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Laz Aziz Ahmed Pasha

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Laz Aziz Ahmed Pasha
Died(1819-03-00)March 1819
Erzerum, Ottoman Empire
Allegiance Ottoman Empire
RankGrand Vizier

Laz Aziz Ahmed Pasha (Turkish: Laz Aziz Ahmet Paşa; Laz: ლაზი აზიზ აჰმედ-ფაშა Lazi Aziz Ahmed-Paşa) (d. March, 1819. Erzurum) was an Ottoman-born Turkish statesman of ethnic Laz origin. He was the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire.

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May Allah makes our end in a good way, may Allah grants our children the true way, protects us from troubles from the evil of shaytan, from the evil of governments, from the evil of our egos, may You protect us, O the Lord of Heavens & Earths, Fatiha. He may sit there & be seen, that people see that we have "Sheikh ul-Islam" in our gathering, he is the spiritual leader of Circassians, the spiritual leader of Anatolia is that one, and the shaykh of our Laz brothers is this one, masha Allah he has grandeur-haybat, B.T. we are your servants, that if we can be, we don't want anything else, only we are proud of serving you. M. We wish...Allah Almighty does not expel us from His servanthood, that is. Allah Allah, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah. We may make Takbir/glorify our Lord, stand up, o believers, o mankind, look, whole universe is standing, all are in qiyam, none lays flat, look the trees, they are in qiyam/standing too! they glorify/Takbir our Lord, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah wa Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillah al Hamd, the Takbir of Eid, say this Takbir, that all your days become like eid, yes, Takbir! "Wa Adhkuru Al-Laha Fi 'Ayyamin Ma`dudatin" (2:203) "And remember Allah during the appointed Days", says Allah Almighty, for Himself, how beautiful! what an honour! O Laz people, O Muslims of Anatolia, O Rumalia (Roman) believers, O Caucasian veterans, listen! listen, understand! today we are here, tomorrow we can leave, may we go the Presence of our Lord with an enlightened face, to His Prophet, His Beloved (sas) endless salats & salams we send salat&salams to all His Prophets, His saints, and His good servants, we send salams to that one who is Qutbul Mutasarrif, we send salams to the Master of Time, we ask for their support, We are weak servants, weak.. we are weak but.. Allah Almighty.. we are zero on the left side, if He wills, if He makes us zero on the right side, we can make the world upside down! We may say, Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim, may shaytan not bother us, shaytan is najas/dirty, it has become dirty, may Allah keeps us from it's dirtiness, hasha, we can't ask directly from Allah ZulJalalu but His weakest, smallest servant can clean/purify us, with the Heavenly Will O Believers, stand up, glorify/Takbir Allah Almighty show respect to the orders of Allah Almighty, your life gets better, say Bismillahi r-Rahman r-Rahim, we started with Basmala & we may end our day with Basmala. we started with Basmala, entered Dunya, we may finish with Basmala insha Allah, masha Allah.. aman ya Rabbi.. Aman ya Rabbi, Aman ya Rabbi, Aman ya Rabbi, we are Your weak servants, O our Lord, we are Your weak servants, o our Lord, what can we do? This is Holy Ramadan Shariff, we may take from it's honour, we want to save some time for it, whole day we work for Dunya, and the Muslims, few of them go to mosques, and they find peace & comfort in the mosques, they find contentment & satisfaction, their hearts find peace. O Muslims, look for spiritual gatherings, this is the important point now, O Laz people, be careful, don't look at me but look at who makes me speak, What did we say? While looking at this silly one, we forgot! Towba Astagfirullah, B.T.we may look for spiritual gatherings Yes, Yes, so he was listening, this is important, what is most important in people's lives is how much he has been in spiritual gatherings. The gatherings other than spiritual gatherings are najes-dirty, or najas, meaning, they are dirty, unclean the gatherings where Allah's name is not mentioned, aman ya Rabbi, we stand up to glorify You, the gathering where Allah is not mentioned, is najes, dirty, unclean. O brothers from Black Sea, that you claim & say that: we are the ones who have the strongest iman/faith in this country. I am adressing you, we speak to you that, others listen & hear as well. sometimes you got hit by my words, but it is not really for you, we want our words reach others, We want clean people, this is the important point, clean person, who come to the Presence of Allah Almighty clean, they get saved, who come dirty can't be saved, therefore what can we do? this matter that we will speak of, people... must walk to clean gatherings.. don't chat, sitting in the coffee shops. Don't say: in our country, there is no one left , whose gathering is worthy of attending. is it not Hadith, "talabana wajadana"? who looks for us, finds us, who wants us, finds us, it is all about "talab", meaning, you ask and you find what you ask for.. if you don't ask, you are left like that. "O Sh Effandi..." They say Sh Effandi, so let's say we are shaykh.. not shaykh but we couldn't even be donkey... leave these claims! O believer, don't say: I am shaykh! Don't say: I am scholar, don't say: I am doctor, I have certificate (Ms, PhD) before they used to call it, "shadatnama-diploma" don't say: I am like this, can you say: "I am servant of Allah"? What did our Glorious Prophet (sas) say, whom whole world & universe is proud of, and for whose honour, they are all created: "Ajlis kamaa yajlisu al -`abd wa aakul kamaa yaakulu al-`abd" "I Sit Like a Servant & Eat Like a Servant" Where are you, where are you, our scholars? why don't you say this to people? those who forgot their religion, all of them had forgotten themselves the person who does not know himself, he has no value. he has no value... Allah Almighty (jwa) why did He send His Prophet(sas)? "Teach My servants! teach them how they will be servants & make service for Me. Is it not so? why did the prophet come, O laz people? B.T. true Why did He send prophets? 124 000 prophets came, why did they come? they don't ask! say to people! and the Last Prophet (sas), what did he come for? People speak of useless things, but they don't know the point they should touch, they can't find the infected area to cut it out, the boil is cut with a lancet, so that the boil is dicharged. now people speak from here, there... from right may speak but say your aim! "why do I sit in this kursi/chair?" "Why do I sit here?" "Why am I speaking to these people?" Before, there were "maddahs" in coffee shops (storytellers) people would sit in front of them & they would talk about various topics.. Now, they are gone too, now there is no one left who adresses the common people in this huge city Istanbul.. Sultan Mehmed II, the Conqueror made it "Islambol", they still call it "Istanbul", it is "Islam-bol" "the land where Islam is plenty" it was the headquearters of our great ancestors, the Ottoman Sultans, who showed the greatest respect to Islam, Islambol is the land where they showed their glory & majesty to whole world, it would make people tremble with it's name, why don't you teach these in schools? "we can't have such a thing in our national education system!" "Why?" "Because we are modern Laz people" "if Laz are such people, may they go down" (joke) "Modern... modern education... may you bend down & not be able to stand up (education is a new word - sounds similar to bending down in Tr) they can't say "tadrisat - old word for education,they have to invent a new word these actions&executions are carried out to remove Islam with it's roots for 100 years, o Laz people, pull yourself together, for 100 years, all executions & actions carried out in Turkey, is to rip off & remove Islam with it's roots, and a modern.. to form, found a modern nation, this is their aim, what have they accomplished? the point where they have reached is obvious, it can be seen: they constantly fight to each other! they are fighting to each other.. they wanted reforms, the meaning of reform is, they considered Islam out-of-date brought unbelief, they said: "we remove-delete Islam and bring unbelief-infidelity under the name of "reforms" to replace it, that Islam religion has set a limit for people, people couldn't do everything they wanted before, however, we are free people!" Don't say 'we are free people', say we are 'free animals', the freedom of people is within certain limits, if he goes beyond this limit, to the other side, he becomes like animals. We carried the flag of Islam for 1000 years on our shoulders, and, on each regiment's flag, on it's top there was Holy Quran, they took it down, they took it down that, with it's barakah-blessings we didn't let them pass Canakkale, with it's barakah, the Greeks, British, Americans.. we expelled them from our lands, what did we do after that? "It is not suitable for us" O young people, O Laz people, O young Laz ones, do you know these? How can you know? the waves of the sea are carrying you away already.. If you don't know about yourself, there is a saying of our old people, see yourself, know about yourself, if you don't, they slap on your neck! you didn't study anything to know about yourself, or you were not taught, that you could know yourself. First of all, for 100 years, we didn't do anything, other than losing or making ourselves lose our identity, our real identity. what benefit did it give? Now, what happened? your country, homeland is like a paradise, or or has it been like a hell where people scream & ask for help inside the fire? They may say, who sees from outside can say better, O laz people, O Laz people, I am saying so that whole people listen, we were united under the flag of Islam, we rejected that flag, that on top of that flag, there was Holy Quran. That flag never fell down, throughout history, flag of Islam never fell down, on the ground, even here, Sultan Selim who conquered Cyprus, may paradise be his abode, when the Ottoman Army-Ordu Humayun attacked to Nicosia-Lefkosha the first one to climb up to the city walls, was our banner-bearer, he climbed up with his flag in his hand, on top of which there was Quran, he set it up... they targeted him and martyred him! then the second flag-bearer took the flag, he was martyred as well, the 3rd one took it, was martyred, the 4th flag-bearer took it, and he was martyred inside Nicosia, the 5th flag-bearer took it, and he entered the St Sophia-Ayasofya Mosque the battle with unbelievers in Ayasofya has reached to a level, that the blood shed reached to knee-level, they conquered, with force, by overpowering them, by battling &, saying "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar" and the ruler who held the first prayer& khutba in Ayasofya mosque went up there with his sword. there are 4 mosques in Cyprus, which the rulers went up to their mimbar with swords, & all 4 of them are in Nicosia, first one is Ayasofya mosque, they didn't like it's name & changed, the ones who conquered it, they were not smart enough to change it's name? they left it as it was, that Islam has been victorious over the unbelievers and they set off their flag, & read the first khutba by leaning on his sword, the Pasha who was the ruler of that area, the Pasha who entered Nicosia first, there is another mosque behind it, Haydarpasa, when the enemy pulled back to that mosque, soldiers of Islam chased them, Ottomans, our ancestors, they conquered it as well, & to it's mimber he went up with sword as well. the 3rd one is Omerge Mosque, in Nicosia, they captured it with attacks as well, in it's front is buried the flag-bearer, he was martyered but he captured it... captured that church, turned it into mosque & read Adhan Muhammadiyya, he went up to mimbar with sword in that mosque, as well, and after it, we have a small mosque called "Araplar mosque", that, it was a chapel before, as well, they captured it with force as well, & went up to mimbar with sword, these 4 places, how can the people coming from outside know these? even Cypriots don't know! there is no person who knows the history of Cyprus! no one knows how it was conquered, and it's name was left as Ayasofya, that it is known & seen by the unbelievers, that, the flag of Ottomans.. there is Holy Quran on top of it, and it is set off wherever they want! and it has been set off... Why did we say all these people, o Laz people? O Muslims, O Muslims in Anatolia, those who removed Holy Quran from the top of your flag, their responsibility & the consequences of their actions are very heavy, they haven't find any goodness, and will not find.. A nation who takes down Allah's word, the Holy Quran from their flag, they can never find any goodness! day by day, they melt, finish, and become zero... they have no honour, no nothing left, and.. O Laz people, ask from the congressmen that you elected, parliament members, ask from them, and say: put a proposal to the parliament, they call it "oneri-suggestion" now, in their made up language, do this, and say... most of them already don't know about this, we are reminding them, and reminding to the Mufti of Istanbul as well, and reminding to all Muftis, and the Department of Religious Affairs, they may ask: "why, for which reason why did they take down, remove the Holy Quran on top of our flags which was all the way to Sakarya, Dumlupınar? Now, 30th of August is coming, in few days - Victory Day - they may say, did they have this Holy Quran on their flags or not? with which reason did they take it down? Why don't you ask, o people?! O you who don't fear Allah! you fear people but you don't fear Allah! ask this to your congressmen, and also ask to Erdogan Bey! what is the reason for taking down the Holy Qoran from our flag? was it an insult to us, or was it our honour? Ask! since they don't ask this, if they don't put Holy Quran on the flags of the regiments, they can't find any goodness, even if 70 nations supported them, all of them will be destroyed, They consider religion, Islam as a toy, they think that it is a toy, Think, O laz people! What is Islam? Look at the Greatness&Majesty of Islam! It has been 15 centuries, it has been 1500 years, an orphan in the deserts of Arabia said: La ilaha illa Allah, and I am Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah, you will listen to this you will make Tawheed/Unify Your Lord, if you don't do that, I will defeat you, make you dust, This is needed for Arabs as well, they don't have on their flags either, there is no Holy Quran on their flags, they have tassels, etc but but there is no value for the earthly ornaments, the value of the flag is with the Holy Quran on top of it, O people, do you hear these? are they telling you these things? They don't know themselves that they speak of it. O Laz people! open your ears, open your eyes as well, and listen! don't go to coffee shops, don't enter dirty places, who enter dirty places become dirty, what are the dirty places? the places where they do the things that Allah forbid, they are dirty places and who enter them become dirty, Oh Arabs! Oh Arabs!... "reforms, reforms... we will form a parliament.." may your parliament falls down on your heads! Sayyidina Omar ruled over east & west, from where his rule was carried out? he would send his orders to east & west, from where he sit, in nesiri saadet O Allah, Your Order is High, Who keeps the orders is Your Servant, O Laz people, where are you? that you claim, no one is better Muslims than us! which Muslims are they, what we say is a lie? La`nata Al-Lahi `Ala Al-Kadhibina (3:61) the Curse of Allah upon those who lie curse upon those people that they lie! curse upon thpse people that they cheat people! curse upon those that they misguide people! Look, to what matters we have come to, Subhan Allah, these matters are are not known, are not taught, they are the troubles that, the enemies of Islam made us do these... they drove us into trouble, catastrophy, since 1900, for 100 years, these unbelievers tried & tried, to take us away from Islam, they made whole Islam World upside down, divided in pieces, now they are not able to work it out either, they regret what they did, they regret destroying Ottomans, you know who Ottomans are? What does Allah ZulJalal say? this one wouldn't say I am Circassian, I am Laz, wouldn't say I am a duck, I am a donkey, (joke, laz-kaz-duck in Tr) "We are Ottomans, very glorious" whole world would fear Ottomans, now this country of 80 million people, they can't stop the wildness in Sham, which used to be their state before, What is the use of a gun, if it has no bullets inside? you can fire as much as you want, still "you are you, I am me, I have the rule here, go back to your country,don't interfere in our business" they said to him. could he dare to say such a thing at the time of Ottomans? Shame on those people, who misguided this nations, drove them to wrong ways, may Allah deal with them! we are after then in dunya & in akhirat Aman ya Rabbi, towba ya Rabbi.. What can we say? we may stop here today, from here on it is another ocean we say what they make us say, beyond it, who can understand, understands, if he doesn't understand, he will suffer what comes on him, astagfirullah, tub'tu wa rajatu ilallah Tub'tu wa rajatu ilallah, towba ya Rabbi, tawba astagfirullah, Send us from Your servants, O Lord, who will guide us to the haqq way & who will make us know about ourselves we have lost our identity, they put many things in front of us, as our identity, some donkey, some mule some snake, some bear, some fox, some wolf, look & choose whichever you like, and we write your name accordingly, I don't know what they put for Laz, "O Sh Effandi, Laz people, they like the anchovy the most, in front of Laz, they either put duck-kaz or anchovy, we are pleased, if you look at their mustache..strong & pointed, now they don't have it either, all straight, flat I say "Insha Allah, those who shave their mustache & beard may their mustache&beard not grow anymore, and their faces become like the faces of old women, again to women... what is it that thing they use? in foreign language.. they put it on.. Ok, cosmetics.. with cosmetics, women can manage, but what will men do, if no mustache, beard grows on their faces? cosmetics can't help them either, I say, all of you will go crazy, I am making bad dua now, whoever shave their mustache/beard, may Allah Almighty gives them such an illness that they lose their mustache & beard, that they have no hair left, not in upper area, nor in lower area, Amin, for the honour of these Holy days, may You give those who shave their mustaches&beards an illness, that their mustache/beard never grows again, because these servants, they shave once-twice a day, they shave.. O Laz people, what do you say to them? If you tell them to pray, they say: "we have no time, Sh Effandi" "How about time for shaving?" "We have time for shaving" you have time for shaving but you don't have time for prayers. may Allah gives you an ilness that, neither your mustache nor your beard grows again, your face becomes like the face of old women women are disgusted with you & run away from as well, "Don't make such dua, Sh Effandi!" "I will make, what can I do?" Look at his haybat/grandeur, look at our Laz, Baba Tahsin, he is like a lion he is like a lion, he has haybat otherwise he will look like the bottom of plucked chicken! Marhaban/welcome, wa min Allahu tawfiq, this is enough, what to do now, we are speaking so that people get distracted, we don't have a scholar in front of us, if there was a scholar, we have the proper language to speak to them as well, different language for the common people, and we have words to speak for the ones above the level of common people, they make me say, because Allah Almighty keeps His religion Aziz/respected, who opposes this religion are disgraced, but the ones who keep that religion become Aziz, strong, powerful, respected become beautiful, they become enlightened, not with a darkened face, Don't appoint the ones whose faces are darkened, or you will be punished! O son, this is an ocean, it doesn't end it is going to be maghreb soon, we are getting hungry, O Laz, astaghfirullah, this is enough, May Allah forgives us, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillah al Hamd O our Lord, send us from Your servants, who will awaken us, who will teach us, who will teach us about Your servanthood for the honour of the Beloved (sas), for the blessings of this Holy Month, make us enter the circle of Your protection, o our Lord, Fatiha. shukur ya Rabbi, Salamu Alaikum, Towba ya Rabbi, don't leave us to the hands of our dirty ego, send us a Master who will save us from those who are slaves of their egos, those who made these people ignorant, may even their names vanish, Fatiha may we always be healthy & in wellness, How is this? B.T. well said! everyday, from different fountains.. M. they make me say, is it wrong? it is an ocean, religion is not a toy! may Allah forgives us.


In early times, Ahmed Pasha served as a Janissary and soon was elevated as Kapıcıbaşı. Later he became governor of İbrail. During Russo-Turkish War (1806–1812) he was sent to Erzerum to lead the Ottoman army. After the first victories in the battles, Ahmed Pasha was elevated to Grand vizier office. However, with the signing of the Treaty of Bucharest on May 28, 1812, he was accused by Hurshid Pasha for being incompetent and soon was dismissed. On September 5, 1812, he was replaced by Hurshid Pasha. In 1814, Laz Ahmet Pasha became governor of Bursa, then Aleppo and Erzurum. He died in March 1819 in Erzurum.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Kör Yusuf Ziyaüddin Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
Succeeded by
Hurshid Pasha
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