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Church of Holy Ascension, Krupanj

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Church of Holy Ascension
Црква вазнесња Господњег
Crkva vaznesenja Gospodnjeg
Krupanj church.jpg
Church of Holy Ascension
Location Krupanj
Country Serbia
Denomination Serbian Orthodox
Dedication Holy Ascension

Church of Holy Ascension in Krupanj is Serbian Orthodox church in western Serbia.

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  • Leaving the Big Show


[Translated by Google Translate] [Tsiyon Truth Point TSIYON.ORG] [Tsiyon] [Presents] [Leaving the Big Show] [By] [Eliyahu ben David] [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] I think a lot of you have been through what we are going to talk about tonight. Leaving the big show. You know, when you first come to know about Messiah, and what He has to offer, you are just hungry for whatever you can get. So the big show looks pretty good for awhile, to a lot of people. That is very understandable and that does not mean there is anything wrong with those folks, that they love that energy, they love the Christian music, they love the idea of being saved, and having an eternal hope, all kinds of things really that, really we share an affinity with. But, after you have gone down that road for awhile you start to realize how limiting the Church system, the big show, really is. That after a while, it seems like it is always the same. There is not really a path to grow beyond what they are offering at the big show. So while it is making you feel good and you like the music, might like the worship, all the people, all the smiles, cause there is always lots of smiles, you start to feel like you are just missing something. What you are missing is getting fed on the meat of the word. Because when Yeshua Messiah came He did not tell us anything about the big show. He did not show us how to put on a mega-Church presentation. It was more about you and Him. It was more about how you lived your life everyday, than about the big show. It was more about, really, loving people. Loving one another, loving your neighbors, loving your family. It was not about just a big presentation. The truth is about the big show, is in a way, even though it is costly, it is elaborate, but the big show is easier than actually being a disciple of Yeshua Messiah. Any of the apostles that walked with Him would have told you that. In fact, they did tell you that. In my newsletter today, I talked about the big show and where it all started. The truth is, we can trace it back to the middle of the second century, when, what we call the Christian Church was actually born. Now you might have been told, probably were told, that the Christian Church goes all the way back to Pentecost and the Messiah, but do not believe it all. Look at the difference between what you read about in the book of Acts and the big show. Do the two have anything in common? This did not originate with Messiah, it originated in the next century when some Gentiles, who were deep into Greek and Roman philosophy, thought that there was something they could take out of this message, put it together with the philosophies they had and make something really big up. Something exciting to the senses, exciting to the mind, and they could make themselves famous and make themselves rich. That is what actually happened. That is what happened in the second century. It kept developing from there until in the fourth century, it just morphed into this incredibly grotesque thing. That we call the Catholic Church. With golden thrones, okay? Jewels, gold and silver and big ostentatious buildings and impressive religious garb that comes directly out of the mystery religions of Babylon. All of that and you know, all of that, in terms of numbers now, has been incredibly more successful than has the narrow way following Yeshua Messiah. That is not the popular way, He told us it would not be the popular way and it is not the popular way. Because it is the harder way. It is the narrow way. So, when the enemy raised up people to give the world the big show, that became the way. Yes, it has a nugget of the truth in it. It refers back to the Scriptures, it refers to salvation in Messiah, there is a lot of things in it that are in common with the truth of the Scripture, but the problem is there is a lot of things in it that are directly out of paganism or, if not paganism, then out of this desire of the flesh to satisfy the emotions and the mind. While really not feeding the spirit. So, this is why I call it the big show, because you got the big show but you have very little reality. We really could come down through time and I could point out through history, people, who had the same experience that so many of us have had. Where we were part of that religious system and after awhile it just did not feel right, it did not feel fulfilling, and we left the big show. We were in the wilderness and we were finding our way until we found something that was more authentic. Maybe whatever you found was not totally authentic but it was better than what you had and you kept going, kept going, looking for the truth, seeking after the fullness of what Messiah has to offer. So many have gone that path and you know, down through history, many of those people formed into groups where they would seek after this truth together, they would be persecuted by the religious system. Untold numbers have been killed, in fact, because they were considered a threat to the big show. The truth has always been considered a threat to the big show. But tonight I want to move forward, in time, through all of those centuries to the 1600's. Here is some folks that left the big show. We call them the Puritans. At that time the big show, for them, was the Church of England. They had their big ornate Churches in tight with all the governmental figures, the important figures of the day. Very doctrine, creed oriented. At the same time, allowing in these different fragments and remnants of paganism. Well there was some people, within that system, having now the word of God itself in their own language. They delved deeply into that word and they found so much that was different than the Church. So much. They realized, for example, they needed to keep the Commandments in the Scriptures. They saw that for the first themselves when they read the word. They strove to apply that in their life, to keep those Commandments in their life the best that they could understand at the time. They withdrew from the big Church. It was not feeding them, it was doing a lot of things that they could see in Scripture were not correct. So they would gather together in small groups to study the Scriptures. The Spirit of God would be there and it changed them. It changed their lives and it made them feel like they personally wanted to be disciples of the Son of God. But they were chased down, they were stifled, they were persecuted and all they wanted was a place where they could worship in peace and serve Messiah in peace. That is how eventually they ended up on the Mayflower, headed for the new world that was across the ocean. In 1620, the Mayflower landed in Plymouth, today Plymouth, Massachusetts and they thought they were essentially establishing a new Israel. In fact they saw themselves as Israelites and why would they not? They were keeping the Covenant. At the same time, of course, that they followed Israel's Messiah. They had left the big show. Now if you think about this and the enormity of what these believers did, it is truly an impressive thing because you know, it is not like buying an airplane ticket and going from airport to airport or something, what they did, they went to a, an unknown wilderness, ready to carve out a new life there from the ground up. An amazing thing, amazing courage of these men and women, and amazing faith. Truly this must have a place in the plan of YHWH, what they did, and they had a strong sense of that. They had a strong sense that they were representing His name. Well, they were not the only ones that came to the new world. There were some of the other kind of people that came too, after awhile. Nevertheless, there was a preponderance of people of faith that came to settle the new world and a lot of them were these Puritans. I have to tell you, I identify closely with these people because I went through the same process they went through. I came out of false religion, I wanted to follow after Messiah, I was willing to take the persecution of others in order for that to happen and I still am. Because He is worth all of that and I am still seeking after His Kingdom, and that is what they were doing. So I identify closely with them but I also know about that that, that is quickly attacked by the enemy. We are going to talk about how from these early beginnings, in America, of people who in many ways were very much like us, things have gotten to be what they are now. Is that not an incredible thing when you think about it? Quite a change has happened in that period of time. Well, by the next century, they had built up quite a civilization in America. There were people of a number of different Christian faiths. However, there was no significant presence of Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims, and very few Jews even. At least Jews that knew they were Jews. This was a Christian enterprise. The building of America, it was a Christian enterprise. This is the liberty bell and we have talked about this before. It has a quote directly from the Torah, "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." They believed in freedom, that is why they came to America and that is why America became America. Because they believed in freedom. Freedom to express your own spiritual beliefs, freedom to practice the Scriptures according to your conscience and other kinds of personal freedom. How significant was this to the founding of America? It was not incidental to the founding of America, it was not like Christianity was one of many different religions that had input into the founding of America. When you look at the founding documents, when you look at the statements of the first patriots, some of them listed here, what you see is that the new Republic and this form of Christianity that we are talking about now, freedom loving Christianity, the two things were totally dependant on one another. Totally involved with one another. For instance, James Madison, one of the framers of the Constitution said: "We have staked the whole future of our new nation, not upon the power of government; far from it. We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments." Not the holy quran, friends. Okay? Not some other religious idea, there were not all equal in the eyes of the founders. The reason for that was simple. Because they saw in the Ten Commandments, they saw it in the rest of the Commandments of the Scriptures, the Creator's prescription as to how we are to live, and how we are to interact with one another. They realize that if people were not living by that, they would not act in a way that would lead to a successful nation. So from the very beginning, this was understood by the founders of the United States of America. Nobody seems to remember that very much anymore. What we have seen happen of course is a decline, even among Christians, in taking the Ten Commandments seriously. In taking the rest of the Commandments seriously. In living according to the Scriptures, we have seen that all diminish. Along with that we have seen the country more and more diminished, sinking into corruption, depravity and soon, into ruin. That is where things have gone and I believe that is because the framers of the Constitution were right. That it all did depend on the quality of the people keeping the Commandments of God. Well let us talk about the progression of things that got us to where we are at. Here is something that you can find online and it has to do with religion and the founding of the American republic. Now almost always when you are talking about this period of time, early America, the word religion is the same as Christianity. That is what they mean when they say religion, because there were not any other religions. So, that is what that really means, but you know what? They do not want to say that. They do not want to say Christianity and the founding of the American republic. They want it to be religion, why is that? All inclusive, right? They want it to be all inclusive, it does not matter that it was the pilgrims. If it had been a group of Muslims you would have had the same country! That is what they would like you to think. It is not the truth. If it had been a group of Hindus you would have the same country. No, I do not think so. No. The thing about the Christians that was different is because they had a brand new Bible. In their own language and they were reading it and they were studying it and they said 'Okay this is the truth.' 'This is the kind of country we want.' That is what was happening. They were not perfect, I am not saying they were perfect. But, you could not have had this country without them and the mindset they had about the Scriptures. It is interesting, what it says in this, history source, "The colonies that in 1776 became the United States of America were settled by men and women of deep religion convictions," It also says: "...a religious people rose in rebellion against Great Britain in 1776," How could they do that? It is because they believed in freedom, that is how they could do that. It says: "American statesmen, shared the convictions of most of their constituents that religion, that is Christianity, was indispensable to the maintenance of republican institutions." In other words, if you do not have good people you are not going to have a good government. They knew that. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that. If we do not have a good government today, what does that say about our people? What does that say about Christianity? Go back to the source, go back to the founders and you can see what is really wrong and how we got where we are at. Well we have some more history. This is now after the 1700's, going into the 1800's. During this period, you know religion was already like an ever-present thing in the 1700's okay? They say that in the 1800's it was in the ascension, it was a rising vitality in the country. It is because one of the reasons was, there was what was called 'The Great Awakening'. This was a huge movement of the Holy Spirit throughout America, throughout all of the Christian countries of Europe, where people were getting saved and people were coming to the Son of God and it was really literally changing the world. As a matter of fact, this is what actually put the end to slavery. It was the Great Awakening. Because people became awake to the gospel, and then they realized they could not treat their Aftican brothers like that. That is what really happened. That is what brought things to the point in America really, where this became a major issue in the Civil War. It is interesting, what else it says here: "The Great Awakening swept the English-speaking world, In America, the awakening signaled the advent of an encompassing evangelicalism -- the belief that the essence of religious experience was the "new birth," inspired by the preaching of the Word." This is what it was, you know? They became aware of the indwelling Holy Spirit and how that can change you and enable you to be a disciple. You know, this is what happens when you leave the big show, you start to find the reality that can really change you and motivate your life and turn you into the person you were meant to be, that is what was sweeping the world in the 1800's. Well it goes on and says "The Revolution strengthened millennialist strains in American theology. Some ministers were persuaded, America might become 'the principal Seat of the glorious Kingdom which Christ shall erect upon the Earth in the latter Days." So, here is, I believe, where they went wrong. Because they were seeing America as YHWH's special nation. Where the Kingdom would come into the world. But that is not what His Word says. This is why they had to think of themselves as the new Israel. Because YHWH has a Covenant with a nation, the nation of Israel. Through which He will bring the Kingdom into the world. So, they really put there marbles on the wrong number and that just was never going to come up, that is the truth of it. That has thrown off a lot of believers. There is a lot of people who do believe in the coming Kingdom of Messiah, who think that is directly connected with America. I believe there is a lot of Americans that will be a part of that. But they are individual people, it is not the country. Unfortunately, the country is one of the seventy, it is among the seventy nations that rejected YHWH. We see all kinds of evidence of that around us everyday. But, at that particular time, when there were so many believers in America and they had vanquished the British in what seemed to them a miraculous victory, they really felt as if they were God's special nation, one nation under God. You can understand that that feeling, even though that has proved not to be true. This article also says "The religion of the republic was evangelicalism , which, between 1800 and the Civil War, was the 'grand absorbing theme' of American religious life." Now I bet a lot of the folks out there do not even know that. We hear today a lot about evangelicalism. Churches say we are an evangelical Church. A lot of times we do not even know what that means, well, this is where it started, in the 1800's, with this Great Awakening and there was this outreach to evangelize people to come and be believers. That is what evangelicalism is about. It says here that 'This emerged as a kind of nation church or national religion.' That is exactly true. As a matter of fact, that evangelicalism while there have been other streams of Christianity too, but that has been the dominant theme. That has been the dominant stream of Christianity, basically from that time well into the 20th century, and even into the 21st century, but we are seeing that all coming to an end very quickly today, we are seeing evangelicalism losing it's authority and losing it's influence, we are going to talk more about that. As it has declined, so has the moral compass of America declined. It says "American patriots subscribed to the views of the Founders that Christian religion was a 'necessary spring' for republicam government." The reason they thought that is republican government is about the people ruling the government. If you do not have people that are equipped to rule the government, then what kind of government are you going to have? See, it just makes sense and what they are really saying is that to have an effective government, you have to have people who are righteous. The Scriptures give us the standard of righteousness, they tell us how to live. So unless people are living like that then you cannot have anything but a corrupt government. They saw that back then, you know? At the beginning of the country that was known, that was the overriding opinion of pretty much everybody back then. 1861, Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as president. In his inauguration speech, he said what basically everybody agreed with. He said that "The ultimate justice of the people would prevail for ther was no better or equal hope in the world." They believed America was the great hope of the world. People in my lifetime believed that. That is becoming less and less of a popular idea anymore. He also said "intelligence, patriotism, Christianity," now this is the president metnioning Christianity, "and a firm reliance on Him, who has never yet forsaken this favored land are still competent to adjust, in the best way, all our present difficulty." You know, he was not afraid of bringing Christianity into solving their political problems. What is wrong with him? Did he not know the separation of Church and state? Or do you think maybe the separation of Church and state as we perceive it today did not exist then? Do you not think that is more likely, considering what he said? The whole point he is saying is that God, in other words, 'would support America, whose Christian virtues would bring solutions to America's problems. They were depending on good Christians to solve the problems. Well, what actually happened? It was not but a month later and the Civil War broke out. The truth is, all the good Christians on both sides were unable to solve these problems peaceabley between one another. There was just a tremendous breach in the country. Even today, people argue about it. Some people say this was all about slavery. Other people say 'No it was not it was all about states rights.' It depends on the historian that you read as to what the truth is, but what we do know about it is that an amazing number of people died in our country, brother against brother, people of the same Christian faith killing other people of the same Christian faith by the thousands. This left a deep scar in America. The Civil War and it's aftermath left the America Church deeply divided and poorly prepared for the rise of its greatest modern challenge... What I am saying is the Civil War broke that sense of brotherhood, that had existed prior to the Civil War, among evangelical Christianity across the country. The Civil War, bringing death into so many families, destruction to so many, brought with it bitterness, anger, pain, political struggle, injustice, and incredible changes, some of those changes were good. But, the entire experience was really quite soul wrenching for the country and for the Christian Church in America. So the focus of the Christian Church in America, during these times, was really not on the Kingdom. Not so much on the Scriptures, it was all about dealing with all of this misery from the Civil War. This left the Church not in a good position to deal with what satan was doing. Because you know what? Just before the Civil War broke out, this book was published. "The Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin. Published in 1859. This was an egghead book, right? Most people did not even notice that this book was published. It talked about something called natural selection. The Church totally missed this. Now here is another thing that was in the book, It says: "Preservation of favored races in the struggle for life." You know what? When you hear about the Origin of Species today they always leave that part out of the title. Why do you think? Because it is a racist book! It is a racist book! Evolution is a racist doctrine! This was published just before the Civil War for a reason. Because it was published to justify calling one race better than another race on so called 'scientific' grounds. You will never hear anybody tell you that evolution had anything to do with the Civil War. Or with upholding slavery. Look at the title, read the book, that is what it is really about. We use it in a different way now. It is just an excuse for us now to put away our Creator. To think of ourselves as animals that basically arose according to some natural process, with no input from a Creator. The injection of this idea, of evolution, into the American stream of thought was a major thing that got missed. What had been established was a republic based on the idea that human beings are created in the image of God with unalienable rights and a right to freedom, and that all men are created equal with these God-endowed rights. Now, this idea was put forward, evolution. Based on something called survival of the fittest. This is nothing more than the law of the jungle. The strongest dominate, this is the law of nature that they are putting forward and they have a right to dominate because you have to assume might makes right. So whoever is dominating, they must be better, they must be smarter, they must be stronger. That is the idea of evolution. All of the elite believe this. They think they are in their elite position, with all their money, all their power because somehow they are better. They 'deserve' to be in that position. There is no better excuse in the world for despotism and tyranny, than evolution. That is where it absolutely has to end up, but you see, along with these principals, evolutionist also believe that humanity is basically good. So, as we evolve we are going to get better and we are not going to become despots and tyrants. How dumb is that? When you look at the flow of history, that somehow we are going to hit this magic tipping point when everybody is going to be nice. Do not depend on that. Indeed what has happened as this has taken hold, and belief in the Bible has been declining. In my lifetime I saw this, Bible reading, prayer, barred from the schoolroom. Abortion of unborn babies, made legal, the law of the land and even paid for by the government. Since that happened, over 50-million unborn babies have been mercilessly murdered in America. That is a heap of blood guilt in this country. So it is not surprising the Ten Commandments have been removed from the courtrooms. Personally, I am glad- if they are going to act like that. I would rather not have the Ten Commandments there because that is not what they are going by. Then of course we are seeing this incredible slide into perversions of every kind and what once was freedom to worship God according to His Word has now turned into license for every despicable kind of behavior under the sun. So this is where we are at today. The ascendancy of evolution and the decline of Christianity brought us to this. There is a website called "Church Leaders", that had a very interesting article and I have condensed some of it and I want to tell you that the author of this article specifically says that he is not bashing the Church in these points. So I have to think he is still feeling loyal to the Church, so I do not want to misrepresent this website and the author of this website as holding my point of view. But I will show you what he had to say and then we will talk about our own conclusions of what that means. The theme of his article is "10 Surprising Reasons Our Kids LEAVE Church." In his introduction he points out that 70, that is 70 percent, of youth stop attending Church when they graduate high school. Now I ask you, how long can any institution continue when 70% of the young people leave that institution when they get high school age? How long can that last? Well, that is a huge hemorrage, you know, if these kids were blood in your body going out at this rate, how long would it take you to be dead? Not long, would it? You would bleed out very quickly. Well, he says 'We all know them, the kids who were raised in Church. They were stars of the youth group. They maybe even sang in the praise band or led worship. And then...they graduate from high school and they leave Church. What happened?' That is how a lot of church people feel, a lot of the older ones, they always see this happening with the young people. They might even be involved with the Church but then they get high school age and they are gone. You look at any church crowd and you look for the faces of the young people, you are not going to find them, or many of them. So this is a big concern that is being raised here. So what are these 10 surprising reasons that he gives? Well, realize he got these answers by actually going to some of these kids and asking them why they left. He did his own survery of these kids to come up with these answers. This is kind of presented like a top ten list okay? So we are going to start with number 10 and move towards number 1. Number 10. The church is "relevant". Now a lot of times people would think, the church is NOT relevant. But he is saying 'No, the church is relevant' and he explains that "We have taken a historic, 2,000-year-old-faith, dressed it in jeans and tried to sell it as "cool" to our kids. What we are packaging is a cheap knockoff of the world we are called to evangelize." What can you say? This is a church leader saying this, and this is what the kids are seeing. You know, all of that suff of giving them the rock music, all the latest fashions, keeping up with the times, all of that - they think that is going to help them retain the young people and it is actually turning off the young people. Number 9. "They never attended church to begin with. From a Noah's Ark themed nursery, to pizza parties and rock concerts, many evangelical youth have been coddled in a not-quite-church, but not-quite-world hothouse." So they never experienced church in the sense of what the Scriptures say the assembly of believers should be. Instead what they got is a steady stream of entertainment. You know, recently I got an advertisement at my home from one of the churches in the area. They wanted to attract me and my family to their church, they do not know who I am. I read through that, I could not even find a mention of the Son of God. It was all about all their different kinds of programs, all their entertainment. That is what was supposed to attract me to their church. I think that is quite typical of what is going on. Number 8. "They get smart. The agnostics and atheist treat our youth as intelligent." Which is to say, for the most part, Christians do not treat them as intelligent. So they are attracted to what the agnostics and atheist are saying. Now I would just like to speak to this for a minute and I would like to tell you that the agnostics and atheist do not have something better to give these kids than what you can find in the word of God. But since most of these churches do not even teach the kids the word of God, they have got nothing with which to fight that. Number 7. He is saying here, I think to the parents as well as the church leaders, "You sent them out unarmed. Let us just be honest, most of our churches are sending youth into the world embarrassingly ignorant of our faith." If you do not even know the first thing about what you are supposed to believe, how are you going to stand up against attacks from unbelievers? Number 6. "You gave them hand-me-downs. You have tried your best to pass along the internal/subjective faith that you "feel". At college, the church loses out to things with much greater appeal to the feelings of human nature." See how that works? If all you give your kids is some kind of 'feeling' about God if it is all just about feelings, when they go out into the world and their feelings are stimulated by other things, why do they need the church? "Community. Have you noticed this word is everywhere in the church? When our kids leave home, they leave the manufactured community.." A lot of times they actually have a lot more community, for instance, at college, than they ever experienced in church. Because he uses the term 'manufactured community' that is what a lot of it is. Number 4. "They found better feelings. Rather than an external, objective, historical faith, we have given our youth an internal subjective faith. When they leave home, they get the same warm fuzzies from the latest life-coach, etc." You know, even on TV, if you can bring yourself to watch one of these presentations by one of these televangelist, and I am not recommending you do, okay? But I have done it, and then what you get is something like Tony Robbins or somebody like that, it is the same sort of positive thinking kind of message. That is what you get so often from the pulpits of the Christian church. Well you know, you do not need the church to have that. Go to a Tony Robbins event, you know? You are going to get that without all the guilt, without feeling like you are not measuring up or whatever. Number 3. "They got tired of pretending. In the "best life now," "every day a Friday" world evangelicals, there is little room for depression, struggle or doubt. So they trumpet the message: "The church is full of hypocrites." Yes, in a lot of churches, you are not really allowed to have a negative thought. You are not allowed to have a frown on your face, everybody is supposed to be smiling all the time, you are supposed to be happy all the time, and you know what? A lot of young people come to the conclusion, that is not authentic. That is not real human beings, you know? If you hit your thumb with a hammer chances are you might say a few words you otherwise would not say. That happens, that is part of life in this world. Young people, they see how, very often Christianity appears on it's outer veneer, but they have seen what it really is and they see a big gap between the two. Number 2. This one is interesting, it says "They know the truth." But it is not talking about the same truth I am talking about, okay? It says, the truth they know is this, "They cannot do it. They know it. All that 'be nice' moral-ism they have been taught boils down to 'do, do not do.' You know that is very interesting, because the Christian church makes a big deal out of 'You do not have to keep the law.' But you know what they do? They invent their own law. They have all their own do's and do not's. Many times they have their own dress code. It does not come out of the Scriptures, it came out of somebody's head, right? They have their own standards, constant do's and do not's. So, even though they talk about grace, from the standpoint of the kids, it is all do's and do not's until it makes them feel like 'You know what? I just cannot do that.' That is what he is saying. He goes on here "They either think that they are good people, since they do not do any of the stuff that the denomination teaches against," 'I am okay, I do not need the church, I am doing all the stuff.' "Or they realize that they do not meet Jesus' own words of what is required." Now that is more serious is it not? They actually have read the word, they have actually seen what it says and they say 'Oh I can never do that.' He says "There is no rest in this law, only a treadmill of works they know they are not able to meet." I think that is a big one. I think that is a very big one. Now we get to number 1. "They do not need it." "If church is simply a place to learn life application principles to achieve a better life in community... you do not need a crucified Jesus for that. As we jettisoned the gospel, our students were never hit with the full impact of the law, their sin before God and their desperate need for the atoning work of Christ. That is relevant, that is authentic, and that is something the world cannot offer. Our kids leave because we have failed to deliver to them the faith "delivered once and for all" to the saints." Now I would respectfully say, if the writer here actually believes what he is saying, that we have failed to deliver to our children, and therefore to others as well, the faith 'delivered once and for all to the saints', then is he not actually saying "our church is in apostasy"? What is he still doing there? Right? What is he still doing there, he should be doing what all these kids are doing, he should get out! Not to abandon Messiah, but to separate himself from something that is not the authentic gospel. Is that not true? Look at what he is saying the big problem of the church is, they never taught the law! What? Can you believe that? How many times have you heard Christians, especially Christian leaders and pastors, say "We are not under the law!" They say that all the time, it is their major mantra, right? Here is a pastor that is saying "Hey we did not teach them the law!" So they do not know they are sinners. We do not make that mistake here. We probably have our problems, but I will tell you this, we teach the Torah. But he does not even get all of what the Torah is about. Just going by this statement. Yes, it is to convict us of sin. But it is also telling us how we should live. You know what? Those believers that landed on Plymouth Rock, they knew that. They knew that the Spirit was given to us to help us live righteous lives according to the Commandments of God. That we have what we need to be able to keep His Commandments. I wonder if the church had actually taught all of these young people the Torah, and taught them how the Spirit can help them to keep the Torah, and if they had actually experienced what it is to walk in victory, in keeping His Commandments, I wonder if he would still have 70% leaving the church. I do not think you would. We have a lot of wonderful young people connected with us who love the Torah! And love who they are becoming because they are learning the Torah. You know, just because something looks hard, is not the easy way, does not make it the best way to go. Just making everything easy on people, that is not the message of Yeshua Messiah. But that seems to be the message of the Christian church. You know, where does this all take us? It takes us to this. The big show. The big how, how are we going to attract the young people, how are we going to keep them? "We need the rock music, we need the colored lights!" Right? "We need the emotional excitement." Well I like a good show as much as anybody, but I will tell you this, it is not going to make you a disciple of Yeshua Messiah! These young people are figuring that out. This is the face of the church system in America. The mega-church, that is where everything is going. In fact, small countrie churches, that are probably more like the assemblies in the Scriptures, are being shut down as their people are being sucked into this. It is happening on a huge level. I like some of these things I found, "If your pastor is wealthier than the people he serves, you should wonder, is he here to help us or are we here to help him?" Look at some of these salaries! Kenneth Copeland: $655,000 USD a year. Can you believe it? Can you imagine one of the apostles saying "You know, I really need a salary of $655,000 a year." Can you imagine it? What would they do if they ever had that money? You absolutely know what they would do with it. It would go back to the Kingdom. John Hagee, fellow Texan, $1,000,000 dollars a year! The list goes on. It is now to Joel Osteen: unspecified millions! You cannot even know how much he is making, alright? But it is a LOT, trust me, it is a lot. Well, is this anything like authentic belief, authentic faith? The young people know this. You know, some of them, they're drawn in for awhile but you know what? They can get the same vibes from going to a rock concert. In fact, they think it is a lot more fun. So, why do they need this? Then what they would point out to you, what about all these guys and many more? All the church leader scandals. Why is it that there is so many of these mega-church leaders and televangelist that end up doing unspeakable things that they preached against? What effect is that having on the credibility of the message? Then we have this. You know what? As society changes, the churches cannot get in line fast enough with the way the world is changing. It is amazing if they use the Scriptures at all, how they twist the Scriptures to try and accommodate what the world is doing. This is what you find out there. So many churches who are just following after the world, well my thought again is, why do you need these churches? You know, if that is the life you want to live, why do you have to have one of these churches? Just go to a gay pride parade or something, right? You do not need that. If that is what you are after. So, When we look at the state of the church today, in America, and probably a lot of other places, because America is kind of a leader in the world. What does this tell us about God? Does this really tell us who He is? Is this His fault that this is what is happening? Well, when we look to the word, we have the answer. In Deuteronomy, which happens to be part of that law that the church seems to miss quite a bit, it says "The Rock! His work is perfect, for all His ways are just; a God of faithfulness and without injustice, righteous and upright is He." You see, He does not change, His word does not change, He is not responsible for all of this. The next verse tells us where to find the blame. It says "They have acted corruptly toward Him, they are not His children, because of their own defect; they are a perverse and crooked generation." Now when the Scriptures say 'A perverse and crooked generation' we have to ask the question according to what standard. When you see that this is coming directly from 'the law', it means they are a perverse and crooked generation, in other words, they have veered off they have crooked off, from that true way of His Commandments. They have gone wrong, they have left His eternal justice and righteousness, following a different way. That is what it means by 'a perverse and wicked generation'. It is not just one person that did it, it is a whole generation of people who otherwise might be considered His children, but they are not His children because of this defect of having turned away from Him. So you see it and Christianity which, despite the mega-churches, is declining rapidly. As I am saying, you know if 70% of the young people are leaving the church when they get out of high school, how long can the church last? I can give you the answer, it can last until the old people like me all die away, right? Because there will not be many to step in and take over as the generation ages. Even now, the real relevance in society, of the Christian church, has fallen so low that in fact, it is a joke! Society thinks of it as a joke. That is the truth of it. Whereas, once, it was held in high esteem. That is where things really are. It is going to move from being a joke to being held in absolute hatred and disdain, as it is by many people already. That is where it is all going and as that happens, believe me, it will only speed up how quickly people are leaving a sinking ship. That is the truth of it. Well if this is all true about the Christian church, you might wonder "What must I do so that I will not share in the judgement of the apostate church?" Because surely you know if this church is misrepresenting God, there has to be judgement right? So, if you are a part of it you have to think that some of that could come your way. Well, in fact, in the first century that is exactly what was going on then, but then it was the Jewish religious system that had become apostate. That is what had happened, and when Peter presented the truth and the facts to many of the people to that system that were gathered together, they responded. Here is that information. "Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the emissaries, 'Brothers, what shall we do?" They say their sin! They saw they were connected with something that was sinful before God. They wanted to know what to do. I think that is a real good question for right now, with the Christian church, is it not? What shall we do? "Peter said to them, "Repent," Now the word 'repent' literally means 'turn around, do not keep going in the same way.' Turn around into the right way. That is what it means. "and be immersed, every one of you, in the name of Yeshua the Messiah for the forgiveness of sins," Now let me tell you that those Jews were in a covenant with God. They were believers in that sense and yet they needed to be immersed in Yeshua Messiah. You may be a Christian, maybe you were immersed in some church that is an apostate church. Be immersed in the name of Yeshua Messiah, repent of all that and become a disciple! Save yourselves from this crooked generation! Well here is why this is becoming so urgent. We have the question, What will happen to the church system? She is morphing into Babylon the great, of the Scriptures. That is what is happening. Revelation 17 speaks of this in prophetic language. "I saw a woman dressed in purple and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stones and peals, having in her hand a golden cup full of abomination and the sexual immorality of the earth. And on her forehead a name was written, "Mystery Babylon the great, the mother of the prostitutes and the abominations of the earth." You can follow this strand all the way back to the second century, but especially in the fourth century with the crystalization of the roman church. It is the big show and not the reality. That is Babylon the great, the purple and scarlet, the gold, the precious stones, the glitz! That is what Babylon the great is and not the substance. The Scripture says "Fallen is Babylon the great, and she has become a habitation of demons, a prison of every unclean spirit." That is what you find there friends - demons and unclean spirits! "For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her sexual immorality, the king of the earth committed sexual immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from the abundance of her luxury." That is the Christian church and all of the daughter churches. It goes on here, with a call. A serious call when we consider the days when we realize that we are deep into the last days. The corruption of the church, the apostasy of the church, as well as what we see of the corruption of the world around us and so many of the signs, all show that we are drawing closer, closer, closer, to the end of this age. So that this call must be louder and clearer. "Come out of her, My people, that you have no participation in her sins, and that you do not receive of her plagues," If you studied the Torah, you would know there is such a thing as responsibility, community responsibility. That if you are part of a community, that you are giving your energies to, that does evil in the sight of God, that you share in that responsibility. That is a fundamental principle of Scripture. That is why the Word tells us 'Come out of her My people.' It is saying 'My people' because there are still many who are His people that are in Babylon. Friends, you need to get out of there. You need to leave the big show, you need to get on with being a disciple of Yeshua Messiah. That is what this is telling us. "For her sins have reached to the sky, and God has remembered her iniquities. Therefore in one day her plague will come: death, mourning, and famine; and she will be utterly burned with fire; for the Lord God who has judged her is strong." Now the Christian church is living in a fantasy. They believe that despite all of the sins of the Christian church from it's beginning to this day, that somehow they are special and they will not have to pay the price for that, and that instead they are going to be raptured away to heaven. They are going to dodge the bullet. Let me tell you something, that is absolutely a fairytale and a fantasy, it is not going to happen. What I tell you by the word of God, what is going to happen, is that the Christian church is going to completely morph into this evil organization. Babylon the great, which is going to fully crystallize during the great tribulation period, for the wicked thing that it is. Because it started out with a wicked spirit, rebellious against God, and that is going to come to a it's absolute completion during the tribulation period, it will be clearly seen by all and that is when Babylon will be destroyed in one day. Totally come to an end, in one day! When that day comes, do not be anywhere near it. Why wait until then to get out? Why wait? Why would you do that? When you leave the big show friends, you are leaving Babylon. Come out of Babylon. Now you might be wondering, 'When I leave Babylon, where am I going to go?' Because you know, people pretty dependant on the big show. Everybody, well a lot of folks, like being spoon-fed right? They cannot really think about being out there on their own, how are they going to handle that? So they ask the question 'Where will I go?' The answer is join the Remnant. The Scriptures tell us about a righteous Remnant that will arise, that will come out of the apostasy in the last days and you know it is happening right now. The book of Revelation tells us who they are. Revelation 14:12 "Here is the patience of the holy ones," Who are the holy ones, the set-apart ones, the remnant? "Those who keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Yeshua." Keep the commandments, keep the faith, the two things and they are not contradictory that they go together. That is how it is for the Remnant. That is who the Remnant are. That is who needs to come out of Babylon. To gather together, with others of the Remnant, in real community to keep the commandments of God and the faith of Yeshua. So, it is really pretty simple, and I know that some of this might challenge some of the things you were taught in the church system, but they are not going to teach you things that have to do with their own destruction. They do not believe that, right? They cannot even accept that that could happen. The truth is, it has to happen because God does not change. They will tell you in a heartbeat that God judged the nation of Israel because they were unfaithful to Him. Why does that not apply to the church? Right? If He did that with Israel, why is it not sure that He is going to do that with the church? Is that not absolutely certain? Do you have to be a rocket scientist to understand that? Come and see what we have got. Come to our website, you can register free. There is no obligation and it is a very simple sign-up. That is at: This is how you become a free member, now being a free member simply means, now you have access to a lot of information. Once you get in there, we have a free seminar there for you about the book of Daniel and if you watch out seminar, you are going to find out all about what is going on. You are going to watch that seminar and you are going to say 'Oh well that is why that is happening.' A lot that seems really crazy to you right now, that is happening in the world around you, is going to become very clear very quickly. You are going to find a lot of information that is going to help you grow as a follower of Yeshua Messiah and of course you are going to be able to decide whether or not this is the place for you. Whether, this is really meeting your needs, whether there is something authentic here, something more substantial for your faith as a believer, than the big show. So just come, give it a try, and see if it does not help you a long the way. I get a little animated about these things because you know what? I am really feeling the urgency of all of this. I just have to tell you the truth, I am very concerned about a lot of the believers, the ones that the book of Revelation calls 'My people.' His people that are still trapped in the Babylon system. I know that the sooner that you separate yourself from that and get on the road, the narrow road, the better off things are going to be for you, the better things are going to work for you. I so want that for you, so if you can hear me, come and give this a chance and join us leaving the big show. 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