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Crescendo (TV series)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also known asOur Story (我们的故事)
Written byWawa Creative Team 哇哇创作组
Directed byCanter Chia 谢光华
Chen Yi You 陈忆幼
StarringChristopher Lee 李铭顺
Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉
Darren Lim 林明伦
Jacelyn Tay 郑秀珍
Cynthia Koh 许美珍
Ann Kok 郭舒贤
Opening theme好想告诉你 by A-do
Ending theme1) 梦想起飞 by Olivia Ong
2) 静静看着你 by Chriz Tong
3) 快乐年轻人 by Gavin Teo
(No commentaries for News Tonight)
Country of originSingapore
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes30 (list of episodes)
ProducersMolby Low 刘健财
Canter Chia 谢光华
Production locationsSingapore
Taiwan Taiwan
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes
Production companyWawa Pictures
Original networkMediacorp Channel 8
Picture format16:9 Widescreen
Original release23 October (2015-10-23) –
3 December 2015 (2015-12-03)
Preceded byHand in Hand
Followed byThe Dream Makers II
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Crescendo (Chinese: 起飞) is a Singaporean musical drama produced by production company Wawa Pictures and telecast on MediaCorp Channel 8. The drama began production in May 2015 and will make its debut on 23 October 2015. The show aired at 9 pm on weekdays and had a repeat telecast at 8 am the following day. It stars Christopher Lee , Tay Ping Hui , Darren Lim , Jacelyn Tay , Cynthia Koh & Ann Kok in this series.

The series is set against the backdrop of the Xinyao Movement, synonymous with the pursuit of dreams of a young generation of Singaporeans in the local music industry, and a part of Singapore culture many still hold dear.[1]


In the late 80s, three Xinyao fans from junior college, Yang Yiwei (Christopher Lee), Jiang Chufan (Tay Ping Hui) and Luo Dawei (Darren Lim) came together to form a group named "Crescendo". They were later joined by Wang Yafang (Cynthia Koh) and Irene Lin Meiling (Jacelyn Tay). Chufan and Yafang became a couple, not knowing that Yiwei also had a crush on Yafang, and Irene's admiration of Chufan. Eventually, Yiwei and Yafang got married; Chufan and Irene got married as well but divorced years later.

After they graduated from university, the three men pooled their savings to fund a record company labelled "Crescendo". Chufan is the creative director and Yiwei is the chief executive officer (CEO). Whenever the both of them argued over clashes in business perspectives, Dawei have to step forward to mediate.

Yiwei encountered operational and financial difficulties due to market competitions and change of trends. Just when all hope seems lost, Dawei found a venture-capital firm to invest in their record company. The trio met the managing director of the firm, and were surprised to see Chufan's ex-wife, Irene. Irene assured them that her decision to invest is purely based on the potential she saw in "Crescendo"; but to seal the deal, she wants 49% of the company's shares. Yiwei and Dawei were sceptical of Irene's intention but she managed to convince them that she will not interfere in the company's operations. They eventually agreed to let Irene come on board. Little did they know that she harbours evil intentions. She intends to take revenge.

With the newly injected fund, the trio decided to start a music school. Dawei flew to Taiwan to invite Shirley Deng Xueli (Ann Kok), an ex-xinyao singer whom he had a crush on for years, to join "Crescendo" as a singing teacher. Xueli had joined a Taiwan production company after her graduation in the early days, and had moved on to develop her singing career in Hong Kong and Taiwan. She experienced several setbacks so when Dawei finally found Xueli, she was performing in a small café in Taiwan. Initially, she rejected Dawei's offer but after much persuasion, she relented.

The appearance of Xueli irked Irene as Shirley was attracted to the talented Chufan. This caused friction between the three men, leaving "Crescendo" in havoc. Amidst the chaos, Irene took the opportunity to activate her revenge plan.

In the end, Irene sold "Crescendo" away and left for overseas. Whereas, Chufan continue his ambition by going to "Genesis".

Yiwei received Irene's call one day, leaving the show in a cliffhanger.

Crescendo Concert

As part of a holistic viewing experience, Ocean Butterflies, Wawa Pictures and MediaCorp Channel 8 have come together to present a ticketed concert. This is the first such tripartite collaboration in history and is unique on its own with it being an extension from Crescendo.

The theme of the concert is LEGACY, showing the evolution of Singapore music from Xinyao to S-Pop. Besides those by local Xinyao pioneers, there will be performances by local rising stars such as Ling Kai and Bonnie Loo, as well as by cast members of Crescendo, including Christopher Lee, Ann Kok and Darren Lim. As part of a transmedia campaign to create a timely reel to real engaging experience, they will appear in characters at the concert. The concert will be filmed and snippets of it will be shown in the series finale of the show, which airs on 3 December 2015.

"Crescendo Concert" was held at The Max Pavilion – Singapore Expo on 14 November 2015, 8pm. This is after episode 16 of the drama so viewers would be familiarised with the leads.


Main Cast

Cast Role Description Episodes Appeared
Christopher Lee 李铭顺 Yang Yiwei 杨毅伟 Teenage version portrayed by Brian Ng 黄超群
One of the members of "Crescendo" in the late 80s who aspires to spread the xinyao movement. In the present day, he is now the CEO of the record company. In the process of making profits, he lost his original passion and dedication for xinyao. Yiwei and Yafang's marriage is on the rocks, as they could not settle the dispute over their daughter's death when Yiwei was away.
Resigned as CEO of "Crescendo" in episode 20 following Fang Xinyi's scandal
Founded "Genesis" in episode 24
Continued to strive for the local music industry in the end
Received Irene's call one day, leaving the show in a cliffhanger

1–10, 12, 15 (teenage)

Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉 Jiang Chufan 江楚帆 Teenage version portrayed by Xu Bin 徐彬
One of the members of "Crescendo" in the late 80s. A talented composer, his perseverance of not writing kitsch commercial songs became an obstacle to his song-writing career. His persistence to groom local new singer, Alixia, also jeopardized his relationship with Yiwei. He was Yafang's boyfriend during junior college, but they later broke up due to a misunderstanding and eventually married Irene.
Broke up with Irene and joined "Genesis" in the end
Teenage singing voice provided by Elton Lee (李泓伸)
1–5, 7–30

1–10, 12, 15 (teenage)

Darren Lim 林明伦 David Luo Dawei 罗大卫 Teenage version portrayed by Fraser Tiong 张家奇
One of the members of "Crescendo" in the late 80s. Rich and humorous, he always acts as a mediator between Chufan and Yiwei. He has no strong opinion on the company he has set up with his two friends, but was determined to keep "Crescendo" going in order to bind their brotherhood intact.
Ran over by Shixin's car in episode 27 and was killed
In Love With Deng Xueli
30 (voice)

1–10, 15 (teenage)

Jacelyn Tay 郑秀珍 Irene Lin Meiling 林美玲 Main Villain
Teenage version portrayed by Erika Tan 陈蕙薰
One of the members of "Crescendo" in the late 80s. Arrogant and aggressive, she would unscrupulously utilize all means to attain her goals. She sparked a misunderstanding between Yafang and Chufan, resulting in their breakup, to get close to Chufan herself. Irene took advantage of this to win Chufan's attention, and they eventually got married. They later divorced after three years as Chufan was too focused on chasing his passion and neglected Irene. Returning to Singapore years later as a managing director of a venture capital company, she joined the record company as its largest shareholder.
Tried to turn back her mistakes because of love in episode 28 but gave up love for career in episode 30, and sold "Crescendo" to a Chinese company

6, 8–10, 12 (teenage)

Cynthia Koh 许美珍 Wang Yafang 王雅芳 Teenage version portrayed by Bonnie Loo 罗美仪
One of the members of "Crescendo" in the late 80s, gentle and trusting compared to her close confidante, Irene, who has strategically caused Chufan and Yafang to break up in the 80s, in order to get close to him herself. Yiwei, on the other hand, has accompanied Yafang after her breakup with Chufan. Yafang felt grateful and eventually married Yiwei. However, their marriage is on the rocks, following the mishap of their daughter.
Helped Yiwei to strive for the local music industry in the end
1, 3–8, 10, 12–13, 15–30

1–4, 6–10, 12 (teenage)

Ann Kok 郭舒贤 Shirley Deng Xueli 邓雪莉 Teenage version portrayed by Tan Chu Xuan 陈楚璇
Starting out as a member of another xinyao duet, she is famous for her performance in Encounter (邂逅). She chose to break up with her boyfriend and moved to Taiwan after she was offered a contract to further her singing career, but experienced several setbacks, and ended up singing in a rowdy restaurant for a living. David, who has kept Xueli closed to his heart since the 80s, found her in Taiwan and persuaded her to return to Singapore. On the other hand, Xueli has always felt grateful, but not love, towards David.
Pregnant at episode 29; having Dawei and hers baby
Reconciled with Monica in the end
Singing voice provided by Chriz Tong (汤薇恩)
5–7, 10–15, 18–20, 24–30

4–5, 25 (teenage)

Supporting Cast

Cast Role Description Episodes Appeared
Olivia Ong 王俪婷 Alixia Ong Singer contracted under Crescendo. Has strong passion for music. She is determine to release an album, but did not have the opportunity to shine after signing with the record company. Even though she has been unable to release her own album, she has not given up. Later, Chufan helped her develop as a singer, while Yiwei brought her to Taiwan to promote her new album, but she is unable to adapt to the Taiwan's culture. She feels lost and wants to quit. With encouragement from Xueli and Wenjie, Alixia eventually gets re-contracted to an independent record company to continue her music dream.
Joined Cute Little Kitty in episode 7 and went to Taiwan to further her music career
Jeffrey Xu 徐鸣杰 Xu Wenjie 徐文杰 A sound engineer at the record company, he is a cheerful and optimistic enthusiast in music. He is fond of Alixia and is always supportive of her.
After knowing that Alixia has a boyfriend, he falls for Carina
Carina's boyfriend in the end
1–8, 11–30
Dawn Yeoh 姚懿珊 Fang Xinyi 方欣仪 Villain
She was a well-known singer who was being mentored by Yiwei in the past. She had been fond of Yiwei, however, after his daughter's death, she felt guilty and decided not to renew her contract with the recording company, but rejoined the company a few years later to help Yiwei. Unfortunately, Yafang believes she is still emotionally attached to Yiwei. Xinyi is a drug addict and when Yiwei found out, he tries to cover up for her. As a result, the public accuses him of being in a scandal and he was forced to leave Crescendo. Guilty, Xinyi held a press conference to clarify for Yiwei and to announce her decision to quit the music industry.
She attempted to kill Yiwei by putting drugs into his drinks in episode 18
Arrested in Episode 22
Singing voice provided by Sellyne Chai (蔡违玲)
3, 8, 11–20, 22
Gavin Teo 赵崇喆 Yang Chengye 杨承业 Yang Yiwei and Wang Yafang's son. He has great passion in music and has a talent for song composition. He is introduced to xinyao when trying to woo Carina. He is one of the four selected during Crescendo's auditions and given three months of training. 1–14, 16–26, 28–30
Tracer Wong 王裕香 Monica Dawei's elder sister. 2, 8, 18, 20, 24–25, 27–30
Zen Chong 章证翔 Zhang Shixin 张世新 Secondary Villain
Reporter and younger brother of Zhang Hongying, plans to take revenge for his brother's mishap
He is destined to kill Deng Xueli and destroy her reputation through reporting fake news and alongside with Irene, he destroys Crescendo's reputation and causing Yiwei to quit Crescendo
Caused the death of Dawei and was arrested for murder in episode 28
11, 13–14, 17–20, 22, 25–28
Hayley Woo 胡佳嬑 Carina Zhang Tongxuan 张彤萱 A bright 18-year-old whom, under the influence of her parents, likes xinyao since young. She joins Crescendo as intern and falls for Wenjie. She is being cast for a TVC that went viral online, becoming a much sought after idol after that.
She falls for Wenjie and became his girlfriend in the end
Singing voice provided by Natalie Tan (陈佳琦)
6, 8–26, 28–30
Li Feihui 黎沸挥 Mentor Li 黎老师 80's version portrayed by Jason Sim 沈辉
is the judge of the singing competition Yiwei, Yafang, Chufan and Xueli participated in. He continues to give advice to Yiwei in the present day.
3–4, 19, 24, 26–28, 30

3–4, 6 (80's)

Macy Chen Mei Xin 陈美心 Liang Meiqi 梁美琪 One of the four aspiring singers selected through the auditions held by Crescendo and given three months of training. She is later given a contract with Crescendo. 8–11, 14, 17, 23, 26
Guo Liang 郭亮 Wei Nian 魏年 Villain
Founder of Everest Investment. Intelligent, capable and practical. He grew up in poor living conditions; started his business from scratch and is currently single. He has the gift to identify high return investments. Wei Nian is Irene's boss. He holds high confidence in her abilities and understands her well. He does not want Irene to be emotionally affected at work due to unrequited relationships.
Alongside Irene, he plans to takeover Crescendo and remove Yiwei's contract with the Crescendo
15, 17, 25–30
Charles Lee 李家庆 Wang Jianwei 王建维 One of the four aspiring singers selected through the auditions held by Crescendo and given three months of training. 8–11, 14, 16–18
Boon Hui Lu 文慧如 Tang Huiru 汤惠茹 One of the four aspiring singers selected through the auditions held by Crescendo and given three months of training. 8–11, 14, 17
Danny Yeo 杨君伟 Richard Carina's father 17–18, 20–21
Boon Ang 洪伟文 Zhang Hongying 张宏鹰 Teenage version portrayed by Rayner Lim 林佳陞
Deng Xueli's ex-boyfriend and Zhang Shixin's elder brother. He suffered a leg injury. Died from a terminal disease in episode 26
Encounter(邂逅) voice provided by Jacky Chew (周玮贤)
14, 17, 25–26

4–5, 25 (teenage)

Seah Hui Xian 谢慧娴 Melody Dawei's niece and Monica's daughter 2, 18, 25, 27, 29

Special Appearances

Cast Role Description Episodes Appeared
Samuel Chong 张永权 Master of Ceremonies 大会司仪 Emcee for "Top 10 Outstanding Youths Award" 1, 25
Alfred Sim 沈志豪 Singing competition host 音乐比赛主持人 Host of a singing competition 1
何宇珊 Yang Chengxi 杨承喜 Xixi (喜喜)
Yang Yiwei and Wang Yafang's daughter. Died while Yiwei was away in China.
Louis Wu 伍洛毅 Reporters
Jo Wu 吴加欣
Stella Fang 冯琬心 Lounge singer 驻唱歌手 5, 9, 29
Elton Lee 李泓伸 Lounge singer 驻唱歌手 5, 9, 29

Original Sound Track (OST)

Song type Song title Performer (s) Lyrics Composer Arranger Producer (s)
Theme Song 好想告诉你 A-do 阿杜 Liang Wern Fook 梁文福 James Yeo 杨奋郁 Zennon Goh 吴剑泓
Sub-theme songs 梦想起飞 Olivia Ong Tan Kah Beng 陈佳明 Olivia Ong &
Will Peng
Will Peng Tan Kah Beng 陈佳明
静静看着你 Chriz Tong 汤微恩 /
Natalie Tan 陈佳琦
Jo Heng 邢增华 Li Feihui 黎沸辉 James Yeo 杨奋郁 Zennon Goh 吴剑泓
快乐年轻人 Gavin Teo 崇喆 Veron Ho 何声蕙 Michael Kek 郭渭棋 Michael Kek 郭渭棋
Other songs 遗忘过去 Fraser Tiong, Brian Ng, Elton Lee
Fraser Tiong, Elton Lee
Elton Lee
Li Feihui
Muzi Lee 木子 Eric Moo 巫启贤 Wilson Tan 陈炯顺
我不难过 杨梓艺 / Sellyne Chai 蔡违玲 / Tay Ping Hui James Yeo 杨奋郁 Lee Shih Shiong Dayn Ng Chee Yao 黄志耀
恋之憩 Tay Ping Hui/Bonnie Loo /Olivia Ong/ Elton Lee Liang Wern Fook Zennon Goh 吴剑泓
遗憾 Chriz Tong 汤薇恩 / 高洁萍 Tan Kah Beng James Yeo 杨奋郁
你的倒影 Brian Ng, Bonnie Loo / Seah Hui Xian, Jacky Chew / Elton Lee, Bonnie Loo Liang Wern Fook Zennon Goh 吴剑泓
心宇寂星 Brian Ng / Gavin Teo Ken Huang 黄元成 Billy Koh Zennon Goh 吴剑泓
邂逅 Chriz Tong/Sellyne Chai 蔡违玲 /
Chriz Tong/ Jacky Chew
Huang Hui-zhen 黄惠贞 Eric Moo Wilson Tan 陈炯顺
让夜轻轻落下 Elton Lee / Gavin Teo, Charles Lee, Boon Hui Lu, Macy Chen Liang Wern Fook Zennon Goh 吴剑泓 N/A
Endless Road Gavin Teo JJ Lin N/A Zennon Goh 吴剑泓
明知道 Chriz Tong 汤微恩 Mavis Hee / Tan Kah Beng Tan Kah Beng James Yeo 杨奋郁
写一首歌给你 Elton Lee, Erika Tan / Gavin Teo / Macy Chen / Boon Hui Lu Liang Wern Fook James Yeo 杨奋郁
说时依旧 Erika Tan/ Bonnie Loo / Cynthia Koh, Natalie Tan 陈佳琦 Sanmao 三毛 Liang Wern Fook 梁文福 Kee Khan Yang 纪康阳, James Yeo 杨奋郁
细水长流 Stella Fang 冯琬心/ Elton Lee 李弘伸 Liang Wern Fook Kee Khan Yang 纪康阳
为了你 Natalie Tan 陈佳琦 /Natalie Tan 陈佳琦, Gavin Teo 崇喆 /Gavin Teo / Charles Lee Tan Kah Beng 陈佳明 Eric Moo 巫启贤 Kee Khan Yang 纪康阳
水的话 Erika Tan Liang Wern Fook James Yeo 杨奋郁
一生的爱 Macy Chen 陈美心 Zennon Goh 吴剑泓 JJ Lin Wilson Tan 陈炯顺
那一段日子 林岳正 / Tay Ping Hui Eric Moo Wilson Tan 陈炯顺
情谊藏心底 高洁萍, Ng Sze Min 黄丝敏/ Tay Ping Hui, Christopher Lee, Darren Lim Jo Heng, Eric Moo Eric Moo Wilson Tan 陈炯顺
从你回眸那天开始 Darren Lim / Darren Lim, Chriz Tong Liang Wern Fook James Yeo 杨奋郁


Crescendo: Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
Released16 November 2015 (2015-11-16)
LabelWawa Pictures, Ocean Butterflies
ProducerZennon Goh

A compilation album showcasing songs from Crescendo will be pre-released during the Crescendo Concert on 14 November 2015, and was subsequently released in CD-Rama stores on 16 November. It comprises 3 original songs, as well as 19 remakes of Xinyao songs.

1."Longing To Tell You" (好想告诉你)Liang Wern FookLiang Wern FookA-do4:06
2."Quietly Watching You" (静静看着你)Jo HengLi FeihuiChriz Tong4:22
3."Happy Youth" (快乐年轻人)Veron HoMichael KekGavin Teo2:25
4."Forgetting the Past" (遗忘过去)木子Eric MooElton Lee, Brian Ng, Fraser Tiong3:50
5."Your Reflection" (你的倒影)Liang Wern FookLiang Wern FookJacky Chew, Seah Hui Xian3:35
6."Encounter" (邂逅)Huang Hui-zhenEric MooChriz Tong, Jacky Chew3:39
7."Write A Song for You" (写一首歌给你)Liang Wern FookLiang Wern FookElton Lee, Erika Tan3:21
8."Like in the Past" (说时依旧)SanmaoLiang Wern FookBonnie Loo4:19
9."Water Tales" (水的话)Liang Wern FookLiang Wern FookErika Tan1:23
10."Love's Refuge" (恋之憩)Liang Wern FookLiang Wern FookElton Lee3:51
11."Starting From the Day You Look Back" (从你回眸那天开始)Liang Wern FookLiang Wern FookDarren Lim4:25
12."Frienship Lies Within the Heart" (情谊藏心底)Jo Heng, Eric MooEric MooAly Koh, Ng Sze Min4:21
13."Let the Night Gently Fall" (让夜轻轻落下)Liang Wern FookLiang Wern FookGavin Teo, Charles Lee, Boon Hui Lu, Macy Chen2:29
14."Heart of Universe" (心宇寂星)Ken HuangBilly KohBrian Ng3:22
15."Friendship Forever" (细水长流)Liang Wern FookLiang Wern FookStella Fang3:19
16."I Know and Yet" (明知道)Mavis Hee, Tan Kah BengTan Kah BengChriz Tong4:32
17."That Period of Time" (那一段日子)Eric MooEric Moo林岳正2:00
18."I'm Not Upset" (我不难过)Jacky YangLee Shih ShiongSellyne Chai5:08
19."For You" (为了你)Tan Kah BengEric MooGavin Teo, Natalie Tan1:25
20."Regret" (遗憾)Tan Kah BengTan Kah BengAly Koh1:31
21."Endless Road"JJ LinJJ LinGavin Teo1:39
22."Eternal Love" (一生的爱)Zennon GohJJ LinMacy Chen2:04
Total length:68:48


  • This will be Ann Kok's comeback drama following her departure from MediaCorp. It will also be Jacelyn Tay and Zen Chong's 2015 drama.
  • Olivia Ong and Gavin Teo's debut drama series.
  • The series was repeated at 8 am.
  • This is the eleventh series to have no commentaries for News Tonight as the creators of the song featured in each episode will be sharing their experiences in making it. If there is no featurette, snippets of that episode are shown during the ending credits.
  • Originally, the show title was going to be "Our Story" (我们的故事). The title was changed during pre-production, possibly to avoid confusion with the movie Long Long Time Ago, which has the same Chinese title.
  • Jacelyn Tay's second villainous role after Game Plan.
  • Zen Chong's second villainous role after The Little Nyonya.
  • Guo Liang's second villainous role after Breakout.
  • The series is the 5th Wawa production to be aired on Channel 8, following the 2014 top-rated drama series Three Wishes, and will have 30 episodes.
  • In 2016, it was announced that a musical based on the series, titled Crescendo the Musical, would be presented at Kallang Theatre.[2]
  • The drama was taken over at 4.30 pm on weekends at Mediacorp Channel 8 succeeding The Queen.
  • Boon Hui Lu played Huiru, a singer with the same Chinese name pronunciation but in the musical, she played Irene, a totally different character.


Crescendo DVD is available in Poh Kim Video Stores.

Awards and Nominations

Star Awards 2016

Crescendo is nominated for six award categories in Star Awards 2016. The series, along with 118, The Dream Makers II, The Journey: Our Homeland and Tiger Mum, is one of the five dramas to be nominated for both the Best Drama Serial and Best Theme Song.

The Star Awards are presented by Mediacorp.

Star Awards – Acting Awards
Accolades Category Nominees Result
Star Awards 2016 Backstage Achievement Awards
Best Programme Promo
Delon Poh Nominated
Star Awards 2016 Show 2 红星大奖2016 下半场 Best Theme Song
最佳主题曲 (《好想告诉你》)
Best Actor
Christopher Lee
Best Drama Serial
N/A Nominated
Star Awards 2016 Post-show Party
Favourite Male Character
Christopher Lee
Favourite Onscreen Couple (Drama)
Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉 &
Ann Kok 郭舒贤

See also


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