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Joseph R. Knowland

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Joseph R. Knowland
Harris & Ewing photo, Library of Congress.
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from California's 6th district
In office
March 4, 1913 – March 3, 1915
Preceded byJames C. Needham
Succeeded byJohn A. Elston
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from California's 3rd district
In office
November 8, 1904 – March 3, 1913
Preceded byVictor H. Metcalf
Succeeded byCharles F. Curry
Personal details
Joseph Russell Knowland

(1873-08-05)August 5, 1873
Alameda, California
DiedFebruary 1, 1966(1966-02-01) (aged 92)
Piedmont, California
Political partyRepublican
Spouse(s)Elinor J. Fife
Emelyn S. West
Clarice E. Cook
ChildrenElinor Knowland Lion
Joseph Russell "Russ" Knowland, Jr.
William F. Knowland
Alma materUniversity of the Pacific

Joseph Russell Knowland (August 5, 1873 – February 1, 1966) was an American politician and newspaper publisher. He served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from California and was owner, editor and publisher of the Oakland Tribune. He was the father of United States Senator William F. Knowland.

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  • ✪ Concussions, Football Brain Injury & Testosterone - Fred Grover
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When you've had a head injury... you can have a major drop in testosterone in guys because the pituitary gland which is dangling at the base the brain gets a huge hit from the Coup-Contrecoup going back and forth with the small vessels there and than can drop your testosterone in half and you look a lot of these professional football players for example many of them like Tony Dorsett are years and years out and they've got this traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) that's now occurring so not only do they have the damage that probably could have been documented early on...or 5 five years later or what not but they've had chronic inflammation as a result the trauma there they've not have a good blood flow to be able repair some the damage and as a result they've started to develop alzheimers-like symptoms... dementia and downward spiral. We're taking a much more proactive approach rather than saying go home and take a nap for a week and come back to play were actually trying to do brain maps to see where they are at in terms of whether or not there's some dysfunction related to the head injury are milder SPECT imaging on people have had a pretty major injury in the they can get it covered by insurance or other they compare pocket for the SPECT images the image that looks at a time microvascular blood flow to the cortex of the brain and uses a radio nucleotide tracer super will use we look at the home hartman word on a nuclear scan on the heart exact same technological looking at the brain the spectral display areas for example somebody why do with a baseball bat to the look temporal region you would see an area decreased blood flow here arm we could documented view that microvascular blood flow impairment rather than just saying hey your MRI looks normal which anatomically may look absolutely fine born out soon small vessel damage this presents a lot of times neurologists and your dog sir missed in the more subtle damage to the brain because they're not to inspect image on other options because the PET imaging ritual so this is well arm so all this month announced imagine arm how looked out over I will look at the Santa maría obviously and that their far enough out typically want to wait at least a month but not even longer before we consider this bird protocol under with the talk McGraw are foundation hi answers can imagine we're using near infrared light therapy so we have these full LED lights and a cap that we put over the head the letz minute a wavelength which will go through the school arm hit the small vessels in the brain release some and our son to close at the toes house obeys adult Asian and help to armed reopened many the scapular that have been damaged sir kind of spasms and women able to demonstrators remarkably by repeating the Spartans after about 18 sessions with a light therapy for 20 minutes and have just seen I mean up to 100 percent improvement in terms of the the blood flow.. Hi everyone! Welcome back its Mike Mutzel with I'm so excited because we live with Dr. Fred Grover today. This is episode number 70 Seventy you're gonna see ash a live interview in his office in Cherry Creek Colorado but we want to get him on here to do a quick little segment on chronic encephalopathy and talk about football players and head trauma and all that interest now with Chris Borland the 24-year-old rookie your defensive linebacker for the 49ers who is just retired actors for season and so friends treated a lot of football players and help them overcome some other neurological issues associated with that sport so Dr. Fred thanks for being here again . Thanks Mike great to be on again and sunny day here in Denver look in her looking for going to the mountains this weekend love it there still snow there is some Iraqis can be my last week in a spruce q9 of Costa Rica there we go but i dont cool so what are your thoughts here with that this 24-year-old football player right at the start of his career retiring out the blue and to health risks linked with that Yemeni perspective for insight wanna share with us you know is becoming an alarming on its in my practice and more more young players are comments most certainly tend to be in their 30's and 40's I am soon some younger ones on such as Chris and are in the office and I think when you look at the kinetic forces are involved in you know plainer high exposure armed position like that as a linebacker or any other runner you'll I'm course you're gonna get some pretty major I'm Joslyn your brain as we know the cranium is a Birdsall structure the brew to someone like jello and when you get that COO counter-coup for century you're gonna have sure in injury you're gonna have a lot of implementation that is created and down the road people are gonna start to creates I abnormal protein formation and under up man first some out in the temperament that we see in the office and I i think that is players become more knowledgeable so pathophysiology is UCLA in other situations are starting to I don't Islanders early signs and symptoms are from chronic traumatic suppl up three um we're gonna I have more people realize hey this is not worth it my long-term I'll come get back out there dollar whatever other sport maybe 100 government such way I had a and ask our I'm race car driver this are last week actually you suffered you can cut since I an early college football career and then a few more is a NASCAR driver and young guy in his forties pretty severely impaired right now some some to plan out there and see more yeah self let's issues that example I'll what do you recommend from a you know nutritional standpoint and then like biofeedback in your logical see back like what sort of which are protocol or what you work up for this gentleman and what sort of things is he doing to help to restore his brain function you know question so I i start obviously with a good examined history are based upon findings are proceed with an MRI or CT you look at the anatomical structures the brand to make sure we don't have any abnormalities there that it must sometimes on an old I'm sleepers on the train most I'm the anatomic image is totally normal so they're not going to optional brain damage in on tasks which is either a arm expect image or optional Mr on specter's 1i most readily use because it gives me a little bit better picture microvascular blood flow and we've got a great facility you're in town call sir skin I'll the spot can confirm on my suspicion are Andrew was commonly I siRNA temporal region of the brain but a commune frontotemporal as well and when we see that re-introduced profusion arm will then proceed with the treatment protocol on in my case instead of just being a simple arm the arrests and can work the teacher time take care of it I like to do more global approach which includes nutrition and lookin anti-inflammatory on a church home in such a school with my own make threes coenzyme q10 I'll all the sensible supporters on my Google your regeneration as well as a neuronal regeneration and/or transmitter function I will test for in thr rcon to you and any other detoxification pathways may be impaired and contributing to the overall picture poor healing from this type of injury I won't do it for lifestyle susman and look for opportunities to improve their mindfulness getting away from the iPad ignorance meditation getting a marker couch again into yoga or some other title meditative practice even walking meditation week great and than arm regular exercise a course to improve that cerebral Bhaskar blood flow is critical optically aerobic on and then lookin at other arm and business strategies and discuss permount an earlier interview to use transcranial near-infrared light circuit that we just producer study and to whom actually working on writing up the results and up to get that published in the next mother to I we should a dramatic improvement amongst veterans for supper to be a nice cars I D ten years back on the injury with the group look low improve term cognition and reduction in touch depression suicide out the extra so I think this is going to be a criminality that Muser in a popular stop recover we are used in and Anna owners to we don't have a big research project going on as a your we plan to hopefully get funding for that and should rock and roll prison so a glitch hope you too brain dramatic brain injury et cetera is if you can avoid it in them but your you passionate about playing football in and your Indiana well do the best you can to protect your so I'm not the league regulations and state actor became when you adventure for the recommended time then look for strategies are going to be more proactive rather than the early basic procedure which is just go home and rest for which is a lot more we can do in terms brain injury resolution 700 darkroom I'm and stretch may cause little bit artwork completely on solitary confinement most her eight right silicon applied neuro-feedback in seminal I'm in the Fort Worth and whether the benefits air and you may be for folks are in college in that had a little head injury or from high school sports some mean so nervy backing us another a strategy that we deploy your her office review back is a methodology were able to hook weeds up onto the green at root down a what you eat you bring in my absence now the fully wired capped used probably seen the movies were people were in all other freeway analyzed and I we're actually doing a study looking at somebody athletes tissue older and head injuries their work done imagine if their brain through the electrical remapping up prior to the cash in on after it's happened we look to see what is changed and then we'll go in want to the north feedback which will get them back to their baseline or even crew state we do dinner feedback we I'll look for abnormalities that are on the initial brain map or the post concussive brain map and then which train the brain by putting the sensors on the for others electricity going out it's just simply reading the electrical activity com through for outerwear replace the way it's to know where we feel the injury is and we have them i watch a movie or they listen to music and when they're going into the the right zone in terms of arm the brain wave activity for improved focus a musical player the Euro clear winner not staying focused owners only want to I'll to won't play so the POS reinforcements player negatives ticket were and what we'll do is we'll retrain the brain to reconnect to those are contracts undamaged and will retrain the brain to have helped your breath away status so neuro-feedback definitely important metallic at an in addition to transcranial number at light therapy on my opinion and course the new church lifestyle exercise others combined you give us the down bounce recovery 20 that's fantastic no can use in your feedback is more like a prophylactic type thing like if you're have the occupation said sure your you do in recreational sports where there's head injury potential with this be something recommend once a month just to database I have your lunch collectively I whose great idea and I think loose curing on initial great map is a good idea to have on file kinda like if you make a backup of your computer you get it on your external hard drive things downing go to a baseline cylinder cover from you know this particular day 100 people to do that obviously to your grammar so this is what I look like back in December 2012 and here's where we are now and we can try to Oakley get back to base line and improve the person a great thing to do and for folks that wanna use note you back actually to improve their game we've had a few other tennis players professional tennis players actually been our office you sinner you back to improve their game in focus we've had a lot of I'll leadership consultant said really have to be on their game winner talking to to big crowds wanna be able to speak very coherently quickly and whip up some focus on being able to maintain a little master brand which states would be great there too when yeah especially me a have another treatment in a little while but when I lived there I used it so two fantastic their be has very cool there some home devices now that our others one column use that were using musu that this new Sean how lot for patients as well it's not quite as powerful and and pointless what we're doing are the most so nice one for people beware few other devices similar to that fantastic awesome what doctor gore thank you so much in the right now gonna flip it to the interview in your office so thanks for tuning in where live a touch of red cover up revolutionary Indian we can talk all about the brain today said outer cover hey doing doing great thanks yeah glad to be here might perceive to be on the show absolutely so far we talk with the brain love to hear your medical journey because you train a lot of your positions you board certified in on the family medicine but also in dating medicine to talk about your journey when yeah absolutely so data residency out here in Colorado and enjoy that thoroughly and family medicine home after condition that travel around the world and does the meditation with Markson Nepal doesn't travel to other parts of Southeast Asia came back and was working at Kaiser for a few years and then decided to go on my journey to teach arm residents and medical students been the residence at the universe a colorado realize that I really needed to diversify what I was doing in an expanded out by getting additional board certifications and anti-aging medicine as well as integrative holistic medicine home I felt that to really provide good medical care the I needed to have that extra expertise and expand up my base primer care my which is great I think family medicine offers a a great foundation but being a blackout on more expertise in terms of hormone balancing more expertise in terms of the functional medicine in the unit of medicine to help people on nutritional balance is well as a lifestyle and mindfulness that you're able to achieve much more the big problem I found with medicine was that we were introduced to a model that is Maylee secure medicine rather than prevent a little while miss the whole reason I went into primary-care I was to do more prevention and wellness but I found myself just dealing with poorly controlled diabetics poorly controlled asthmatics arm horrible heart disease things that could be prevented if you have the time to spend with the patient the time to do more personalized medicine and look for the root cause a minute things going on with him know what I close transition because your father tell us about your father I think first double long heart transplant was at it yeah so my my father started the the first transplants here in Colorado primarily the lung transplantation program and that are done a heart transplant here but he did the first longs and then also the first heart double on which is basically like dropping in the the NBA and other you know so is pretty crazy and the funny thing is you my father as wanna me to be a a heart surgeon but every dinner time conversation was about know you know to cure this you know 35-year-old male that was three hundred pounds and I you know how horrible diet was a smoker arm had type 2 diabetes and and I kept saying to myself my god you know if somebody provide a good primary care for this individual on and get prevention and they would be on the operating table gonna just crash getting a quadruple bypass is spending millions if not billions of dollars above our money in home you know contribute into arm you know further overuse into the system so my realize that my call and was to do something more up front rather than downstream allayed I'm rather indulging that's great I guess we can talk a little bit about hormones but lately you've been fired up on the brain so was not what about the study maybe just an overview brain healthy kinda what you're seeing in conditions that year improving yeah I think you know my interest in brain halter's has come from almost 20 years a practice in seen just huge amounts of depression and anxiety the rising rates have ADD is everybody knows arm the psychotic episodes shoes around the country and then the rise a big pharma fine in that there's a designer drug for you are you know selects a simple to Pactual prozac home there's a me to drug ability you know and stove looking at how can we fix our brains again from the functional group bases rather than is a designer drug that's gonna marginally improve you in May screw-up home then I think we can to a lot more for the individual so I realize that there is a mental health crisis that there's horizon mild cognitive impairment there's a huge rise in alzheimer's disease should rise and dramatic brain injury or recognize Intermatic brain injury much more and that many the therapies that are out there are all based to by making profit from drugs rather than looking at things in a comprehensive holistic manner here home so I got frustrated with that I realize that okay what can I do be on prozac and and I set up well there's your feedback which the brain training therapy I bother to buy soon realize they didn't have enough time so I brought on on a colleague is now doing your feedback in my office home I realize that by train in the brain while analyzing brain wave activity that we can improve focus on treat depression oftentimes are mile so arm decided that hormone balancing could be utilized to help improve cognitive function also is well you probably know nutrition can help you saw in terms of really remember senator Yahoo Yahoo and then last but not least my mobile is just good old our meditation and doesn't have to be are getting a lotus position do international Meditation it can be any type of mine pool bass practice that that's your spiritual power and it can be as simple as walking to the words or can be going to yoga studio on doing Kundalini meditation I'm working to go into in our charm in India and and work in per month out there hour trying to get yourself a little state so I think there's a path for everyone in the mindfulness journey and there's personalize path for everybody in terms of the nutritional requirements they may need and the hormone balance in the menu based upon the age that they are in and other stressors that her present one thing I've found is that a lotta guys and gals or tank you know their hormones much earlier than the should be in arm there's the few hypothesis that are out there in some others the court is all that can have it some other pituitary signaling hormones up a surge in LH in lower testosterone same thing can happen with women and then we get the adrenal pity we even get drops in growth hormone mixer or so trying to address it again by improving their exercise a mindfulness and nutrition is the way we want to go but that needed that we can often times at in bioidentical hormone replacement to get them into the the song I'm so again I think it's all about the the big picture in terms of brain heart in terms of overall how wellness and if we try to find a silver bullet we're gonna miss big opportunity and Dom there has been a been a great journey trying to figure that out cool was going to explore some these topics and a little bit more depth if you could describe your feedback and kinda what that really is I've actually that you know client patience I show viewers an expert at myself in really notice improvements in focusing cognition service but how would you describe that to any patient that maybe depressed ravings I your you know focus issues yeah bigger question so what we do is we start with the brain mount where we put a cap on your head and we look at the brain wave activity across the boers lobes frontal temporal parietal occipital we look at arm how the bouncers from left to right brained front to back arm we look at whether or not you have a predominant serve a particular way power and the many be arm indicative a exiled to you or depression or attention issues and we compare that to a computerized normal value arm and then based upon what we see in the commuter as real as well as our own conical read were able to train the brain using um various leads will attach to power in a frontal lobe for example and monitor your how beta waves status for example in and try to calm that down to reduce anxiety but want to get to meditate in like a Buddhist monk I'll try to bring into a high day to stay and the way we do it is through a process called operant conditioning where we I basically give you a carrot which is your watching a movie in the movie players when you're in the right zone and then it stops when you're not in the right zone or the music can stop-and-start based upon whether or not you're you hit the right brain wave activity and then there's other cool things you can do it you can have your flyer helicopters through a canyon with your brain waves and and do things that sort that her little bit more intense damage in the zone so that's been a the great adjunct to brain hoelter yeah it's pretty neat we would watch this was several years ago when I live in Colorado we have watched 24 I would watch Lori would having watched 24 it was really cool because you know it really trained you quick because you want to watch the movie X it's very exciting but then if you're not focusing in work achieving this spring with state in the movie would posit stop and it's frustrating cell him is that real time feedback now for someone that is experiencing in your aka at this things that the person things that were happening treatment with the need to go on this new feedback before the release or to know some nice improvement I would say most patients can improvement within 15 to 20 sessions but a lot of it depends on how well they were able to follow the program in and focus on on on the protocol and some may take forty semitic 50 but I'd say the average probably around 20 sessions when where r muses some home devices now there's one called the the Muse MU as you which can do some very basic level type Merapi back so some patients will use that at home we've got another device by Brian masters that can be helpful for train in the brain and there is a course on the heart mount programs other great now the not looking at brain wave activity there looking more at the her rate variability and that can be great just to get people doing both work and meditating and making sure that they're getting into the relax own and when the heart rate variability improves than data a brain wave activity has been enhanced as well I C okay so that's a nice way to continue the work at home no thats radio are met yeah I could be back today Mazen program and it's great because you do with an iPhone or no tablet whichever you prefer so yeah it's pequot lets me know what about someone that maybe have had a concussion or sports related injury what are some you know pro causing Jess for them maybe tricia lee hormonally and also neuro-feedback yeah great question and that's such a change in come your protocol that's out there right now but we're taking a much more home proactive approach rather than saying go home and take a nap for a weekend come back to play were actually trying to do hombre maps to see whether a in terms of whether or not there's some dysfunction related to the head injury home I'll do SPECT imaging on people that had a pretty major injury in a they can get it covered by insurance or other they compare to pocket for the SPECT images the image that looks at microvascular blood flow to the cortex of the brain and uses a radio nucleotide tracer same thing we use we look at the arm heart when we're doing our a nuclear scan on the heart exact same technological looking at the brain this but will display areas for example somebody watching with a baseball bat to the look temporal region you would see an area decreased blood flow here on we could documented view that microvascular blood flow impairment rather than just saying hey your MRI looks normal which anatomically may look absolutely fine but we're not seen the small vessel damage this presents a lot of times neurologist and your dog sir Armisen the the more subtle damage to the brain because they're not to inspect image common other options we can repair damage in which will show this as well arm so all this mini vans damage in arm how looked out over I will look at their son to Margie obviously and that their far enough about typically want to wait at least a month but not even longer before we consider this but and protocol under with the time Agron foundation answers can imagine we're using near infrared light therapy so we have these blue LED lights and a cap that we put over the head the letz minute a wavelength which will go through the school arm hit the small vessels in the brain release some an OS undergo close at the toes cuz obeys adult Asian and help to harm reopen many the scapular that have been damaged sir kind of spasms and women able to demonstrators remarkably by repeating the spec timmons after about 18 sessions with the light therapy for 20 minutes and have just seen I mean up to 100 percent improvement in terms of other the blood pool and yes amazing stuff so though the study were we just finish was some on about 15 veterans on their most have more iraqi better in summer from Afghanistan minimum had head injuries but they do not have bleeds and their related to ID explosions and some were you know your two years out so they still have the injury here and even this far out we were able to remarkably improve their blood flow to the brain in by doing that we also reduce their PTSD either depression their anxieties so you know the sky American sniper you know maybe if he would have been doing something like this rather than being put on 10 crazy to for medications which may have completely changed his personality and actually given 'em psychosis than you know we might have a alive better rather than whose body that were taken out so I think were due in the public a a big disservice by over medicating and not tryin to address a blood flow issue not trying to address the hormone imbalances which by the way we had a head injury you have a major drop in I'm testosterone guys because the to return land which is dangling at the base the brain gets a huge hit from the coop counter-coup going back and forth with the small vessels are yeah and that can drop your testosterone in half and then party the picture can also be the hormone imbalance which is parsed through Jones is regenerated to the ground house with their transfer else they're not looking at that the VA hospital in addition to the blood flow when they're completely missed the boat share I'll so I hate to the source drug companies but right was the real you will have seen and one of the reasons I'm passionate about trying to do thirties outside the box it will really addressed one problems assessing through side we're going to college to study here um from this 15 individuals we did probably in the next two months for in me and culture date everything with very impressive cool only go for big dollars with um DOD funding for 100 or more well cases the future lessons in Prosser miss I progress on that Fred now to back up her juicy Raiders you know these veterans had and you know injure two years past there was still you know if I hit my foot or my leg or something table right two years later it there's me know cited by in the drain their significance I N information still choose leaders and workers happy time and you look at a lot of these professional football players for example many on my time for senator years and years out and other gathers traumatic encephalopathy this occurred so not only do they have the damage that probably get undocumented early honored five years later what up with that chronic inflammation as a result the Tron other not have a good blood flow to be able to repair some the damage and as a result to started to develop Alzheimer's later sometimes dementia and downward spiral the problem is people like Tony is too late probably so in this case the work the trial get immense honor him to see if we could turnaround but my guess is is is probably got more traditional things going on I'll the whole please girl functional regret medicine doctors looking beyond kill the tree him right so interesting yes pass guess I showed it is crazy he talks about the microclimate matter which is that the brain and how they don't turn off the unit plan to reinvent it literally he according to his research and he just published a couple your take on this these my quickly as keep going going and leading up to it entry pathways so exactly yeah so so I think you can sleep through up on selected and nutrition is another her cu in a row to activation nominated landers and threes me change was urs coconut oil own you know good healthy diet is for you knox's course 0 and then of course cutie glucose is controlled automatic voter diabetes then you're going to be able to make progress that you got a football player that was 300 house million crap is cut user notated in love it will see on exercise anymore and um they're not doing any these and Alex type therapies yes bad a situation in them somebody's it will answer you know passes the ball show how to run with the again I think you can recover but otherwise yes owners no but every opportunity waiting to happen and should the memory care unit bucks waiting his arrival with um so I think that you know the brave new world ago cuando an ass man or O'Connell repairs gonna be there but the whole solutions looking at most localities Trinder forever angle there is a research article an aging maddest Asian I'll magazine by I'm degrees problem California at UCLA who talked about for example alzheimer's 36 for processes I that are related to alzheimer's disease we look at america's like them into for a research on your sis on 36 but if you apply missiles as he did in terms thousand hormones nutrition lifestyle mindfulness exercise he's actually able to turn these people around not just your Marshall group is is noted by family is an improvement 0 so really happy to see them you know being bowled realize the my community stocks talk about see there who'll approach your wow that's amazing which is cool hand when it is go back to my travels around the world one of the things I learned my travels around the world was a I works ball turret and the paul also katmandu and I worked with um about shamans were out there traditional Chinese medicine um practitioners and I'll rulers North katmandu anyhow the long story short is they realize that with Chinese medicine that you can just get a winner but it was ten twenty different herbs are analyzing she and you know tongue polls diagnosis and applying acupuncture and other two that nerves and by blue nosers together pros nos energy medicine they really Italy the vigil but they were never say just pictures her it up hook which is common what would you even in the nutrition industry it would just take on a fan or just take pride in THF whatever but you know setters there's many pieces to the puzzle yeah you have to do other than and yeah in future future our puzzle home absolutely think that is church in every individual dressed because acting credits information nurtures bounces that can it corrected make big different systems you print mmm let's turn into the energy medicine yeah you know that something that you really get into it like a patient's and I guess that stems from or how you got onto this was from my travels to it you can introduce the topic but woodstock then i think is more or less yeah Yahoo fascination energy medicine and partners some a I think my travels can actively through nature and I feel recharged when I'm out I can Indiana wilderness and after being a loner sometimes I'll sit down and just meditate and relaxes and you might service for for decades in likely started at a young age my parents got me into Scout you know scamper every month unisys is aged tense I realize nature really euros spirit and mind on the house early as the we can go much deeper through all those acupuncture and deeper means meditation words with acupuncture sir and Amber for three years learned a lot about outgrew it ohs returned I'll else she is know it even its Xiong classes and god's quite a bit but I think the she that I've learned is a energy medicines should just like hormone balance and nutrition your daily part of everybody's lies and that energy medicine is some bowlers meditating in and bring in green lights tears your body that you know how to balance or it could be 0 horse again such as work with Mac punctures 0 you enhance British Reiki Master own any tidal energy medicine the turns to shit you and bounce you i think is worthwhile trying to encourage people to be like all spiritual ventures the to to see what resonates with your body because I think this is amazing things happen from arm like doctor do chrome outer I have travel to Peru and worked with shamans and ruin and even gone further it actually princes with the shaman here in the states and learn much up crews shamanism and ways to integrate that into energy missus 0 I think there's a lot to be explored Yahoo to discredit what is no me with shamanism and I don't think I'll ever listens Arsene Wenger shamanism is problem throughout the world nom probably the roots shamanism some at actually back in the days in this con- I'll charms present work obedient rhymes ok us and americans all have some signals is called the medicine South Americans on other shamans as well home we had some you know it you know some your disciples of Christ with ought to be showers cuz we go into somebody's states and be able to energetically can act in receive information that may be here in two others or to themselves home this individual's shamans if you want to call the are able to go be on around OVR exists in world and it happens to own you know what I'll call universal consciousness what I it's time to call universal causes probably would Stephen Hawkins another eServices degree service and I think that um shamans and another three thousand thousands years maybe millions and they may use plants to get themselves into that state from Sapru they can use I'll ask her the Native Americans news only there's or Ghana and Africa others various plants that can activate parts the brain particularly I know land in the brain which is related third eye and by activating you when you're able to activity brain structure that allows you to see home finance receive information from the environment that the enables you to have 0 information regarding human fund Commissioner Gordon ok perhaps leadership try and things that's for example how to them zones realizes it took for Aug triana reinforces the wrote that on its back other would have Yorkshire Rd like to be able to take a monkey on a tree rate and then how they figure out that the combined these two random fines in the rain forest they will create this unusual activating own element phone call to you too I V Oakland to allow to go into this own state 0 come out buddy experiences get this so i think thats fascinating Aaron for many people the other causes those careers Mexico Albuquerque use poster in this place is a way that should be utilized and oftentimes I'll helpful in terms of clothes room so would you say that nearby work with shamans it's ok with that people can become more to it in for to Vegas you know are these for people that kinda regional age and wonder what the purpose in their life is and who would really benefit I guess yeah as I saw a question I'll I think for me personally a standard those you know because I have realized that I could do so much with the left us so much with and examine energy when the like to sit there and yet and the on the bromance a person's whole thing has happened through other third eye and be able to appreciate some the announces may be present shoppers and even use my hands own over-the-top audit your mouse is that I can be much more since specific enters my diagnosis by and then on is own in addition to usual modern medicine she's other not do it all my pitches Yendo could analysts are open to gore's 0 so unit today I I was examining I'll and some chronic GI problems the you know she had no idea you know after I was checking her liver and spleen and what about those running my hands feeling her shakur's just a couple inches over body own and sometimes people that are 0 interested in energy medicine NW no what's going on they can feel the energy flows on working with them but but other times its lawyer whose never had an interest in tibet completely could I'll you know amigos them that I'm I'm explore that for so i think is better fun area to explore knowledge fun but lol very useful interest in it gives much more Dept my practice clinician and I feel much more rewarded by retailers and the personalize time individual and being able to 0 analyze love shocker this local in addition to is wells your 0 one other things I've gotten into shimada clears /url realizing that Sounders huge Euler and we know that 0 we've stepped away from Snellville up surfer rock n roll but if you think about primal tribes are lookin 0 belies from other own lovers society there's still your circle on drumming and chanting and singing I'll and I think that it kinda primly own sonically entrance the brain's activity government structures allow them to who you know downloads this information and then also heal themselves energetically years sound set the right tone as a sole sacred geometry which is or use so one other things brought into the practices we have sounds you in Table houses transducers on the number of speakers are for Troy all shapes and cent music through the body you suppose drew do shallow or it can be something a little more complex your chances screw Montreux 0 you mauler summer artists and then they're getting the the vibrational energy that host soccer's to as well those the energy launcher mmm will you listen to own money are you home which is larger compassion oren owns a subtle which is among true purification all these things which is and development gurus over you know fifty years meditating now are available and can be sonically saturated it's your body in in your body your energy body absorbs your mind absorbs to a certain degree but it's more energy causes while something's happening here see up the table well those day a massage a member at our year a key dreamin' what we'll do is we'll do sound therapy during a massage or some other during acupuncture my office %uh or some other who won't work in a somebody who just wants me to do so energy kansas's a measly low some missiles so many tools and and as you know really saddens me to think that there's so many great doctors out there they're not interested in this or and exposed to it and think you know takes an individual that has high-level curiosity an individual the school into spandex on the on going to the traditional medical meeting American Academy of Family Medicine work go into you know the energy medicine conference functional medicine are going to Peru were you know I know to other secret areas around the world that they could be home reacted 18 from a spiritual energetics is mmm year so encourage everybody to explore user names and lol explore sicker sites some argue one secure site in North America each other and Mexico sup orbit Sanders you things going on there's a great place to meditate own the other really amazing place so link a which is Mexico some I ruled does these energy to so I think if you can goes on this places have an open mind Anges certain he with spirits that are there in the energy that's has been created and continues to be present that you can change in the way the joe Manchin yeah you know chasing access to credit information efforts there's two questions we ask every guest on the show first question will be if there's this wonderful teaching botanical that you just could not live without you really recommend your client patients over that the who has a tough call I am I would put coke you turn up there pretty high as I think that the Mike on drill officer future home my number two might be I'll will honor in AC and I think the anti-inflammatory benefits threes crew true huge yeah on but this stuff and I say everybody's different so I'll have two people walk in the door say I miss you know based upon your symptoms ok use for you is on your car apparent oh no they don't know with who you own salute on select so molars this goes Res really download information you Bruno who loves home sale since shares was perfect nada detail so our last question if you to bomb shelters with problem are already governor in elevator the and they were you're asking you the position how can we reduce for help Kristy what you see I would say way through lifestyle I could be less so like II you say number one for mindfulness absolute or mine facilities this these the number two you have your actor nice is I think 2x issues are grains are viruses results from ok reasons who's in you know our I owns computers and who were overwhelmed ride allotments although stresses around us whether it's politics situation was driving home from from work in a minute so for a little turn of the brain and the present now 0 us number one the number two videos for us exercise every day and for my patients like being a mother busters 15 minutes a day this rate number I'm going to do 30 minutes to an hour how roomy you so I think those who turns you know yours and I think that's wat declines whose received more more gun violence arson for more episodes no more diabetes and it's all related to I'll lacquer mindfulness who lack purchase part the the mindfulness to is not just meditating but feeling connected to community and I think because we're all living in the scatter world sir families earn governors and whatnot the it creates disconnect we lose primal since try in belong in I'll password you know if you go rainforests tribunal can see 100 issues US few it's not going to be you know thirty to fifty percent of the population like it is here and stays is home but you may be fires the best it got the community we lost from so I think not so stories think that lol so many the other problems wynette your moms you know the other advanced this but we do everything that we can get people back into the city well as the we back up on things and X else 146 awesome for thanks so much for being on the program yeah great to be here the you guys are wanna learn about Lakers practice revolutionary indeed come here in December or other this perfect %uh I'm


Early years

Knowland was born in Alameda, California to Joseph Knowland (1833–1912) and Hannah Bailey Russell (1832–1921), who were married in San Francisco on 13 May 1863. He had two sisters, Sadie (1864–1905) and Lucille (1870–1926), and one brother, Hollis, who died in infancy.

"JR", as he was known to his friends, attended Alameda Park Street Primary School, Hopkins Academy, a private school in Oakland, where he began his own newspaper. During this time Knowland also spent summers working at the Oakland Enquirer and the Alameda Argus. He entered with the class of 1895, the California Wesleyan College at San Jose. The school was later renamed College of the Pacific of Stockton. From an early age he had an interest in journalism and history. His father being from New York and his mother from Maine, Knowland was raised under the influence of northern political belief. He wrote stories for the Alameda Argus and Oakland Enquirer on California history and Republican politics.

At 18, Knowland joined the Native Sons of the Golden West, which he served as Grand President in 1909. He organized the California Historical Landmarks League and was its chairman from 1902 to 1906. He was chairman of the Landmarks Committee of the Native Sons of the Golden West from 1902 to 1962.

He became engaged in his father's wholesale lumber and shipping business. Knowland was sent by his father in 1888 to Oregon to rebuild the Gardiner Mill. He went to Jackson, Amador County, serving as an envoy of his father. Joseph R. Knowland managed the Kennedy Mining and Milling Company. In the fall of 1891, he left the Sierra to help his ailing father in Alameda. In 1893, he was appointed to a committee to create a panorama of Alameda County for the California Midwinter Exposition of 1894, held in San Francisco.


Knowland joined the Alameda Good Government Club in early 1895. He was appointed, in 1896, to the Alameda Library Board of Trustees. He was sought by the Alameda County Central Committee of the Republican Party to run for the State Assembly in 1898. Asked later in life why he entered politics, Knowland would reply, "I was one of these young men that took to politics and was interested." He was a member of the State Assembly from 1899 to 1903. Knowland chaired the Assembly committee to investigate the conditions of the Chinese slave women in San Francisco. He served in the California State Senate from 1903 to 1904, when he resigned, having been elected as a Republican to the Fifty-eighth Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Victor H. Metcalf. President Theodore Roosevelt had appointed Metcalf to be Secretary of Commerce and Labor.

Knowland was reelected to the Fifty-ninth and to the four succeeding Congresses, serving from September 24, 1904 to March 3, 1915. His 3rd Congressional District included Alameda, Contra Costa and Solano counties. The U.S. Army's Benicia Arsenal and the U.S. Naval Shipyard at Mare Island were located in his district. Knowland had a keen interest in the military, most especially the U.S. Navy. He worked in Congress for capital ships to be built on the West Coast. He was an advocate for a two-ocean battleship fleet.

The population increased in Oakland and Alameda County after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire. New district boundaries were created after the 1910 Census. In 1911, Alameda County became the 6th Congressional District. During this period, Knowland fought for free American tolls for the Panama Canal.

Knowland sought to succeed George C. Perkins in the U.S. Senate. In 1914, he won the Republican primary over Samuel M. Shortridge. However, he was unsuccessful in the general election, a three-way race with Francis J. Heney of the Progressive Party and the winner, James D. Phelan, Democrat.

The Oakland Tribune

Knowland became owner, editor, president and publisher of The Oakland Tribune on 3 November 1915. He wrote, "It is perfectly understood that what it [the Tribune] does, rather than what it promises, will determine the true measure of its worth; and with this understanding, the Tribune, under its new control, girds to its work." Many years and court battles with Hermina Peralta Dargie (widow of owner William E. Dargie) passed before Knowland had full control of the Tribune. Knowland built the Tribune Tower, a city landmark at 13th and Franklin Streets. He had a great interest in restoring the California Missions. This had begun in 1903, with Mission San Antonio De Padua. He was a historical advisor during the 1927 California State Park Survey.

In 1932, Knowland went to Washington and persuaded President Herbert Hoover and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to advance $62 million for the completion of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. He created, with Bruno Albert Forsterer and Joseph Blum, the Franklin Investment Company in 1936 (later the Franklin Credit Union). In 1937, he attained the status of 33rd Degree Mason, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. Knowland was a member of the Finance Committee of the Golden Gate International Exposition of 1939-1940. In 1941, he authored California: A Landmark History. He was the political mentor of Earl Warren; from assistant Oakland City Attorney to Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Knowland served on the California State Park Commission from 1934 to 1960 and was chairman from 1938 to 1960. He was appointed by Governor Earl Warren as chairman of the California Centennial Commission from 1948 to 1950. Knowland was honored on September 9, 1951 by the City of Oakland and the State of California, with Joseph Knowland State Arboretum and Park in Oakland. He served as chairman of the Oakland Centennial in 1952, and the Alameda County Centennial in 1953.

Knowland was proud of the political career of his son, United States Senator William F. Knowland from 1945 to 1959, who served as Senate Majority Leader from 1953 to 1955 and Senate Minority Leader from 1955 to 1959. The only mistake that he felt that his son made was his 1958 run and defeat for Governor of California.

He attended his first Republican National Convention in 1904. He attended the GOP conventions as a delegate or newspaperman until 1964. Oakland became a one-newspaper city on September 1, 1950, when William Randolph Hearst closed his Oakland Post-Enquirer. The Oakland Tribune's radio station KLX began operation in 1921 and would be on the air until its sale in 1959.

Personal life

Knowland met Elinor (Ellie) J. Fife (1873–1908) of Tacoma, Washington while they were students at University of the Pacific. Ellie was the daughter of Tacoma businessman W. H. Fife. Knowland and Ellie were married on April 2, 1894 in Tacoma. Three children were born to this union: Elinor Knowland Lion (1895–1978); Joseph Russell "Russ" Knowland, Jr. (1901–1961); and US Senator William F. Knowland (1908–1974). Shortly after the birth of William F. Knowland, Ellie Knowland died.

Knowland, a young widower with children, met Emelyn S. West (1884–1950) of West Lynne, Virginia. On September 28, 1909 they were wed in Chicago, Illinois. Emelyn Knowland was a loving stepmother and active in her husband's social and political life. Emelyn died July 14, 1950, during the California Centennial. Knowland's third wife, Clarice E. "Cookie" Cook (1902–1979), was an officer of the Native Daughters of the Golden West. Knowland and Cook were married on April 6, 1952 in Stockton, California. A shared interest in California history made a happy marriage for Knowland's twilight years. Knowland remained active in his old age and came each day to the Tribune.


On February 1, 1966, Joseph Russell Knowland died at 4:25 p.m. in his 25 Seaview Avenue residence in Piedmont. His wife Clarice with granddaughters, Emelyn K. Jewett and Josephine L. Church, were at his bedside.

On February 2, 1966, the Tribune's headline was "Joseph R. Knowland Dead". Joseph R. Knowland was praised by Republicans and Democrats. California Governor Edmund G. Pat Brown said, "Knowland, strongly believed in California...the State he loved so well." The public funeral of J.R. Knowland was held at the First Methodist Church and the private family service at Mountain View Cemetery Chapel in Oakland. He was cremated at Mountain View Cemetery Crematory and is inurned with his third wife, Clarice, in Serenity Section, Tier N-4, Number 3 at the Chapel of Memories columbarium in Oakland, California.[1]

Fraternal organizations

Board memberships


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