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Flag of Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyz Republic
Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg
UseCivil and state flag, national ensign
AdoptedMarch 3, 1992
DesignA red field charged with a yellow sun with forty uniformly spaced rays; the sun is crossed by two sets of three lines
Flag of the President of Kyrgyzstan.svg
Variant flag of Kyrgyz Republic
UsePresidential Standard
DesignA red field charged with the Emblem of the President of Kyrgyzstan in the centre
Flag of Kyrgyz Government.svg
Variant flag of Kyrgyz Republic
UseLocal government flag
AdoptedSince 2017
DesignA red field charged with the national emblem in the center, used by local governments in Kyrgyzstan

The flag of Kyrgyzstan consists of a red field charged with a yellow sun that contains a depiction of a yurt (traditional tent). It is actually a depiction of the first thing one sees when waking up in a yurt, namely the construction of the pinnacle of every Kyrgyz yurt with three crisscrossing laths across the circular opening at the top of the yurt. Adopted in 1992, just over seven months after the country's independence was declared, to replace the flag of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR), it has been the flag of the Kyrgyz Republic since that year. Although the colour of the flag is identical to the former Soviet flag, the red is said to be inspired by the pennant lifted by Manas, the country's folk hero.

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Everybody welcome back to flag / fan Friday Hope you liked the Kyrgyzstan episode, so you know the deal before we go into that little intro song thing I got to kind of fix up the small things that I made mistakes on in the episode surprisingly Surprisingly, I don't think there were a lot I got a lot of feedback from the kyrkgz subscribers until like yeah, who's overall pretty good But there were still a few for one I said the Epic of Manas was the longest epic poem in all the world if we're just counting the number of lines and verses Then kind of technically - is the longest one it has about half a million But if we're talking about overall word length then the Sanskrit Mahabharata from India and the Epic of King Gesar are from Tibet are longer even though they each only have about 200,000 lines and verses and so you know you decide also I believe this image that I use for cutter coal is not actually cut a call its choppin otta Which is a resort on ecq lake? They're both on the same lake, but you know is just different picture and yes I am fully aware that in the friend zone the animation included a flag of Switzerland to symbolize medical aid It's funny because I literally had this discussion with Ken the day before we uploaded. I'm like Ken you used a Swiss flag You know we're gonna get a lot of comments on this and we did so for the 19 thousand four hundred and eighty fifth time Ken you're fired, I just can't go on without Ken alright, Ken you're rehired alright so that just about does it let's go into the intro slide shall we without further ado a Cutest and Kazakhstan party animal little brother you can't help, but just love the guy He's got some great dance moves so anyway the flag the flag of Kyrgyzstan is a red banner with a Yellow Sun Containing 40 uniformly spaced rays crossed by two sets of three lines yes I am fully aware that it looks like the Xbox logo, okay like 9422 of you guys already wrote that to me prior to making this video the three cross lines are actually supposed to symbolize the upper cross rods or Duke of the sealing center of a yurt the traditional nomadic housing structure of kyrgyzstan this and return symbolizes the origin of life unity and home the Sun stands for peace and prosperity Whereas the 40 Rays are said to represent the original 40 tribes of? Kyrgyzstan, which were all united under the national hero - and the red stands for Bravery and valor sorry no animation this week hey. I don't make the rules of flags I just report it now keep in mind this flag was actually adopted in 1992 after independence And it was actually kind of like their first real Sovereign state flag prior to this care Gaston was pretty much under every version of the Russian Empire and the Soviet empire after the Soviets They were the Kyrgyz SSR which they use this flag and for seven months after independence They used the same flag But just without the hammer and sickle as they were trying to figure out a new flag for their country, but yeah This was kind of like the real first Kilgus flag alright moving on now the national emblem Which is interesting because it has a lot of blue in it the emblem contains a blue disc flanked with wheat and cotton sheaves on? The side with the tian shan mountains in front of a Rising Sun in the background With EC kul lake at the bottom in front of everything is a Falcom or auction mark with wings spreading symbolizing freedom generosity and vigilance on the top and bottom you find the words written in Cyrillic Kyrgyz Republic caste or Kilgus Republic now keep in mind this emblem was actually just adopted in 2016 prior to that they had another emblem that was almost completely identical except the colors were just a little off shaded oh Yeah, and during Soviet times They used this Wow like yeah wow yeah Soviet symbolism has always kind of pushed the limits of detail quantity and quality so yeah That's pretty much it for the kicker, Stan. There's only one thing left to do you know what time it is Geography real time. Okay. I'm not even joking one of these packages is making a sound listen Just like usual we start off with postcards all right Allison sends this from Lithuania NIC sends this from the Philippines also a guy with a cool name echo sent this from the Philippines as well It's a rice terrace david sends this from washington d.c Kate sends this from melbourne australia Anna who is Estonian, but sent this from Hungary and you wrote a lot on this postcard It's like the smallest print ever and Fabian is from the Netherlands, but he sent this from Japan I think your name is Nelly sent this from Estonia Nico. You sent this from Turku Finland okay now These are the coolest postcards ever Anna from Turkey look what she drew that is that is so cool geography now like the Hollywood logo Sign Wow you did such a good that is such a great drawing. I love that I got a hit you up for the turkey episode and this austin from ohio sent this from Pitcairn Island. Oh my god This is such a remote place How did you even get there dude last week we got something from Antarctica the week before that or something we got something from like Tristan da Cunha, I feel like it's a geography now Olympics like who can send the thing from the most area on the planet really cool when have you sent something from like Chad or like I don't know Burkina Faso or Somalia or that would be cool better time Connor from Tulsa, Oklahoma He's from Hale High School in his class says hi, Duncan from Los Angeles. You're from my town He just got back from a trip from Havana Cuba and brought back some Cuban currency. It's a trace pay, so it's three pesos It's one of the few countries that does a denomination of three in their currency Also, you guys don't know Cuba has a weird currency system They kind of have like bills for tourists and bills for their locals But they're not pegged to the same amount just keep that in mind. I'm Nick from Cebu City the Philippines, thank you for your cool-looking card And he says shoutout to John Gabriel Fabi Joe Mira Brian and Bundy, SH. I gave a little shout out to your friends I think your name is Karthik from India wrote this letter with a little joke for now logo, and he says he won His school's geography quiz. Thanks to the geographer now videos awesome. Good for you and finally package time Roaming from New York some travel brochures of things to see and a 2018 calendar of the Erie Canal ah this is so cool is this is this embroidered to check this out That is amazing woah This is literally embroidered onto like a piece of fabric the logo and like all these flags I even got Batman Dia Terra right there, dude. I'm gonna put this on my desk. Ah mark from Ontario, Canada. Ah dude That's really cool So mark is a part of a team of artists that draw superheroes representing countries of the world he actually sent superheroes representing all the nations of my nationalities RIA France Italy Ireland And of course my home country the US if you would like to know more about their brand visit the heroes of the world com Yeah, mark man really appreciate this you're great artist, and yeah, this is so cool man guys check out their website Benjamin from, Missouri Oh my god. This is so cool. So this is actually an old Soviet, USSR Atlas his parents got it I guess from Ukraine back in the day Everything's written in Cyrillic and wow that's so so interesting to see this he also sends I guess these are all Ukrainian Soviet postcards It's so crazy to see how much Russia had such a geopolitical impact on that entire area It's just the USSR the Soviets knew that no just just there's so much behind it I find it fascinating ok Thanks a lot Benjamin. Oh this is from Shane from Malaysia Whoa ok there's food your banana chips exploded in the pack, and they kind of fell over, but yeah I appreciate that penstock sauce on our walk Oh, it's like a paste mix that you put in with noodles and other stuff. Don't try this Oh SOT I walk flag look at that huge Sarawak flag kind of looks like the German flag. Oh, and I guess this uh Mini former starter wok flag he just uh he wrote a ton of information on, Malaysia Did you even write like a personal letter or you literally just sent a bunch of information about Malaysia? But you didn't write no personal. Okay. Well Shane. I appreciate this. This is really cool I mean they take a lot of the information you sent and I use it for the Malaysia episode oh My gosh that whole time my mic wasn't even on. Oh well see Hugo from Luxembourg have we gotten anything from Luxembourg before I don't know Yeah, okay, you live in Luxembourg, but you send me a book about Portugal or the Portuguese number one best-selling book a revealing portrait of an inconspicuous and fascinating country Portugal whoa, that's an interesting Wow oh, and it comes with a bookmark well You're gonna have to wait a little bit for the Portugal episode because you know we go alphabetically But this will be a great resource. I have no doubt. Thank you so much Hugo I could always use more help with anything Portuguese related and finally I Don't know your name, but you're from Brooklyn, New York, okay, I'm guessing you're a star Wars fan So this was making that noise a little r2d2, uh-huh, okay, I'll put him on my shoulder No, he's not he's not gonna balance. Okay. Yeah, that was a bad idea little Irish flag I'm guessing you're probably Irish American. He sent ramen noodles for some reason. Uh is this a this is a power bank Thank you Brooklyn Law School are these mints you're sending me a bunch of weird random stuff, dude, and what is this? It's a it's a green highlighter. Oh and to top it all off for some reason you sent me tissues, okay? Yeah, thank you. This is like the most random package. I've ever gotten hey Bart My name is ander Basques from andrew. I live in new york and i'm mostly Castilian Spanish With a little Irish hence why there's an Irish flag, and he tried to draw the Basque flag But then he wrote I got too lazy to finish And I don't know who you are, but you're freakin hilarious I love this guy he sends weird random stuff and tissues and ramen and an r2d2 and You're amazing. I love this guy all right So that's all of it before we go you know what time it is it's time for return address contest I put your return addresses in this bag. I take one out and whoever wins I send a little gift too here we go I'm not gonna look. I'm not gonna look. I'm gonna pick a big one this time last time. It was a small one Joshua from Wichita Falls, Texas you just won right guys well I really appreciate this all this cool stuff and random stuff that you sent And uh putting your hometowns on display subscribe if you'd like and stay cool stay tuned have a good one



During the Central Asian revolt of 1916, Kyrgyz rebels were described as wielding white banners during an attack on Prebechakenska.[1]

Under Soviet rule, the Union Republic – coterminous with modern-day Kyrgyzstan – utilized a flag derived from the flag of the Soviet Union and representing Communism, that was adopted in 1953.[2] It declared itself independent on August 31, 1991, approximately four months before the dissolution of the Soviet Union.[3] Nevertheless, the Soviet-era flag maintained its status as the national flag for seven months after independence was declared.[2] It was finally replaced by the new design on March 3, 1992.[2][4]



The interior view of a Kyrgyz yurt's roof
The interior view of a Kyrgyz yurt's roof

The colors and symbols of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings. The red field stands for "bravery and valor",[3] and alludes to the purported emblem hoisted by Manas, the national hero of Kyrgyzstan.[2][5] The sun epitomizes peace and prosperity,[3] while its 40 rays stand for the number of tribes united by Manas to fight against the Mongols,[5][6] as well as the number of followers he had.[2][4]

The centre of the sun features a stylized illustration of the roof (tunduk) atop a traditional Kyrgyz tent (yurt) when viewed from the interior.[2][4][7] Although these tents are less commonly used today,[2] its incorporation into the flag is meant to symbolize the "origin of life", the "unity of time and space", as well as the people's "hearth and home" and their history.[2][4]

Proposals to change

In recent years, a commission was established to examine proposals to modify the design of the flag. The head of this body observed how it was the object of conflict and disunity, and that the government did not want this national symbol to be the cause of further division in society. This partially stemmed from disagreement over the interpretation of the symbols on the current flag.[8] For instance, modern-day Kyrgyzstan is ethnically diverse, with sizeable minority groups such as the Uzbeks (14.3%) and Dungans (1.1%) living there.[3] These groups were historically conquered by Manas, and hence, the current flag – inspired by his emblem utilized in war – does not sit well with some of them.[8]

The red field has also been the source of much criticism. Some believe that it evokes the nation's tempestuous history, while others are of the opinion that it is a lingering remnant of communism in the country.[8]

Regional flags

Each region (областы, oblasty or облусу, oblusu) of Kyrgyzstan has its own flag.

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