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1978 smallpox outbreak in the United Kingdom

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The 1978 smallpox outbreak in the United Kingdom resulted in the death of Janet Parker, a British medical photographer, who became the last recorded person to die from smallpox. Her illness and death, which was connected to the deaths of two other people, led to the Shooter Inquiry, an official investigation by government-appointed experts triggering radical changes in how dangerous pathogens were studied in the UK.

The Shooter Inquiry found that Parker was accidentally exposed to a strain of smallpox virus that had been grown in a research laboratory on the floor below her workplace at the University of Birmingham Medical School. Shooter concluded that the mode of transmission was most likely airborne through a poorly maintained service duct between the two floors. However, this assertion has been subsequently challenged, including when the University of Birmingham was acquitted following a prosecution for breach of Health and Safety legislation connected with Parker’s death. A number of internationally recognised experts produced compelling evidence during the prosecution to show that it was highly unlikely that Parker was infected by airborne transmission in this way. How Parker contracted the disease remains unknown.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the G2Voice broadcast it is Sunday December 31st in the year of the Lord 2017 New Year's Eve my name is Mark Grenon and I'm here with my co-host Joseph Grenon -Joe last broadcast of the Year Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's yes in happens to be my second son Jonathan Bishop Jonathan's birthday solo shout out to Joe Jn have a birthday happy birthdays only what is he 32 32 now jn getting old you know so you just keep going keep hanging in there don't be taking any meds he's getting as you know you can't know this because you're on the radio this kind of like our casual day last broadcast yet because Joe's got his um grey shirt on and looking good stylish I have my shirt says trust me I'm a doctor dr. pepper says underneath it so I'm gonna put the video up you'll see it we just kind of cache for the last broadcast of 2017 going into 2018 I really think the 2018 is gonna be a big year for us well I just think it's gonna open a lot of people's eyes not just us the world never will be able to help a lot more people and things are coming together I'm getting a lot more people coming to us that have a lot a bigger voice in the world and saying they want to incorporate what we're doing at least let people know get the book we just wrote become members of the church start a church get trained up again one guy he sells a bunch of naturally-occurring supplements Joe he used that term that's why he was like I can't believe you use that term to in your book so anyways he wants to just push people to us you know like listen design you need to eat but go here to clean your body out and keep it cleaned out and so and I'm seeing some other people that been successful in different areas and they have big mailing lists that want to get in get with us and try to promote what we're doing around the world so let's see what happens we've heard all that before but I think now things are happening different we got a movie out there we've got a book out there now that I've done personally about what the judge to church has been doing it's basically what that books all about and where to find us what to do everything how to make MMS is in there videos show you testimonies of various diseases probably 40 plus diseases are in there with testimonies written in video and as well as how the body works and just right now we're gonna be covering we're still on the timeline we're gonna finish it this week but we've covered a lot of stuff already the last two weeks very important things but so this week I'm going to continue on with a 68th broadcast and who is responsible for the medical vaccine mafia we have today in basically timeline is showing us that the different names of family names the company names you see him popping up and you see him in pause the ones controlling politicians owning the media on the railroad owning the oil owning the medical schools owning the Federal Reserve owning the booth Department of Justice you know just crazy and there's still the same people so we're trying to make a case this like an indictment against these people that were publicly putting out on the Airways giving dates giving times giving laws passed and put into the case Joe then of the world's the jury you guys decide here this what's going on here's the results and this what we're doing and here's the results and we just making cases and trying to logically put this out there that's why I tell everybody get this book that because I wrote it because I compiled it of the experience that we're done well it's all unique by me you Joe you've bought part of this book people that have doing some of these testimonies have been part of this book Jim Humble that Discoverer of MMS not not chlorine dioxide but the formula to mix with HCL and cure malaria 100 percent of the time that you think that everybody in the world would know that the number one killer in the history of mankind billions and billions of people so much more than that the second I think the second might have been typhoid or what was it was a typhoid it was a blue bonnet plant no tuberculosis I think TB was number two they were billions but this was like hundreds of billions of people that have been killed by malaria suffering suffering every year we didn't know this till we started half a billion people get malaria over here only up to two million died from it which is horrible but half a billion of suffering and continued it's almost like a chronic illness for people in Africa India Philippines I lived in night jury I had three times horrible I wish the garlic my wife would have shot me I asked her to she had to hide the gun cos I would say hurt so bad I want to blow my brains out and I was a missionary know what to get out of this world so what are we about G to voice well we're a ministry of the Genesis II Church of Health and healing which in June of 2010 Jim humble and I were the founders come up with the idea and established it Joe is a founding member with Jonathan and my daughter-in-law and my daughter there was six of us it's registered in the in the Town Hall in Santa Cruz de Monona Dominican Republic and that's who we started now we're almost 3,000 members Joe 250 churches started in 135 countries we're getting better what we do but we're keeping it simplistic don't look for us to be this professional Wall Street Madison Avenue type thing we hit our sites and things there's this basic poem is the information self responsibility self care this what we want right we want you know we can't spend a lot of money on fancy stuff we're trying to make it more user friendly what of course click here you want some protocols click here you want some videos click here you want a book click here you know go to Genesis to church that is that's our main site and you notice dot is we had to go is Iceland because GoDaddy wrote us said you had to get we had to take away i dot org from us and so you know it's just part of we know we're hitting we're not an organization because we're not organized what we try to be you know don't do what we can there's only like six or seven others doing everything so hey bear with us they don't hit people write us and say tell me everything about MMS no no that isn't how it works we send you a couple videos we send you the movie the documentary and we show you our sights and you go you dig it out and believe me there's so much easier than when we started out and we keep that in mind all the time because when we started out we had Jim's first book set 15 drops three times a day well that's the difference now if we go a lot slower and much easier so we're we're all about health the freedom to Genesis II Church we had to start the G2Voice broadcast because the ABC would lie about us BBC CNN Fox News or Sky News I call the old Fox News Fox pharmacy Joe because that's all you see on their thing all pharmaceuticals are always pushing doctors and pharmaceuticals so and they're all heavily invested Murdoch and all those guys heavily invested just like ABC is CNN good cop bad cop it's all it is I do hear some good things in Fox that I that make me feel good once in a while it well at least they're putting that out never see that on some of the others but don't look for them as true through the same same birds running the show don't look for them as they stretch out your own truth so we were all about freedom I believe God is built in freedom into every fiber of creation every fiber of creation as freedom liberty doing on its works on itself it's set up you know they talk about the rule of law Joe it's a joke because if the laws that they're passing you want to follow them as a rule they're immoral some of them are immoral I'm not gonna follow those laws so there has to be a guide to make sure these laws immoral and that would be the Word of God that would be natural law that would be common law the Ten Commandments Hammurabi's code the Magna Carta distant different writings that just stated an obvious natural laws those things would would you guide by and if it's immoral I'm not following it like vaccinate your kid it's mandatory I don't care you can tell what you want you're not gonna take my kid and you're not gonna I'm not gonna put your kid my kid at your school I think the public schools are if you listen to this timeline what the purpose of the public school was now they started out man to brainwash the kids with programs and curriculum that just tells you what to think what the thing how to think how long to think about it when not to think anymore about it program they set up these classes where you know the doctors lawyers politicians they can they could kind of make more money and be more prestigious in society but a little bit of that like point zero five percent will run the country five percent will be those special educated with their degrees the rest are just workers worker bees just do you 9:00 to 5:00 pay taxes and let everybody and that's a charge make the decisions for you I can't live like that but you could see that in this time line and when living it folks I want to pick up with a minute let me just say that we're want everybody to come we're not with spiritual or not religious or a spiritual church we believe this our temple that we live in our spirit lives in we're nondenominational kids one not a denomination or not a religion we're a church a Health Church where anyone can come to come and learn about this temple and how to keep it healthy I have you gotta out of every blood kindred tongue people and nation it's out of the book of Revelation we want everybody to come and learn how to naturally take care of this body in a natural way so we started Jim and I a health church unique thing very unique where we go we don't we don't take it lightly we're not playing a game we didn't say let's start a health church they can't touch us I was already 30 years a missionary pilot in as missionary Reverend I know the benefits of a church but we really believe this we practiced as we take this we do these sacraments we take care of this temple that's why I'm healthy I don't get sick unless I get some toxins around me then we hit with hard for a day of doom we wipe it out of us and so um there's a couple sayings I mentioned a lot you never change things by fighting the existing reality we're not fighting the medical mafia we're gonna tell you about them we're gonna make a case against them indictment against them you make the decision but we're not doctors we don't want to be doctors we're health ministers we're not gonna try to purify them to change them and if you try to you probably die if you fight this fever see the alternate doctors that still call themself doctors you know suiciding himself all over and then the ones that are doing it with that's really caring people you don't want to try to play with that I just can't tell you where they're at what they believe who the FDA is what the CDC's doing what the pharmaceutical is doing what are not doing what the do G's doing or not doing the FDA to CDC the Department of Justice EPA who they're all linked together folks that's why they have monopoly and we're gonna expose them I'm gonna expose them the fake news I was saying that before Trump did when he started saying I was like the FDA ABC came at us in LA well like you people a lie is fine fake Brian Ross and now easily call them liars and fake just at the time when um Trump started doing it was great I didn't even know an intra and then they got him off of there Marland suspended so the guy need Buckminster Fuller said you what you do is you build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete do you know anything about the medical mafia the pharmaceutical the medical industry the universities the curriculum the pharmaceuticals and all the medicals junk I caught the industry showing you the truths about him and why I coughed so much is because I've had a vaccine injury 1976 and I'm from the swine flu vaccine she's talking to a vaccine injured guy I'm always cleaning my throat it's paralyzed one side MMS doesn't you know you poke your eye out the eye doesn't grow back sometimes you can fix some things like cataracts and things blockages and things but permanent damage you know people ask why is your voice bad why do you wear glasses if MMS works because it's a muscle thing in the eyes do you take I don't care how blind you think you are make a little pinhole and zero in on the middle of your eye you could read it's all about light the muscles shrink it's quick the contracts and brings back that beam of light to the back of your eye and that's how you focus it's all about that there's there's muscle things you can do I just haven't done but I am using drops and stuff for my eyes all time I have great eyesight it's just that muscle that focusing time and I'm 60 but I'm gonna I'm gonna talk about one week so how to do that exercise Joe put a dawn in the back of a business card and moving in different angles it hurts your muscles really earth trying to folk trying to focus on that stuff so we'll cover stuff all the time about different all our protocols our sacraments how to make stuff I know we're going through the book right now because really it's Hot Topic in my mind as well as very needful for the world to know this you can get the book and Joe's got the link there you can put it on your phone carrying around watch video study show people testimonies keep reading it's like about seven or eight eat cake make and write on your phone your smartphone your computer so we'll be covering this probably for another a while because it's very pertinent stuff you need to know and just reiterating what we've covered on the broadcasts before and some new stuff also here's another guy Albert Camus the only way to deal with an unfree world is to become absolutely free that your existence is an act of rebellion and that's what we're doing well now we're rebellious we're rebellious against what the establishment that’s killing us health-wise we're rebellious against laws that I mean moral we're rebellious health revolution sure we could call that stuff very peaceful but just with facts and truth that's what we're doing it we believe our body and a temple a spirit is we have the god-given right press responsibility to maintain health of both it's very important to have a holistic approach to dealing with the whole person physically spiritually mentally and we're looking at all here and we stopped the toxins from coming into your body we detox the stuff that's already in their accumulated built up get that out of the body we show you how to build up the body to work it as as its its optimum level which is 100% efficiency balance homeostasis that's we work to we and then we basically get to toxicity of relationships you work on those to get peaceful because it stretches your body out those four things where we focus on our church we've got in the book 210 sacramental Commandments from making MMS to what I just said toxic relationships whether it's between you and God you and man you and your environment so we got plenty of testimonies all our websites are in the description we've got testimonies for basically everything that you can imagine because you know and I think we could prove and the book we keep going we're gonna keep talking about it's all a toxicity problem would you agree I think we got enough evidence out there it's all toxic you go back before there's a big toxicity problem you didn't have the disease's we have today so see what's changed she went to putting in the body and let's go back to the way it was and so we're gonna keep going teaching this training we're growing we have a Creed that we believe is very important do good deeds do what is right good health for all mankind freedom for all mankind enlightening others with truth helping one another and maintaining integrity in all things if any of those points you want to look at again you go to our site look it up but if you don't want to help freedom for all mankind then don't come to us because we do we want help for everybody we want truth for everybody we want to help everybody we want to in all things be have integrity and so uh in all things we want to be right we're not perfect but we sure what was seeking to be right so that's who we are every week we try to meet here for a couple hours talk over things and I cover testimonies because it seems like every week we have some testimonies and even in the book here Joe I showed all the bad stuff people say about us I want them to see I just don't you we're not afraid that you we want you to see what's going on folks we want you to hear both sides of story in lyon why they lyon we're gonna show you but anyway is a testimony hi mark i personally tried MMS and that helped me with horrible knee pain in my knees and i even went to the doctor for it i never went to the doctor - for a diagnosis but i know i'm a my security well she had all the probable pain she did the protocol pains are gone so you know people think you got to go to adopter be just listen to your body doing what's showing you if it goes away some of these tests are geared to keep you positive HIV herpes diabetes high blood pressure and you know these different these different drugs and medications are not good for you i'll get you on that after these blood tests having had a positive experience i spoke to a friend of mine but MMS but i don't feel capable of giving her the right advice for this reason i would like to ask can help patel someone qualified to help her in a severe case of rheumatoid fibromyalgia and something out that she had many is she is in a second week i'm protocol but the pain is still very strong more parts of her body has time to swell her pain is so severe that doctor prescribed chemo in pills I'm all better you can guide me I put this up kind of a testimony because she was healed but I put this up because this the kind of stuff we deal with what would what would people think we should do you know spend two hours writing this person get their phone number call them from Columbia and I mean some people really think that's what we should do what I do is I send them the video of the MMS documentary the radio broadcasts to be covered arthritis tell them where to get this stuff send that back to them it's up to them now we do have provisions where some people want to talk to us every day for an hour on skype well that cost to do that takes that time and we send you the stuff some people want to come down here for a month that to do that but honestly what some people Joe you notice get the course get the sacramental products and do it at home we don't mind helping you but we all help few people because we got other things that we're doing so uh that's the way we tell people to do it and we set up for you well that's one thing to do we want them to personally take responsibility and take care of yourself exactly in the book here we show you how to do it and give you videos on YouTube all our main videos are right there for go their YouTube channel you can watch them from the styling procedure the protocol for thousands of making a spray bottle you can watch them so that's what we tell people and like I said if you want to take on time and pose the side and then it's gonna cost you a little bit so be ready for that but we really rather have no one do that you know I mean we join meeting people helping them and stuff some people guide some people can afford it and they want to get away and come down here one guy is gonna come down here for a month not even sick Joe to do everything we do for a sick person we want to show him so he can experience it go back and help people start a church so uh that skis gonna put his own dime up courageous and smart so anyways it's self motivation self responsibility we will not hold you in we can but it won't be indefinitely that's a show now here's another one I want to put up called the patch testimony I want to put that up because that's something that I developed no third book was it third book and it's pretty simple we I think I want to show you even a simpler way but Joe you're gonna be able to put up those pictures will be enough this a before and after picture from a guy had sent us to me that looks like a MRSA you had mercy we had Mercer Joe definitely a big infection on the knuckles of this guy's hand right hand pus coming out of it could be a MRSA sure sure looks like it so what he did he's got before and after well we're gonna show you know Joe this is the gauze that is one piece go give me some scissors I'll cut it and bring back a patch do that that would be great because this a good way of doing the patch if you look into my book call you you go to the take the course are you guys thickets on Genesis II Church youtube site I think it's there the patch anyways it was mixing 10 drops with 10 drops of water activating those ten jobs came with 10 drops of water and putting 10 drops edema so submerging your gauze bed in that and putting it on a specific area and I basically wanted to just do something that was just basically in a topical pinpoint treatment well you could do that and so well it's a big Hospital put it right on my arm but this guy did this he read about the patch so he put it on there and I'm gonna show you an easy way because we have two things that we we show also that's a MMS spray bottle that I carry with me this size here which is a 2 ounce you can carry on the plane with you you'll see it when we put the video up two small little two ouncer and you know they don't last real long because that they just chlorine dioxide will oxidize this spring they stopped working after a few weeks but you definitely they cheap cheap as dirt so you can buy them but besides submerse it in there things it's immersing it you can just do this and this makes it really easy fact Joe I'll let you do it Because you can I can reach your arm over here excuse me I'll do that for you when I'm doing is that you put the gauze pad on his forearm you know what I'm going to do is just saturate the gods bed and I told them already Joe how to put the you know in the solution how to put up just submerge the gauze pad but this a little easy Because you can keep doing it keep it with you you'll see it turn yellow you don't want to dripping but I like this Because it just not as messy the gauze pad absorbs it remember you get this on yet you can see my shirt I've used this even in seminars like these pants I have on they're all spotty so then you got a DMSO spray bottle now he's got it saturated he puts the DMSO I don't know four five different sprays Joe remember this an oil so you could keep that in this play but a long time here so and that will suck push in all the in about ten minutes it will dry up and you could do it stronger always start a little weak and this display ball is based upon 10 drops per ounce so this would be 20 drops in here and this a 90% DMSO spray bottle carry this widget carries some gauze beds anyways this guy did it and just in a few days the before and after gone something he'd been struggling with for a while and gone so I love that testimony he sent it to us and he forgot to send the pictures and so he gave me the pictures down but you can we just had a lady write me well I kind of developed it with an idea of if someone had to get a vaccine they could neutralize the vaccine immediately at the injection site by using this method and keep doing it throughout the day after they got an injection but the the real vaccine protocol is you do the protocol week not to spray but the drinking of it a week at a time then you the day you get the injection you hit with six drops four or five times that day and the patch once or twice when you got the injection then you keep on a mild protocol for another weekend not even swollen nothing read it completely neutralized the vaccines and people have been forced to do it so that's why I developed that one then this so kind of every week we like to cover something you know styling procedure that's the patch maybe one week Joe will do all of them you know just real quickly but they're all up you know I'm just saying but it might be good just for someone and have someone else watching it all in one video then we were able to send some more supplies and to our bishop in Uganda Joe he got some MMS he's a pastor up there we sent him 50 really nice you got those pictures going up to only nice leather zipper Bibles he's given out to people in his neighborhood for Christmas I thought that was great he wanted to do that we gave him the money to do it and great man I love that plus we've given him a barrel he's getting another barrel soon that other people around his country we can pick up some supplies from make him like a distributor and that and Uganda we're doing the same Malawi we want to do the same in Mozambique and Zimbabwe Zaire Swaziland South Africa I miss it a couple think Kenya Nigeria Cameroon Ghana Sierra Leone these are places we have people and we want to build up supplies this what donations go to this what this book goes to on a percent of this book goes to the church to help support what we're doing and the people that work there and projects that's what we're doing with it so you want a a good cause don't give to the Red Cross they'll steal your money and keep cures away from people if you know what I'm talking about look at the Red Cross MMS connection and Uganda how they did denied what we did after we had blood tests before and after videotaped and they just deny do we kill hundred fifty four people in one day with MMS on a percent cure rate of malaria so that's what we're up against folks but we take it in stride because that's what we do now last week you were on the third week Joe of just the timeline I knew would take a while it's like 50 pages you know so we're gonna finish it this week it's gets I made notes and I made some highlighting kind of kind of an overview but I really want to hammer home we started in the 1700s and now we're up into 1950s you know Joe so and the horrible stuff that I people have written me as read the book and said wow that really I didn't think it was gonna be that important but the information there and I kind of bolded little little areas of different names that people keep popping up different like the AMA the Kagamine Carnegie's the Rothschilds the Rockefellers the JP Morgan's you know different schools holistic Yale Harvard you know different medical schools different foundations different banks different politicians who owned them the AMA you know it kind of the foundation of all that crap literally crap I mean it’s killing us and they control everything and so but more people are speaking up I love it but before I get into the book again while the ending of the timeline I do want to say to you folks that I put up an article and it's in the newsletter every week is in the description I'm not gonna go through it because I want to get into this timeline but there's eight examples to show how Big Pharma cares more about profits than people I'll just read them I'm not gonna tell you what they are it's gonna I mean it's gonna read the eight not gonna explain it protecting self-interest pushing addiction price hiking neglecting the poor preventing competition protecting patent cease aggressive marketing based on shady science and misinformation innate making employees surplus to requirement so and I left the article everything there I try to give you every week a newsletter we're gonna cover neck this topic but I try to give you some informative stuff to just kind of put some more evidence in the pile pile pile Montanez piles Joe in Spanish of evidence indictments against the pharmaceutical medical industry and this last three weeks we have been right in the thick of the indictment joke against them because these families need to be shut down many of them need to go to jail companies need to be shut down like what companies like Monsanto they need to be cut down shut down like Jnson & Jnson a family company Bear Joe they make it sound so nice a family company we're a family of evil sob that's what they are a family company you know that Jnson Jnson Telkom they knew years ago 40 50 years it causes cancer what was in it make babies babies so I have no I have no sympathy for these people we're proving our case if you go through the what we've what I've written what we have said in the last in this book and in our broadcasts in the films and the testimonies everything you put it all together they're evil they're calculated it's premeditated murder what they're doing and they know that the doctors are trained in giving out meds and the meds are poison and the horrible health of individuals in America in the world and the developed medical industry nations horrible it's horrible and we're gonna stand up against it you know they said they remember they said Rambo he goes they drew first blood you know he goes into this town and man eh they drew first blood he said I just fighting back you know well the same with us we just fighting back and if they kill you they said to Rambo remember if you don't know if I die I die you know but I'd rather die for something then live for nothing in the Genesis II Church will carry on with or without us Joe because this why we're trying to establish something permanent and this will a permanent voice so we covered companies like BASF Bayer hosts American Cancer Society the journals of Lancet Harvard what they we covered up the fluoride in the laws who came up with that stuff you know also um excuse me autism was talked about called the adult autism Asperger's and autism was 5060 years ago using this DPT vaccine they practiced with how many times we read through they did a vaccine people died they take it off put it back on the same vaccine five years later how many different countries proceeded in Germany we've seen in France we see in southern Australia England America no away different places and we're reading all these things so we're coming up laying the play in the foundation occasion who's pushing this stuff it's the Rockefellers it's the Carnegie's late night 1800s the Carnegie said it's not even fun anymore we Rockefeller and I own everything everything well you think that stopped they gave the power i Rockefeller bought the property and donated to the UN in Manhattan I love that you stopped you and you know what it means don't you unnecessary everywhere I been whether you has been unnecessary I've been in Haiti with the UN unnecessary they're useless I was in Haiti and when they when they we raided in the 93 I was I think it was 93 I was there driving through motorcycles through all of 80 and all the guys in the Humvees and the American soldiers there from all the UN everybody was there picking up hookers getting high anyone doing they were useless UN unnecessary I love with Trump did this week he said I'm not given the three hundred million dollars to the UN we're taking back our support that's 25 almost 30 percent of we pay for the UN and they hate us they vote against us what is the UN done in the u.s. nothing they pay for this so to get rid of them is a blessing let them just shut their doors and go away all they do is promote this World Health Organization they promote stuff their vaccination program they promote Monsanto crap they promote a Muslim agenda all the time now Christian agenda they don't promote they don't plan I'm not taking sides I'm just saying they took the sides it's totally anti God at the UN basically or morals it's so anyways they useless and study them what they pass agenda 2030 agenda 21 almond Terrace you know Codex Alimentarius regulate the food GMOs they did great Ivan let's shut them down let ever be heavy country be sovereign I love it boy anyway same birds into all this stuff Rockefeller lucky 1946 donates 8 millions to the UN for the first site in new york then we got a guy Harvard University in 1947 1947 60 70 years ago almost any vaccinations can lead to non-infectious inflammatory reaction involving the nervous system the common denominator consists of vascularity that is often associated with d milan ization DMSOization is the stripping of the insulation away from the nerves and I put a note there that is exactly what happens with autism 70 years ago Joe they're playing around with this and they let it out and they still let it out and because the doctors say it until you talk to these stupid I didn't say they wanted to lecture they're misinformed trained wrong they can't know what they haven't learned and I learned a curriculum of the pharmaceutical company why would you want to go ask them about anything about health or nutrition they don't learn about it listen to this doctor you not me you see me I'm a doctor it's funny this week I say that but the doctor in you in the emails and symptoms in the form of the symptoms of metformin emails that this doctor inside you trying to tell you all they do is treat symptoms we cure people with the sacraments that's why they're so sacred to us so now you got now you got the British Medical Research Council now Joe I'm gonna go through a bunch of highlights testing 50,000 children in britain with the pertussis vaccine all children were tested I was four for 14 months more than 40 non newborns none of the tests were conducted on China in the night 14 months no points the u.s. holds the test in evidence the vaccine is safe for newborns as young as six weeks the testing would continue until 1957 so this 1947 they said while we tested these kids in Britain and America is using these tests but they went on new kids they want 40 months and older the pitocin said really wasn't that bad there was some bad things but that and they use that to say it's safe for newborns this the circular reasoning or the unscientific reasoning that they use then in 1948 buyers and more of the Harvard Medical School published an article describing children who had suffered brain damage after receiving pertussis vaccine the findings provided the first clear evidence that the vaccine caused a serious neurological implications in children this popping up all the time they talked about bones defects in three groups of kids 1948 how the bones were being affected by these vaccines and fluoride they checked it they see the lesions they're consuming more than 1 ppm fluoride in the water and they said one PPM's safe and they were consuming just the 1 ppm and they have spinal defects i believe mom glories and cancer another guy well the same guy Ivan medical 1948 validates severe neurological dysphoria ministration and the DPT vaccine nothing was done by physicians to halt the use of the DPT 1948 folks you think same stuff's going on today course it is we see it 15 children would examine at the Harvard Medical School again and within 72 hours all the children were no one before 15 had violent reactions out of the 15 to died 9 suffered from damage to the nervous system physicians were displeased by this results but they didn't stop it why well remember if you've been here every week the AMA was established 50 60 70 years before and the key things they did established by people someone would even doctors was to get it to where you couldn't work for a hospital unless the AMA is licensed certified you too so they their jobs AMA says do it you do it some physicians were threatened with their job all the time well where are some courageous ones where the courageous pilots Joe with F twenty-twos that see those chemtrails being dumped over cities and just go and blow the those planes right out of the sky as over the ocean huh what's the Patriots in these air forces around the world that can see your family have these chemicals dumped on them day after day and they're not shooting these planes down Tommy drones anyways probably not even manned but if they are manned the guy putting that poison dumping them on cities they deserve to be blown out of the sky 1948 the value of television as mass control medium realized 1948 that's why they call them programs people programs 1948 the US and rolls into the World Health Organization boy what a scam that is it's another one that needs to be shut down 1948 England bans smallpox vaccine good job but watch you'll see it pop up again 1948 this really interesting Joe the rockefeller milk trust sells frozen products and pasteurized milk in North Carolina closely allied with the coca-cola company which sells large quantities of carbonated soft drinks he knows why are they really involved in that and first of all pasteurized milk is poison master eyes dairy is poison you think again you better read this book you better look into history because we covered even pasteurization as a big scam big scam pasteurization will get you killed in the no wait's not the germ that causes the disease or the genes it's the toxicity you're making that up toxics sick when you pasteurized dairy you're making it toxic to your system totally you better check these things out then you see they're really starting to push in nineteen forty eight sugar and starches lower the blood sugar level producing hypoglycemia they're really that polluted soda pop recently introduced contains phosphoric acid that absorbs phosphorus and phosphates in food before natural metabolism could get into the nervous system causing the nerve trunks to fail to function properly stainless says that the dairy products in sugar substance are aggravating the incidence of polio Rockefellers doing just the opposite what this guy's saying he's saying watch out for the sugar it's gonna cause a high high amount of diabetes throughout the world and they got the pasteurized milk it's gonna cause a high high amount of digestive problems you won't be able to simulate metabolize things so the absorption of phosphorus is a problem when you're drinking these soda pops they know about this 1948 Joe polio cases in North Carolina 2004 and 98 remember that I said there was probably everybody's getting vaccinated and they guided that it did invented the vaccine said that by the end of 1959 everybody that that was if they had a polio had polio was probably gutted from the vaccine from the very guy that designed it and you don't even hear that quoted 1948 you got lois soil makes interesting observation a mm meaning we're potassium vaccination was discussed he points out the neurologic damage caused by pertussis vaccine is the same as the damage caused by that pertussis pertussis whooping cough same thing which is logical because they use the bacteria in the vaccine going to say ah customary prophylactic dose of pitocin pertussis vaccine seems to elicit a chain of nervous system reactions and in some cases irreversible pathological changes in the brain they just let it going on in 1949 first Limbaugh Ellimist receives the Nobel Peace Prize for medicine that cutting out the front of people's brains and he gets a Nobel Peace Prize Jo 49 the AMA Council of pharmacy in chemistry goes on record to deny that dietary changes could have a didn't do with prevention of treatment of cancer AMS says that you're changing dying in good things will not help you the doctor tells you that am I gonna get a fight see how they're getting this together CIA Act exempts CIA from disclosure laws get the CIA working for you they never have to disclose what they're doing huh so they got a license to do everything secretly Public Service division let's see the pitocin vaccine is pronounced safe still causes minimum brain damage and they the public US Public Health says it's safe still causes minimal brain damage though how could you say both sides of story us ami does it for a 20-year period does 239 opening a test with biological agents on American cities u.s. Navy sprays a cloud over San Francisco of bacteria many of the residents in 1950 came down woman one person died for me that's murder I was just testing someone died you just killed my dad you just killed my brother sorry and it comes out Because this all secret it comes out no one does nothing about it what do they have fifty years later the statute of limitations that's why they wait 50 years this stuff has to stop Paul Warburg stood in front of the US Senate and is the Warburg family I don't like them as if you know they write in a name with everybody else he said this in front of this US Senate we shall have world government whether you like it or not if not by consent than by conquest and if you listen to what Kennedy said in his speeches before he died he said there's a secret covert groups that are destroying our nation medical he goes into it and he's dead - soon thereafter pay attention folks this is history start putting a krillium nitrile in fertilizer in 1951 some guy wins a Nobel Peace Prize for yellow fever vaccine which is a joke and it Nobel is a joke I talked about the Mobile brothers how they're in with the Rockefellers the cog in Iggy's and the Wahlberg's and they just passed these things back and forth in the US Public Health Service the cooperates to the American Dental Association they had a meeting discussing the methods of promotion of fluoridation were outlined so they trying to promote it right around the world in addition the toxic fluorides water click concentration was 1.2 now well over 1 in England they were having bone disorders it probably cancers and other things now they say no 1.2 is good so he all right so bone disorders are good cancer diabetes all these things are started pop up it's aluminum folks sodium fluoride is a byproduct of Alcoa you go back last week we talked about thead of Alcoa working for the EPA gets it best that they say it's good for the teeth but no that doesn't mean nothing you got the 50 to Dulles and Rockefeller third population council American eugenics Society they moved their headquarters from its headquarters at Yale and they move it to through the head of the eugenics society and eugenics folks that's Nazi race control that's the Aryan race and these guys are doing it they're China let's liberate the genes Joe last week I why I read the scientific breakthroughs from last year they're growing almost all the organs now in laboratories your organs in laboratories Wow they've got paint you can spray and you disappear nanoparticles that they take they see what's behind you put in front crazy the military's had it for years they have a blanket they use like that too folks understand history they had the American Dental Association 1952 issues in their journal instructing its dentist not to discuss their personal opinions about fluoride why would you have to put that in the ad a not your friend either folks people run these companies it says to say every document dentist is the evil sob I'm just saying they're not trained right and they're being told they lose their license if they start speaking up against pharmaceuticals patience Albert Alaska who manages the ACS dies marry Alaska lobbies Congress for funds to fight cancer National Cancer Institute budget goes from 18 million to 110 million this 1952 Jo half the involved with the chemotherapy paradigm so they're pushing that's the Cancer Institute major program and again funded big bucks to push chemo no one else killed Cecil Rhodes I Cornelius Rhodes is set up as a medical officer at the Army's medical warfare division in cancer center in New York Army's chemical warfare division it's also called the that he's thead of the Memorial Sloan Cancer Center in New York same place so from 52 to 56 the cities on the fluoridation list began to fluoridate their water supplies as the process for condition the cancer death rate began to fire see the rate of under fluoride in cities so there's another 60 so years before they see that cancer goes up and you add fluoride to the water not to mention bones not to mention papi scoliosis and this stuff comes from that all these lesions in the bones that's fine 1952 the chairman for this special committee of chemicals in foods I sometimes wonder if Alcoa aluminum and it's subsidies might not have a deep interest in getting rid of sodium fluoride a toxic waste product of the aluminum industry in this connection it is interesting note that the person in charge of the public health Oscar herring is also an eternity for Alcoa wonder what happened to that guy well you'll feel you here in a minute he spoke up he was representative say does it make sense to me they want to get rid of their stuff and they st. put it in the water Alcoa well at the 8th Congress hearings SEC second session 1952 the Invicta investigation to use of chemicals dr. Millis same guy the US Dental Associates um examination recommendation to the farmers that fluoride not to be added to the water of a pregnant sows because it did something to the pigs that were unborn then the doctor preferred Potter freed said there is more money available for matters that have economic value than there is for health so these guys are saying what's going on they're saying don't even give it to your pigs it's gonna make him a boy they're saying that now with women I'm just kind of skimming through some stuff Because there's so much in here Jo 1952 they found it the monkeys that the polio vaccine tens of millions of these were produced with the sv40 simian virus that was producing cancer and in the polio vaccines ironically since the scientific premise of vaccine is faulty a correct dose of antigen chemicals they could not exist as saying well tens of thousands of doses of polio vaccine produced from virus grown and monkey cells effective scientists perform experiments and laboratories during the correct dose there is no correct dose it's bad causes an allergic reaction your body they find out later this causes cancer can any government the United States Air Force cooperating biological experiments in Canada now the military is going up a Canada fifty to two year program ended In Canada in 1953 one US government conducted the can over Winnipeg Canada and then again over a st. Louis and over in Maryland a military pointed noted respiratory problems Senator Jn Stowe he becomes a Senate investigation into the cancer industry 1953 wonder what happens to this guy Toby she got Miller and Toby trying to say some things right well that's what happens US Justice Department attorney Ben Fitzgerald hired a special counsel Fitzgerald report concluded that the AME in direct collaboration with the natural Cancer Institute in the Federal Drug Administration entered into a conspiracy to suppress alternative effective cancer treatments said Fitzgerald if radiation surgery and drugs are the complete answer then the greatest hoax of the age is being perpetrated upon the people by the continued appeal for funds for further research senator toby is dispatched with a convenient heart attack as has happened to others who threatened cancer industry Toby's replacement Senator Jon Bricker orders Fitzgerald to stop the investigation which still refusing his in his fired the investigation is halted and buried so those two guys who took it out of the way now the guy gets fired and no more investigation 1953 folks these people in control not I'm not letting anything happen 82 cases of pertussis vaccine damage from world literature in 1953 53 Charles Tobey jr. this the son of that guy that died and as an investigative report of the conditional record Fitzgerald point remember they stopped it which indicated the evidence consists of a conspiracy suppress medical advances into the treatment of cancer to 1950s this guy took it up pitocin vaccination in France Chile Australia Holland Skinner car positively correlated correlated with cases of asthma u.s. ignores autism thank you u.s. ignores data 1953 we got pertussis vaccine be associated with most varying kinds of cerebral complications this a Swiss study in 1953 they didn't do anything about it nothing SmithKline in French Thorazine on the market and in 1954 by 1975 two million two hundred million prescriptions annually for psychotropic drugs for people not hospitalized call kinds of kids born with defects Jo and everything 200 million Smith Kline and French that's the company 1954 sock begins to be given in schools I got that the polio vaccine pop Davis DBT shot with polio vaccine they put them together the new combination is called Quadron gene then you got another stupid polo pop Nobel Peace Prize which is a joke from work on the power polio virus from these two boneheads they just Nobel is a joke ok then we got a study published an interview for links fluorides and development of cancer in animals sodium fluoride in a guy named Taylor cancer bone what was the other things autism what was the other things lesions on the brain on the spine spine then we got massagist introduction of sugared soft drinks in the u.s. 1954 so just look 10 years later the obesity of diabetes but you don't have to be a rocket science to figure this up but they you watch your TV you've been programmed in your public school you read the curriculum you go to your medical school and say it sugars fine browse drug natural sugar is fine processed sugars and the stuff that's in this is horrible it's poison general vaccination begins in 1954 eight nineteen fifty-eight world literature now contains 107 cases of severe reaction to pitocin that's the ones who reported 1958 a verdict rendered against the color laboratories but crippling to children with the Salk polio vaccine 147 thousand dollars a year and the only reason they were nailed because the cutter lab was the only vaccine may affection not part of the Rockefeller trust but the other one they don't with dust just that one why Because the Rockefellers own the courts own the politicians make the laws it still goes on same people what was it two thousand eight they gave six bill a trillion dollars to the banks that the Rockefellers and the JP Morgan's and the I'd be father G Farben the melons and the du Pont's own the Vanderbilts and the Rothschilds own same people I there's a guy named dr. montage he put out a paper about the growing concern over fluoride connecting the presence of fluorine and the body to cancer he wrote a paper by him and he saw that the presence of fluorine and strontium 90 in the human body maybes on the great accumulation of both substances substance which compounds like sodium fluoride are formed he said that's causing cancer 1958 we have a food additive act but what a scam that is can hide anything in that Robert 1958 Time magazine bankrolled by the sugar Research Foundation discover way to prevent sugar causing 2/10 of teeth decay no remedy was found Food Drug Act 1958 took up us took up use of radiation defined as an additive no excuse me irradiation when they irradiated food it's called an ia was took up as an additive radiating food Jo in my book I talked about I worked in Wenatchee Washington it's either green foods I don't care if they know the name just 1908 still exist see if see the green foods is still cedar green like I see the tree and this was in 1978 77 78 we had corn and carrots we were we were processing come down the thing we pull out the bad things you know on the conveyor belt Joe these carrots came along and they were 25 pounds I was friends with my I've been walking about a year or so and make a good money back then was a lot of money for a kid nineteen years old so I am somehow these carrots get so big because they radiate them and guess what we did with their carrots they cut off the bad thing chop them up and sold them to jerk Gerber food for babies that was in 1978 79 and guess what they had right on the premise an FDA FDA office right there they go take service I go what do they do he goes they just checked with so many how many red hairs per ton they don't even check for the radiated big 25 pound carrots that are irradiated with all kinds of crap and that was my introduction to the to the old interest EV da Marshall food so uh this going on going on going on long before twenty years before I saw it still going on when I was there so nothing's changed Joe we've got to get rid of the FTA we got to get rid of the CDC and you say then they pretty could sell anything they want no you just you change them to a real honest organization get rid of the name get rid of Stein no one called truth about food or something or agency that they have to it has to go through a toxicity tests simple it has to be tried that's I mean I could make it really simple really simple CDC they have over 20 patents that they make billions of dollars with what is the center of Disease Control owning 20 patents for vaccines make it billions of dollars well they're gonna be bias they're gonna be evil it's gonna be motive motivated by money look at this guy a guy named dr. Lansing said finding a cure for cancer and heart disease would be a major financial disaster which would bankrupt the Social Security system and insurance companies 1958 they don't want to find a cure the American Cancer Society where do they get now billions I think a year now they gave 1959 medical dental conference and evaluation of fluoridation 1959 it is apparent that the practice of fluoridation is not the simple trustworthy procedure that the promoting authorities have given the profession and the public to believe research not all if not all of this research has been buried by the authorities who maintain glibly that fluoride compounds are safe in the water supply so that some of the dentist's was saying some things well they're not part of the AMA I don't think maybe that's why they were saying it not afraid of getting fired maybe that's why they would say you're a dentist you're not a doctor huh Joe like back then there was some people trying to say some stuff that things are being hidden I had some good friends of dentists they can still get certain friends but what they were doing to kids pouring that fluoride in their mouth and telling me there's different kinds of fluorides these are good that's not true sodium fluoride is never good fluorine is a mineral found in nature fluorine that doesn't hurt anything but this sodium fluoride but see they you know you go to these colleges and that's they can't discuss it that they're peons no discussive at the peons it's naturally occurring you liar you're a liar new combination vaccine was found to be highly reactive and was withdrawn from the market in 1960 68 after parents started filing lawsuits against parke-davis for vaccine damaged children this was the persist pertussis vaccine of 1959 so many people are being hurt so highly reactive but it took almost ten years to get it off the market Joe I just can't understand how parents they did well if you own the media it doesn't get out talk about fluoride in 1959 in high concentrations it caused the entire embryo to disintegrate in a clear-cut patent starting with the hot forming region Wow they knew this back in 1959 would do damage to the embryo 1959 the knowledge existed the presence of Florida human bodies hastens the absorption of radioactive substances present in the environment fluoride the aluminum in there will attract bring more radiation the presence it was scientifically shown that the presence of flooring another inventor mild invent environmental substances such as lead in cyanide and the human body increased the ratio of strontium 90 to the calcium in the bone Hey better be careful then he got 1959 Saban develops the oral live virus you got sock in 1954 he got saving in 1959 he comes up with it and he was invested heavily Joe and that that medica pharmaceutical so much so he gave it to his grandkids one of them died the other got polio grandkids boy make your money do that kill your grandkids still did it then you got the Minister of Health in Ontario doctor died and now said no further fluoridation would be permitted there because no one knows for sure what the effect is to persons giving fluoride throughout a lifetime smart guy doctor did health minister Minister of Health he says we're not gonna do any more Because we have no long-term studies Thank You first smart guy I wonder what happened his job look at this 1959 conducted incidents of Mongol autism in Wisconsin Illinois Zintan in Dakota's published it was found that percentage of fluorides in the water rose that was parallel rising the incidents among lloyd children the mothers giving birth more fluoride more Monroy the first three years of fluoridation in New Britain Connecticut experienced 150 percent rise and dead baby still births all related not related well that's different than any other place you're doing it right here what do you mean Joe is gonna go like this too much technology and too much technology my book doesn't move with my switch then you got the production vaccine 1959 found to be allergenic effect on animals well it was killing animals if people now you worry about it have an allergic reaction man then you got a 1968 ago vaccine program we used to just go to the parties I was born in 57 go to them and kids got measles and they would they'd have a party all the mothers we'd all get measles done acquired immunity the way God intended the body designed to to perform and the body designed to to acquire immunity rest your life never proved that with vaccines got another get another one 1960 acquired immunity against foreign tissue got a Nobel Peace Prize for discovery of quantum unity against foreign tissue maybe they just got the prize because they saw the body produce quiet immunity and they look at I found that out you didn't do it I'm not sure about it i'm not sure look at this study in Japan involved examination of fluoride deposit in the fetus of dogs the quantity of deposited fluoride was especially large in bones largest in the cranial bone as well as death as well as the lower leg bone deposit fluoride on teeth and bones starts through the placenta fluoride water lady if you're pregnant get him miles away from that stuff a fluorine is is a known active enzyme poison is known to affect cell division in the fetus resulting in enema and ananna tonico admin a letís doctor birth defects mongoloid ism they know scoliosis structural of affects children suffering from collapse vomiting uncontrolled screaming this why they doing a vaccination program in northern England but no one paid attention to the warnings they even ever vaccine screen the kid sits back this spring swells up well he just goes on they did 1961 for well-known inhibitor of seven several enzyme systems and that's what's going on the fetus it's going on the body it disrupts it causes all kinds of birth defects they know this know it earlier according to the report from iron mountain everybody needs to get that book iron mountain it shows how they're gonna break down the world the world's gonna be taking over and everybody's gonna be run by you hi mom but this one section says poisoning of the air and the principal sources of food and water supply is already well advanced and at first glance would seem promising in this respect it would be a generation to a to a generation and a half before environmental pollution will be sufficiently menacing to offer a possible bias for a solution basis for a solution read that book that's their plan folks 1961 iron money saving pushing the polio vaccine here we go the FDA stops the use of experience of kids a vaccine which was producing some sufficient results and it was you know like over 30% of the patients who are approving this cool joke because as we use this it cured tumors and breast cancer in four to six months without radiation surgery chemo the FDA Commissioner the same in I persecuted the use of DMSO Goddard used the DMSO issue in attempt to foster medical dictatorship in the US and coalition medical pharmaceutical industries and remove viable treatments for public access they got rid of the MSO they saw it open the Goddard program I mean this guy got it got rid of diamond so and he stopped they would have they had some kind of treatment that was helping a lot of people I'm not sure exactly it was it was James Rand Ernest hiring recognized cancer specialists they had a they say called it a vaccine but they squelch that they squelched remember guys like um what was his name rife royal right all right they got him they destroyed him they destroyed the guy um you know the diet budwiq they destroyed the nurse up in Canada Casey either he sakti they destroyed a lot of stuff that was working it was basically naturally-occurring stuff that they would take DMUs S naturally comes the process when you make paper just it's a solvent it comes out the guy they kidnapped went down Ecuador and kidnapped him and put him in jail for using bloodroot which is legal to use in Ecuador FBI went down and got him this has to stop folks no more we're not going we're gonna publicize this indictment against you people FBI CIA FDA EPA DOJ I hope Trump shuts them all down closes them all changes them to honest moral agencies in fact to me you don't even need big government you need States very little oversee from the federal they just need States and everybody to be honest integrity follow-up wouldn't it be crazy if there's the seven points of our church become the seven points for the politicians they wouldn't be able to do it they couldn't do anything there's no integrity there truth to all mankind they don't speak they lie why one guy asked in 1967 why new points getting the same dosage as an adult that's a good question when these vaccines first of all they don't work they never worked get the book by Monterey I'm Andres Moritz and show you they never walked throughout history they got rid of the killed measles vaccine in 1967 but they start the mumps vaccine program in 1967 a MN AMA receives 43 percent of its income from drug advertisements in 1967 jump a ma LED wig notifies the scientific world that live viruses as in vaccines genetic messages used for the purposes of her programming human cells and we already practiced biological engineering on a radula rather large scale by the use of live viruses and mass immunization campaigns well that guy Joshua and Lena Burke come out and said that in 1967 science magazine pay attention the GMO genetically modified stuff is screwing with genes get rid of that stuff he talks about your genes go back IMF Forces Veterans Administration to refuse chiropractic service see they're not they're not AMA approved rockefeller monopoly moves to back food irradiation on a national level the radiation of food rockefeller owns that now diphtheria outbreak in chicago reports that 37.5% of diphtheria cases have been fully vaccinated and showed immunity ain't good idea they said they were vaccinating them and and this what they say i bet you if they really checked even better probably everybody was vaccinated and the people that didn't back st. got it what got it from the vaccinated people that was shedding it diphtheria 1969 they started seeing after these bushes four or five year olds begin to have neurological defects look at is this a study i've quoted many times 1967 condition a congressional study reveals that 37 of 49 top officials after the fda who left the agency moved into high positions within pharmaceutical companies that they had regulated not but the same thing happens pharmaceutical kids will go work for the FDA to and the CDC and the EPA and Department of Justice and politicians and banks and the media Reagan Institute's a special training program in population control Reagan mr. sweet guy he went to the balmy and grow folks study what the Bemian Grove they worship an idol and a big owl and they run around naked all kinds of crazy stuff going on then he went in 22 children in which it was closed temporal connection between various faculty vaccinations especially pertussis and infant ill spasm to cover 22 kids and what happened to them 1969 for G Dietrich biological warfare laboratory watch it that's a bad place is renamed the Frederick cancer research facility and given to the National National Cancer Institute funding tripled anything mentioned tripled they wanted to create US Department of Defense synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist and for which know him in that community could have any quiet and they wanted to design it and they were granted funds do you just describe the age Joe ok 1969 Nixon orders a ban on chemical biological weapons after the band the army biological warfare Fort Detrick is renamed the Frederick Cancer Research Institute and he is carried on the military sections they renamed the US Army Medical Research Institute from fetches diseases which is restricted to Defense Research now we get with something called post vaccination and Sifl itis where the brain swells initial invasion of a nervous system by a virus with subsequent antigen-antibody reaction happening folks pitocin vaccines Sweden stops pertussis pertussis vaccination 1970 good for you 26% of people receiving the German measles vaccine in u.s. 1970 developed a trilogy and arthritis many had to seek medical attention some hospitalized 1970 by the PI Pittman reveals pertussis pertussis participating pertussis vaccine can induce hypoglycemia due to increase in production of insulin maybe they walked into the key causes diabetes childhood diabetes where is that coming from Jo huh they damage the pancreas and the beta cells this guy I like FDA Commissioner Robert Herbert lay blows the whistle on the FDA 1970 47 years ago and it's corrupted regulation with the medical pharmaceutical cartels it is ignored by intimidated government lay is forced out and replaced saccharin a neurotoxin removed from FDA grass recognized safe list so it removes right 71 1971 Stella and chat reveals children with congenital rubella measles frequently displayed classic autistic features including a pen ability to relate new stimuli to remembered experience America kids association decides it's screening women for cancer was a good idea screening in 1971 Pentagon Papers says radiation causes cancer screening is radiation read the Pentagon Papers read the poison papers I put both of these in my book well I'm reading through the book read these things you can further this just the tip of the iceberg folks millions of American drivers are subject to pathological driving drowsiness and I per glycemia due to functional hyper in selenium z' they're talking about all this this high sugar content the traffic accidents and people you know go through that having a diabetic shock passing out get an accident here's a guy named birth declares in the letter to the member promised at high officials of FDA AMA ACS US Department of Education welfare now HS are definitely falsifying data and information lying committing unconstitutional acts in other ways swatting potential careers to which they were exposed let it to Congress Lewis Frey also dealt with the issue of Late Show a non-patentable natural product opposed by the California Medical Association AMA in California which only sanctions the use of dangerous or toxic treatment for cancer Byrne openly refers to FDA corruption 1972 here's a bulletin put out by the who it is theorized the world that the who used the smallpox vaccination program in central Africa since the spread of HIV infection coincides precisely with the most intense and recent smallpox vaccination campaigns information on the Central African countries most affected with HIV precisely matches World Health Organization figures dictating the number of people in packs say in these areas the virus requested would selectively destroy the t-cell system you put this together with a 1978 front-page article the in May I believe it was of the London Times saying that the who knew that they developed it they developed it for the US Army and the AIDS virus sock I mean not sock was that piece of aids guy Gallo Gallo knew about it he read the watch the struck a memorandum is this doctor and his brother was killed but after this came out where the smallpox vaccine was done where thepatitis B in LA San Francisco in New York give me the homosexuals give it to them they broke up with AIDS first I followed her through folks I've dealt with people that died died with ARC AIDS related syndrome the key was called archit first aids related sing the knots in Joe my condition then I want the AIDS then I went to it another one HIV and basically what they did is they used a biological weapon put it in that those polio vaccines put an H hepatitis B vaccines and everybody got HIV destroyed the happy but it's a scam folks we treat to get that toxin idea and then you get better and no longer do you have HIV you might not pass the thing for a while but you were dying now you're gaining weight living look normal again and you gotta read watch our broadcast about why you keep becoming positive pregnant women become positive it's a lot of things that protein that’s made the mark same with thepatitis thing they have pure Peas one they're made to always be positive but we've even got negative side of the people too so you go by the condition of the body AIDS is very easy to get people away from how much time we get joe i'm just gonna skip to a few things I think we've made our point right he's a his one sock see i see what that is 1960 so I want to read this one 1976 more than 500 people receiving flu vaccinations become paralyzed with the guillain-barre syndrome I was one of them they sued to get billions of dollars I didn't know anything about it 25 people died now here's one in 36 a doctor Alan fed animals one part per million fluoride and noticed the urinary levels and the tissue levels of a substance called silica and P by more than a hundred percent they also found that in the presence of aluminum and a concentration as small as 20 parts per billion Florida is able to cause it and even enlarge Selleck APM levels silica MP and if it's the migration of white blood cells as well as the ability of white blood cells to destroy pathogenic organisms sounds like looky-looky Mian to me sounds like it stops the hypochlorous acid that yes note there's no small accident the toothpaste tubes contain fluoride I've often made of aluminum and it's also a not an accident cookware fluoride usually injected into the population virtually simultaneously so you got your cooking on it you're squeezing out your thing you haven't injecting you you wonder why you have these problems 97 cents of clinic cancer blackout otto warburg I skin Clarion Medicine cancer there is no disease whose prime causes better known in the meantime millions of men must die unnecessarily now he that's his quote right but you got a really study while we said about him in the book he knows why men are dying unnecessarily and they know it's a fungus and they know what's caused it and they could be stopped but they went Stoli another way to get people to get up to say it's an acid thing so that's why he got the prize to be the spokesperson and he's a Warburg over 10000 excess cancer deaths per year could be attributed to fluoridation in the US and that's that was in 77 Joe kind of got a citizen nature of fluoride remains unanswered and no one's doing anything about it DPT shots study the University of Scotland included convulsions hyperactivity in Sameach severe mental defect it seems like the most adverse reactions are unimportant or overlooked I was in 77 there's a guy in 77 again the increase in deaths were due to Floyd water fluoridation it was a congressional meeting and they didn't say anything about it now a US Court says microbes could be patented how could you back the 89 1980 the British chemical creates animal food from microwave icon isms 1980 estimate two million American children with vaccine cause disabilities 1980 well I miss coming through this stuff now fluoride exposures disrupts its synthetic said the synthesis of collagen in the body and leads to the breakdown of collagen and bone tendons muscle skin College lung kidney and trachea Wow fluoride doing that and when do I get all these problems they're fluoridating these people they have all kinds of problems with their with their muscles and tendons and bones and things fluorides contribute to the development of an acquired immunity deficiency syndrome which is covered up by the media this was put out by a dr. Emma Slee in 1981 fluoride reacts strongly with the bonds which maintain this normal shapes of proteins in the body they disrupt in the body these fluorides and more about the pertussis around the world a significant association shown between serious neurological cases of illness and pertussis vaccine and a thousand cases studying in britain significant association tetanus vaccines cause t-cell rachels to drop that's what aids is they put in the same thing in all these vaccines that causes the AIDS DPT that that pitocin vaccine was called vaccine roulette it breaks the story boy I bet you that didn't last year long boy it's just so sick sixty-six percent had been vaccinated dippity prior to deaths of the sudden infant death syndrome 103 of infant's 66 percent of them which was just vaccinated before they died not going to do with it homosexuals in Chicago LA that Denver LA Francisco get hepatitis B vaccine that was in 82 but they started it in like 80 78 78 I think it was 279 here's a way to win the war on cancer published breast cancer can be cured through an additional approach over a six-month period I wouldn't doubt it we add that to what we're doing to we cannot exclude the possibility of recent vaccine immunization being one of the several contributory factors and occasional unexpected infant death syndrome those guys are putting it out there no one's caring to listen so I'm making any money there's an association between autism celiac disease dyslexia stuttering migraine developmental disabilities left handedness all features of post encephalitic syndrome the connective thread is the childhood vaccination program that was a study done in 82 by Gershwin willed now the study cancer and fluorides at a concentration of point two in this same 1 ppm point to the human blood cells decrease so you do that five times that you have five times the deduction you wonder why you have t-cell problems leukemia problems from fluoride in the water mung wood what's going on with the destruction of the embryo fluoride in the water fluoride at the dentists fluoridated toothpaste each other were found to be five times more likely to contract the disease hip from the hip vaccine that knows they were vaccinated not vaccinate excuse me now the CDC refuses and eighty seven to give out figures relative to hepatitis vaccines say this all this now again up into the 90s now AMA found guilty eighty seven of could spying for twenty years to destroy chiropractic under the Sherman Act every combination of conspiracy in restraint of trade is illegal AMA they tried to cut them off that was that's almost the 90s so they come up with a cancer institute that said the specialists have to give chemo and surgery to all women with breast cancer regardless of whether it has spread that was a thing the Cancer Institute 787 so now he got mammograms injection did not reduce the rate of death and Sweden didn't do anything gay fluorides and animal cancer again they read the classified deleted items to be damaging to Pro vaccinations faction that was the the Memorial Institute for the u.s. ironically reported high specific fluoride related cancers the data is turned over to the - the toxicity program which gives the gate data to the experimental pathology things and they reclassified it and deleted things that make it look like you never happen it's like the next one next one the American Dental Association says that elder people should get 1500 milligrams of fluoride per day for hearing loss and and that's a Nestle lethal dose 1500 milligrams so we just kill off but hey you died soon but for James tides in with eugenics getting rid of the old ways to people they've got bad genes now they're not gonna reproduce eugenics depopulation right discovery that ingestion of 100 milligrams of sugar reduces the immune functions in the body by 50% within one hour show you that's nothing do you know how much is in a coke so they completely wiping out the immune system 50% of mercury fillings amalgams 50% of the silver fillings a full of mercury mercury is 50% scuse me said they're back mercury comprises of 50% of the silver dental fillings over 100 million people have them Joe that's why people are taking them out we tell people get him out get him out I've got it I got one more get out rubella vaccine found to be chronic fatigue syndrome well we get the toxins out that goes away that goes away with autism this woman talking folks we get these thinking toxins that will be put in an accumulated in your body and get them out stop from coming in you get detoxed then we build up your body and your mind your soul your spirit if you want cancer keeps growing 1988 in 1988 the Washington Post said that all polio vaccines since 79 were caused by the vaccine only 2% of the 60,000 chemicals used in foods i tested for human safety that makes why do we have the FDA huh now 88 Brooklyn study says 40% of juveniles have learning distant galaxies and mouth on until May who told them they could do that Procter & Gamble scientists confirmed the link between oral precancerous growth and fluoride as well as an increase in bone tumors and in fact the kids Society found look at that stuff doesn't even get out they put out this stuff and they didn't get it out all right fluoride fluoride EPA tries undermine problem they're trying to cover things up so it doesn't undermine public confidence in fluoride there should be no public conference and fluoride should be gone we should hang these people then they can making money from it and they know it the people have no it kills causes cancer causes all these diseases you have mom Glee kid huh this bottled water had up to 450 parts per million of fluoride in Shh one is safe they said it's not even safe Gallo Discoverer of HIV patents the HIV test in 73 now you can't even sue the company he could only sue the US for allowing to happen because the FDA gave it so now you can't sue the company that made the thing that they hurt you you sue the government now you can't even go that far so much that's limited but you know the tax the pharmaceutical companies don't make the money when are we gonna change the stuff folks they give a Z T HIV that causes more problems more destruction Wow if you can't see that all the stuff has been manipulated and now they did this casket for mandatory would know we can fast-track these things now Joe you can have it without any trials um go look under the vaccine adverse effects reporting system VAERS it was put in there how many reported over a quarter of them know thirty fifty thousand since 1990 reported and they say it's only ten percent because doctors don't have to that would be be crazy amount we have 350 million in America Wow Murdock mark paid three hundred forty nine deaths claims to resolve Vioxx suits but now they can't even do that anymore and you're gonna trust us a pharmaceutical company for our doctor I have one chapter near don't actually doctor anything folks next week we're going to cover I put anything about patent protections of the drug is way out of control what patents it originated and then just read with the soon the Supreme Court said in 2011 shield the drug companies from all liability from harm caused by vaccine vaccines mandated by government when companies could have made it safer one no no problem FDA tax I put some good things in there for you look up this just the tip of the iceberg folks fifty pages plus just the tip of the iceberg and you need to see no vaccines work no medications work they cover a symptom cure it with the sacraments that we have detox the body stop them from coming in get this book of Tanya it goes to the church all the money it will help you be a manual to guide you for the use of MMS the sacraments as well as where you're at and why we're at next week we'll just give chapter 2 how is the body becoming disease to start off this 2018 taking personal responsibility why not resolution get off all your meds I can't well we've had many people do you drop the fish Joe why'd you wrap it up you can find the newsletter for this broadcast in the description also the book he was talking about there's a link in there you can find don't forget to sign Daniels petition I think that's still up there it's in the description also and upcoming seminars March the 17th through the 19th think it's just a 1718 17th and 18th it's a two-day thing Saturday and Sunday in Calgary Calgary Canada Alberta Canada yep you can contact Jonathan at and he will get you the information for that also if you feel like making a donation you could find the link in there also the starting procedure which everyone needs to start at go ahead and check out that video and you can also sign up for our newsletter chlorine dioxide information is in there also and just a bunch of other links that we have there so there's a lot of information in there that in the description that you can click on our emails they're also so write us if you have any questions if you want a sacramental guidance you can contact me or my father Mark and if you can't make a seminar Joe they could do the online course if you can't make it take the online course that's also in the description get this ebook for people by incentive to him let them have it so they can go through and see we got videos in here we get everything in here that we've been doing over the past 10 years but which even with Jim all the way back since Jim found the formula and perfected I'd say by year 2000 he perfected but he founded in 97 started working with it and folks god bless you we're in a health revolution made 2018 may we have a big impact Genesis II Church on changing the world happy new year and God bless



Smallpox research at the Birmingham Medical School

Smallpox is an infectious disease unique to humans, caused by either of two virus variants named Variola major and Variola minor.[1] The World Health Organization (WHO) had established a smallpox eradication programme and, by 1978, was close to declaring that the disease had been eradicated globally.[2] The last naturally occurring infection was of Variola minor in Somalia in 1977.[3]

At the time of the 1978 outbreak, a laboratory at University of Birmingham Medical School had been conducting research on variants of smallpox virus known as "whitepox viruses",[4] which were considered to be a threat to the success of the WHO's eradication programme.[5] The laboratory was part of the Microbiology Department, the head of which was virologist Henry Bedson, son of Sir Samuel Phillips Bedson.[6]

A smallpox outbreak in the area had occurred in 1966, when Tony McLennan, a medical photographer working at the medical school, contracted the disease. He had a mild form of the disease, which was not diagnosed for eight weeks.[7] He was not quarantined and there were at least twelve further cases in the West Midlands, five of whom were quarantined in Witton Isolation Hospital in Birmingham.[8] There are no records of any formal enquiries on the source of this outbreak despite concerns expressed by the then head of the laboratory, Peter Wildy.[2]

In 1977, the World Health Organization (WHO) had told Henry Bedson that his application for his laboratory to become a Smallpox Collaborating Centre had been rejected. This was partly because of safety concerns; the WHO wanted as few laboratories as possible handling the virus.[9]

Janet Parker

Parker was born in March 1938,[10] and was the only daughter[11] of Frederick and Hilda Witcomb (née Linscott).[10] She was married to Joseph Parker, a Post Office engineer,[7] and lived in Burford Park Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham, UK. After several years as a police photographer she joined the University of Birmingham Medical School, where she was employed as a medical photographer in the Anatomy Department. Parker often worked in a darkroom above the laboratory where research on smallpox viruses was being conducted.[12]

The outbreak and related events

Ward 32 at East Birmingham Hospital where Parker was admitted in 1978. The building, which comprised Wards 31 and 32, has since been demolished.
Ward 32 at East Birmingham Hospital where Parker was admitted in 1978. The building, which comprised Wards 31 and 32, has since been demolished.

Parker’s illness and death

On 11 August 1978, Parker (who had been vaccinated against smallpox in 1966,[2][13] but not since[2]) fell ill; she had a headache and pains in her muscles. She developed spots that were thought to be a benign rash,[7] or chickenpox.[14] On 20 August at 3 pm, she was admitted to East Birmingham (now Heartlands) Hospital and a clinical diagnosis of Variola major, the most serious type of smallpox, was made by consultant Alasdair Geddes.[15]

By this time the rash had spread and covered all Parker's body, including the palms of her hands and soles of her feet, and it was confluent on her face.[2] At 10 pm she was on her way to Catherine-de-Barnes Isolation Hospital near Solihull. By 11 pm all her close contacts, including her parents, were placed in quarantine. Her parents were later also transferred to Catherine-de-Barnes.[7] The next day, poxvirus infection was confirmed by Henry Bedson, then Head of the Smallpox laboratory at the Medical School, by electron microscopy of vesicle fluid, which Geddes had sampled from Parker’s rash. (Samples of the fluid were also collected by a Biomedical Scientist for examination at the Regional Virus Laboratory, which was in East Birmingham Hospital).[16] Parker died of smallpox at Catherine-de-Barnes on 11 September 1978.[7][17][18] She was the last recorded person to die from smallpox.[14]

The ward block at  East Birmingham Hospital, Birmingham UK in 1978. It has since been demolished. It shows Wards 31 (ground level) and 32 (upper level).
The ward block at East Birmingham Hospital, Birmingham UK in 1978. It has since been demolished. It shows Wards 31 (ground level) and 32 (upper level).

Special disease control measures had to be put into place for Parker's funeral. Ron Fleet from Sheldon, who at the time of Parker's death worked for Solihull funeral director Bastocks and later for the BBC at Pebble Mill, recalled that he was told that authorities would not allow the body to be stored in a fridge in case the virus managed to multiply:[19]

I was expecting to retrieve the body from a fridge in the mortuary, but... it was stored in a body bag that was kept on the floor of a garage away from the main hospital building. She was in a transparent body bag packed with wood shavings and sawdust. There was also some kind of liquid and I remember that I was frightened that the bag would split open. The body was covered in sores and scars - it was quite horrific. I was on my own and I needed help to lift the body... but I managed to get her into the van. People from the hospital were very wary of helping me... When the day of the funeral arrived, the cars were given an escort by unmarked police vehicles just in case there was an accident... The body had to be cremated because there was a chance the virus could have thrived in the ground if Mrs Parker had been buried. All other funerals were cancelled that day and the Robin Hood Crematorium was thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

Exterior of the ward at the time of the outbreak in 1978
Exterior of the ward at the time of the outbreak in 1978
The rear of the Medical School showing the location of the smallpox laboratory (bottom) and the rooms where Parker worked (above)
The rear of the Medical School showing the location of the smallpox laboratory (bottom) and the rooms where Parker worked (above)

Controlling the outbreak

Many people had close contact with Parker before she was admitted to hospital. The outbreak resulted in 260 people being immediately quarantined, several of them at Catherine-de-Barnes Hospital, including the ambulance driver who transported Parker.[17] Over 500 people who had been (or had possibly been) in contact with Parker were given vaccinations against smallpox.[20] On 26 August, health officials went to Parker's house in Burford Park Road, Kings Norton, and fumigated her home and car.[7] On 28 August, five hundred people were placed in quarantine in their homes for two weeks.[7]

Parker's mother contracted smallpox on 7 September,[2] despite being vaccinated against the disease on 24 August,[2] but her case was described as "very minor" and she was subsequently declared free from infection and was discharged from hospital on 22 September.[20] Other than Parker's mother, no further cases occurred. The other close contacts, which included two biomedical scientists from the Regional Virus Laboratory, were released from quarantine in Catherine-de-Barnes on 10 October 1978.[7]

Birmingham was declared officially free of smallpox on 16 October 1978.[20] Over a year later, in October 1979, the university authorities fumigated the Medical School East Wing.[7] The ward at Catherine-de-Barnes Hospital in which Parker had died was still sealed off five years after her death, all the furniture and equipment inside left untouched.[7]

Related deaths

On 5 September 1978, Parker's 71-year-old father, Frederick Witcomb, of Myrtle Avenue, Kings Heath, died while in quarantine at Catherine-de-Barnes Hospital.[11][17] He appeared to have died following a cardiac arrest when visiting his daughter.[21] No post-mortem was carried out on his body because of the risk of smallpox infection.[7]

On 6 September 1978, Henry Bedson, head of the Birmingham Medical School microbiology department, committed suicide while in quarantine at his home in Cockthorpe Close, Harborne.[17] He cut his throat in the garden shed and died at Birmingham Accident Hospital a few days later. His suicide note read:[22]

I am sorry to have misplaced the trust which so many of my friends and colleagues have placed in me and my work.

In Bedson’s Munk's Roll biography published by the Royal College of Physicians, virologist Peter Wildy and Sir Gordon Wolstenholme wrote:[23]

Journalists launched a relentless effort to fix the blame on him and his staff for a breach of technique, and union officials stirred up public fears by confusing the issues with those then arising from genetic manipulation. Harassed as the chosen ‘villain’ of the tragedy, Henry Bedson’s normally stable personality broke down and he took his own life. It could be said that he was a victim of his own dedicated conscientiousness, and of his extreme sense of responsibility.

Subsequent investigations and reactions

The Shooter inquiry

Plan of the Birmingham smallpox laboratory in 1978, based on one in the Shooter Report.[2] A = smallpox laboratory; B= animalpox laboratory; C = tissue culture laboratory; E = corridor with swing barrier; D = internal service ducts with access hatches. The position of two safety cabinets is shown at the top with extraction ducts to the windows (black arrows). The circles represent centrifuges and the squares various incubators and refrigerators. The laboratory was about 9.5 metres wide.
Plan of the Birmingham smallpox laboratory in 1978, based on one in the Shooter Report.[2] A = smallpox laboratory; B= animalpox laboratory; C = tissue culture laboratory; E = corridor with swing barrier; D = internal service ducts with access hatches. The position of two safety cabinets is shown at the top with extraction ducts to the windows (black arrows). The circles represent centrifuges and the squares various incubators and refrigerators. The laboratory was about 9.5 metres wide.

An official government inquiry into Parker's death was conducted by a panel led by microbiologist R.A. Shooter,[2] and comprising Dr Christopher Booth, Prof. Sir David Evans, J.R. McDonald, Dr David Tyrrell and Prof. Sir Robert Williams, with observers from the World Health Organization (WHO), The Health and Safety Executive and the Trades Union Congress.[2]

The inquiry’s report noted that Bedson had failed to inform the authorities of changes in his research that could have affected safety. Shooter's inquiry discovered that the Dangerous Pathogens Advisory Group had inspected the laboratory on two occasions and each time recommended that the smallpox research be continued there, despite the fact that the facilities at the laboratory fell far short of those required by law. Several of the staff at the laboratory had received no special training. Inspectors from the WHO had told Bedson that the physical facilities at the laboratory did not meet WHO standards, but had nonetheless only recommended a few changes in laboratory procedure. Bedson misled the WHO about the volume of work handled by the laboratory, telling them that it had progressively declined since 1973, when in fact it had risen substantially as Bedson tried to finish his work before the laboratory closed.[24] Shooter also found that while Parker had been vaccinated, it had not been done recently enough to protect her against smallpox.[2] A Foreword by the Secretary of State for Social Services, Patrick Jenkin, noted that the University of Birmingham disputed the report's findings.[2]

The report concluded that Parker had been infected by a strain of smallpox virus called Abid (named after the three-year-old Pakistani boy from whom it had originally been isolated), which was being handled in the smallpox laboratory during 24–25 July 1978. It found that there was "no doubt" that Parker had been infected at her workplace,[20] and identified three possible ways in which this could have occurred: air current transmission; personal contact; or, contact with contaminated apparatus.[20] The report favoured air current transmission and concluded that the virus could have travelled in air currents up a service duct from the laboratory below, to a room in the Anatomy Department that was used for telephone calls. On 25 July, Parker had spent much more time there than usual ordering photographic materials because the financial year was about to end.[2]

Since Shooter's Report potentially played an important role in the court case against the university for breach of safety legislation,[7] its official publication was postponed until the outcome of the trial was known, and it was not published until 1980.

Once it was published it had a significant impact. Shooter's report was debated by Parliament.[25] Nicolas Hawkes wrote, in 1979, that:[26]

Shooter's report was leaked to the press by Clive Jenkins, the general secretary of the trade union to which Mrs. Parker belonged. Shooter's report is one of the most damning documents ever produced by an official enquiry in Britain.


On 1 December 1978 the Health and Safety Executive announced their intention to prosecute the university for breach of safety legislation.[14] The case was heard in October 1979 at Birmingham Magistrates' Court.[20]

Although the source of infection was traced, the mode and cause of transmission was not.[14][27] Evidence presented by several internationally recognised experts, including Kevin McCarthy, Alan W. Downie and Keith R. Dumbell, showed that airborne transmission from the laboratory to the telephone room where Parker was supposedly infected was highly improbable.[28][14] The experts calculated that it would require 53,700 litres (11,812 imp gal) of virus fluid to have been aspirated (meaning, in this context, removed by suction of fluid and cells through a needle[29]) and it would take 20,000 years for one particle to travel to the telephone room at the rate the fluid was aspirated.[28] It was additionally found that although the Shooter Inquiry noted the poor state of the duct sealing in the laboratory, this was caused after the outbreak by engineers fumigating the laboratory and ducts.[14] The university was found not guilty of causing Parker's death.[28]

Other litigation

In August 1981, following a formal claim for damages made by the trade union Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs in 1979, Parker's husband, Joseph, was awarded £25,000 in compensation.[7]

Conclusions and impact

Although it seems clear that the source of Parker’s infection was the smallpox virus grown at the University of Birmingham Medical School laboratory, it remains unknown how Parker came to be infected.[14][20][30][28] Shooter’s criticisms of the laboratory’s procedures triggered radical changes in how dangerous pathogens were studied in the UK,[26][27] but the inquiry’s conclusions on the transmission of the virus have not been generally accepted. Professor Mark Pallen, who wrote a book about the case,[14] says that the air duct theory "was not really believed by anyone in the know".[20] Brian Escott-Cox QC, who successfully defended the University in the subsequent prosecution, said in 2018:[30]

It was clear to me before the case even started that we were going to be able to prove absolutely beyond any question of doubt whatsoever, that airborne infection of smallpox cannot take place other than between two people who are face to face, less than ten inches apart. Unhappily, inevitably, once you have proven beyond any question of doubt that the smallpox could not have escaped from the laboratory and gone to Janet Parker, the overwhelming inference is that Janet Parker must, in some way or other, have come to the smallpox. How that came about, I don’t know, we shall never know, but I think from those facts it is an inevitable inference and nothing else really stands up to any commonsense view.

In light of this incident, all known stocks of smallpox were destroyed or transferred to one of two WHO reference laboratories which had BSL-4 facilities: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States and the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR in Koltsovo, Russia.[31]

At the time of the outbreak, the WHO had been about to certify that smallpox had been eradicated globally.[2] It eventually did so in 1980.[20]

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