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Douglas College

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Douglas College
TypePublic university
PresidentDr. Kathy Denton [1]
ProvostDr. Thor Borgford [2]
Academic staff
Location, ,
49°12′13″N 122°54′46″W / 49.2036°N 122.9128°W / 49.2036; -122.9128 (New Westminster campus)
CampusUrban (New Westminster), Suburb (Coquitlam)
Colours     Black
AthleticsDouglas College Royals
AffiliationsACCC, CBIE, CUP
Douglas College logo.svg
David Lam Campus
David Lam Campus
David Lam Campus
David Lam Campus

Douglas College is a public college institution in British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 1970, the college serves some 16,000 credit students, 8,500 continuing education students and 3,000 international students each year. Douglas offers bachelor's degrees and general university arts and science courses, as well as career programs in health care, human services, business and the creative arts.[3]

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  • ✪ Douglas College - Welcome to Douglas College
  • ✪ Paying Your Fees
  • ✪ Iloradanon: Douglas College Applied Psychology


here's what we're going to talk about in the next fifteen minutes really quickly we are going to do a quick a welcome the douglas college were on a talk a little bit about our history some interesting facts about the college that you may not know after that we'll talk a little bit more about some of student services that we have here the college in addition to the ones that we heard about from the panel thurday important dates and deadlines because there are five gary important dates that are coming up for each of you guys between now and september we wanna make sure that you understand those before you leave tonight course planning and registration stephanie's gonna spend a fair amount of time talking about that this evening so i'm just gonna touch on a very briefly but it is a big step for you guys it's coming up in the next month last then forethought which is really strange word but it has been very positive consequences for you guys so we're gonna talk about that and the last one what's next so what's gonna be happening for you guys in the next three to four months before you start your september semester so run through the really quickly for suck welcome in douglas college for those of you don't know douglas college has been around since nineteen seventy which makes it almost as old as your parents really old at this point so problem things you may not know first of all there over ten thousand students at the college actually a total is closer to fourteen thousand when you include all of our part-time students so a little over fourteen thousand which is roughly the same number of san jose people who are crying in their beer this evening but that's ok self fourteen thousand students on campus in eighty seven different programs we have seven different bachelor's degree programs as well as a whole host a certificate diploma and university transfer programs that you guys are gonna be getting into are official varsity athletics teen is called the royals you'll notice their logo is up in the top left hand corner our official royals colors are green white and black so if you find urself walking around on campus in the first we can you see some uh... young men or young ladies any tracksuit that's either all-black for all green that is most likely one of our varsity athletes so we've got some fantastic sports teams on campus and the royals our our team mascot which reminds me if you see a six-foot lion walking around on campus you're not wholly said well you probably not hallucinating it's probably our official college mascot his name is rori and he comes over a lot of special events and keep your eye on rori in the near future last thing i want to say we have a a lot and very interesting alumni at douglas college some of them that competing in the olympics you may remember a gentleman by the name of daniel galley who won ira's ling gold medal and number of years ago he is a graduate from douglas college uh... what else are you and we watch khalid before for those of you who watched the first season of the bully what was the name of the football coach coach tanaka is correct little known facts of the gentleman who play coach tanaka on cally started his career studying fear here at douglas college so another very interesting alumni of our program we currently have two students who are competing for them this world canada competition i'm assuming they're both women however i'm open to all forms of expression so i could be something else you never know uh... cell all kinds of a really interesting students and grads that you guys are gonna get to know while you're here at the college so welcome to dot very interesting community now as you found out from the panel a few minutes ago there a number of very important student services that each of you guys are entitled to use now did you become a douglas college student we have heard about academic advising will probably get here a little bit more different stephanie when she talks of course registration i refer to these people as the smartest people in the room because they seem to know everything about every program here at douglas college i would highly recommend it if you haven't met with an academic advisor yet do you sell before you register for your classes on the talk in just a few minutes about how you can get in touch with them the key academic advisors in mind they're your best ally in your first semester on campus without financial aid which are heard about as well in in just a few minutes we're gonna start talking about when you're going to fight for financial aid and why it's important to do so early co-op education word and i was talking about how you guys can get experience working for employers in the field before you graduate from the college so when you do graduate not only do you have a certificate diploma or degree you've also got months of experience working for a recognized employer that makes you the most valuable candidate for your first job after you graduate so that's a very good service idea dot while i was doing that my undergraduate degree highly recommend cooper each of you guys to take a look at we have the center for students with disabilities which you've heard a little bit about lots of technology resources and people to help you succeed whether it's a learning disability or physical challenges some kind really great people yet in and talk with them early cuz it takes awhile to build the planning to put all the resources in place to support you you don't want to be doing at the last minute take the time to get to know them during summer so you ready to hit the ground running with them in the fall obvious reasons is the office that i work for the geoworks formality as well as all the stockings seen this evening our primary job is to make your life as easy as possible specially in that first year where you're transitioning into our community so we do orientation programs like this we also do the late summer or e-dition at the end of the year was about to welcome week activities in the first semester so lots of ways that we are helping you guys get a leg up on the competition when you first are here the college including those bi-weekly emails that you guys have been receiving since about the beginning of may so lots of ways that we are here to help support you in your transition into college center for international education primarily works into groups on campus first of all international students who come here to study and domestic students who want to go around the world in studies somewhere else you heard our president dr scott mcalpine talk about the fact that our international student community and the students who travel in study internationally some of the largest programs are here douglas college one of the few things that i didn't do well i was doing my bachelor's degree was international education and i regret it so if you guys are incident traveling the world why not do that and earn credits at the same time that's what the center for international education can do for you sorry link origi to check that out so those are some of the services that you guys can start tapping into in the next three months before you start your douglas college kyle talked about the center for campus life lots of really interesting stuff goes on to the center for campus life starting with varsity sports how are you guys play at least one sport in your spare time hands up if you play sports alright that tradition can continue here at the college if you're a high-level athlete you can play for the college team travel compete against other institutions learn from in advance coach and be eligible for academic and uh... varsity scholarships in addition if you're not a super athlete but you just like to play in your spare time that's where the intramural sports come in the kyle was talking about it's essentially like a drop in lead that you guys to play for fun between your classes i've played your girls volleyball for years while he's doing a bachelor's degree great way to get some exercise gets an energy between your classes surreal encouraging guys to do that in addition recreational activities so one-off activities like i was talking about things like the royals rumble which is a huge multi sport to hide multi sport competition on campus as well as the campus chase uh... how many guys have seen a television show called the amazing race hands out have any of you competed in the local version called city chase here in vancouver anybody competed in c chase happens every summer we have a campus version of city chase that goes on here were students runaround the entire douglas college neighborhood doing special activities at different locations getting points and then running back on campus for the fastest time great community event just another one of the activities that they put together for years so that's another thing to keep in mind health and wellness we've got everything from natura path that doctors chiropractors acupuncture is all kinds of stuff on campus to help keep you guys healthy and well while you're on campus keeping motivated keep your energy up so much to divert resources that you can tap into you through the center for campus life as carl mentioned god life dot c_ a_ is an outstanding website that we just started last year essentially everything fun that goes on campus is going on on that website so it starts with a big calendar the you guys can check out to see when the activities are happening that you might wanna plug into it's a bit quiet at the moment is the summer semesters kinda quiet and in the fall it's going to be full of activities that you guys can join in addition clubs and organizations tons of them on campus kyle was talking about them in his interaction how many guys were involved in a club of some kind when you were in high school heads up if you're involved in at least one club you can continue that tradition here at the college all kinds of things can get involved in everything from the video game club too the hip-hop club all kinds of the stuff that you can do while you're here on campus and if the club doesn't exist that you want to be a part of start your own there's mechanisms to start your own club in a very simple and we provide financial support to get your club off the ground so lots of ways for you guys to get involved in get acted on campus alright turning for a moment from the fun stuff you can do to the serious stuff that you absolutely need to be paying attention to you here are five berry important dates for you guys to keep in mind the first one june first that's the first day that you guys can start applying for financial a second date june twenty third two july eighth that is the window in which course registration for starts he will be receiving a postcard in the mail shortly that gives you the exact day and time that you can begin your course registration period or your course registration process it will take place during that period august fifteenth tuition payment deadline very important date september first land that you can start to apply for douglas college awards and bursaries i'm not talking about student loans these are the college awards and bursaries that we get out as an institution and the last most exciting day is september the sixth when your life here at douglas college officially begins the important thing is that your stand out these dates fit together on show you so june first is the first day that you can start applying for student loans a license get confused as to when they should apply for student loans so i'm gonna throw this question out for you i mean i think that you should apply for student loans it before you register for your courses hands out how many do you think you should apply for student loans after you register for your courses anza but split which is typically when i see from my state in reality we recommend as a rule of thumb that you apply for your student loan two months before you need the money when do you need the money well it's a question payment deadline is august the fifteenth so if you need it on that day when should you start looking for your student loans middle ages writes so if it opens on june the first and you know you want to get in by the middle of june nineteen zero two week window to get rapidly-changing so you want to keep those dates in mind we want to have a team on properties it takes that long to process your student loan given that your course registration is june twenty third earliest it means you will be applying for student loans before you register for courses uh... it's about three sir so we're gonna move on to very quickly registration how do you guys have articulate what courses you going to registering four in the fall hands up so about fifteen twenty percent of your doubts about normal if you haven't yet made that decision don't wait until the night before trust me if i get panicked phone calls from students all the time say my course registrations tomorrow i've no idea what classes i should be signing up for make your life be easy work that out in advance come up with a game plan there's tons of ways that you can do that by connecting with academic advisers these are three ways that you can connect with them before you have to make that choice the first days go online and check out the registration guide it is a one-stop shop to tell you how you register what that process looks like if you have to go on a waitlist how you use the waitlist everything you need to know to register for courses successfully in terms of the process can be found in that registration guide so i highly recommend you go there don't worry about town that address this powerpoint presentations going to be on the web in two days you can just open up the powerpoint presentation click on the link it'll take a stranger to pain is also one of the handouts that you guys in the beginning tonight second apne with an academic advisor you can but a half-an-hour appointed to sit down and work in a game plan with the advisor figure out exactly what courses you need in your first semester and in your first year smart students make that choice however because this is a busy time of year they're already booking two weeks in advance which means the earliest you're gonna get to meet with them is about the end of the first week of next month so i highly encourage you guys if you haven't made your decision yet and you want me with an academic advisor go home pick up a phone call them set up an appointment meet with them before your course registration date last name they are special information sessions just to help students figure out the course registration process there are three of them that are going on next month that link will take you to the schedule of the exact days and times that you can count and do an information session just to get you set up for course registration so lots of ways that will make this process easy for you all you have to do is make asian to take advantage of those so wanted to put those up on the board for you seven the last thing for tonight four o'clock really we're word but will give you a big smile for one simple reason uh... let me ask you this question how many guys have been to parrot teacher nights in high school parent teacher dates how many of you hated going to parent-teacher dates in high school that funny way behind me means that you will never have to do another parent teacher interview in your life here as well how will be the cheer comes up from the crowd i like that here's how forethought stands for freedom of information and protection of privacy act that's a fancy description that essentially means it protects your privacy and security on your information that is your information as a student here at douglas college to break it down and even simpler terms what that means is only this dude involved can view or change your information here at the college in other words you are the only person that has access to your student records here at douglas your parents do not have any legal access to your grades through the course is that you're taking we can't even confirm to them that you attend this institution so i'm getting so big smiles in the audience at this point however that's a double-edged sword if you are the only person who has access to your records and can go into the system if something happens to you if you go on vacation or if you are somehow out of the loop during the time when you need to do course registration or you need to interact with the college no one else can do that for you and less and authorized person is designated i have that access so what you can do is you can designate unauthorized person to have access to as much or as little of your information at the college as possible so what i would highly recommend that you do is have a conversation with your parents during the summer will call it a polite negotiation you say you know what mom and dad times are changing unchanging becoming more mature i'm an adult now i'm taking charge of my education i'd like to talk to you about what we're gonna talk about in my life at douglas college are we gonna talk about grades wonder we can talk about grades are we could talk about cost we talk about services work that out in advance because trust me there's a lot less drama if you have an understanding with your parents before you start your semester than if you get into that conversation halfway through please have a conversation with your parents about who's gonna have access to your information then you have to tell us who has access to the information they cannot come in and say all by the way my daughter gave me access doesn't work that way they need to come in and give us written documentation that indicates that you have approved their access to your information so for talk in the eight friend to u or it can hurt you but you need to work through it with your parents so please have that conversation talk to them about how you're going to talk about life in the next couple of years so their last name two quick things actually mike douglas dot c eight first off how many you've heard of my douglas at this point yet that's what i'd like to see here's a more critical question how many of you have access to my douglas account okay not see that here's a bonus point question how many do you have forwarded your my dad was the email to your personal email account already well done the big advantage of that is rather than having to check your my dad was in town on a regular basis it automatically gets forwarded to your personal email address big reasons why they should be connected to my douglas this is your virtual portal into the college community this is how you get your instructors back to your peers to get information about important meeting deadlines you do not want to be missing this information so if you haven't checked into my douglas yet going check it out read three your message is all of the message is that we send out every two weeks get archives here so if you listen so far you can go back in read them three or archives and remember if you're smart before it it's your personal email address that we don't have to check is often but one way or another tapping the mike douglas vitally important to get the information that you need last thing late summer orientation what you guys are doing tonight is like an appetizer it's a three hour webkit of information that you need to succeed in the next three months but if you want to succeed in the next few years four years late orientation is the place to be it's the single largest orientation of the douglas college community and it's kinda reasons why you should be there first of all you get to meet students and faculty surround and worrying about what a college course is gonna look like you're gonna get to meet your faculty at worrying fish and find out what are their expectations in the class can you bring food in can you bring your laptop in can you bring your phone and that's a conversation you want to have before your classes start that's why we bring instructors to ls l you also get to meet students from your program sighetu connected people feel like you've got some friends on campus before you start your first semester so that's an important reason to think about it second up how are you guys hate to stand in line ups hate to stand in line ups how many of you would rather be in the v_i_p_ section pans out allison's essentially a giant v_i_p_ section cuz i can guarantee that the bookstore lined up in the first semester on campus will wrap around the block the advantage of coming to alice so as you get priority access to the bookstore get the comment get your text books before the semester begins so huge advantage just bear in getting your text books before you begin your program student i_d_ and the you pass can also b dot i'd gotten can be purchased or picked up at the college during al aso which means that's one less lineup you have to stand in during your first week on campus so come and pick up your student i_d_ how many guys have heard of the you pass you bastard role good answer you pass at douglas college starts the first time this september you guys are very lucky what that means is instead of paying for a regular transit pass you're gonna pay thirty dollars a month to travel as many zones as you want to you so a significant transit savings because about you guys and we will be giving them out act the orientation program said that's a good idea opportunities there all the stuff that makes college life interesting exciting and fun is going to be showcase at the office so all kinds of clubs are going to be there associations are gonna be there campus life everything rori is probably gonna be there that day so lots of great opportunities for you guys to connect while you're still at orientation so you feel like you've got some friends and got some connections before you get started on campus last not rumor has it ready to be giving way a couple of prizes of free to wish in at aliso so if you wouldn't mind somebody handing you a credit voucher for a free concert to make sure your their own or intuition day for aliso the specific dates of orientation the last saturday and the last two wednesdays in august i thought i'd put it in there but apparently it's not if you check our website same when he registered for chiasso we will have the aliso dates posted in the next couple weeks rated the tail end of august



The college is named after the former Governor of British Columbia, Sir James Douglas, and the David Lam campus is named after the 25th Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia.


The college has two campuses: the New Westminster and the David Lam Campus in Coquitlam.[3]


Douglas offers 10 bachelor’s degrees:

  • Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Business Administration
  • Physical Education and Coaching
  • Performing Arts
  • Child and Youth Care;
  • Applied Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Social Work

International education

Each year, 3,000 international students from over 90 countries take for-credit courses at Douglas College, accounting for roughly 12.5 percent of the student population.


The student newspaper The Other Press has been in print since 1976, making it one of British Columbia's oldest continuously run student publications. It is a member of Canadian University Press.


Varsity sports teams at Douglas College are known as the Royals; the mascot is a lion named Roary. The Royals compete in men’s and women’s basketball, curling, golf, soccer, volleyball as well as men’s baseball and women’s softball. The Royals are members of the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), the Pacific Western Athletic Association (PACWEST) and the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC).


In January 2012, Global's 16x9 news magazine aired a story alleging large scale fraud at Douglas College's Chinese partner campuses. Some faculty members complained that some Chinese students were unable to speak basic English upon graduation.[4] They alleged mass scale fraud whereby students were guaranteed to pass their courses through various methods such as black market answer sheets, progressively easier make-up exams, and grade tampering. Robert Buller, a former Dean of Commerce and Business alleged Douglas College President Scott McAlpine said "he needed plausible deniability and he wanted to see and hear nothing" when approached about the issue.[4] Since then, Douglas College and the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education completed an independent review of the situation.[5] The Ministry released a report in November 2012 stating that British Columbia's Degree Quality Assessment Board found "no evidence of academic dishonesty or fraud in the conduct of Douglas College."[6]

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