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Ken Charlton (Canadian football)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ken Charlton
Born:(1920-04-20)April 20, 1920
Regina, Saskatchewan
Died:May 1, 2004(2004-05-01) (aged 84)
Burnaby, British Columbia
Career information
CFL statusNational
Career history
As player
1941Saskatchewan Roughriders
1942Winnipeg RCAF Bombers
1943Regina All Services All-Stars
1945–1947Ottawa Rough Riders
1948–1954Saskatchewan Roughriders
Career highlights and awards
CFL All-Star1941, 43, 45, 46, 48, 49, 50 ,51
Career stats

Kenneth Charlton (April 20, 1920 – May 1, 2004) was a running back for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and is a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, where he was elected in 1992. He was also named to the Roughriders Plaza of Honour and to the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame.

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  • This Is Your Life: Charles Upham VC & Bar
  • Kaip ženkliai padidinti pardavimus vidaus ir eksporto rinkose? (II dalis)


way Ladies and gentleman Television New Zealand in association with the AMP Society presents "This Is Your Life" good evening and welcome to this is your life tonight you can be meeting with that country's heroes a person that most of us have heard but very few this really know that much about and that's because this person has never sought publicity or personal gain for what has been a truly remarkable life where Wellington's for Dorset just through these curtains is a cocktail party being thrown in on a other excellencies the Governor General Sir David Beattie and Lady Beattie well let's go and join the party old up your excellency and I'd like to apologize for intruding on your cocktail party this evening but then you were when you do know exactly why he attention I do as a matter of fact you've been a great help in getting a subject here to Wellington tonight without to the person being aware what was about to happen said but that wasn't my long suit him only been a tremendous amount of help and it's more help however I wonder apps sir can I ask you please to read to me what it says on the cover of this book "This Is Your Life, Charles Upham" kept a nap them I feel very privileged and the that he would join me a trip back to the Avalon television studios what is going to be a very special television program thank you it's a story a man who has two Victoria Crosses this is the Victoria Cross created in 1856 as the supreme award for gallantry in the face of the enemy it's the highest along is that the sovereign can bestow and is open to all who serve in all with the forces of the British Crown since its inauguration in 1856 only three people have been awarded the BC twice this double Victoria Cross is no more correctly as the VC and Bar. In the Second World War 196 Victoria Crosses were awarded. Only one person received two. His name was Captain Charles Hazlitt Upham %ah %ah %ah Giles thank you very very much indeed for joining us tonight as a tell your story a story that began in Christ Church on the 21st of September 1992 a ball in the Sun across church lawyer he grew up at this house at number 32 Gloucester Street and received a good Cantabria education and why he prepared his committee Maroo and later you can see the picture there actor Christ's College in price change well from there it was to Lincoln College and the Diploma in Agriculture But in 1933 all at this learning was to take a very practical turn. I came to Christ Church to look for a shipment and mascara I found Charles and engaged him on the spot sows to you recognize that voice your of the and its Allen Chan daddy Allen Chan retired cadre power welcome on the program now I'm glad you came up from can rejoin his take is a tell you you ensure this gentleman today from the job on the spot oh absolutely shader remarkable ability to appreciate any situation and he always had his prior priorities correct and he got on with the job I did a good job for you obviously had some very strong characteristics want them I i think was his attitude towards the animals that he works with yes he was the kindest man I think I've ever seen to each horse and his dogs and all animals and their it was nothing for him to go out of his way to you get that little extra piece have fade for his animals his weather is it also raised Aug 20 other people's course dogs looking back with the benefit of hindsight how long can you look at this German here this remarkable life story could you say that in those days there was something that stood out to you about him as a as a person yes at there were many qualities Anna apart from all other those are mention yes but there well if we're absolutely please if you came on the show tonight to there was a few things about those early days at mustering the towers in Canterbury an inch and thank you for joining us on this is a lie mates well from bombing on some of those those grades Canterbury High Country properties like Highland Hills in to NY you take up a position with the land valuation Department they describe you I think you remember house and uneducated experienced rough diamond hands feel about that your I a 1939 with the nazis on the move in europe you volunteer to join the army and it's not long before you're in the advance party the 20th battalion and off to North Africa along with many other young is young is drawn from all walks of life you part of the 20th battalion under the leadership of the men left and colonel Howard Kippenberger the best action for the 20th was in Greece and ended with the withdrawal to the island of Crete and I've ever the description out of the frying pan into the fire fitted then this was the time it was in Creede long was given command all the 28th battalion and Charles your voice I will never forget but as no doubt you recognize that voice instead bigoted peres big idea Jim Barraud please welcome him along %ah bring the buyers please join us here on the on the set up this is your life welcome along I have it you and showers particularly have shared some remarkable times together I'm sure the events that took place in may have 1941 on the island Crete still strong memories about yourself and Charles on the morning of the 20th May the German invasion that creates began what started as a distant drone became any a shattering rule as hundreds of German aircraft came over him to release a human cargo thousands of german paratroopers I thanks to brave but ill-equipped army a British Greek Australian and New Zealand soldiers with no air support little artillery in communications wrecked by endless enemy air attacks became his job was to defend one of the prime time its melham a Anfield in the confusion a battle that followed the germans gained a foothold Amanda Mae but on the night of the 21st it may the twentieth battalion under the command of the then major borrows as well as the Mari battalion were two counterattack now to succeed as well remember you needed the cover of darkness but his dawn broke it was clear that the advance frustratingly close to success would have to be called up brigadier borrows you mention when you came on the show tonight about remembering charles is boys snapback was recollection from that particular battle was it not yes to all those boys the many other sites themselves thats might had frankly a bit have gotten but Chong shocking encouragement whose main and I wouldn't you know who's but that same sound that might was a great encouragement also to me so this was the beginning up charles is first Victoria Cross wasn't use we had a very difficult might indeed hooligans that Mac but finally we were caught in broad daylight in open ground he easy targets for German paratroops and being machine-gunned remove him from planes brought over from Greece and obviously needed a complete switcher plan by the way out on the right flank was a small rupert Colville chips isolated completely isolated me couldn't be lifted I then spoke to the platoon commander of the leading platoon won second lieutenant Charles UPM and told him that I wanted him to see him to these based million across to this with my message across to this isolated group charge watched him the im put another Prokop went on to what was lifted his doom and with corporal her Dave could said out frankly on this mission himself because it was too dangerous to give to anybody else in his opinion they set out on a mission which quite frankly they've little hope of survival might lose have success the other 60 the course is written into Victoria Cross citation well you mentioned dave Clarke and Giles we have another surprise for you tonight with us from Raima you're puttin corporal that morning on creed would you please welcome day could this was the man you described as the on the finest fighting men you even angels here me I'm mister pic must have some very vivid memories back to that particular dash across the countryside well diapers where are a monster all the other patrons think he will wachner very athletic a very big brother remembered carry me before the war years to pry rugby union are tragedies meager time i winner character nuclear would be better to be a record that dialogue they're always there there he always carried a breakdown which was a heavy gun and everything alright or anything and he prepared to allow to got tommy gun being page here but we didn't get very none of which he was there very good shopping I was put in doubt I think it's the your best the individual photo I ever read and do because you good operate the hilly get figure out how to operate writer better I never ordinary at a time when he wasn't there get best thing to go where the word brutal will be helps people not big grin that value you mention that he was a good shot and i think is a little a memory that dave has about that dash out that you've been across these men and told them that there was a change in plans you had a at a rapid trip back to your previous position Dave and behind some heavy fire and expose is a bland what happened yes chachi person remember and only came up and leisure two machine guns have been at Nash and I think you probably know the record 50-yard dash good to restrict that problem the ground when we managed to get into but the thing that or sticks in my memory and made me laugh at any time any time in that country and when you Shinji got be your first words very caustic colorful condemnation up there poor shooting in the gym %uh I didn't quite see it that way good were just comes through into the mantle is whistling past my ears I considered where a pretty good shot yeah thank you for the old carriage alongside child that day and others on create your water Distinguished Conduct Medal bring about as you know charles is well as anyone what kind of man is he it's a pretty difficult question to answer book but tonight you're involving a story about a very brave Gundam men I would be I think it'd be pretty if he remembered only pool that because there's a bus who served with Charles no also that he was a very good leader the main had confirms it in because up the very high standards the child said both for himself them for the main under his command early trusted him because they knew he always put there will be a their safety upon himself they trusted him above all because he would never sit them to do anything that he wouldn't do himself a child was a good a fine fine leader and on top of that quite frankly Hughes the softest most kind-hearted carried to the dude made in a daze much I have great pleasure always with I'm mixing with the chips who served with him to see the prided in the voices with me say I would you know charlie c company and Mike godfather they've got course to beat prod Charles I'm sorry about this but did vision no harm here amid through the note to self now and again bring your gym barrows captain Dave Kirk I thank you both very much for joining us on this is your laptop %ah well the battle commander may appeal was just one of the many historic actions that took place on creating what follow daschle withdrew to the embody cation beaches it's not here as well recorded by the military historians our next guest remembers those days very well child to a great soldier a good night investment its grandeur in the business you recognize the voice users liked invented then fountain you miles an hour spent in the fountain your company commander on creeper from Westport colonel dinner now well welcome along then most blogs about Charles be an expert scrounge that sounds pretty to remove South I do apologize for using that word Grainger it is not appropriate but you the mahfouz pretty handy it it coming by Anna things or whose p Big Chief who acquired things had I'm for the used his own troops and well throughout some and also the conduct of the army I do issue he never acquired those who expensive anybody else ago said when the battle for Crete was over and the man were being withdrawn of the beaches you have to have child sir a he may not have liked very much well first because tufted had this entry much intermittent tricky person in Greece nafta's godwin created so and general captain burger will come cook made at that time commanding between his baton he instructed me the child's had to go out that night he wasn't built up to volunteer to go of course big idea barrows with the republican following night so attacked him and a merman we got him into the boat and getting back to Egypt a game ride ok an alert been found in or should I say spout welcome when thank you for joining us tonight on this is a lie accounts from pete has 10 percent was back to North Africa and not long after that news a few Victoria Cross what where about the show you and knowing about your character must have been quite an ordeal because here's the original film a second lieutenant Charles happen receiving the sea from General Sir Claude organic get a look at lek Middle East commander a right to inspect the 1st brigade new getting troops bombed in Egypt operating in the field it a great three New Zealand so did picketing goes with the nation's Victoria Cup let that happen on the left but the 80 clip and cuddle given back a yeah received his medal and ribbon was ours that would bring back the memory it soon I mention following that presentation came the remarkable action at make time with these UN troops surrounded by germans broke out to freedom I need to be savagely mauled light with blue eyes average in your actions and those conflicts related to any was second Victoria Cross buttery Weiss average badly wounded in action you were taken prisoner by the germans and then as they say is another story and it's coming up after this break continue this is your life child's happen taken prisoner and relax enrich your life hangs in the balance because early severity of your wounds but as they hear when you're in pain strength you begin rebelling against your gods he's a famous picture a future house I mention is quite a story behind that fun a durable in Bolton quite a variety of escape schemes and eventually the germans decide there's only one place for you the Germans call it it's on the line the special escape proof camp but it became known simply as cold it's your arrival there was closely watched by a man who is today the personal and private secretary to her Majesty the Queen Mother as a member of her personal household he lives at her residence Clarence House into James's Palace London but back in college he was the camp edgerton we took our cameras along to Clarence House for the special message from Sir Martin Gilead's Charles I'm delighted to send you greetings on this exciting day when I know that you been picked out for that this is your life program in New Zealand of to now 41 years I remember only too well that day a Saturday in October 1944 when I was agent Cody its and it was reported to me but the new arrival had just come into the camp he came from New Zealand the parent his name was up none of us had ever heard you charles at that time all this business about to be seized was totally unknown to us having recently it head the bad experience on the germans planting a traitor in our camp had we not having taken any notice that this he then manage to head over to the germans details all of us Cape schemes and tunnels i would tell me this shouldn't happen again sigh got held the New Zealand I knew best in the camp suspended doctor call trade moody and I asked him to go down and check that be up from we knew were just arrived walls a bona fide E New Zealand of will trade went out and saw you and reported back in a few minutes he didn't know all about you that where a proper chap and that you miss big allowed into the camp should become a friend all us and this you did we were together that collates until the N double to the end of war from our point of view when we will release by the Americans I wish very much that you been over for the code it's reunion a few weeks ago up I hope I may see in this country next year when there is reunion but the CGC Association meanwhile Charles all possible good wishes and I hope you have a splendid occasion this evening day they're nice gentleman indeed well see how to go on recognizing this boy's chance good evening charming or as I said at the time workin O'Kelly recognize the voice concert company that's doctor great movie the choltitz POWs a class in front entry votes but leave it with bill that you could join us tonight witnessed house win hell you said those an hour famous words to him charros was actually in the share a had and I was in the court yet and I chose this particular turn a phrase because I hoped that if the man in the shower happened to be child's happen I'm actually hoped that I would get a positive and significant response well i i almost was brought in the last decade but the that he get that response back up that response and Charles came as the two that will window hand I was able to identify him as chance happen and lately to I'd to vouch for him nyse:c child to remember what you said in reply to adopt a movie that day I remember break calling out higher paley beauty an arch as I mean using underwater where know what he was talking about right I remember that and it up you word well actually I do have a copy of those words here if you don't mind a rebound words were what the hell is this place looks bloody awful demand at the beach house before that time Fred now you haven't accounts was it was a very hard place because it was meant to be but I believe that house gave as good as he got yes oh yes in yes my abiding memory of Charles happened code it's was his uncompromising attitude to German soldiers and German officials and guns he in downstate irritated them to a good cause because he would come out on parade either with the cigarette all his old type in his mouth on most occasions topcat your help out poca or a caged let him get away with it but occasionally popcorn acres objected and then there was crap productive great movie thank you for joining child last night on this is your life his pants house spread became a close friend of yours that cold it's another New Zealander now living in Scotland is also part of your close group of friends they are likely to have a look at this hello Charlie I think it must be at least 20 years since we last met and I value very much this opportunity to pay my tribute a very distinguished New Zealander I've always appreciated our friendship and although we haven't seen yasser haven't seen any very much each other over a very long time I do hope will be able to do so not too distant future I wish you all the very best lepers major again how great you use to calm something else could you well he was there area name iPod he sacred service people he was a servant road trip abroad and he was dropped over yugoslavia by airplane and or backdrop taken over submarine truly eyes with Mikhailovich who was there to the check thanks your relationship with him up as he goes back a long we've been trying to check the twenty years as he said nothing was twenty years to get together you've never quite made it which is rather sad but I think that I could help you that you see ladies and gentleman in the studio tonight from the bridge in Scotland would you please welcome major Edgar ha great when major places and I've had a long trip tonight thank you very much I didn't come straight here good ligament night sleep you had a tremendously long to get even thrilled that our a great pleasure to be here with so that you can make it a lot of catching up to do tonight cause plenty of memories but by said the word thousand Obama rains with that startled memory vs in the world what johnnie just about a month ago house back in colours went back on the Union and walking around the court shot that put me in mind one morning when you and I were walking around the corner and perhaps toward him to the war what I think that general favorite 45 and the sirens went off and that meant to the visionary coming on and you may remember that at the beginning of the war Herman going once boasted that never ever with an allied her ninja fly-over German territory well signs the air raid was the beginning a thousand bombing raid which the american remarks from the big industrial concentrations remember colours an unfortunate that particular moment the German camp security officer came in the Qatar captain higgins and he was not a man who admired very much modern member and you walked up to him and use it here goes new memoir Herman said never in allied aircraft to fly over Germany well what do you think those are not that many ducks called deaths high-grade thank you very much indeed the penny a binder catch up on old memories in the denim arranged for you after the show tonight sounds when the war was over you travel to England in a couple of major events took place one was the official investor to review best the sea and the other one involved a certain lady I guess you remember that one pretty well gonna go tell us where they lived it was news PowerRating and realize you're winning you got married to Molly mic and mic Tammy here we wasn't bassam at non-free like down at pair near practical and New Milton somewhere in Hampshire was a it was certainly a marriage the glass on the cars be adopted the Nadal's well you know your wife Molly accompanied you to Wellington what you thought would be a quiet farewell party to his Excellency the governor-general and that tonight we have some other members of the family here as well my reason Jan would you please welcome the upland autism and images herein Caroline accompanied by a tu alcance grandsons David and child its and of course that that lovely bride from batton on C Molly mic timely amalia because Heights for you tonight wouldn't be complete but ours we can bring his family along joining us for union and you have a chance to have any family discussions after the show we thank you for joining us tonight the up on family thank you very much and it's it out when you arrived back in Christ Church in September 45 you must've been overwhelmed by the immense public reaction to use announced it a few weeks later of course it's been awarded a battle second BC and things went crazy much the same terms as the whole world wanted to shake hands to remove that felt like in from the people it can to bring camera Mokbel gesture a public appeal was started and they raised 10,000 pounds to buy you the farm that it often dreamed about I remember and bashed you whereby the people generosity but the solution was double Giles up sows that's the boys have your old friend in wartime comrade Bokaro care him big there he is looking good that's what I said to her welcome along by your friendship with child goes goes back to before the war in those days you will learn as an all-black back home after the war the public at made this incredible gesture towards channels what was his reaction to all that money I can't really tell you in trouble with the lead that have is to to accept it yes a that suggest the money might be used that they were have a trust the suns and children servicemen and at trustees were set up and the Trust was formed and the trust carried on and assisted some 88 young people with their lives in education message said bye you very much involved in helping child's with that trust by the way in case any way things are 10,000 pounds doesn't actually sound that much damage swift today three hundred thousand dollars that's the president a value things better Iron Man it back took a special kind of man to give that away well as the years went by and those sums in dollars as there has been grew up the Upham Trust had some money left and the next step was to be a new award the Charles album award for gallantry it's not given every year is it bad no well as appropriate well it is yes whenever it appropriately occasion demanded trustees would measuring our audience tonight have made yes serving our audience tonight showers and Bailey pleased to know we have with last one of the award winners ladies and gentlemen please welcome cast will mark Davidson Wellington a police dog handler who received the towers album award for gallantry after a dangerous Rooftop Prince given night in a mental institution Matthew welcome you tonight as well ladies and gentleman mister bo cooper thank you hatcher joining us a man who can speak with authority on behalf of all New Zealand's ladies and gentlemen please welcome his Excellency the Governor General Sir David BC so that we thank you for joining us tonight you had a few words I believe that you wanted to say at this time well first of all I'd like to apologize to you for being party to the sub who's that got to hear but it is a great honour at the same time and on behalf of all the people have New Zealand I would like to thank you feel government service in World War and your distinguished service in peace time as well %ah good which house many of the men who fought alongside you did not return from the war and these days ago as well nobody's getting any younger but as a final tribute to you tonight but managed to locate many of the surviving members of the original platoon in Greece so here to share this special night with me would you please welcome max pack nights to time comments and Phil Christian good nice way to end the show with you among some very good I'll friends shaw's is nothing much that I can say they can add to the respect and affection shanty by people like a gentleman here on the guest we've seen tonight you came back country hoping its darkest hours and so to finish out like to quote from description to view was published in a book about the inmates a cold it's the book is called detailer and alongside your picture this is what it said captaincy a Japanese the sea in bath New Zealand military forces an officer and a gentleman determination and singleness of purpose personified loyal quiet unassuming and friendly sows up this is your life way

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