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Feather Your Nest

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Feather Your Nest
Directed byWilliam Beaudine
Written by
Produced byBasil Dean
Edited byErnest Aldridge
Music byErnest Irving
Distributed byAssociated British Film Distributors
Release date
March 1937
Running time
86 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Feather Your Nest is a 1937 British musical comedy film directed by William Beaudine and starring George Formby, Polly Ward and Enid Stamp-Taylor. It contains Formby's signature tune, Leaning on a Lamp-post.[1]

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You! - Yes, I am Prem Mehra. He'll have a plush office, a magnificent car, a palatial bungalow! I'll sign you for 3 years, but you cannot work for anyone else then. lf you wish, then we can sign a lifetime contract! You have the gift of the gab! You look good too. Had you tried, even you could have become a model. Yes. But my height let me down! Alright, Rupali, my office will get in touch with you. lf you want, I can phone you. Anytime, my pleasure. Nice meeting you. - Nice to meet you. - Bye-bye. You! What are you doing here?! Playing football! Obviously, I'm swimming! I mean, I never thought I'd bump into you on a football ground! Consider this to be a coincidence - a beautiful coincidence! Do you live alone in this dreadful city? Yes. Aren't you afraid? - Certainly not. Any boyfriend, husband... a love affair? None. Not found anyone or not been in love? These are two movie tickets for this evening, for you and.. His timing is perfect! - I must have come at the wrong time! Excuse me. Don't scrub, write neatly. Hello? - Hello. My baby, what are you doing? - Nothing. Why? We are going to see a film today. I don't have time to waste! - Why? What are you doing? Prem, Rinku has his exams! Rinku has to study, not you! Prem, I'll have to teach him.. don't laugh, write! You've become such a big bore since the time we've got married.. Whenever I want to take you out, you make some excuse or the other. Why are you getting angry? It was different before we got married. I am your wife now. The responsibilities of your kids, mother and the house are on me. Look, come if you want to, otherwise don't! I'll wait outside the theatre for you till 6:30. Alright. - Love you. Bye. - Bye. My times are real bad! Despite having such a lovely wife, I have to watch a film with you! But my times are good. I'm getting a chance to see a film with my boss! I am sorry, sir. After marriage, doesn't a husband hold any value in the eyes of a wife? Of course, he does. 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You have 5 tickets now.. you, your wife, your two kids and your aunt. lf all of us go, then your mother will be all alone. We'll take her too. Okay? Do one thing. Ask your parents too, and the neighbours as well. Poor Tiger will be all alone. Let's take him too! Don't talk like that! I don't like to travel! No, mother. We'll go on a family holiday. Right? - Yes. A family holiday! Since Pooja is being so persistent, I'll also come. Let's go, Pinky and Rinku. Let's go and pack. One ticket is for.., so for five, it would be Rs.6,00,000. Add the food and other expenses.. and it works out to 1.2 million. 1.2 million! Would it be so expensive? Yes. I haven't yet included the shopping expenses. That would amount to around 1.5 million. Nobody will go! Only you will. It's your hard earned money! Will we spend 1.2-1.5 million in one go! So what? Whom am I earning for? No way! Not to spend like this! No! All of you have to come or I will have to hear taunts all my life! Nobody will taunt you. We'll go out some other time. Just cancel the tickets. - Think twice. I have! Now phone. Hello. - Hello. This is Prem Mehra speaking. - Yes, sir? Cancel only the tickets that I'd booked now. Implying, only you and your aunt will go now, just like you wanted?! Yes. What time is the flight? - 12 p.m. Thank you. What time is the flight? - It's at 8. All of us will come to the airport. - Okay. I'll change and come. - Okay. Hey! Don't you touch me! Nobody, other than my husband, can do that! Madam, you will have to be checked. Why?! Do we look like terrorists who have hidden a bomb?! What's the matter, Lovely? - She is checking me! You let go of terrorists, and that's when planes get detonated! Don't you read the newspapers? Madam, my wife is like a ball of fire. Only I can handle her. lf you don't mind, then may I? - Take this. Thank you. I'll check you. Turn around. Satisfied? - Yes. Read properly! - I'm only hiding my face. Why? So that nobody can see you with him. Why fear when you're in love? Why hide your face? You don't know my mother, she's very orthodox. I see. Do you have a mother too? Of course, I do! How do you think I was born?! Until I introduce you to her, and you win her over,.. .. nobody should know that there's something cooking between us. What's wrong? - Beware of that man with a moustache. Who? - He's mother's biggest stooge! You've taken the passport, right? He'll phone my mother right from here! Hold this. Where's the toilet? I'll be back soon. - I hope you're not hurt? Excuse me, madam, she's my wife Lovely.. I'll go to the toilet. Take care of your passport. - Yes, I will. Hey, wait! Hey, Prem! Lakhan, what are you doing here? - Can't you see what I'm doing? Are you through? - Yes, I am. So, what's happening with you? - How are you? Let me wash my hands. Prem, where are you going? - To Switzerland. To Switzerland!.. That will be great fun! Why will it be great fun? - Of course, it will be! Even I'm going to Switzerland. - So? We'll have fun together. Are you going alone or is Pooja coming too? I'm going there on business. What's Pooja going to do there? You're very naive! You just don't know the meaning of romance! Let's go and drink coffee. Where are you going? Sister-in-law! - Brother Prem! How are you? And how is Pooja? - She's fine. And Rinku and Pinky? - They are also fine. I went to get coffee for you, and you've come here! I came to meet your wife. Lovely, even Prem is coming to Switzerland! That's good! The announcement is made. Cheers to our trip to Switzerland. Let's go. - Yes, come on. Who is Pooja?! - My sister-in-law. You never told me that you even had a brother! I don't have a brother, I had one. What happened? He died in a car accident, and my sister-in-law became a widow. So, are Rinku and Pinky her children? Yes, they are. But now, they love me as much as I love them. My dear baby! I was so stupid to think otherwise. Daddy, how does an aeroplane fly? On petrol. Even your car runs on petrol. Why doesn't your car fly then? I'm sorry, son, I can't even ask you to go and play outside. Why not? Just shut up! - Hey! That's not the way to answer! Lovely, your general knowledge is good. You answer him. I'll go and meet my friend. Stop watching Cartoon Network, and watch Discovery channel instead! They show you how a plane flies! Excuse me, madam, would you please go and sit on my seat for a while? I want to discuss something private with him - about business. If you don't mind, please - Of course not. Excuse me. Scoundrel! Vile man! Bloody beast, you have such a fantastic babe sitting next to you! She was! Why are you sitting on my daddy's seat? Because he is sitting on mine. Why is he sitting on your seat? I don't know. - Why not? Hey, stop it! Why are you boring her? My name is Lovely. And I am Rupali. Are you going to Switzerland? - Yes. Where will you be staying in Switzerland? My friend will be coming there, I don't know where he's booked me. I was once going to Ludhiana by bus. A fantastic looking babe like her was sitting next to me. A friend asked her to get up. I wanted to throw him out of the bus! My sentiments exactly! - What did you say? My ears get blocked in a plane. I feel sleepy, so let me sleep. Go to sleep, even I'll sleep here. Go and sleep on your seat! It's not nice disturbing her every now and then. What does she mean to you? - Nothing, but it does not look good! You also go to sleep. Hey! Where is Pillu? - Where is Pillu? Where's he? - He was with you, wasn't he? Hey! Will you just be hooked on to the camera? Are you a doctor's son or a cameraman's?! Lovely, stay here, while I go and fetch the room keys. You just don't stay with us! What about my room? - Excuse me. Yes? - My name is Lakhan Khurana. I have a booking over here. Please have a look. - I will just check. Prem, you here, in this hotel?! He is my best friend. - Alright. You said you'd stay at your friend's place, so what are you doing here? Friends can be real bad, right? - What are you saying! He did not come to receive me at the airport, so I had to come here. By the way, it's a coincidence that we are staying in the same hotel. It's not a coincidence, it's my friendship, my love. We came to Switzerland together, got separated at the airport.. .. and then, got united here again! What's your room number? I'll book a room next to yours. Please give us a room together. - Yes. Prem.. that girl in the plane! I'll go and meet her. Book our rooms together. Where are you going? I'll be dead! He's coming this way! Excuse me. - Yes? Did you recognise me? I had exchanged my seat with you in the plane. What a bore he is! Remember! - Oh! Him?! Of course. Of course. - What a small world! What a small world! - He is such a bore. lf the Lord destines you to befriend someone, then it is imminent! Are you staying in this hotel? In which room? Excuse me! Even he's disappeared! What's happening! Once upon a time, there was a.. I think it's papa's phone. Prem speaking. - Reached safely? How are you? Fine. And how are you? I'm fine. I was waiting for your call. I believe it's very cold there. Take care of yourself. Don't worry, I have a heater here. You must be bored in your room. Missing me? Obviously. Do one thing. Just come here. What am I saying! I'm returning the day after tomorrow. And, how are the children? Very fine. They aren't yet asleep, they were waiting for your call. Give them the phone. - It's papa's phone, speak to him. Hi, my handsome! How are you? I'm fine. Do bring me an aeroplane. Sure, son! I'll surely get it. Speak. How are you, my dear? Bring me a doll. I will bring a doll for my doll-like girl. Give the phone to your mummy. How's mother? - Fine. Has she gone to sleep? - Yes, she has. Want anything from here? - Nothing. I miss you a lot. Come back soon. I will. Take care of mother and the children. I'll return soon. Okay? Take care. Bye. - Alright. Okay. - Hey! Hey! When did you come? Just now.. Prem, how old is your sister-in-law? As old as you. - As me? Poor lady! She got widowed in her youth! Why didn't you get her remarried? Because of mother. She is very orthodox. But stop worrying about my sister-in-law. Lakhan and his wife too are in this hotel. They are very smart, so be wary of them. Understand? As you wish, sir! By the way, you're looking very good today. Let's go! - Let's hurry up! Can't you see I'm putting Pillu to sleep? Are you putting him to sleep or waking him up? Come on. No. Come on! - All right. I'll put him to sleep and come. Okay? Hey, have you come to Switzerland to put Pillu to sleep? Come on! What are you doing! I'm not going to come! lf the TV is on all night, how will Pillu go to sleep? Daddy! why did you switch off the TV? - So that you go off to sleep! He does not go to sleep unless he hears the sound of the TV. Really? - Yes! Has he become that spoilt? - Children of today are such! Hey! The fool has gone to sleep! That's incredible! Let him listen to the songs on TV, while you hear me sing! Come on! "Dear beloved of mine.." "I love you, darling" "Dear beloved of mine.." "I love you, darling" "when I set eyes on you.." "Every pain vanishes when I set eyes on you.." "Dear beloved of mine.." "when I set eyes on you.." "Every pain vanishes when when I set eyes on you.." "Dear beloved of mine.." "I love you, darling" "when I set eyes on you.." "Let me surround you with my love" "You are my anguish and my peace of mind" "You are my day and my night" "Let me safeguard your lips in my heart" "Let me compose songs with the crimson flush of my heart" "You are my love" "You are my love, my life my dearest beloved" "Dear beloved of mine.." "Dear beloved of mine. I love you, darling" "Today I will dance with love for you, my darling" "Today I will dance with love for you, my darling" "I am crazy.." "I am crazily in love with you" "Today I will dance with love for you, my darling" "I am crazily in love with you" Dear beloved, come close to me" Dear beloved, come close to me" "Your heart beats in my chest" "Today I will dance with love for you, my darling" "I am crazily in love with you" "Beautiful is your love" "I am crazy, so are you" "Your eyes speak to me" "They are banal without you" "Your lips are sweet as honey as tresses like dark clouds" "It's the magic of your love that has made two hearts crazy" "You are within me and out" "You are within me and out near me all the time" "Beloved of mine.." "I am in love with you" "I love you, my beloved" "A sight of you banishes my pains" "I love you, my beloved" "I love you, my beloved" "I love you, my beloved" "I love you, my beloved" "I love you, my beloved" "I love you, my beloved" Hey! What's wrong? What do I do? - Call a doctor. One minute. - Call a doctor. Hello, reception. Could you please call for a doctor? It is urgent. Yes, ma'am. - Yes, thank you. I'll be back soon! Hello. - This is from the reception. There is a request for you. The hotel doctor has just finished his duty.. an emergency has come up in room No.303. Please, could you cooperate? - Right now? Yes, sir. Thank you. What's the matter? Nothing, Lovely. Somebody in the hotel has fallen ill. We've come so far away for a holiday,.. .. but your patients don't leave you alone even here! I'll just come. - Go! It is open. It is open. Excuse me. Doctor. Doctor. - Hello, sir. Hey, Prem! You! Why are you posing like a dog? I've been stuck this way since 15 minutes, I've sprained my back. Sprained your back? Did you lift something heavy? Yes, it was very heavy. Here?.. here? It's a bad catch! Lie straight. I can't move, and you ask me to lie straight! I'll help you. Easy, easy! - It's tickling. Straighten your leg. Alright? - Alright. Where's the bathroom? - There. I'll fetch some hot water for you. Hey! don't go to the bathroom! My hands are all right now! Hey, Prem! What's wrong? - The girl I met in the plane.. .. is in your bathroom! - No. No! You bloody fool! You were making me a fool all the way from India till here! Have you come here for business or to make merry with this girl? No, please! You won't change!.. Hello, come here, there's no need to feel shy. You were pretending to be strangers all along, huh! It wasn't my fault, he asked me to do that. Yet, the three of us met, huh! The world is very small. Very small. Especially for the three of us! Move your leg! Such a small world! The injection is very big especially for me. Excuse me. Prem, be a little more serious! Hey, not there.. here. Will you please..? - Sure. Let her stay. He just keeps video shooting all day! What's your son's name? - Pillu. He's learning computers nowadays. Hey! There he is. Damn! How did they meet? I'll have to stop Prem or it'll be a big mess! Did you recognise her, the friend I made on flight? She is Rupali.. He is my husband Lakhan Singh Khurana. Hello. - MCC, MBBS. He gets angry if his degrees are not mentioned. He's a very able doctor. Attend to her, I'll be back soon. - Okay. Excuse me. I am using your phone. Hello, operator. Please give me room No.303. Hello. - Hello, Prem. Prem, don't come down, or you'll be in a soup! I'm already down. - Down, where? Behind you. - What! You're laughing! You are doomed! Let's go to mummy. Why is your son so.. - Let's go, uncle. One minute, son. Prem, listen to me! Hey, Brother Prem! She's Rupali, a friend I met on flight. He's Prem, my husband's friend. Prem, you're here! They're waiting. .. Talk to her, we'll be back soon. Hey!.. Brother Prem is very hard working. He had absolutely nothing 7-8 years back. He had no job, no business. He used to live in a rented house. But after getting married, his luck has changed! Is he already married?! - He looks very young, doesn't he? He has a very nice wife - Pooja. She is such a lovely girl! He has two children also. A boy named Rinku, and a girl named Pinky. You liar. You cheat. You deceived me! You are married! - Yes, I am. You have two children! - Yes, I do. You lied to me! I hate you. I hate you. Yes, I am married, and have two children too! But if I hadn't lied to you, how would I ever win over your love? You are lying even now! - No! I swear by my mummy! You don't love me! I swear by my mummy, I do!.. Do you have a mother? Then what do you know about the love shared by a mother and her son? My mother said, "Son, she is a mad girl.. "Marry Pooja, she'll become fine once she gets married.. I married her. But she did not become all right. Then my mother asked me to father a son, so that she'd become all right. I fathered a son, but of no avail. Then my mother asked me to have a daughter, so that she'd become fine. I had a daughter, but yet she did not become all right. I have been married for 6 years. In these 6 years, I did it only twice, that too at mother's behest! You are married, and have two children! Henceforth, we have nothing to do with each other! So what if I'm married? Does that make me an untouchable?! Can't a normal girl enter my life? You ask me to leave you, but how can I? I love you very much! I hate you. You are lying! - I hate you. Say that you love me! You.. love me.. I love you. I love you. It was great fun! That mad woman must have come to receive me. Don't even talk to me before her or she'll bring the roof down. The plane has landed, your papa must be on his way. Hi. Papa is here! Hey, my kids. - Come on. Your papa is here. - Here's your aeroplane! Hi, dear. I missed you so much. Mummy, papa's bag! - Move back. Hey! Where are you taking my husband's bag? Well,.. I.. - Shut up! You appear very decent! But you are an ace thief! Why are you staring at him?! This is an Indian airport, all trolleys look alike here. I must have accidentally placed my bag in her trolley. So what! This does not mean she steals your bag! Madam, please go. Hey! Why are you letting her go away? One minute! Why did you let her go? I won't, the next time I meet her! - It was just a bag today. Suppose someone takes you away from me someday? I have to take care. Let's go home. I've prepared your favourite dish. Let's go, children. This way. - Okay. Shall I take the bag? - Okay. Prem, I cannot see a thing. Prem, where are you? Come on. - But where are we going? Come on! Let me show you something. From now on, you will stay here. A small gift on my behalf. I love it. I love it. I love you. You have given me the most precious gift of my life! I had only one dream, that we would have a small house of our own. A big house. Yes, a big house, in which I will live peacefully with you. What's this? - Here is the car key. Car? - Hmm Is your Prem so useless that he can't afford a car for you? It's our first day in our new house today. I'll cook today. You will come for dinner, won't you? I'll come only to eat dinner. - And dessert? lf you insist, then I'll taste it! Pooja, my love! That's not a good habit. What's wrong? You appear very restless. Shall I lay the table? - I'm not hungry. I'm suffering from gas problems. I was contemplating taking a long walk. Yes, go ahead. Take Tiger too. It's time for his walk too. Come, Tiger. Come, Tiger. Fantastic. - Rupali. Hi, Prem. - Hi. Who's this? - He's Tiger. I have come to meet you, under the pretext of taking him for a walk. I see. He's joking.. I'm famished. Give me dinner soon. In a minute. How's the food? - Wow! It's superb! By the way, how does Pooja cook? Whose name have you taken! - Why? You've spoilt the fun! - Doesn't she cook well? Pooja will cook well, provided she ever cooks! As of now, she can only talk big! - I see.. please eat. Come here. The kitchen has been inaugurated. Correct. So has the dining table. - Yes. What about the bedroom? - I'm sorry, I couldn't hear. What about the bedroom? Now what? - My back! Again?! - It's not sprained! Come. Going. Come. Going. Come. Going. You took so long. I told you I was going for a long walk. How's your stomach now? - Fine. Where's Tiger? - Tiger.. Tiger is here. Tiger, disgusting!.. How often have I told you not to shit at home! Come on, Tiger. Come on. Come soon. I'll be laying the table, the food will get cold. Yes. Come on, Tiger. Come on, Tiger. Will you just keep laughing? Give her some tea too! Why didn't you come to Switzerland? - Yes, why? lf I knew you were also going, I'd have never cancelled my plans. So what if you haven't seen Switzerland? I'll show you Switzerland through my video camera. Go on. My son has shot so well. He was with the camera all day long. My son is very smart! Look. Hey! This is very nice! - It's a fantastic hotel! I should have gone! Prem is going to the swimming pool! Pillu, where did she come from? Now, I understand that he didn't go to Switzerland for business.. .. but to make merry with this bitch! You fool, come here! I'll thrash you! Why are you beating him? It's not his fault. Sit down! It's my son's fault. My son did shoot Rupali embracing Prem. But he did not shoot Prem untangling her arms and scolding her. Meaning? We were right there. Prem does not even know that girl. But, daddy,.. - Shut up! This is true. In fact, I had introduced her to Brother Prem. She's a modern girl, and it's no big deal for such girls to get physical. Where are you going? - Home. At least, eat breakfast and go. - I'm full, looking at the cassette! Please listen. Sorry, son. I hope you aren't hurt. Take this and shoot me. I have to put on such an act sometimes. It is okay, father. Pooja, had this hit me, you would have become a widow! No! lf you die of an electric shock, then I'll become a widow. Please keep that down. Did you go there on business or to make merry with that bitch? First, relax! I went there to make merry? I was taking you there. Who booked your tickets? Who cancelled them? Why? Because we would spend 1.2 million. So be it! At least, I wouldn't have had to see such a day! We were together for a few days, and spent some time together. What! Did you stay together?! - O' my dear baby! Staying together means staying in the same hotel, not the same room! Lakhan and Lovely too were there. You asked them, didn't you? What did they say? That there was nothing. And yet, you suspect me! Have I ever lied to you, ever deceived you? You don't believe me, you are suspicious of me.. Fine! No! I believe you! O' God! I suspected my husband! Please forgive me! I made a big mistake! No! - Forgive me. Please don't cry. I loved you, I still do, and will always do so. I know that. Stop crying. I love you. I love you too. Drink this. Keep it here. Sit down. I want to talk to you. I have considered you to be more a daughter than a daughter-in-law. I want to tell you about the temperament of men. A man wants to see his wife like his lover. You used to be so different before marriage! What a vast change between then and now! Have you ever given this a thought? No, never. Because you don't have the time to think! You have got so involved with your home and children. lf you become a lover, your husband will have all his attention on you. Understand? "It's midnight, we're in the forest and I am apprehensive" "Say something that will make me forget the world" "It's midnight, we're in the forest and I am apprehensive" "Say something that will make me forget the world" "Why do you fear when your beloved is with you?" "Come into my arms and sleep on my shoulder" "Why do you fear when your beloved is with you?" "Come into my arms and sleep on my shoulder" "It's midnight, we're in the forest and I am apprehensive" "Come into my arms and sleep on my shoulder" "What's in the heart?" - "Excitement" "Restlessness.." - "Every moment" "The blush of the ears.." - "Take it" "That's what I want" "Time for solitude, the stars are asleep" "We are lost in love for each other" "Time for solitude, the stars are asleep" "We are lost in love for each other" "Why is it hot in the winter?" "It's midnight, we're in the forest and I am apprehensive" "Say something that will make me forget the world" "Why do you fear when your beloved is with you?" "Come into my arms and sleep on my shoulder" "Can I keep you?" - Yes "Take you in my arms?" - Yes "Embrace you?" - Yes "Here I come." "Your eyes are open but you are asleep" "I know you are crazy" "Your eyes are open but you are asleep" "I know you are crazy" "We're alone, there's nobody else at home" "It's midnight, we're in the forest and I am apprehensive" "Say something that will make me forget the world" "Why do you fear when your beloved is with you?" "Come into my arms and sleep on my shoulder" "It's midnight, we're in the forest and I am apprehensive" "Say something that will make me forget the world" "Why do you fear when your beloved is with you?" "Come into my arms and sleep on my shoulder" "It's a night in the forest.." Listen. - Yes, my baby? It's 'Karwa-chauth' today. - So? Forgotten? Once I sight the moon, I'll see your face and only then eat. So come home early. Okay, my baby. I'll be there before you can sight the moon! Okay. Bye. - Love you. Bye. Hello. - Hello. Who's that? - Rupali speaking! Who else? Yes, baby? Waiting for somebody else's call? - No. Prem, I'm fasting for the first time today. Come soon before the moon can be sighted. You'll come, won't you? Okay, my baby. I'll be there before you can sight the moon! Take care. I'll speak to you later. Bye. - Bye. I think this moon is going to be eclipsed today! Eat this. - No! Yes, Shashi? American Party? How much?.. 35 million! Really?.. When does she want to meet? Today?.. No, Shashi, not today. She is returning tomorrow morning? Fine, let her go. What can we do? I'll bear a loss of 35 million. There's no chance today. My wife is fasting today! How will an American know about Indian culture? Come on, eat. But you're an Indian, right? Don't you know what 'Karwa-chauth' is? How our wives starve and fast for us! Stop it. Stop it! Don't phone again! What's wrong? - What's wrong with you? Nothing. - You mentioned over the phone that.. if you don't attend the meeting, you'll suffer a loss of 35 million. Yes, I'll incur a loss of 35 million. Is 35 million more important than you? No, but.. - Then? But don't incur any losses. Please go and attend the meeting. Look, you're fasting today. I'm not going to leave you and go anywhere! I've stayed hungry all day long. lf I remain hungry for a few hours more, I'm not going to die, am I? Come back soon. We'll eat together then. For my sake, please go. All right, I'll heed you! Let me make a phone call. Let me phone that scoundrel. Be ready. I'm coming. Go. I told you, I would be here, before you could sight the moon! You look stunning! But why are you so pale? I'm famished! - Famished? Yes. The moon.. .. everyday.. .. at 6 O'clock.. .. it rises. But today.. .. it's 8 O'clock,.. but it's still not to be seen! It would have been so much easier for me too.. .. if it would rise at different timings in different places! Didn't understand? Hi, Tiger. Come here. Come here, my baby. Tiger, what are you doing? What's the matter? Where are you taking me? Where have you brought me? There's your moon! - Really? Now what? - Now, take this.. go on! And worship me. Now, take this and see the moon through it. Now, look at me. I'm doomed! Okay, bye. Pooja, I.. - Stop it! Until now, a husband kept lying, and a wife kept believing him! But now, I have witnessed that trust getting betrayed! I want to explain to you that.. This is no time to explain, but a time to reach a decision! Do you want a family and a home.. or a mistress and that house? - What is your implication? A wife can tolerate sharing anything, but not her husband. Pooja, I.. I admit I have made a mistake. Suppose I had done the same? What if you had seen me with another man? Why did you stop? Slap me! What can be a worse slap for a wife than her husband bringing a mistress? What are you doing? The children are listening. It's good! Let them also know what their father has been up to! I am starving here and praying for your long life, while you.. Let's go inside and talk. No, mother! A decision will be made today! This is the line of demarcation. He will have to swear by his children.. .. that he can get that woman out of his heart, mind and life! Only then can he enter the house, or.. Or? Or what?! Or the man who has an affair with some other woman, is not my husband! And I don't have a place in my home for a stranger! Fine! I have come to you.. forever and ever! Really! - Yes. Wow! My baby! Tiger, catch. - Tiger, catch. Come on, Rinku and Pinky. Come and eat. In a moment, mummy. Come on. Good-day! Come on, Tiger. Come on. - Mother. What's this I hear? Prem has left this house to stay with Rupali! Please don't be dejected. When a bird leaves its nest, it may go astray,.. .. but eventually, it does return to its nest. What rot are you talking! It's 'Diwali' two days later. He will surely come to meet the children. The other day, you covered up for his misdeeds. lf you had revealed the truth and not stood by him,.. .. the matter would have ended there and then. Well, I.. - All men are alike! Hey! What are you doing! - You did the right thing. I am deeply ashamed of what I did the other day. I stood by him, thinking it to be the follies of youth. How was I to know that matters would deteriorate to this extent! The rascal left home! Yet, if you feel that Prem left home because of me,.. .. then I shall bring him back. This is a brother's promise! Don't you care about your honour? I do! But she is not at all concerned about my honour! Who doesn't make mistakes? I made a blunder, I apologised, but she didn't let me come home! I told her to think about the effect it would have on the children. She said that even they ought to know what their father was up to.. Who is responsible for this?! .. You are! There is no woman in this world.. .. who can bear to see her husband in the arms of another woman! Your wife did the same too. But this does not mean.. you leave your home and family! I am her husband, I have married her! I am with her 24 hours a day! And if I spend 30 minutes talking to someone else, should she .. .. conveniently forget the 23 hours and 30 minutes spent with her? She has gone crazy! - She hasn't, you have! Are you nuts, Prem?! What nonsense are you talking! I'm your friend. Let's go home. Why should I come?! I haven't left home, she has thrown me out of the house! She says that I'm not her husband. Fine! I'm very happy with Rupali! Wait for some days, and she will realise what a husband means! No! You will realise what a wife means! What a home and children mean! And the day it dawns on you, you will deeply regret! lf this is being regretful, then I'm very happy this way! And listen! Whose friend are you? Mine or hers? He has no mistress, so he talks rot! "The scarf..." "The scarf..." "I bought the red scarf from Lalganj at the Red Dam" "The scarf..." "Dipped it in red paint and coloured it crimson" "The scarf..." "Come and touch my scarf" "I promise I won't object" "Youthfulness makes me tipsy" "How can I have mercy on you?" "Come and touch my scarf" "I promise I won't object" "My own youthfulness makes me tipsy" "How can I have mercy on you?" "Come and touch my scarf I promise I won't object" "Scarf..." "Scarf..." "My scarlet scarf blushes" "Turning redder still when you glance at it" "Scarf..." "Your scarf envelopes me and drives me out of my senses" "It torments a tortured soul" "Darling, don't torment me so" "I promise not to say a word" "Youthfulness makes me tipsy" "How can I have mercy on you?" "Come close and hold my scarf" "I promise not to say a word" "Scarf..." "The scarf slips off your silky figure" "Seems like lightning in a sky devoid of clouds" "Scarf.." "I wish this lightning would strike you today" "And cover you with my scarf" "The pain intensifies" "I promise not to say a word" "Youthfulness makes me tipsy" "How can I have mercy on your youth?" "Touch my scarf, my beloved" "I promise not to say a word" "Youthfulness makes me tipsy" "How can I have mercy on your youth?" "Touch my scarf, my beloved" "I promise not to say a word" "Scarf.." "Scarf.." "Scarf.." Everybody is bursting crackers, allow us to also do so. Yes, mummy. Your papa will come just now with plenty of crackers. We will then burst them together, okay? Papa is here! Papa is here! It's Uncle Lakhan here, not papa. Look, what I've brought for you! Thank you, uncle. Go and burst them. - Careful! Don't burn your hands! Don't worry, they aren't bombs. Happy Diwali! - Same to you. Blessings, mother. - Happy Diwali! Happy Diwali! Happy Diwali! - Bless you, dear. Brother Lakhan. You had said that he'd definitely come to meet the kids for Diwali. lf he does not come to meet the kids on Diwali, then it is his misfortune! The goddess of the house is at home, on such an auspicious day! You are so sensible. Why don't you explain to her? What do I do? She just refuses to understand. The children are so happy! Rinku, careful! Did you meet him? Yes, but right now, Rupali seems to have intoxicated him a bit too much! However intoxicated a man may be, he does become sober someday! Please sit. A woman is so powerful that a man stands no chance before her! lf she makes up her mind, then nothing is impossible. Meaning? I'll give her some advice, but don't you use it on me! A wife has so many weapons.. ..that if she uses them against her husband, he'll be blown to pieces! Like? Your first weapon would be your children. Coming. Coming, damn it! Why did you ring the bell? - To call you. To have the door opened. Hey! Where are you barging inside? Where is he?! - Who? Your slave! - Who's speaking! You ask me the question which I should be asking you! Where is he? Hiding behind you?! Wrong number. You are a wrong number, I'm the right number! Go and call him! Prem! - Father. Hey, kids. - Father. How are you? Rupali, these are my children. Greet her. Hello, aunt. A lady is abusing me over the phone. Would you like to listen to her? Yes. - Children, please sit here. Have the children reached? Yes, Pooja. This is some joke! Why have you sent them here? Will I send them to the neighbour's house if not yours?! You are their father. Take care of them. I have nothing to do with them now. Understand? Hello! Pooja, listen to me! She kept the receiver down! Give it. - Take. From now on, these children will stay here, won't they? Mummy, aunty has gone to sleep in papa's room. Really? Son, you cannot sleep without father, right? And remember, don't let papa sleep with that bitch. You know what to do, don't you? - Yes, we do. I love you. Good night. Hey! I wonder where he's gone! Hey! Why are you coming here?! What are you doing here? We were getting very scared in the room, so we'll sleep with you. Fine. Fine?! Move. You have infuriated her. Are you concerned only about her, not about us? That's not so. Come and sleep. School's here! Get down quickly. Go to school! Love you. I'll tell him.. - Are you talking to your wife? No, sir. It was a client. - Give me the file. Why are you panting? I have many chores to attend to, other than my office work. Okay. Order breakfast for me. I'm famished. Haven't you had breakfast? - No, I haven't! Are you taking me to the gallows?! Please forgive me! But generally, you eat and come. - Shut up and listen! Ask the driver to fetch the kids at 4 O'clock and take them home. I understand. - Hey!.. Which house? Blue eyes or hael eyes? - Hael eyes. 5 feet, 8 inches. - Hey! There's too much confusion! lf he finds this very confusing, then imagine my plight! We are hungry. Please give us something to eat. I am not your dad's servant! He'll come and feed you. They really harass me! Mummy would give us snacks the moment we'd return from school. Let's go to the kitchen and eat something. Hey! What have you broken? And what are you doing here? lf you don't give us to eat, will we stay hungry?! I understand it all! Your mother has taught you this, hasn't she? Don't you dare utter her name! - Really? What will you do then?! That's enough! Don't you dare raise your hand on my children! In spite of being a woman, you.. Go upstairs! Yesterday, when I asked aunt for something to eat, she scolded me. And when I broke her plate, she raised her hand to slap me. What! Did she slap you? No. Papa came in then, and scolded her a lot. Really? Did he scold her? - Yes, mummy. He has a place in his heart, at least for the kids if not for me. This is great news that the rascal Prem scolded Rupali. Why are you worried then? You ought to be happy! Fortunately, he happened to reach there and save the children. lf she ever hits them when she's alone, then who will save them? Yes, who will save them? Yes! Your second weapon! Second weapon? - Your mother-in-law! That's more like it! Brother Lakhan, you are great. - Thank you. Thank you. Hey, mother! You here? What do I say, son? My daughter-in-law.. I can't call her that! Pooja has thrown me out of the house! She said, "Old hag, when your son isn't living here, why are you?" Look at what she has done to Tiger too! She didn't even let me take my clothes. Look, I've worn an old sari! I never thought Pooja could stoop so low! One never knows who can stoop, and when! Give me some money. I'll go to the home for the aged. - No, mother, you will stay with me. Grandma is here! - Hey!.. My children! Grandma is here! You will stay with us, won't you? Yes. Where else will I go? I'll stay right here. Rupali, she is my mother. From now on, she'll stay here. And you need Tiger to protect you. Hey, she is so snooty! You left Pooja for her?! My Pooja is thousand times better than her. You've already started speaking ill about her! It doesn't matter to me. In your happiness, lies mine too. I will be, where you are. You may stay with Pooja or with this snob. Just show me the room where I can remain in one corner. I am your son, not your daughter-in-law! Thank God! - I'll take care of you. Come with me I'll show you your room. lf a patient doesn't heed his doctor, how can the ailment be cured? It was fine to send the children and mother. But me going to office .. that's impossible! lf Indira Gandhi could run a country in spite of being a woman,.. .. then, can't you run an office for a few days? You forget that Prem holds 490/0 of the company shares,.. .. while you hold 510/0! So, who is the proprietor?.. You! I'd say, don't sit at home and fight this battle. Declare war! Just tell Rupali! That will be the end of the matter! Do you know I had even scolded her over the phone?! Not over the phone, my innocent sister-in-law! Just bump into her, and tell her that you are the wife - Numero Uno! Hey! Can't you see and open the door? You broke my lovely house! This was only a glass house, and you're so pained to see it break. Just think! You have broken apart my lovely, well-settled home. How pained I must be! I did not break your home. Prem came to me on his own. Because he loves me, Pooja. You are sadly mistaken! I'm the only one he loves. lf your love was so strong, then you could have stopped him earlier too. You are right. So now, if your love is so strong, then stop him and show! It's very easy to be a lover. But it's equally difficult to be a wife! You love him very much, don't you? Then, love his mother too! As well as his children! And his dog too! From now on, I will live your life, and you will live mine! "My wife is the best" "My wife is the best" Hey, Sharma, file this paper! Why are you showing it to me? Hello, sister-in-law. You?! Not sister-in-law! Get used to calling me madam or Mrs. Pooja Mehra. But, madam, what brings you to the office today? I should have done this earlier. But I couldn't pay any attention.. .. to the office as I was busy with household chores. Mr. Shashi. - Yes, ma'am? What am I in this company? - A partner, madam. How much percent? - 510/0. And what about your boss? - 490/0. So, how many percent more loyal should you be to me? 20/0, madam. Good. Very good. Tell me more. What else is happening here? Everything is a big mess here, madam! The boss must not have spent as much for his wedding as he has, on her! We are losing all our clients, and he refuses to change his model! Is there any shooting today? - Yes, madam. Where? - At Famous Studio. "My wife is the best" "My wife is the best" What's wrong with the generator? - Why have the lights gone off? Check the generator. Why have the lights gone off? The generator is perfectly fine, but the shooting has been cancelled. At whose behest? - Well.. Madam Pooja.. you.. As far as I remember, this company belongs to Prem, doesn't it? Yes. But Mr. Prem holds only 49% of the shares.. .. whereas Madam Pooja holds 51%. Well, I cannot disobey her. Do you understand what I'm trying to say.. This is a big problem! - Such humiliation, huh?! Prem! Get out of my way! There's a lot of confusion in this company! What will happen to me! "My wife is the best" "My wife is the best" "My wife is the best" What! Pooja cancelled the shooting? Yes, sir. Madam had even come to office. When? - This morning, sir. She's nuts! Sir, do not forget that she holds 510/0 of the company shares. Hey, I'm responsible for that! As per the rules, if you challenge her,.. .. she will lock this company, and we'll be left nowhere! She can do that. - Just think. Madam is here. I am very, very upset. I have never ever been so insulted! A shooting that was on, was cancelled, and I was told.. .. your Rupali was told that she isn't this company's model! Who said so? - He did! Get out. - Thank you, sir. That's it? Hey, he didn't have the shooting cancelled, Pooja did. She is envious of you. These eyes, this face.. .. this height.. this figure! There is no such model in India! Really? - I swear by you! O' my baby! Please come.. Sir, a man wants to.. Move aside! What impudence is this! - I'm sorry. I'm not being impudent. My name is Balwinder Singh. - So? I have a small factory. I promote new models. I'll be very grateful if you see these pictures. I'm very busy, go to someone else. - You're a rich man, you will be busy But just take a look at these photos. - What's this! Look behind. This model has been finalised for us. This one? Shashi, whom have you brought? - He forced his way in. Have you selected this model?! - I'm sorry, I have made a mistake. A big mistake! See this model, she'll blow your mind off! I don't want my mind to be blown off. I cannot see! Just give me a chance, please! - Show them to him, he'll see. But you are the boss, right? He's only a peon! Please take a look. - Show it to someone else. I implore you! - I beg at your feet! Please see them just once. Sir, how was I to know he'd persist? Look. This is what's called a model.. delicious ice-cream! Ice-cream! - Yes. Let go of my collar! I too command respect! So what if you don't like her? Many in Punjab dote on her.. Damn you! - Why are you getting angry? You've seen the pictures. My work's done! She's my wife! What's wrong? You seem very livid. I thought, you would be filled with remorse whenever you do return. But you are screaming aloud! - Incredible photographs! Thanks. Didn't you like them? - Fantastic, Pooja! But you ardently admire Rupali in such clothes. And now, when I've clicked my pictures, are you offended? You are a mother of two children, .. a daughter-in-law,.. a wife! Weren't you ashamed to have such pictures clicked? You are wrong. I am not a mother, I was. I'm not a daughter-in-law or a wife, I was! But now, I am free! I will do as I please! And I'm not insolent like you. It's my duty to entertain a guest. Please sit. What will you have? Breakfast, tea, coffee? No, thank you. Why bother? I notice you are becoming more and more decent. And it's against my honour to even breathe in such a place! Hello. I wish you'd understand that.. .. a couple's honour remains intact when they stay together. "My heart beats faster when I set eyes on you" "It beats when I think of you" "The heart pines to meet you" "My heart beats faster when I set eyes on you" "It beats when I think of you" My dear. When did you come? So much has transpired, and you didn't even inform us! Didn't you consider your parents worthy of sharing your sorrows? How often did we explain to you that Prem was not worthy of you. But you always thought us to be wrong. Anyway, don't worry. Your parents are still alive. Let's go. Where? - To your house. No, papa. This is my house. I won't leave it. In spite of the fact that Prem has left you? lf my prayers and my love possess the power,.. .. then Prem will surely return to me. All I need is your blessing. Our blessings are always with you. May the Lord help you achieve success. And if you ever need us, then do inform us. We'll leave. Papa is here! Start working! Get rolling! "Now that we are born in this world, we have to live on." "If life is a poison, we have to drink it." "If life is a poison, we have to drink it." Mother! What are you doing? - Cleaning the house, son. I can see that, but where are the servants? Rupali says that if we want to stay here, we should work & earn our food. She makes everybody work. She even makes us wash clothes. Why didn't you tell me, mother? - Matters would unnecessarily worsen. I hold no grudges against life. Get me two belts. One for my back, and the other for my neck. Neck? She is so tall. Talking to her.. - Mother, come off it! .. hurts my neck! You make my mother and kids work? Hey! I've never asked anyone to work. Will they lie to me then? I've just seen poor mother mopping the floor. lf you can't look after them, at least don't harass them. Prem, what is my fault? That I love you? First, your kids came here, then, it was your mother. This dog keeps shitting everywhere! I keep scrubbing all day, but I never complain! But I'm the only one you scold! I'm not going to talk to you! Mother is also too much! So what if she works a little! Don't cry. My baby! Get dressed, we'll go for dinner. - Never! Let's go to the Taj. - No! Come on! - Okay. I see! The Taj! Papa is taking aunty to the Taj for dinner. Well-done! It's good you told me. Take care of yourself as well as of Pinky. Okay, mummy. This is Pooja. Yes, tell me! What's happening? Prem is taking the bitch to the Taj for dinner. Rupali?.. So what? We'll also go there. Get dressed. I'll be there soon. Alright? - Okay. - Bye. Taj. Taj. Taj. Hey, Mr. Daler! You're singing many songs these days! Hear Lakhan's song today! I will make my buddy, Prem, burn so badly with jealousy.. .. that it'll set him afire! "Red hot chili" "How hot it is" "Red hot chili pepper" "Red hot chili. How hot it is. Red hot chili pepper." "You're as hot as fire" "You're as hot as fire" "You're as hot as fire" "It has burnt my heart" "Red hot chili. How hot it is. Red hot chili pepper." "You're as hot as fire" "You're as hot as fire" "It has burnt my heart" "Red hot chili. How hot it is. Red hot chili pepper." "Your beauty is mind blowing" "Hot innocence" "Mind blowing beauty" "Hot innocence" "You singed my lips" "Singing my lips, your hand on my heart" "Red hot chili. How hot it is. Red hot chili pepper." "You make me dance to your tune" "When she meets you" "You make me dance to your tune" "When she meets you" "My heart is coloured.." "My heart is coloured with the colour of your lips" "Red hot chili. How hot it is. Red hot chili pepper." "There's no fun without me" "Even if consuming me can be punishing" "There's no fun without me. Even if consuming me can be punishing" "One finds peace for a moment when one possesses me" "One finds peace for a moment when one possesses me" "Restlessness remains in the heart" "Red hot chili. How hot it is. Red hot chili pepper." "Red hot chili. How hot it is. Red hot chili pepper." Wear this. Jealousy has worked wonders! "Red hot chili. How hot it is. Red hot chili pepper." Now what? Why are you sitting out? Your beloved has thrown us out of the house! What! - Give me a bowl! I'll tear their clothes. Someone will surely give us alms! Despite having a son, I've had to see this day! She's gone crazy! Who is she to drive us away from the house that belongs to you? Your son told her this, and the bitch threw us out of the house. She threw our things outside, son! Let's go inside, mother. Coming! Now what? Why did you threw mother and the children out of the house? When did I do that?! I've brought them from outside just now! What! Mother.. - Please don't fight. I'll leave the kids in an orphanage and admit myself in a home for the aged Mother! Quiet! Rupali, apologise to mother. - Why should I when I.. I am sorry. Did you see that, son?! - What, mother?! Aren't you more mature than her?! lf she threw you out in the morning, you could have returned! You make a mountain..! Give me two packets. I know that this girl's husband has left her! lf you're fed up of being lonely, should we go together? Move out of my way! What a foolish man he is, to leave her for another! He is not a foolish man, he has left her for us! Here comes the dear husband! Hey, you're making merry with that girl, so let us do the same with her! Move aside. Hold this. - Hey! What are you doing? Who am I? - Prem. And who is she? - She is Pooja, your wife! Who is she to you? - She is our.. Don't hit him! I had warned you!.. She is our sister-in-law! Then, get going! I'll leave you home. - You have already left home. Did I save her to listen to this! Go on, massage! Hey, daughter-in-law! I have a severe headache! Good Lord! You give pills to everyone, give me also one! Mother, is it paining a lot? - Yes. Have this tablet, and you will be all right. My new daughter-in-law is so nice! Bless you, my dear! I will set you right now! Mother, I'm leaving. - Please give me a glass of water. Okay. O' God! - You okay? I have a severe headache. Rupali asked me to take these pills so that I'd feel relieved forever. What! Did Rupali give you these pills? Yes, son. - This is rat poison! I don't want to die a rat's death! Send me to the home for the aged! Don't call her. You'll unnecessarily break your limbs! Quiet! Let me handle this! Coming! What's the matter? - Mother, you won't utter a word! Did you give her some pills? - Yes. She had a headache, so I.. - This is rat poison, Rupali! This?! - Do you want to kill my mother? What nonsense is this! I know that you have always hated my mother and children! That is a lie! - You're taking advantage of my love! Mother, you.. - Loving you was a big mistake! Mistake? I made a mistake by loving a contemptible man like you! It's crossed the limit today, Prem! It really has! Really?.. This is great news! - Sister-in-law! Hey! Brother Lakhan is here. I'll speak to you later. I have some great news! - So do I! Really? Go on! - You first! You first! Mother had called. Prem slapped Rupali just now! She has locked herself in a room. She isn't even talking to Prem! The rascal has done something right for the first time! Now, you tell me! - Sit down first! I've just learnt that a boy named Deepak used to love Rupali a lot. But Rupali wanted to marry a rich man, so she jilted poor Deepak. But of what use is Deepak to us? - He is of great use! Rupali is very emotionally insecure, frustrated and depressed right now. She needs a shoulder to cry on, and the shoulder will be that of..? Deepak! I've understood everything you have said. But are you sure that Rupali will be willing to leave your husband? Right now, perhaps, she's filled with remorse at what she's done. lf you help us at this juncture, then she can leave Prem. I don't quite understand. - Brother.. Assume that Rupali leaves Prem. Will you accept her then? You haven't replied. lf she comes to me, being sincerely rueful, then I'll surely accept her. Wow, brother. Thank you very much. What a great man! Thank you. Thank you very much. Hey! You are getting too emotional. Your husband has been with another woman for so long. And if you are yet willing to accept him, then so can I. What do I have to do? - Nothing. You have to reach at 4.30 tomorrow.. at this address. And what do I have to do there? - Just come there. Once you come there, you will understand everything. Let's go?.. Goodbye. Rupali, tell me something. - Yes? Has Prem gone nuts?! - Why? What's the matter? I'd phoned Prem and asked for you. It's Lovely's birthday on Sunday. I see. - She wanted you also to come. But Prem said that you wouldn't come. I said, "At least ask her!" And he got angry! He said, "What's the need? Rupali will do as I say!" As if you are his servant!.. And he slammed the receiver down! He slammed the receiver?! He didn't even tell me! Anyway, it's your personal matter. However, if you would seek Prem's permission and come,.. .. Lovely would be very happy. I have never sought permission for anything! I will surely come! That is the spirit. At the dot of 4.30! Prem, Rupali is a very ill-mannered girl! No way! What nonsense! I had phoned you yesterday. Rupali had answered the call. I asked her where you were. She said, how was she to know that! Did you tell her you were a friend? - Yes. I thought she didn't recognise my voice. I said, this is Lakhan here. And? She said, "So? Are you a Prime Minister? Don't ever phone again!" And she slammed the receiver! Her audacity! I'll..! Forget it! This is your personal matter. But, Prem, I'll never ever come to your house again. lf Rupali gives you the permission, then come home at 5.30. Permission! Will I have to seek her permission to go to the bathroom?! Do you think I'm henpecked?! - No, it isn't so.. I slapped her just yesterday! Go ahead, but I don't think you'll be able to come. What nonsense are you talking! Don't you know me?! What time tomorrow? - 5.30. 5,30? Done! 100% - Why do I need permission? - That is the spirit. That is the spirit. - Permission? It's Parents' Day at school tomorrow. Your father will come, won't he? - One can never trust papa. Both the parents have to attend the function, and we also wish the same. Your mummy will surely come. I love you, mother. Bye, mother. Dear children, ladies and gentlemen.. You have invited me as the Chief Guest for the Parents' Day function. I am grateful to you for doing that. I am extremely happy today to find myself amongst one of you. Happy, because until yesterday, even we were children. And today, we have become parents. The bond of love between parents and children.. .. has existed since the day the world was created. And it will continue till eternity. I only pray that all parents experience the joy of having children. And that every child be bestowed with the love of parents. What else do I say? By the way, on this occasion,.. .. I do remember a few lines which I had learnt from my parents. "Those children are fortunate.." "who are close to their Mummy and Daddy" "Sairam, please forgive me" "Sairam, please forgive me" "Sairam, please forgive me" "I will take the name of my parents before you" "I will take the name of my parents before you" "Sairam, please forgive me" "Sairam, please forgive me" "I will take the name of my parents before you" "I will take the name of my parents before you" "Those that do not have the love of parents.." "they do not possess the world of happiness" "Don't ever make us helpless" "Do not separate us from our Mummy-Daddy" "We can only grow holding their finger" "Om Sairam, forgive me" "Om Sairam, forgive me" "Om Sairam, forgive me" "Before you I will take the name of my parents'" "Before you I will take the name of my parents'" "Without Daddy, who will get me chocolates?" "Other than Mummy who will sing lullabies?" "Memories of Daddy torment me all the time" "Being away from Mummy fills my eyes with tears" "We have to live with them all our lives" "Om Sairam please.." "..forgive me." "Om Sairam please forgive me" "Om Sairam please forgive me" "Before you I will take the name of my children" "Before you I will take the name of my children" "Om Sairam please forgive me" "Om Sairam please forgive me" "Before you I will take the name of my children" "Before you I will take the name of my children" Hello, sister.. I mean Ms. Rupali! Please come. Hey, there is nobody here. Where is your wife? Wife? She must be on her way. She has a very low key birthday. Please sit. It is a beautiful house. - Thank you. So, tell me! - What do I tell you? How are things between Prem and you? Fine. What's this around your neck? - A chain. Oh! I thought it was a 'mangalasutra" This implies that Prem has still not married you? So, you are living together out of wedlock..? Ms. Rupali, have you ever thought of your future?! A man who can leave his wife and children for you.. .. can leave you too someday for another woman! I know that my words will feel like venom at this moment. No. - It's my duty to guide you properly. Our society speaks filth about the relationship that Prem and you share. I can't even talk about it, but you must have understood, right? What a fool I am! I spoke such rubbish to you. I'll be back soon. - Okay. Hello, Deepak. - Hello. Have I come at the right time? - Absolutely! Please come. What's this used for? - To open the nut. And this? - For the bolt. Listen, go out and play. And don't disturb me. Give me a kiss. I think the fool will grow up and become an engineer! Mechanical engineer. Ms. Rupali. - Yes? Hey! I think you know each other, and I was introducing the two of you! Please sit. I'll come back soon. Tea, buttermilk or something else? How are you? - Fine. Please sit. I'm not one of those boys who keep falling in love. I have fallen in love only once - that's with you. And I still love you. But, Deepak, I'm not worthy of you. Better late than never! I love you. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. My friend Prem! You've come! You appear very happy.. Hey, be careful! Prem, I was just sitting and thinking today that.. Scoundrel.. ..there must be something in Rupali for which you've given up everything! And now, she has begun to love you more than Pooja. Very soon, she will take Pooja's place! No. Nobody can take Pooja's place. Then, go back to Pooja. She still loves you very much. No. There's too much confusion in my life. Come inside, you'll understand everything. Lakhan, there's somebody here. - It's only Rupali. Then, who is he? - Her boyfriend. And who am I? - You 'were'! I see! I have realised today what type of a girl she is. Hey, mister! Speak to my Rupali properly! Just sit, and remain quiet! It's not your fault but mine for loving a girl like you. Prem, look.. Before pointing a finger at me, look at the kind of man you are! What did you say? - Prem, don't get angry. Don't get angry, and don't fight. And you will not raise your hand! - No, I won't raise my hand. I will kick her! Prem, control yourself. What are you doing?! Have you gone crazy? I did everything under the sun for her! I gave her a bungalow, a car.. everything! How much I loved her! And now, wearing a short skirt, she sits glued to someone else! You gave her everything. Only then did she come to you! You didn't think about your wife who had left everything for you! I deserve it, buddy. I deserve it. What I did to Pooja, Rupali has done to me. But she is wrong! I strike her off! Let's go, Prem. You are my buddy, aren't you? Did you think you wouldn't get kicked? Well, this was inevitable! But why are you crying now? I'm not crying! Hey, you have Pooja, don't you?! Yes, I do. Will you go to Pooja now?! Will you? Yes! No! I won't go to her! What do you mean by why?! How do I go to Pooja?! How do I go and face her?! Return the way you had left. Don't say anything else. Just say, "Pooja, I have come back.. You won't go back to her, will you? Let alone her, I won't go to anybody now! You've forgiven me, haven't you? It's not your fault. A man possesses the temperament of a dog! How naive you are! How much I deceived and lied to you! No! - I will not go anywhere now! Even if I do go somewhere,.. don't let me! No! Hold me back, hit me, but don't let me go anywhere! I know you will not do that. Okay, stop crying now. .. stop crying. I'll make a phone call and come. Let me tell that lamppost that I won't be coming to her again. Brother Lakhan, thank you very much. You have opened my eyes. You address me as Brother Lakhan, and yet thank me! A sister has settled down, a friend has returned home. What more could I ask God for? I've never touched anybody's feet, but I will, today. Hey! A sister's place is not here, but in the heart! Thank you. O' God! I'll be dead! May you be damned! You ruined my life! - Lovely, please listen to me! Stop it! Lovely doesn't want to listen to anything now! I am going away to our place of worship! Lovely, wait! Mother. Mother! - Lovely! Where is mummy? - Daddy! How will she stop the car? The brakes are in my hand! You fool! I thought you would become an engineer! Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Hey! Where is the handle? - It's behind! I'm crazy! Come on, sit! Look! There's your mother, son! Lovely, please listen to me! Please slow down! The car brakes have failed. The brakes in my life have failed, and you're concerned about the car! It's you I am concerned about! - Mummy, stop the car! Your mummy is dead, and so is your dad! You've become an orphan, and I, a widow! Why are you killing your husband when he's yet alive?! Listen to me! After we get divorced, Pillu will stay with me! So will I! - I'll stay with both of you! That's impossible in this life, Pillu! Keep moving. Watch what I do. Pillu, don't do anything stupid. lf you do, then.. Pillu! Where is he?! O' God! You have even dropped my son now! Papa, I'm here! Careful! Sit down! - Sit. I'm not the kind of man you think I am! Forget it! I've seen you embracing that witch! She's my sister! Is it wrong to hug a sister? Lie some more! Brother Prem had lied to his wife. Now, you are lying to me! Papa, come inside! Come inside. Papa, come inside! What are you doing? Are you blind? God, save me. Hey!.. O' God! What's happened?! How do I stop the car? What do I do?! Come inside!.. Pillu, lend him a hand! Papa, give me your hand. Pillu. Come inside. Papa, come inside. Lovely, try to understand me. Have I ever lied to you? Yet, if you don't believe me, then.. .. Prem, Pooja and Rupali are at home. Ask them. Why should I ask them? They are outsiders, you are someone my own. I trust you. O' God, please forgive me! I really spoke ill, in a fit of fury! Where are your feet? I want to touch them. They are in your hand, Lovely. - Forgive me. Mummy, don't tell papa a thing. - No, my son. Son, your mother sure has a sharp tongue, but she has a heart of gold. She is my wife- Numero Uno! "My wife is the best" "some women call you, handsome" "Some say, Hi. Hello Samson" "Some consider you cute" "Others think you're very strong" "But you tell everyone you have a girl who.." "Has golden tresses and a silvery figure" "You and only you are the best wife" "You and only you are the best wife" "Women call me, handsome" "Some women, say to me Hello Samson" "Some call me cute" "Some say I'm very strong" "Women call me, handsome" "Some women, say to me Hello Samson" "Some call me cute" "Some say I'm very strong" "But I tell everyone this there's a girl with me" "She has golden tresses and a silvery figure" "She's the best wife one can have" "She's my wife number 1"


A worker at a gramophone record factory surprisingly creates a hit song, "Leaning on a Lamp-post".


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