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E! Logo 2012.svg
LaunchedJuly 31, 1987; 31 years ago (1987-07-31)
Owned by
Picture format
SloganPop of Culture
CountryUnited States
Broadcast areaNationwide
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Formerly calledMovie Time (1987–1990)
Sister channel(s)
  • 236 (HD/SD)
Dish Network (U.S.)114 (HD/SD)
DirecTV (Latin America)222
Dish Network Mexico212
Foxtel (Australia)125
Austar (Australia)125
Sky Network Television (New Zealand)14
DStv & Gotv (South Africa)124 & chan 26
TrueVisions (Thailand)63
Astro Nusantara (Indonesia)46
Astro (Malaysia)
  • 742 (HD)
  • 712 (SD)
Dialog (Sri Lanka)100
Sky Brasil (Brazil)33
Vivo TV (Brazil)362
Oi TV (Brazil)133
yes (Israel)37
Indovision (Indonesia)242
Bell TV (Canada)621
TVCable (Ecuador)20
Cignal Digital TV (Philippines)61
TeledunyaChannel 824
D-SmartChannel 9 (HD/SD)
Available on most cable providersCheck local listings for channels
StarHub TV (Singapore)441 (SD/HD)
HOT (Israel)31
TelstraClear InHomeTV (New Zealand)14
SkyCable (Philippines)
  • Channel 57 (SD Digital)
  • Channel 207 (HD)
First Media (Indonesia)70
Destiny Cable (Philippines)
  • 57 (SD)
  • 207 (HD)
Cablelink (Philippines)33
MediaNet (Maldives)815 (HD)
Kbro (Taiwan)235 (HD)
Net Digital (Brazil)
  • 50 (SD)
  • 550 (HD)
Virgin Media (UK)156
Comcast Cable (Turkey)9 (HD/SD)
AT&T U-Verse (U.S.)
  • 1134 (HD)
  • 134 (SD)
Verizon FiOS (U.S.)
  • 696 (HD)
  • 196, 1640 (SD)
now TV (Hong Kong)506 (SD/HD)
Fetch TV (Australia)118
Singtel TV (Singapore)328 (HD)
Zazeen (Canada)111 (HD)
VMedia (Canada)71 (HD)
Claro (Dominican Republic)204 (SD)
Streaming media
Sling TVInternet Protocol television
PlayStation VueInternet Protocol television
DirecTV NowInternet Protocol television
YouTube TVInternet Protocol television

E! (originally an initialism of Entertainment Television) is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group division of NBCUniversal, all owned by Comcast.

As of January 2016, E! is available to 92.4 million households in America.[1]

YouTube Encyclopedic

  • 1/2
    169 970
    1 552
  • ✪ Donald Trump "THIRD TEMPLE" for whole world (R$E)
  • ✪ E' Amore o Dipendenza Affettiva?


okay so this is the mold okay this is the original mold Of the second Cyrus Trump temple coin and as you can see over here, let's see what we have Okay first up we have over here in Hebrew *speaks Hebrew* To fulfill seventy years The original verse to fulfill seventy years is when The Jews went out to exile to the Babylonian exile, they were there for 70 years And after 70 years King Cyrus said "God the Lord of the world gave me permission" "To let you, the Jews, come back to the land of Israel" "And He charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem" That happened about Two thousand five hundred years ago.. and now seventy years for the State of Israel Something happened again.. one of the biggest leaders of the world, again President Donald Trump, and here we see the seal of America He again recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.. of the State of Israel the people of Israel, and he also built a house in Jerusalem But we don't want only the embassy, we hope just as King Cyrus pushed us The Jewish people, to rebuild the temple, we hope all the seventy nations and president Donald Trump After he recognized Jerusalem as the spiritual holy capital of the Land of Israel the State of Israel he will help us the Jewish people rebuilt the Rebuild the Third Temple And that's why we have the Seal of America The original Persian Empire Christianity and Islam, and all the monotheistic religions Have a very very important role to unify everybody to worship the true Living God and to prosper and thrive according to God's will It's so simple Do you think that the Vatican Pope Francis he seems to have a similar message do you think that Rome will go along with this? Do you think this is.. - No I don't think so In the U.S. there are 30,000 denominations of Christianity According to what we received Part of them will be part of the redemption.. part of them no. It's very very simple, so.. whomever will accept to be exactly as the nation's whomever will come as a person to come to worship God he will be part of the redemption As simple as that. Just look around you, look who's sitting here! Where are you from? Jamaica and you're from the USA.. and you're from? - Argentina And where are you from? - Guatemala Look at this! We have somebody from India it's unbelievable! Here in the center of Jerusalem I'm surrounded by people from other nations and we're all talking about one thing of the importance of Jerusalem and the importance of peace and the importance of who will have Redemption. So we're part of a prophetic process, that's what it's all about and this president. He understood.. When nobody else.. he understood we're not talking politics! We're talking Torah, we're talking prophets, that's what it's all about And once we understand it and I think he understood it maybe he can't say it But he knows, and he's pushing us.. he's pushing us and the whole world The whole world is there. - Can I ask you.. Where are you from? - England England, okay! We have England, also! *Laughter* - Can I ask you said earlier that some of the temple is ready to be built in a - prefab state is that true do you have part of the temple already built? It's exactly what we said before, it's not enough to pray for the temple If you pray for something you have to believe and to show that you believe something you have to do. So that's why we have a lot of vessels made, we have a big altar that was made. We have programs and yes also some of the pieces of the temple exist. Blocks itself can be just transferred exactly like the model we see over here 15 times bigger than this and the temple can be built. As Trump says, every nation will keep his language his culture his beliefs It's not globalization, it's to worship one god on temple mount What is a Muslim? Let's talk about.. what is a Muslim in the Hebrew world is perfect, whomever talked to God is perfect According to the Quran, Ibrahim was Muslim. Moses was Muslim. He's perfect and they got into conclusion that the Messiah will be their Mahdi Their Mahdi, so whenever I meet Muslims in many countries I tell them Who was Muslim according to the Quran? Ibrahim? if Abraham, I'm from Ibrahim Moses.. Musa.. I'm from Moses, I'm Levi. And the Messiah will be the "Mahdi" So actually our history is the same. Our future will be the same So what is the problem now? I ask them really, what is the problem? I'm saying the problem is only the radicals, they're the terrorists But whenever everybody will support building the third temple everybody then everybody will prosper because this is what is temple is for, for the whole world - So you think there could be some union between all the religions? Absolutely! We already have unity but everybody's afraid from the terrorists But ok, so this is our job to unify everybody to worship the only true Living God In the third temple with all the nations.. all the nations that will worship God He will be a king, the one king, that will unite the whole world - So you see Jacob and Esau reuniting in the last days? So, Muslims and Jews and - Christians would be part of this "one world" including some Kabbalistic - And Eastern influences, all into one kind of religion in this temple I won't call it one kind of religion. One kind of understanding. - Like a new way of thinking? Understanding that there is one God in heaven - So it's a higher consciousness, a higher way of thinking. And at the end of times everybody will understand that *speaks Hebrew* God is one. - So this is a similar design to the third temple - It's a very Kingly temple isn't it.. and I wanted to ask you. This lamp, so you've got the lamp - That would be the lamp of Queen Helena, who is a Persian - I mistakenly thought it was Constantine's mother Helena - But this is a Persian Queen Helena She was very fond of the Jewish people, as she converted to Judaism herself.. and the sages liked her very much and when she wanted to donate something to the temple so she made this candelabra made of gold And when the sun used to rise from the east it would hit the gold candelabra and spread the light like this but not only symbolically from the temple - So it reflects the sun as it rises from the east? And this is what we see in this picture - over here right this is the sun reflection from the lamp of Queen Helena - and so we've got that kind of Persian thing again and would it be - right to say that there's some element of Kabbalah in in this temple? Well Kabbalah is actually the inner part of the Torah, we have what the Torah tells us and it's written in the Torah and the Kabbalah is actually what isn't written but we have to want to understand maybe about little Persia and these old ancient Eastern Eastern nations - religions - So would you describe this as a kind of new world order? This is not an "order", this is not an order, it's different. It's the new world Without any.. let's say negative and forbidden feelings like hatred like revenge It will be only loving appreciation or honoring. So this will be a "new world" but not "order" - it will be a new world holistic, the holistic way The way God wants it. - On here it says, "The Persian Empire" - Do you think this temple could somehow unite Islam, the Muslim religion, with Christianity and Judaism? So if we're talking about the Persian Empire, we know now that in the Iran which is where Persia is now, there's some different Empire but we're talking about the original Persian Empire And yes, we have Iranians who are not Jewish, who want this coin because they understand that yes, this is the place that will unite the whole world Yes! The Jewish people have the power to unite the whole world Not just the Jewish people but as long as we are talking the words of Hashem (God) that's what Hashem is.. Hashem Echad - Hashem is the one which can unite everybody # The Messiah will be the judge - You believe that Messiah Ben David is coming to this Temple? Messiah Ben David is very soon, and he is a Jew he is not Jesus if the Christians want to hold it - they can hold it - And meshiach ben David would potentially be the messiah that would - rule over this unity.. this "one world" unity? The first King we had, that was a real King Was King David, and we know that the king that will be eventually leading the world will also be from Yehuda, like you said meshiach ben David Eventually the leader of the world will be a king - but not a political king But a spiritual king that will help all of us understand together What we are supposed to be doing in this world. - Yeah I mean, Jesus is described as the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" - And the Son of David, do you think that maybe Jesus - Yeshua could be the true Messiah and we might have a counterfeit that could show up? People understand it's like I don't know a small kid when you offer him chocolate, or an adult if you offer money, nobody's gonna say no to money with something very not spiritual. When we have the right understanding of what's important in the world - it'll be obvious to all of us that that's what we want everybody will be running after spirituality. So when that time comes everybody will want it. - Okay, so we believe that the false.. that the Antichrist will actually be the head - of this deception before the real Messiah comes - that's where we differ on - our thinking at the moment. - It says in the Temple Institute there's going to be a Sanhedrin court? - So they would make judgments.. - From the court in the temple? There is a special place in the Temple for the Sanhedrin My Temple will be the center of the prayer of the whole world This is what Isaiah says, so we know this will be the future so we are just marching it I know it's like a mathematical formula we're getting closer and closer The last Sanhedrin was sixteen hundred years ago and we had the right code how to re-establish it because we knew that it has to be established and all of the Rabbi's agreed on one Rabbi, that he is like Moses - he can ordain other people he ordained three, and the three of them ordained 71 at Tiberius - exactly the same place where the last Sanhedrin sat six hundred years ago.. sixteen.. so this is part of the process.




E! was originally launched on July 31, 1987, as Movietime, a service that aired movie trailers, entertainment news, event and awards coverage, and interviews as an early example of a national barker channel.[2] The channel was founded by Larry Namer and Alan Mruvka.[3][4] Early Movietime hosts included Greg Kinnear, Paula Abdul, Katie Wagner, Julie Moran, Suzanne Kay (daughter of Diahann Carroll), Mark DeCarlo, Sam Rubin and Richard Blade.


E!'s logo from the launch under that branding. Used from June 1, 1990 until July 9, 2012 for the US flagship channel. Still in use for many of E!'s international networks.
E!'s logo from the launch under that branding. Used from June 1, 1990 until July 9, 2012 for the US flagship channel. Still in use for many of E!'s international networks.

Controlling ownership was originally held by a consortium of five cable television providers (Comcast, Continental Cablevision, Cox Cable, TCI, and Warner Cable), HBO/Warner Communications, and various founding shareholders, with HBO directly programming and managing the network. In 1989, after Time-Life bought Warner Communications to fend off a takeover bid by Paramount, the new Time Warner company held four of the eight major ownership positions and took over management control of Movietime and renamed the network as E!: Entertainment Television on June 1, 1990; this name change was made to emphasize its widening coverage of the celebrity–industrial complex, contemporary film, television and music, daily Hollywood gossip, and fashion.

In 1997, Comcast, one of the minority partners, teamed up with Disney/ABC Cable Networks to buy the channel after Time-Warner had exercised their put agreement.[5] Comcast increased the ownership stakes in the network through mergers with forerunners of TCI and Continental under various circumstances. In November 2006, Comcast acquired Disney's 39.5% share of E! for $1.23 billion to gain full ownership of the network as part of a broader programming carriage agreement between Disney/ABC and Comcast.[6]

In January 2011, Comcast Entertainment Group, the company's television unit, became a division of the NBCUniversal Television Group, after Comcast acquired a 51% majority stake in NBCUniversal from General Electric.[7] E!'s only sister networks prior to the NBC Universal merger were the now-defunct channels Style Network (then Esquire Network) and G4, along with Comcast's sports networks: Versus, Comcast SportsNet and Golf Channel. In the case of Versus, E! staff produced that network's Sports Soup and G4's Web Soup, while the Orlando-based Golf Channel featured no crossovers with E! at all due to incompatible audiences and operations. Versus and Golf Channel were taken under the direct control of the NBC Sports division, with the former being renamed NBC Sports Network in January 2012, and are no longer connected to their former sister networks beyond advertising and in-house operations.

On July 9, 2012, the channel introduced a revised logo (the first change to its logo since the network rebranded as E! in 1990), removing the exclamation mark background behind the "E" but keeping the exclamation point underneath, along with a new slogan "Pop of Culture", which coincided with the launch of the new series Opening Act. The network also started the process of introducing scripted programming (the first series, The Royals, premiering in March 2015), in addition to its existing reality and documentary series. The changes were announced during E!'s programming upfront presentation on April 30, 2012.[8]



E! is one of the few U.S. general-entertainment cable channels that broadcasts a daily news program; its flagship entertainment news program is E! News, which debuted on September 1, 1991. The weekday program (which also has an hour-long weekend edition) features stories and gossip about celebrities, and the film, music and television industries, and has been broadcast under various formats since its launch, even being aired live for a time during the mid-2000s. It was first hosted by Dagny Hultgreen. Steve Kmetko was a host from 1994-2002.[citation needed] It has been hosted by Terrence Jenkins and Giuliana Rancic since 2012 and 2006, respectively, with Ryan Seacrest (who co-anchored the program from 2006 to 2012) serving as managing editor of the news operation.

E! News was the only entertainment news show on the channel for much of its history until 2006, when the channel launched The Daily 10, hosted by Sal Masekela and Catt Sadler (Debbie Matenopoulos also co-hosted from the show's inception until 2008); the series was cancelled in September 2010 after E! announced that the weekday editions of E! News would be expanded to one hour starting on October 25, 2010.[9]

E! also carried a simulcast of business news channel Bloomberg Television from 2004 to January 2009, when the latter network had expanded its cable and satellite carriage to a level that allowed the discontinuation of the simulcast. During its time on E!, the 5 to 8 a.m. block was the most watched period for the network, according to Nielsen Media Research.[citation needed]

Outside E! News telecasts, the channel runs an E! News–branded ticker displaying entertainment news headlines each half-hour during regular programming (except during airings of E! News and The Soup, and the channel's early morning infomercial block) which is updated daily; fast-breaking entertainment headlines (such as a celebrity arrest or death) may also be displayed on a ticker, during any program when warranted.

Original series

E! is known for its live red carpet pre-shows for the industry's three prominent award shows, the Primetime Emmy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, and the Academy Awards, and were famous for their fashion critiques by Joan Rivers; Rivers also hosted post-awards specials under the title Fashion Police, which became a regular weekly series in September 2010. In April 2017, it was announced that E! had acquired the People's Choice Awards, which will move to the network from CBS in 2018 with a new November scheduling. The network promoted that the show would be given an "end-to-end" experience that will leverage its existing experience in awards show coverage.[10][11]

The network also produces many documentary and biographical series, most notably E! True Hollywood Story; many of E!'s original specials are entertainment-related ranging from light fare (such as 25 Cutest Child Stars All Grown Up) to serious fare (such as 15 Most Unforgettable Hollywood Tragedies). It also produces specials centering on investigative and crime stories including E! Investigates, which features topical investigative reports on subjects ranging from child prostitution to teenage pregnancy.

In recent years, the network has become known for its reality television programs. Its most popular series as of 2011 is Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which has spawned three spin-offs (Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and Khloe and Lamar). Other original programming airing on the network included weekly version of Fashion Police (which continues as post-awards ceremony specials).

E! has had three comedy programs: the late night talk show Chelsea Lately, hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler, its scripted/improvised spin-off After Lately, and The Soup (based on the popular 1991-2002 E! series Talk Soup), featuring clips of the previous week's TV shows with humorous commentary delivered by the host, actor/comedian Joel McHale. Handler also produced Love You, Mean It, a weekly comedic look at pop culture hosted by Whitney Cummings.

Acquired series and films

Over the years, E! has occasionally run acquired programming including reruns of Alice, Absolutely Fabulous, 20/20 lifestyle-based interview shows from ABC (since removed under NBCUniversal ownership), and edited 60-minute versions of Saturday Night Live, though fewer of these programs currently air.[12] The only programming currently airing on E! that it does not produce are broadcast standards-edited reruns of the former HBO series Sex and the City originally carried by HBO's sister network TBS, and feature films that air under the banner "Movies We Love"; the latter was part of a since-abandoned initiative by the network to use films to increase the network's ratings, though the branding remains, and low and mid-grossing female focused films from the Universal Pictures library usually receive their basic cable premiere on E!, with higher-grossing films premiering on USA Network. The network has aired same-week runs of NBC series (such as The Voice, Fashion Star, Whitney, and Are You There, Chelsea?), and in the past aired previews of G4 programming to give that network an extended promotional platform due to their lowered carriage when it was removed from DirecTV in November 2010.[12]


E! HD is a high definition simulcast feed of E! that launched on December 8, 2008; like the rest of E!'s sister lifestyle and sports networks owned by former parent Comcast Entertainment Group and subsequently the NBC cable networks, the feed broadcasts in the 1080i resolution format. Currently, filmed program content and all of the network's post-2010 programs, along with limited pre-2010 content is carried in the format, with HD programming airing in a letterbox format on the SD channel (some films remain in 480i due to contractual or technical reasons). The HD feed is available on most cable and telco providers, along with both satellite services.[12]

During E!'s run as a broadcast service in Canada, the E! Ontario version of the service until the December 2008 discontinuation of the E! broadcast television system was available in HD over Hamilton, Ontario-based CHCH-TV (channel 11) on its channel 18 digital signal, though the majority of E!'s programming outside American primetime series before the shutdown of the television system was not available in the format.[12]

E! Online

E! Online is the online arm of E!, featuring live updates on entertainment news stories; the website includes an online-only entertainment news bulletin titled E! News Now, which is updated each weekday. The website also provides live streaming video of major red carpet events including movie premieres and award shows such as the Academy Awards and the Emmys, along with some blogs involving shows such as The Soup. Columnists featured on the website include Kristin dos Santos (the "Watch with Kristin" television blog), Ted Casablanca ("The Awful Truth" gossip blog), and Marc Malkin (writer of an eponymous gossip blog and host of a daily video blog on the site).[citation needed]

As part of the rebrand of the cable channel on July 9, 2012, was redesigned for HTML5, including tablet and mobile devices.[13]

International versions



Unlike most international cable channels that have licensed an American cable channel's branding and programming, E! has existed as two separate television channels in Canada – in both broadcast and pay television forms.[12]

On September 7, 2007, Canwest Global Communications rebranded its CH television system as E! CH originally launched on February 12, 2001 by CHCH/Hamilton, Ontario as a secondary service of the Global Television Network; the CH/E! system would later include four additional Canwest-owned stations in Quebec (CJNT/Montreal), British Columbia (CHEK/Victoria and CHBC/Kelowna) and Alberta (CHCA/Red Deer), and three affiliates owned by Jim Pattison Group in British Columbia (CKPG/Prince George and CFJC/Kamloops) and Alberta (CHAT/Medicine Hat). The E! television system shut down on September 1, 2009 due to low ratings and corporate financial difficulties that eventually led to Canwest filing for bankruptcy protection and selling its properties to Shaw Media for $6.7 million USD; the E! owned-and-operated stations experienced varied fates (CHCH and CJNT were sold to Channel Zero, CHEK was sold to an employee-led group; CHBC remained with Canwest and was converted into a Global O&O, and CHCA ceased operations outright), while the Pattison Group stations affiliated with the Rogers Media-owned Citytv system.[12] As E!, local news and other regional programming, as well as most local community sponsorships on the O&O stations, used local branding (incorporating the callsign branding scheme common with Canadian stations not owned by a network or television system).[12] This decision was at least partly made to avoid confusion with E! News, but likely intended to ensure that local newscasts were not perceived as celebrity-oriented.[12]

The E! brand would later return to Canada on November 1, 2010, when CTVglobemedia (whose assets are now owned by Bell Media) signed a multi-year/multi-platform agreement with Comcast to rebrand Category 2 specialty channel Star! (which had a similar format to E! U.S. and had carried some of its programming prior to the 2007 rebranding of CH) into a Canadian version of E! on November 29, 2010.




E! is broadcast in Israel by cable provider HOT and by satellite provider yes.


Some of E! programs started to air on Cinema Television during its inception by RMN.[14] But in 2000, both RMN and E! announced its partnership to reluanch CTV into E! Philippines.[15] It was originally broadcast 24 hours a day, but eventually reduced in 2001 to a primetime 6-midnight block, before ending in 2003. Some of E!'s programs were brought to the Philippines and remade in a local version, one of which was Wild On! Philippines.

Three years after the relaunch as a standalone cable channel,[16] E! produced its very first original reality series in Asia, It Takes Gutz to Be A Gutierrez starring the Gutierrez family.

South Korea


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