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Destiny Turns on the Radio

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Destiny Turns on the Radio
Destiny Turns on the Radio.jpg
VHS cover
Directed byJack Baran
Produced byKeith Samples
Gloria Zimmerman
Written byRobert Ramsey
Matthew Stone
Music byJ. Steven Soles
CinematographyJames L. Carter
Edited byRaúl Dávalos
Distributed bySavoy Pictures
Release date
  • April 28, 1995 (1995-04-28)
Running time
102 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$1,176,982[1]

Destiny Turns on the Radio is a 1995 American comedy film, directed by Jack Baran. It was the film debut of David Cross, appearing un a minor role.[2] This was the first feature film produced by Rysher Entertainment, a company better known for their television productions.

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  • Oprah's POWERFUL Secret to SUCCESS Using The Law Of Attraction - Oprah Winfrey Show


Oprah's POWERFUL Secret to SUCCESS Using The Law Of Attraction - Oprah Winfrey Show basically the message of the secret is the message that I've been trying to share with the world on my show for the past 21 years the messages that you're really responsible for your life you are responsible for your life I've known this I've known this since the color purple in 1985 I've probably told you the story when I do the color purple but in 1985 I did the color purple prior to that I had read the book Larry this is a this is when I've got the secret thing but I didn't know it was called a secret I read the book the color purple and then went out and got books for everybody else I knew and I was obsessed about this story obsessed about it I ate slept thought all the time about the color purple I moved to Chicago I get a call from a casting agent asking would I like to come an audition for a movie I've never gotten a call in my life from anybody for a movie or anything like that and I say is it the color purple and he says no it's a movie called moonsong and I go well I've been praying for the color purple and I go to the audition and of course it was the color purple I audition I don't hear anything for months and I go to this this fat farm and I think it's because I'm fat because I was about 212 pounds at the time and I think I didn't get the callback because I'm so fat and I'm at this fat farm and I'm praying and crying saying to God help me let this go because I wanted to be in this movie so much I wanted it I wanted I wanted it I thought I was going to be in the movie there's all these signs that I should be in the movie and I go to this fat farm and I'm praying and crying and as I'm on the track singing the song I surrender I surrender all to thee my blessed Savior I surrender all I'm singing that song praying and crying a woman comes out to me and she says on the track it's raining and she says there's a phone call for you and the phone call was Steven Spielberg saying I want to see you in my office in California tomorrow now what I learned from that at that moment absolutely changed my life forever because I had drawn the color purple into my life I didn't know Steven Spielberg I didn't know Quincy Jones who saw me in Chicago in 1984 he was he was there for a lawsuit that was being filed against Michael Jackson because he'd been working on his Thriller album and he saw me on am Chicago and said that's Sophia now I didn't know him I didn't know anybody that had anything to do with that but I knew that I had drawn that into my life and it changed the way I thought about my life forever so you're not surprised that the success of the secret I am I'm thrilled for that the success of the secret I think that the message needs to go further because I think the mistake that was made with the secret is that they try to they don't have a debt they tried to let that be the answer to all questions it's nothing it's just one law the law of attraction is one law there are many laws working in the world but it is very true that the way you think creates reality for yourself there are other factors going on so it's not everything but you really can't change your own reality based on the way that you think it is the secret to creating the light you truly want make more money lose weight fall in love land your dream job isn't that amazing this is life-changing I'm ready for that yeah okay now the choirs going can anybody find out the secret and see why people everywhere I'm talking about it first time my eyes water be next have you heard about it this is the secret in the past few months talk about this DVD has been spreading around the world we've heard from people in Europe in Canada all the way down under in Australia I have to tell you in one day six people told me about this DVD I mean and I hadn't heard about it when the first person told me by the time the six person told me I go okay I'm gonna go home I'm gonna watch it tonight my guests today believe that once you discover the secret that you can immediately start creating the life you want whether it's getting out of debt whether it's finding a more fulfilling job even falling in love they say you can't have it all and in fact you already hold the power to make that happen here's how a woman from Australia stumbled upon what she calls the secret I discovered the secret towards the end of 2004 and it was truly the worst time of my life everything in my life just emotionally physically financially everything had fallen apart my father died my mother was just completely grief-stricken she really didn't want to leave I felt so powerless to help her I wept and wept and wept and I didn't want my daughter to see me sobbing I was just in total despair and she asked me what was wrong and I said this and there's the news and she just said oh it'll be okay and then she got a book and she said hero mama read this that book was the science of getting rich written by Wallace wattles in 1910 something inside of me had me turned the page as one by one and I can still remember my tears hitting the pages as I was reading it it gave me a glimpse of the secret it was like a flame lit inside of my heart and with every day since it's just become a raging fire of wanting to share all of this with the world I read hundreds of books I listened to hundreds of hours of audio I was on the Internet in two and a half weeks I had traced the secret back through history since I discovered the secret every single moment of my entire life has changed and I am leaving my life for the first time which is so fascinating because when I watched the secret I realized I've always lived by the secret I didn't know it was a secret why do you call it the secret we really needed to contain than contain the knowledge in a couple of words and the secret is the law of attraction okay so what do you mean by that the law of attraction I would describe is the most powerful law in the universe and it is the law by which we are creating our lives so whether we realize it or not the law of attraction is working all of the time now clearly if you don't know what the law does then then you can't you may not be creating the life you want law of attraction says that like attracts like and what we do is we attract into our lives the things that we want and that is based on what we're thinking and feeling it's not the other way around so what you're saying is is that we all human beings here on earth create our own reality we do we created our own circumstances we create our own circumstances by the choices that we make and the choices that we make are fueled by our thoughts so our thoughts are the most powerful thing that we have and on earth and based upon what we think and we think determines who we are we attract who we are into our lives that's what you're saying that's exactly right okay I got that produced the secret DVD in just weeks and she featured experts who not only teach this law of attraction that they call the secret but say that their phenomenal success is because they know the secret Chicken Soup for the Soul creator Jack Canfield was deep in debt the year before he made it big now his best-selling books have sold over 100 million copies worldwide Jack travels the country teaching the secret of his success I'm living in my passion Lisa Nichols grew up on the tough streets of South Central Los Angeles at age 19 after hitting rock bottom Lisa prayed for a better life today Lisa's made her fortune motivating more than 60 thousand teens to make better choices with their lives James Arthur ray grew up as an insecure and awkward teen in his 20s weightlifting helped this self-described geek gain confidence James says surviving a near-fatal motorcycle crash and almost going bankrupt forced him to focus on the life he truly wanted now he runs a multi-million dollar corporation dedicated to teaching people how to create wealth in all areas of their lives in college dr. michael beckwith says he got rich by selling drugs that career ended on the day he was arrested in a deal gone bad during his trial Michael says he had a spiritual awakening and made the decision to turn things around today he leaves the agape spiritual Center in Los Angeles where he teaches thousands of faithful followers the path to reaching their highest potential so welcome our panel to the show this is one of the this is a happy happy day for me because all my life I wanted to be a teacher and I've known the secret I didn't call it the secret for years and for years on this show this is what I've been trying to do is to get two people to see it through different different ways manifested through the lives of other people being able to set examples for people so this is really exciting that these teachers are here today to share it I know you know and believe that we all have our own magnetic power just like Glinda the Good Witch said in The Wizard of Oz you've always had it my dear no it's true you said it earlier the thoughts we think the images we hold the things we focus on what we give our attention to the books we read the magazines the all of that affects how we feel and the feelings actually send out a wave into the universe and anything that's vibrating in a similar level gets attracted into our life so if we have a goal or a vision and we focus on that rather than what we focus on see most people focus on how it is we talk about our current reality I'm in debt I'm overweight I'm not happy I'm sad the world's not working we're at war whatever and the more you focus on that and talk about it the more you attract that because there's a law in the universe it says what you focus on expands exact you'll give your attention to gets bigger exactly right it's not the thoughts Oprah it's the feeling that the thought generates it's the feeling and so you've got to create the feeling you know there's one more piece of that Jack's absolutely correct I call it going three four three your thoughts your feelings and your actions all have to be firing and simultaneously in the same direction if you look at anybody who's not achieving what they desire and deserve in their life you'll notice that one of those three is missing there may be thinking and introduce your feelings every action that's three for three and it you know a lot of people say well they watch the secret they say well I'm sitting around visualizing my millions coming into my lap well they'll come take your furniture away you know while you're visualizing how you gonna visualize on the curb yeah I mean so you've got that you've got the feeling you've gotta act on it make decisions based upon where you're going versus where you are but I wanted to go back to that initial thought that you were telling us about how you send things out your thoughts go out into the universe and there's a vibration you first have to explain we really are all just energy we're all can you explain that yeah basically everything's energy if you go to quantum physics we realize everything is energy and what controls the flow of energy is thought and feeling okay it's some vibration so we know for example if I'm sending out an email to everyone on the planet yeah and says hey by the way I'm starting a school to do this like your Leadership Academy if you're interested come on board and all of a sudden the people the resources the ideas the strategy start appearing in your life and become magnetized toward you we think of it as a coincidence but we start having oh there's no such thing as a coincidence that's not yeah there's not everything happens by principles and laws in our universe and and so consequently again we have an absolutely unlimited power within us and it's really an exciting time Oprah because it's the time where spiritual traditions and science are now in total agreement if I think this is so exciting because as I said I've been talking about this in one form or another all four it's in 1785 on this show when I heard about the secret I watch as he could it was so exciting because I thought now it's sort of reached mass appeal right Michael getting out to the world we've been teaching this for 20 or 30 years each and every one of us all with the awareness that a thought is a unit of mental energy that can now be measured scientifically and those thoughts have a tendency to transmute himself into experience speech behavior and the effects of your life now those thoughts ultimately become as Jack was saying the feeling tone of your life so the end of it and of harmony and the universe will begin to match that feeling tone and what will flow into your life will match the feeling that you're holding its scientific it's real and it means that everyone in this audience and everyone that's listening can release themselves from being a victim and began to take control of their life's destiny for years you know for years on the show I encourage people to do gratitude journals because I say you know what we're talking about earlier what you focus on expands but I heard you phrase gratitude in a way that I'd never heard it before you said well basically nothing new can come into your life unless you open yourself up to being grateful isn't that doesn't the little hairs on your head I mean I know that Michael the first time on my eyes water cuz I thought just the way you phrase that is it connected so nothing new can come into your life unless you're grateful for what you already have so that in the moment that in the moment that we're dealing with weight family friends yeah that instead of wanting to change it appreciate what's there yeah find the things about it that works find the things that infuse you all everything and by doing that you create a space for it to get better you know we look at better as as if something's wrong with now yeah you know it's I was just saying that to a friend last night you need to relax and be now yeah I love the secret DVD cuz it never was a commercial there is a commercial more about the secret to living the greatest life possible for you when we come back coming up can the secret get you out of debt stay tuned all of my guests today say they have uncovered the secret to bringing love to bringing happiness even wealth into anybody's life the secret is the law of attraction it's a DVD everybody's talking about I'm sure somebody's mentioned it to you it means that everything that happens to you good and bad you are attracting to yourself it's something that I really have believed in for years that the energy you put out into the world is always gonna be coming back to you that's the basic principle is it not yes it's like if you were at a restaurant and you order something you fully expect it to come serve that way yes that's how the universe you're putting out orders consciously and unconsciously yes and expect it to come back so if you said I'll never have a great relationship you just place an order you just placed an order your wish is my command if you just said I have the craziest family full of drama you just place an order yeah you placed an order and so look of it look at it as if you're placing in orders if you're at a restaurant what are you walking so let's talk about the conscious and unconscious because most people are placing unconscious orders is that not true there's your fears doubts and worries their unconscious people aren't walking around thinking I want a bad thing to happen to me but there's an unconscious fear there's a doubt there's a worry there's a sense of separation there that's running them spiritual growth are coming into this kind of awareness is allowing that which is unconscious to become conscious can you explain what spiritual growth is because a lot of people as you know many years ago I did a segment call remembering your spirit and I was challenged and talked about and ridiculed because people thought I was trying to tell them how to be religious right okay so can you deploy just waiting about religiosity we're not talking about a real identity which is a spiritual being energy we're here to unfold to become more aware of that and allow that energy to be released the love the peace the joy the wisdom the harmony these are all qualities of the Spirit that is seeking to express through us and so as we become more awake more aware of that our life is filled with that kind of vibration that kind of that kind of feeling tone so the growth spiritually is to actually become more aware of who you really are yeah if you become more of yourself become more of yourself so Ronda when you first started to put together this idea of the secret were you reading all of their works were you engaged with but actually they came to me I mean with in creating the secret the team of the secret we live the sacred every single day and the reason that the sacred is touching hearts all around the world because it's a book and a DVD yes is because the intention of the sacred was to bring joy to the world and we felt that with all of our hearts every single day so I know that many of you watching right now may be thinking it's impossible to solve your problems by using the secret ryan doesn't know how to begin to turn things around in her life so take a look my name is Ryan Bell and I am a single mother of an amazing four year old little girl I am currently in 43 thousand dollars worth of debt I'm just in over my head when I was in college I wasn't very smart with my money I took out loans when I probably didn't really need to after college I got a job and got pregnant got married and we work middle-class working as hard as we could we had a new baby and they'll started coming in and so do credit cards and we just started opening credit cards to solve problems Ryan says her debt situation got even worse after her divorce I went from living on two incomes to living on one income but I kept the same bills Ryan works long hours at a high-end clothing store to support her daughter and herself after she puts her daughter to bed Ryan then begins her second job a home-based internet business it could be huge but I can't spend the amount of time on it that I need to to make it successful I'm sick and tired of being a victim how do I get out of this endless cycle of debt I think this is so exciting Ryan you know why because I know everybody every time I've ever done these kinds of shows people say I can't this can't work for me or I thought I tried to do that but I'm you know eight thousand dollars in debt or twenty thousand dollars in debt I would say for everybody who's listening look at Ryan Grant Ryan you look at yourself and look at how this principle of the law of attraction has already worked in your life because it works both positive and negative so look if you look at your life you will see how all of your choices have attracted this debt to you is that not correct yes absolutely I think one of the things that I would recommend really is don't focus on getting out of debt because the key word in that sentence is dead so all your focus on your debt focus on what your life would look like freedom when you were out of debt and you're in financial freedom as James says and then write a description in great detail everything that would be happening your business flourishing being able to take your kids everywhere and have all the things you want and being able to buy the things you want so always focus on where you're going and imogen every morning close your eyes and visualize that life feel the feeling you'd have if you were already financially free and that's just the beginning to get you started enough out of this focusing on the debt yes because I think everybody who is in debt or has ever been in debt you're always thinking about I always say this to people go look if I can just make it to the end of the week right and you know what you do just make it to the end of the week I'm hanging in there I'm hanging in there how are you doing I'm surviving yeah not the kind of life you want to live yeah so you know when people ask me how are you doing I'm phenomenal I'm great even in the midst of all I'm great I get to be here to feel what's going on I'm great cuz I made it one more thing Brian first of all I totally understand where you are I've teetered on the edge of bankruptcy twice because I'm a slow learner okay so so I know exactly where you are here's the other piece to play off of what Jaclyn st. put in plan a debt retirement program whatever you can do put it in place and set and once it's in place just make it automatic get to get payroll withdraw or automatic deduction whatever it is so you don't have to think about it any predator will work with you if you're doing something so get that out of your awareness and then focus your total attention and energy and action upon creation of financial freedom look at what you have to put towards your debt and then say okay I can afford to pay $200 a month whatever it is and put that in place automatically so you don't have to always sit down and ponder over these bills and go oh my god how am I gonna make these these happen you get that yeah so you're not worried about what am I gonna do what I'm gonna do you've already made a decision that I'm gonna take 200 or 100 or whatever it is right and that's gonna go to the debt so you're not focused on that right you're focused on how you now can create more financial freedom for yourself because well what you focus on expands it gets bigger yeah all the time say we had one of the pieces that he's giving you the action step now debt is a function of unforgiveness you're saying to the universe somebody owes me something or I don't have and whenever you you examine unforgiveness somebody you think somebody's owing you something even if it's intangible like an apology or something when you forgive so you use your power of visualization and and I know in your situation you want to forgive your former husband but leaving you with some of this debt you see him in front of you you forgive him you let him know in consciousness in your awareness that he cannot determine your destiny you're not leaving him unaccountable but you're severing at those emotional and vibratory tonality so that you can be free when you're free inside you do the action plan that James talked about you you make a focus and like like Jack talked about and you see the universe rush to where you are in ways that you can't even see right now to bring you into financial you deserve right now to feel good just based on what you've come through and based on what you are going to you deserve right now to fill your best as a woman as a mother as a survivor as a thriver so you in that now sweetheart claim it now that's your birthright okay James I just love what you just said during the commercial break I hadn't heard that before wait what did you just say thankful giving me that experience is true forgiveness when you can get to that point but you could truly say that I've been here since 1875 I hadn't heard of good so true forgiveness I I heard of definition that I loved years ago someone here hid said that it's for true forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been a good have been different you release that the sweat true forgiveness you're saying it you say I don't want it to be different because there's so many gifts that came out of that who forgiveness his eyes do that though if it's some terrible thing that has happened to you okay that requires going hello if somebody did some terrible thing to you over here every single thing has a gift hidden in it it's just in work clothes sometimes it but if you'll dig if you're really willing to dig there's something in there's a lesson in there I wasn't I wasn't present or whatever you know I wasn't paying attention how does this serve me and what can I learn from this situation and and if you look at in the context that every experience I've had has helped to make me who I am yeah I do and I love her yeah then then those things become okay you know I mean I have a pass oh I think my my jerk husband right oh yes being a jerk because it taught me how to be more I just see myself for who I really is when you're in the midst of a terrible situation and it's chronic it doesn't seem to end yeah you ask yourself the question if this were to last forever what quality would I have to grow to have peace of mind well you know what I've learned to do I've learned to ask the the crises when we were right in the center of it to ask it what is it here to teach me that's another way of saying this what are you here to teach me so that I can get whatever the lesson is and get out of this and move on okay author Lisa Nichols a member of our secret panel says it for years before discovering the secret her life was spiraling out of control like many of you watching I grew up in South Central Los Angeles in my community there were gangs there was a lot of poverty a lot of struggle and a lot of violence in fifth grade I was the first class of bus students to the ballet then I thought I'd be greeted with welcome to the valley but it wasn't that way I was called Blacky nigger I was told that God left me in the toaster too long I remember walking away thinking man God made a mistake on me my self-esteem would wait always talking you're not pretty so you won't get love so as I grew up I had a lot of sex looking for a little love I looked for my own validation and my love in the arms of men the sex led to a lot of pain I thought if I was saying no to the sex I was saying no to potential love and I didn't want to say no to love so I began to gain weight as a way to not get the invitations got out of hand and I gained over a hundred pounds and then I was obese and embarrassed Wow I've never heard that articulated that way I've never heard it articulated what that way beautiful Lisa thank you so what was your turning point I got on my knees and I said God if you bring me through this I promise I will spend every moment every breath supporting encouraging others to do the same you know now you know now I know that until I fall in love with me and when I'm madly in love with me and not in a braggadocious way and not just every right but I fully love me that I'm the example I'm the first example how the world's supposed to love me and I have to give them the best example ever because you teach people how to treat you you teach example I can't expect people to treat me better than I'm treating myself it's unrealistic and it's unfair and we do it all the time we expect someone to show us our greatness when I show I'm supposed to show up understanding my greatness and allowing you to celebrate it with me yeah and I think our culture is confuse greatness with bling greatness with things that we not right yes success and celebrity aren't the same thing success that and in greatness is the constant unfolding of your soul consoling a votive releasing the gifts the talents and the capacities that are within you progressing moving forward it doesn't matter whether anyone knows about you or not if you're living the gifts and the talents that are within you you're successful we're talking about the secret we'll be right back after 16 years of marriage Carlton and Beverly cradle say the passion in their marriage had fizzled I know many of you can relate to this it just felt as though our life was just mundane really passionless almost emotionless it's like I didn't have his mind anymore his soul I didn't have his heart we were basically coexisting like college roommates Beverly's journal entry said it all November 20th 2004 today marked an anniversary for me and my husband no it wasn't my wedding anniversary today made exactly one year since my husband and I have been intimate my self-talk was he doesn't want me then six months ago Beverley watched the secret and began to see things different I took a look at what it is about my husband that I was grateful for instead of looking at the things that I was starting to resent he cooks for me he cleans he loves spending time with our children I started telling myself I am beautiful I do deserve passion I am in a passion filled marriage beverly asked her husband to watch the video after watching the secret that's when things just totally changed and the change started within myself soon carlton was making romantic gestures to beverly out for lunch dates and calling her during the day some of the things I started to focus on were doing the little things by putting a rose in his car with a little ribbon on it and a cart attached and surprising him with a package of some of his favorite cookies you know leaving him money for that first cup of coffee my marriage now is wonderful I build a passion I'm loving it the passion is back No okay and so okay so you watch the video one time well the record I've seen at 62 times the first time the light bulb went on our time the light bulb went on I thought there was something you said in there that really struck me you said it changed the way I saw things yes and so was it immediate for you immediate right right right after we turned it off I think the big click for you was you realize you were part of the problem I was definitely a big part of problems and so you were complaining you know imagine and he's not doing it honestly it was basically my thoughts in my feeling because for years I kept saying I know he loves me but it doesn't feel like he's in love with me and it just seemed like over the years that that feeling just got bigger that's bigger you know we went from two months to see six months a year yeah and so it changed because you started focusing on what was there right I learned the new can come into your life without the field of gratitude exactly and what and what they're an example of is energy flows where attention goes right like her attention started going into which he was grateful for the little things she started even counting the blessings that this man was bringing into the home and the energy started flowing in that direction and expanding that whole vibratory field in the home oh yes coming up and the secret help you lose weight I want to know okay we're talking about the secret if you haven't heard about it somebody in your neighborhood in your office is gonna mention it to you especially after today and you get it by going to the secret dot TV yeah okay yeah cuz after I saw it I wouldn't got thirty copies yes I did I paid for myself Linnell has one of the most frequent questions our secret panel gets asked and what is that question well now for 14 years I've struggled with taking off baby weight I'm successful in all areas of my life have a wonderful husband I have a son but when it comes to the weight it's the mental piece that I just can't seem to take that lightbulb and make it switch and stay on how do i how do I apply this principle in this weight journey for 14 years I've not been able to do it I don't know let me let me speak to that because I I know a little bit about about where you are and what you're doing first of all you're healthy your doctor tells you you're healthy are you grateful for that I am grateful for I want you to start every single day waking up and saying thank you for the health I have and I want you to begin saying I love my legs because they're working functionally I love my arms I mean it may seem trite but I want you to start to love your body and be grateful for it for the way it is right now and then stop dieting because diets don't work they don't choose to become healthy and whole okay instead of instead of losing weight and saying I want to to get rid of this choose to become healthy and whole now does that feel different to you that feels very different I've never threatened to gratitude in your in your outcome is healthy and whole and you continually focus on your health and your homeless every single day and you'll attract more and more health and wholeness to you and if I can add something like relate to you personally someone ask you a question do you believe you have a right to have the body the size the look that you want do you and your core of course that you have that right that's the question okay you see how you Paul yeah that's the question you have to be do I say yes I've never thought about it like that so now think about it do you have the right right now make the decision do you have the right are you ready for it are you ready to look in the mirror and love every inch every pound spent a couple of times and love it are you ready for it are you ready to wear that piece of special something for your husband and no like I'm like without a shadow of a doubt he loves what he sees yes are you ready for them I'm ready for that yes focus on that to the exclusion of anything else and and you haven't done anything so what are you willing to do be outrageous for you so you serve everyone else right am I so so make 2007 about showing up in the now for you so repeat after me I choose I choose today today and give myself to give myself best life ever the best life ever michael says the universe has more than enough to give to everybody who asks and when you say it like that people like well I'm asking I'm asking I'm asking I'm not getting it well people have a tendency to believe in lack limitation in scarcity they may say I want a beautiful life a magnificent life full of love and harmony and prosperity but underneath there's a belief in scarcity they believed in what I was saying early if I can just make it to the end I can make it to the end of the week about to just survive I could just make it yeah we live in a you know for lack of a better word a multi-dimensional universe everything is energy energy is never destroyed never created and it becomes exactly what you put your attention on and there's enough for everyone so with that awareness it eliminates competition it eliminates stealing eliminates people plundering other people's stuff and emanates jealousy envy greed because there's enough good on this planet for every single being how did you come to that that we're considering where you came from you were selling drugs to people at work well you know I came up in the age where marijuana wasn't that the seem to be that bad a thing yeah and so being entrepreneurial as I was yes as just a little bit for myself became thousands and thousands of dollars a week and people working for me in Atlanta Nashville New York and Los Angeles Wow and but it was it was at the same time I was having a spiritual awakening I actually died in a dream and when I woke up I could see things very differently I could see that we were surrounded by this presence that I called love beauty that was everywhere love what love beauty love presents love me at my core totally and completely and it was the most beautiful beyond description and this presence is everywhere most people say that God or the presence is in everything but in truth everything is in the presence and that totally changed my life I began with that one moment everything is in the present right got it let me just say this but the whole concept of dying he underlined this it's in order to hold on to something new you have to be ready or we'll let go of something old right and most people want more without letting go I tell people if you want new great things in your hand what's currently filling your hands what do you say about that Jack I think totally the same thing if I'm holding on to my ex-husband I'm mad at him my hands were busy with my ex-husband people come into my life and go she's not available for men in her life there's already a man in her life yeah so you have to let go of the past let go of your old thoughts look leave your old jobs all kinds of things have to be let go and we've held on to our stories for a long time but I people tell me all the time I worship Lisa but you don't know my story I don't want to know it because you used it to keep you where you are okay and if you're ready to move forward then be ready to let that go didn't mean it didn't happen it doesn't mean they were right it just says I'm ready to allow this simply be a part of myself let go so let go through myself for what is to go we'll be back and you I'll savor everything that we've been talking about today it's on the DVD and it's in the book the secret and you can go to the secret dot TV and get your own copy watch it with your children I think this would be amazing to start your children with this kind of thinking don't you Rhonda yes totally the great thing with children is that when they watch the DVD they or when they hear the secret whichever way it happened they straight away they just like Oh in case they get it ask they get it so let's go to the three steps you asked us believe we're safe yeah and believe believe is kind of getting you out of the way yeah because a lot of people try to make things happen yeah a new job is not that your job is to ask once only once because if you're asking twice then you don't obey so you don't think we don't believe yeah yes I think I even feel good I think also what James said is so important because unless you attach action to it every it's all kind of like so how can people today begin to live the life they deserve you talk about action you're talking about walking in the direction of what you want yes now there's parts of your body in your mind that don't know the difference between a real action in a symbolic action so if you do something every single day that tells you that you're walking in that direction your your your mind will pick it up that you're really serious and there'll be an energetic match to that and then you'll find yourself compelled into right action you'll be guided to do things that before you're wondering why am I doing this and you discover you you're being pulled down the path to meet the right people they're opportunities being created there's energy flow that's happening but action is a key and you know you know what's really key in that action is to become from a hard space of providing value and service to the world not not necessarily I'm gonna get my goal get my goal get my goal but here I put my intention out here now as I move forward I'm providing value it's not if you build it they will come necessarily it's if you build it and it provides value they yeah and so it's that horse pate nuts what can I get but what can I give and how can I serve and when you're in that moment the universe lines up behind you and it's at your command I think that's a big question that's a if I was to say what would be the thing you could do today to change would be how can I serve how can I serve how can I use my life in service the question yes that's important to create for me create visuals I love visuals to remind me of Who I am of where I'm going of what I want I created a visualization board and I've just put on it the things that I really wanted that's your board oh yes yes that's my boy okay I see Jamie Foxx in there listen I want to focus on another part okay I will make one mate stick the board I said you gonna show the whole thing no board I'm right in the center I don't know if they can close up on it but I cut out the words Lisa tails all on The Oprah Winfrey Show James was saying what what are you saying you did the same thing is the same thing six years ago as Lisa did put it out into the universe I was going to be on this show and the action I took was to work on me to become a better me to get that to grow more to learn more to serve more to provide more value and guess what you guys called me that's great and did you say oh I knew they were gonna call the people who hadn't heard of the secret before today here's what I want you to do I want you to sit down I want you to write down all the the benefits of your current life that you have you have to get at least 50 yes you promise okay and then start with breathing I'm breathing right save yourself I'm I'm available to more good than I've ever experienced realized or imagined before in my life what is it again I'm gonna say that I am available I am available to more good than I've ever experienced realized or imagined before Wow can we get back to the energy thing yeah can we get back to how you draw your own it's like so so we're all energy right we're all inner sort of like radio waves so I'll link up right he's put us under a high-powered microscope we're a field of energy and a rate of vibration and so everything has a frequency or a vibration this stage your body everything has the frequency right and so vibrationally what happens is that like vibrations are attracted and dissimilar ones are repelled now when you're in harmony in your life you can feel that in your body true when you're disharmony you can feel that as well yeah and so going on so the law of attraction works on the physical as well as the metaphysical it's the yes it's so the physical tangible we feel our feelings in our body friend of mine was just in Tibet for 23 days asking these Tibetan monks what why do you do what it what's happening when you're praying why the bells why the instances it's all designed to give us a feeling in the body we call love we call compression we call inner peace and as you raise your vibration all the good stuff in the universe is vibrating at a high level that's why we say we're moving up yeah and so to get there you have to first create that vibration inside of you and then the good stuff that is attracted to where it vibrates so would you say that higher vibrational frequency beautiful it's brighter brighter or yes you are better light more conscious the greater more attractive you are exactly and and I don't mean physically attractive per se but attractive the world as you begin to advance your consciousness there's nothing more important that you can invest in than the advancement of your consciousness cuz nothing because you continually advance your consciousness and expand your awareness you realize many of the things we're talking about here is that the universe is perfect yeah it really is and it's loving and it's always to serve you and so here's some if you can get this today when you have less than pleasing results in your life it really does a disservice to get mad or upset because that's a perfect universe reflecting back to you who you are and going hello you know at your 75th marriage what you know hello you're broke for this for the 30th time you know hello please wake up and when we get mad then we project outward that it's out here but it's not out here it's in here and when we shift in here then we begin to shift the out there Michael said something earlier he talked about there's a spiritual journey and there's an action journey and most of us have been trained to do actions to create results and the fact is it's the spiritual vibration you rise to it's the much more important work some one of my friends said they've done calculation with this that working on yourself inside visualizing he said Jeanne the word imagine I'm Jeanne and when I imagine I'm raising my vibration to feel the feelings I'd have if I already had the thing I want in my life and so wishes from the genie let me know they tell us there's three I'm available two more good that I've ever realized imagined or experienced before in my life yes I like you I've been living kind of the secret principles since well before I knew it was it had II can't believe how smart yeah I mean how smart when I was a kid I spent a lot of time balling up energy what I would find out later when I studied martial arts was basically Chi energy my energy out in the world and going bring it back to me what I want I was standing on a little farm in Kentucky going whatever plane I saw flying over I want to be on it now I travel probably 200 days a year every movie I saw I wanted to be that person and I do that now I'm a comedian because I made my family laugh I was doing it already right and in the context I was in I used to do rock concerts for my cats on the porch I have a band and we tour the the point is I never let the impossibility of it the statistical illogical aspect of it happening get in my way I never felt like it applied to me and it never had right and it was that's your yeah that is your personal law that you've activated okay and that's the law of attraction you have to buy used to say to be a success in the business you have to be arrogant and stupid because arrogant in the beginning because who's gonna want to listen to you yeah I don't know that for a fact until they do then it's confidence but in the beginning it's arrogance you have to be stupid enough to think that 90% of actors never work but you're gonna be part of the 10% that's kind of stupid but it works it's very helpful to focus on that part of yourself that goes I can no matter what these rules that other people set up don't apply you're right you believe and the ridiculousness and that's what I want to talk about with Jags thing was the wave that you send out with the positive thought reaches farther than just your family will be nicer to you it's nuts I travel all over the world and I'm going you know I really need a good producer and being comedian and my job in the next town yeah at dinner that night Excel ready now we we dreamt each other up oh that's a great we we kind of said what do you want what do you really want to have in your life what's the best-case scenario not what he got and where are you and I could be and maybe if I have a checklist he's you know get seven out of ten and they'll be okay what do you want and she showed up and she's amazing and I love her that's what I am for her and she how's she gonna meet me I she lived in Connecticut I live in LA doesn't happen but once you put that out there the ripple effect as long as you don't get in the way brings it all back to you don't get in the way way out of the way the flow right that's why we don't resist and you get in the way you get in the way by saying by saying why don't I have it right why don't I have and hold may I say one worth what you said cuz this is so brilliant he said you have to be stupid right let me encourage all of you do not share your dreams with very many if any people unless you are absolutely guaranteed they're going to support you I had peers in our industry tell me you will never be on Oprah you're not mainstream enough I said baby I'm the new mainstream I attract them because of my own stupidity no what happens is there's a guy shows up in Australia to race his name's cliff Young is 61 it's a five and a half six and a half day race six hundred and fifty kilometers and he everyone is like 2530 and arel go on are you crazy have you ever run a long-distance race before he said no it says why do you think he can do this he says well I'm a farmer I chased my cows around sometimes for a day to get him all herded up and I always wanted to run a race so they start the race and everyone goes running off really fast and kind of just shuffling along really slow and all of a sudden everyone's going this guy's crazy but he had an advantage the advantage was he was stupid he didn't know he'd never read runners World magazine he didn't know you were supposed to run 18 hours and sleep for six so what happened by the time he caught up with everyone else they were all asleep he ran right by them he ran non-stop because he didn't know you were supposed to sleep yes hi hi Wow hi I'm Suzanne Whang and I just had to tell you that um thanks as soon as I saw the secret I remember seeing you on a show talking about how when you read Marion Williams since returned to love you bought a thousand copies and gave it to everyone well I bought a hundred copies I spent 3 grand and spent 100 copies to everyone that I know including you and I sent it to you and yours was the first one yes it would be yours to me and she said which gave me goosebumps right and so and I thought to myself I bet everyone assumes that Oprah's seen it so no one's sending in - I'm trying to assume that I'm gonna send it to her anyway yours was the first one I then had yours and then and then a bunch of other people came all right and so I heard that you were doing a show about the secret and I found out when and I hadn't really gotten any confirmation from anyone here that I could even come today but because of the law of attraction I decided to postulate that I would book a flight and booked the hotel myself and I didn't even have a ticket and the morning of my flight I got a phone call from your producer Terry Golder Kerry saying that you know I was welcome to come and I just have to tell you that in my magical creation box which is the same as a vision board there's a picture of you in there and I was like I'm gonna meet this woman and I had no idea was going to be through the secret and I also to tell you that this is Suzanne Whang whose host of house hunters a little part on the show Las Vegas which is really fun - but last night when I checked I decided to check into the Omni Hotel because I've what I've watched your show forever and at the end it's like guests of the Oprah Winfrey Show song stay the beautiful so I'm checking in and I as I'm standing there I'm standing right behind Lisa Nichols and Jack Canfield I'm thinking ooh girl you must be vibing hi so I introduced myself to them and they let me come to dinner with them last night I'm sitting at dinner at a table for 10 they had a table for 10 with 9 people as it was as if there was a chair waiting there just for me and that's all because of this law of attraction I also have to tell you how excited I am for this episode to air because I just share you I hope we find as I got to tell everybody Dean what I knew is that I'm in the last few months I've thought to myself I have to do something to raise the vibrational frequency of the whole planet what am I gonna do and then I watch this movie and I thought if I can get this to Oprah if Oprah watches that she will love it and if she loves it she's gonna do a show about it and what she says America just flocks too and then that raises the vibrational many things we get here do you know how many much stuff comes in here yes I know inside pictures of myself and you know live and living more Libby Moore had just watched the movie over the weekend she comes in the next day and happens to open my package to do that for a month and a half you get so much mail it took a month and a half for her to get to my package yeah I want to I want to reinforce exactly what she did which is the action piece that I talked about she got the plane ticket she got the hotel she didn't know she was even gonna get on the show she put it and she took the action anyway Ben got the phone call I want to share I want to share we talk about when you raise your consciousness things come to you raise your vibrational frequency oh well finish her story and then we'll talk about that how do you know that night before last I was packing to come here and Tina he who's amazing share with me some of what was gonna be shared on the show and some questions and I never talked about my weight publicly it was like you don't get to talk about it and I just I hadn't done it like this not on this level I didn't my workshops but it's 43 million 49 yeah that's a different level so I was really thanking God and being in gratitude about the opportunity to touch someone else's life so I can move out of any fear that was coming up cuz my self was gone and I only had one CD out because I just moved and everything else was in boxes which was Kirk Franklin's latest CD and his lady City is very revealing about his life and he talks about having a lot of sex looking for love he talks about you know doing drugs in the in the church parking lot he just says it's all okay the song is called shout shout let it all out these are the things I can live without and I'm okay with who I am it's all good I need that see oh it's the bomb it's the momma so I'm listening to the CD and I'm just I'm tears streaming down my face tears of gratitude and I'm just packing and thank you so much Kurt thank you so much Kurt and the next morning I'm at LAX I'm standing in a security line and I look behind me and it's Kirk Franklin and I said that's not Kurt thank you come on and he walked by one time I didn't say anything he walked by second time I was like now no he walked by third time I was like okay so I'll go up to him and I don't really intrude on people's privacy especially the public people cuz you know they want some privacy I said I apologize but and I told him I was on my way here and I told him about what I was gonna share and I was little you know I make myself comfortable I want to thank you and acknowledge you for sharing him on the sea because you tell me last night you know on your CD and he looked at me in his eyes teared up and he goes thank you I needed that and he goes I'm gonna call my wife right now I'll tell her watch the show and it was just really thats how it works this happens to me all the time the more you notice it and acknowledge it the faster and more often it happens because what you focus on experience yeah is it because your vibrational frequency goes higher that it happens more you become more and more aware in that and that's you know if I can't use a an analogy imagine that this is muddy water and if you start to pour crystal-clear water into it at some point in time it's going to displace the muddy and you'll have clearly in water here why well here's what you need to do to continually become more aware is you have to and I've had the Blessed opportunity to study with many indigenous traditions and in the the Andes Mountains and the jungles of the Amazon and and if the principle is all the same in all these traditions as you surround yourself continuously with the things that you want to put your focus of energy and attention upon now we live in a world that bombards us with negativity and limitation in lack and tells us what we can't do and what we can't become and so you have to be vigilant about watching programs of this nature watch the secret over and over again constantly in your this is what I did in my car I'm constantly listening something that's going to raise my awareness and consciousness I'm reading things consistently you must you must constantly study understand and immerse yourself in the things that are going to bring power and value into your life and number two you have to avoid all the things that we can you and at some point in time you get to the point where the things that used to weaken you don't affect you anymore because you've raised your system now one of my teachers talks about joy is your inner guidance system if you simply keep following the things that bring you joy every time someone presents an opportunity to you you either have an internal hell yes I want to do that or it's like yeah I don't know and if it's not a hell yes it's definitely a no and so find the things that bring you joy and do those things forgiveness every morning I start with a forgiveness exercise I simply closed my eyes and I forgive anything I'm aware of that I need to forgive then I go to gratitude what am i grateful for because without gratitude you cannot clear the way thank you for all this goodness please bring me more the friend of ours says he never gets out of bed in the morning until he actually has a tear running down his face in terms of how grateful he is for everything in his life because again it's not the words you can make a list and be totally numbed out and that's the amount that going back to that vibration in the universe of energy right it's that feeling is that vibration in the body that is so amazing because I feel that all the time yeah it's show vibration Terry you get a long time off and say well sure Oprah look at your life you have a lot to be grateful for look at mine the truth is you got here by right and I just want to add another practical tip no I was just saying foreign policy I'm just so happy more things to be happy for you talk about practices I know for me when we you know people ask me a lot what do you do tell me what you do in your day to day life and I lay in bed and talk about the things that I'm grateful for then I get in the mirror and while I'm just right after I brush my teeth I look into my eyes and I complete three sentences each day one is I'm proud that you I just look at me and I'm proud that you whatever however so small you know in my perfect world I work out seven days a week but if I only did two I'm proud that you did your two so I celebrate the me that shows up that at that moment I'm proud that you're a single mom and you've never once said one negative word about your son's father to him he's never heard I'm proud of that and I celebrate the baby steps and then I celebrate the fact that you I'm proud that you told the truth no matter who was gonna see it so there's a price so get into the mirror people say intimacy is about two people and intimacy really is an intimacy is in to me I see that's true intimacy yes sir that's because I am David wait and how are you I'm thankful for all of you today thank you very much and my wife yeah I had the the pleasure of meeting Radha some years ago through a dear friend of mine named named Edmund and it was after I had hosted a children's TV show many many years ago that did very well and I kind of kicked myself I thought I was living a secret I told Edmund when and he and rod had shared the secret with me many years back how are you Rhonda good to see you're beautiful you're marvelous that I live that life my mother used to put pictures on them on the refrigerator she said this is the house we live in someday and that's the house they live in right now and various little things like that so I thought I was living the secret the show I host it was a healthy mind and body show syndicated internationally and I lived that as a child to healthy mind and body my father said don't have to work so hard David have a good balance just do it all just keep balance and the show on an Emmy for Outstanding children's programming then they canceled it and I I felt betrayed and I think I during this part of my life I moved down to Jamaica and I called myself hiding in a sense but I said I was working on some things and during this process I was learning thinking I was living a secret but I was stifling myself like you said Oprah standing in front of yourself that we could so that's what I was yeah I was blocking myself and but I knew I knew the talk knew the walk and when I had the pleasure of meeting Roger I told her about a show that I produced because I was a little frustrated and his only good news not bad news not death destruction sex violence mutton gore but the show never went anywhere and I and I started throwing out the energy that well they're not you know if I focus on the death destruction in my spiel of pitching the show so I was in my way again and more recently seeing the secret I I enjoy the good things in life my wife is fabulous I've got four beautiful babies I love a nice life yet I haven't quite reached where I think I should so when I saw the secret there's like a capsule all the stuff I've learned all my life like put into a capsule things you know I think everybody in this room knows these secrets but they don't they don't practice them they don't let him in yeah you guys put it in a little capsule I pop this pill man I'm feeling good and I've got so many wonderful things yet to come that I didn't really realize until more recently and Thank You Rhonda again that's wonderful you email after email after email viewers who wanted to talk about the secret even if you missed last week's show this is a must-see today because the secret is a book and it's a DVD that really is touching a nerve around the world the timing I believe is just perfectly right I feel it that so many people are hungry for guidance and meaning in their lives and the secret offers some of that it is the law of attraction it says if the energy that the thoughts and the feelings that you put out into the world both good and bad are exactly what is always coming back to you so you have the life that you have created I've been talking about this for years on my show I just never called it the secret but it's what this show is all about and has been about for 21 years taking responsibility for your life knowing that every choice that you've made has led you to where you are right now well the good news is that everybody has the power no matter where you are in your life to start changing it today we have some secret teachers dr. Michael Beckwith from the agape spiritual Center in Los Angeles and James Arthur Ray author of the science of success they are back to talk about it's an exciting time what kind of response did you get to the show the response was overwhelming on our my personal name on the website I got over a million hits and so what does this mean that this many people have responded because that's what happened we almost you know we have a pretty strong website but was almost overwhelming to our website the number of people who clicked with it I think people are really seeking to come out of a sense of victimhood they know that something is it may not be right in their life or they wants to be better and they want to begin to take more dominion over their life so I think us talking about the law of attraction talking about these universal spiritual principles allow them to see that they can begin to govern their thoughts and their way of life yeah but I wanted to say that you both obviously because you have this church with 10,000 members who locally come to your church trying to get a seat and you wrote the science of success you obviously have been practicing and knew about these these principles these spiritual principles and laws for a long time how does science back it up James you know well science tells us that everything is energy and so your thoughts are energy your body your house your car everything you think is solid if you put it under a high-powered microscope it's just a field of energy and a rate of vibration and so are we and so are we and so if you think you're this meatsuit running around yeah you know you have to think again you're a field of energy in a larger field of energy right and like attracts like and that's science very very scientific like the radio waves like tuning into the radio right that's a great metaphor exactly because go ahead Michael if the frequency you give out through your thoughts and your emotions and what is what you have a tendency to manifest in your life whether those thoughts and emotions are unconscious or conscious it doesn't matter right and the rub is that a lot of things that we're putting out are totally unconscious all right and they're like a minimized program if you can imagine you've got a word document up on your screen and you get tired of it so you've up in the corner you click it and it it comes this little icon in the corner you think it's gone but it's not gone it's still there it's taking up energy and the same is true with our thoughts and our feelings and our experiences our beliefs they're pulling into our lives repeatedly things again and again and that's why people sometimes have repeated results and they say oh my god why me yeah because it is you because it is you yeah it is you with whatever the problem is wearing another pair of pants or skirt yes yeah yeah same guy different different hair different names but it's the same guy I was with three years ago right what's the common denominator here you yeah you right so Amanda flag nurse says that her life dramatically changed within 24 hours after seeing the show that we just aired last week so let's watch this after 16 years Amanda and her husband Mark say they were ready to separate we weren't even going to talk about it anymore we're even gonna go to counseling that's when Amanda saw Beverly and Carlton on our show about the secret I took a look at what it is about my husband that I was grateful for instead of looking at the things that I was starting to resent I had to step back and look at myself and realize I didn't like myself that's when I realized I have to talk to my husband one thing just led to another and the dam burst and there we were just talking and talking in that moment we really realized that both of us had just been achingly sad I think that we have a miraculous chance of moving forward and having a great life together so what was it that exactly clicked for you on that show forgiveness you have to not only forgive situations but yourself for what you drag around with you yeah everything's a ball and chain if you like the ultimate moment was when you realize the reality of your life was something that you had created absolutely I was totally responsible for that and what I was emitting and it was really bad it was very toxic in that respect isn't it true that most people focus on the wrong things they do most people focus on what they don't want I mean I find that we have attention deficit disorder when it comes to the things we choose to create in our life what we desire and deserve we have attention surplus when we are focusing on the things that we don't want I don't want to be broke I don't want to be unhappy I don't want to be fat I don't want to you know all those in fact another way of saying that is the universe doesn't care what you want it's only responding to what you're interested in so when you're saying I don't want this to happen I don't want that to happen your interest is on that so you're actually using the law in Reverse I have another way of saying it is that what you focus on expands absolutely but what you give your attention to always gets bigger regardless of what it is energy flows where attention goes yeah Maureen Boyle has a question that many people wanted answered where's Maureen hi Maureen hi my question was I was watching the show last week and I thought this might be something that was good for my family and I wanted to show it to my family and my husband and I were Christians and their kids are Christians and we teach our children to put their faith in God and it seems that the secret teaches you to put your faith in yourself and so I was wondering if God anywhere in this great question greatest God anywhere in about absolutely but the secret is telling you is about the laws of the universe that to a limited degree describe the nature of how God works God is the same yesterday today and forever changeless and so these laws or limited description of the presence of God now when you study the Prophet that Jesus the Christ he used the language he said pray believing that you have that you may receive that's the secret in a nutshell pray believing and feeling and sensing that you already have it and then you're available to receive it so the secret doesn't contradict any religion it actually goes underneath the culture and explains to you that sacred laws that these wonderful teachers have brought to us but I will say that you know I've been on the spiritual path for a very long time probably since you know the mid-80s and that was the number one question I have because I was raised a Christian I still am a Christian and the number one question I had was how does all of this you know metaphysical thinking this new way of taking responsibility for my life and co-creating my life with the Creator how does that mesh with everything that I've been taught and what I realized is is exactly what they're saying is that it reinforces because above all else God gave us free will give us the will to make choices in our life and what the secret is saying and the secret isn't the only you know universal principle but what universal principles say is you have the free we'll know that the choices that you make will always have a consequence so choose wisely that's that's that's how you that's how its integrated for myself and I did see that Neale Donald Walsch in the in his part on the secret he said that you will stand in judgment to no one ever now wherever basically when I got of it was you can go out and do whatever you want have fun enjoy your life and you won't have to answer to anyone no you know the thoughts and the actions that you do the energy that you place out you experience that it's not that you go to hell but the choices that you make if they're limiting you feel that limitation you put yourself in prison if you make choices that are loving compassionate giving forgiving expression then you open your life up to greater expression the way that Jesus described it was the kingdom of heaven is at hand now heaven means ever-expanding good so the realm of ever-expanding good is always at hand based on the choices that you're making and everyone is accountable for the things they do or don't do it is this interesting comeback I'll go to commercial break then I'll tell you she was in death single and miserable see what happened when she put the law of attraction to the test it's the DVD that so many people are talking about last week we revealed the secret to the world millions watched and thousands of you told us that you were inspired to create a better life I've known the secret for 10 years or even longer life I wanted and lost it when a plane hit my office building on September 11th I've spent the last five years lost and just trying to keep my head above water but the show woke me up I remembered everything once I heard the words laws of attraction everything made sense again and I'm ready to get my life back on track so Angela says she had an awakening after seeing our show she realized that she was stuck reliving where are you September 11 yeah he did yeah I said I'd shut down but I was moving I just was surviving and after I saw the show or during I saw the show I immediately started journaling because that was the mechanism that I use to connect my mind's body you know cuz I've known the secret but it was just too painful to journals so I immediately started journaling and I took gratitude it was the first thing I did and then the floodgates open because what what Michael Beckwith said about gratitude did you get that I get what I was bringing to the table was a tired worn out survivor and I knew that it was the laws of attraction the energy that was what I was bringing forward and I and I it clicked instantly Anna's like I'd rather bring a different energy to the table and I just started journaling in that it all changed would you say again what you said last week about gratitude really nothing new can come into your life without gratitude so the moment you began to focus on gratitude you created within yourself the condition for more things to be grateful for to come into your life guidance direction a whole new attitude it created a sense of peace and inside of me and it just it opened everything yeah and that piece was already there yeah but the filters of what you would wear you were looking through life was blocking you from experiencing it but I see that see her she's still stuck over there on the judgment because she was saying that you know on your website you say that Jesus is your teacher and she said Jesus is our Savior and you were saying that you believe that we're all gonna go and you're gonna be judged and it's it there's a hell it's just that yes I believe there's heaven in hell okay may I just give you something consider an outcome in because and again I totally honor your belief system and I and I would not even begin to ask you to change it but just consider that that Jesus the Christ said the kingdom of heaven is within mmm-hmm he didn't say it was some out there someone within and so is it possible to consider that the kingdom of hell is within as well and it's your choice as to what you're going to create and choose okay I'll let you come in then I'll talk that's what I was going to yeah and that what comes out of your mouth what you think about how you express your either participating in the realm of ever expanding good or you're cutting yourself off from the realm of it and those people who are leading negative lives the kind of people you call jerks just those people in their lives we don't know what's really going on inside them but in their lives are living the the jerk them that they create yeah and one other thing we're not anticipating good we're not anticipate we're participants when you're anticipating some future good you're preventing that good that is all around you from expressing through you life is magnificent the presence and the power and the love is everywhere that's fullness and we're discovering ways to participate in that flow rather than to put life on the layaway plan and to try to anticipate that it's going to get good in the future no it's happening now so all of these laws that we begin to practice they open us up to be a full participant in life yeah three years ago Lisa double says that she decided to put the law of attraction to the test I remember the fall of 2003 is my dark fall of the soul I wasn't treating myself well a single a severely in debt no longer had a job Lisa began to see that a tragedy from the past was holding her back I had two sisters who died they were in an accident when I was 12 so for a lot of my life I've struggled with feeling guilty I started reading about the law of attraction and I learned from that their energy that I put out word is what I would receive I wasn't putting very good stuff out there Lisa started to visualize the like she wanted be her own boss buying true love had children and create a home within weeks lisa launched her company i started creating some milestones for myself max lisa opened herself up to new ways of meeting a man and that's when i found him so he came to pick me up and i remember opening the door and just looking at him like you know i knew i knew that she was the person i wasn't gonna marry in less than one year lisa had the life of her dreams in early 2004 I started my business in January of 2004 I'd met my husband in May we bought our house in that June we got our dog and in December of 2004 we had our son I think that our line is a very you know anything is open to you if you believe that you can happen our mind is a very powerful thing what do you want to say about that absolutely she used the power of choice she opened herself up to greater possibilities in the universe flow through her in a magnificent way she had to choose that she had to come out of the poor me victim consciousness she had to come out of repeating the same old patterns yeah and actually open yourself up for another possibility in the universe match that outstanding story congratulations dr. Michael Beckwith and James Arthur ray so the question is how do we begin to have the ultimate life that is possible for ourselves the first thing we have to begin to do is to describe the kind of life we want to live most people are placing their attention on what they don't want in life so you have to give me an example I don't want to be fat I don't want to be broken poor I don't want to be lonely I hope this bad thing doesn't happen to me yeah so we have to begin to describe in as much detail as possible the kind of life we want to live yeah having the vision right bring what they want into their life absolutely and but you need more than to describe it yes you need more than to see it then you need to do some well yeah I mean that's the intention that's what I would call intention saying that really clear intention not asking not hoping but intending this is what I deserve and desire and I'm going to create this and then the second thing is is attention you've got to keep your attention upon that now attention is multifaceted its feeling the feelings of gratitude knowing it's coming knowing is coming knowing that you already have an amazing life and then stepping forward and this is the scary part even when you pieces stuff this is the step forward taking action in the direction of your movement not where you are currently yeah yeah moving forward and saying okay if this is who I'm becoming then what action would I take right now if I was already there yeah you wanted to say trying to attract new things into your life is it better to focus and put all your energy into one thing until it manifests or do you just go for it all great question first of all stop trying trying is failing with honor all right take the word try out of your vocabulary you either do it or don't do it first I like that yes yeah lying is failing with honor I mean check this out you ask someone to cover your house for dinner and they go I'll try are they gonna be there and we know they're not gonna be there not show enough mine is failing without her it takes us a minute to process it it's in there thank you go my pleasure and so and so here's the second thing I believe every single person I travel all around the world and speak to thousands and thousands of people and I know this for sure that what we really want is something I call harmonic wealth yeah yeah yeah yeah and there's five key areas you know a state of harmony and wealth is not just money we think it's mine yeah but I guarantee you can go through the money and get rich it doesn't mean you'll be wealthy yeah big difference if you look at the root of wealth that comes from the same root is well-being yeah so harmonic wealth is this harmonic state of well-being in the five key areas of your life financial relational intellectual physical spiritual yeah and so in your in your quest what I would suggest you do is sit down and say very specifically what do I choose and intend to create financially relationally intellectually physically spiritually and that that's a truly wealthy life that's big when you're going after those that's that's real wealth yeah a lot of people what were you saying don't know what they want they don't know what they want they don't know you like questions they could place an order in a catalogue and give more description about what they want when they're ordering an article from a catalogue and what they want in their lives but that is a great thing that's a great way to do it to look up the financial relational intellectual physical spiritual and this is such a common situation because people just say when you wouldn't you say what I want those thing I just want to be happy right unless you have the harmonic wealth then you're not you're really not I mean I know people who have it millions and millions of dollars who would give up half their worth to have as much health as you have today right so it's not it's a comprehensive way of living is true wealth and well-being if you have a hard time coming up with what it is you really choose to create in your life here's what I'm gonna advise you to do encourage you to do write down a whole list of what you don't want I don't want to be broke and I want to be overweight I don't want to be alone would it get it all down and then there's a law in the universe called the law of polarity and what you need to do is use that to your advantage you go down that list of things you don't want and you say what's the exact polar opposite of that I don't want to be broke what's the polar opposite financial freedom yeah that's what you want I don't want to be overweight total health and wholeness that's what you want if you'll do that exercise then you'll get really clear on what it is you desire I love them too you'll be right back coming up a frenzied mom wants to know how to create peace in her home next this is the secret last week we unlocked the secret to creating the life you want immediately our message boards lit up and thousands of emails poured in Joan Clarke from Indiana says the show had a profound effect on her life three years ago my husband was killed in an automobile accident he left me a widow with two boys these past three years have been very hard I always asked why I couldn't get over the grief I was facing and couldn't forgive him for leaving me alone with our boys and then I saw your show about the secret wait what did you just say what you forgiving means that experience is true forgiveness when you can get to that point where you could truly say that so true forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different it could have been different yeah you say I don't want it to be different because there's so many gifts that came out of this no forgiveness is I after hearing that on the show I realized that I was holding on to something I had to let go of John that was a big moment for you when he said you have to say thank you and thank you for that you know and give forgiveness it was I I wept in my chair I wept I said there and said oh I forgive you I couldn't say that before I could not tell him that I forgive him for leaving me I I was just I feel so lighter and a friend of mine even said I can see it in your face I can see it in your eyes it was like this Boulder was lifted off of me but when you said all you have to do say I forgive you and thank you for the experience I have two beautiful beautiful boys and I just I couldn't ask for anything more but I was home in stuck like you said you need that growth and that is where I'm at I just want to tell you thank you like I could breathe you know and I feel like gold there yeah and I want to turn one to every day I think Michael you were saying I think this is powerful that unforgiveness is really a form of it's a form of self-abuse because the message to the universe is I want to keep repeating this experience over and over I realized I was at that point I realized I was making myself a victim yeah and stuck in the grief of not being able like oh he was my best friends we were together for 18 years so I I just it was like I couldn't let go and it was just being unwilling to forgive is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die right yeah I mean I felt like it was a whole and he will say that again I like that being willing to forgive is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die see ultimately you don't forgive for the other person if they accept it that's great it's wonderful but if they don't you forgive for you because you release that toxic energy from your body and you move forward but until you said that I I did I wasn't looking at it that way I was looking in another perspective and it wasn't until you and Michael and Lisa when they said what during that show it was just like you spun me 360 degrees and it was just like BAM do you know willing to go that you were willing to go there Joan thank you because that is how favorite moment that is the reason why I continued to do television because I don't need anymore shoes I don't know it's to have a moment like that somebody like yourself is watching I don't didn't know you before this moment and you say I never thought of it that way B exactly that's the point of this show and I want to be able to help somebody else that's my that's my new purpose just I want to be able to help someone else not be just do I that you just turn it in okay yes ma'am yes yeah hi this is all so powerful and when you are in this room you can feel the energy and it just makes so much sense my question is how do you carry this with you right every day when you're faced with situations that make you revert back to your old patterns or things it's very easy to say yes I see it but how do you do it yeah we're talking here about a way of life yes so the moment you walk out of here you begin to ask yourself the question what is it that I can do to incur the insights that I've had here so right now what insight have has occurred in your mind right now of everything that's been shared what was your aha moment I want I have three young kids I feel like life is hectic I want a more peaceful home I want you know and and so you you think about that and yes it makes sense and I just have to think about wanting that and work towards it so you want to begin in this moment to begin to describe your home as you want it to be not as it is now you begin to write that description down look at it every single day and then ask what step can I take to bring this into manifestation what do I need to do to bring this into manifestation what we're talking about is not magical thinking we're not talking airy-fairy concepts not even thinking positive things not even positive thinking it's affirmative realization through right action so you are to create a practice that you do every single day until it becomes so a part of you that you're not thinking about it anymore right yeah and also doesn't it habits that way doesn't it also come with understanding that these you know these are you know principles laws it's the way the universe is moving the direction in which the universe is moving whether you know that or not laws have been in existence long before anybody heard of the secret or before that videotape so understanding for me understanding that the laws are true that it really does work but this is a way what I what I figured out is that you can struggle against the current of your life or you can figure out what the current is the flow of your life and turn around and be carried literally carried from one level to the next all of your life you don't have to when I see people struggling and so many difficulties all the time I go turn around and find your flow right this is not about acquisition it's not about getting it's about letting you allowing the Lao in on your allowing the community to come forward you're allowing the gifts to emerge you're allowing your real self to express and isn't it true that if you're struggling you're moving in the wrong direction you are struggling you're blocking the flow of your stuff that you the ancients tell us that when we hear the truth there's a seed of truth within us that that resonates with whether we consciously can grasp it or not there's a seed of truth and here's something you know life is not meant to be a struggle you know that because every great teacher sage and Saint who's ever walked our planet has told you in one way shape or fashion life was meant to be joyously abundant and also you know because when you hear the truth everybody who's heard something or whatever it is resonated those of you who saw the show and reacted there's a part of it that resonates with you that you say I know that right absolutely that's what the aha moment is it's a moment of recognizing that remembering remembering that that's what you always knew okay so we're here talking about the secrets such an amazing reaction to the show that we did last week and your response was my question is the principles that are taught in a secret how can we use them more globally to make change as far as war and poverty and and hunger and worldwide problems my whole my whole approach is using Mother Teresa's quote and you may have heard this you know they asked her hey we're gonna have a march against war will you be there she says no but if you have a March for peace I'll be there you see a war on terrorism is feeding terrorism yeah it's feeding the very monster that we're trying to ameliorate and we're not going to war on drugs it's not going to take away drugs what we've got to do is flip that and say let's begin a movement for peace yeah don't you all who follow the secret see the difference and just if the in them in the way the media frames it what a different world we would have if all of those you know banners were seeking peace instead of the attack on terrorism the hot on terrorism you see they would it's the languaging that our actions then follow the languages yeah there was a Ernest Holmes had a very powerful quote he said wouldn't it be wonderful if a group of people arrived on earth that were for something and against nothing and so this is what James is talking about you begin to speak about what you're for and walk in that direction now one of the things that the secret or these sacred laws talks about is there really isn't any scarcity in this in this particular universe and there in the universe period but that thought form of scarcity creates competition greed envy jealousy and on a national scale creates war yeah and so when you look out upon the world you see all of these what looks like different events but they're all connected by the thought form of lack and scarcity that does not exist when that begins to be eliminated then your honor we're on our way to using these principles we will never have peace until we have peace inside of ourselves yeah see when people talk about world peace I say there is world peace in my world and well James our Pollyanna no I'm not at all it's just that I choose to observe different things yeah you understand this is exciting going back way back in the conversations where it was it was commented that we are in instead of God is in US but we are in you know I mean that's such a huge concept to me and and again here in God yes I never thought about it like that in a million years and it just tripped my trigger when that happened because I really did it and I think that's really kind of why I felt like I didn't have our beingness in the presence the president was a prett anymore that's huge if that could do that for you yeah I did I did I suddenly I said I woke up feeling new I felt powerful hmm and one statement tripped you just that pulled you right out completely right and I mean leading up to that show I was deeply depressed unemployed and you know the list goes on of my trainwreck life and an about-face announced n't about-face I mean I just feel so inspired it's like that's high Bottomly yes yes this was a birth for me you know it was a birth and a birth with Ben fair at the operation you know what a great birth okay we'll be right back coming up how to deal with friends and co-workers who are jealous of your success what you want to say yeah my question was that with the with the book we're talking about competition on the flip side of that here we talked about creation and I know in the book the science of getting rich there are a few people that have been able to great things that have added significant value to the world such as yourself Oprah and as well as Bill Gates with Microsoft and a number that they do that how did you get there okay good and Oprah is a great example of this and you know who competes with Oprah nobody who competes with Disneyland nobody I mean Bill Gates doesn't compete with anybody he in his garage got into the creative mindset and it's what I said on the last show how can I provide value how can i sir if you if you could be what serve serve that is the model I ask of myself and have been asking myself probably since my early 20s is God use me God use me for a purpose greater than myself use my life for something greater than I know how can I be used to serve and if you ask that question and allow yourself to follow not just your creative mindset but what is your passion everybody I've ever known who's been tremendously successful was successful because they did what they love nobody including myself and Bill Gates know him personally was trying to make money you're not trying we're not trying to have the great money I have money anything I ever imagined that's the big bonus because you know Psalms 37:4 says delight thyself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart and what I ended up with more desires and I knew I had and shoes - and shoes to boot so you have to follow what is the thing that gives you joy juice the end and there's no competition and there's no competition there's always you could do that better than the only computer with yourself yeah yeah I sometimes get sidetracked by the element of the competition or the who do you think you are to have to do this is the deal mediocrity always attacks excellence yes Vidya prety always attacks excellence so if you're going beyond yourself and other people are still staying mediocre and they haven't agreed with mediocrity they feel uncomfortable in your presence right you all will find this people are only happy when you're at their level when you start to extraordinary level they get upset it makes them uncomfortable it makes them feel badly about themselves because what they're really thinking is why aren't I where you are right yeah and so for them to support you they have to admit to themselves I don't have that amount of courage and that's too painful I love mediocrity always the tax I always attack maybe just add one other thing to this but because you asked a very powerful question how can I get there yeah and so first of all you recognize the energy that you want to be about so if you see an artist a Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey you do not move into competition you do not move into I wish that was me no instead I got the Oprah thing to celebrate other people's good yeah every time something good happens to somebody you celebrate it as if it's your own good yeah therefore you begin to vibrate with that energy and now the universe can move through you according to your unique pattern yeah I really didn't I was watching the Grammys that's where I can't swing a single lick but when mary j blige won I thought I won that Grammy thought I won I was so happy for her I thought I won that Grammy a damn elephant and that we have dead women that's a gift for you it is by embracing that it's exciting though when you start thinking this way when you start operating and with these sacred principles because it's not just it is the secret and then a lot more and more and more when you start that you will see your life begin to change and will open up to you in ways unimaginable to you and it becomes so fun yeah you're never bored interesting well thank you for saying that Clarissa Peterson emailed us right after seeing last week's show about the secret tell us your story Clarissa well initially when I saw the show it was by accident in a way um there are no accidents exactly I went to work that day like nothing else an ordinary day for me and 20 minutes after my boss came in called me into his office and decided that I was no longer needed with the company and gathered my things and left and I got home and I spoke with my mom about it is it affected me the most because I have a food to be one-year-old son and just the just the knowledge to know there's a possibility that I can't take care of them the way that I want to and right that I want him to live it hurt me and that pain just allows you to lash out at your boss exactly you're not the first person guys so we watched the show and just sitting there I'm listening and I'm like oh my god hearing hearing everything that's being said it was it was a it was amazing it just made me seriously sit back and think god it wasn't it wasn't him it was me he was right I was negative it wasn't his fault I'm sorry I'm okay I'm happy yes and anytime you get fired you thank you anyway that's amazing congratulate you think that that's huge what'd you say it reads today you fired me when I left I honestly have to say I had a lot of hate and anger directed at you I was upset at your reasoning for letting me go then I watched The Oprah Winfrey Show and the topic had memorized as mesmerizing excuse me I picked up on some key words used as mainly forgiveness and gratitude for the things you said to me I forgive you and in the same sentence I hope you forgive me I was negative and I should have left a long time ago hmm I also thanked you for it I wanted to go back to school for a while and now that I can mm-hmm thank you for hiring and firing me all hour long we've been following up with out with all of your questions about the secrets and fascinating conversation we've opened up the conversation for gratitude so thank you all for your passionate response to this topic you



An incarcerated bank robber, Julian Goddard, escapes from prison. He is rescued in the desert by Johnny Destiny, a bizarre, possibly supernatural character. Destiny takes Julian to Las Vegas and the Marilyn Motel, owned by Harry Thoreau, who was Julian's partner in crime. Julian searches for his girlfriend, Lucille, and the proceeds of the heist.

However, Destiny has taken the money and Lucille is pregnant and shacking up with Tuerto, a mob kingpin. Her agent has convinced a record label to send a talent scout to hear her lounge singing act, but Julian’s arrival upsets her plans. As they are hunted by both the police and Tuerto’s henchmen, Destiny toys with their fate.



Destiny Turns on the Radio received negative reviews from critics, as the film holds a 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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The film was released on VHS and LaserDisc by Rysher Entertainment, but is out of print. It has not been released on DVD or Blu-ray.


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