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John Chaney (congressman)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Chaney
John Chaney (congressman).jpg
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Ohio's 9th district
In office
March 4, 1833 – March 3, 1839
Preceded byWilliam W. Irvin
Succeeded byWilliam Medill
Member of the Ohio House of Representatives
In office
Personal details
Born(1790-01-12)January 12, 1790
Washington County, Maryland
DiedApril 10, 1881(1881-04-10) (aged 91)
Canal Winchester, Ohio
Resting placeUnion Grove Cemetery, Canal Winchester, Ohio
Political partyDemocratic
Spouse(s)Mary Ann LaFere

John Chaney (January 12, 1790 – April 10, 1881) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.

Born in Washington County, Maryland, Chaney moved with his parents to Pennsylvania. He received a limited schooling. He moved to Ohio in 1810 and settled in Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio. He engaged in agricultural pursuits. Chaney married Mary Ann LaFere of Bloom Township in 1816.[1] He was in the Justice of the Peace in 1821, 1824, and 1827. Trustee of Bloom Township for twenty-three years. Major, colonel, and paymaster in the Ohio State Militia. He served as member of the State house of representatives 1828-1830.

Chaney was elected associate judge of Fairfield County in 1831. Ohio Presidential elector in 1832 for Andrew Jackson.[2] Chaney was elected as a Jacksonian to the Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth Congresses and as a Democrat to the Twenty-fifth Congress (March 4, 1833 – March 3, 1839). He returned to Ohio and settled in Canal Winchester, Franklin County. He was again a member of the State house of representatives in 1842 and served as speaker. He served as member of the village council. He served in the State senate in 1844 and 1845. He was again a member of the State house of representatives in 1855. He served as a delegate to the Ohio constitutional convention in 1851. He died at Canal Winchester, Ohio, April 10, 1881. He was interred in Union Grove Cemetery.

John Chaney was the great-grandfather of The Phantom of the Opera actor Lon Chaney and the great-great-grandfather of The Wolf Man actor Lon Chaney, Jr.[3]

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there are those who would like you to believe that the zapruder film shown here in and enhanced version prepared by John P Costello PhD which removes aspect ratio and pincushion distortion sequences the frames in the proper order restores lost or missing frames is the nearest thing to absolute truth that we have about the assassination of JFK. Unfortunately however like so much else of the evidence in this case it has been subjected to massive editing and alteration just as has so much else that's what I am about to present is going to explain Lyndon Johnson forced himself on the Ticket in Los Angeles in 1960 threatening to reveal that JFK have had an amorous relationship with a beautiful woman who turned out to be a east German spy and that he suffered from addison's disease and was not expected to live a on long healthy life and that if he were he not on the ticket any legislative proposals sent down by the White House would be dead upon arrival, he later told reporters that he had studied American history and found that one in four presidents had not survived their terms and that he was a gambling man but Lyndon only bet on sure things shots appear to have been fired from all of these locations the County Records building, the Dallas Textile building the Book Depository but not from the alleged assassins lair the grassy knoll number 3, above-ground sewer openings on the north and south ends of the triple underpass number four and number five Zapruder was supposed to have been filming from number two and a bystander was injured by a shot that missed at number six officially JFK was killed by a shot that hit him at number one Lee Oswald was wearing a distinctive shirt when he was arrested notice its texture, its long sleeve and its tattered condition at the bottom he had a tee shirt on beneath it that he tended to tug at the neck and thereby stretched out there are more than 15 indications of secret service complicity in setting JFK up for the hit. 2 agents were left behind at Love Field by the agent in charge in the protection detail Emory Roberts, they were surprised! most tellingly the vehicles were getting improper sequence the presidential limousine was placed first,... lower-ranking dignitaries such as the mayor or the vice president should have preceded him. Reporters were moved to the rear and the president's personal physician to the last car. Manhole covers were not welded, open windows were not covered and the crowd was allowed to spill into the street. The motorcycle escort was cut down to four and instructed not to ride forward of the rear wheels one of the officers said "it was the damndest formation he had ever seen." Does anyone in their right mind believe that this would be appropriate security for the president of the United States Governor Connally was instrumental in making a change to the motorcade route on 18 November 1963 four days before the event. Normally a motorcade route once fixed is never changed, it brought the president past the Texas School Book Depository After the assassination no measures were taken to secure the area in which the shooting had taken place traffic was allowed to pass freely through the plaza At Parkland hospital where the moribund president was taken a secret service agent took a bucket and sponge began cleaning up the blood and brains from the limousines when onlookers noticed through and through hole in the windshield the vehicle was moved. By Monday 25 November 1963, the day of the formal state funeral. The vehicle had been sent back to Ford Motor Company to be completely rebuilt including replacing the windshield which had it through and through bullet hole to the right and center facing the vehicle. According to the Warren Report 1964 a lone gunman fired three shots from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository scoring two hits and one miss which injured the distant bystander James Tague was observing from locations six. it was the injury to Tague that forced the Commission to abandon the original three-shot, three hits scenario, another hit near a manhole cover on the grass opposite the grassy knoll there appears to have been 8,9 or 10 shots altogether as Kenny O'donnell later remarked to Tip O'neill "bullets were whizzing all over the place one hit the chrome strip, over the limousine windshield. the miss meant that it was necessary to account for all the wounds on the basis of only two shots that led to the imaginative concoction the magic bullet which was portrayed by Gerald Posner as shown here. The jacket JFK was wearing shows a hole about five and a half inches below the collar which contradicts the official location at the wound if the bullet entered here especially in a downward angle then it is difficult to imagine how it could have passed through his neck officially one shot hit the president in the back of his neck passed through his neck without hitting any bony structures and enter the back of Governor John Connally inflicting multiple wounds it shattered a rib damaged is right wrist and entered his left thigh I'll a bullet hole in the shirt also turns out to be about five and a half inches below the collar too low to corresponding the official locations at the base of the back of the neck neither the shirt nor the jacket was sent forward to Bethesda Hospital for the autopsy a violation autopsy protocol Humes was assisted by J Thornton Boswell US Navy Medical Corps who like Humes had never performed an autopsy on a gunshot victim before this diagram above the wounds shows a wound to the back about five and a half inches below the collar it was even verified my Admiral George Berkeley the president's personal physician one of two FBI agents who witnessed the autopsy James Seabird drew a diagram showing the relative location on the wounds where the backbone is lower than the throat wound making a most unlikely they were connected by a shot from above and behind Admiral Berkeley composed a death certificate on JFK which said he had been struck in the head and that a second wound occurred at the posterior back at about the level of the third thoracic vertebrae the head wound involved evisceration of the right hemisphere of the brain Even the Warren Commission staff concluded that the back shot had been at that location as this reenactment photograph displays larger circular patch on the back of the stand in's jacket represents the backbone the smaller above it the official entry wound to the head Arlen Specter then a junior counsel to the Warren Commission uses a pointer here to exhibit the path the magic bullet would have had to have taken larger patches visible blow his left hand which means that a photo intended to illustrate the theory actually refutes it.... you would have thought the Warren Commission's staff were the only persons in America and who did not know that JFK was riding in a Lincoln limousine at the time the reconstruction was done using the Secret Service Cadillac which meant that studies based upon it had no forensic significance and early document released by the assassination records review board the AARB show that Gerald Ford and a republican from Michigan that a commission member yet had the backbone re described from his uppermost back which was already an exaggeration to the base of the back of his neck David W Mantic MD PHD PhD board certified in radiation oncology which is a treatment of cancer using x-ray therapy took a cat scan a patient with chest and neck dimensions similar to those of JFK when he plotted the official trajectory it turned out to be anatomically impossible cervical vertebrae intervene when the actual entry location: is combined with the rest of the magic trajectory theory lends itself to ridicule as in Oliver Stone's JFK the bullet alleged to perform these feats was nevertheless a virtually pristine with only slight longitudinal distortion at 1 p.m. 22 November 1963 Malcolm Killduff acting press secretary announced that the president was dead explaining it was a simple matter a bullet to the head pointing to his right temple and attributing that finding to JFK's personal physician Admiral George Berkeley during a press conference at 3:15 p.m. Malcolm Perry MD who would perform a tracheotomy through a small wound in the president's throat explained three times that the wound was a wound of entry the transcript however would not be provided to the Warren Commission. Charles Crenshaw MD who was present during the efforts to revive JFK at Parkland Hospital drew these diagrams of the appearance of the throat would before and after the tracheotomy incision which are consistent with Dr. Perry's description of it as a wound of entry. Suspicions that the body was altered between Parkland and Bethesda wanted but those are supported by changes in the appearance of the throat wound in photographs allegedly from the autopsy Dr. Crenshaw had close JFK's eyes at Parkland Hospital notice to the absence of the massive defect in the photo on the right from the house select committee on assassinations reinvestigation to which I shall return Dr. Crenshaw also drew the massive blowout to the back of his head which she described as a size of baseball or have your fist when you double it up during an interview broadcast on television he also described in entry wound at the right temple consistent with the morticians description. Physician after physician at Parkland described cerebellar as well as cerebral tissue extruding from the massive the fact at the back of his head the cerebellum is situated the base of the skull the cerebral is a larger mass that comprises the upper portions of the brain blown-out tissue up these kinds will look very different in their appearance even first-year medical students would not confuse them. Robert Livingston MD, a world authority on the human brain in an expert on wound ballistics studied report of cerebral and cerebellar damage from parkland he concluded that the brain shown in diagrams and photographs at the National Archives which is virtually completely intact and hasn't on damage cerebellum cannot be that of JFK. The other shot entered the back of his head exited at the top killing him according to the official account Navy artist HA Rydberg was instructed what to draw by commander james humes US Navy Medical Corps who conducted the autopsy he was not given access to the body or even the photographs. other autopsy photographs show massive debris intangled in long hair leading the AARB to ask doctor Humes if the subject had been given a shampoo and a haircut during the autopsy? Since these photographs are so blatantly inconsistent humes replied no! no! no! no!..... With the House Select Committee on assassinations HSCA a reinvestigated the case in 1977 78 medical panel concluded that the entry will was actually four inches above the entry location: previously specified it was depicted in diagrams right but not visible in photographs Left the piece about extending to the right above the ear is the skull flap that allegedly was blown open when JFK was hit by a frangible or exploding bullet a substantial chunk a bone from the right rear of the head was found Saturday after the assassination by medical student named Billy Harper it was in the grass to the left of the limousines location at the time of the shooting. How could this piece of shull be reconciled with the HSCA reconstruction this is not be only deception perpetrated by the HSCA another diagram of the head wound by Robert McClelland MD was also present at Parkland and depicts a massive blowout that fits Doctor Crenshaw's description it was a terrible wound. Some 40 witnesses from Dealey Plaza from Parkland and from Bethesda including bystanders position medical technicians and a agent of the FBI reported that JFK had a massive blow out to the back of the head the location at which they demonstrated with their hands David Mantic MD PhD has undertaken extensive and meticulous studies above the official JFK autopsy X-rays here a pre death X-ray to show how it along lines with the cranium JFK. Those eyewitness reports were discounted on the grounds that the autopsy X-rays don't show it. Mantic a PhD in physics use a simple technique up of optical densitometry to prove that an area identified here's area P have been patched using material far to to be human bone or by using a mask to protect the surrounding area while blastin area P with light. James H Fetzer suspected that those who were involved in reconstructing home movies of the assassination including the zapruder might have overlooked frames past 313 316 that display the wound to the back of the head he found an image of the blowout in frame 374 notice that pink part by the way is the skull flap seen in the HSC eight diagrams and photographs where the blowout is the grayish area to its left and Dr Mantic also discovered that a 6.5 millimeter metallics slides have been added to other cranial X-rays in an evident to attempt to implicate the obscure 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle Lee Oswald is alleged to have used but the weapon is night not high velocity in cannot have fired the bullets that killed JFK if he was killed by high velocity bullet as the Warren Commission report maintains. DR. Mantic detected small pieces of lead in the x-ray 12 a pattern expected from a fragile or exploding bullet that entered his right temple it may also have been a mercury loaded bullet the heavier pieces followed traveled further and were distributed along the tracks show on the right. The mortician who prepared the body for burial who spent more time with the body than anyone else told an investigator that in addition to the large gaping hole in the back of the head there was a small bone in the right temple and a wound on the back five to six inches below the shoulder to the right of the spinal column there was no discoloration up the face which means that he died instantly when you compare the observations from Parkland on the left with the autopsy report from Bethesda in the Center and the HSCA diagrams and photographs on the right the absurdity up the situation becomes apparent Here's lieutenant they have the Dallas Police Department removing what would be claimed to have been the assassination rifle, notice the clip which should not be there when a Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle is loaded, the clip falls out when the final round of a six round clip is chambered no six rounds are even the clip were found where this one appears to have been painted in. lee oswald was framed using Life Magazine whose owners had closed our ties to the CIA. The chin is a block chin not like Lee Oswald's more pointed chin and there is insert line between the chin in the lower lip in the photograph has seen on the left.... a photograph was a fake his fingertips were cut off the shadows from his nose and eyebrows was inconsistent with the shadow cast by his figure Jack White use the newspapers he was holding as an internal yardstick and discovered that either the person shall Rizzoli 5 foot 6 inches tall too short to be all solved who is 5-foot-10 or the image of the newspapers have been introduced two large. There are four photographs with additional missing negative with the face is exactly the same across each of their different poses taken at different times this is not simply improbable but optically impossible. A map that would be necessary to create them was found in the desk of a Dallas detective who said he had only created it to see if it could be done. Officially we was on the sixth floor and after killing JFK rush across the warehouse floor stash stashed his trusty Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle and raced down four flights of stairs to enter the lunchroom and have a Coke. He was confronted there within my 90 seconds of the shooting by motorcycle patrolmen Marien Baker who held him in his sight's until Roy truly Lee's supervisor assured Baker he was an employee who belonged in the building both described is acting perfectly normal neither winded nor our of breath, Officer Truly added he was somewhat startled to find an officer pointing his revolver at him also was seen leaving his boarding house by his landlady at one he appears to have headed south on Crawford or jefferson and the Texas theatre the warren commission concluded he had turned he started East 10th Street where he ran into a policeman four rounds from an automatic were initially found at the scene. but Oswald have a revolver. It is difficult to imagine he would have shot officer JD Tippit four times three in the torso and once in the right temple then pause to remove the incriminating cartridges from his weapon aquella Clements who saw the shooting take place said two men had shoot Officer Tippett, and that neither of them look like Lee all Oswald. The assassination went down at 12:30 in about an hour and 20 minutes time the police and apprehended Lee Oswald would work in the Book Depository for less than six weeks a former Marine he had defected to the Soviet Union and married a Russian woman the arrest report for lee Oswald stated this man shot and killed President John R F Kennedy an officer JD Tippit he also shot and wounded governor Connelly the time was 1:40 that was very fast work especially considering is actually arrested 10 minutes later. A nitrate test which revealed traces on his hands but not on his cheek was doubley exculpating. While he might have fired a revolver he had not fired a carbine washing his face would have washed his hands too he worked in a depository with books printed in ink which contains nitrates. Evidence photographs taken in Dallas showed only to spent shell casings number one a paper bag display no signs of having been used to carry a Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle assembled or disassembled into the Book Depository 7. a large metal fragments removed from Governor Connally 3. an unspent cartridge number six that the metal fragment 3 was too large to have come from the magic bullet provides another proof at the official account is false here's another official evidence photographs showing to spare shell casings and one unspent cartridge This is a weapon that was booked by the Dallas police this is the weapon that was booked by the FB I in Washington DC where all of the evidence was transferred from Dallas to Washington Remarkably they are no the same was a with a muzzle velocity of only two thousand feet per second the Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle is not a high-velocity weapon which have muzzle velosity of 2,600 feet per second and higher if JFK had been killed by high velocity bullet says the Warren Report maintains any was not killed by a Mannlicher-Carcano. taken by James Altgens this famous photograph shows 1. a through and through hole in the windshield 2. and Oswald look-alike probably a co worker named Billy Lovelady according to the official account in the doorway have the building the open window above closet belonging to a uranium mining company number three that was a CIA asset from which three shots appeared to have been fired and forth the secret services are the vice president johnson responding even while the presidential detail seems to be wandering what's going on. the above is a close-up uf the bullet hole all even though the limousine been set back to Ford Motor Company and rebuild including replacing the windshield on Monday 25 November 1963 but they have the official state funeral the secret service produced yet a different windshield in its place which showed some cracks from a fragment alleged to have come from behind which is seen on the right the hole is also evident frame 225 Dr. Livingston thought that this bullet probably fragmented upon impact part going downward into is right lung part upward rupturing the tuftemporium, a membrane which covers the cerebellum if so then Jack's death was brought about by a causal interaction between a shot through the throat and the two shots to his head here as the doorway area which is proven to have been extensively altered. Here are the notes of Will Fritz the Dallas homicide detective who interrogated Lee Lee told him he had been out front with Bill Shelly during the shooting. Close examination of the doorway area shows a man's face has been scratched off call him Obfuscated Man the figure leaning out is missing his left shoulder call him Doorman, and the man behind him wearing a narrow the black tie, call him Black Tie Man, is both in front of him and behind him at the same time this appears to have been a rush job probably precipitated by Lee telling Capt. Fritz where he was during the shooting. To appreciate the missing shoulder each of us has a shoulder bone known as the clavicle except that door man was missing his left clavicle. Meticulous studies have been done to identify those who were in this area at the time notice the black man's profile which blocks the bottom of the shirt worn by doorman which appears to have resulted from perspective but makes the shirt more difficult to identify Richard Hooke has conducted study after study of the similarities between the shirt that Lee was wearing when he was arrested and the shirt being worn by Doorman they appear to be the same with regard to feature after feature. The claim was made that Doorman was a coworker named Billy Lovelady but Billy pointed out that he was three inches shorter in 15 to 20 pounds heavier than Lee on 29 February 1964 he even went to the FBI and show them the shirt he had been wearing that day, it was a short sleeve red and white vertically striped shirt which bears no resemblance to the shirt worn by Doorman, the FBI's own report to director J. Edgar Hoover explains that Lovelady quote stated he was wearing a red-and-white vertically striped shirt and blue jeans end quote which they duly photographed and forwarded to FBI headquarters. Another figure in the area in front of the doorway has been alleged to have been Billy Lovelady wearing a checkered shirt but he looks nothing like Billy Lovelady and more like a gorilla, plus he is is bulging out of his shirt and has it buttoned up to the top he does not look like Billy or like Doorman Features a Billy appear to have been imposed over Doorman face to make him look more like Lovelady. Indeed the distant FBI photo appears to have been altered to make Billy look more like Lee, the objective was to create confusion in order to leave the question in a state of uncertainty. Other moves were made to create be available version of the doorway area in the Altgens photograph as Richard book explains here. When I first learned Lee had told Capt. Fritz he was out with Bill Shelly in front I began to study the question I found this collage on a website by John McAdams who is a prominent defender above the official account notice the obfuscated face which i've circled in orange and the multiple images of Guerrilla Man this is a virtually perfect example of disinformation when I publish this explain that I believe the man whose face had been obscured had to have been Oswald, I was contacted by Ralph Cinque who told me that if you focus on the clothing and the body type you can tell that Lee is there but is actually Doorman instead his background as a chiropractor was exactly what the case required to shatter the myth that Doorman was Lovelady. In their efforts to defeat our discovery that Oswald was Doorman some apologists from the Warren Report have posted Copys of obscure newspapers dated 22 November 1963 featuring the Altgens 6 as it is technically known to support their claim that it could not have been altered because there wasn't enough time as low of obfuscated, faces, missing shoulders and being in front of and behind at the same time were normal how dumb are we supposed to be! Ralph Cinque exposed the hoax by discovering both the fabricated in the original issues of the Beacon Hills Michigan news palladium. This shows how far the CIA is willing to go to deceive the american people using taxpayer's funds for the promotion of false information they had fabricated and substituted false issues all those obscure newspapers for 22 November 1963. Here is one up the last photographs of Jack and Jackie turning from Houston onto Elm just before the shooting would take place many of us suspect that the vans in the background were command-and-control locations dury the assassination. John Costello who has a PhD in physics to this time with a specialization in electromagnetism the properties of light and images of moving objects has produced a new improved version other the Zapruder film and has demonstrated that although nearly technically perfect it includes some revealing flaws..... One of the signs that the film is a fabrication is the nearly motionless line of spectator's those who have seen another film which appears to be in the original have reported they were waving and cheering not as seen here as David Healy has observed the use of optical printing and special effects allows for the combination of any foreground with any background and allows changes to the activities are the figures portrayed. This footage appears to have been taken when the pilot car pass by, not when the Presidential limousine was present. The ghost panels in the sprocket area establish visual links between the frames of the field which had to be reshot in a film laboratory less the faker be immediately detected. This is why the whole film is a fabrication it was done using authentic images which were then subjected to alteration the strain shows the umbrella man in the cuban who is shaking his fist probably as an indication to the driver William Greer to bring the limousine to a halt! The Umbrella Man, who by pumping it up and down was apparently signaling the shooters that the target was not dead and to keep on shooting may have been Roy Hargraves and the Cuban, Philippi Vedal Santiago, in an interview with Noel Twyman Hargraves admitted he was in Dallas that day as part of a support team for the assassination and that they were acting on orders from the CIA's JM Wave Station in Miami. The first frames from the Zapruder film to which the public had access or published in Life magazine most were unremarkable... but this one frame 313! posed special problems. The plate was broken twice to revise descriptions 6 which appears to be unique in the history of publishing. There are many indications this and other films have been edited. Including the all but motionless spectators, the driver's head turns twice as fast as humanly possible, and the blob and blood spray which appeared to have been painted in. Blood and brains across the trunk and the driver's point to the left and bring in the vehicle to a halt had to be removed! Because it was such an obvious indication our Secret Service complicity in setting up JFK for the HIT! Here is the original sequence of frames 313 through 316 in the altered Zapruder her film when the frames were published in the twenty six volumes are supporting evidence however, they were in the wrong sequence greatly mitigating the back into the left motion of JFK's head in the extant film. David S. Lifton had a friend right to J. Edgar Hoover Director of the FBI, and Hoover acknowledge they were in the wrong order. Michael Baton of the medical panel for the HSCA has observed that if the magic bullet theory is false then there had to be at least six shots from three directions which turns out to be correct. Even the revised film contains damning evidence when frames 312 and 313 are compared they show forward movement then following frame 313 there is a powerful back and to the left movement which was emphasized in Oliver Stone's JFK. Many students have taken this as proof that he was hit from behind and from the front, implying a conspiracy but none of the witnesses reported observing that back and to the left motion.... that violent back into the left motion at the time. Those who have seen the other film have reported that after being hit in the back of the head he slumped forward Jackie eased him back up and was looking at him right in the face when it was shipped in the right temple and then slumped to the left into the seat it looks as though they created the very strong impression a forceful motion by removing too many frames and thereby accelerating the apparent motion of his head and body. Mary Moorman with a polaroid in Gene Hill in a red coat where there on the grass opposite at the knoll which Jean named the "Grassy Knoll" they were acting where where Jean called out to JFK hey mister president!!! look over here we want to take your picture but in the extent film they hardly move at all.... Noel Twyman noticed that in the frame on the left the background is blurred and the foreground is precise, while in the frame on the right both are in focus. Roderick Ryan who would receive the Academy Award for his contributions to special effects cinematography in 2000 explained to Noel that was because the camera was following the car in motion on the left out but that the car was stationary the frame on the right Jack White a legendary student of the JFK photos and films noticed that the Nix film taken from the grass opposite the Knoll on light the Zapruder film shows Mary on the street about to take her famous photograph which is one more indication of the faking of the Zapruter where the Nix film another home movies were also altered to conform with it but it was not done to perfection Jean has been ridiculed for remarking that she had seen a plucky little white dog between Jack and Jackie which certainly sounds strange at first but it turned out to be a puppet called Lambchop which one of her young fans had given to Jackie which means that instead of discrediting jeans testimony this discovery makes it all the more credible Here is Mary's famous photograph taken a fraction of a second after JFK was hit in the right temple a chunk of his skull brains can be seen on his right shoulder Jack White and Gary Mack who is now the curator of the sixth floor Museum discover the image of a shooter wearing a police uniform who is referred to in the literature has Badgeman. At lest a half a dozen persons have reported observing the other film where the major points they make about it in contrast to the available film are, 1st.... it begins with a turn from Houston onto Elm, 2nd... Bill Greer brings the limo to an abrupt halt jostling the passengers forward third 3rd.... JFK a ship twice during the stop and 4th for watches JFK the whole time only turning back in accelerating after his brains have been blown out in addition officer James Chaney on the right side right rides forward to notify Cheif of Police Jesse Curry that the president has been shot and Clint Hill rushes forward to assist Jackie was climbing out on the back of the limo to retrieve a chunk JFK's shull and brains. Frame 313 features a spray of blood that Ryan confirmed to Noel had been painted in... which John Costello has confirmed because it dissipates far too rapidly to be real frame 314 displays an apparent gushing out of brains and shull to the right front which is referred to as the blob which it turns out was added to create the impression of the effect that was shot fired from behind. Frames following 313 show the passengers moving forward when they should have been pulled back as Greer accelerated the limo I think they worried that bystanders would remember the passengers being thrown forward by the abrupt halt and therefore kept those frames in but created a framework within which the limo was supposed to be accelerating. While it is difficult to take your eyes off JFK if you focus on Nelly and John Connally and Greer and Roy Kellerman in the passenger seat you will see what I'm talking about but it requires a certain degree of concentration Clint Hill has consistently described his actions in rushing forward pushing Jackie down into the back seat lying across their bodies and purine into a fist size blowout at the back of his head giving his colleagues a thumbs down all before reaching the triple underpass. Roy Kellerman supported him when he told the Warren Commission that it look back and seen Hill lying across the trunk, which was actually the back seat before the limo had reached a triple underpass. since a closest that Clint gets to Jackie in the extant film is shown here, we have yet another line to prove that what we have is not the original film it also means this photograph called Altgens 7 is another fake sense by this point Clint was lying across the rear seat just think what would have happened to his body had Greer accelerated before Clint was situated there his body would have been left in the street as a function of elementary physics. Jack White is therefore raises the question whether Zapruder filmed the Zapruder film? since his secretary seems to have blocked is access to take it but the answer is obvious Zapruder did not film the film. since no one filmed the fabricated film, which was created a photo and film laboratory. Zapruder inadvertently revealed his complicity by describing a wound the blowout to the right front of JFK's skull that did not occur but was only added to the film during its reconstruction. frame 317 shows how the block to the back of his head was painted over in black which has been confirmed by a group of Hollywood film restoration experts they were stunned by how crudely it had been done. When you compare frames like 317 with frame 374 the deception is obvious the extant film is not even internally consistent it is therefore stunning that there are prominent experts such as Josiah Thompson and Robert Groden who still persists to this day in maintaining that the accident film is authentic. Here is another comparison of early films with frames 374 Jack White notice the Jackie face seems to have been lost in some of these images Anyone who doubts whether the umbrella man and the Cuban were involved should consider how calmly they responded to the assassination here they are sitting quietly at the concrete no doubt congratulating themselves for a job well done JFK appears to have been hit four times once in the throat from in front once in the back from behind and twice in the head once from behind and once from in front the shots to his throat into his right temple appear to have been fired from above ground level sewer openings between the roadway on the top other North in the south side have the triple underpass the most probable sequence a shot fired from the county records building and struck the president's back shortly before the shot through the throat from the south end up the triple underpass then a shot from the Dell Tex missed an injured today shot from the Book Depository hit john connally the driver pulled the limousine to the left and stop a second shot from the Dell taxes JFK on the back of the head he fell forward and Jackie eased him %ah she was looking them in the face with a shot from the north end up the triple underpass it is right temple with an exploding hola a third shot from the Dal Tex missed and hit the chrome strip, other shots probably hit John Connally or miss then hit the ground strip or were found in the grass a shot for the county records building appears to have been fired by Dallas deputy sheriff Harry Weatherford who boasted that he shot lots of people Penn Jones a legendary early student at the assassination learned that he obtained a custom-made silencer a few weeks before the shooting. A shot to the throat pasted the windshield that made the sound of a firecracker in route to its target that one appears to have been fired by the Air Force expert named Jack Lawrence who went to work for the automobile dealership that provided the vehicles for the motorcade of different makes him colors no doubt so the conspirators would know who was where, he showed up at the dealership after the shooting muddy and nauseated which I believe resulted from is making his escape through the sewer system after taking his shot here's a close up of the Dal Tex were three shots appear to have been fired from the broom closet window of the uranium mining company owned by the CIA no shots appear to have been fired by Nestor "Tony" Izquierdo an anti-castro Cuban for whom a statue has been erected in little Havana. One missed an injured the distant bystander James Tague another miss than hit the chrome strip above the windshield the third hit JFK in the back of the head during the limo stop these appear to have been the only shots fired with a non silenced weapon a Mannlicher-Carcano giving the impression of three shots having been fired from the six for the adjacent Book Depository where the acoustics would be very comparable In Freedom Park there are only two statues where the other is of Jose Marti freed Cuba from Spanish domination, if you were to ask somebody why there's a statute of Tony Izquierdo you could be told because he took care of business. Roscoe White was a Dallas police officer with ties to the CIA his son Ricky discovered a diary which enables the agency to know whether operatives are in order to cover for them as appropriate it would have had a admissible evidence in a court of law but he gave it to the FBI, it has since disappeared Frank Sturgis appears were fired the shot to the right temple that killed JFK when he was arrested in New York for coming there to assassinate Marita Lorenz so she could not testify to the HSC a they had a conversation about JFK during which she told the detective Jim Rothstein whom I know they had been there and took him out because he a double-cross the brigade at the Bay of Pigs and was jeopardizing national security by womanizing with the agents of foreign governments I confirm this with the Jim before flying here. I found this photograph from Jesse Curry JFK assassination file I was surprised to find a very familiar figure out George HW Bush in front up the Book Depository. George HW Bush was photographed there he appears to have been involved in the Bay of Pigs event where one of the ship's was rechristened Houston and another Barbara the operation was code-named Zapata which was the name for the family oil drilling company if the invasion had been a success I suspect Zapata would have had a concession to drill all over the Caribbean basin in the three tramps who were photographed being escorted through dealey plaza after being arrested in a railroad boxcar loaded with weapons ammo and Explosives were probably the fallback patsy had Lee not worked out I got to know the third in the three on the oldest was not be Howard Hunt as many believe but is Chauncey Holt who prepared 15 sets forged Secret Service credentials for use in and around the crimes scene one of these photos includes a man walking past them who has been identified by no less authority than L. Fletcher Prouty and Victor H. Krulak the former commandant of the Marine Corps, as Edward Lansdale an air force general was responsible for assassinations around the world working with the CIA. And we have yet another photograph... in which Edward Landsdale waiting to speak to George HW Bush who claimed NOT to remember where I was at the time of the assassination! The only other person of whom I know that to be true was Richard Nixon, who flew out of Love Field airport in Dallas Texas TWO HOURS before JFK flew in on 11/22/1963 Richard Hooke has done extensive research on George HW Bush in the Dal Tex building were a person who identified himself as a Houston oil man was arrested coming out of the building and taken to police headquarters, like the tramps he was not booked but released why return to the plaza andmet with others one of whom was Edward Landsdale Richard believes and he may be right that Bush was in that broom closet and supervised the shots that were fired from that location. Malcolm (Mac) Wallace was Lyndon Johnson's personal hit man and killed at least a dozen people for him, including one of his own sisters... he appears to have been firing form the West side of the Book Depository opposite the assassins lair where his fingerprint was found on one of the boxes arranged to create the impression of having been set up to conceal the shooters present. Billy Sol Estes knew him and Cliff Carter LBJ's executive assistant personally and told William Reymond, a French investigative journalist that Lyndon had sent Cliff Carter down to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements were in place for the assassination. To my astonishment Richard discoved a photograph of George HW Bush AND Malcolm "Mac" Wallace from Shull and Bones... a secret society from Yale Univerisity another individual photograph in Dealey Plaza was George W Bush what appears to be somewhat lost probably because his father had been arrested, and he did not know where his dad was. Others whether to pay their last respects including a half dozen or more CIA officials were photographed at the intersection of Houston and Main. Another was Lucien Conien on the right, among the most notorious of CIA assassins his presence in Dealey Plaza (center) thus lends further weight to the central role in the CIA When his image was discovered the attempt was made to claim it actually been someone named Robert Adams on the left.......there features are quite different however as Jack White explained in this comparison Adams has a long face long chin and left ear top in. Lucien Conien like the man in the photograph has a square face short chin and left ear top out. the charade was exposed by a ludicrous apparently fabricated newspaper article in which it was said to have watched the motorcade on Thursday 23 November 1963 as an attempt to distract the attention from the image of Lucien Conien were neither the day and of the week nor that day of the month were correct... On Air Force One, LBJ gets a wink and a nod from congressman Albert Thomas for a job well done during his swearing in, which he claimed had been recommended by Bobby Kennedy the Attorney General which was not true and unnecessary under the Constitution but it created the opportunity to leave the casket unattend your during which it appears the body was removed place in a body bag and stored in a secret compartment to be off-loaded at Andrews Air Force Base onto a helicopter and flown to Walter Reed Hospital. Jack Ruby who had worked for Richard Nixon as a congressman shot Oswald in the case against him was sealed he would later say that if someone else had been the vice president was would not have happened globe Ruby believed you have been injected with the rapid developing cancer with Judah Very Baker has reported having been involved in developing a New Orleans with David Ferrie lee Oswald and Dr. Mary Sherman. The claim is often been made that the strongest proof against conspiracy is that no one has talked... that of course is false as Noel Thyman in Bloody Treason 1997 has observed at least eight prominent figures talked about it before and after the event including Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante and even Sam Giancana. Others including Chauncy Holy Charles Harrelson, Jim Hicks Jack Ruby reinforcing the conclusions of Lyndon's mistress, Madeline Duncun Brown Texas in the Morning 1997, Bar McClellan Blood Money and Power 2003 Billy Sol Estes a Texas Legend in 2005 and E Howard Hunt in his Rolling Stone confession 2007. all of whom implicate Lyndon Johnson as the pivotal player in the assassination of JFK. shattering the cover-up has falsified many theories about the conspiracy the Mafia could not have extended its reach into Bethesda Naval Hospital to alter X-rays under the Controlled medical officers of the US Navy Agents are the Secret Service or the president's personal physician for example. Neither pro nor anti-castro Cubans could have substituted another brain for the original and even if the KGB and abilities comparable to the CIA to recreate films he could not obtain access to the Zapruder nor could any of these things should have been done by Lee Oswald who was either incarcerated or already dead..... Noel Thyman has explained that the perfect plan was by combining the CIA military with a Secret Service the Mafia LBJ and J Edgar Hoover the weight of the evidence suggests that that was always the plan. Where Lyndon's close relationship with J. Edgar Hoover who hated the Kennedys made rest of it fall into place relatively effortlessly with JFK antagonize the CIA threatening to shatter the Agency into a thousand pieces The Joint Chiefs for refusing to invade Cuba over their unanimous recommendation cited an above-ground test-ban treaty with the Soviets over their unanimous opposition withdrawing our advisors from Vietnam where they believe a stand had to be taken against the expansion up international godless communism. Bobby had been cracking down on organized crime for the first time in history and JFK was planning to cut the oil depletion allowance which riled the oilmen who put up the money for the assassinations so Noel appears to have "Got It Right" conservatives also fair to Kennedy dynasty were Jack was served two terms and then Bobby two more followed by Teddy, it might have been good for America... but it would not have been good for corruption. They did what they had to do to promote their own special interests at the expense of the nation where we have had a succession of presidents... Johnson, Nixon, Ford George Sr. and George Jr. would never have held that office but for the death of JFK the course of the nation since more than justifies the inference that the events of 22 November 1963 did not mark just the death of a president.......... but The Assassination of America. The Assassination of America


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