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Goh Eng Wah
Died5 September 2015 (aged 92)
OccupationFilm company founder WE Cinemas
Film Distributor
Spouse(s)Mok Yuet Heng
ChildrenGoh Keng Beng, James;Goh Keng Soon, Bob;Goh Min Lu, Cynthia;Goh Min Yen
AwardsAsian Film Festival 1960s
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese吳榮華
Simplified Chinese吴荣华

Goh Eng Wah (1923 – 5 September 2015) was a film distributor, and one of the pioneers in Singapore's cinema industry. He founded Eng Wah Global Pte Ltd, a cinema operator specialising in Chinese movies imported from Hong Kong and Taiwan.[1]

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Don’t call my name and tell me who you like the most. You want a better explanation? Jeremy, Shinwoo or Taekyung? You like Taekyung, don’t you? I... You don’t even deny it... Then, I can tell them. You don’t want it? Then do as I tell you. Taekyung, hurry up and come here. Minam is sick. Are you okay, Minam? He is sweating. Minam, are you sick? Minam, you were going to take your medicine... has it gotten worse? Minam, can you get up? Minam, what’s wrong with you? He got wet yesterday. He’s been sick from this morning. Since he’s been sweating, it must’ve gotten worse. Really? That’s right he has a fever. Minam, let me tell the director. Let’s go in. - I am sorry. - What do you mean? Minam will do it later, so you guys finish, okay? Minam, are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital? No, I don’t want to. It’ll be better for him to rest at home. Youie, thank you for having taken good care of him. If it’s Minam, it’s Taekyung’s job, so it’s natural that I do. Minam, be healthy. From now on, you’re going to be busy. I presume there are many projects on the way since Minam has joined the team, right? A.N.Jell should jump higher since Minam joined. There is a ton of work to do. Minam, I trust you. If something happens to Minam, both you and A.N.Jell will be in trouble. If something happens to him, we will be in trouble. Did you hear that? You should do a good job or else my Taekyung will be in trouble. Don’t tell anyone about our secret, okay? If you say something, I will not keep this secret. Do you understand? What is the secret? It’s a surprising secret. Please drop me off in front of our company building. We stop here today. Maybe I ate too much lime. Even the water tastes sour. Anyway, was Minam that sick? She won’t even be able to go to the hospital. Look, may I have some? Do you really want more? It’s not for me. - Let me have some. - Okay. I think it’s good for colds. Okay. Wait a minute, Sir. May I have some? Yes. This is full of vitamins. I will give this to my sick friend. Thank you. Is lime that good? Something smells so fresh in the car. It’s like the smell of fruit. What is it? There’s a lot of traffic. Listen, I don’t know where they are. So you can just give me the money that is due from Jaehyun Goh’s copyright. He had only me, his sister. Is it impossible to find his kids? I’ve been looking but unsuccessful in finding them. Perhaps they were adopted abroad... I’m sure they’re doing fine. So, as for the money problem, deal with me. Father, Brother... I am so scared. What if he gets in trouble because of someone like me? I’m someone who can’t love him. I can’t ruin him. I can’t let it happen. Ma’am, ma’am... Is she on the second floor? Ma’am, ma’am... Ma’am. Minam Goh. Minam, are you okay? Were you alone? Where is your aunt? She went to see her friend in the country. Are you feeling better? How is your fever? You still have a fever. Did you take your medicine? Yes, I did. I will feel better after I sleep. You should’ve told us if you were sick. You ruined our shoot today. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. Of course, it won’t. Don’t mind him. He just saying that. The shoot went well today. Taekyung ate lime so well. So did we. You just need to do your part next week. Why is she so calm? Is she used to my scolding? Or is it that she doesn’t have energy because she’s sick? If you’re down like that, I can’t scold you. Anyway, how will I get her to eat this? She won't just eat it. Let’s slice it first. Did you bring some, too? That thing reminded me of sick Minam. - Did you bring it too? - I am making tea for him. No, I’m making juice. Goodness. Taekyung. - You brought lime, too? - Yes, why? - Did you bring it to eat? - Yes, why? - Isn’t it too sour? - Not at all. If you get used to, it’s not so bad. Really? Then, since we have brought a lot, eat as much as you want. Sure. Eat only that. I feel like I’m losing my teeth. Since everyone wants to take care of Minam, I don’t have to worry about her. Eat this. However, it must be a little bit sour. She is sleeping. The tea’s going to get cold. I should let her rest for now. I can heat it up again. Minam... Don’t get sick. I won’t be able to not do anything. Minam’s not even here, so why can’t I fall asleep? Did I eat too much of this? Did Minam’s cold get better after eating this? She seems to be quiet. What is it? You surprised me. What's wrong with you? I came to drink water. Why are you so hot? Minam, pull yourself together. How did you allow yourself to get like this? You should’ve called someone. How could you just be like that? Minam, open your eyes. Where am I? We’re in the hospital. Can you walk? If you can’t, let me carry you. I won’t go. You have to. You have a high fever. I can’t. They will find out... Even so, you have to go. I can’t leave you here. Leave me alone. I won’t go. Minam Goh, are you out of your mind? Let’s go first. Let me take care of this. I am not going. Aren’t you scared? What if someone finds out? I’m afraid that you will be in trouble because of someone like me. You can’t afford to worry about me. And from the time I decided to accept you, I’ve been prepared. I can handle it. So, let’s go to the hospital. I promised I wouldn’t be found out. So, I can’t go to the hospital. You're really... I can endure this. Please take me home. Minam, you can cry or throw up, so you don’t have to try to hold in the pain. What’s going on? Minam is in pain. I can take care of him. Don’t worry about him. If his fever drops, everything will be okay. Let me take care of him, so go back to your room. This is a fever reducer. Swallow. 102.2∑F? It’s still high. Minam, open your mouth. Drink this. Don’t get dehydrated. Is the room too dry? 99.6∑F. The fever’s almost back to normal. Taekyung. Thank you? How about ,“I am sorry?” Are you okay? I presume you’re not okay. You must’ve lost your mind from the fever. Minam, what is this? It’s a palm. The answer is 5. So you didn’t lose your mind. Listen to me carefully. Since you worried about me even when you were sick, you must be loyal. And seeing you enduring all of this, you have patience too. I didn’t want to accept this before... But I’m going to accept you now. You and I are on the same side. I will protect you and I will take responsibility for you. I’m really sorry. I’m going to think about what I will have to do. And thank you for having said that. Just stop doing anything you’ll be sorry about and just discuss it with me with a grateful heart. I’m so tired. I need to sleep. You better go back to sleep. This won’t do. Minam should disappear before they get in trouble. Is she better now? Let’s stay still until I feel better... Minam forever. Look, he is getting bigger and bigger. His music video is a killer. You were right to have transformed him as the fake Minam Goh. - Good job. - That’s right... Since Minam’s sticker came out, I’ve already created a legend for him. Minam’s legend? Since the rest of A.N.Jell members have their own legends... Minam needs one. There’s even a sticker. - How did you make it? - Listen. I just twisted a little bit of the others’ legends. - As for a man, he needs action. - Action? - Action is Bruce Lee. - Bruce Lee? Minam is a descendant of Bruce Lee. Kids these days don’t know much about Bruce Lee. Really? Then that won’t do. What shall I do? Then, Minam should dance with a princess. Jeremy has a British princess, so how about an Indian Princess? Indian Princess? Do they still have princesses in India? I don’t think so. No. Then there’s no choice. Let’s go for a mysterious birth. His mother was a very mysterious and important person. Who is Minam's mother? How dare you? I am... I'm the mother of Minam Goh. Mother of Minam Goh...Minam... Stop talking nonsense. That’s why people think you’re childish. What is so childish? I’m serious. You’re totally childish. Stop acting like an elementary student and take care of Minam. Do you know Minam was sick yesterday? I was making Minam’s sticker... Minam was sick? I just need to buy anything that’ll make her look like a woman. In case of an emergency. What do I need to buy? With that, she will look like a woman for sure. I don’t like that kind of girl. Pink and lace... it’s so girly. That’s not my style either. That’s okay. That’s right. I want her to wear something like this. No, I want nothing. It’s just for an emergency. Anything that makes her womanly. Welcome. Give me that one. Yes. Aren’t you Taekyung Hwang? I am your fan. Are you buying this for your girlfriend? Youie doesn’t wear our brand. Thanks to you, she will wear our brand. Here you are. She will wear what she likes to wear. Taekyung keeps ignoring my calls again. Since he didn’t call me first, Minam must not have said anything. - Youie, this. - What is it? This is what I borrowed for the last shoot... But they gave it to you. Aren’t these the couple rings we wore for the last shoot? If I were to ask him to wear it, he wouldn’t. I want to share it with him. He even bought Minam a pin. I hate her. Shall I go after her now? Minam, don’t stay in the room all the time. Go out and get some fresh air. Follow me. Go ahead. Is it sour? I put a lot of honey. Is it still sour? It’s delicious. Your clothes are too thin. You should keep yourself warm. That’s right. Minam Goh... Minam, I came to see you. Where is Taekyung? He’s out. Didn’t you call him before coming? I wanted to surprise him. I wanted to come to see Taekyung’s house under the pretext of visiting sick Minam. Is it okay for you, Minam? I was expecting your visit. I bought some fruits, however, I left it in the car. Shinwoo, would you get it for me? Yes. I’m thirsty. Do you mind giving me what she’s drinking? No, I don’t mind. It will be okay, right? Where is your room? Let’s go. I thought you were scared and would run away. You’re resisting well. I won’t run away like this. You’re clumsy but have a lot of guts. It’s because the people around you are good to you. If they were to know about you, that would change. I could go down and tell them everything. You need to beg me. I will tell them. I will tell both Shinwoo and Jeremy. They will not forgive me, however, I will tell them and disappear. Really? Can you tell Taekyung that you love him, too? Do I have to tell him that, too? Of course. I detected your real identity because of that. To love someone that’s out of your league... Then, I will tell him, too. That’s right, you should. When Taekyung comes, gather everyone together and tell them. I will see what happens to you. This is the end for you. What is it? Minam, why are you doing this to me? Isn’t it too harsh for you to do this to me? I am sorry. Leave it. Let me do it. You'll cut yourself. I will clean it up. Would you like to bring me the vacuum cleaner? Be careful. I will be right back. Minam’s strange. He must be hiding something. Is there something I shouldn’t see? No one likes someone else to touch their things without permission. However, isn’t he too sensitive? If he’s like that to me, he may be hiding something from you as well? Don’t you feel strange? I don’t try to force someone that’s hiding something. Doesn’t it make you feel bad? Everyone has their own reason. If it’s something I can understand, there’s nothing to feel bad about. What? Does it mean if he can understand Minam’s explanation, he won’t get mad? Is he a saint? Did something happen? Did you say something to Minam? It’s not me but Minam who caused trouble to me. Really? He’s not feeling well, so please understand. Do you accept anything Minam does? He doesn’t do anything wrong. What if he did something you didn’t know about? Then, what are you going to do? I’d forgive him. I like him very much. Since I like him, anything will be okay. Didn’t you say a glass was broken? Minam, are you okay? If anything is okay, is it okay that Minam Goh is a woman? Is he Minam’s mother or father? Why is anything okay? What is it? Didn’t you say we don’t wear their brand? Don’t bother me. What? Taekyung bought clothes for me there? Are you sure that it was a woman’s outfit? I see. Taekyung bought a woman’s outfit? He’s not one to buy me clothes. Youie, Taekyung is here. Really? That’s right it’s their brand. He must have bought a woman’s outfit there. Why are you here? I came to see Minam. You lie? I came to see both of you. Fake Fairy, you’re so scary. You’ Let’s not think about it. As usual, it’s not mine. Then, is it for Minam? Taekyung. I have something for you. What? These are our couple rings. What? I need evidence that you belong to me. Wear this. It looks good. Two rings go so well on your finger. Keep wearing both of them. And I am telling you this so you won’t misunderstand me. I don’t belong to you. I don’t belong to you either. I just wanted to show it to people. Since you are already showing a lot of thing to people, you don't have to do more. He keeps rejecting me. He’ll reject Minam if he confesses, right? You’re here. Minam has something to tell us. What if Shinwoo and Jeremy say it’s not a big deal even though they discover Minam is a girl? What if Taekyung knows that Minam loves him? I shouldn’t let her do it. What are you going to tell us? Did you do something wrong again? What I am going to tell you is... I should stop her. I should stop her. In reality, I am... Taekyung, I have something to tell you. This is... Isn’t it what I watch often on TV? That’s right. What are you doing? I am sorry. Do we have to throw a party to celebrate this? You have to take care of it. This will be you... Fake Fairy is dead. Why is she doing that? I must be a genius. I stopped Minam and surprised Taekyung as well. Is it real? Is Taekyung going to be a father? - Yes. - Don’t say anything. No matter what you say now, it doesn’t help Taekyung. Do it with more people and be responsible for it. You don’t want everyone to get hurt, right? No, I don’t. You’re going to have your music video premiere. That’s good. Do it there. Yes, I will. What does it mean? And what do you mean by you are sorry? Be cool. We don’t even share a couple ring and there’s nothing between us. Where are you going? Explain first and go. Taekyung, are you holding me? However, since I don’t belong to you, I won’t listen to you. You got mad because of what I said. So, you should have listened to me. Don’t make me mad. Why? Are you going to throw the cell phone? I’m not the first on your speed dial? Of course not. It’s my father. Why? Do you want to be on the No. 1? - Is your father scary? - He is really scary. If you meet with him, he will pull out your hair. It’s good that he is scary. Dad, I am pregnant. Are you out of your mind? No, give it to me. If my father discovers this... Did you really send it? What’ll you do? It seems he’s going to shave your head. You... Dad, it’s not true. It’s not true. Dad, you don’t have to come here. She just didn’t feel good. So, don’t imagine anything more. Don’t imagine. It’s none of my business, so I’ll ignore it. Minam, what did you want to tell us? That is... I was going to apologize for yesterday. - I am sorry. - You were sick. We understand. Minam, that’s okay. This is not your first time to cause trouble. You didn’t have to apologize... It’s okay. It’s okay. Reverend Mother, they have been too good to me. Please give me courage to protect them from getting hurt. Taekyung, are you mad? Don’t be mad. - Toast. - It’s been a long time. It’s killer. When I told Hwaran Moh about my brother, she shed tears. She must’ve liked him. No way, Hwaran Moh is a celebrity. It’s true. Hwaran Moh may know who the mother of our twins is. She's not the mother? Didn’t you say she loved him? It doesn’t make sense. Everyone would’ve known had she given birth. Wait, she took a short break for a while when she was at the top. - Really? - Of course. Since I’ve been a fan, I still remember it. It was 20 years ago... Our twins were born around at the time. You composed this song to make me come back to you. Isn’t it true? You composed it for me. You only loved me. You only loved me. Just like I only loved you. The lyrics are so sad. Since he begged her to come back, that’s why she abandoned me? Jaehyun Goh? Because of him? Can you understand someone like her, who asked me to arrange this song? When I feel blue, I need real Minam Goh, not you. I can’t see the stars. Is it because it’s too dark? You can’t see them because it’s too bright. Taekyung. If you want to see the stars, go turn off the light. Then you will see them. Now I can see them. I can’t see because it’s dark. I can see the stars because it’s dark. However, why are you here at this time? Are you afraid of the premiere tomorrow? I can do well. You heard we weren’t going, right? Yes, I heard Mr. Ahn arranged that for me. You will have to be the host of the day; however, he is afraid that with us, no one will be interested in you. That’s a relief. It would’ve been trouble had I said I would go. When I think back later of this place, it will seem like a dream. Shinwoo, Jeremy and you are very far from me like the stars. However, I am with you. Since we can see the stars from anywhere, I will be able to see you even if I am not here. I can’t see you well. It’s frustrating since I can’t see. So don’t be where it’s dark. You can’t see me well, even though I’m here, right? I can see you. I can see enough that I know you are there. Can you really see me? Yes, I am looking at you. That’s why you should stay in the distance where I can see you. Yes, I see. However, do me a favor please. When I return to being a woman, please act as if you can’t see me even if you do. What? Then I will pretend that I don’t see you, too. You want us to act as if we don’t know each other? Yes. Please promise to pretend to not know me when I’m a woman. Of course we must do that. I promise you. We will pretend not to know each other. Thank you. I will turn on the light and go back to my room. You want us to act like we don’t know each other after this? She is an ungrateful wretch. She is such a bunny. What's this? These are clothes for you in case of emergency. Keep this in a secret place. When you wear this, I will pretend not to know you. You must not act like you know me. Make sure everything’s in place. Don’t forget the pamphlet. - Where are the reporters? - They are on the way. Minam Goh, do your best and come back. We will prepare a party for you. Don’t be nervous. Be nervous, Minam. Then, I'll be going. Youie. I’m looking forward to today. Please look forward to it. I’m sure it will be great. Where is Minam? He will be here in no time. Show her the way. Is Minam ready? Yes, there are so many reporters out there. Yes, he is ready. We’re coming. Ma’am, where is Minam? He was here. It’s almost time. Minam... Minam, Minam... Minam... Minam Goh... Minam. Minam, are you ready? Yes, I am ready. What? Minam has disappeared? We don’t have time. Hurry up and find him. I am looking for him now. However, he’s not answering the phone. They said Minam has disappeared. Mr. Ma can't find him and he's not answering the phone. We don’t have much time. There’s no reason he would suddenly disappear. Did something happen to him? Why don’t we go there? If Minam doesn’t show up, we have to fill his absence. Where has the pin gone? When I go back to being a woman, please act like you don’t know me. Why are you doing this? Mr. Ahn, it’s almost time. Let’s change the order of the day and turn on the motion picture. Yes, I see. Minam, you better go away. You will be in trouble with that outfit. I will take care of everything, so don’t show up. I have to take responsibility. I can’t give it to someone else. Taekyung, please give me your autograph. Let’s start A.N.Jell’s music video premiere. This way... I can’t see anything. I can’t see anything, so go look for Minam. What do you mean? Is he here? He must be around here. We must find him. This song is composed by Taekyung Hwang of A.N.Jell. I will look for him. Look for a woman. Woman? You should look for a girl with an ivory color coat and pink skirt. Didn’t you ask me to find Minam Goh? Minam Goh is that woman. I don’t have time to explain. We need to find her and get her out of here. I will look for her outside. Shinwoo. Why is Minam that woman? He said he didn’t have time to explain. Let's find her first. It’s Taekyung Hwang. We'll soon start. I can’t see anything. I can’t see Minam Goh. I told you not to stay in the darkness. Taekyung Hwang? Don’t look at me. You shouldn’t see me. Taekyung. Please raise your head once. This is my girlfriend, the one I haven't told you about...


Early life

Goh was born in 1923 in Muar, in Johor, Malaya the eldest son in his family . He graduated from secondary school in Malaya but was unable to continue his education because of the Japanese Occupation. He then moved to Singapore to escape the Imperial Japanese Army, but lived under Japanese occupation of Singapore from 1942 to 1945.

Eng Wah Global Pte Ltd

His career started in 1945, when he together with a friend opened a cinema at Victory Theatre in Gay World Amusement Park at Geylang. The cinema became popular locally, even though its program consisted only of Japanese propaganda films.[2] Subsequently, Goh and his friend brought it to neighbouring theatre called the Happy Theatre. Two years later, Goh became sole owner, and began acquiring other theatres.

In 1968, Eng Wah Theatres Organization Pte Ltd was established. He also financed several movies. He acquired Jubilee Theater (now part of the Raffles Hotel) and King's Theatre at Tiong Bahru in 1966. In the 1970s, he opened several cinemas in new HDB towns and the first cinema opened was at Toa Payoh and consequently opened others in Clementi, Ang Mo Kio and Kallang Bahru.

Under his leadership, the firm became the leading film distributor in 1980s and became the first cinema operator to be listed on 4 July 1994 in the SGX.

He was also engaged in other entertainment enterprises, opening a branch of the Crazy Horse Paris Cabaret in December 2005 [3]

His organization eventually owned 26 theatres halls,;[4] he subsequently bought them back personally together with his daughter, Goh Min Yen,[5]


Goh have also owned several properties.

WE Cinemas Location

  • 321 Clementi


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