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El Privilegio de Amar

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El Privilegio de Amar
Created byLiliana Abud
Based onCristal
by Delia Fiallo
Written by
Directed by
Theme music composerJorge Avendaño
Opening theme"El privilegio de amar"
by Manuel Mijares & Lucero
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes155
Executive producerCarla Estrada
ProducerArturo Lorca
Production locations
  • Alejandro Frutos
  • Jesús Acuña Lee
  • Juan Franco
  • Luis Horacio Valdés
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time41-44 minutes
Production companyTelevisa
Original networkCanal de las Estrellas
Original releaseJuly 27, 1998 (1998-07-27) –
February 26, 1999 (1999-02-26)
Triunfo del amor

El Privilegio de Amar (Literal English translation: The Privilege to Love, International English title: The Right to Love) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carla Estrada for Televisa.[1] It aired on Canal de las Estrellas from July 27, 1998, to February 26, 1999. El Privilegio de Amar is a remake of the 1985 Venezuelan novela, Cristal.[2] El Privilegio de Amar is the highest-rated television program in Mexico to date,[3] it registered an average of 34.8 percent of TV audience.[4] The telenovela received TVyNovelas Award for Best Telenovela, in 1999.

The telenovela tells the story of a fashion designer, Luciana, who begins searching for the daughter she abandoned years earlier, unaware the girl is none other than Cristina, a model in Luciana's fashion house who has fallen in love with Luciana's stepson.

Starring Adela Noriega, Helena Rojo, Andrés García, René Strickler, Enrique Rocha, Cynthia Klitbo, Nuria Bages, César Évora and Marga López.


The young seminarian Juan de la Cruz arrives for a visit at the home of his mother, Ana Joaquina, a religious fanatic who has always imposed her will upon her son and pushed him to serve God. Working in Ana Joaquina's house is the young Luciana, an innocent dreamer of a girl who falls in love with Juan.

One night, carried away by youthful passion, they tenderly and innocently give in to their desires. Upon discovering that Luciana is pregnant, Ana Joaquina demands to know the identity of the child's father; when Luciana admits that it is Juan de la Cruz, Ana Joaquina fires Luciana, leaving her destitute.

After giving birth to a daughter, Luciana leaves her baby on the doorstep of a wealthy house with the hope that the little girl will be raised there, but she is instead taken to an orphanage. In order to survive, Luciana becomes involved with many undesirable men, including Pedro Trujillo, a terrible man who hits and abuses her.

Twenty years later, Cristina, Luciana's daughter, has grown up happily in the orphanage although she is forever curious to know who her mother is; meanwhile, Luciana is the owner of a popular fashion house and the wife of the well-known actor Andrés Duval, with whom she has two children, Lizbeth and Víctor Manuel.

Lizbeth, who is Luciana and Andrés's daughter, is capricious and spoiled because she is accustomed to always having what she wants, while Víctor Manuel, who is Andrés's son with his first wife, is like a son to Luciana and works at her fashion house.

Her happy and caring family provokes Luciana to begin searching for the daughter she abandoned so many years ago; however, her family knows nothing about Cristina because Luciana has never revealed a single detail about her past for fear of her husband's reaction. Cristina, upon leaving the orphanage, rents a simple apartment with Lorenza and Maclovia.

Lorenza is a beautiful young woman, provocative and very self-confident, whereas Maclovia is reserved, timid, and intelligent. Lorenza meets Andrés and they become lovers as Andrés comes to desire the passion and love that Luciana never gave him; meanwhile, Cristina, thanks to Lorenza, obtains work as a model in Luciana's fashion house.

Cristina and Víctor Manuel fall in love and begin to date, but when Luciana discovers their relationship she fires Cristina and tries to convince her son that he should marry Tamara, trapping him with the lie that she is carrying his child when in reality the child is that of Nicolás Obregón, Andrés's friend.

Cristina discovers that she is pregnant by Víctor Manuel but decides to stay quiet out of respect for the family that he has formed. At this point, Alonso comes into Cristina's life offering a name for her daughter and love for her; however, Cristina cannot return his feelings because she does not love him.

Nonetheless, Cristina begins to fight for her daughter and becomes a very successful woman. This status that she little by little gains as a model unites her again with Víctor Manuel who lives a hellish life with Tamara; he eventually leaves her to be happy with Cristina and thus, they are able to enjoy together the privilege of loving.


Actor Character Description
Adela Noriega Cristina Miranda /Cristina Velarde Hérnandez de Duval Raised in an orphanage by Sisters Regina and Bernandina, Cristina leaves the orphanage to move in an apartment with Lorenza and Maclovia. She dreams of becoming a famous model, and starts working in Luciana's fashion house as one. There, she meets Luciana's stepson, Victor Manuel, and they fall in love. Unknowingly to all of them, she's the biological child of Luciana, who abandoned her when she was a baby, with Father Juan de la Cruz.
Helena Rojo / Edith Márquez (Young) Luciana Hernández de Duval Tough and demanding, Luciana is a successful fashion designer who runs her own fashion house. Her past holds a painful secret: she got pregnant with Juan de la Cruz's daughter and abandoned the child, a deed that deeply hurts her to this day. She's married to Andrés Duval, with whom she has a daughter, Lizbeth, and helped Andrés raise his son, Victor Manuel.
Andrés García Andrés Duval Charming and seductive, Andrés is a successful actor who is apparently happily married to Luciana and a supportive and loving father to Lizbeth and Victor Manuel. However, their marriage is turbulent, for Luciana's secrecy over her eldest daughter (a secret that Andrés is unaware of), her dedication to her work and her toughness as she deals with their daughter Lizbeth tear Andrés and Luciana apart. He then starts an affair with Lorenza, Cristina's friend.
René Strickler Víctor Manuel Duval Rivera Victor Manuel is Andrés' son from his first marriage, to Bárbara, and was raised by his father and Luciana, who loves him as a son. He's an womanizer, who dates around, never committing to anyone. At first, he sees Cristina as just another conquest, but eventually falls for her. However, before he can convince Luciana to allow them to marry, his old girlfriend Tamara comes back and tells him she's pregnant with his baby (which is a lie - the baby is Nicolás'), forcing Victor Manuel to break up with Cristina, who is pregnant with his baby.
Enrique Rocha Nicolás Obregón A famous actor who Andrés respects and sees as a friend, but who secretly envies Andrés and does everything in his power to sabotage Andrés' career. He believes he's Victor Manuel's biological father, and Tamara's lover, who fathered the baby she passed off as being Victor Manuel's.
Cynthia Klitbo Tamara de la Colina Spoiled and arrogant, she's the only daughter of Rebeca and Erasmo, who have always done everything she wanted. She's obsessed with Victor Manuel and lies to him that the baby she's carrying, actually fathered by Nicolás who is her lover, is his. They marry, but it's an unhappy union, because Victor Manuel can't let go of his love for Cristina. This makes Tamara grow to hate Cristina, and her inability to put an end to their love leads Tamara to her sad demise.
César Évora / Andrés Gutiérrez (Young) Father Juan de la Cruz Velarde The only child of Ana Joaquina, he was raised by her since he was very young to be a priest. However, his only night of passion with Luciana led to her pregnancy. He only found out about the baby years later, eventually finding out that the baby is actually Cristina, but unable to tell anyone because his mother told him in confession. Devoted to his priesthood, he's a wise and kind man, who is a source of comfort to several characters.
Marga Lopez / Diana Bracho (Young) Ana Joaquina Vda. de Velarde A bitter and judgmental woman, she raised her son Juan de la Cruz to be a priest, believing he was the key to keep her soul out of the fires of hell (something she's pathologically obsessed with and afraid of). She hates Luciana, seeing her as the reason for everything bad that happens in her life. She's the first to figure out Cristina is her granddaughter and tells Juan de la Cruz in confession. She later grows obsessed with the idea of taking Victoria, Cristina's daughter with Victor Manuel, away from Cristina to protect her from so-called perdition.
María Sorté Vivian Del Ángel An elegant and sophisticated businesswoman, who buys a share of Luciana's fashion house, grows fond of Cristina and takes her under her wing. She's very dedicated to her only son, Alonso, who is terminally sick with leukemia.
Toño Mauri Alonso del Ángel The only child of Vivian, Alonso is a kind and loyal photographer who is infatuated with Cristina and offers to marry her and help her raise her baby daughter Victoria after Victor Manuel breaks up with her to marry Tamara. He and Victor Manuel develop a rivalry, since Alonso sees Victor Manuel as the only reason why Cristina refuses his love, and Victor Manuel is jealous of Alonso, who is free to marry Cristina as soon as she accepts him. Alonso is terminally sick with leukemia, and his disease is the reason Vivian chooses to buy shares of Luciana's fashion house and go back to Mexico.
Sabine Moussier Lorenza Torres Flighty and ambitious, Lorenza is a hairdresser who falls in love with Andrés, seeing him as her soulmate and her way out of poverty. She pursues Andrés, eventually starting an affair with him, and develops a rivalry with Luciana when her affair with Andrés is discovered. Despite her flaws, she's a loyal and dedicated friend to Cristina and Maclovia, with whom she shares an apartment. She later finds out she's sick with breast cancer.
Adriana Nieto Lizbeth Duval Hernández The only child of Andrés and Luciana and half-sister of Victor Manuel, Lizbeth is a rebellious and spoiled eighteen-year-old, who is very close to her father but has a clashing relationship with her mother. Her life changes drastically when she suffers a car accident in which her boyfriend Maurício loses his life. She escapes, but ends up paraplegic.
Isadora González Maclovia Cristina's and Lorenza's friend and roommate, Maclovia is a shy and complexed young woman who suffers because of her unrequited love for José Maria, a neighbor. She struggles with making Lorenza see that her affair with Andrés is wrong and doomed to hurt her, him and his family.
Pedro Weber "Chatanuga" Pedro Trujillo An ambitious and cruel man who had a relationship with Luciana shortly after she abandoned her daughter. When his son, Maurício, starts dating Luciana's daughter Lizbeth, he blackmails Luciana with his knowledge of her past (something she hid from her family).
Mario Casillas Miguel Beltrán A friend of Andrés, like Miriam he offers Andrés comfort and advice on how to handle his issues with Luciana and, later, with Lizbeth, who violently opposes her father's relationship with Lorenza. He wants to pursue a relationship with Vivian, but she resists over her worry with Alonso's health.
Maty Huitrón Bárbara Rivera The biological mother of Victor Manuel, she was Andrés' first wife. However, when she was arrested for murdering a supposed lover, Andrés divorced her and told Victor Manuel Bárbara had died. However, she's eventually released. Tamara brings her to their house in a desperate attempt to save her marriage to Victor Manuel, turns Bárbara against Cristina and allows Bárbara to go binge-drinking. Nicolás blackmails Bárbara with knowledge that she tried to kill Andrés, but eventually she seeks refuge in the orphanage and with father Juan de la Cruz to get over her alcoholism.
Rodrigo Vidal Artemio Salazar The nephew of Imelda, Artemio is a young doctor who joins Luciana's household as a gardener. He falls in love with Lizbeth, and she with him. Their relationship brings Lizbeth out of her depression, but is met with opposition from Luciana, for she doesn't believe Artemio can give Lizbeth the same lifestyle she has enjoyed all of her life and refuses to give them her permission to marry.
Yadhira Carrillo María José A friend of Alonso and Vivian, she's openly in love with him and selflessly hopes his relationship with Cristina is happy. She and Cristina work together on the fashion house and they get along well. When Alonso discovers he's sick, she gives up her job to take care of him during his last days.
Nuria Bages Miriam Arango Luciana's best friend and coworker at the fashion house, she's the only one who knows about Luciana's abandoned daughter. She acts as Luciana's conscience, offering her advice on how to handle her relationships with Andrés and Lizbeth. She's in love with Cristoban, who is in love with Luciana.
Lourdes Munguía Ofelia Beltrán A successful actress, she loves to gossip and works with Nicolás to ruin Andrés' career. She and Nicolás have a relationship, and she's the only one who knows Nicolás and Tamara are lovers. She ends up pregnant with Nicolás' baby, but he kicks her out of his house after cruelly saying he doesn't want a commitment and revealing she was only a pawn in his plans against Andrés.
Ramón Abascal José María 'Chema' Ramos López A loyal and decent EMT, he's the only child of Remedios. He falls in love with Lorenza at first sight, but she doesn't reciprocate his feelings, and even though they date for a while, her infatuation with Andrés and her desire to marry rich break them up. He then moves on to marry Casilda, but their brief marriage ends in tragedy after she dies during childbirth. He offers Lorenza comfort and solace when she finds out she's sick with breast cancer.
Beatriz Moreno Doña Charo A neighbor of Cristina who is seen as a mother by the people of the building.
Tito Guízar Agustín García A neighbor of Cristina who lives with and raises his grandson, he wins a big prize on a TV show.
Ana María Aguirre Sister Regina A sister in the orphanage, she helped raise Cristina, with whom she's very close.
María Luisa Alcalá Remedios López de Ramos A neighbor of Cristina, she's the mother of José María, and her dream is to see her son happily married to a nice woman. She sees Lorenza as the perfect woman for him. She falls in love with a neighbor and dies during her wedding to him.
Aurora Alonso Imelda Salazar Artemio's aunt, she has worked on the Duval household since before Lizbeth's birth. She's very attached to the entire family, especially to Lizbeth, to the point where she feels uncomfortable when Luciana opposes to Artemio's marriage with Lizbeth. She moves out of the Duval estate and in with Artemio and Lizbeth when the young couple marries.
Marta Aura Josefina "Chepa" Pérez Ana Joaquina's maid, she knew about Luciana's pregnancy and kept it a secret from Juan de la Cruz. This secret has weighed her down, and she works hard to convince Ana Joaquina to tell her son the truth. Killed by Ana Joaquina
Consuelo Duval María Rosenda Sánchez A young woman who is a neighbor of Cristina. She's in an abusive relationship with Fresco. At first, Luciana and Juan de la Cruz believe she's their daughter, and Ana Joaquina pays her off to keep the ruse. After Fresco is arrested for killing Macario's father, they start dating.
Virginia Gutiérrez Sor Bernardina A sister in the orphanage, she helped raise Cristina from an early age, being very close to the young woman.
Julio Monterde Father Celorio A priest in the church, he's Juan de la Cruz's confidant, offering him advice on how to deal with his secrets and problems.
Luis Uribe Raymundo Velarde The father of Juan de la Cruz, he always opposed Ana Joaquina's decision to make their son a priest. When he finds out Luciana is pregnant with their grandchild, he decides to send for Juan de la Cruz on the seminary so he can own up to his actions and marry Luciana. He was engaged to another woman, who was pregnant with his child, but Ana Joaquina wanted to marry him and revealed his fiancée's pregnancy to her family, ending up on the woman being cut off by her family. Killed by Ana Joaquina
Raúl Buenfil El Fresco
Carlos Amador Jr. Fidencio
Héctor Ortega Valentín Fonseca
Silvia Manríquez Luz María Vivian's and Luciana's secretary in the fashion house, she's very efficient and competent on her job. She cares a great deal for her coworkers and her bosses.
Dalilah Polanco Casilda A neighbor of Cristina, she has a crush on Chema and eventually wins his love after he gives up on his feelings for Lorenza. Chema and Casilda marry, but she never manages to get over her jealousy of Chema with Lorenza. However, she's close with Cristina and Maclovia. She and Chema later find out she's pregnant with quintuplets, but she dies on childbirth after pleading with Lorenza to take care of Chema and their children.
Marisol del Olmo Antonia 'Toña' Fonseca
Claudia Silva Lourdes Galindo

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominee Result
1999 17th TVyNovelas Awards Best Telenovela Carla Estrada Won
Best Actress Helena Rojo Won
Best Actor Andrés García Won
Best Antagonist Actress Cynthia Klitbo Won
Best Antagonist Actor Enrique Rocha Won
Best Leading Actress Marga López Won
Best Supporting Actor César Évora Won
Best Young Lead Actress Adela Noriega Won
Best Young Lead Actor René Strickler Nominated
Best Revelation Sabine Moussier Won
Best Musical Theme "El privilegio de amar"
by Lucero and Mijares
Best Musical Theme Composer Jorge Avendaño Won
Best Direction Miguel Córcega
Mónica Miguel
Bravo Awards Best Telenovela Carla Estrada Won
Best Antagonist Actress Cynthia Klitbo Won
Best Female Revelation Sabine Moussier Won
Califa de Oro Awards Outstanding Production Carla Estrada Won
Outstanding Performance Adela Noriega Won
Andrés García Won
Enrique Rocha Won
Helena Rojo Won
Maty Huitrón Won
Mauricio Herrera Won
Ramón Abascal Won
René Strickler Won
Sabine Moussier Won
Toño Mauri Won
Best Adaptation Liliana Abud Won
2003 Latin ACE Awards[5] Best Telenovela Carla Estrada Won
Best Actress Adela Noriega Won
Best Supporting Actress Cynthia Klitbo Won
Most Outstanding Character Actress Marga López Won
Most Outstanding Character Actor Enrique Rocha Won


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