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Edward Yang
Born(1947-11-06)November 6, 1947
DiedJune 29, 2007(2007-06-29) (aged 59)
Nationality Taiwan
Alma materNat'l Chiao Tung Univ. (BSEE) University of Florida (MSEE) USC Film School (Attended)
Spouse(s)Tsai Chin (1985–1995)
Kaili Peng
AwardsBest Director Award (Cannes Film Festival)
2000 Yi YiGolden Horse AwardsBest Film
1986 Terrorizers
1991 A Brighter Summer Day
Best Original Screenplay
1994 A Confucian Confusion

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese楊德昌
Simplified Chinese杨德昌

Edward Yang (Chinese: 楊德昌; pinyin: Yáng Déchāng; November 6, 1947 – June 29, 2007) was a Taiwanese filmmaker. Yang, along with fellow auteurs Hou Hsiao-hsien and Tsai Ming-liang,[1] was one of the leading film-makers of the Taiwanese New Wave and Taiwanese Cinema.[2] He won the Best Director Award at Cannes for his 2000 film Yi Yi.[3]

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Dear sister and brother-in-law, thank you From here on in, it's your show Isn't it our turn for photos? Where are the kids? Grandma... look It was on the tree Anything wrong? You know that strange woman? Can I help you, Miss? - Looking for someone - May I ask who? Mind your own business! Yun-Yun! Ting-Ting... you look so pretty today! Where's your grandma? I'm so sorry! It should have been me marrying your son today! I let you down, I'm so sorry It breaks my heart, I'm not worthy of you! Don't push me around! It's not that bad! Where is she? Where is that pregnant bitch? Dad... Grandma wants to go home Go home? She doesn't feel well And tonight? Where's Xiao Yan? Show your face, Xiao Yan! Give A-Di back to me! You'll face retribution for this! YI YI Sorry about the mess We're the Jiangs... I'm Lili I'm Ting-Ting This is my grandma We're the Jians See you later, bye! Ting-Ting! Take out the garbage before we go I'm doing it It's starting to smell There's some on the balcony I know What was I getting? How did you find me? Followed the removal men Mother will be livid! I miss you! Don't I call you? Can't see you on the phone Come Sorry, I'm in the middle of moving house It's a huge mess! Call me on this mobile number I'll have a phone-line in tomorrow No problem Ready, Ting-Ting? What's on your mind? I feel sorry for Yun-Yun If it's not Uncle's fault, it must be Xiao Yan's Don't say that, we hardly know her I think Grandma's right, we can't accept her Did Grandma say that? No... but she's been unhappy all day Did she say anything else? No, but she said she feels really old What does she mean by that? The groom is right behind me! Put your hands together! Your wife's brother is some guy! Not many weddings with the bride so very pregnant! That's the way he is! He put off the wedding for months... because this is the luckiest day of the year in the almanac Take his shoe! Don't mess with girls! Pregnant brides aren't unusual these days We had "bus rides without tickets" in our day too, you know Sorry, Yang-Yang, this is your seat Girls teased him again Never mind, have some food So, did you and NJ? Guess No thanks! You women always trap men that way! It still works! It worked on your brother! NJ would be a pushover! So? Here's the bus-rider! What? I drove myself here Drink! It's on my brother-in-law! Why aren't you eating? Those girls teased him again Try this new toy! Just let him be Is it really you? You're still in Taipei? I live... in the US now Your son? So cute This is my number Call me Why didn't you come that day? I waited and waited... I've never got over it, you know Sherry! How many years has it been? Almost 30! Not that long! It hasn't been that long since we graduated! Didn't know you two were still in touch! We just ran into each other by chance Good to see you still get along! My name card My husband does business in China, so I'll be in town quite a bit! - Stay in touch, okay? - I sure will Sorry, I've run out of name cards. I keep forgetting to... Sorry, I must go... - Remember, stay in touch! - Promise! It really is a lucky day! I've forgotten my own first love Why do I remember yours? What did I come down for? Some tea? No, thanks - Something wrong? - Nothing Dad, your cigar burst it! See what happens when you smoke those disgusting things? It wasn't... Then who was it? Er... Whatever Quiet! Shut it! Now the elders are involved Fair enough, they must both drink! One each! What the fuck is this? It's called a "depth charge" You'll both have pot bellies after this! Beer! Plus fruit juice! Chewed betel nuts! Eggs and salt! Drink up! Applause! Is it raining? Can you manage the stuff in the trunk? If not, ask Dad to bring it in when he's parked Don't forget the big bag Mrs Jian! Why are you so late? Get to the hospital! Your mother's been rushed there! My mother? Wait! I'll go in to see her first, NJ Wait here for A-Di, he'll be here soon Tell Ting-Ting to put Yang-Yang to bed I did. You go ahead! What does the doctor say? She's had a stroke... they need to operate I saw her lying in the driveway by the dustbins... Did she fall over? Was she hit by a car? Why was she downstairs? You drove here drunk!? The cops drink too! Don't worry, NJ Sister called and told me what happened Mother will be fine, it's the luckiest day of the year! - She'll wake up in no time. - A-Di, it's not that simple... Maybe you don't trust me Things are different now! I was unlucky, so I borrowed from you and sister Now my luck has turned! I'll be repaying you soon! - There's no rush - Trust me! You saw my partner Piggy tonight He'll pay me back tomorrow, and I'll pay you back next day! Ting-Ting took out the garbage in the afternoon What was Mother doing down by the dustbins? We don't know if she fell or was knocked over by a car My brother says she'll recover quickly It was the luckiest day of the year He put off his wedding for this lucky day Nothing unlucky can happen Otherwise Mother would be dead by now That's one way to see it How else? Don't complicate things! How's this, Min-Min? Didn't I say it goes to City Hall? How does your Master see it? You should ask him yourself, I think I spent two weeks at the temple with you! But I didn't understand his teachings I don't think the Master would take me as his disciple Two weeks may not be enough Look how busy I am How can I find the time? Maybe you need a bit more humility Are you saying... there's something wrong with me? Look at Yang-Yang! My auntie was like this at her wedding So fat? No, guess why What's under your shirt? A balloon! One inside another! She's coming! Concubine! Concubine! Is she the Concubine? Shut up! Stay there! Get on with your work! What's that in your hand? Nothing Better watch yourself! Yang-Yang, she likes you! Her old man will be jealous! Who's her old man? Today... one of you has brought something bad to class. Who is it? Who has brought a condom? Stand up! If he won't admit it, I'll name him! Jian Yang-Yang, it's you! Stand up! Hand over your condom! What's a condom? Playing dumb? Don't laugh! You're shameless! You can't hide it! I know everything! Who's telling lies about me? Never you mind! You just heard something, you didn't see it So I'm wrong, am I? You think I need to see it to know? I even know which pocket it's in Your left pocket... come on! What's this? A balloon Quiet! I'll let it go this time... but you'd better watch out! Finish your milk! We both will be late! You'll never grow tall! Good morning, Mrs Jiang First Girls' High... great school! You are good! So is Lili! I hear her playing every day, so beautiful! I hope it's not too loud. Do you play an instrument? Yes, but I'm not very good Better to be good at books, anyway What's the point? Last year's profits are gone Everyone does computers now Remember how the garment business crashed? The more orders you fill, the more money you lose! Instead of cashing in... you blew it all on lavish expansion plans So, what can I do? You screwed up real bad, what can I do? We do have a strategy, one step at a time There's always ups and downs at a time of transition I warn you... one more negative review... and we'll pull out So what's this strategy? Moving into software? Or into... content? Damn right! It's still hush-hush... Heard of a Japanese named Ota? Computer games? - That surprised you, right? - Promising... Go on! We're always cutting-edge! Sure you are! But you're down the tube if we pull out Why "cash in" when we were ahead? "No prisoners!" was our policy. Remember? He better shut up! Why should he? You were too honest and told him everything! I'm not like you... We don't even know this "Ota" And we're going bust! He doesn't come cheap He's a brand name! We buy his name... to attract investors! Brand name? What if it costs too much to recoup? It's our neck, I'm against it! Taiwan has the best copycats. Are they ripping off Ota's stuff? I'll check What will you guys do if we go bust? I know, you'll retire, stay home and smoke your pipe Da-Da, you'll move to San Francisco? And you, NJ? All your money's in the company, isn't it? He didn't hear me He doesn't want to answer He has other things on his mind I'm going, Uncle is here Ting-Ting! You're leaving? Yes, you two enjoy yourselves I didn't know she was meeting you She and I are still very close Hey, everything's fine now I even urged Ting-Ting to be kind to your new wife We didn't marry, but we're still friends All these years! Yes, many years You're so calm, I'm surprised Let's get to work Everyone was stunned by what you did at the wedding banquet Don't get me going again, okay? Here, look I've transferred part of our savings to your account We cleared 20 million on Yahoo and AOL Part of it is in a mutual fund The documents here need your authorization And find me a boyfriend I'm alone now, you know that Figures give me a headache Lili! I heard your grandma is in hospital Yes Is it serious? She's in a coma... She fell I love your grandma, she's so elegant She was a teacher It's your boyfriend... Right Why don't you go over? I'll see you later You should move her every hour or so Like this A different position every time First one side, like this... then the other, like that And put a pillow under her back That's the way And pat her back often Do it yourself if the nurse isn't here - That's for her circulation? - Exactly I think that's all... Doctor... how long before Mother regains consciousness? It's hard to say Treat her normally... open her window in the daytime Take her out in the wheelchair, turn off the lights at night Most important, talk to her, it stimulates her senses But I'm not optimistic You should prepare for the worst Sorry, brother-in-law, I haven't repaid you yet Never mind If I forget again, remind me I'm thinking about the company Bad mood? More financial problems? You're not going bust, are you? I'm thinking about the meeting with the Japanese tomorrow Fuck! Are you in debt to Japan? No! What are you saying? Of course not! Yang-Yang... it's your turn From now on, we'll take turns to talk to Grandma It will make her wake up sooner Ting-Ting hasn't done it She played the piano, didn't she? I could show her my drawings, but she can't see But she'll hear you! Didn't the doctor say so? There's lots to tell her Like what happened at school... or some little secret you have You can tell Grandma anything What's the matter? Why that grumpy look? Don't want to talk to her? What's the point? She can't see what I tell her What? Are you trying to get out of it? That's not nice! How can you let Grandma down? You're making me cross! Don't they teach you anything at school? Grandma loves you so much You can't just ignore her, can you? You just can't! You take a break... I'll talk to her first It's my turn Ma, I'm good at talking Luck's on my side now, don't worry! I'm rich now People come to me for loans! Not like the old days when my borrowing made you worry I've made lots of rich friends And... Don't you worry about Xiao Yan She's a nice girl Really... And... what else... The other stuff... I guess you know If you have questions, you can't ask... Today... let's call it... You must be tired... I'll try and tomorrow... That's for... today... Grandma Did I forget to take out the garbage? I can't remember If you forgive me, wake up! Please? Because, I can't sleep if you don't Survival instincts are all the same Overfeeding may not improve growth It may diminish evolutionary impulses So, the drive to reproduce declines Some of you can't bring them into bloom You're overdoing the care Like, say... Jian Ting-Ting Jian Ting-Ting! She stays up all night nurturing her plant The others must be slacking... See how they bloom? It begins to acquire signs of human life... It begins to think, then matures into a living entity... and becomes our most devoted companion That's the limitless future for computer games We haven't yet surpassed... fighting and killing games Not because we haven't fully understood computers But because we haven't fully understood ourselves: human beings Our future collaboration can be based on these objectives This is the way forward These are uncharted waters, so I understand your hesitations But this cutting-edge approach puts us well ahead of any future competition So there are ample grounds for optimism That concludes my presentation, thank you Wonderful! We learned a lot today! Really good... No-one's dared try it before, but we have to pay for it? I thought we were just buying a brand name, pure and simple I liked what he said It's a risk worth taking Shit, you were against it before! He's too expensive, not worth it I found a local copycat of Ota Calls itself "Ato", close enough? Forget the names! What about performance? Small return on small risks, big deal! It beats big losses on big risks Let's not sign with him yet! Find an excuse to send him back to Tokyo That's not nice! Who has to tell him? NJ... take Mr. Ota to dinner tonight. Tell him we're keen to sign But play hard to get, let's buy some time Why me? You look honest! So? Am I pretending? What's wrong with a little acting? So honesty is an act? And friendship? Business? Is anything real left? Don't mind what I said about acting We've been a team since schooldays Sure, why else do I stick around? By the way, Sherry's husband, Rodney Breitner... He's from Chicago, big in insurance Good reputation I had a long talk with her on the phone She asked me to say "Hi" Give her a call sometime Just as a classmate, not an ex-lover It's not locked You're home early I was next door Hello? Dad! Yang-Yang hid the phone, I couldn't find it It was under the seat cushion We're cooking a health-food dinner and you'll miss it! Okay, next time Yes, I'll tell Ma That was my dad He's going to miss my masterpiece Well, that's his loss So what's next? Check that page We're out of carrots We have some Next time I'll show you my pad in Shanghai My daughter's in My daughter Lili Call him Uncle Call me Allen You're cooking? Nice place you have here Hi, Mrs Jiang Ting-Ting, you're cooking too? Big job, isn't it? It's fun! Join us for a health-food feast! We're going to the movies That's nice... Hold on Allen, make yourself at home I'm fine We're going to the movies? It's on me. Treat Ting-Ting to a good show Your daughter is a musician! She certainly is, she's won prizes! Lots of comedies, which one do you fancy? We can do something else... if you'd prefer... Welcome Can I help you? Our friend is... They're my friends Hi, Fatty I thought you were cooking What're you doing? Checking these I don't come here every day Wait for me at the usual place, okay? "Fatty"? He's so thin! Maybe he used to be fat You shouldn't mind waiting... he's often waited for you It's not that... He'll be here soon Want to be alone? I can go home... Okay Don't worry, he'll be here soon Keep it down! This isn't your own place! Hey, you seem to be disturbing her! Cool it! It's not our fault that your boyfriend stood you up! Leave her alone Been in the army too long, I'm not used to this! Don't worry I may look rough but I have a heart of gold Let it be, okay? This must be fish... Where's he from? He's good Japan. I just met him He plays well for a computer guy Bring more friends like him Great for atmosphere Times are hard We're in trouble Come more often... Sherry? It's me, NJ I'm glad it's the machine. Otherwise I'd be tongue-tied Da-Da said he spoke to you He says you're doing well, I'm so glad Before, I'd heard your life was tough I felt it might be my fault You asked why I vanished without a word 30 years ago There were many reasons Now they all sound stupid I'm glad that you have a good life I'm really happy for you All my best wishes I have nothing to say to Mother I tell her the same things every day What I did in the morning In the afternoon In the evening It only takes a minute I can't bear it I have so little How can it be so little? I live a blank! Every day... Every day... I'm like a fool! What am I doing every day? If I ended up like her one day... I'll ask the nurse to read the newspaper to her She'll have something new to listen to, okay? I was busy! So was I! Why should I wait all day for you to call? - Where were you last night? - Why should I tell you? You think I'm some dumb bitch? Why should I wait for you? Give me back the cell-phone! What are you doing? You asking me? Get the hell out! Fuck you, you nosey bitch! You're a fucking joke! Yang-Yang, the lift's here Don't stare at people like that. It's rude People will be cross I wanted to know why she's unhappy. I can't see from behind How do you know she's unhappy? She had a big fight last night I could hear from my room Really? Daddy, I can't see what you see and you can't see what I see How can I know what you see? Good question. I never thought of that That's why we need a camera Do you want to play with one? Daddy, can we only know half of the truth? What? I don't get it I can only see what's in front, not what's behind So I can only know half of the truth, right? You have a lot of questions today! Let me ask you one... Where shall we take Mummy this weekend to cheer her up? You can decide Min-Min! Still here? Nancy... Where can I go... What are you doing? What are you snapping? I want to show Mummy the mosquitoes Mosquitoes? Can you snap them? Daddy said so, or people won't believe me That's not our place! I know Your Mum and I both think they are strange Is Mummy home? I haven't seen her lately My boss is here, bye! Your partners are in a meeting with Ato Company They want you to join them Ato? Isn't it Ota? I wasn't told No, Ato is Ota's copycat Confusing, isn't it? General Manager's office The President's in a meeting May I say who called? No? Thank you General Manager's office My boss is here, I'll call you later General Manager's office Hold on NJ, long-distance from the US I knew it was you You take care of the company I'm staying home Call me when you need me Seems I'm the only one left to keep you company When Min-Min was home, I thought... she'd solve all the problems around here But now... there's no-one to do it And I really don't know when she'll be back It's hard for me to mumble like this I hope you won't be offended if I say... it's like praying I'm not sure if the other party can hear me... and I'm not sure if I'm sincere enough Frankly... there's very little I'm sure about these days I wake up feeling unsure about almost everything And I wonder why I wake up at all... just to face the same uncertainties again and again Would you want to wake up, if you were me? Maybe Yang-Yang's right You've lived so many more years Other than these questions we can't answer... what is there to tell you? Anyhow, I guess you don't blame Yang-Yang... for not talking to you In many ways he takes after me Really Which brand do you want? The same one Which was that? This one Right, hold on... Shida Road Art Portraits, can I help you? And the surname is...? Okay, I'll check What the...? What the hell are all these? Oh, I get it This is what they call avant-garde art! Amazing! Class, time for some art appreciation! What's it for? It's art! Expensive art! Why is art expensive? Why take so many? Look at him! Our newfound maestro! A rare genius in our school! Didn't you love to talk back? Take after your father, right? Tell him you are caught in the act Call him and ask for help! Scared? Stand there until he comes! Don't pull that face at me! Turn around against the wall! I dare you do that again! How was it the other night? Isn't Lili home yet? Could you give this to her? Uh... nothing This... is for you - It's... - I know "Wen-Ho Lee, originally from Tainan... "was found to be in breach of Security Codes... "and dismissed from his post at Los Alamos Research Lab "To date, the Federal authorities... "do not have enough evidence to prosecute him "as a spy" "Taipei City Rapid Transit Commission... "has lost its lawsuit... "against the French company Matra..." Let's eat You don't like my cooking? Been to McDonald's again? Why so moody? He got picked on... Girls, right? Master wants to see you Please come in, Master Ting-Ting, Nancy is here! Will you make some tea? Have you eaten? We just did First, Min-Min is doing well in the temple Master wanted to visit you... so as to know Min-Min's family better Mr Jian, most people neglect spiritual disciplines So you missed Min-Min's signals Yang-Yang, don't run around naked! You should join us on the mountain A purified soul helps the gods to answer prayers Nothing would help your wife more Like everyone, my wife and I need help from others But maybe I'd anger the gods by making too many requests If I turn to them only for the big things I can't handle... my sincerity may impress them more But... I haven't yet had troubles I couldn't handle myself These thoughts seem interesting... They do this work voluntarily Your encouragement means so much... I see Do you take cheques? Of course Thanks, NJ Your wife is in good hands Thanks for all the help It's our pleasure Lend me $300, I have nothing on me A cab driver's waiting, I owe him $300 You'd die without me! Aren't you lucky? The clothes you left are still here Do they still fit? How did you get into this mess? She went crazy and threw me out I went to NJ's place... He threw you out too? I still owe him money I was ashamed to borrow... from him again Didn't I give you 9 million to clear your debt with NJ? I let Piggy invest that He says it's tripled in value Piggy? I hear he's on the run in China Bullshit! I won big on mahjong at his place last week Cash? I see Let's visit him tomorrow to check Okay? Thank you so much, it'll only take a minute No problem, just shut the door when you leave Don't tell anyone I let you in! Trust me Fatso, learn from your wife! See how easy she handles me? Thanks a lot They're no slouches, cleaned the place out How much money have I got left? Barely! Didn't we just make ten million? Values can go down too Shit, what are these? You mean... I'm broke again Why did you trust a guy like Piggy? Come here Remember this: trust no-one! It's just junk Fucking useless! Are you skipping audio/visual class? Buzz off! Here she comes! Quick! Good morning, Dean Lovely new outfit! You little fuckers! Don't run I'll get you! You fuckers! "Warm, damp air rises as the earth heats up "At high altitude, it condenses into small droplets Get in, quick! "This creates these beautiful clouds "To the quiet rhythms of nature... "they dance silently above our heads "Often we overlook their beauty "As they dance higher... "they silently turn into hail... "and return to earth through the clouds "During their plunge... "they shed their positive charge and form a negative-charged front Close the door! Don't just stand there! Find a seat, quick! "The two opposing forces... "are attracted towards each other "It grows irresistible "In one flashing moment, the two violently reunite "That makes: thunder "It's believed that thunder created all life on earth "400 million years ago, "a bolt of lightning created the first amino acid, "the origin of life "That was the beginning of everything" I can't help you! You two can't fight like this! Everyone envied you! You can't do this! I'm very disappointed! What sense does it make? I haven't seen her in ages Of course not! You mistreated her! Lili is so lovely! How could you? Is she seeing other guys? I didn't say that... You should know better Tough lady! How can this be? Open the door! Why is it suddenly locked? Open the door! Not ashamed, are you? How can this be? Lili, it's not how it looks How can this be? What is it then? Listen to me You're my teacher! You're my mother! You should be teaching me English! Teachers are human too! I'll tell the principal! Listen to me! Listen to what? Excuse me It's not what you think, Lili! Look this way! Let Daddy videotape you Still crying... Look this way... The eyes... What? You're moved? Suddenly it all seems... so cruel What's wrong? Is his horoscope really so bad? Didn't you say... we can counter it by giving him a lucky name? It's all right! A- Di! Congratulations! You're the first! Let's see the baby Like you, but more handsome! So they say! I can't tell To wish you luck... How's his horoscope? What's his name? The name is crucial, I'm still working on it Right, it's for life! Have some tea Congratulations! Good job, A-Di! Migo! I hear you've set the world to rights! Made peace between your wife and Yun-Yun! Let's drink to that! Here, some expensive red wine! All your old classmates are relieved! Lovely little baby! Looks more like the mother than the father You sure? Go fetch the baby pictures What pictures? Behind the screen! Had a good eye, didn't I? I hired Xiao Yan fresh out of school See what happens? You should thank me, Xiao Yan Right, you should Get Migo in here! Why is that bitch here? Did you invite her? Of course not! What the hell is going on? Why did you bring Yun-Yun? She said you invited her, and we brought the wine! You didn't invite her! You think I'm nuts? What a let-down! We all thought you two made up We were so glad to hear it That's what she told you all? Weren't you so friendly to each other just now? Forget the past, make a fresh start Let's be happy Fuck, it's a set-up! What? It's a fucking set-up! Look! Throw her out, right now! Come now... Harmony is a precious thing! Think of our classmates' feelings! It's for everyone's good Bullshit! For everyone's good? What about me? Where does that leave me? Your behavior isn't helping Yun-Yun is our old friend! Your wife is out of line here What the fuck? What the fuck are you playing at, Yun-Yun? She doesn't mean that! Trying to wreck the party? You're wrecking it, not her! Xiao Yan, don't get me wrong I'm sincerely happy for both of you, believe me So I'm the villain? What did I do to deserve this? Xiao Yan! Take some advice! You should repent! Our friendship doesn't deserve this! Don't leave! Stay here! Long time no see, don't go! Classmates, calm her down or Yun-Yun will leave! This is not right! Xiao Yan invited us! We are her guests! See? I'm the host! You're full of shit! This is not fair! Who asked your opinion? You lowlife! This is all your fault! Xiao Yan and the baby are coming with me You'll never see them again! I'll cut off your dick and feed it to the pigs! Let's get Xiao Yan and the baby out of here! Named your baby yet? His horoscope's bad? Why was Yun-Yun there? It was a set-up You've been seeing her? Not exactly... Xiao Yan's been pregnant Yun-Yun and I go back a long way I've helped her out a little, out of courtesy Paging NJ Jian, you have a visitor! How courteous You're one lucky guy A nice home and a colorful life! I'll take a shower, help yourself to a drink Give me a break, I have to drive home Sleep it off, start afresh tomorrow I wish! Go to bed A bad day's over It's all over Fuck! Look at this mess! Thanks All these empty bottles, damn it A- Di! Can't you answer while you're running your bath? Still mad at me, you bastard? What are you doing in there? I smell gas! What happened? Open the door! Telephone! Where's the damn phone? Open the door, A-Di! What were you doing? Why did you close the window? What were you doing? Why didn't you open the window? Why was the window closed? Why didn't you open it? I won't fight with you again What happened? You seemed fine last night Don't scare me I'm fine What did I do? I just took a bath! Go ask the gas company Check my pager for me What a time to page me! 2773-7557 That's my office! Why are they paging you? I tried all your numbers! Lucky we had his pager number What's the rush? We have serious interest from this guy But he gives us only one hour What guy? Interested in what? Get in You need an 'honest-looking' guy again, right? Why come to me? You've sewn it up! Get on board Mind if I don't have a ticket? Boss Huang knows all about Ota You've signed with him, and Boss Huang wants in at whatever price Today, we'll finalize the details NJ is Ota-san's very old friend! Right, NJ? Boss Huang was drinking with the President all night He's resting now. Time is tight Wait here a moment Fly to Tokyo and sign with Ota right away! Get on the next flight Huang used to run game arcades He knows Ota's stuff well As a legislator, he now supports women's rights... and quotas! Is this gonna make money? This is a long weekend in Japan The noon flight is full, you're wait-listed Shall I book a later flight? You'd get in quite late Why not? Go ahead International call on Line 2. This person has called before I was away... running around on business I'll be in Tokyo tomorrow Are you sure? Hang on, I'll check Which hotel am I in? I won't be your go-between! Why come to me again? What did I say last time? This is for you, Ting-Ting I have to go to Tokyo tomorrow The nurse will come in every day, but... You'll be on your own, okay? You got here so quickly! So many flights everyday from Chicago to Tokyo Shall we visit your father's school? We'll change from the green line to... the blue That's the exit But the map says this way No, that's the way out The blue line is this way, that's the Chuo line This reminds me of our first date I was so nervous I had hiccups, remember? I've had hiccups since I was a kid whenever I'm nervous... I was too nervous to ask why! You were too nervous to breathe! I sweat when I'm nervous, my palms, even my feet! Excuse me Rodney and I don't have children... but he loves kids He's on business a lot We're thinking of adopting so I'll have company - And you? - Two A girl in high school and a boy of 8 I love my daughter She's growing into a woman. I get jealous... knowing eventually she'll be with someone else My son? I want to be his friend... The relationship I always wanted with my father What time is it? Nine It's almost 10... that's 8 am in Chicago 9 pm in Taipei Let's find a place for the night Look, this is like the crossing near our school That's gone now The first time I held your hand... We were at a railroad crossing, going to the movies I reached for you, ashamed of my sweaty palm... Now, I'm holding your hand again Only it's a different place... A different time... A different age... But the same sweaty palm Did you like the movie? A bit too serious You prefer comedies? Not really, but it didn't have to be so sad Life is a mixture of sad and happy things Movies are so lifelike, that's why we love them Then who needs movies? Just stay home and live life! My uncle says... "we live three times as long since man invented movies" How can that be? It means movies give us twice what we get from daily life For example, murder We never killed anyone, but we all know... what it's like to kill. That's what we get from the movies What good is it to me? If life's so horrible, why live at all? If we're nice to people, they'll be nice back Who needs to kill anybody? It's only one example There are other things Like he also said... "There's no cloud... "no tree... "that isn't beautiful "So we should be too" I found that very touching It changed me in many ways You make it sound tragic! Shouldn't it sound cheerful? Later I married and had a child, didn't you hear? But I divorced within a year I went to study in Seattle, married a Chinese-American I had to run away That day... I waited and waited You never showed up I waited because I knew... I'd be ruined if I didn't see you I wouldn't know how to live on! I'd fall apart! Waiting was my only chance I waited for one day Then for another day I asked friends to find you. There was no response You just vanished I left without a word Aside from silly excuses, I had nothing to say I was so angry! You pushed me to become an engineer Did you ever ask what I wanted? You and my parents were so happy the day I graduated But me? I was so sad You can't run someone else's life, dictate how he spends his days... That's sad, you know? And the one doing it was the one I loved most! So... Do you know how that hurt inside? Do you? How funny... I'm doing exactly what you wanted me to do And you have a better life than I could ever give you You were so naive... I thought we'd end up penniless What? You were always after me! Nonsense! You were just standing there looking at me! I couldn't stand it any longer! Remember what I said? "If you want to talk to me, get a move on!" Why did you... suddenly fall for me in high school? It was much earlier In primary school That's when it all started Strange, I just wanted to see you every day If I missed seeing you, I'd feel bad all day That's why you gawped... We all wore uniforms but yours looked different In what way? A very special way... Yang-Yang... You've been in there a long time What are you doing? Say something! Why don't you answer? Hurry up! Come out! What are you doing? What are you playing with? Did you fall into the toilet? What are you doing in there? May I use your mother's bathroom? Of course That'll be from the hospital I'll get it Tell me the truth What? Are you seeing Fatty? No... We're just friends Don't be like this, Ting-Ting Of course she spoke to me too You have known her a long time. That's how she is You should know by now What is she to you now? Nothing In my heart... there's only you! Is that true? You don't believe me? It's... not right One of my aunts got married here Which one? It was that summer They still dance the twist around here! "Good morning" Good morning? It's almost bedtime! It's the only Japanese word I know! The clerk gave you a strange look when he handed you two keys Who sleeps in separate rooms these days? To sleep with someone means nothing now You're off again But it's true! You dragged me to a hotel first, remember? I was scared, I ran off! I used to think you'd vanish if I just looked away If you gave yourself to me... you could always hold me to account for it later, right? Not at all But when you left the room... I knew you didn't love me any more You still feel that way now? You know how I felt... when you turned away just now? It felt as if I'd never see you again! I don't want to go on like this I have everything. What am I afraid of? If I divorced Rodney, I'd be well off for the rest of my life We could start over, how about it? I was too insecure, it was my fault Now I have nothing to fear Let's start a new life, shall we? You're tired, Sherry Don't change the subject! You're scared, right? You never loved me! Admit it! Sherry! Why do I behave like this whenever I'm with you? Why do I always do that? I'm sorry Why do I always make the same mistakes? When I know I'll regret them for the rest of my life? Don't feel sorry Who understands you better than I do? I think of you... every day of my life, you know? Think? Think... We all need time to think Carefully think Come on This is my business trip! You've handed me a huge workload! It'll take several trips to deal with! Give me a break, this is a big job I'm so tired I have to crash I'll pick you up for breakfast Have a good meeting tonight Sherry... I never loved anyone else Can you bring me a pack of cards? Yes, but Morita-san prohibits gambling here, sir I won't gamble. Morita-san knows Then why do you need them? Two warm pots of sake Yes, sir You're not gambling, are you? Who won? I tried to reach you all day yesterday Relax, I talked to Mr. Ota... Listen, we've signed with Ato That's what I wanted to tell you yesterday Ato? Why? I thought Boss Huang... He's into quota-representation for women, I told you... And Ato is a woman? A 34E-cup! Make an excuse and come back home What do you say, NJ? Nothing! I get it! NJ, what's wrong? Don't get emotional, this solves our problems We should celebrate! We didn't promise Ota anything You... You know that hurts! What hurts? Mr. Ota is a good man! Where's our dignity? What's that got to do with business? I'll ride pillion! I just got back Where's my cup? Can't find it. Fatty, don't feel this way because of me It's okay. We can still be friends, I'm still... Still what? Still cheerful, right? It's all crap! Life's not like your dreams! If it was, you wouldn't need those love stories to kid yourself! Get lost! Never bug me again! Stay away from me! Believe it, these things happen! When the stars are in alignment, the gods smile on us! How old is hi-tech? 20 years? Horoscopes are thousands of years old! Ting-Ting must be back Here's the bank draft That clears my debt That bastard Piggy is on the run in China! So I rushed to his place It was crawling with cops! The place was empty and sealed off! So I found this one cop Talked him into letting me in Shit, the creditors had cleared the place out! Only junk left lying around Still, I found this funny piece of rock Nobody had seen what it was! How did you get so wet? Is it raining so hard? Get out of those wet clothes I had it valued, and the guy's eyes lit up It was antique jade! An 8000-year-old national treasure! I kept my cool I asked for what Piggy owed me The guy wrote out a cheque on the spot! It must have been worth a lot more We shouldn't be too greedy! Get out of bed! Just lying there will make you sick! I'll pick you up at 7 tomorrow Stick with me, your horoscope will improve no end! What's this? For me? This is me! The back of my head! What's this for? You can't see it yourself, so I help you So that's why! That's why what? I've done nothing bad Why is it so unfair? Unless... you haven't forgiven me Why don't you wake up? Please wake up, will you? Nobody's home. His daughter must be at school - Which school? - First Girls' High I'll send a policewoman there Mr Jian is usually home these days "This front passed us yesterday afternoon "We should now have clear weather until Thursday "Next up, City News "There was a murder this morning "It happened in the Da-An district of Taipei "The suspect is a teenager "We cross to the murder site for a report "This is the suspect. Nicknamed Fatty, he's a pupil "at a posh school "The victim was an English teacher named Chen Lihua "We are reliably informed "the suspect's girlfriend "had a sexual relationship "with the victim "The police confirm the victim... "was also involved with the girl's mother "It complicates the case "The mother works "for a well-known American bank "She had no comment today "The security guard recalls the suspect... "was seen loitering near the building yesterday "As the victim left the building early this morning... "the suspect took a knife from his satchel and stabbed him "It was reportedly a grisly scene" I thought it was the nurse It's 2.30, she's still not here! I was at the police station I can't face going back to school I haven't slept for so long I'm so tired, Grandma Now... you've forgiven me... I can sleep Grandma... Why is the world so different from what we thought it was? Now that you're awake... and see it again... has it changed at all? Now... I close my eyes... the world I see... is so beautiful Migo, this isn't a joke Why would I kid you? Yes, Migo I'm not kidding Migo... calm down! I feel it's my fault If I'd come earlier, this might not have happened It's all my fault Don't be so upset It's my mother's funeral! Money is not a problem! Unfortunately I was out all day today It must have been a peaceful end Even if someone were home, they wouldn't have noticed Listen, stay in your room, okay? Good boy It was about 3 hours ago, around 2.30 pm Nothing's changed here The kids are both fine How was it up the mountain? It was fine Actually, it was much the same... Just like... talking to Mother But with the roles reversed I was like Mother, they were like me They took turns to talk to me, the same things every time Several times a day I've come to realise... things aren't really so complicated Why did they ever seem so? Right How can I say this? While you were away, I had a chance to relive part of my youth My first thought... was that I could... make things turn out differently But... they turned out the same, or not much different I suddenly realized that... even if I was given a second chance... I wouldn't need it I really wouldn't Why did you have to leave us? How could you leave us? A- Di and I can't go on without you! Come back to us! You were right again It was a waste of time Ato's copies were terrible Buyers are too smart now No one buys cheap imitations Boss Huang is no slouch Ato is now his mistress, surprise, surprise! She just sits by the pool half-naked... and the cash comes rolling in One smart lady! Come back, NJ Rejoin the team. We go back so far Staying home all day is no solution! I've worked my butt off all these years! I didn't do it for fun! You know, NJ, I'm never happy When you don't love what you do... how could you be? Can I speak to Grandma? Of course, go ahead I'm sorry, Grandma It wasn't that I didn't want to talk to you I think all the stuff I could tell you... you must already know Otherwise, you wouldn't always tell me to "Listen!" They all say you've gone away But you didn't tell me where you went I guess it's someplace you think I should know But, Grandma, I know so little Do you know what I want to do... when I grow up? I want to tell people things they don't know Show them stuff they haven't seen It'll be so much fun Perhaps one day... I'll find out where you've gone If I do, can I tell everyone... and bring them to visit you? Grandma... I miss you Especially when I see... my newborn cousin who still doesn't have a name He reminds me that you always said you felt old I want to tell him that I feel I am old too


Youth and early career

Edward Yang was born in Shanghai in 1947, and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. After studying Electrical Engineering in National Chiao Tung University (located in Hsinchu, Taiwan), where he received his Bachelor's Degree (BSEE), he enrolled in the graduate program at the University of Florida, where he received his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1974.[4][5] During this time and briefly afterwards, Yang worked at the Center for Informatics Research at the University of Florida.[6] Yang always had a great interest in film ever since he was a child, but put away his aspirations in order to pursue a career in the high-tech industry.

A brief enrollment at USC Film School after graduating with his M.S.E.E. convinced Yang that the world of film was not for him – he thought USC film school's teaching methodologies were too commercial and mainstream oriented.[6][7][8] Yang then applied and was accepted into Harvard's architecture school, the Harvard Graduate School of Design, but decided not to attend.[8] Thereafter, he went to Seattle to work in microcomputers and defense software.[6]

While working in Seattle, Yang came across the Werner Herzog film Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972): this encounter rekindled Yang's passion for film and introduced him to a wide range of classics in world and European cinema.[9] Yang was particularly inspired by the films of Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni (Antonioni's influence has shown up in some of Yang's later works).[10] He married Taiwanese pop-singer and music legend Tsai Chin in May 1985.[11][12] They divorced in August 1995, and he subsequently married pianist Kai-Li Peng (彭鎧立).[9]

Later career

The Winter of 1905 and In Our Time (short, Desires or Expectation)

Yang eventually returned to Taiwan to write the script for and serve as a production aide on a Hong Kong TV Movie, The Winter of 1905 (1981), which was nominated for a Best Cinematography award at the 1982 Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards. After directing a series of television shows, Yang's break came in 1982 when he was asked to direct and write a short, "Desires" (also known as "Expectation"), in the seminal Taiwanese New Wave collection In Our Time (1982), which featured other short films from directors such as Yi Chang, I-Chen Ko, and Te-chen Chao. Yang's short film is about a young girl's experiences going through puberty.[13]

That Day, on the Beach

Yang then followed that short with several of his major works. While his contemporary Hou Hsiao-hsien focused more on the countryside, Yang was a poet of the city, analyzing the environment and relationships of urban Taiwan in nearly all his films. Yang's first feature film, That Day, on the Beach (1983), was a fractured modernist narrative reflecting on couples and families that spliced time-lines. The film is also notable as being one of the first films – and perhaps first feature film – that Christopher Doyle received a Director of Photography credit for before going on to become Wong Kar Wai's frequent collaborator and cinematographer, along with DP Hui Kung Chang, who went on to provide the cinematography for many of Yang's later films. The film also won a Best Cinematography award from the 1983 Asia-Pacific Film Festival, and was nominated for three awards at the 1983 Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards: Best Feature Film, Best Director (Yang), and Best Original Screenplay (Wu Nien-jen and Edward Yang). Screenwriter Wu Nien-jen would later collaborate with Yang as an actor, in Taipei Story (1985) (as the Taxi Driver), Mahjong (1996) (as a Gangster in Black Suit) and as the star "N.J." in Yi Yi (2000). For the film, Yang was also nominated for the Golden Montgolfiere award at the 1983 Nantes Three Continents Festival.

Taipei Story

Yang followed with his second feature film, Taipei Story (1985), where he cast fellow auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien as the lead, a former Little-League baseball star named Lung trying to find his way in Taipei. Taipei Story also starred Yang's future wife, Tsai Chin, as Chin, the female lead and girlfriend of Hou Hsiao-hsien's character, Lung. The film was also nominated for two awards at the 1985 Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards: Best Leading Actor (Hou Hsiao-hsien) and Best Cinematography (Wei-han Yang).


Yang's third feature film was Terrorizers (1986), a complex multi-narrative urban thriller that reflected on city life and contained the crime elements and alienation themes of an Antonioni film. The film also starred Cora Miao and won a Silver Leopard at The Locarno International Film Festival[14] and was examined by Fredric Jameson in The Geopolitical Aesthetic.[15] In addition, Terrorizers won the Best Film award at the 1986 Golden Horse Film Festival, where actress Cora Miao was also nominated for a Best Actress award. In addition, the film won the Sutherland Trophy at the 1987 British Film Institute Awards, and a Best Screenplay Award (awarded to writers Edward Yang and Hsiao Yeh) from the 1987 Asia-Pacific Film Festival.

A Brighter Summer Day

Yang's fourth film was A Brighter Summer Day (1991) (The Chinese title of "Gǔ lǐng jiē shàonián shārén shìjiàn" literally translating to: "The Murder Incident of the Boy on Guling Street"), a sprawling examination of youth-teen gangs, 1949 Taiwanese societal developments, and American pop-culture starring a then 15-year old Chang Chen. The film also stars Lisa Yang, Kuo-Chu Chang, Elaine Jin and Yang's then-wife Tsai Chin in a small role as Wang's wife. The title was also taken from a lyric from the song Are You Lonesome Tonight?.[4] The film is considered by many critics to be Yang's defining masterpiece. For A Brighter Summer Day, Yang won the FIPRESCI Prize and a Special Jury Prize (and was nominated for the Tokyo Grand Prix) at The Tokyo International Film Festival, and a Golden Horse award for Best Film as well as Best Original Screenplay, credited to writers Edward Yang, Hung Hung, Alex Yang, and Mingtai Lai. The film was also nominated for a total of ten other Golden Horse awards, including Best Leading Actor (Chen Chang), Best Leading Actress (Lisa Yang), Best Director (Edward Yang), Best Leading Actor (Kuo-Chu Chang), Best Supporting Actress (Elaine Jin), Best Supporting Actress (Hsiu-Chiung Chang), Best Cinematography (Hui Kung Chang), Best Art Director (Edward Yang and Wei-yen Yu), Best Makeup & Costume Design (Wei-yen Yu), and Best Sound Recording (Duu-Chih Tu and Ching-an Yang). The film also won the Best Film award at the 1991 Asia-Pacific Film Festival, a Best Foreign Language Film Director Award for Yang at the 1983 Kinema Jumpo Awards, another Best Director award for Yang at the Nantes Three Continents Festival (where Yang was also nominated for the Golden Montgolfiere award) and the Silver Screen award for "Best Director – Asian Feature Film" for Yang at the Singapore International Film Festival.

In December 2015, The Criterion Collection announced that the film would be made available on Blu-Ray and DVD in March 2016.[16] The Criterion release features the film in a new 4K digital restoration with a monaural soundtrack (on the Blu-Ray), and also includes a new audio commentary from critic Tony Rayns; a new interview with star Chen Chang; Our Time, Our Story, a nearly two-hour 2002 documentary covering the Taiwanese New Wave that features interviews with Yang, Hou Hsiao-hsien, and Tsai Ming Liang; a video-taped staged performance of Yang's 1992 play Likely Consequence; new English subtitle translations; an essay by film critic Godfrey Cheshire III; and a Director's Statement from Yang written in 1991.[16]

A Confucian Confusion

Yang's fifth film was A Confucian Confusion (1994), a multi-character comedy set in urban Taiwan, which was nominated for a Palme d'Or and in competition at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival and also garnered a Golden Horse Award for Best Screenplay Originally Written for The Screen. The film also won a Best Supporting Actor award (Bosen Wang) and a Best Supporting Actress award (Elaine Jin) at the 1994 Golden Horse Film Festival. Also at the Golden Horse Film Festival that year, the film also received a total of 9 nominations: Best Feature Film (Executive Producer David Sui), Best Leading Actress (Shu-Chun Ni), Best Makeup & Costume Design (Edward Yang and Tsai Chin), Best Original Film Score (Antonio Lee), Best Film Editing (Po-Wen Chen), Best Sound Effects (Duu-Chih Tu), Best Director (Edward Yang), Best Cinematography (Chan Chang, Lung-Yu Li, Arthur Wong and Wu-Hsiu Hung), and Best Art Direction (Edward Yang, Ernest Guan and Jui-Chung Yao).


Yang's sixth film was Mahjong (1996), a sharp, incisive reflection of modern urban-Taiwan seen through foreign eyes, which also starred several foreign actors, which won an Honourable Mention or The Alfred Bauer Award at the 46th Berlin International Film Festival, where it was also nominated for the Golden Berlin Bear award.[17] The film also garnered Yang another Silver Screen Award for "Best Asian Director" at The Singapore International Film Festival, his second award of this type, as well as an Award of the City of Nantes from the Nantes Three Continents Festival, where it was also nominated for a Golden Montgolfiere award.[18] Actor Chi-tsan Wang also won a Best Supporting Actor award at the 1996 Golden Horse Film Festival, where the film was also nominated for a Best Makeup & Costume Design award (Chi-chien Chao).

Yi Yi

However, Yang was best known for his seventh and final film, Yi Yi (2000) (full title in some areas: Yi Yi: A One and A Two) – it was for this film that he received the Best Director at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival where it was also in competition and nominated for the prestigious Palme d'Or. Yi Yi was an epic story about the Jian family seen through three different perspectives: the father NJ (Wu Nien-jen), the son Yang-Yang (Jonathan Chang), and the daughter, Ting-Ting (Kelly Lee).[19] The three-hour piece started with a wedding, concluded with a funeral, and contemplated all areas of human life in-between with profound humor, beauty and tragedy.[20] The film is also best summarized by film critic Nigel Andrews, who stated in the Financial Times that "[t]o describe [Yi Yi] as a three-hour Taiwanese family drama is like calling Citizen Kane a film about a newspaper."[21]

The film won the "Best Film" award from the National Society of Film Critics (USA) in 2001 (where Yang also won 2nd place for a Best Director award), the "Best Foreign Film" award from the 2000 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, the "Best Foreign Film" award from the 2000 New York Film Critics Circle Awards, the Panorama Jury Prize from the 2000 Sarajevo Film Festival, the Chief Dan George Humanitarian Award (for Yang) at the 2000 Vancouver International Film Festival, a "Best Film – China/Taiwan" award and "Best Director" award from the 2002 Chinese Film Media Awards, a "Best Film" award at the 2001 Chinese Film Media Awards, a "Best Foreign Film" critics award from the 2001 French Syndicate of Cinema Critics, the Grand Prix award from the 2001 Fribourg International Film Festival, and the Netpac Award from the 2000 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival ("For the perceptive and sensitive portrayal of a generation and cultural gap in Taiwan and the painful choices to be made in these difficult times.").

Yi Yi was also named "Best Film of the Year" (2000) by the following film critics and writers: A.O. Scott of The New York Times, Susan Sontag writing for ArtForum, Michael Atkinson of the Village Voice, Steven Rosen of the Denver Post, John Anderson, Jan Stuart and Gene Seymour writing for Newsday, and Stephen Garrett as well as Nicole Keeter of Time Out New York.

The film also won 2nd place for Best Director, Best Film and Best Foreign Language Film in the 2000 Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, and was also nominated for: a Best Foreign Language Film award from the Awards Circuit Community Awards, a Best Non-American Film award from the 2003 Bodil Awards, a Best Foreign Language Film award from the 2001 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, the Best Cast, Best Movie and Best Original Screenplay from the 2002 Chlotrudis Awards, a Best Foreign Film award from the 2001 Cesar Awards, a Screen International Award from the 2000 European Film Awards, a Best Asian Film award from the 2002 Hong Kong Film Awards, a Best Foreign Language Film award from the Online Film & Television Association, a Best Foreign Language Film award from the 2001 Online Film Critics Society Awards, and a Golden Spike award from the 2000 Valladolid International Film Festival.

Yi Yi also placed third in a 2009 Village Voice Film Poll ranking "The Best Film of the Decade," tying with La Commune (Paris, 1871) (2000) and Zodiac (2007), and also placed third in a 2009 IndieWire Critics' Poll of the "Best Film of the Decade."

The film is also currently available on The Criterion Collection as a "Director-approved Special Edition", and features a newly restored digital transfer a long with a DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack (on the Blu-ray), audio commentary from Yang and Asian film critic Tony Rayns, a taped interview with film critics Rayns about Yang and the New Taiwanese Cinema movement, the U.S. theatrical trailer, an original English subtitle translation by Yang and Rayns, and an essay by writer Kent Jones as well as notes from Yang himself.[22]

Plays and other work

In 1989, Yang formed his own production company, "Yang and his Gang", which was renamed "Atom Films and Theater" in 1992, after one of Yang's favorite anime television shows while growing up, Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy.[23] Atom Films and Theater not only was involved in the production and financing of films, but also staged theatrical productions and plays, as well as experimental high-tech multimedia pieces.[23] In 1992, Yang also put on a production of a play he wrote entitled Likely Consequence, a video-taped performance of which can be viewed on The Criterion Collection Blu-Ray/DVD of A Brighter Summer Day (1991), released in March 2016.

In 2001, Yang had finished a script about a young kid who travels the world with just a cellphone and a credit card. Regarding that, "those two things are all you need now. It's a new world and there are a lot of stories we can tell each other," said the cineaste.[24] In the same year, Yang also hoped to make a film in Seattle and a second world war story set in Taiwan.[24]

In addition to these unrealized projects, Yang planned to make The Wind, an animated feature with Jackie Chan budgeted at $25m, to be drawn by Yang, heading a team of animators.[5]


Yang died on June 29, 2007 at his home in Beverly Hills, as a result of complications from a seven-year struggle with colon cancer. He is survived by his wife, concert pianist Kaili Peng, and son Sean.[25]

Style and themes

Yang's visual style comprehended deliberate pacing, long takes, fixed camera, few closeups, empty spaces, and cityscapes.[5]

Yang, in addition to being interested in the impact of the changes of Taiwanese society on the middle classes,[5] attempted to examine the struggle between the modern and the traditional in his films, as well as the relationship between business and art, and how greed may corrupt, influence, or affect art.[26] For that reason, many of his films (other than Yi Yi) are extremely difficult to find, since Yang did not consider selling films for money his primary purpose as an artist, and also felt that film distribution, especially in Taiwan, was something out of his control.[6]

Yang always set his work in the cities of Taiwan. As a result, Yang's films — especially A Confucian Confusion, Taipei Story, Mahjong and Terrorizers — are commentaries on Taiwanese urban life and insightful explorations of Taiwanese urban society.[2][27]

He has also collaborated with many of his fellow Taiwanese film-makers in his films: for instance, in Yi Yi he cast as the lead well-known auteur, novelist, and screenwriter Wu Nien-jen, director of the award-winning A Borrowed Life, which Martin Scorsese has cited as one of his favorite works and one of the most influential films of the '90s.[28] He also cast fellow film-maker Hou Hsiao-hsien as the lead in his 1985 film, Taipei Story, where Wu Nien-jen also had a brief part as a taxi driver and an old friend of Hou Hsiao-hsien's character. Yang also taught theatre and film classes at the Taipei National University of the Arts. Several of his students showed up in his films as actors and actresses.[7]


In 2000, Yang formed Miluku Technology & Entertainment to produce animated films and TV shows. The first animated feature that Miluku was slated to produce was an animated feature titled The Wind with Jackie Chan in 2007, but the project was cut short when Yang fell ill with cancer.[29] At the 2007 Pusan International Film Festival, he won an award for Asian Filmmaker of the Year, and was also immortalized with a hand-printing at the festival along with Ennio Morricone, Seung-ho Kim, Volker Schlöndorff, Dariush Mehrjui and Claude Lelouch. In 2007, Yang also won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards that year.



Further reading

  • John Anderson, Contemporary Film Directors: Edward Yang (University of Illinois Press 2005). See Link


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