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Ladder of thirds

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CM13, first inversion = e13(♭9), second inversion = G13... ( Play (help·info)). Eventually seven chords along a ladder of thirds.
CM13, first inversion = e13(9), second inversion = G13... (About this sound Play ). Eventually seven chords along a ladder of thirds.

A ladder of thirds (coined by van der Merwe 1989, adapted from Curt Sachs) is similar to the circle of fifths, though a ladder of thirds differs in being composed of thirds, major or minor, and may or may not circle back to its starting note and thus may or may not be an interval cycle.

Triadic chords may be considered as part of a ladder of thirds.

It is a modal frame found in Blues and British folk music. Though a pentatonic type, the melodies come "into being through piling up thirds below and/or above a tonic or central note." (Middleton 1990, p.203) [while pentatonic scales are analyzed as piled fifths]

They are "commonplace in post-rock 'n' roll popular music – and also appear in earlier tunes". (Middleton 1990, p.203) Examples include The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night", Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue" and The Who's "My Generation", Ben Harney's "You've Been A Good Old Wagon" (1895) and Ben Bernie et al.'s "Sweet Georgia Brown" (1925).

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  • Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.92: Hongbin & N’s trip to Pai, Thailand! [ENG/THA/2018.06.03]
  • Gregory Youtz Studies for Bass Clarinet: Seconds and Thirds
  • Main dans la Main (hand in hand - composed by Gregory Jolivet)


(Numerous great tips on trips) (Hongbin and N of VIXX) (Special host, Lee Suji) (Sojin of Girl's Day, Shin Ayoung) Travel is war! Battle Trip! Continuing from last week, we're with the trip designers who went on international festival trips. - Yes, welcome. / - Good to see you. - Hello. / - Hi. We have our 100 impartial judges who will vote on today's trips. Our impartial judges. Continuing from last week, we're enjoying international festivals. We went to Bagan, Myanmar last week. Suji, what did you really think after seeing Bagan? I thought that I could really enjoy going there with my friends. - On the other hand... / - There's something else. They practically didn't eat anything in Bagan. To be honest, you need to try the local food... - Right. / - I was a little disappointed... Because they only ate a little. But they usually eat a lot. We really ate a lot. I think the staff edited it out. Let's be honest. Who eats more? - I do. / - It's Sojin, right? How does Sojin not gain any weight though? I really like eating and I can't resist food. I liked the food in Myanmar. But I really wanted to try the hot air balloon. The hot air balloon that's on N's bucket list. I think that was the best. But it costs $400 per person. - I think it's a little expensive. / - It's $380. It's $400 if you round it up. I don't think it's that expensive. N, will you try the hot air balloon if you go there? Honestly, I think I'll try. - Winning aside. / - What about Hongbin? Isn't it a loss if you don't try it when you're there? That's right. It's a waste if you don't try it... - When you're there. / - You're right. But $400 is a bit... It's strange if you don't try it when you're in Bagan. Don't do it if it's too expensive. - We're just recommending it. / - Of course. That's right. Let's go on a trip to Thailand. Are we going to Thailand again? - Yes, it's a festival this time. / - We've already been... We went to Pattaya, Chiang Mai... - Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok. / - Bangkok as well. We went everywhere. I don't think we have anything left to see or eat. - There isn't anything new. / - Nothing is new. We saw the sea, jungle and everything. We've seen it all. Thailand is very big. What part of Thailand did N and Hongbin go to exactly? Thailand is very famous for young backpackers. There's a famous place among those places. - It's a place called Pai. / - Pai? Oh, my. It's really far from Bangkok. It's really in the north. - More north than Chiang Mai? / - Yes. It's not that far from Chiang Mai. You can go back and forth while you're traveling. When going to Pai, there's a direct flight to Chiang Mai. How long does it take to Chiang Mai? It takes about 5 to 6 hours. You also have to take a car from Chiang Mai. It takes about 3 hours to arrive in Pai. - It's far. / - 6 hours and 3 hours add up to 9 hours. It'd be worth it, right? - It was so nice. / - Hongbin? It has to be good. I've never heard about Pai. What did it feel like when you first arrived? We got off at a station. It felt like a clean and quiet country village. The thing is that a lot of people have been to famous travel sites. There already are a lot of reviews and photos online. But it's not like that for Pai. It's not that well known yet? It's more famous to the locals. It's more famous to travel specialists. - It's a hidden place. / - Yes, it's a hidden travel site. - It has its advantages. / - That's right. How was your teamwork during the trip? We're very different. He's more digital. And I'm analog. That's unexpected. He plans thoroughly before the trip. I like to do things spontaneously when I see something there. Spontaneous. The bad thing about planning is... - If you miss out it's such a waste. / - Right. It feels like a loss. That means you make a good team. - Right, we were a good team. / - Yeah. Hongbin? Do you like analog methods? Yes, I like to take photos with a film camera... - Instead of a digital camera. / - Really? I like things like that. I use Bluetooth devices. He carries a tripod and uses Bluetooth to take photos. It's like someone else took the photos for us. Without using your hands? You can't always ask people to take photos for you. I use tripods and Bluetooth devices to take photos according to our poses and composition. Wait a minute. Okay, what's important is that I heard that our team spent more money than Thailand. It is cheap over there? - We're most confident about this. / - Pai? - Things are cheap in Bangkok. / - Yes. The prices are about two-thirds of Bangkok. It's also a little cheaper than Chiang Mai. You can eat rice noodles for $2 in Pai restaurants. It was $1.60 for us. We have a whole chicken in ours. We have a whole chicken in ours. You'd better have a whole chicken in it. You can't see the rice noodles because of the chicken. It's a whole chicken if there's a couple of drumsticks. - Right? / - Of course. The soup tastes different. The amount and quality is different. And you can still bargain in Pai. Hongbin studied some Thai. He worked hard to get good deals. He was in charge of language. - Thai? / - Before we watch the trip... Could you teach us some Thai words? We're different from them. "Can you give us a plate?" Excuse me? Can you give us a plate? We're not like that. It was the New Year when we went there. We went there when they started the New Year. That's when you say, "Sawadi pi maikap." Happy New Year. "Sawadi pi maikap." "Sawadi pi maikap." That's the phrase we used the most. That's good. "Can we have a discount?" "Lon noi na kap." - "Lon noi na kap." / - "Lon noi na kap." You have to point it out. "Ko lon noi na kap." It means, "Please give me a discount on this." Did it work? You have to say it a lot to work. When you say it, they smile and give you discount. So I think they mark up the price quite a lot. Since they give you a discount if you ask, I kept asking for more. - So your trip was like backpacking trip. / - Yes. What are some points to watch for? To give you a teaser. The place where you can get your photo of a lifetime and is on everyone's bucket list. - The Grand Canyon. You know it, right? / - I do. Would you believe me if I said they had it in Thailand? I just got goosebumps. - Grand Canyon? / - You're exaggerating too much. - At first, even I... / - It must be something else. How can the Grand Canyon be there? When I heard it was a canyon, I doubted it was like the original. But when I saw it for myself, we felt electric like when you were on the hot air balloon. It's not a lie. - Let's hurry and see it. / - What's your tour name? Tour name. Our tour name is, 5, 6, 7, 8. Hakyeon, Hongbin, Tuhi Trip! (Incheon International Airport) - What's going on? / - What? That's the loudest anyone has left on a trip. Was it really like this? So cool. (VIXX N, Hongbin attend IOC president's dinner) (They really are the idol group picked by the nation) (The leader of VIXX, N) (The visual master of VIXX, Hongbin) (2 weeks before the trip) This week's theme is the international festival special. Festival. We don't really know about international festivals. We don't know what kind of festivals there are. Do you know any? I thought of the first festival that came to mind. - What is it? / - The ice fish festival. I really want to go there. - Ice fishing is fun. / - It's fun. It's held in Inje. Pi Mai Festival, Thingyan, Choul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia, Singapore, Japan. How many pages is this? - If we could just go... / - So many festivals. There are a lot of festivals around the world. I like all festivals. I think Songkran is nice. I received the most recommendations for Thailand to travel to. It's because you can get a lot of inner healing there. The prices are low. - There is a lot of good food. / - Of course. And they even have a festival there. - There's no reason not to go. / - That's right. Okay, Songkran. It's held everywhere in Thailand. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Ko Samui. I think it's held everywhere. It originally started from Chiang Mai. The original always has a long history. - We have to try the original. / - It has the most variety. The most various experiences there. They went to Chiang Mai on Battle Trip before. They did. We were surprised. We thought they were the locals. - It was so fun. / - I was really surprised. They were so... (Thailand, Songkran Festival) - It's such a famous festival. / - That's right. How great would that be? It gets more and more aggressive. I got hit by water. They even throw water balloons. They throw water balloons. Those water guns are really strong. It's stronger than expected. But this can't be the only event on our itinerary. We can't spray water the whole time. It's from the 13th to the 15th. We just need a day to enjoy this. We should do it on our last day. We'll go all out on our last day. We ought to be exhausted on our flight back to Korea. If we do go to Chiang Mai... Other things to do around there. Let's make it a backpacking trip. Backpacking there would be perfect for young travelers like us. It comes up right away. The resting place for backpackers around the world, Pai. We probably can't visit everywhere, but there's a lot we can do there. People call it Utopai. That's really impressive. - Utopai? / - Yeah. - What's that? / - Utopia spelt with Pai. Ah, Utopai. (Everyone is free to do nothing here) (Utopai) It's packed with backpackers. They really look free. They seem relaxed. Utopai. 5, 6, 7, 8. Hakyeon, Hongbin, Tuhi Trip. (He is the most adorable guy) Hey, Hongbin. Let's start this. I'll get you. I really have nothing. Get moving. You're trying too hard. I'll get you. You do it. (He's in charge of Thai) He's good. I just said what's in the book. I didn't know so I kept looking at the book. It's so pretty. Haven't we won already? It's no joke. What is that? (Incheon International Airport to Chiang Mai) We're finally here. You arrived late. I want to get out of here and smell the different air to know we're here. The moment we get out of here, you'll feel it right away. It's really different. - We're almost out. / - It feels real now. Now... 1, 2, 3. Ta-da. Wow, the heat. - It's not much. / - I planned a tight schedule. We'll get the most out of everything. We're going to a hotel first, right? Of course. I planned a very detailed and busy schedule for us. Don't you worry. - Then... / - Just trust me. This is a tight schedule. How is it? This is the hotel I booked. - I'm happy. / - This is the hotel for you. Look at that. It's all yours. Wow, look at this place. We booked out the place so no one's here. - Should I change into my pajamas? / - Go ahead. The toilets are there. - Ah... / - There's another one over there. Nice. I'm kidding. We're waiting for a mini-van. Then we'll go. Are we waiting or sleeping here? Well, do whatever you want. You can sleep here if you want. So this is our hotel then? Yeah, it is. I'm kidding. We can just wait here. - We're staying for a while, right? / - You bet. It could be 5 hours. - Right? / - We could be here till sunrise. If we go to Chiang Mai now, it costs a lot of money. That's why we'll wait for a mini-van here and go. You can just lie down here. - Let's wait. / - I'll wake you when the van gets here. Hongbin, you hate things like that? I'm fine with sleeping there. But I had expectations of a hotel. It ruined my expectations. This is the charm of backpacking. (It's past midnight in no time) (Their first day comes to an end) That's how we wrapped up our first day. - There's no staff. / - A day already passed? This is the last trip of my 20s. So tired. I was so tired. - What a great trip. / - I was so happy. - I look like I ate well, right? / - This is so cool. I love this kind of backpacking trip. This is the last trip of my 20s. You're in the prime of your 20s. In order to enjoy our trip to the fullest, I made this reservation in Korea. - What is it? / - This is it! It's so convenient. - I booked it in Korea. / - This is great. Great, great. We'll get there comfortably. - Let's go. / - Let's get in. It must make them feel like kings just in that van. They can lie down in the van. - The road is so bumpy. / - You're right. 762 hills? That was incredible. Was that the only way to get there? - They're providing light aircraft flights soon. / - Really? We went before it was in service. From mid-May, with the light aircraft, it only takes 40 minutes. (After the 762 hills along the mountainous road) (They arrive at a small rural town in North Thailand) (With its tranquility and charming vibes) (It stops backpackers in their tracks) - They're the typical backpackers. / - Exactly. - There are so many. / - There are so many of them. - Wow, these types of people... / - Right. This place is called as the resting place of backpackers. We've arrived. It's sunny. Did you get to rest in the van? - We'd be in trouble if otherwise. / - This is the bus stop. Everyone gets off the mini-van here. Let's go. Look. They're backpackers just like us. They won't know if we follow them. Watch me. (Hongbin follows him when N does something) - No one cared about us. / - Right. We'll end up at another place. (This is fun) (Tuhi Trip, day 1 in Pai) (Looking around the city) I can feel a relaxed atmosphere. Even when we're just walking the streets. - It is less crowded than Bangkok. / - Right? This feels like the countryside. Moreover, the residents refused to develop this area into a tourist attraction, so it's all natural. - It's really clean. / - You're right. It's a drink. Let's buy one. - You go there for street foods like this. / - Right. - It looks fresh. / - How do we greet them? - Sawadikap. / - Sawadikap. I'll organize these and come up with the itinerary. You should study Thai. We have this universal language. No, we don't. If we want to do anything, we must be able to communicate. Don't you think a few phrases about daily life would suffice? - Hongbin listens to the leader well. / - He does. - He complains but he complies. / - I can see that. Thai pronunciation is really difficult. Look at this. The way you read it is different. There are initial consonants and final consonants. (Thai is just too difficult for Hongbin) (What is this?) We should just give up on communication. You picked the hardest one. Hongbin acts like he won't do it... - But he works hard. / - He does. He even studied during the flight. Sawadikap. (Nervous) I was really nervous at first. (I just need to say what I studied from the book) (I believe in you, Hongbin) He kept reading the book. Nueng. One? He understood. In English? After all that study. (What? Did he just speak English?) - Watermelon, nueng. / - One? One. - Mango, one. / - He just said one. - It's good. / - Mango? Mango and watermelon. It's so sweet. It is, isn't it? It's good. - I'm shocked at how good it is. / - Right. This is really sweet. We have to be careful of those kids. They're just playing with each other. They're shooting at us. - We're the target. / - So cute. So cute. - It's us. / - It's cute. He can't reach us. - It won't reach here. / - Can't get us. They teased them. His brother came out. - You should avoid the brother. / - His was stronger. Bye. So cute. Let's go. Let's go eat. I looked up a place for us to eat. - Did you make reservations? / - I did. - We found it already. / - This way. (Traditional dish in northern Thailand, khao soi) That looks delicious. I heard this dish is very famous in the northern area. - Khao soi? / - Yes. I also heard that curry noodles are famous in Pai too. Curry? That's why we must try this dish at least once here. Let's just have a bowl of the noodles each. There are a lot of street food and places to see. - We walk around? / - Yeah. I came up with a very detailed itinerary. No itinerary can't be more thoroughly planned. It's amazing. Kob khun kap. What's this topping? - That was really good. / - What is it? Do we put this in it? No, wait. I'm going to ask. Do we add this? I'm going to ask. (He finally asks his first question in Thai) He can't understand the answer though. - You have to understand. / - I asked him how to eat it. (Congratulations, Hongbin communicates in Thai) I think you just choose the things you want to eat... - Are you sure? / - Yes, I asked him. - Okay, got it. / - Just add it. Right, right. That's meaningless. I said something in Thai. You feel proud for communicating. Of course. That's how you learn a foreign language. Shall we try it? - Should we eat? / - Let's eat. That was so good. I think it'll taste better if you put this in. Let's see what it tastes like. It tastes like chips. It's good. It's a little more... It's a little sweet, isn't it? Isn't it delicious? It's a little like instant curry noodles. Doesn't it taste like instant curry noodles? This is delicious. I think this will really suit the taste of Koreans. It's spicy because of pepper, not chilies. - That's right. / - It tastes like pepper. Yes, it tastes like pepper. - It's spicy. / - It's a little spicy. But it's not that spicy. Earlier... - It's good. / - How long will you hide your plans? - I'm not hiding it. / - Really? You won't look forward to it if I tell you in advance. - I'm looking forward to it. / - No. Your expectations will be low. That's why. But everything was nice until now. The hotel was nice. The airport hotel was nice. - That wasn't a hotel. / - Because I planned well... I have an alternative when my plan fails. So don't worry. Just relax and enjoy everything. You should just concentrate on speaking in Thai. (Embarrassed) (They hurry up for their next schedule) (Tuhi Trip, day 1 in Pai) (A lodging like a fairy tale) We have to move on scooters now. - Are we finally riding scooters? / - Of course. Like Jeju-do, we can go everywhere by scooter. Most people travel on scooters rather than cars. Look. There are backpackers over there. They're riding scooters. You can go anywhere in 30 minutes. It must be so cool for everyone on scooters. - Let's also get rid of this heat. / - Okay. We have to find a scooter shop. That's amazing. They have cute ones. They had bikes for mountains. They even have racing ones. They're pretty. The scooters were much cheaper than we expected. - 100 to 200 baht is cheap. / - Look at that. This is nice. This is cute. Boys think about riding those when they're young. because they see them in cartoons. - Nice. / - It really was my dream as a kid. - So pretty. / - They're unique. Right, it was quite pretty. 400 baht per day. 400? That's not bad. That's around $13. Is this $13 for 24 hours? - For a day? / - Yes, for 24 hours. - It's really cheap. / - That really is. And if there's a problem while you're renting it, they'll come to help you if you call them. - They even provide on-site help. / - Yes. This looks easier to ride. (It's time for them to ride it) Wow. (I'm ready too) Bye-bye. See you tomorrow. Here we go. - This is fast. It's cool. / - It's really cool. (If you ride out a little bit from downtown) That road was so pretty. (The Tuhi Trip race while feeling the coolness) I also wanted to do that. - I was so jealous. / - But you had to drive. (The Tuhi Trip race while feeling the coolness) It's cool. It feels liberating. I want to live freely and relaxed like this here. You can see elephants while riding. Elephants? - They raise them like pets at home. / - Look! - Elephants? Where? / - Next to the road. It's an elephant. That's amazing. It's really big. (They greet an elephant) (N and Hongbin race through Pai) - That's so pretty. / - It was so cool. Lodging is the most important thing during a trip. Lodging. What is this? Is a house really on top of a tree? There's a house on top of a tree. - Oh, my. / - It's my dream to stay there. Isn't this a must-visit? There's no reason for us not to go there. (A lodging like a fairy tale) (11 minutes by scooter from downtown) It's not far. You can go everywhere by scooter. You can go anywhere by scooter in 30 minutes. A room that I prepared for you is waiting. We're almost there. Did we find all of our rooms from nature? You can sleep here if you want. This looks cozy. - Is this our room? / - Of course. Since the weather is warm. I'm joking. Our real room is over there. We're going to sleep up there. I love it! (Built on top of a tree deep in the mountains) It's really in the midst of nature. - Yes, like that. / - That's fascinating. - I'm curious about how it's set up. / - Is this possible? Yes, let's look into it. (The hideout someone dreamt about became a reality) (Tree house) This is the stairs. You'd think it's hot in there, right? It's cool because it's a forest. Wow. This really feels like climbing up a tree. This is interesting. - They don't have a weight limit, right? / - No, no. It'll be hard for old people. They also have a room like this on lower floors. Look at this. That's perfect for backpackers. - Backpackers... / - This is so nice. - They carry backpacks instead of carriers. / - Right. That's why it's a better room for backpackers. It would be really nice for a backpacker couple. That's right. It's on the top. This is almost like a ladder, not stairs. (They have to take one more flight of stairs) (You have to watch your head) That's N's fault. No connection to the accommodation. You have to be careful of your head. You sleep on beds up here. Oh, my. It's so nice. It's the coziest room ever. (You can see the room after you go up the stairs) - It's so cute. / - Inside a tree... - It's so nice. / - The tree trunk is in the middle. - It's so cute. / - It's so nice. - They didn't cut the tree at all. / - That's right. This is the bedroom. We have to find something bad. How expensive is it during the peak season? It's 700 baht. - How much is it? / - It's $24. - For one night? / - Yes. You spent $100 for your room, right? We stayed in a high-quality hotel with a pool. Our room is one with nature. That's just nature and a room. It's really nice. - They even have Wi-Fi there. / - I really want to go there. - Strange, right? / - That's the best. You can see the scenery outside. Look, there aren't any modern buildings outside. There aren't any of the views we usually see. It's forest everywhere. It's simple but pretty. I want a house like this, don't you? (They leave their tired bodies to nature) I can hear the water. You can't hear sounds like this in Seoul. - It's like we're in a temple. / - Yes. You're from a temple. - You were a boy monk. / - I grew up in a temple. - What? / - In a temple? I lived in a temple until kindergarten. He was a boy monk. Aren't you the first ever boy monk turned idol? - That's right. / - I'd think so. That's got to be unprecedented. - You were a boy monk. / - I grew up in a temple. If you look to the side, all you see is forest. I'm feel like I'm getting healthier. For 4 days and 3 nights, I think I could just lie still here. I feel like I'm getting healthy. You must be so happy to be in such a happy place with me. You must be so happy. You didn't even look at him. I was so grateful for that tree in the middle. - I really liked that place. / - The scenery was beautiful. A breeze blows in through the window. We didn't need a fan or anything. - It's already pretty. / - Let's go. We better get moving. There's no reason for us to not win. It really wasn't cold. That's really nice. (Tuhi Trip, day 1 in Pai) (Bamboo bridge) (28 minutes by scooter to bamboo bridge) - You go everywhere on scooters. / - Yes. We can reach everywhere in 30 minutes. Is that a plot of land? Is that what it's called? This is bamboo bridge. Bamboo? - This is bamboo? / - It's not hip hop. English words sound hip hop. - This is called bamboo bridge. / - Bamboo bridge. I'm so excited, right? (Bubbly) There's a lot of water here. It feels really green. (Set up on top of the rice paddy instead of a river) That's how beautiful it looks. That's how it looks. It's the dry season now. - You can take great photos there. / - Right. Oh, no. It looks like a desert. Why didn't we come when it's green? It's so different. This is so beautiful. - This is how it looks. / - It's a mudflat. - It's dry season. / - You have to come in season. Right. Still, isn't it beautiful? (It's just an ordinary field) (Tourists want to enjoy this cozy and tranquil field) (The field captures the tourists' steps) I love how breezy it is. Don't you agree? I wish the breeze would continue. It's cool. Get closer to the signpost. Get closer to the signpost. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. (Bamboo bridge is best in October) This comes up first when you look up Pai. It's something you must do here. When I heard this is here, I wanted to take a photo on bamboo bridge and ride that before we go. - Something to ride? / - That looks so hot. - A swing. / - Something's so... - That's a swing? / - It's a swing. - What? / - That's a swing? It's really fun. - I thought it was a windmill. / - It looks like a windmill. This is the highlight of Pai. We went there for that swing. How do we ride this? Usually, well... Photo service. Does it mean they take photos for us? - Shouldn't there be an owner? / - That's probably right. (They can't understand what it says) There they are. They're over there. Let's ask them. - How much is it? / - It's 30 baht. - 30? / - Let's ride this. How much is that? $1? - That? / - 30 baht? It's $1 per ride. Let's go then. $1 for 3 spins? Is it operated by hands? - And you only go around 3 times? / - Yes. It depends on their mood. They give you more turns if they're in a good mood. I think Pai is all about how you communicate. It's just like at the amusement park, "One more time." No, that can't be a highlight of Thailand. No matter how much I think about it... I see. That's how they do it. Is this safe? Isn't it dangerous? Is it okay? Get on. Wait a minute. (Hongbin gets on the swing first) (Feeling anxious) (He's ready when the seatbelt is put on) Wait. Is it starting? That's really scary. - What's that? / - It was so scary at first. - I bet that's scary. / - It is scary. - It's like the Viking. / - You must be heavy. I guess so. - I have to get on too. / - I got on first... - Oh, no. / - They're struggling. I don't think I should get on. (Please wait for a bit) This is scary. Is it scary? Is it? It's scary? It's not as scary as you'd think. (He can't process anything) - Wow. / - I get on? Oh, please. - Please don't make it scary. / - It's for kids. Did you see the way he just tied the seatbelt? It's a safety ribbon. A pretty ribbon. Safety ribbon! Wait a minute. That looks so scary. - Is it scary? / - It's really scary. All the locals are here. I think they're the first customers. - Hongbin. / - Yeah? This is scary! Why did you say it wasn't? It's not scary if you stay still. I hate this kind of ride. Even though I suggested riding this. - Slowly, slowly. / - It's like those old rides. - That spinning thing. / - That's right. - The old man would bring it. / - Wait a minute. It's fast. It's fast. This is fun. It's higher than you'd think. - The world is turning with me. / - It's all manual. It's high. (N is still getting used to the height) I think that's more than 3 turns. They gave us more turns. They were in a good mood. Because you had good reactions. - He liked us. / - I feel secure now. (The owner is having fun watching N ride the swing) And this guy really likes me. And this guy really likes me. He gives me a high-five when I pass through. High-five. (Perfectly adjusted) Why would you ride that all the way there? He just built it for his grandchildren. Exactly. But tourists kept asking if they could ride it. And he can't do it for free so he decided to take $1 per ride. That's what happened. They're the first customers. It looks like it's for kids but it's actually fun. That was for his grandchildren. Instead of through a monitor, I'm watching this with my eyes. This is beautiful. Here I go. (N is composed enough to admire the surroundings) (You can see the entire view of bamboo bridge) (Hi) (Hi) (You can enjoy the scenery in the dry season) - Cafe. / - That place was great. (18 minutes from bamboo bridge to cafe) It's good that it's not too far on scooters. It's close. It's good that you hired the two-seater. - It's convenient. / - You're right. One of the places where one must take photos in Pai. We can take great photos here and drink cool beverages. That's what this is for. Look at that. Isn't this great? The decor of the place was great. That's cute. - What are we looking at? / - It's kind of like Korea. Doesn't it look like Gapyeong? You can't find that in Gapyeong. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. (N refuses to look ordinary with his poses) It looks like an amusement park. - The colors are pretty. / - The colors are really pretty. The photos turned out so nice. Pretty. (When they enter the 2nd floor of the cafe) It looks cute, cozy and pretty. When I was a kid, I wanted to ride that kind of swing. Those rocking chairs. That's great. Look at the outlets. You can hang out here all day with your laptop. On those cushions, a lot of people come here and take a nap. Look at the people over there. - They're just reading books. / - They're relaxing. They're just taking rest. People who lead a busy lives can come here and relax. It's a good place to zone out. Right. We can just sit here. This is a place where people come to do nothing. It's here. - Thank you. / - Thank you. That was so good. (What did they order?) (Passion fruit and mango, Thai tea, $2.30 each) I think the prices are about the same. - As Myanmar? / - Yes. - Minus the lodging. / - The accommodation is different. They slept at the airport, not at a hotel. - We got on the hot air balloon. / - Right. Our team rode the swing instead. - Swing. / - You're right. We experienced a hot air balloon, they experienced a swing. A swing. (Passion fruit and mango, Thai tea, $2.30 each) This is really delicious. Try this first. - This tastes like coffee. / - It's good, right? - Milk tea. / - It is milk tea. The Thai tea was really sweet. Condensed milk, sugar, milk and black tea. It's savory and sweet. You can taste the milk and the milk tea. It's a charming taste. This is a bit sour but also sweet. Having a cool drink in a hot country is the best. This is delicious. - It's... / - You shouldn't drink this before this. - Since this is sweet, this tastes sour. / - Right. If you drink this first, then this... (The flavor makes him nod) This is my style. Looking at the people here, it seems like in order to enjoy Pai, you need to lay back. The view was beautiful there. Pai is where backpackers stay for like a month to relax. Many foreigners do that. Europeans stay for a month. A month just in Pai? This is so comfortable. The drink cools my body too. (They take a short break before their next itinerary) (Now it's time to travel again) Now... We need to go to the next spot. - Are you sure there's next spot? / - Of course. You're not just improvising, right? No. I'm always prepared. - I prepared the next spot. / - Where are we going? Next... We had a good rest here. We saw great scenery and took nice pictures. It's time to rest our bodies now. - Rest more? / - Hot spring. There's a hot spring? There's a hot spring in Thailand? (Tuhi Trip, day 1 in Pai) (Natural hot spring) (8 minutes from cafe to hot spring) Ta-da. We're now at a hot spring that is loved by the locals as well. It's a natural hot spring. What if it's dried up like the bamboo bridge earlier? What we need to remember is the ground... And then the swing. Now there's the valley? The ground and the water? I see. Isn't it interesting that the people go to hot springs even though it's hot? You can fight heat with heat. Look. The people are in the hot spring. Wow... They're just... Wow... It seems like you can just go in there. - It's just on the street. / - What is that? Isn't that just a pond? - Come on. A pond? / - The water there is so warm. - It's warm? / - It's a hot spring. That's fascinating. It's a natural hot spring. - It's 36℃? / - Yes. How is the water so warm? The higher you go, the warmer the water becomes. (The entrance fee is $10.40 per person) - Shall we go? / - Yes. Everyone puts their bags down. Let's put the bags here. Take the socks off too. Hey, it's hot. It's hotter here. It's like a bath. It looks just like a valley from the outside, right? But it's really hot inside. It's very hot. - It looks cold though. / - I know. From here it does. (The temperature of the water is about 36℃) It's just like a hot bath. I didn't know it could be this hot. This is interesting. I think this place is where you can just relax. Should we go in further? There are many places like this. It's hot. It's so hot. (N and Hongbin enjoy the leisurely bath) That must feel good. It's really nice there. This is my first time being in a natural hot spring. I haven't been to a public hot spring like this. This place is very famous. I heard you must visit this place when you're in Pai. I wasn't sure if you could enjoy it in this hot weather but it's actually quite nice. It's hot but nice. It's not as hot as I imagined. (Just sitting here makes them feel comfortable) (It's where everybody takes a rest) (What are you doing now?) Hey! Push me! You can't fall forward. Since we're not doing anything. Let's play the pushing game and it's an automatic penalty if you lose. It's automatic. Are you sure you can beat me? I'm older than you. Of course. I'm the leader, you know. (That's how it began) (Hongbin) (N) (The pushing game) Don't fall toward me! Don't fall this way! - Fall that way! / - I didn't fall. 1, 2, 3. (Danger) (Saves himself) You are sly. You can't be so sly in this place of healing. They have great teamwork. 1, 2, 3. (This one clap will decide everything) - That was a strong push. / - He's falling. (Hongbin's good at getting his balance) Hongbin is in danger. 1, 2, 3. (Hongbin's good at getting his balance) (Hongbin's bad at getting his balance) (A big splash for Hongbin) That's what we did. What is this? You can eat it. I think we can splash the water. Hey! It's hot! (His revenge was successful) (His revenge failed) (Since they're soaked anyway, they go nuts) The water tastes like something. You can taste the water? Drink then! My bleached hair... Should we play one more game? The loser... They sell a special food here. The loser goes and buys it. (Feigned laughter) One more time? My hair is bleached so my roots look terrible. (They cheer for each other) Let's cheer for ourselves with a clap. 1, 2, 3. (Again?) Oh, no. He's sly. - He's so sly. / - He's so sly. Isn't this healing? Is it killing? - That looked like killing. / - Okay. Let's cheer for each other. 1, 2, 3. - Hey. / - I learned it from you. It's normal to learn from your elders. 1, 2, 3. I hope Hongbin wins this time. Die. (Hongbin loses the game again) Did you tell me to die? That's why you won. You played to kill me. That's why you won. Die. (Hongbin loses the game again) Go on. He lost again. Just buy it for him. I can't believe I played against such a sly guy. (Regret) I don't think this is a healing trip. I feel like... Are we getting closer? Oh, that? Sawadikap. Oh, egg. - Egg? / - Egg. - They sell eggs there too? / - Yes. That's fascinating. The upper stream temperature is over 100℃. So you can cook it up there. Thank you. It's an egg. Is it cooked? Are they not cooked? This egg live? No? (You can go up there) Self? (Go there and put the basket in the water) I put the whole basket in the water. I see. I'll tell N they're cooked already. I'll tell him to try them. I'm happy. Why do you look so happy? I was so happy. - Did you buy it? / - Yes. They sell boiled eggs. I heard there's a place where we can boil the eggs. - There's a place? / - Yes. So you buy them... You could boil them here if it was hot enough. So there's another place to boil the eggs. - It's up there? / - Yes. She said these were boiled eggs. So we can eat them just like that? I thought he knew it. I could see him flustered They usually sell raw eggs. People usually buy raw eggs and cook them up there. Rock, paper, scissors and loser cracks it on his head? Rock, paper, scissors and loser cracks it on his head? I realized I'd dug a hole for myself. - If you don't play, you lose... / - Wait, wait, wait. I've got it. You've lost. You just can't win this. If you don't play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. Oh, no. You just do it. I feel bad. It's okay. It's a game. I think it's better if you just crack it. - Why? / - I feel bad. - Are you trying to make me look bad? / - Why? Earlier you... It's okay. I lost twice. It's really okay. No, no. - Are you sure? / - I really had no idea. Look at his face. He feels really bad. Count to three before you hit me. - N, this is a variety show, right? / - Yes. 1, 2, 3. What is this? That was for real. That wasn't fake. I've never seen N glare like that. What is this? I told you to do it yourself. (Can't stop laughing) Done? Is it out? Okay, then. I'm completely satisfied with this trip now. Rock, paper, scissors and crack it again. There's a place where we can cook the eggs up there. Cook them for real? Yes, for real. Let's go cook them for real, Hongbin. - You almost froze me. / - His eyes have changed. - Let's hurry. / - Go, go, go. (Let's go cook the eggs) (After 5 minutes of walking, they reach the spot) It's there. (Tha Pai Hot Spring) - That's fascinating. / - Because it's hot. It's 80℃. (Rain seeps into the ground and becomes heated) (It comes back up to the surface to form the hot spring) (He hangs the egg basket on the bamboo stick) (Then places it in the hot spring) Me too. You leave it in the hot spring. The hottest place. You must be running a business here. 15 minutes would be perfect. You can't go into that hot spring. It's too hot. - You could really get hurt. / - Take it out. Want to crack it on your own head this time? No, I'll crack it on your head. What if it's not cooked? It's cooked. Soft-boiled eggs are the best. - That looks tasty. / - Hot, hot. (2 precious eggs are left after missing 1 egg) Should we eat them now? - Be careful. It's hot. / - It must be hot. It's so hot. Hang on. It's cooked. It's really hot. I can't believe it can be this hot. When it's too hot, do this. Since my shirt is wet. - If you peel this... / - This is good. I was hungry. Today's product is an egg iron. It irons clothes very well. It straightens creases with ease. It's round in shape, so you can iron anywhere. Like this. It's cooled now. I played along nicely, right? - Wasn't it natural? / - Yes, very natural. Did I seem young? - Shall we? On your head? / - No. - What are you on about? / - Okay, okay. (When they crack open the pudding-like eggs) It peels so easily. Those who like soft-boiled eggs would love this. (It's hot) (He gives it to Hongbin first) It's delicious. Soft-boiled. It tasted like pudding. How good would it be after the hot spring? It looks so delicious. Delicious. The yolk is good. Right? Now that we've had fun here, we're going to the last spot. We must visit there. We've been to rather small and cozy places so far. But this place is very open. You'll feel refreshed there. Is it broad there? Broad? Broad? It's just a very big place. It's broad and big. It's a good place to wrap up your day. - Let's go there right away. / - Let's go. (What you see when you search for Pai online) Is this the place? This is the place. You're finally going there. It's unique. (Pai Canyon is a famous photo spot) (Tuhi Trip, day 1 in Pai) (Pai Canyon) This is the main place in Pai. - It's not so far either. / - Yes, it's nearby. It would be so much fun to travel by bike... - With your significant other. / - It'd be so nice. - So much fun. / - We must hurry. - Because... / - The sun's going down. - We can't miss the sunset. / - It's going down. We can't miss this. Run. You're going to see the sunset. We couldn't miss this. It's the final destination. Goodness. This is exhausting. They have to climb up before the sun sets. This is where you see the sunset. Oh, no. The sun is going down. This is so exhausting. In Thailand, the sun sets at 6:30 p.m. in April. So we had to hurry to see the sunset. Entrance is free. We're here. We're here. If you miss this, you can't say you visited Pai. (I agree but I can't answer because I'm out of breath) (Pai Canyon is finally before their eyes) (Pai Canyon) (The famous attraction that captivates many travelers) It looks quite high. It looks very unique. - It's very high. / - It looks interesting. (You can witness the vastness of nature) You have to take a photo in this spot. I checked out a lot of pictures. But you have to be very careful here. - You have to be careful. / - What is this? This is it. It's a great spot. I'm not moving. What is that? - That's scary. / - It was really scary. Wow. (You must take a photo on the edge of the cliff) I don't think I can stand there. There are people who are good at it though. There are. But the bottom was a little... - It's so scary from here. / - Don't go. The bottom is dug out. So it's a little safe. - It looks so scary. / - Just seeing it is scary. It's so scary. So this is what you do. So this is what you do. Wait, wait. Why are they showing this now? (His charisma is back on the cliff) It makes you want to try and take that photo. (Looking hot at Pai Canyon) It's no joke. It's so pretty here. There are no fences here to keep it as natural as possible. Be careful. That looks scary. He runs back. - Be careful. / - So scary. It's scary. Yeah, be careful. How does it feel there? The right looks really scary and the left looks safe. If you compare. (Hongbin bravely took a picture on the cliff as well) The photos look amazing. (Another reason why the canyon is famous) (The sunset you can watch from the cliff) It's pretty. You can't think of anything else when you watch a sunset. Yeah. Right? The sun sets faster than I thought. Still, we saw the end of sunset. There's a reason why I wanted to see this. We don't get many chances to see sunrises and sunsets. We're always busy getting ready in the morning. On New Year's Day... On New Year's Day, we were all on a stage together. We have to attend award shows. Here, today is New Year's Day. It's like January 1st. So you can start your diet in April. Since the New Year starts in April. Here, today is New Year's Day. That's why I didn't want to miss this. I love places like this. I love it here. I think those who work hard can rest better. You can have a better rest. (Lastly, they're going to have dinner) - Finally, they're going to eat. / - What will they eat? I've been waiting for this moment. We worked really hard today, so let's go eat. I'm sure there's lots to eat, right? Here we are. - Go, go, go. / - Restaurant. - Thai food restaurant. / - Let's hurry. I'm so hungry. If you search for eateries in Pai, this place always comes up. You have to go there. There are a lot of customers. - There are many foreigners. / - Yes. We had really delicious food there. Apparently, this restaurant is a very famous restaurant. I think I can eat a lot. The restaurant is always full. We have to try the fried fish. - Looks delicious! / - And the braised ribs is famous. - Braised ribs? / - Thai style braised ribs. Thai style braised ribs and fried fish. The best thing is cost of living is cheap in Thailand. And Pai is one of the most affordable places. And this restaurant is one of the cheapest in Pai. So if you can get 2 to 3 dishes in Chiang Mai, you can get 5 to 6 here. Good quality and quantity. Good quality, good quantity... Sisters are happy, their husbands are happy, you're happy and I'm happy. You're an old man. If he's an old man at 29, what am I? - So this is the braised ribs? / - Yes. This is the braised ribs. (Chicken that tastes like braised ribs, $2) It's a chicken dish but it tastes like braised ribs. It's really cheap too. - It's 60 baht, so $2.10. / - What? That costs $2.10. - That chicken dish costs $2.10? / - Yes. - I remember the taste now. / - That's so good. Shall we dig in? - Let's eat because I'm starving. / - Okay. First off, this is really famous here. It's a little different to Korean braised ribs. That's so good. It's really good. How is it? Good? It's not exactly braised ribs. It's like sweet and spicy chicken. - Must be sweet and salty. / - It's not fried. It's like really good boneless chicken. - And... / - Is it like braised chicken? - It has a chili sauce. / - Like Andong braised chicken. It'd be perfect with rice. That was really delicious. I still remember the taste. - We finished this one. / - We finished it. We need to order another one. Yes, order another one. - Someone took it. / - That's right. Who took it? I'm hungry. Why did they only give us two ribs? Let's order another one when she comes back. What's this? Fish? - It's big. / - It's huge. And one more please. Wow, the fish. How do we eat this? We thought it'd be small like Korean dish. But they served it on that huge plate. - It's huge, right? / - Yes. It's for 4 people and only costs $6.80. - That's so good. / - So cheap. - Do we just eat it like this? / - That's a good price. (Bones are so easily separated) - It's so easily separated. / - It's just like chicken. It's really like chicken. It was like fried chicken. It's like fried chicken. Really. Try it. - Isn't it? / - Why didn't you tell me it's hot? It's not that hot. This is super hot. The fried part is really crispy but the meat is tender. It's a little... The texture is really like chicken. That looks good. Fish isn't normally like this, is it? - This one is muscular. / - Its flesh is so plump. It doesn't taste fishy at all. Isn't this something you've never had before. Oh, that crunch. (Looks delicious) It's spicy and tastes like vinegar. Yes, it tastes like vinegar and it tastes like wasabi. It has a strong scent so it must have those ingredients. There's pepper too. It's here. Our favorite. This one is my favorite. I can live here for a month if I have this. Even if you order 2, it's only $4.20. - It tastes good with rice. / - Fried rice. We also ordered spring rolls and fried shrimp. We ordered everything. This is a big serving. You should eat like that though. They gave us lots of rice. The fish is big too. We ordered a lot but that was only $19.50. That's really cheap. As you can see, the table is full. I feel relieved now. I really like it. Because you can experience different countries in one place. When we were at the canyon, it felt like we were in another country. The hot spring kind of felt like Japan. Also our hotel was like we were in a jungle. - I want to go there. / - I really want to go. Many people visit here because they can experience a variety of things here. (The second day in Pai starts before the sun rises) That was beautiful. What's that? - There were a lot of stars. / - A lot of stars. That's pretty. Argh. Goodness. Moths are flocking to my head. What if they go into your mouth? It's really dark. You need to wear that flashlight on your head. What time is it now? The sun isn't even up yet. - It's really dark. / - Because... We have to go see the sunrise. That's right. We'll go see the sunrise. It's really dark. It's 4:46 a.m. It's very early. The sun is up. The sun is up. I can feel the sun even with my eyes closed. We have to go now so we can see the sunrise. Today, we'll drive to a place called Yun Lai Viewpoint. Don't look at me, please. - The light was bright. / - It was really strong. My dad told me to always look into people's eyes when talking to them. - We have to go now. / - Okay. - Let's hurry up. / - We want to take time to see it. Okay, let's go. Seriously, it's really bright. Yun Lai Viewpoint. Look at this. - Viewpoint. / - Yes. There are a lot of pictures taken from high up. You can look down and see everything. We should go here. Yun Lai Viewpoint. That was really pretty. Yun Lai Viewpoint. "Yun" means "cloud" and "Lai" means "to come." So it means "the clouds are coming." (People visit the viewpoint to see the sunrise) (What does the sunrise look like here?) You don't have to spend a lot of money in Pai. Right. That was free, right? - No, you have to pay 20 baht. / - How much is that? - 68 cents. / - 68 cents. (28-minute-drive to the viewpoint from hotel) (The moon hasn't even set yet) We're hiking up to Yun Lai Viewpoint. There are so many stars in the sky. I haven't seen this many stars in so long. It's so pretty. I love this mood. They all look like stars. - It's so pretty. / - It really is. It makes my heart flutter. What is this place? I think it's a cafe. It's open really early in the morning. It makes me want to take pictures. - Let's get some tea. / - Let's buy tea and sit down. Do we just wait here? Like this? Isn't it too dark? People will think we really have nothing to do. But this is relaxing. Do you want a cup of tea? I'll pour it for you. You can pour mine. It's not like this is alcohol. We don't have to pour each other's tea. This is being considerate. Don't you think so? Should we clink? Why? It's not like we're drinking. You complain but you do it anyway. See? You're a good fit. You complain but you still do it. He's like a little brother. I can't drink it. It's really hot. (Sipping) I'll let it cool. It's really sweet. It's sweet. Why did we get there so early? We went early because we didn't want to miss it. - There's an hour left, right? / - Yes. We got there an hour early. It's okay to get there an hour later. Even when it gets bright... - The grain comes out later. / - Right. Grain? The kernel. Have you been to places to see the sunrise before? Before? People think of sunrise as a special event when they go somewhere to see it. That's usually the case. When I was living in the Buddhist temple... I saw it every day. So the temple was a famous sunrise spot. Yes, because it was on a mountain. This is what I saw. It was always like this. - You lived in a place like this. / - Yes. (This is all too familiar to Hongbin) Do you remember? Living in a temple is my only childhood memory, so I remember it. I visit often too. My dad took me to Gangwon-do every year on January 1st. I really didn't want to go. But I'm reminded of it. I shouldn't have complained then. This is so relaxing to watch the sunrise while sipping on tea. - It feels very free. / - It's peaceful. I love things like this. For me, it's so... People are coming. I guess we came too early. They came after it got bright. We didn't know the right timing. I think it'll rise soon. - Here... / - You've been saying that for 30 minutes. I guess you'll be right at some point. I've seen sunrises before. This means it's rising. This is so funny. If the moon is up there, the sun isn't rising. I think it's rising, isn't it? Shouldn't it come up now? Hasn't it risen yet? It's really bright. You've never seen a sunrise, have you? The grain will come out later. It might be already up behind the clouds. Exactly. You don't think it rose already, do you? I don't think so. The circle has to rise now. I want to see the grain. Will it rise? We can't just sit here and do nothing. Since we have some tea here, let's act like classical scholars and have some creative time. Creative time? Lyricists, poets and writers usually get inspiration from views such as the one before us. Mostly... So we prepared this. Creative time. (Creative writing time at sunrise) I'll show you a 2-verse poem to warm up. I'll do a poem with VIXX. - As a warm up? / - Yes. Wait, I need inspiration. Okay, I got it. VI... VIXX has released a new album. XX. Sugoi! (Sigh) Trying too hard. Trying too hard. This is really funny. If there was an audience, they would've laughed really hard. Trying too hard. - Do one with New Year. / - As a warm up? Let's do New Year. I start you off? Are you getting into the mood? - Are you getting into it? / - I was looking at the sun... Are you letting the Japanese in you come out? I'm doing it right now. I've got it, I've got it. Hurry up. New. The New Year sun is rising. Year. Huh? It's really rising. Huh? It's really rising. Huh? It's really rising. What? You're supposed to focus on my poem. The sun needs to be focused on, not you. Of course it's the sun. That timing... My poem was amazing. It's so red. It looks so foreign. My poem was so good. Why did it have to rise now? It has to rise. It didn't rise for one and a half hours and had to rise when I said my poem. - Was it pretty? / - More than pretty, it was fascinating. - Fascinating? / - It's a really distinct circle. - Wow. / - So pretty. - That is fascinating. / - It's really different. Rising between the clouds. Isn't it so round? It's like a painting. It was worth getting up early for this. We can see the sun clearly. It's like a painting. Let's make a wish here. I'll go first. I hope VIXX's new album will be successful. And I hope the members and fans of VIXX will be happy and healthy this year. What should I say? Wishes are supposed to be selfish. Really? I'll do it again. I hope only I'll be successful. By the time this video airs, we'll be promoting our new album. Please let it be a great success. Let's go, VIXX. Look above. To the left. Right here... It's here. Like this. For the photo... We wanted it inside the heart. (The sun is in their hands) (A perfect end to their trip in Pai) How do you feel watching the sunrise? It's not bad. I know. We were a little tired at first but you forget about that once you see it. It was better than I expected. We enjoyed some inner healing... - And relaxation in Pai. / - That's right. So in Chiang Mai, we'll enjoy activities. I think I can say good-bye to Pai like this. Bye, Pai. Hakyeon, Hongbin, Tuhi Trip. (Tuhi Trip will see you in Chiang Mai) (Songkran Festival finally begins) - It's begun. / - Now we're in Songkran. (One of the world's top 10 water festivals) (The most intense New Year's in the world) Hongbin, let's get it started. I can't lose! (We'll give as good as we got) (Tuhi Trip is at the center of Songkran Festival) Can you stop for a minute? (Songkran Festival continues next week) - We enjoyed your trip. / - That was so good. So you rented the scooter. Did you pay a tip? The price varies depending on the engine. It was the price of the scooter we rented. - It was about $13. / - Yes, about $13. - For 1 day? / - Yes. If you have an international driver's license, you'll be fine even if you're not that good at driving. What if I don't have a driver's license and can't ride a bike? There's no bus in the city. How would I move around? You can use the local travel agency car. - I should book it in advance? / - Yes. You can book it in Korea. It won't be a problem. You don't have to worry about transportation. I see. Now N and Hongbin will give us their last words. Pai is not well-known even among travel enthusiasts. So even those who have been to Thailand a lot, I'd recommend that they check out Pai. You should visit on your way to Thailand. Are you ready? The Tuhi Trip Tour. Will you go to Pai, Thailand? Yes or no? Please vote! (What will the judges choose?) Will it be Myanmar, with their new unknown world? Will it be the Firefighter Tour? Will it be the Shangri-La of Thailand? Will it be the Tuhi Trip? What did the judges choose? Here we go, here we go. - Firefighting Tour... / - This week's result... - Oh? / - Is it a one-vote difference? Is it a one-vote difference? - One-vote? / - We won. We won. (Thailand 91, Myanmar 82) Isn't that a great score? It's a great score. - I think we did well. / - We did great. - We don't know yet. / - You did real well. - Real well. / - We still have next week. We have to come from behind next week... - To make it all seem natural. / - That's right. That could happen. We still have next week to go. We don't know how it'll end. Next week, we'll have water festivals. A battle of the water festivals. Will it be Myanmar or Chiang Mai? Please watch and decide. We'll see you next time. The world is your school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next episode) Even if you can't speak the language, just spraying water is communicating. Let's go. We're here in Songkran. It's the Thingyan festival. Everyone, we'll enter the world of water... Just you wait! It's going off. It's really hot. Hongbin, let's get this started. No one will touch me. I can't lose. Happy New Year. I feel like I've become a kid again. There's a reason why everyone likes festivals. It's going to be enjoyable. Look forward to it. ("HOW R U TODAY" by N.Flying)


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