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Jacob Ward (born 1974) is an American science and technology journalist. In 2018 he became a technology correspondent for NBC News, reporting on technology's social implications.[1] He was the editor-in-chief of Popular Science[2], and from 2013 to 2018 was a science and technology correspondent for Al Jazeera America and Al Jazeera English[3]. In 2018 he became a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University[4], sponsored by the Berggruen Institute.

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  • ✪ Roberta Grimes & R. Craig Hogan Discuss the Afterlife and 2017 Symposium
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  • ✪ UCSD Guestbook: Sherman Alexie


Hello everyone this is Roberta Grimes with Seek Reality and again we've had some snow issues in the area of our studio which is in New York so once again we're going to be running a replay and this one is a lovely one but my guest is going to be Dr. R Craig Hogan we're going to be talking about this wonderful conference that he and I are helping to assemble the active life research and education symposium by the afterlife research and education institute which we helped to found it's going to be September 15 to 17 2017 in Scottsdale and for information about it you can go to afterlife studies org or just call 869 0423 to a lot of your favorite people are going to be there including Gary Schwartz and Victor Salmon and of course Suzie engagement Susan Wilson and George Noory of coast to coast day I am so this is going to be a really terrific trying to get together and I'm going to be there too and if you're listening now and you do go to the symposium please introduce yourself to me I'd love to meet you so without further ado I'm going to be interviewing today the wonderful R Craig Hogan welcome to seek reality with your host Roberta Grimes author an attorney Roberta Grimes we'll explore and illustrate how she after an extraordinary experience of light in childhood has discovered channels of communication to the afterlife these implications have an effect on our everyday lives please welcome the host of Seek Reality Roberta Grimes welcome to seek reality I'm Roberta Grimes and we're coming to you live on the BBM global network and tune in radio for more than a century diligent people have been spending your lives studying a lot of really good afterlife evidence the pioneers in this steel did such extraordinary work but even though by the 1950s afterlife researchers were able to demonstrate conclusively the human minds are eternal those early pioneers lived and died in obscurity because mainstream scientists would not even look at any of the afterlife evidence science was then and it remains now governed by materialism so even now any scientist who dares look outside that materialist box can just kiss his career goodbye as a result during the past dark century literally billions of people worldwide have lived and died an entirely unnecessary fear but no longer after all these decades of obfuscation at last everything is about to change those that we used to think we're dead tell us that within the next decade or so there will be such good electronic communication between our level of reality and their level of reality that soon it's going to be no longer possible for anyone to claim that the dead don't survive and one of the foremost leaders in breaking when it's going to be the greatest news in all of human history will be my wonderful friend dr. R Craig Hogan Craig is a man on a mission I have never known anyone so committed to anything as Craig Hogan is to proving that your life really is eternal he is a frequent and very popular guest on seek reality and he's here today to break a little news of our own welcome Craig I'm so glad you're here hi Roberta I'm glad to be here and it isn't just a little news is big business all kinds of things happening that's exciting yes this is a one full time to be alive and it's wonderful for a lot of reasons but to have there have been so many generations of people who lived and died in ignorance and it wasn't their fault no one told them the truth and now to be able to find out that there really is truth to be known and it's all good wow what a great time to be alive it's a shame and we know more about the afterlife and the what happens in the transition then humankind has ever known before so we're the recipients of these wonderful gifts now that we couldn't have before it's terrific now in past interviews Craig has told us how he first learned by experimenting that he is psychic and how that started him on a quest to understand what's really going on and that's how this all began for him relatively you know midway through life but my reg I'd like you to tell me today how did you first become so obsessed as you now are with proving human survival to the world what would mean that have to Rendon yeah after I learned in after I realized that the soul our minds our consciousness survives bodily death then it's like an explosion went on in my mind it I had to tell people about it you know the the ancient mariner who had to go around with the albatross around his neck I didn't tell everybody in the universe about it but we know someone now there's no reason for people to feel this grief and and to see people grieving and to hear the stories about how they they said use the word lost they've lost a loved one and and you stand there and you know that's not true that people haven't lost anybody there with them they're standing next to them they're talking to them all day long and and they're trying to make communication with them and to know that that's true just makes a tremendous burden on us you know a tremendous burden on our hearts to be able to spread the word about this to the whole world and not only to let people know that their loved ones are right next to them in our whispering in their ear but to help them to receive the messages so that they can really communicate and have an ongoing relationship is different it's a different relationship there was but it's revit like that loved one had just flown to another country and was living there now and the communication was available and they could communicate when they wanted to it and but they're still very much alive and still there and still anxious to keep the communication up it's just a different relationship in some ways it's actually more intimate because there's no you know the physical day-to-day making a living making the meals to just I mean my husband and I live because he's retired and I worked from home when we're together all day long but there are whole days we hardly say a word to one another because we're so busy there's no busy for them there they have they have all their time to devote to us so in some ways it can be an even closer relationship we've had Dr. Jamie Turndof upon as a guest and we will again by her relationship with Jean her / now 10 yrs departed husband is more intense than it ever was on every level apparently so this is a situation you're right where it's tragic that people don't know what's possible for them and don't understand that their loved one not only is healthier than ever and happy and young but the love is what remains and that love takes over everything else in the relationship so it's extraordinary the kind of relationship you can have with a dead loved one so that's what that's what made you do this you decided I can't I can't hold this in me I have got to share it with the world because the world is suffering and I need to alleviate that suffering yo and we do and there's so much that people need to know now and we've got the answers we have all the proof we have the methods of communicating so we have some methods that are ninety-eight percent successful that anybody can communicate with a loved one on the other side and we have numerous methods that are like that all we have to do is get the individual on this side with the correct method one that they can use and they can connect with the other side and as you said I have people who tell me once they start their connections and start a relationship with their loved one the other side that they have a relationship they could not have had with them when they were yes there's so much earth baggage you know that Earth baggage will will drag them down and and it creates conflict and they're a difficult decent but once they've gone to the other side and then they understand they've grown up because now they see that we are eternal beings having a physical experience and now they can relax and they don't have to worry about the earth worries and now what's left is just love just that's all that's there mm-hmm exciting and yeah I just wanted to say if anyone had your ears perked when he said there are many ways to communicate if you just go back a few episodes you'll find an interview that Craig and I did in which he talked about what some of those ways are that people couldn't communicate so you might want to go back and looked up that episode and in here more what Craig has to say on that today we'll be talking about something else but he came he's a fount of information about communication he is the leading expert on all the ways that people can communicate with their loved ones it's not just going to a medium that's just the easy way there are so many other things you can do with a little more effort that let you communicate without any medium involved so Craig let's talk about what it is that that actually we're coming up on a break I'd like to announce at the start of the second segment what it is that Craig and I are doing together I just want to say briefly that I've known Craig but we're but we've been very good friends for I don't know three or four years now and no longer but I feel as if I've sort of known you forever Craig because we work together so mostly what we're finding is is that the people who are most sincere and working in this field are kind of fighting one another now and just basically putting all of our efforts together and you know two of us together aren't just twice as effective but I think we're probably ten times as effective now Craig and I have been working to there for a while to try to get the word out in as many ways as possible including assisting other organizations in putting on you know conferences and getting people together to learn from experts and we've developed some frustrations about that so what we decided to do in fact we didn't decided we were sort of called by spirit quite it quite emphatically to do it on our own could tell that story Craig yeah we of course have been working with organizations to put together conferences and very successful conferences with 200 to 400 people and what happened was that we decided that we were not going to be able to get the word out as well as we wanted to unless we did our own we just have to simply do our own conferences and and what we're doing is we're going to invite experts to a symposium and a supposedly is the difference from a conference because it's a gathering of experts that's what a symposium is and you gather experts together and they have a chance to talk to each other about what they're doing and and fertilize each other there that the symposium and then we can also invite the public to come in and they can enjoy listening to these experts and asking them questions and finding out new things about after life and afterlife communication and so we decided we've just got to do this and so then the five of us there was Roberta nieces and Wilson and Victor and Wendy zammit formed the afterlife research and education institutes so that we could do these conferences and all the other activities that we know that we need to do to bring the people together who are doing the research out there right now they're working out of their dining rooms in their basements and and they're doing wonderful work but they don't have an opportunity to get together and to find out what each other is doing and and they can't disseminate their work their work then their lives out there unused and we develop this organization so that we can really help the people who are doing the work out there and the word out to the world about the fact of the survival of consciousness and that things can be much better in the relationship now than they ever were and that's the origin of the organization yeah I think it's very important to emphasize the fact that there are people right now who are doing work which if they were being if their work was pot was being popularized and publicized as it should be I mean it's very very high quality stuff everyone listening would be getting it from every news organization you'd be amazed how much great work is being go is done but the problem is that nobody knows about it and you're right it's going to be another generation it dies in obscurity without anyone knowing what they've done so we feel very much called the five of us to just take time from because we all are working separately it's time not to work separately anymore everyone let's get together let's pull together because we have I think the strength of much more than five with our various pursuits if we just pull together and get the word out and as you say support the people who are doing this work many of them if they had a little more money they could do it a lot more easily so one of the things we're going to be looking to do is to raise money to support those who doing electronic communication or for some other reason need a little bit in the way of money in order to get their work done and and we're also going to do online education because that's how most of us frankly are learning now as adults we we just look something up and we go online so what it hasn't quite taken shape yet but within a year we will have an online university of sorts where people who have questions will be able to go and get those questions answered people who say just say I wish I could take a course in this stuff the course will be there and in that way we're reaching beyond the two to four hundred people that might come to a symposium but we're reaching to the world because every country in on earth has the same problem it's scientists are in mired in mired in materialism they're stuck there even if they want to investigate this stuff they can't so we've got to go around them we were trying to teach and people who are trying to learn and that's what a rei is all about and then we also want to educate people helping the dying right Craig yeah so what we want to do also is focus on the transition because the transition from this life into the next stage of life is just like going from adolescence into it young adulthood so this is just another stage of life when we go from the earth plane on to the next plane of life and so we want people to understand that there's nothing to be feared about the transition that we go through once the transition is over then we can are in fact going on vacation because of the fact that we will be healthy and whole and it would be we will be in our in our prime as far as our bodies are concerned and so we can say it's something that we can look forward to and we want people to be able to go through the transition at home with their loved ones I mean that's where should happen shouldn't happen in testicles you know it sucked up to huge machines and and people who are comatose and you're keeping them alive for for three or four weeks keeping the body alive because the consciousness is already gone and now they're already out of there and so we should just let the body go and then people should be able to stay at home have a peaceful passing at home and not have all the pain and all the things that go along with being dying in a hospital and having physicians in charge of it so that is part of it part of it is is a large part of it is the afterlife and what it's like and what how you can communicate with those who are in the afterlife and the other part of it is how you can make a smooth transition we're working with William Peters in the shared crossings and we're going to be doing some exciting work with them they're from California and what they do is they actually train people to share the crossing with those who are making the transition and so it's a citing time it can be in a time of discovering and of establishing really firm relationships and those relationships continue after the crossing and so we are focused upon that as well as the communication with the other side I just read an article in one of the newspapers with the headline was most people at before they died hallucinate a vision of their mothers well working right I mean this is a basic thing that happens it seems to happen in every death unless someone who's completely out completely drugged or something people come to the deathbed people that we used to think we're dead and they come to help the person who is dying to transition it's normal but eat but they quoted in this article a series of experts quote who all said we don't know why they hallucinate this but they talked to them and it makes them very happy I mean when we have this level of ignorance among the people who are trying to help the dying it's time for experts to come in and help them to do their work and that's part of what we're going to do we're going to be putting on our first symposium in September of 2017 we're very excited about it now i'm going to ask craig to tell you a little bit about the symposium and see if it might be something you'd like to join it was gonna be very exciting mmm yes we'll talk about it so what we'll be doing then this is going to be September 14 through the seventeenth and 2017 it's going to be at the Embassy Suites in scottsdale arizona and we're going to be bringing together the leading lights the experts the people who are doing the pioneering work in after less communication in the transition period helping with the transition and in spirituality the new spirituality and we're going to bring them together so they can talk to each other because they're going to have a lot to say to each other they have not been able to say and particularly in a mixed group like this in which we bring all of the people from the various areas together and also we're going to be having presentations for the for the public for people to come in and hear these and learn about the cutting-edge things that are going on even learn how to communicate with people on the other side and so it's going to be a very exciting symposium we are going to have workshops and presentations and panel discussions and panel groups and this will give us an opportunity to really make sure that we understand what's going on and where we're going to go next with all of this work I want to give everybody the websites the website for the afterlife research and education institute is afterlife institute org and for the symposium is afterlife studies org and for our research in instrumental trance communication this afterlife research org and so if you get to one of them you can get to all the rest of them because they all link together but what we're going to be doing at the symposium is we're going to be having demonstrations of their methods that are being used by people in the afterlife communication and we're going to be inviting the national media and potential funding sources so we can try to get some money to these people because they need the money to be able to continue with their work and we'll be giving presentations and and we will be having people we're having already we have lined up George Noory is going to be there from coast to coast am and he'll be talking about the media in afterlife communication Victor Zaman is going to be there is one of our board members and and one of our founders he will be talking about punishment and judgment and what happens when people make the transition Roberto is going to speak about what the dead say about how we should live our lives and what effect does this have upon our lives while we're still on the earth plane and William Peters is going to be there from the shared crossings to talk about the transition and how to make a smooth transition Suzanne giesemann is going to be there she will talk about mental mediumship and how to channels you actually do some channeling so she's actually going to at the symposium do channeling Jamie turned or earth whom everybody knows from these broadcasts will be there she'll be teaching about how to have a dialogue a special method that she has developed so the people can have a dialogue with their loved ones on the other side that she learned in the process of herself being able to communicate with John on the other side Suzanne will Simmons going to be there she won't talk about evidential mediumship she's probably the most talented medium I know and yeah Sherry Perl is going to be there now we we have sherry Perl and now is doing instrumental trans communication that means she's recording the voices of people who are now living on the other side of life and she records her voices the voices of children who are there for their parents so their parents can call in ask questions over the phone that are recorded and then after their questions when they play back the recording they hear the answers to their questions that the children put on the recording and we actually have some of those on the website so that they're at afterlife studies org which is the afterlife with the the website for the symposium Sonya Rinaldi's coming up from Brazil song is a very talented researcher she's doing pioneering cutting-edge work in instrumental trans communication she records voices of people in the afterlife and she plays them back for family members and she also now is recording the minds of what the voices of people who are in comatose states or have Alzheimer's because their minds are perfectly healthy and whole they just can't communicate and so she's begun to use that same method that she's an afterlife communication to be able to communicate with people who are come at us who can or nonverbal I will be talking about my own self guided afterlife communications that I developer a rei and it's a method that is free it's online buddy can go through it thousands of people have gone through it eighty-six percent of them are making connections and what they do is they just take quietly go into a state in which they can have the connection and they begin a dialogue with their loved one on the other side they have experiences like walking on the beach with them rather in this state they talk with them they even hug them and kiss them and so i'll be talking about that method and how anybody can do it and i will be teaching how to do it at the symposium and mark pitstick is going to be there he is going to talk about how groups can have that relies communications how anybody who is a leader a group leader for insta clergy member or someone who works with rusev people such as hospice workers or so that it could be somebody who has a best support group for a group support group how they can help their groups have afterlife communications and Rochelle right is going to be there since a psychotherapist from Washington State Rochelle has a method that she has taught psychotherapist views over a hundred second therapists are using it now and their clients have their own communication so they sit in their office for her and they have ninety-eight percent success rate it's virtually everybody has a wonderful communication and we'll have an Clark she's coming in from the Newton Institute michael newton institute that's the life between lives people this is people who look at what happens between this life and the next life and what people are doing there and the plans that they're making so she's going to be there to talk about the life between lives and the kinds of research that's going on and that's just the beginning that's only about a third of the people that we're going to have their at this emotional why I'm so excited about this but a big reason to go to is it's not expensive to stay there this Scottsdale embassy suites is a beautiful hotel I think it's like an a a list hotel it's all suites there's they're beautifully put together I mean it's amazingly nice as a hotel and lovely facilities for those who are attending conferences and breakfast is free full beautiful breakfast they cook it to order it's free and if you sign up early enough you can get the $99 a night special that we've negotiated with them there are limited rooms at ninety nine dollars a night so if this interest you at all you might think about signing up sooner rather than later and as I say if you start now you can say the easily save the amount of money it would take to get there it's also good to get there by Southwest one of the reasons I like the Phoenix area is they have great southwest service and Southwest is I think the the most economical and efficient airline I use it all the time but let's go talk a little bit about the fact that Craig is also doing other kinds of afterlife communication research he's doing a lot with electronic communication he's working with the North American station as a Sherry Perl and other people but what fascinates me too is that he's working on developing very very exotic kinds of mediumship and it is a circle and this can take a long time I'd look great to tell you about what it is he's doing and then what the new developments are ya the form of media ship is called physical mediumship and it's different from mental medium which is the kind of thing that we see when we see a medium on television and they give readings for people in physical mediumship what happens is you have a group of people who sit in a room and they said around the table and they communicate with people who are living on the other side but it's with a team there so these are like professionals these are like the scientists or on the other side and they communicate with this group of people who are sitting around the table and a day then we'll do things in the in the room till it make things happen in that room and they can be things like there will be tables and chairs that will move around and and if there's a trumpet which is standard for these kinds of activities the trumpet will fly around the room there will be people who come out from the other side and they will come out and they will become as though they had their own body they will materialize and be able to walk around the room and talk to the people who are there so that what happens is that a loved one then can come into that room and a person who is sitting there can actually speak with them they'll be standing in front of things they will speak to them they can touch them they can have an extended conversation with them while they're in the room and this is called physical mediumship because things physically happen in the room so what we're doing is we know that there are more opportunities for physical mediumship like every city should have people who are doing physical mediumship and so we know that the people are out there who can make it happen and we want to disseminate that we want other people to be able to do it so we've experimented with setting up one ourselves and what we started is we started at seven years ago so it does take a while to develop but after seven years we are sitting in the room now and and we are actively communicating with the team that's working with us on the other side and that we're actually just at the beginning of it we're in the infancy of our circle even after seven years and we will have more and more things happen so let me give you a flavor for some of the things that do happen in a physical mediumship group like this they happen in the dark there is usually an individual who is a physical medium that means that this person has special talents like a mental medium does except that they can have these things happen physically in the room so you usually have a physical medium and then that person then they use the people on the other side the spirit team on the other side where these scientists and professionals will then use the energy of the physical medium and the energy of the people who are sitting around the table and the energy of the spirit realm and they'll pull it all together and then they will make things happen in the room and so what's happened is just this year after after being that was in our seventh year in the beginning of the seventh year and this this year we are having things happen in the room for instance we're having the the table that they sit around will rock back and forth and there everybody around the table is holding hands it's completely in the dark but the table rocks back and forth and you know that it isn't anybody there because they're holding hands and they so they couldn't be doing it and so now we've gotten to the point where the team on the other side is rocking the table back and forth in response to our questions this is about the first stage of communication we have some questions we ask the questions and we get responses we've asked them who's on the team on the other side and we get a responsive saying yes that person is on the team know that person is not on the team on the other side and we know we have a good idea of some of the people who are on the team on the other side and it's an exciting group of people but what is happening is we're communicating with these people who live on a different plane of existence they're in a different realm they come into the physical realm in order just to have this communication with us and as we do that then we're developing our energy they're developing their energy and we're going to get better and better at this communication as things go along and eventually we will have materializations so we will have loved ones come through and when words at that point it will be able to have sitters come in in other words people just come in who are interested and they will be able to come in and they will actually experience the materialization of their loved one who will come and stand in front of them and have a conversation about intimate things that nobody could have known and so we know that it's them and they will even have the opportunity at times to to touch or to even be kissed by them so this is the experience that we're that we are moving towards and we're right now in the Inland Sea we are in the developmental stage in which these things are happening we believe that this can happen anyplace so that anybody can have a circle any city any places can have a circle people can get together if they're willing to sit for a long time so we set for six years and with with some wraps and some movements and some lights in the room and some little things but not nothing of great extent but if you sit in patiently and we have a good time we have a wonderful time it's very enjoyable we shouldn't sing what we do is we played me as you can sing oh these people for the past seven years one night a week in violet they must get together and do this and that's what they've been doing that's how much commitment they have and there but great you say it's so much fun that everyone looks forward to it it is fun it is a gathering of people in who love each other we have the highest regard and harmony with each other and so we just sit in every week then for about an hour and sing songs so what we do so we sing the song that we like most so it's like 80s and 70s oldies you know and those songs we love to sing well very interesting thing yeah the very interesting thing is what happened was we would have it playing these oldies songs and at one point in one of these evenings one of the when we were playing them and they're coming up at random and then some time blues came on which is uh you know it's so kind of a hard rock and summertime blues came on and the table started rocking and they like summertime blues and say got the idea that they like that the the the metal the metal they like the guitar the stupider the men the electronic guitars and so we just acted full of electronic guitars and then the table was moving every one of them and the that was the beginning of it after they chose in fact all the way through this from then on they've been choosing every step that we make they've been telling us what to do what's happened is we have the music on we were playing these lots of ZZ Top and and and Stevie Ray and they said they were choosing the songs that they wanted us to play and so we play them in them and the table would rock and after a while then we started to ask some questions and then the table would rock yes or it would not rock at all and that would be a no and we started asking them questions and then then very recently then in the middle of the songs being played and we're just seeing in the top of our lungs and the music is boring then the music you tone down to about ten percent of what it was they did it the dangers exam so they'd actually turn the equipment down and they what they wanted to do was we realized afterwards they wanted to let us know we don't have to have it so loud so then done in subsequent meeting it was actually the next meeting after that then we had the music on we had it moderately loud again and this time they turned it down so we could barely hear it and and and well they when they turned it down the table still rocked everything still happened and they let us know that they are going to be communicating with us mentally to give us instructions about what to do in this circle and so then we had one of our circle members so you felt a tug on her elbow and she kept feeling the tug on her elbow and she couldn't figure out what it was but it's like they wanted her to go someplace and she got the very clear mental a message that's what she wanted what they wanted her to do was go with them mentally along down a long hallway and so she did mentally she saw this in her mind and she went down the long hallway and at the end of it there was a chair and there were books in the room and they had her go up and open up one of the books and inside book then she got the clear message not in words that she read with the message that we will be giving you messages mentally and then you are to follow through with whatever is that we tell you to do and so since then we've been getting these messages and the messages that we've been getting this and this has just happened in the last couple of sundays that we met the message that they have been giving us is don't worry about the music don't worry about what's going on in the room don't worry about anything just have fun that's fine is it can have fun and because what they're doing is well we're having fun they're working on the other side so they're scientists they're professionals they're people who are working on the other side are actually transforming us and this is a message that we got through Suzanne Wilson who the talented mental medium and she told us that what she saw was she saw in this room that everything was in on fire but it was a spirit fire a spiritual fire and everything was reduced to ashes and then up out of the ashes came this wonderful circle of people that we had become and that they on the other side are actually making changes in our makeup at the molecular level and that we will then be able to communicate better once all of this is done and they're telling us you tell you guys just have fun don't worry about it we're taking care of the other side and so they've been doing things to us physically they raise and lower our arms like as though we were marionettes and the rock us back and forth in our chairs they will tap they will take our hands and have our hands tap on the table and other things that they're doing with us and making us do things with our bodies that we have no control over and what they're doing is they're experimenting they're changing us they're using all this you know it isn't it isn't just play time they're actually doing things on the other side to make us different so that we can then communicate more effectively with them the reason all this is happening is just because we had the patience to sit we have the patience to say we trust you we trust the divine which we trusted you on the other side and we will sit and we will wait and with it takes six years and we wait for six years and have a good time but at the same time will patiently wait and this has come to fruition as a result of that patients wow what an exciting story it's just the beginning we're going to be eager to have you back Craig as this goes on in here more and more about what's happening with your circle because I remember when it wasn't doing much this is exciting but I want to make sure before we run out of time that you tell people again how to contact a rei and also how to find out more about the symposium mm-hmm and the would get to the a rei it's an afterlife institute org to get to the symposium its afterlife studies with an S on the end of a dot org and to get to the research in instrumental trance communication its afterlife research org and get on any of the web sites in it will lead you to the other websites and we really want to encourage everybody to get on this is an organization that we are trying to get everybody involved we want anybody who's interested to become involved anybody who has an idea that they'd like to pursue to become involved we the pioneers are coming out of people who just have an interest and so everybody can become involved either because they want to learn more about it or they want to contact somebody on the other side or they want to become a researcher so everybody needs to become involved in the organization and it doesn't matter if you know very little about all of this if you have any interest at all do join a rei because there's going to be a monthly newsletter and you'll be able to find out the very latest about what's going on in this field wait if you sign up and become a member you'll be in the inner circle and you'll know and before anybody else does what's going on in this most exciting area of life it's been thrilling to have with us Craig and we're going to have craig back in a few weeks to talk more about all of this you are a powerful eternal being you never begin you never will end and when you really understand everything that means it's going to change your entire life forevermore for the better we have some wonderful guests lined up to take us into next year but next week our guests will again be your host I'm hearing from a number of people now seem to consider what I'm telling them to be almost magical how is it possible well it's not magic its science and eventually it's going to be done much better by real scientists but for now you're stuck with just curious researchers lawyers like the wonderful Victor zammit and me who know how to do good legal research and how to assemble a case and so we do that we make our case to you next week I'm going to take you through recognizing and gathering the afterlife evidence and the process of reasoning through building what is the most important case of our lives until you do this for yourself you may not really believe it once you do it for yourself your life will never be the same you'll be free from every word and every fear and I'm going to make it fun next week so I really hope you'll join us this week our guest has been my wonderful friend Dr. R Craig Hogan. Craig is one of the most venerable leaders in the field of afterlife research and he's my personal hero is great quest is to find some way any way to prove human survival to all the world and it's clear now that he is one of the few living people who have sufficient dedication knowledge experience and spirituality that the dead experts trust him to carry on their work on earth new organization at Craig heads the afterlife research and education institute inc is devoted to the cause of enlightening the world i thrilled to be a member of its board our first symposium will be held on September 14 to 17 of 20 17 at the beautiful embassy suites hotel in Scottsdale Arizona just go to afterlife studies Dr. worth saying again after life studies org for more information about the symposium and if this field interest you you're going to want to keep up with all the news get those monthly newsletters we welcome you to join a rei at afterlife institute org meanwhile i should just mention again that my nonfiction books are liberating Jesus mind Thomas the fun of dying the fun of staying in touch and the fun of growing forever all are available on and through bookstores and now they're coming out in audio books you should find that all in audio books on amazon cod and on by early next year it's taking a little bit longer to get them all done because i'm reading all of them for you myself and while i read i'm imagining you listening I'm already starting to hear from people who are listening to the fun of dying which is the first one out and did that really spurs me to spend every day I spend time in my little booth to record i should add that i also have written fiction and I'm beginning now a seven novel saga to share some of these truths with people who would prefer to think about them stories rather than kind of getting them dryly just having me talk about them when you see people living the truth it becomes easier to understand the truth so I look forward to sharing that with you meanwhile this has been seek reality with Roberta Grimes please enjoy and make the most of this coming week in our one reality knowing that you are a powerful independent internal being and you are infinitely love this has been seek reality with your host Roberta Grimes to week and discover the nature of reality and God asked present and future in a way that can only be told by Roberto Grimes on the next episode of Seek Reality you.



Ward began as a reporter at The Industry Standard, on the then emerging Internet economy in 1997. Ward joined Popular Science as deputy editor in 2006.[5] In 2012 he succeeded the prior editor-in-chief, Mark Jannot.[6] Later that year he was named one of the "Most Intriguing People in Media" by MIN.[7]

Television and radio

Ward hosted The Truth About Traffic on the Discovery Channel in 2009,[8] and was a correspondent for Neil DeGrasse Tyson on NOVA ScienceNow on PBS in 2010.[9] In 2012, Ward hosted two shows for the National Geographic Channel: a one-hour special, American's Money Vault,[10] and a second one-hour special, Top Secret.[11] In 2013, Ward left Popular Science to join Al Jazeera America, a cable news network launched that same year,[12] as the channel's science and technology correspondent.[13] After the shutdown of the channel he was retained by Al Jazeera for Al Jazeera English. In December of 2018 he began as technology correspondent on NBC News, reporting for Nightly News, TODAY, and MSNBC as part of NBC's Business and Technology Unit.


Essays and reporting

  • Ward, Jacob (January 2014). "The trials and torments of space school : what does it take to become a citizen astronaut?". Popular Science (Australian Ed.). 62: 58–64.


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