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Guam Department of Youth Affairs

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The Guam Department of Youth Affairs (Chamorro: Depåttamenton Asunton Manhoben) is the youth corrections agency of the United States territory of Guam. The department has its headquarters in the village of Mangilao.[1] The Guam Youth Correctional Facility, operated by the department, is in Mangilao.[2] The agency also operates the Cottage Homes, located in the village Talofofo. The Liheng Famaguon School provides educational services to inmates of the department.[3]

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  • ✪ (Guam) Fan Mak Mata (Wake Up!): Underage Drinking is a MAJOR Minor Problem


(Music) As a result of drinking, I would get into fights and be uncontrolled, run away, damage property, graffiti. I've seen family members get hurt, friends get hurt. One of my friends cracked his head open. You know, this is-because he was drunk, didn't know what he was doing. About an hour and a half, couple hours before the accident I text him, and I said, only a few more hours until you come home. And I didn't get a response. (music) Hafa Adia. Underage drinking is a major problem, even on Guam. This video will educate you about the dangers of underage alcohol abuse, and the programs on Guam that are keeping kids safe and sober. According to the 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted at all of Guam's public schools, over a third of high school students are current drinkers, having had at least one drink in the last 30 days. Binge drinking, defined as five or more drinks in one sitting, has been on the rise among Guam's youth. It's not a secret, folks. It's a cultural thing on the island. You know, you go to a fiesta-hey, boy, go get me a beer, get three for the uncles. It's reality on the island. We like to barbecue, we like to have fiestas, we like to party. Basically, we're nice and relaxed here on Guam, you know. I think that other kids drink on Guam because it's more so the peer pressure. They have a choice whether or not to drink, but it's more like, when your friends keep pressuring you to do it, it's like, one drink wouldn't hurt. But then after a drink comes another drink, and then everything goes wrong. Underage alcohol use is a factor in criminal arrests, motor vehicle crashes, and violent crimes. In addition, alcohol is reported as the primary substance of abuse for youth screened at the Juvenile Drug Court. A lot of the kids that go through the doors of the Department of Youth Affairs, a majority of the kids that have gone through the system that committed crimes is because they drank. Right now we average maybe about 10 reports a month coming into our office. Those are reported crimes involving youth below the age of 18. The most common cases of underage drinking on Guam are driving while under the influence of alcohol. Assault, mutual combat, usually occurs in school when they're drinking on the campus. Disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and one other crime that is not common, but it's something that I need to mention, would be negligent homicide as a result of drunk driving. Doesn't matter if it's just a sip, because here's the problem: a lot of juveniles that get in trouble, when they come to our office, now they're facing anything from spending several months in DYA, being on probation for a year or two, being kicked out of school, or being injured or causing somebody else to be injured. Other consequence, some I've come across that already have health issues, kidney problems, some of them have stomach problems due to alcohol use. And these are teenagers we're talking about. And alcohol, just remember, is a poison, and it already starts to damage your liver and your brain. And here's the problem: you can't take back time. Sometimes you make mistakes and we can learn from them and improve upon it. Sometimes you can't. It's stupid to drink alcohol because, problem one, liver failure, two, alcohol poisoning, three, it messes with your heart, four, it messes with your brain, five, it impairs your judgment, and six, it impairs your vision. It's a matter of using your time wisely, and choosing to do something that's productive instead of doing something that will just-can help you ruin yourself. How to deal with underage drinking from a youth perspective. Well, get involved in the community. Get involved in school. Find something positive that you like and build on it. As long as you're part of a good, positive, contributing organization or group, then that's just going to foster friendship and the understanding that, you know, there's good things about life, and there's good things about maintaining friendship and about looking over the shoulder of your fellow peers. Alternative programs such as dancing, sports, church, or other activities are healthy and safe programs that promote positive peer pressure and healthy alcohol-free lifestyles. When the Just Say No Dance Crew went performing, our message that we're trying to get out to the public is the prevention of underage drinking. One of the benefits of being in the Just Say No Dance Crew for the youth here on Guam would be the fact that they can get together, they have the same interest in dancing and doing skits, and also to stay clean and free from alcohol and drug use. One of the core values of the Just Say No Dance Crew is that they sign a pledge. Each member signs a pledge. The first thing is, no drugs, no alcohol. We got to stay away from that. Next thing is they need to learn how to respect themselves. Third thing, of course, would be respect others. Teamwork, it's important. We dance, we do skits. We're like a family. We support each other, we help each other, we talk about our problems, share experiences. We keep each other strong and out of trouble. Just say no, just say no, just say no! Youth for Youth LIVE! helps youth to really believe and understand and empower that they can make choices that are different from the adults. And it really is a place where they can support one another and have fun without the use of alcohol. And I really liked what they were doing. They were spreading a positive message to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and they looked like they were having fun, so I wanted to join that. I wanted to be a part of that. Youth for Youth LIVE! offers more than just fun and games. They tell their stories, where they don't dare to talk about certain painful things in their lives with their families. And that's what makes Youth for Youth LIVE! special on Guam. (singing) Pa'a Taotao Tano means the way of life of the people of the land. And we are an organization that pushes cultural programs in the communities and schools of the Island of Guam. It's important to preserve Chamorro culture because when the Spaniards came to Guam, they tried to take away all of that from us. But we didn't-we stood up for ourselves. We held our pride up high. And we fought for what's right. (music and chanting) We want our Chamorro culture to flourish for generations to come. Can you imagine if all our Chamorro practitioners got into bad habits? How is our culture going to continue for generations and generations to come if we're not around to share it? (singing) This is how we showcase our culture. Go out to the world and show them what we have in Guam. (singing) And it teaches our young youths of our island the importance of culture, and the importance of healthy living. It keeps us really busy, and it doesn't make us think about going out there and drinking, and it really does help us. (singing) Alcohol's not going to solve your problems. It's going to make it worse. Yeah, you're good, you're numb, for what, a couple of hours? You wake up, you're feeling just as bad as when you-before you even started. And that's what I want these kids to understand. There's so many ways just being around your friends, being with family, joking around-that's one of the things my husband did to have a good time, was he was a jokester. Sergeant Smith was a very ambitious officer. He was very motivated. He's always willing to help out other officers, respond to any call, do what it takes to get the job done, and many times beyond that. My dad, he was funny, he was a good policeman, and- If I was cold, most husbands would be like, come here, let me warm you up. He would blow cold air on me, (laughter) just to joke around, and then we'd laugh, and then of course he would comfort me, and hug me, and keep me warm. But he was just full of life. He was responding to a disturbance call at one of the local clubs. A vehicle pulled out, failed to yield to oncoming traffic, and Officer Smith, who was responding on a motorcycle, collided with the vehicle. So we had to shower and get ready, go to the hospital. You could see a little bit of blood on the sheets, so- And that's what alcohol does. It just-it doesn't allow you to think clearly. You know, my daughter is not going to have her dad walk her down aisle or anything like that. He died trying to protect the island that he loves. People that drink, like the young lady that was involved in that-what we need is for people to think beyond just that moment of opening up a beverage and drinking it and becoming intoxicated, enjoying that state of mind, that momentary state of mind. I don't know what caused her to pick up that glass, or that shot, or whatever it was that she consumed, but if she had not done that, it wouldn't have caused the ripple effect that it has done. We wouldn't be sitting here right now talking to you about this. My honey would probably be at work right now, instead of where he's at. But it can, one drink, and it just caused all of this. And it's not worth it. (Music)


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