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Church of Pentecost, Vinkovci

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Church of Pentecost
Hram silaska Duha svetoga
Храм силаска Духа светога
Vinkovci-(20090523)-Crkva Silaska Sv. duha.jpg
Church of Pentecost
Church of Pentecost is located in Vukovar-Syrmia County
Church of Pentecost
Church of Pentecost
Shown within Vukovar-Srijem County
Church of Pentecost is located in Croatia
Church of Pentecost
Church of Pentecost
Church of Pentecost (Croatia)
45°17′18″N 18°48′24″E / 45.28821°N 18.80673°E / 45.28821; 18.80673
Wappen Vinkovci.jpg
Flag of Croatia.svg
DenominationSerbian Orthodox
Functional statusActive
Years built1793
Construction cost3 million kuna[1]
Demolished25 September 1991
Height30 m[2]
Floor area290 m2[2]
ArchdioceseEparchy of Osječko polje and Baranja

Church of Pentecost (Croatian: Hram silaska Duha svetoga, Serbian Cyrillic: Храм силаска Духа светога) in Vinkovci is a Serbian Orthodox church in eastern Croatia. The church is one of two in the Eparchy of Osječko polje and Baranja that is dedicated to Pentecost. The original church, built in 1793, was destroyed in 1991 during the Croatian War of Independence,[3] and an identical church was rebuilt in its place, in the period between 2007 and 2012.[3]

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  • ✪ 7 RIJEČI S KRIŽA - 6. 'Oče oprosti im jer ne znaju što čine' (Luka 23:34)


'7 Words from the Cross' Seminar: Vinkovci, March 11th - 16th Lecturer: Lorens Novosel, the Apostle of Jesus Christ Day 6: 'Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing' (Luke 23:34) You saw how the deliverance happened It was deliverance from the oppression of evil spirits I simply guided him into the confession of faith Where I transferred the spirit to him by laying my hands on him Then I asked Him to fill him up with His spirit You could see that he was changed on the spot So first came the Word and the confession That is, the Word he accepts and receives in his heart That Jesus is his Lord That He is his Savior and Redeemer And when he opens up his heart for Him, and receives Him through the Word The Word can be effective in him And He Who spoke the Word, if He stands behind that Word And He does, He is watching to see that His Word is fulfilled, Jeremiah 1:12 Then He confirms the Word The same is expected of you We deal with the facts here, not the assumptions And all these days as we talked about the Cross And the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus And all the other troubles What He suffered in the soul and in the body I wanted to emphasize that it was real That it wasn't some fairy tale people talk about for the last 2000 years But that it really did happen That He really was on the Cross And that He really suffered so much This entire time we're trying to explain why And if that reasoning is true and you understand it And in this light it is not difficult And in your soul you go with it, or agree with it In this way you're opening the door of your heart Revelation 3:20, I knock; if anyone hears my Word and opens the door, I will come in. He's entering through the Word As for the spirit, He Himself is in the Word The words I have spoken to you are full of the Spirit and life, John 6:63 And God is Word, John 1:1 In that Words He Himself is the life, John 1:4 You need to absorb that Word by opening the door of your heart in your own will and receiving Him with Amen It means: yes, that's right, I agree, I accept From that moment on, what is announced in the Word, here we have the message of Gospel This is true for everything declared in the Word But here we're talking about the message of Gospel It becomes effective in your life So first comes the teaching Then comes the awareness through the message For as soon as the Word of God comes, immediately comes the light The unfolding of Your words gives light, Psalms 119:130 And on this light you can see By His spirit He shines the light and you open up And then you receive it Receiving means accepting it... it is yours At the moment you accept it, it starts working This is how things are happening Do you understand? There's no assumptions here. Maybe today is not my day... If they pick me today... I didn't have good lunch today... My hair is messy... These are the facts And if He truly was on the Cross And if you understood the reason: for our sins The primordial and all others as the consequence of the primordial Because of the weakness of the soul in this life in the body, on earth And if all that was on Him: The concentrated burden of sins And if He atoned for those sins Which were our sins on Him And He died because of that, since the wages of sin is death Romans 6:23 Then, when we receive this sacrifice we receive what He did for us And that is: He takes all the burden of sin off of us. And when the burden of sin is taken away which was removed by the sacrifice on the Cross Hebrews 9:26 Then the obstacle in us is being removed Which separates us from God, the Father, Who is within us by the spirit And He begins to work in our soul Now goes the manifestation of blessings It's like starting a chemotherapy through your vein I call this logos therapy Now, when you start the chemotherapy through your vein You receive something into your body And after a while something is happening With negative consequences Your nails starts falling off, and your hair, and all sorts of problems But when you put spiritual blood in spiritual vein The one of Christ Jesus And you start absorbing His life Something starts to happen Do you understand? It is usually taught that seven things begin to happen So everything starts when that is pushed into the vein And something has to happen And the receiving of the blood of Jesus or cleansing of all sins Reconciliation by Christ's sacrifice, with the Father From Whom your own sin was separating you It must have the effect in you You have to stand on that Word in awareness, and then the Word works Do you understand this? So not a medieval approach; maybe I'll get struck by lightning Or, I go somewhere behind the seven mountains and behind the seven seas And maybe something will happen; if not - then another time But it works quite certainly. Thank You Jesus. Amen And if you haven't understood the message in the last 6-7 days Then from the beginning - until you get it Here's one dear woman in Split She received healing from three incurable diseases she was carrying for the last 43 years Then she put in an effort And she tells me, the entire summer she was listening to my seminars, but only those lectures regarding the Cross In seminars, usually there are two days about the Cross ... and there are many seminars She took it out and was only listening to it Because that was not yet clear to her And she listened until it was clear to her After that she received eight more healings herself Why? - Because He took all our sickness and carried all our pains Thank You Jesus - it is the fact There's no hoping It doesn't say He maybe took up our pain and maybe bore our suffering Or, maybe He was pierced for our transgressions, Or, maybe the punishment that brought us peace was on Him And by His wounds maybe we are healed But it says it is We have to grasp it... with confidence... and hold firmly And if we hold fast to it He must confirm His Word Because He was bound by His Word when He spoke it He is backing , Psalms 138:2 every Word He had spoken, New Living Translation by all the honor of His name. Which is logical When we say something and we don't back it up Our reputation diminishes, that is, we embarrassed ourselves For everyone will say we are liars Same goes for Him He will not withdraw what His mouth has said Do you understand? So do not hope And if you did not understand the message In Romans 10:17 it says, It's only because you didn't hear it well Or you were not listening long enough Faith comes from hearing the message, and what is heard comes through the message about Christ Or, what you must listen to in order for the faith to come And there it talks about salvation, or the sozo package Because the word is 'sozo' In Romans 10:9,10 it says, you will be sozo It means the whole package: saved, delivered, healed, protected from the evil one And supplied with all the things you need to successfully complete your earthly journey And if you wish to, you have to hear the Gospel, or the message about Christ For this Gospel, as Paul calls it in Romans 1:16, is the power of God that brings 'soteria' Which is the same word as 'sozo', except one is the noun and the other is the verb This Gospel has power in itself You are releasing this force in your life when you hear, and you have the clarity here Then you grab what you saw and do not let it go. And He confirms His Word That's where we're going. Do not hope. But make the effort If you don't receive what you came for, it is your fault Don't think that this is not working. It is your fault It means you don't have to sob, cry, give up, but start from the beginning From the beginning I like this story told by Kenneth Hagin about a woman crippled from birth She never walked normally. Her legs were bent So she stayed home and she found his tapes It's called Classic Faith We could call it basic teaching on faith So she was listening to those, but she says: I didn't understand any of it When she met him at one of the seminars later She says: I didn't understand any of what you were saying But I had nothing else to do in the hose and I was listening to those tapes 5-6 hours daily She continued for six months In the sixth month she understood what he was saying Her legs straightened out. And not only that. The whole new toe came out at the age of 43. It grew out Do you understand? The message works The message has the power To realize everything He announced through that message For in the message He announced or declared what He did for us on the Cross And that is real That's why you need to contemplate the Cross In one of the revelations you will see... Thank You Jesus for the revelations of the Pure Truth Let me find it first And take this literally ... Revelation 1362, 'Jesus' death on the Cross...' 'With the entire inner self...' This means not superficially, thinking about yourself, your problems, about your fridge, about your wallet... For all of that prevents you to receive the message of Gospel Your heart must be open for Him 'With the entire inner self to imagine Jesus' death on the cross is an endless blessing for the soul that is striving upwards.' Thank You Jesus. So it is. Because it will happen exactly as it says in 2 Corinthians 5:14 And that is that God's love, or Christ's, will compel you And when it overcomes you through the Love which is He Himself in you or the Father The spirit of truth comes, which comes forth from the Father, John 15:26 Then you can see, and when you can see then you have it Thank You Jesus. No one can take it away from you. I say this for a reason; for most people are listening superficially Do not think about the right thing in the right way And they get disappointed later They think it is not working while it works quite certainly That is why we're mentioning the testimonies To encourage you in the right direction, to not give up Did you understand? We have everything He says we have And we have right to everything He ensured for us on the Cross Is that right or not? Thank You Jesus You have heard his testimony yesterday He was a difficult case of PTSD. He was taking 12 pills And if it was like they taught him at home, or what he heard from others, he would still be sick Isn't it so? Thank You Jesus But he came and heard the message of Gospel He believed in it I laid my hands on him and he was instantly free Thank You Jesus How many pills are you taking now? Zero points From 12 to 0 Thank You Jesus. 12:0 for Jesus Do you understand this? So it's working for sure But don't focus on me He confirms His Word through me But if you're closing your heart for Him Who is confirming His Word through me Than this Word will not have an effect in you So, He says like this: I knock If anyone hears My voice Not my voice, His voice And open the door of the heart I will come in 'Dinner' means to be united with Him And when he unites with Him When the Spirit, Which is in the Word, enters your spirit He will accomplish all that He said He will accomplish And those seven blessings are starting We are interested in the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus First of all healing, as well as the peace of soul Thank You Jesus There's more blessings, not to mention them all now Did we understand where we are going? What are we focusing at... and what we're looking at... Let's say a prayer Thank You Jesus Thank You Jesus for not holding desperately onto Your equality with God, the Father And You have not remained at the highest altitudes In bliss and in the light But You looked down to Your fallen brothers and descended into this valley of tears He sacrificed Himself for us And suffered gravely to be able to set us free from the primordial sin From the great guilt And of all the consequences of sin To take that sin on You, take it away To free the way back to the Father's house for all those who hear the Gospel, accept You in their heart And then, thank You Jesus, to live worthy of such great grace Which is to follow You On the only path You showed, which leads back into the Father's house And that is the path of Love So thank You Jesus for that Thank You for loving us even when we did not love You When we were in resistance, when we did not care about You Thank You for sacrificing Yourself then And showing us what true Love is I pray for a special anointing for tonight Let every Word be spoken in the power of the Spirit To destroy all the fortresses All the prejudices, all the false doctrines Everything that stands in the way of Your Word to achieve the desired effect And that is a rebirth Thank You Jesus Let it be spoken in all the clarity of the Pure Truth So that no one has, before your judgment , when standing there answering for the works done while still in the body no other excuse but 'I did not want to' And let it be spoken in the spirit of Love so that it opens hearts and instills the Word deeply Thank You Jesus. Amen You who are new here, check your cell phones if they are off Not to disrupt the lecture Keep your remarks and comments to yourself throughout the entire lecture Not to interfere with the lecture The questions will be answered in the end Thank You Jesus Are you ready? Fine... There's one revelation; there's no better that that And I have learned long ago That you don't need many Words, but the one Word is enough If it's true, and clear, and effective ... for this to work Thank You Jesus I've learned that you don't need many Words to free people, and to heal them Just those Jesus spoke in Mark 16:17,18 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; Or as the new translation says 'by My name' And they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well I realized that if I believe it And if I know why and for whom I am laying my hands That is enough And there's no need to read the Old Testament But it is enough to digest that one sentence Two sentences - Mark 16:17, 18 To be effective We are interested in the result. We are not interested in theology and philosophy Have you seen the other day how this works? One guy experienced deliverance, others went down on the floor because we blessed them They went home happy, and the odyssey continues Thank You Jesus. Amen. So this is based on two sentences if you believe what Jesus said And you know what you're proclaiming by this He says 'in My name'. It means 'instead of Me' And based on what I did for them and all of you on the Cross And I will confirm the Word of My Gospel, if you believe Mark 16:20 Because He cooperates with all who believe, who preach And do what He told them to do. Amen Thus, there is a revelation 5243 And since this is the best revelation on this topic There's no reason to use some other It includes the entire Gospel explained from the above, in the light of the Pure Truth Today we will talk about what is especially important for you to understand On both sides Not only on His side, but on our side as well For it seems that many don't understand that you can not receive forgiveness into un-forgiveness. Just as you can not receive Love into non-love Considering that Love is free, and Love does not impose He knocks on your door, I am repeating this, but you must open the door. Thus, He is saying, repeatedly, We're interested in Mark 11:25 Because we'll be in the prayer when we'll ask the healing from Him Regardless of whether I'll be praying or will you Or you will be praying with me as a group. He says, and when you stand praying... This He talks about the prayer in Mark 11:24, which is the prayer of faith He says, whatever you ask for in prayer Or other translation says, what things so ever ye desire when ye pray, Whatever you yearn for, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. However, when you stand praying, That is, when praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. Therefore, it is not enough to understand that Christ... It's not enough to understand ... I am looking for Luke, but I can quote it, it's ok So, it's not enough to know that Christ forgave us But we have to know that we can receive it only into our forgiving heart That is why He's asking us to forgive if the prayer is to work Or, the act of mercy is to be achieved in us Thus, Jesus prayed in the Cross Thank You Jesus for praying this That's in Luke 23:34, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. He wasn't only forgiving to those who were around Him, torturing Him, Because they were obsessed with demons from hell We talked about this the other day Yes, He did pray for them. Thank You Jesus But He prayed for all of us For all of them who will come after those who crucified Him For all those who will be on earth until He comes For all those who do not know what they are doing He prayed for the believers, for today's church For they also do not know what they are doing Because if they know, the situation would have been different People would be following the path of Jesus Christ, which alone leads to the Father's house. He prayed for all of us who will come after, until He comes And we have to enter into that prayer We must be one with Him in the Spirit For, if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ, Romans 8:9 We must understand why He sacrificed Himself We must sacrifice ourselves for others We must carry that Love in our heart We are His body And through us, He continues to do and teach What He started to do and teach while He walked in the body from Nazareth Acts 1:1, the correct translation in King James You must understand why He spoke those Words And as His body, as the embodiment of His spirit You must also carry those Words in your heart When you have them in your heart, then there's no hindrance For His forgiveness to be poured into you And by that, to receive all He insured for you on the Cross. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, Not if there is a big thing But anything This means a small thing too It will hinder you Many people don't receive Because they are in un-forgiveness, because they are in bitterness, in malice, in vindictiveness, in hatred Let's do this from the start If your prayer doesn't work, and you pray for the right thing, And you know it's the right thing because His Word says it belongs to you Then it's your fault It's not His fault, neither He can change He says, I do not change, you son of man, Malachi 3:6 And I do not change like shifting shadows. There's no way. That's James 1:17 I Am not changing and will not change. Thus, if the prayer doesn't work it is your fault. Then you must see which things you didn't do and go through all of it from the beginning If you want the desired result... then everything from the beginning Re-examine your relationship with Christ, with your neighbors Whether or not you fell out of order in some area And stand on the Word, for then it will surely work So again, these are the facts And if we follow the instructions and do all He said we must do He will surely do what He said He will do Otherwise He would lie, but He never lies Titus 1:2 says, God does not lie Revelation 5243, This is from the booklet, 'The Act of Salvation of Jesus Christ, 2' Which is the booklet number 54 'Forgiveness .... Atonement .... Justice .... (Law of cause and effect) So.. Mostly people come due to some external problems or needs It is causing them to start reviewing themselves To see whether or not they fell out of order And that is correct, since those problems and unpleasantness indicate that they are out of order And then, because they're not reflecting, or because they're not aware, Or because they're deceived They do not perceive the problem when it arises in its root, or in their soul They only notice it when it begins to manifest itself in the body Or in their material sphere And that is fine. However, when the problem comes up there Then a wise man is looking for the cause Rather than striving frantically to remove the result For even if he manages to remove the consequence, it will come up somewhere else If the root cause was not removed. Therefore he, since we're talking about sickness, or the problems within the body Or the helplessness, weakness, suffering, anguish, pain... Which are the words.. the terms that are included in the Hebrew words 'macub' and 'colli' In Isaiah 53:4, surely He took up our pain and bore our suffering, When we deal with this, we need to look at the cause first And he says exactly what the cause is. Sin is the cause. Sin is the distance from God, and God is Love. Thus, sin is every step out of the order of Love And if you truly want to get back into the order for the things to start working fine, first, You must re-examine yourself to see where you are out of order of Love For every step out of the order of Love Has negative impact on the one who has stepped out of this order And it is an educational correctional measure To alert him to go back into the order This negative distance and the negative consequence is called the curse. And this positive walk within the Divine order, with positive consequences, is called the blessing. According to Deuteronomy 28 And it states clearly, and that is the truth, that all the sicknesses are included in the curse of the law The law of the Divine order of Love In other words, every sickness is the consequence of your stepping out of the Divine order of Love The main step out The main step out people are not aware of Is their apostasy from God, the Father Which they carry within their soul when they come to earth as fallen beings Most on earth are fallen beings Some descend from the above as non fallen beings, like Jesus and others But most carry this distance within themselves And they live their earthly life in complete unawareness Because they compare to other people who are in the same rejection and distance Thus they don't have the true measure they can compare with to be able to see their apostasy Even though this measure is clearly given in the Holy Scriptures And that is the example and the life of Jesus Christ. It is the only measure. Thus, we must realize how much and in what way we are still distanced, or in rejection. When it comes to Love of God Which fallen beings do not know in themselves That's why they are fallen beings. Their nature is completely changed. But, it was shown to them in Christ Jesus, in Whom Love was embodied So we can look at it And to how we must love others To change our nature and return into our original state. Do you understand? Thus, when He talks about atonement, justice, forgiveness He talks about the sin against Love, we talked about these last days And you must understand this. It's nothing airy You must understand exactly what happened. That He took upon Himself all the burden of sin against Love Or the rejection of God's Love And until you receive this Love Which He now poured out into our hearts through Christ Jesus, Romans 5:5 You are still in sin against Love If you don't receive this the right way That is, if you do not establish a relationship through Christ with the Father, Who is Love You are still distanced from Love. Things will not change And if you have received Him But you have not made a decision to walk with Him within the Divine order of Love You are still distanced from Him. As the majority of Christians. They are still perishing They think they're alive, but they're dead. They think they're alive, but they're dead. Neither they understand the Scriptures, nor the wisdom of God. He who does not live in Love, remains in death He writes this to the believers. But they have their own ideas of how they should live So they remain in death, 1 John 3:14 We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other. Anyone who does not love remains in death. How? - It says in two verses above The way Christ loved us. So, Christ is on the Cross and today we are coming before the Cross On the Cross, He took upon Himself All the burden of our apostasy from Love Primordial sin of perfect beings Now fallen beings that live on earth as humans Just so they can rectify this sin And all the sins that the fallen being, in the body, caused on earth due to its weakness As the consequence of the sin All this is against Love Or, the step out of the Divine order And when we come before the Cross We come aware of this We're accepting His sacrifice, and deciding to return into the order of Love This decision we have to confirm by living in His example Or, by the instructions in the Word Hardly anyone lives by that example. That's why most of the world is perishing. And if you, my friend, don't see yourself following Jesus Christ You're on the wrong path and still in the power of darkness And you still did not make a decision for Christ as your lord, not a gentleman This means that He rules your life That is the translation of the Greek work kirios It means that He's making decisions, that you are His property That's the Greek word kirios And when you stand before the Cross You're giving up your old master, the non-love, the hate The non-doing of the Father's will You say: from now on, Father, I understand my own sin of apostasy I no longer want to be like that Please, forgive me I will now live within Your order of Love By following Jesus Christ He showed me which order of Love that was For this is Love He showed what Love was This, and this only is Christianity. The other is all blasphemy, or taking the sacred name of Jesus in vain It is still a deception. But if you're not ready to do this, you don't have to come before the Cross You must listen to all of this from the beginning. So, you must know why you are coming before the Cross What does it mean it's not like abracadabra... maybe something happens... maybe He will be gracious... He already was gracious... If He did not have mercy, He would not go on the Cross You're coming before the Cross with a decision That decision must be born in the heart That Christ is your Lord I have never met anyone who understands this and who can explain it like this Which means that it's not clear to him Incorrect Croatian translations of the Greek word 'kirios' are also not helping Since this word is translated as 'mister' which doesn't mean anything, and is misleading But it's 'the Lord' The word 'kirios' means: the owner... The one to whom someone or something belongs Who over someone or something has the power to make decisions And you're coming before the Cross to change the master Christ redeemed you from the old master, by His blood Whose will you obeyed, why you're called 'the child of the devil' But you can be like that, even after the Cross Meaning that you continue to obey his will For you haven't truly accepted Christ as your Lord So, you're coming before the Cross in order to change your master It is a decision of will After the Cross, you have no right to your own opinion After the Cross, Christ is your head Or the blessings will not work It is very serious So when I come before the Cross, I come with a decision of will I will live in the Divine order of Love And if I make this decision, the the sin is cancelled And when I say that I will serve God, the Father, it means that I will live the life of Love I will not sing songs, lift my hands Or do any other unnecessary actions which serves no purpose But I will follow Jesus Christ And I will live Love... true Love... sacrificial, selfless... Which is the only one that leads back into the Father's house and the Father's presence For God is Love And if it's not working out for you, this is the reason why Because you did not make this decision For when you have made the decision, you no longer are your own You belong to Him He redeemed you You should honor Him with both: your soul and your body, with living works 1 Corinthians 6:19,20 He suffered so much... because of your non-Love He's offering you His hand to pull you out of that state If, aware of such great sacrifice, you choose Him to be your Lord This is a condition that makes you a Christian This is why most people are not Christians today This is why the situation is the way it is. This is why the end is coming This is why most of them are perishing The path of Christ is not an option It is not only for the saints, but it is for all Either you're following this path, or you're going back to perdition This is what you're choosing before the Cross... This is why He died If you do this right Then you may expect that the consequences of such sin will be removed And those are: sickness, weakness, infirmity, unawareness, the oppression of evil spirits All this is a consequence of separation from God Who is Love It is an arbitrary separation that He can not remove from you Because He would otherwise canceled the fundamental law of God's creation And that is the freedom of will Lets move to the revelation now 'Forgiveness .... Atonement .... Justice .... Law of cause and effect 'I Am a God of love... Says the Father ...and mercy yet justice is also part of My Being, otherwise My perfection could be questioned and therefore also My Divinity. ' This means that Divinity, in Itself, contains all the qualities to the most sophisticated extent One of them is justice And that justice can not be ignored with regard to sin That's what He was saying 'Do you understand what I Am trying to say? That I incorporate every characteristic to the highest degree, and therefore everything is effectively subject to the law of eternal order, whose originator I Am Myself, that is, out of My very perfection I have created irrevocable laws ....' And the law says, Romans 6:23, that the wages of sin is death Was and still is Some think that the wages for sin is no longer death But that is only due to their misunderstanding Let them read James 1:13,14 where it says that God does not tempt anyone But each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin gives birth to death Where he refers to the spiritual death. And he speaks to the believers I have gained an insight, especially among Protestants, that they think they are protected If they're singing songs, confessing the faith and lifting their hands in the air But that is not true Thank You, Jesus Also, in Romans 8:13 it says if you live according to the flesh, you will die And Romans 8 are written for new Christians Thank You, Jesus Thus, the wages for sin is death That is the law of the Divine order, where it refers to the spiritual death Or the extinction of the spiritual life Or the darkening of the Divine spirit in the soul Or the separation from Him Which manifests as a weakness, infirmity, torment and suffering It is and will remain the law of the eternal order 'Thus every guilt of sin has to be removed, every sin has to be atoned to satisfy My justice. But how does this relate to My love and mercy, which is so infinitely profound that it would like to remit every sinners' guilt? ' We have explained this Perfect beings, in the first creation, refused God's Love Thus they have interrupted the flow of Divine life They fell into the state of spiritual coma from which they could not pull themselves out So they brought themselves into the state from which they could not pull themselves out He looked into the ways of pulling them out And He had to come down into their darkness to breathe life into them Love did that Love found the way Nevertheless, sin must be atoned for so He could give life back to them again And He took the sin upon Himself We must understand that sin We must understand how this is related to us To be a man on earth In almost every case means to be a fallen being A fallen angel This means that your nature is contrary to God Everyone who is trying to obey the Word can see how crazy that seems And how hard it is, especially if he wants to follow Jesus Christ Everything in you opposes God Thank You, Jesus So... 'My love found a way ...' I am telling you this and explaining you this so you wont't think as in medieval times And you won't just hope that something like abracadabra will happen No, it will not happen. There are laws in place These laws are unchanging and they always work We have to align with them. That is why He announces them. If we don't align with them nothing happens That is why nothing happens for most people But not that it does not work It is working quite certainly 'My love found a way Love Itself wiped out the guilt of sins by making the atonement Itself in order to satisfy justice A human being accepted the guilt and made amends for all of humanity's sins. ' Now He talks about Jesus 'I Myself did not stop this man, for He was motivated by love and love may never be prevented if it wants to express itself.' So He talks about the descend of the Son of God in the body He took in Mary Who renounced His equality with God It means, He did not come down as a Son of God He did not cling desperately to that equality And He renounced His Divine power He took the appearance as a man, being made in human likeness Philippians 2:6,7 He lived like a man Why? - Because God can not suffer If He came down in the fullness of strength as one with God But for the atonement of guilt suffering was required That is why He took the body. That is why He suffered so much This is what He talks about I want all to understand that He suffered for you. That this superhuman suffering, this immense suffering was not because of the sin you did in the body That is the lesser part But because of the immense primordial sin You commit in a perfect state, as perfect angels When you made a wrong decision of will And turned to Lucifer The earthly life is an opportunity to correct this misguided decision This wrong decision of will, or opening to the influence of Lucifer Completely changed the nature of perfect beings And, as fallen beings, they oppose God Their nature opposes God Everything in them is against God When the soul comes to earth, it comes in two ways, John 8:23 If it is a non-fallen, it comes on a mission I Am from above, says Jesus, you are from below It is coming through the entire creation Separated... it is coming through the three forms Through the forms of all three kingdoms Where it's serving in a forced state and is atoning for its sin of pride through servitude Here, the soul softens and matures Then it collects as a whole, as a soul, like a once-created being As a soul it is embodied in the human body, as a fallen being And He breathes His breath into him, and the soul comes to life For it can not live by itself since it is a vessel for life It lives on earth only to find out the reason for earthly life To understand its difficult situation And to find out how to free itself Which can only happen through receiving Christ And when it does, it is just the beginning, those are the door Then, with the power, or the mercy of power which pours out by the Spirit, through Christ It must put this power to work To change its fallen nature, full of wickedness and filth, Or, to save its soul James 1:21 Or, to purify itself from everything that contaminates body and spirit, 2 Corinthians 7:1 Unlike the false Protestant doctrine where, at new birth, they think they are brand new Because they thing that a man is a spirit which has a soul and lives in a body However, a man is not a spirit... But the soul is a complete being A perfect being created long time ago... Now, mostly fallen being on earth Which has a Divine spirit, a Divine element in this vessel that gives it life... And it lives in a body And when a man receives a new birth, the bond of sin is removed This means that the obstacles are removed and the Divine spirit may start working in the soul The burden and the guilt of the sin are removed, as well as every punishment for the sin But the soul remains weak and full of satanic elements And it must save itself if it humbly cooperates with God, through His Word Which it doesn't have to do That is why majority are not changing and they are not progressing. And nothing is happening So first you receive deliverance Then the Divine spirit gets activated in the soul It is in the soul the entire time... it gives it life Then you cooperate willingly, because the soul is made up of will and understanding With the actions of the Divine spirit, until consecration Or until maturing, or purifying the soul of all the wickedness and filth as the result of the fall And you can see this wickedness and filth as soon as you start obeying the Word For everything in you is resisting Everything else is more important, it's hard... let alone following Jesus And that is the only way That is why Jesus went on the Cross: to lift the burden To free you from the guilt... He took everything upon Himself And every punishment for the sin To give you the strength To all who did receive Him,John 1:12, He gave the power to become children of God To those who believed in His name Or the children of Love, or the true images of God's Love Then you're receiving this strength through Him and you're using it to change yourself For no one can love in your place And the change is happening into Love, through Love Thank You, Jesus This is what majority don't understand So He was suffering like a human because He had to atone for the sin And the atonement required this suffering Thank You, Jesus 'I would never have accepted the substituted atonement...' We've been talking about it all these days He went on the Cross in my place Instead of me And I want you... and that is the purpose of this seminar... To think about why He went on the Cross That's why the big picture and that's why the Pure Truth So that you wouldn't think that you are just a little or not at all guilty, as most people think I haven't killed anyone... But it is all your fault And He offers you deliverance from everything That is why He suffered so much And you must be aware of this: Why did He suffer so much for me? Which sin was it? Rejecting of God's Love in compete awareness, despite better knowledge See, this is the love you're receiving back. He's giving you the hand of reconciliation God - Love was in Christ And, on the Cross, reconciled the world with Itself, all the people Not including their wickedness He says, here you go... That is the explanation of the Words 'I Am thirsty...' Here you go, I yearn for you, for your return... you are My children Accept My Love... Into Love... This is why I sacrificed Myself... to show Love... to encourage Love... To open up yourselves for My Love... For Love is the only life... Without Love you are dead... This is why you're coming before the Cross And this will set you free, don't worry You don't have to pray for healings It comes in by itself. Only if you understand Exodus 15:26 Thank You, Jesus Exodus 23:24-26... He says... and for the New Testament, If you do one of My commandments, and that is to love the way I loved you, I will not allow you to have any illness that has come upon those who are ungodly Those are Egyptians... I will be your healer... You don't have to pray... Just be in order Exodus 23:24-26 also says, if you do not bow down before their gods and worship them But you demolish their idols and break their altars My blessing will be on your food and on water Thank You, Jesus There won't be... My blessing will be on your food and water I will take away sickness from among you I will take it away And none will miscarry or be barren in your land I will give you a full life span. I will... you don't have to And if this was true for Israel, for the worse alliance, for the worse priests For the worse promises.... how could it not work for us under Christ Jesus A better priest, a better covenant and under the better promises, Hebrews 8:6 Just live in Love Understand the principle of the Divine order What is causing the problem? But you my friend, you don't want to change And for as long as you don't want to change the situation will not change Because there is an order That uncomfortable consequence, that torment, that suffering, that sickness Those are the blessings, so your soul doesn't continue to perish even more Because the real problem is with the soul Understand? Sickness is a blessing. However, being sick is not being blessed, but being cursed But sickness turns you back and forces you to get back into the Order Sickness is a blessing for those out of the Order But being sick is not being blessed, but cursed Did you understand this? Understand the reason for the sacrifice And get in line with it Make a decision for Love That's the reason for all the problems Sin is a step out of the Divine Order of Love And that step out, which is the sin, is creating all the problems For the problems are corrective measures to bring you back into the Order Because you're not listening But the fear of death, a discomfort due to illness and pain... it makes you think That's why it is a blessing to you Because you don't care, because you are stubborn, because you are weak Because you are still full of elements opposing to God He wants to give you His hand He wants to help you out if He sees that your heart is true Please understand the reason, and understand the Order Thank You Jesus for Your sacrifice on the Cross 'I would never have accepted the substituted atonement had it not been offered to Me on account of love, or the law of eternal order would have been violated, since justice would not have been upheld, whereas an act of love had to be accepted by Me since I ... says the Father... could not reject love. Thus a human being atoned humanity's immense guilt of sin through an extremely agonizing pain and death on the cross. ' My prayer if for you to think about what it means When He said 'humanity's immense guilt of sin' How does it concerns you? Without that there is no real effect You don't need Him. If you don't need Him your heart is not open You don't crave Him And He won't break the door of your heart Why would the righteous seek Him? That is why He says, better is one sinner that repents then 99 of the righteous ones Although there is no one righteous; he thinks he is righteous Do you understand? Do not be righteous Because you are not Please understand that you are out of the Order And what it means to get back into the Order Bow your head Then, His grace from above will shine on you And you will receive the blessing But if you come with the attitude This is just a minor hindrance; I am otherwise good, don't need anything I can do without you - you will not receive Majority is like that You can tell by their lives They don't need Christ To them He is not important But He is the only one important Do you understand? You want Him to heal you and bless you so you can go on serving the devil That makes no sense You have not made a decision for Him as a master But you would want Him to heal you, to continue serving the old master Fulfilling his desires Doing his will which leads you into perdition It's not going to happen A thorough change is required A real decision for Christ is required A true return into the Order A true understanding of the sin And what it means to be within the Divine Order of Love Then you make a decision to follow Christ Then you know it is the only path To actively follow Christ is the only path, John 14:6 The path of selfless, sacrificial Love This and only this is Christianity To follow Christ through the life of Love He showed on the Cross Only this constitutes the Church of Christ Isn't that so? Quite certainly... John 13:34 and 35 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, By this... By what? If you love... with the Love I had for you... you love one another.” So if you haven't made this decision, how will you follow Him? You don't even care about it You don't even care why He sacrificed Himself How will things happen to you then? 'Thus a human being atoned...' This is why He prayed on the Cross He was praying... Did you think He only prayed for those who were torturing Him then? Half of them were converted when the earth shook, sun darkened ... Half of the people there were converted... those who were crucifying Him Did you think He prayed 'Father, forgive them for they don't know what they're doing...' only for them? No, He prayed even for us today Does this world today look to you like they know what they are doing? I am talking about the believers No, not to me Let's read part of the revelation 0758, from the new booklet 'For the Lord takes care of everyone who believes in Him. However, He can not... ' Who believes in Him... When he comes, the Holy Spirit, John 16:9, He will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin, because people do not believe in Me; 'For the Lord takes care of everyone who believes in Him. However, He can not allow That same help and mercy should come to those who reject Him Who reject Him Thank You, Jesus But, all... I am skipping... But all of God's love and mercy are in vain, Where the earthly child stubbornly closes himself for all indications. Mercy will not be revealed Mercy is lasting, permanent One doesn't pray for mercy, but enters into it. It is constantly available. 'The Lord has uttered Words on the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” To whom? - To these who are resisting today Insensitive heart... Slaves to the world... Don't care for Him... His sacrifice... His teaching... Even though they have His name on their lips For all of them He spoke on the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” 'And the Father, long-suffering and full of love, is only eager to teach the ignorant and give them news of the blessing of redemption. This is why the Pure Truth The other day, I told you this, when I prayed for that woman in Daruvar Who came sick... I asked her 'Fine, tell me what do you believe in, for starters?' So we can see where are we standing 'Do you believe in Jesus?' 'Of course I believe in Jesus.' 'What do you believe about Jesus?', I say 'I know something exists.', she says 'Here, Jesus...', I say 'Have mercy on her, Jesus. We're counting on Your mercy Have mercy on her, Jesus. We're left with nothing else in this situation. At the age of 72 she believes that 'there's something' That's not enough 'But all of God's love and mercy are in vain, where the earthly child stubbornly closes for all indications. The Lord spoke the words on the cross: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. ' And the Father, Who has long patience And is full of love, He is only eager to teach the ignorant And give them news about blessing of the work of redemption. The world becomes more and more hardened, or heartless Always darker in thinking And is increasingly distancing itself from the Truth.' And this is why the end is coming Thank You, Jesus So... It talks about Jesus... 'Thus a human being atoned humanity's immense guilt of sin through an extremely agonizing pain and death on the cross. This person was without sin...' What does it mean: Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing'? It means: do not abandon them in Love That's what it means: I will not leave you in spite of your sins and omissions He always follows the lost sheep Although it does not know where it is going It will go astray, and the wolf will eat it And it will hurt itself This means: the Father never gives up But you're the one who's harmed 'This person was without sin and nevertheless suffered unspeakably for the guilt of others because He wanted to appease Me with His sacrifice, which overwhelming love caused Him to make. And I ... the Father says ... accepted the sacrifice, and for the sake of His love erased the guilt that had burdened all of humanity ..' Let's start from the beginning... In Hebrews 9:14 says that He through the eternal Spirit offered himself as a sacrifice at the altar of Love, What does it mean? Get this... So, if you want the effect of Love For the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Love And Love is free You must not resist Love Because Love does not tolerate resistance Otherwise it is not effective since then it would force it Love does not force... otherwise it would have prevented sin Don't you think you may want to understand that sacrifice? To be able to receive this Love Isn't that so? For if you come to receive the healing But you don't repent and you don't want to change your life You can't receive this Love Do you understand? If you're planing on continuing in your old ways And ignoring such great sacrifice So that you don't at all care that He suffered so much And you haven't looked at your situation thoroughly He can not remove this educational and correctional measure Which has the intention of directing you, waking you up... tomorrow, if not today Is that right? 'And I accepted the sacrifice, and for the sake of His love erased the guilt that had burdened all of humanity which thus... here's where we're going... means that people who fully and consciously avail themselves of the sacrifice by the human being Jesus can become free from all guilt, ' Not from part of guilt, but from all guilt This means there's no guilt 'who lay their burden of sin at His feet and for the sake of His crucifixion ask for forgiveness ....' So based on His sacrifice Which was specifically done because of the burden of sin, the guilt of sin Carried by every fallen being that lives as a human being on earth 'Acknowledgement and the conscious confession of sins are necessary in order to find complete forgiveness of sins. The sacrifice of the human being Jesus was so immense and His love for humanity so powerful that My justice was served and My love and mercy could emerge...' This means that in Him By that sacrifice The justice was served And when the justice was served, it was moved aside Since there was no reason anymore for the justice to be in effect For it was fulfilled when the sin was abolished in Him, since He took it on Himself So now the justice is moving aside And the Divine Love can once more flow towards the beings which were burdened by sin Now you are here as a free constituent And your Father in Christ is looking at you For in Christ all the fullness of the Father lives in bodily form, That is His face and His name for eternity Now you want to unite with Him And in this union you want to receive and enjoy all the blessings But He is Love... Understand this Receiving Christ is receiving Love A return to Order... A decision to stay in the Order To do your Father's will, which above all is Love If you haven't made that decision in your heart There's no true connection for Love There's no real flow 'Thus people who acknowledge the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ ...' What does that mean? That means who acknowledge that He went on the cross for them personally For their sin That's the meaning 'and repentantly step under His cross ...' So those who acknowledge Him and repentantly step under the cross, are those who are free from all guilt 'which means...' Now comes that wonderful part 'which means that all sins they were burdened with are forgiven.' Although the same word is 'released' It's the same word 'Forgiveness of sin, however, means...' Now He says what it means So this happens if we come under the cross the right way And we recognize Christ as the One Who died on the cross for us personally For this is the Gospel 1 Peter 2:24 says like this: He himself ... Christ Jesus... bore our sins in his body... So mine personally On the cross So that we... people.. might die to sins When? - When He died for sin. He died for my sin. So that we might die to sins Therefore now with no sin May live with no sin, right before God Or, in clean conscience In other words, there's nothing in us that separate us from God, the Father And the flow of Love may be re established And this is just the beginning Just the beginning of salvation The beginning of the journey to the Father's house You may also fall away Thank You, Jesus I don't know how Protestants read the Bible, but you may also fall away And not just a little bit, but real hard Thank You, Jesus. Hebrews 10 talk about it. My righteous one shall live by faith: And if he draws back, I have no pleasure in him Isn't it right? And explain that those who willfully sin After they have received the forgiveness of sins They are crucifying the Son of God all over again And no sacrifice for sins is left But only a fearful expectation of judgment Is that right? It's the journey of salvation and so it is called Only then it is the journey of salvation F. F. Bosworth, a great servant of God, said the best on the subject He wrote 'Christ the Healer', one of the best books in the world on the subject of healing He started his service when the Pentecost began In Los Angeles, at the beginning of the 20th century When in Azusa Street, in the old mission house Manifestations began as well as on the day of Pentecost Pentecost started there. He was one of them He had a great service He said, and he said well, 'Today, I am saved more than yesterday' And tomorrow I will be more saved than today.' That is the truth many people do not understand So when you did this you haven't done anything yet If you don't intend to still do the right thing It's as if somebody got you out of jail And posted your bail for you Or he did your jail sentence for you So now he got you out of jail Now my friend, you must live as an exemplary citizen But many continue their criminal acts immediately after prison Do you understand? I have a feeling that there are many who got out of jail But still, 10 years later, they are standing in front of the prison Singing 'I got out of jail...' My friend, you were not even supposed to be in prison To get out of prison is zero points, nothing. The purpose is not to get out of prison The purpose is not to accept Christ The purpose is to unite with your Father through Love That is the ultimate goal, the prayer of the High Priest But you can't do it without accepting Christ, because until then you are tied and burdened And you can't do it without the strength you receive through Him But to accept Christ is the beginning Ephesians 3:17-19 talk about this. May Christ dwell in your hearts through faith. Amen. And everything that follows is rooted and established in Love And thus you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. That is the goal. When you think like this and you connect like this, then Love consumes you God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us, Romans 5:5 And this Father, the Spirit of Love in us... He gives you the light of truth, John 15:26 For only when you love Him He, through His Spirit, shows Himself to you, John 14:21, John 14:15 Thank You, Jesus Enlightenment is the result of the action of the Divine Spirit It is not a rational process No one is enlightened who's reading He doesn't understand anything for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. But the spirit can not be revived if we do not cooperate with it The spirit is freedom, for Love is free And if by your own will you don't live in Love, there is no enlightenment You look but do not understand any of it The spirit of truth comes from Love And so there is hardly anyone enlightened Thank You, Jesus And when you inspire love in yourself, then you can see the cross, then you can talk like this This has not been learned Then you can see the sacrifice, you see the reason Then you step forward And you know there's no other solution, there's no other option But Christ Jesus No one has to push you. You don't even have to read it in the Scripture to follow Jesus There's only one path. And that is Jesus Do you understand? This is the opportunity of this seminar And not for some pain to stop bothering you. For your discomfort to be removed. Thank You, Jesus Where were we? 'Thus people who acknowledge the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ and repentantly step ...' And repentantly... I mean, if you're not aware of the sin, if you think you're great, there'e no stepping repentantly And if you're not aware of this grace That He truly rescued you from death



Construction of original Church of Pentecost in Vinkovci was completed in 1793.[3] In Vinkovci Serbian Orthodox Church in 1821 was baptized Josif Runjanin, composer of Lijepa naša domovino (Croatian national anthem)[3] and Sava Šumanović.[4]

Destruction and rebuilding

After war planes of the Yugoslav People's Army bombed targets in the center of Vinkovci on 24 September 1991, they badly damaged the local Catholic rectory.[3] A day later, in retaliation, the old Church of Pentecost was mined and razed to the ground after being robbed. The iconostasis and inventory was stolen and the church bells were missing for a long period of time.[3] A parking lot stood in the church's place until the beginning of reconstruction.[3]

During the initial phase of negotiations on the renewal with the local authorities, a wooden cross was erected at the location of the old church.[3] In 2007, the building of a new, identical Church of Pentecost began.[3] The final blessing and reinstatement in function happened in 2012.[1] In the meantime, the church restored a part of its looted original iconostasis, and an anonymous source reported the location of the old bells, which were then put in function.[3]

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