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Kenneth Kent Mackenzie

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kenneth Kent Mackenzie (1877–1934) was a lawyer and amateur botanist who wrote extensively on the genus Carex in North America.[1] The standard abbreviation Mack. is used for Mackenzie when citing a botanical name.[2]



He described the following taxa in the family Cyperaceae (sedges); alternative combinations are indented.

= Carex sparganioides var. aggregata (Mack.) Gleason
= Carex canescens subsp. arctiformis (Mack.) Calder & Roy L.Taylor
= Carex atrata subsp. atrosquama (Mack.) Hultén
= Carex atrata var. atrosquama (Mack.) Cronquist
= Carex deflexa var. brevicaulis (Mack.) B.Boivin
= Carex heteroneura var. epapillosa (Mack.) F.J.Herm.
  • Carex exserta Mack.
  • Carex farwellii Mack.
  • Carex fernandezensis Mack. ex G.A.Wheeler
  • Carex festivella Mack.
= Carex macloviana subsp. festivella (Mack.) Á.Löve & D.Löve
= Carex inops subsp. heliophila (Mack.) Crins
= Carex pensylvanica subsp. heliophila (Mack.) W.A.Weber
= Carex complanata subsp. hirsutella (Mack.) R.T.Clausen
= Carex maritima var. incurviformis (Mack.) B.Boivin
= Carex muricata var. laricina (Mack. ex Bright) Gleason
  • Carex latebrosa Mack.
  • Carex laxior Mack.
  • Carex leiophylla Mack.
= Carex sabulosa subsp. leiophylla (Mack.) A.E.Porsild
= Carex deweyana subsp. leptopoda (Mack.) Calder & Roy L.Taylor
= Carex deweyana var. leptopoda (Mack.) B.Boivin
= Carex cephalophora var. mesochorea (Mack.) Gleason
= Carex macloviana var. microptera (Mack.) B.Boivin
= Carex brevior var. molesta (Mack.) F.C.Gates
= Carex stipata var. oklahomensis (Mack.) Gleason
  • Carex olympica Mack.
  • Carex onusta Mack.
  • Carex ormantha Mack.
  • Carex pachycarpa Mack.
  • Carex paucicostata Mack.
  • Carex paucifructus Mack.
  • Carex perglobosa Mack.
  • Carex perstricta Mack.
= Carex schiedeana var. perstricta (Mack.) F.J.Herm.
= Carex laxiflora var. purpurifera (Mack.) Gleason
  • Carex rectior Mack.
  • Carex rhomalea Mack.
  • Carex richii Mack.
  • Carex rugosperma Mack.
= Carex tonsa var. rugosperma (Mack.) Crins
= Carex vallicola var. rusbyi (Mack.) F.J.Herm.
= Carex muricata var. ruthii (Mack.) Gleason
= Carex backii var. saximontana (Mack.) B.Boivin
= Carex scirpoidea var. scirpiformis (Mack.) O'Neill & Duman
= Carex praegracilis var. simulata (Mack.) B.Boivin
  • Carex smalliana Mack.
  • Carex stellata Mack.
= Carex schiedeana var. stellata (Mack.) F.J.Herm.
= Carex echinata subsp. townsendii (Mack.) Reznicek
= Carex athrostachya var. unilateralis (Mack.) B.Boivin
= Kobresia bellardi var. macrocarpa (Clokey ex Mack.) H.D.Harr.

Other families

In other families, he described the following taxa:

  • Gerardia flava var. calycosa (Mack. & Bush) Steyerm.
= Sagittaria engelmanniana subsp. brevirostra (Mack. & Bush) Bogin
  • Pseudotaenidia montana Mack.
  • Pseudotaenidia Mack.
= Taenidia montana (Mack.) Cronquist
  • Aster parviceps Mack. & Bush in Mack.
  • Senecio pseudotomentosus Mack. & Bush
= Packera paupercula var. pseudotomentosa (Mack. & Bush) R.R.Kowal
  • Senecio semicordatus Mack. & Bush
= Senecio pseudaureus subsp. semicordatus (Mack. & Bush) G.W.Douglas & Ruyle-Douglas
= Packera pseudaurea var. semicordata (Mack. & Bush) Trock & T.M.Barkley
= Senecio aureus var. semicordatus (Mack. & Bush) Greenm.
  • Smallanthus Mack.
  • Smallanthus uvedalia (L.) Mack.
  • Solidago [infragen.unranked] Argutae Mack.
= Solidago subsect. Argutae (Mack.) G.L.Nesom
= Solidago ser. Argutae (Mack.) G.L.Nesom
= Solidago nemoralis subsp. longipetiolata (Mack. & Bush) G.W.Douglas
= Solidago nemoralis var. longipetiolata (Mack. & Bush) E.J.Palmer & Steyerm.
= Solidago subsect. Nemorales (Mack.) G.L.Nesom
= Solidago subsect. Odorae (Mack.) G.L.Nesom
= Solidago ser. Odorae (Mack.) Semple
  • Solidago tarda Mack. ex Small
  • Vernonia interior var. baldwinii (Torr.) Mack. & Bush in Mack.
  • Vernonia interior var. drummondii Mack. & Bush
  • Xanthium inflexum Mack. & Bush
  • Macromeria thurberi (A.Gray) Mack.
  • Onosmodium hispidissimum Mack.
= Onosmodium molle subsp. hispidissimum (Mack.) B.Boivin
= Onosmodium molle var. hispidissimum (Mack.) Cronquist
= Onosmodium virginianum var. hirsutum Mack.
  • Onosmodium bejariense var. hispidissimum (Mack.) B.L.Turner
  • Onosmodium hispidissimum var. macrospermum Mack. & Bush
  • Onosmodium occidentale Mack.
= Onosmodium bejariense var. occidentale (Mack.) B.L.Turner
= Onosmodium molle subsp. occidentale (Mack.) Cochrane
= Onosmodium molle subsp. occidentale (Mack.) Cochrane
= Onosmodium molle var. occidentale (Mack.) I.M.Johnst.
  • Onosmodium subsetosum Mack. & Bush in Small
= Onosmodium molle subsp. subsetosum (Mack. & Bush) Cochrane
= Onosmodium bejariense var. subsetosum (Mack. & Bush) B.L.Turner
= Onosmodium molle var. subsetosum (Mack. & Bush) Cronquist
  • Onosmodium occidentale var. sylvestre Mack.
= Convolvulus fraterniflorus (Mack. & Bush) Mack. & Bush
= Calystegia fraterniflora (Mack. & Bush) Brummitt
= Calystegia sepium var. fraterniflora (Mack. & Bush) R.H.Mohlenbrock
= Calystegia silvatica subsp. fraterniflora (Mack. & Bush) Brummitt
= Vaccinium corymbosum f. caesariense (Mack.) Camp
  • Lespedeza acuticarpa Mack. & Bush
  • Lespedeza manniana Mack. & Bush
  • Lespedeza neglecta Mack. & Bush
  • Lespedeza violacea var. prairea Mack. & Bush
  • Lespedeza simulata Mack. & Bush
  • Proserpinaca intermedia Mack.
  • Iris foliosa Mack. & Bush
  • Juncus coriaceus Mack.
  • Juncus longicaudatus (Engelm. ex A.Gray) Mack.
  • Scutellaria cordifolia var. pilosissima Mack. & Bush
  • Oenothera strigosa Mack. & Bush
= Oenothera biennis var. strigosa Rydb. in Mack.
  • Onagra argillicola Mack.
= Oenothera argillicola Mack.
= Oenothera biennis f. argillicola (Mack.) B.Boivin
  • Elymus canadensis var. robustus Mack. & Bush in Mack.
  • Hystrix elymoides Mack. & Bush in Mack.
  • Muhlenbergia polystachya Mack. & Bush
  • Portulaca neglecta Mack. & Bush
  • Delphinium nortonianum Mack. & Bush
= Delphinium azureum var. nortonianum (Mack. & Bush) E.J.Palmer & Steyerm.
= Delphinium carolinianum var. nortonianum (Mack. & Bush) L.M.Perry
  • Ranunculus sicaeformis Mack. & Bush
  • Heuchera puberula Mack. & Bush
= Heuchera parviflora var. puberula (Mack. & Bush) E.F.Wells
  • Saxifraga incurva Mack. ex Ser.
  • Aureolaria calycosa (Mack. & Bush) Pennell
  • Dasistoma calycosum Mack. & Bush
  • Gerardia calycosa (Mack. & Bush) Fernald
= Gerardia flava var. calycosa (Mack. & Bush) Steyerm.
  • Physalis missouriensis Mack. & Bush
= Physalis pubescens var. missouriensis (Mack. & Bush) Waterf.
= Physalis longifolia var. subglabrata (Mack. & Bush) Cronquist
= Physalis virginiana var. subglabrata (Mack. & Bush) Waterf.
  • Celtis mississippiensis var. pumila (Pursh) Mack. & Bush


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