county four tons of paper as we estimate amy had been charged with the murder of twelve twenty-five will develop victims katine eighty three years to prepare this huge case then i realized that we had waited fourteen years for a trial that was they extend twenty million dollars uh... putting this together uh... with unbelievable there are more rough or that the paula to come to court and ask for any relief what we're looking at no emotion for a new trial demanded everything he could to disrupt the trial he began to dozens of motions to the court including complaints of travel sickness and pat looking at a local by mysteries visa those involved here or are you were it with the listen to what the world on the what route did you go organic motivated by the time with that velasco pain management has been to juror in an effort to cause a mistrial after i found out that it was in fact housing bennett called me and have been able to reach out from his failed and can't get into my house it's scary kiki doesn't belong here i'd couldn't just needed ako anymore without home with him and i resent that weirdly clearly uh... great deal of influential the victims' relatives in joint eight months of corrected and a defense case the presented lately the manipulator anti nearly encompass yet institutional he is an actual field the one person he knew the truth was not questioned in the trial by other side okay she went down to the case but despite banning evidence could get the lines have been given immunity on nineteen counts of murder she knew what was going on i think she procuring grow i think she learned people up there for their and i think uh... series of will and pictures of him also uh... day dot the was one particular conversation where creek is actually seen looking into photographic albums grow darrow dan primary proper and a very mentioned uh... making some of the girls at the school disappear at that time cricket was eight teacher's aide at his school if he was a high school they're actually talking about making people disappear the debate really stood out i mean she you know they couldn't prove it she lied and uh... and so there wasn't so document for the prosecution could get cookie elastic cords but they could not make questioning her on the stand that they did have two pieces of evidence that was damning proof of things to role in the will to do americans development for showing the number of drawings some of which was specifically were connected to the mall victims in any trial as pieces of evidence who they weren't that good from my perspective alleged to have here minus um... two individuals and it appears that what they're doing is they are dropping this person into cease-fire we just don't want to believe that uh... these two men all work capable of taking living human beings and placing them into a fire because we know from the fourth picture that they were late because they were able to speak when they were placed in and an employer the independent in helping hand-in-hand just crushed stones from the many bernstein scattered around the property however the evidence that finally preaching skills to the jury was p_m_a_b_c_ kathy allen and then printer icon and look at the picnic in the bank account the video tape showed in court today threw me into ex-spouse that clinton cut off at nine point they were threatened with great undetected that they've been and concerns and k but bettered copy utah dot com uh... frederick ka the case that my daughter was found it was a tape of torture mental torture and him cutting her clothes off and everything are truly big effect on the terry that one tears still has nightmares status my daughter's place and brenda just wanted to know where her baby was sleep a little rock you know and laughing and uh... and making fun of it and then when they had it not stripped down to take a look at the shower she thoughtful and leonard lake is over there for little and her and pretending to be nice to her little he'll let me help you in a just made me think it still makes me sick no dot optional dot close tried traffic but there's no doubt that that that charles ng in jordan what he'd get and in his drawings the cartoon introduced heat does staying in one of them no killed both royal which would suggest left for him the enjoyment what he got out of the behavior is exhibit on m ladies the floral of control but robin hood twenty fourteen year for lasted eight months and in february nineteen ninety nine the jury gave their verdict from twelve counts of murder fish and silly to live those magic screwfix devastating kind to her long fight for justice before they everything started my mother were sitting there candid character could have entrenched the verdict well jerry federal title case find the defendant trophy kathleen locate please any take-out guilty telephony reference jer industrial holt it way they do that a brother lightning rod and we are told by the way and career and uh... program or worker in eighty five district attorney terrorized by murder rape and pillage deposit punishment is listening to what u within the habit that you've caused pain issues cause to the families and appear you are victims too the baby was beautiful and he loved his grandpa he thought he love over we got to get me there what trials and that everybody in that courtroom every family member was a victim of charles yang and would like aditi everything debut active when he came back here at the end it for you in canada and mexico but let and make k evette that's right anytime so i cannot take a look at hold each other at allegation kareem buddy and durable off the barnyard plan they sometimes strike arson our supporting he had just outside of that no one should ever have to make a child especially in such a statistic manner human beings interrogate you can get deborah hardy inside of the kathleen yellow clue we athlete grandpa just don't like what carol white bread let u again the restaurant that is the judgment that this quarter initially pushed by that it within the walls at california state president when california it although it overwhelmed red rev and something and i want and threatening franklin-templeton his execution is unlikely to happen within the next fifteen years manipulated dead and has never been punished and could people are so you can join a new life in san franciscan most of the victims' families have known remains to be hearing and friend has never been able to let you do not want to read remarkably sometime to hide from his templeton but the good things happen to us on twitter you know people are dead there's a saying that no matter how anything evil happened blend will come of it and this isn't just about as evil if anything can be enablement head and chest that anything could be the


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