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Fanfare of Marriage

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Fanfare of Marriage
Directed byHans Grimm
Written by
  • Felix Lützkendorf
  • Herbert Witt
Produced by
CinematographyErich Claunigk
Edited byLilian Seng
Music byFranz Grothe
Distributed by
Release date
  • 3 September 1953 (1953-09-03)
Running time
88 minutes
CountryWest Germany

Fanfare of Marriage (German: Fanfaren der Ehe) is a 1953 West German comedy film directed by Hans Grimm and starring Dieter Borsche, Georg Thomalla and Inge Egger.[1] It is the sequel to the 1951 German film Fanfares of Love. It was shot at the Bavaria Studios in Munich and on location around Genoa and Naples in Italy. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Fritz Lück and Hans Sohnle.

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This is an unusual village. Not so much the people, but because of what Lagerwiede has masses of: water. There's so much of it, there's no room for streets. There is no other way for this baker to deliver his bread. Nor for that farmer to bring in his hay. There's only room for a narrow path. without traffic lights. They wouldn't want a wide road. For then Lagerwiede wouldn't be unusual. And no one would come and visit. Tourists can be annoying... ...but who wants to do without them? Not Geursen. Nor his competitor Krijns. Tourists are always noisy. But it's still peaceful here. Especially at night when the tourists have gone. There's only the water. And us. The village people. And I. I belong here too, though I stay at a distance. But you can hear clearly across the water. Listen: The band is rehearsing. I'll take a look. Stop it. I'll do this on our wedding day. - Put me down or I'll run away. Go on then. Hello Mr. Altena, you're back. I am. How are you both? Look, this will be our house. Getting married? How nice. And having a home already. Krijns will rent it to us. So much news. Have Krijns and your father made up? Sort of. I board with Krijns. That helps. Are you on duty? Yes, Mayor. Good evening. - Hello, Mr. Altena. Pity we're caught. It's your uniform. This is Mr. Altena. Lagerwiede's composer. Mr. Zwaansdijk from cultural Affairs. He must be the one to authorise the band's grant. I'll go and warn them. will you get changed? They've rehearsed a lot lately. They deserve the grant, don't you agree, Mayor? Mr. Zwaansdijk can hear for himself. Is this the contest entry? - Yes. This time the cup will be ours. wait and see. The two rivals have made up, haven't they? which rivals? - Geursen and Krijns. Geursen and Krijns? They've buried their differences. All is well now. Enough. That's enough, stupid horse-face. I'm sick of you whinnying. Don't you talk to me like that, cow-face. They're the ones. Have they finished? - It seems they're finishing early tonight. Shall we go? Let's discuss the grant somewhere. was that necessary? It's a difficult horn solo. He'd better do some more practising. Right, Koendering? At home with his beautiful sister. Going out? Yes, if you don't mind. You'd better not be late. Has rehearsing finished? Yes, thanks to your father-in-law. It might be a hard solo, but I can't help laughing when he hits a false note. It's not nice to laugh at your competitor. - competitor? Krijns with his water-tent is no competitor. Going out again? with your policeman, I bet. Yes, we have a date. won't you change your mind? we love each other. Yes. But... You can do better than marrying a policeman. I love Douwe and he might not always be a policeman. He'll never be an innkeeper. I don't want anyone else. And you know it. See you. You put me in an awkward situation, yesterday. Zwaansdijk came to organise the grant, but all he heard was a fight. I couldn't help it, Mayor. You know what they're like. But you must keep them under control. If they win the first prize, I'll be happy. I'll watch them tonight. - You do that. You'll be on duty. If you know what I mean. Are you getting on with your boat? - Slowly. So Aaltje doesn't like you working on it? Good morning, Aaltje. You're spilling it. Anything else? - No thanks. Hello. Here's our bride. You've got him at last. He's a nice lad. I can't deny it. I know my Douwe. of course she does. what would you like? - A pound of brown beans. A pound of brown beans. A pound of brown beans. watch her. She better could have stayed in Amsterdam. Don't go on about Lies. She seems to know you well. I know my Douwe. You imitate her badly. - I guess, you know her better. Yes, I know her better. Don't act so childish. Let's change the subject. - Here's dad. Guarding the band tonight? That's what happens when you act childish. Let me tell you... I'm on duty, remember? I can't respond. Gentlemen, be serious tonight. we'll start at B. Don't slow down. You must keep time. Valentijn, I'm looking forward to Krijns' solo. Interruptions will make him nervous. we'll take it from here. I'll get him. - Quiet. Everyone out of here. Understood? Everyone. You want me to apologise? why not? You started it. But it was so funny. You should have seen it. we finally got that part right and he missed again. I'm not to laugh about it. No, it's not nice. You know Krijns practises hard. All you do is laugh. Please go and see him and make up. For me. well... All right, then. But only for you. what will I say? Krijns, lad... Thomas, I won't laugh again. I picked a bad time to go fishing with Zwaansdijk. They're fighting again. Don't worry, Mayor. Geursen is going to apologise. That's good. Excellent. That's a load off my mind. But keep an eye on him. Right, Clara, we'll find you a new field and we'll see Krijns on the way. All right, old girl? off you get... Henk, hurry, they're here. I'd like to... - I've no time now. Ladies, your attention for a moment. How lovely it is to sit here peacefully. But on this pleasant day I'd like a moment to think about our work. which is animals and their purpose. Especially animals in the country. Poor dog. As I said especially animals in the country. we all know, ladies, that mankind... Clara. It's only a dog. where are you going? watch out. Ladies. Please stay calm. Ladies. come on, catch him. Quick. They're tearing the place apart. A criminal, that's what you are. Please, Clara, come here. come on. The rascal... And I was going to give my boat to his daughter. I'll get him. And his band. I'll show him. That's enough. we've had enough now. No rehearsal tonight, Valentijn. Krijns is up to something. Did something happen? Did it ever. Krijns' dog went after my Clara. That would suit my boat. It really would. Heard what the pig did? I thought it was a cow. was it a big mess? - Yes. And I lost thirty customers. But I'll get even with him. Tonight I'm having a meeting here. You'd better come. I believe Krijns was here. Tell me, did he come to steal you away? Yes. - I'll tell you something. You are our conductor and you will remain so. And we'll rehearse on my premises. or you won't be sitting here much longer. So, tonight at my place. Tea. Thanks. I wonder how the meetings are going. You can't take sides when you have a shop. coming in soon? All right. So... Let him try. How many men does he have? Twelve men. It's a start. we'll show them who's going to the contest. They can't go to the contest. The band, that's us. They left and we didn't. we're in the right. They'll have to give in. what will we play now? we'll need a new piece of music. I've got it. Tomorrow I'll go to Altena. I'll ask him for music. Altena will run up some music for us. He'll do it within a week. Krijns won't get anywhere. He has no conductor. I know a conductor in Amsterdam. His name is... Eduard Zalm, I think. He'll come if I ask him. Altena will do it. we'll have the music next week. It's a march. There's some friction. - I see. And we didn't like our music. - I see. A little friction? - Yes. So you want a new piece. - Yes. Not for the whole band? No. For about fifteen men. Before the contest? - Yes. Let me give you some advice. Play something solemn, that'll make a hit. If you think so. There's not much time. what instruments do you have? Let's see... There's me with the bombardon... I know what will happen. Douwe and I will miss out on the boat. You and your quarrels. It's Krijns. He wants to have his own band. He always wants to have everything his way. I hope we'll get the boat. You always stick up for him. Krijns is all right. He'd never do anything mean. where's everyone? Are the rest inside? The scoundrels. Damn scoundrels. There. Geursen wanted a quarrel. Now he's got one. Lies organised a conductor. The village won't believe it. Is it a record-player or a tape recorder? It's a tape recorder. I use it for my music. I see. Are you a musician? - I'm a conductor. A good profession. I enjoy music myself. I'll be conducting a band. - How nice. whereabouts? In Lagerwiede. In Lagerwiede? - Yes. Have we passed it? Quick. Hello, miss. Does the band rehearse here? - Yes, it does. May I have a look? It's all right by me. who's he? what's he doing? - I don't know. I'm Eduard Schalm, your new conductor. You must be Mr. Krijns. Krijns? - Yes. Krijns? - Yes. So you want Krijns? - From the band. From the band. - Yes. You want Krijns? - Yes, Krijns. Nice business you have. Look out here. Damn. Eduard. Thank goodness. - come with me, silly. I bet that's him. Krijns, the mayor wants you. what for? You'll find out. I'll go. So you're deciding who'll go to the contest. I thought I was president. You're both mad. Geursen won't stay behind. He'll want to go too. And the community will be stuck with two bands. That's not what the grant is for. I'll give the grant to the largest band. Keep that in mind. See Mr. Krijns out and look if Geursen's here. They'll stop their quarrel, now they know they need a majority. Don't you miss Amsterdam? of course I do. But now you're here. I really can't leave Thomas. He's very busy. Smeenk makes eleven and Henk makes twelve... I need Koendering. Then I'll have the majority. Koendering. - what do you need him for? For your boat. It's a good paint. - That's a big help and very kind of you. Thanks a lot. - So will you play in our band? I don't know. It's the right colour. Play in your band? well... Geursen speaking. can I place an order? Sure. I'll get a pencil. It's Geursen. Got any chocolate bars? I need 200. How many? 200? Haven't you got that many? - I have. No problem. Tins of sausages? would you have a hundred? No, I don't have that many. I might have eighty. That'll do. - No problem. Did you get it all? - I've written it down. You're not leaving us? - No... You'll stay with us then. Fine. Good day. I couldn't outbid Geursen to get Koendering. we've got our music, so let's start. Schalm will record our music, so we can hear our mistakes. That way we'll get on faster. we'll show the mayor who plays best. Look. Is that Koendering or not? It is. - Right. You heard the mayor say it's the majority that counts. Forgotten? - No. Good. There are thirteen musicians here. That's the majority. This then is Lagerwiede's band. And this is where the banner belongs. And all the instruments. I'll talk to the mayor. The mayor's ordered Krijns to return everything. He thinks it will get Krijns back to the band. He doesn't know Krijns. And I must see to it that it's done. Then Krijns will blame you, and we won't get the boat. It can't be helped. Pardon me. Krijns... I'm not supposed to tell you this: The mayor wants you to return everything tonight. Never. They belong to the guild. Douwe's to get them tonight. And he does what he's told? Mayor's orders. I came to warn you. I didn't have to. There's only the drum to come. Take them to Smeenk. I won't give them back. Busy? No. And you? Not rehearsing tonight? - Not tonight. Looking for something? - Yes. For the banner and the instruments. The mayor wants them back tonight. where are they? - I haven't got them. You're such a help to Geursen, why not board with him? I was sent here. Let me know when you're getting sent again. Smeenk. I bet they are at Smeenk's. - we'll see. Look... I think the weather is changing. where are they? - where are what? The instruments. - And the banner? Didn't Krijns take them back? Feel free to look inside. Go on then. They're not here. Henk. Lost something? How did it go? - Badly. Now everyone is mad. Krijns too? Did he turn in his instruments? No. He seemed to know and has hidden them. To the side and up we go... and now we bend over. Very good. Bend over and pull up. Stretch your body... Do you know we've only got five days until the contest? Yes. But we're playing quite well, aren't we? we still need to practise more. In a decent place. I've got one. Are the boys at the gate? - Yes. Is Henk back? - I'm here. All set? - Yes. Leendert is ready. Ready, gentlemen? I'm coming. why? - You won't manage alone. Right. Let's try again. Listen. I heard something. I didn't. - I did. wait a moment. No one will come here. - I bet Geursen will. I'll go first. Good sound, isn't it? came to listen, did you? There they are. - where? over there. They're coming. Quick. I know what you're up to. They're in here. who? - I heard them playing. Did you hear them playing? - who? You can't fool us. - I'll go in. You'll be sorry, you brat. Find another boarding-house. There. That's no good. I need the instruments too. They're not here. Find them yourself. You can lower them, Herman. Did you sleep all right? just as well you have me. Thomas can jump in the lake. I've got you some tea too. Thanks. Enjoy your breakfast. There's only one solution. The majority. - Right, we need Koendering. But how? I couldn't bribe him last time. Depends on what you use. There. She's yours. Now will you play with us? She is beautiful, Thomas. what's this? what's this doing here? what are you up to? From Thomas... for my boat. - No way. Don't you get involved in that quarrel. I don't want that ugly thing, and you're not changing bands. Let's finish our beers and look for them ourselves. If the police won't do it, we will. we'll look everywhere... In the stable and at Smeenk's. If they're not there, we'll keep looking. You picked a good night. Just what I need: fishing in peace and quiet. Enjoy it. The quarrels will solve themselves. I hope you're right. where are we going? - into the marshes. You're in trouble. It's not my fault. Sleeping there again? I think I'll leave. - what do you mean? I'm leaving the village. There they are. over there. In their boats. You're right. we'll follow them. Quick. They've seen us. Into the rushes and quack. Quack. Sit down. They've disappeared. They're in the rushes. - I see them. we're stuck. Done. Got you. Mayor. who would do this? If I find out, I'll strangle him. Is that you, Thomas? were you able to practice last night? Mind your own business. You need Koendering, don't you? Isn't that right? I said to mind your own business. You won't get him then. Think you can do anything? want him or not? You could try. will you take Douwe back? All right. Good morning, Mayor. what's this? I've nowhere to sleep, Mayor. Not well? I'm... very well. I'll show them. Get them both. Geursen and Krijns. can I help? - Please. Are you enjoying it here? - It's quite nice. Don't you like it at Krijns'... and with Lies? Lies is too busy with Douwe. But it's up to them. I just want to work. I held on to the pole and got wet up to my neck. I hate getting wet. See you later. what did he want? He came to tell me about you and Lies. Me and Lies? You two were kissing in broad daylight. I've had enough. I'll get your father to see the mayor. Then that's it. I'm leaving this stupid place. Hello Jacob. Good day, Lies. Have you heard? - Heard what? All Hendrik Joort's milk fell in the canal. The water is all white and polluted. No one knows who did it. Hendrik says, when he finds out he'll strangle the coward. He would too. How could you, Jacob? I happened to see it. I won't tell anyone. But you'll be playing at Thomas tonight. Right, Jacob? we're sorry about last night, Mayor. But it was your idea that the larger band should go. And you told Krijns to return the instruments. He hasn't. Sit down. why haven't you returned the instruments? They're ours. - Stay out of it, Geursen. He's the one who wanted the instruments. why? Because I represent the band. You don't. So you've no rights. why is that? I have a band just like you. Your band doesn't exist. - why not? Because you don't have the majority. Then who has? we do. And you know it. Koendering, tell Geursen which band you play in. In... In yours. I'll be off then. I'm coming with you. There's no need to. I'll decide on that. I'll wait. You are rehearsing tonight? coffee please, and something to eat. The mayor's getting them? - He sure is. This I must see. Henk, you can fetch the instruments from Smeenk's. we can play. Take your time. I'm off to see Geursen's face. Hello. - Good evening, Mayor. Put it down. I've got my boat. I can put them in it. Leave them. They're going to the town hall. Geursen, another coffee, please. coffee. Krijns. They've got our instruments. - what? Douwe took them. They're ours. we've got the majority. Koendering is with us. Douwe. Tell the mayor. - It's a dirty trick. Put them there. Give them back. we're the real band. It's mean of you to take our instruments, Mayor. I've got the majority. we'll talk later, Krijns. You're a traitor. I bet it was your doing. Silly fool. How many are there? Twenty-four. - what's missing? Koendering's triangle. - Let him keep it. Take them away, Douwe. Inside now, please gentlemen. Here we are then. You're all angry because I've taken your instruments. But let me tell you I couldn't care less. I'm angry too. The contest is tomorrow... ...and you know I've been looking forward to it. we had a chance of winning. But you were fighting instead of practicing. Like children. And tried to drown me. You know... everyone at the contest would have laughed at us. Isn't that true? So we won't participate in the contest this year. Knowing you... I thought it was wise to lock the instruments away. You'll get them back when the contest is over... ...and we'll forget this ever happened. Then we'll practice for next year. All twenty-four... and Koendering. Another three. where's Krijns? come on, lad. well men, the fight is over and you two will shake hands. come on. well done. Your health. I got you in trouble, didn't I? - Not you. Douwe did. I'll get even with him. To the band. - To art and friendship. Marije. Marije. Geursen. we'll marry. with or without the houseboat. I see. Mr. Valentijn, when can we register? Tomorrow? Please? Tomorrow? All right then. Please, father, give your consent. You've made up your mind already. It'll be a happy day, after all. we should have music. can we have the instruments? Tomorrow. Until then I'll keep the key right here. See you. - Goodbye. what's this? I won't do it. - Then don't. of course. You're friends again. Not competitors. I'll return it then. I gave you the chance to go to the concert too. what do you mean? Think. Geursen will get the key from Valentijn. I'm off to the contest. I have to find an excuse for the band's absence. when was it our turn? - Around 2 p.m. So, you're here. Ready? It's taking a long time. Damn. The banner. - Get it. Make sure you get it. Excuse us, please. we're in a hurry. They've got the instruments. The town hall. You sign over here... There, you cheat. Giving the key to Krijns. But you won't get Marije. come on. You too. Me? - To the contest. come on, Valentijn. wait for me. Help me. Hurry. - Don't let go. come on, wake up. Drive us. This isn't right. It isn't Douwe's fault. Quiet. Drive. Let's play. Attention, gentlemen. what's going on? They've gone after all. - How? They stole my key. Did they all go? - Yes. Good. Got two bikes? - Yes. Let's go. come. what's this? well done, lad. Drive on. what a pity the conductor took ill. Is it serious? It's the flu. Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. The brass band from Lagerwiede... The brass band from Lagerwiede. - what's going on? Tell them to stop. Start, Valentijn. - Hurry, Schalm. Get a chair. Stop immediately. Valentijn, come back. Douwe, get those idiots off. Ready? Attention. You see, nothing bad was intended. Even though it seems hopeless... ...if you let them be... ...things will work out in the end.


While their musician wives are away working on a cruise ship, their husbands are forced to dress up in drag and pretend to be women in order to convince the social services that they are able to look after their children properly.



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