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Ebenezer M. Chamberlain

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ebenezer Mattoon Chamberlain
Ebenezer Mattoon Chamberlain.jpg
E. M. Chamberlain, Congressman from Indiana
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Indiana's 10th district
In office
March 4, 1853 – March 3, 1855
Preceded bySamuel Brenton
Succeeded bySamuel Brenton
Member of the Indiana Senate
In office
Member of the Indiana House of Representatives
In office
Personal details
BornAugust 20, 1805
Orrington, Maine
DiedMarch 14, 1861(1861-03-14) (aged 55)
Goshen, Indiana
Political partyDemocratic Party

Ebenezer Mattoon Chamberlain (August 20, 1805 – March 14, 1861) was a U.S. Representative from Indiana.

Born in Orrington, Maine, Chamberlain attended public school before becoming employed in his father's shipyard. Later, he studied law and moved to Connersville, where he completed his studies, gaining admission to the bar in 1832 and commencing practice in Elkhart County in 1833.

He served as member of the Indiana House of Representatives from 1835 to 1837, before serving in the state Senate from 1839 to 1842.

Chamberlain was elected prosecuting attorney of the ninth judicial circuit in 1842 and became elected president judge of the ninth judicial district in 1843. He was reelected in 1851 and served until he resigned when he was elected to Congress. He served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1844.

Chamberlain was elected as a Democrat to the Thirty-third Congress from March 4, 1853 to March 3, 1855). Afterwards, he practiced of law in Goshen, until his death there on March 14, 1861.

He was interred in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

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  • ✪ Why YouTubers Are Bad At Rapping | The Genius of Epic Rap Battles of History


Left to right Left to right Left to right Left right. Left right. Left right. Left right. Left right. Left right Turn it up We're truly living in an interesting time where technology has the capability of enhancing anyone's ability Just about anyone with a phone and laptop can make a movie connection In that same regard just about anyone with a guitar and internet connection can be a superstar. There are thousands of free tutorials online where you can learn just about any instrument Too lazy to learn, that's fine There are also a number of loops and beats you can sing and rap over vocals can now be auto-tuned so it sounds like the artists can actually hold a note This technological advancement is why some claim talent is more prominent in old songs or music before the 90s But I would argue that since everyone has the capability to become adequate musicians this is where we see more talent emerging because technology has set the bar higher, I believe we are now able to spot talent that surpasses the aid of technology I see it as best illustrated in the ecosystem of youtuber music There are dedicated videos that discuss why youtubers make such bad and cringy songs In fact, I sometimes dread when my favorite youtuber announces, they will be releasing a song However, there is one channel that actually makes me excited whenever they upload one and that's Epic Rap Battles of History Their videos don't evoke that same cringe reaction. Why is that? What makes us cringe at this? (Left right) Turn it up And applause for this? how you gonna talk about a bat being blind? You need to echo-relocate to the 4th of July because you're Ms. Independent or at least you try but your first story is you running off with a guy Welcome psych IRL. My name is Donna. I know what you're thinking Oh, look! Here comes another youtuber critiquing other youtubers diss tracks without making one herself. Well, that's fair So I guess I'm gonna have to make one too, and you're gonna join in the process and watch me embarass myself And the only person that would be willing to embarrass herself too is my sister Ella Hi For the remainder of this video when I refer to youtubers I don't mean channels who are dedicated to making music. Lots of those folks are pretty talented I'm talking about channels who make a variety of content and then decide to put out a song, randomly Okay, like I said, it can get annoying when someone critiques something without doing the craft themselves So to keep things fair today, I'll be attempting to make an ERB styled rap battle to highlight what makes them so special compared to the rest of YouTube. spoiler alert! There is a 90% chance that mine will be bad, but it'll definitely prove the thesis that technology cannot be a substitute for talent and practicing your craft. With that, step one is having passion and practicing many times youtubers create a song because they want to try something new and that alone is how a youtuber song can go bad I might be a little late while I'm bathing in the hate I'm a yacht, yeah There was no practice or passion behind it the sole motivation was simply, wanting to try something new I personally find nothing wrong with this but you can tell there is a difference between the music of Someone who wants to try something new and someone who is experienced you're a glitchy old man, best left out at sea set sail and Galapago-suck on these Look might morphin Michael Vick your animated slave fights make me sick when I battle a foe from so simple a beginning, I'm not Charles Sheen but I am Dar-winning In the case of epic Rap Battles of History, Peter Shukoff AKA Nicepeter and Lloyd Ahlquist AKA epiclloyd first met First met freestyling on a porch in Chicago Both had moved there to study improv and comedy They would tour the country in an improv comedy group called mission Improvable Nicepeter and Epiclloyd would later go their separate ways and improve their craft on their own Epiclloyd started a comedy theater called westside comedy theater and Nicepeter working on a channel called the station which would later become maker studios and then disney digital the duo then reconnected to perform comedy once again They decided that one of their live segments called celebrity rap battle would best be executed online the concept of course involves two characters clashing in a battle of words rhyme and rhythm Thus the channel epic Rap Battles of History was born and now boasts over 3 billion views So in terms of practice, passion, and background, ERB is leaps and bounds ahead of most youtubers I'm a geek. You're a nerd. I'm slick. You're cheesy beating you is apple too easy And since it's impossible for me to condense their improve and comedy experience in time to upload this video, my sister and I will rap to some Eminem songs for an hour or so that should be enough, right? Unfortunately. I can't show you this clip because of copyright. Trust me It's probably a blessing in disguise that leads us to step 2 which is the idea process and deciding who the battle will be about there is an additional layer of motivation characteristic of social media platforms of why someone publishes a song this layer is the views the need for views can heavily impact who the rap battle will be about or who will be doing the rapping a strong emphasis on views may result in a decrease of musicality in this instance, for example When a popular youtuber david dobrik raps on his friends track A lot of the comments are pretty much roasting his rapping skills a lot of people were saying David needs to get better at his rapping skills Yeah, people were really mean to me in the comments. Dam! David ruined the song. I'm like It's a Duerte Dom song a big element for that is because Dobrik doesn't necessarily want to be a rapper His main motivation is to help his friend gain views by using his name I may be white, but I'm feeling whiter Got all my homies here. We're all tighter tighter than you will ever be cuz I'm over here pulling all nighters A lot of fans just want to see if their favorite internet star can sing or rap The fact is definitely important to take into account in today's social media driven world There are a rising amount of stories that your follower count is now a consideration casting directors take when you go in for an audition. This is simply for marketing purposes The person with a bigger following will drive more eyes to show their in so follower count or viewership doesn't necessarily equate to how much skill one has the viewership of this video is mostly wanting to know if Dobrik can rap while the viewership of ERB is of the actual content in the rap What about we do Jojo Siwa and Emma Chamberlain? Those are kids though Oh that's true It'd be weird to do like a diss track between two kids and we're like in our twenties Let's do Phillip Defranco and Keemstar But I don't really know them I know Liza See, this is a problem. We don't watch the same creators since me and my sister don't really watch the same youtubers we settled on doing Liza Koshy vs Superwoman now, we're gonna have to do a lot more research than usual because we don't really know these two creators but it's a good compromise step three is research And in my opinion the lack of is the biggest component to why a youtubers diss track may cause me to roll my eyes ERB does a thorough job of who they pit against one another we take all of our minds and combine them into one process that there is no specific process we just kind of really let an idea kind of marinate we dream about it where we really try to do is be like not the Wikipedia version Stephen Hawking is probably the an interesting example of like I didn't know a lot about physics going into it and for that whole two-week writing process there were just physics books just around the studio and we would read them and and it was Dante who was like, oh this thing about ten million particles There are 10 million million particles in the universe that we can observe your mama took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd In the beginning they were very familiar with the characters he wrote about. As the channel grew though they began getting requests of popular characters they didn't know that much about in an interview done by, NicePeter says a video can take up to 2-3 months to complete because of this lack of knowledge from watching each video, it's hard to tell who they are and aren't fans of the references and rhymes are so well researched, their disses are done much better than youtubers who make diss tracks of people they actually know when you watch the diss track between Logan and Jake Paul for example, all they essentially say is, "you suck I'm better than you" I'm a dog. You're a puppy, call you Kong You was poppin' on Vine but now your content's sh_ That's why you drop a song and text me to promo it You don't really see that OHHHHHH! Factor you could tell ERB really gets into the soul of the character they're playing Okay, so now we're in the research process I kind of feel bad because Liza and Superwoman are such like nice people. Okay, so I guess we have to think about well-known controversies for each person And the thing is it doesn't necessarily have to be true because that's what they do in epic Rap Battles of History like in the Pewdiepie vs. T-Series one when they're talking about the Wall Street Journal Everyone was mostly on PewDiePie's side, but it's still kind of a funny jab jumping you in subs is just my next hurdle first I'll crush you with my words like the Wall Street Journal And then we don't have to also make fun of their controversies we can also make fun of the stuff they succeeded in like in the Skrillex and Mozart thing Mozart was making fun of how Skrillex, you know uses technology to make his music instead of real Yeah, even though this music is like super popular Yeah In my opinion and this is what Epic Rap Battle does very well. one of the best diss tracks or one of the best methods to writing a diss track is that it hits the soul it can't be generic. It can't just be like you are ugly yeah, it can be like something that you can apply to everyone you have to actually Go in for the references and stuff and I think ERB does that very well So, what rhymes with Koshy? Step 4: Writing the lyrics and music Now, Ella and I will be writing and rapping the lyrics of this rap battle but when it comes to the music, we're going to need a little help Hey guys, I'm currently in London and I am meeting some of the people who are producing my music so here we go when we first got approached by Donna to do this Epic Rap Battles of History type skit to kinda see how the ins and outs worked a bit She was interested now and she thought it would make a pretty good video I looked into some of the Epic Rap Battles of HIstory and kinda saw what types of instruments they used and then with the help of lovely Kitty's voice I've made all of the instruments including the drums and the and all of the synthesizers and all of the leads etc. It was an added challenge for you to kind of, you know, take a vocal and turn that into an instrument Yeah. obviously, I think I think like the vocal is the best instrument in a way because it's so diverse But then you had to make that into you know an entire beat which was created out of Synthesized instruments. Exactly. So just do some kick drums. some snares and some high hats kick, snare, high hat So bad! I'm not born to be a beatboxer Literally just done don't be afraid to go crazy You made it sound like really auto tuney. No I made it sound like an old vintage record Friend of enemies. Our vocals? Oh Yeah, just how I flex them basically Was it bad? Tell the truth. It was terrible We were bad. We were totally bad. okay play it WHY?!?!? My gosh omg im so lame true lame It wasn't terrible. It was how you were inexperienced basically Yeah, so like the actual lyrics themselves weren't bad, which is the way you kind of delivered them. So I had to go Yeah, it was just timing So I just had to quickly not quickly But I had to go in and then manually adjust each individual where each word would hit or anything like that And then once that was done then everything sounded okay we were talking about this off-camera actually how a lot of big artists will do that like they'll go into the studio, do something completely out of time and then the producer will take that and make it into like a reasonable song so actually when people say, oh I love this artist like they love the producer. It's mostly the engineer Yeah, they just don't really know the the average audience member doesn't even know about you know the whole structure of you have a producer, and the musician, and then a vocalist You know, maybe session musicians. They just know about The face of the brand When ricegum makes a diss track or anyone else writes a diss track I don't think the purpose is to be musical even with Epic Rap Battles of History I don't think the purpose is to be musical. It's just to you know, it's for comedic effect and you know it's comedy. So it doesn't really... you still have some talent when it comes to writing bars and stuff and there's a car over there They still of the talent when it comes to writing and getting down nice bars and everything like that but I think it's more focused on content-based rather than sonically Ricegum doesn't write his lyrics In the beginning of creating this video, I thought a lot about whether or not AI could replace the human performer Why don't we watch robots playing piano? Why do we go see live concerts when we can stay at home and listen to the perfectly recorded album I foolishly scoured the internet for answers of what scientifically makes a good song. Sure there is music theory to what chord progressions work well together But there is no strict formula to moving someone to tears or making them laugh a big fundamental to music is telling a story whether it be heartbreak, enjoying in a club, or how Elon Musk totally dominates Mark Zuckerberg Though technology has elevated the common person's ability to create music You can't replace factors such as talent, passion, and practice When one does attempt to substitute tech for these, it often leads to cringe. What do you do when people don't now what we go through they see my blonde hair, blue eyes, and class But they don't know I have a really big...(heart/face) We are going to film a music video Epic Rap Battles of History style on a different video. Don't worry. I won't torture you by showing it to you But yeah, if you want to go watch that, please go watch it. And also this song is on iTunes Yeah, so I don't do patreon or anything like that So if you don't want to support me in the independent artists in the video, please go download the song and of course special thanks to Kittygotclaws and Idontsleep for producing the music for this. I Really appreciate them. They're very underrated music producers. Their links will also be down in the description below. So yeah Buy the song. I will see you guys next time. Stay Psyched


  • United States Congress. "Ebenezer M. Chamberlain (id: C000276)". Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.
U.S. House of Representatives
Preceded by
Samuel Brenton
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Indiana's 10th congressional district

1853 – 1855
Succeeded by
Samuel Brenton

 This article incorporates public domain material from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress website

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