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Carlo Tamberlani

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carlo Tamberlani
Born(1899-03-11)11 March 1899
Salice Salentino, Apulia, Kingdom of Italy
Died5 August 1980(1980-08-05) (aged 81)
Years active1931–1976

Carlo Tamberlani (11 March 1899 – 5 August 1980) was an Italian film actor. He appeared in 127 films between 1931 and 1976. His brother Nando Tamberlani was also an actor.[1]

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25,000 "Constantine the Great" {Y: I} I made for: hamster wlodek53g SUB FOR FILM VERSION: 128 minutes "In the year 305, the Roman Empire conquered the known world. " "The vastness of the empire forced dividing the country into two parts. " "Western subject Maximianusowi ... " "... And the eastern Diocletian." "Two Emperors represented two rulers in remote areas. " (Tetrarchia - the rule of four) "The stability of the empire was only apparent. In fact, everything started to fail. " "Soon another world appears on the ruins of the old. The necessity of the unification of the empire became obvious. " "Inside, sustainable growing persecution of Christians, who began to gain more followers ... " "Outside the barbarians were defeated, but not destroyed. The threat became bigger and bigger. " "The Lord of the west was Constantius Chlorus." "From the throne in Trier." (Located in present southern Germany). "In this village led the battle crowds barbarians " "Threatening the northern border of the Empire." "The commander of his generals Constantine was his son. " Forward! This is the end of all these, who rebelled against Rome. - What about the women. - In war there is no mercy. Forward! Next. Faster. Father? Franks should choose the next leader. - I killed him. - Why did you attack without orders? I had to sit with folded hands? Threatened exposed flanks? The commander is the one who decides this. Do not forget that they are fighting with each other, initiative is dangerous. So, for the prestige of the commander. It is important to defeat the enemy ... Come on, this is no time for a discussion about it. You summoned to Rome, go tomorrow. To Rome? I understand. I made a mistake winning, forgetting that I had remain in the shadow of my commander. This letter of the Emperor Diocletian. I owe it ... your friend emperor. - How dare you? - So I have to go to Rome ... ... How do you know that I can not be someone there. Although I am your son, I see, I'm a threat to your ambitions. This is not true? Answer me. Are you afraid to show me her mother. Why do not you let the meeting. I never found out. I forbid you to talk about it. Its origin was too modest, for a man so important, what you want to be. Get out! Wait! You set up on the tribune. Member of the Empire. Thank you ... Now I can go? Listen, Constantine! I'll miss you. Since last year, Diocletian wanted give you a position in the military hierarchy. You have the opportunity, you owe me this award, I give you this opportunity. So, to some extent. But my place is here on the battlefield. The generals are in Rome, Constantine ... dominated by intrigue and corruption. Be careful! Nice cut! Who was it? Someone who will never do it again. Not to be confused with courage impulsivity, son. Your life is precious. If you recommend a meeting with Faust ... A year is a long time ... I hope he feels the same. Of course, I already forgot. Wait! This is for you. I always wore this ring. It belonged to your mother. One day ... we'll talk about it. Now I do not have time. Open! This is the only bust of Constantine. He did not want to take a portrait, but I managed to convince him. Here it is ... Difficult were the days ... Constantine could not even sit still ... The sculptor wanted to give up. But in the end, I won. Always so, I finally something which reminds me of him. Looks like it. That's enough to see and feel, how great is destiny Constantine. Augusta admirable Diocletian to be for him. And my sister's feelings. - What do you think, Liceniuszu? - Do not know much about art. Came sculptor, Amoniuszu commissioned to make copies. Look at him! Posterity must know calculates great leaders. Heroes. Only we, ordinary people, we have to stay in the shade. Imagine ... Today, the glory belongs to the warriors. You are impressed with this masterpiece? It should not be difficult, with such a model ... It's not enough. I have not seen never Constantine. You can trust me it looks like it. Looks perfect. - So what? - Not so straight back. I hope I do not miss characteristics. Take it back! With caution. How far to Rome? You can reach the evening. This way, if you are in a hurry. This path will save a lot of time. Ambush! - Take another! It is too heavy for you. - I can. Be careful! Listen ... Stop! Behind them! Do not let them get away! Hadrian! - Are injured. - Let us help! Soldiers, are dangerous for us. Anyone, regardless of who is we need to help. Let's go! ... Go here! - Put him on the bed. - Beware! Slowly ... Boil water. Bring vinegar. - Take off your armor. - Spread it! We have to stop the bleeding. - Prepare bandages, Demetriuszu. - Immediately. The wound looks ugly. If the blade penetrated a little deeper ... No one can help you. - Fortunately, the main arteries are intact. - Your hands are very clever. Yes, I have some experience. - Livia ... Livia! - Yes. - It's a beautiful day. - It's a pity. After three years of war had go to Rome to be injured. Do not complain. Others were less fortunate. - Who was it last night? - It seems that there are many thieves in Rome. They should be sent to fight in Gaul. - Soon, you'll be able to move on. - But maybe ... No, I can not. I told you. You can reach me within a few days. Until then, rest. - Where are the others? - In the field. I was looking for you. I want to reward you, for what you did. My friend owes you life. Thanks, just that I was helpful. As you wish. - However, if we meet again ... - I hope so. - Forget that we met. - Why? In the evening, I asked, who are you? - Do not. - Have a good trip! Thank you. Tell me if this is true, that in Rome there are many Christians? Do not reply, the question is irrelevant. Centurion ... Drink! - What is it? - Milk. Bring wine, chicken, instead of milk! I have to be strong, when I get to Rome. For three years, I dreamed of ... ... Of spas, women ... beautiful, fragrant ... - Have you ever seen a Roman? - Do not. - What is your name? - Livia. Why women have given you a name? But I'm a woman. You are still a child. Well ... well, a woman. I did not mean to offend you. - Are you happy? - I ... I do not mind. I could relax in the water? I would like to take a hot bath. If you want, you can bowl. Do you think zmieściłbym in the bowl? Once you are in standing move, I'll take you to the river. - It's close. - As soon as I'm able to move, go. - Do you understand? - Yes ... yes. - How did you say your name? - Livia. Yes, Livia. How old are you? I am a child ... Go! I close the window. I'm tired. I want to sleep. Your behavior towards the Franks ... ... I think it has strengthened us and Maximianus needs you. - We hope you can help. - Thank you, Diocletian. Unfortunately, the hostile reception gave you a false impression ... ... About the hospitality of Rome. These thieves will be punished. Entrust this task to my son. Take care of yourself, Maksencjuszu. And come back soon with the culprits. - I wish you a pleasant stay Constantine. - So be it. Sorry Maksencjuszu. I arrived and barely bothering you. It's not your fault, it's my job. Everything that happens in Rome, is the responsibility of the prefect. You can not imagine what happens in Rome. - I'm sorry! Who is this? - Who? - The tall, with gray hair. - It's called Statilius. With all due respect ... eccentric father, the emperor ... ... Considered to be the best fighter in Rome. I can not live without it. Did you know? No, but I thought, that an important person. Here is someone who should be more important for you. My sister, Faust. I consider myself very lucky! Very happy! I hate that! He will not have any time soon such occasion. Freeze! I was told that I'll see you, only in the evening. Yes, but I was more impatient, than obedient. We, the soldiers, we have a bad habit execute commands. Therefore, you should hug me. Nothing can stop us, try again. No. Apuleiusie! Although, Constantine in Rome ... I am responsible for the safety, while you are there. The investigation is discontinued. Do you understand? - I forgot how beautiful you are. - That's why you did not come? I think that comforted the brankami barbarians. - You had a good company, right? - No, life is very different. This is a completely different world ... I left here, all human feelings. I lived only for the killing. Months of loneliness, cold ... snowstorms ... And as soon as it warmed, pre-emergence grass ... ... Enemies appeared. Attacks, ambushes ... Howl at night, the threat of ... perpetual nightmare. Dawn is like a liberation for all. Even if it means the beginning of another fight. My dear! Stop already talking about the war. Soon you will be Caesar, and I will be your wife. Caesar? This is why you want to marry me? A woman loves a man, for its value. Do you think I really ever Do You Love Me? You want to know too much. We'll always be together, is not that enough? The two are together. Look, simply nothing apart. Not to separate ... Imagine for a moment before they disappear. It's something else. Some remain forever ... Always! I was wrong when I wanted to kill him. When you enter into a marriage, might be able to manage it. The force will remain in our hands. Do not underestimate Constantine, counting too much on Faust. You can never trust in love with a woman. - What are you doing ... - You are such a soldier? Are you afraid of the cold water? Create. Zszyłam it. As best as I could. Well, as good as new. Thank you. Wyzdrowiałeś quickly. So ... Today, I'm leaving. I know. You spent a lot of boring days with us. - In Rome will be more fun. - Help me! - Midas, uradowały to the hair ... - Just do not try to. Midas was king of Asia. Everything he touched turned into gold. - Legends. - What do you mean? Stories for Children. Conversion into gold. - Do not believe me? - Even in dreams. - Do you believe in God? - I believe in one God. - One. Only. - So you're ... Christian. Be careful, Livio. If you talk about your faith, with others, can you denounce. You are not the first whom I met. If each of us will hide their faith ... How I can help others save the soul? You know you can be thrown to the lions? One day, this can happen, and I will not be the first one. - And I think you're just a kid. - I am a child. Livia! Livia! Come on! Matthew and the others were arrested. Wait! Why were arrested? - Are suspected of assault. - I know, but it's not them, they are completely innocent. Release them! Let go! Why do you shout? Call him! - Centurion! Come here! - Do you have an order, you are responsible for it? You commit an error. I was with Constantine. Personally, I have seen those who attacked us. - Ask him if they recognize. - Of course. Enough of this. Release them! Do you think the centurion of the province can afford, order to stop the administration of the empire? Now I understand why there are so many thieves. If all the judges are like you ... Arrest him! Again, I was forced to arrest him. He insulted me, insulted the judiciary. It does not matter, You have to understand who he is. I'm sorry. Well, well, the outlet of the peasants. Forgive Constantine. We tried everything, to discover your attackers. - Even the Roman justice can err. - I am aware of that. Go now! As soon as you join. Your sword! - Do you want to release them? - Yes. Look what I found near the house of the girl. - Are Christians. - I have no doubt. And do not be surprised if Hadrian maintain contact with them. Keep an eye on him! "The image of our gods, refuse to honor. Discovery of the Christians will be punished ... " - They think Christians. - It would be interesting to see. Why not? Open! Are excellent actors. You'll see. Would be more effective if declamation as in the drama Seneca, replaced interpretation. (Consul and teacher Nero - philosopher of ethics heroic) - Renounce your religion, and you will be free. - I acknowledge, I believe in one God. Sentenced to death. Next! - What is your name? - Does it matter what my name is? - Are you free or slave? - It does not matter. - Why do not you want to answer? - Will you try to listen to it alone, Constantine? - Come on! - Reply tribune. - What city are you? - Are you interested in only my faith. - I am a Christian. - Your refusal could cost you your life. - Christians are not afraid of death. - Can now. But when the time comes, and you'll be alone ... We are never alone. God is with us. Well, grandstand! What can I tell you? Excellent display of theatrical tragedy. - He deserves applause. - Instead, they die. Wait! The tribune is very influential. It can save you from death. Save me? For us, death is ... ... The beginning of real life. - Did you hear Constantine? Word puzzles. Why can not you rebel? Dedication by the victim, liberate us, not rebellion. - That's the promise of Jesus. - And if Jesus cheated you? Never, nobody lied! Enough Maksencjuszu! Let them go! Take them! What a strange people! Too bad! Courage and determination in vain. I like this little arena in the gardens of the villa. Away from the crowd roaring and sweaty. This is one of the few good ideas my father. Do not you think? Proclaim the absurd doctrine of the right to equality between people. Controversy grows every day. - Soon will be powerful. - We're going to stop. We will leave this issue for consideration again, our successors. At least I hope it will prove absolute religious intransigence. You propose the candidature your son? You already know, my reservations. Augusta ... awaits the winner. Let us pray to God. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name ... Our Father, who art in heaven ... hallowed be thy name ... As in heaven, on earth ... And forgive us our sins, as we forgive our debtors ... Lead us not into temptation ... but deliver us from evil ... Our brothers were killed in suffering ... Pray for them ... soon, you will see the Supreme. Pray ... that faith has helped you ... It is senseless cruelty ... ... Degrading to participating. Even they can not defend themselves. Arm? Christians? You've heard the same ... for them death is real life. I just received an important message, Maximianusie. Will be a meeting of Christians near the girl's house ... ... Where Constantine was attacked. - You gave the orders? - Trust ... ... None of them escape. Go away! You go. Paradise awaits you ... Help me, Elena! I'm afraid! Clenda think of myself, you go to your mom! Think of the joy they felt when their children were born. Now, after the death of we will be happy to see ... ... Son of God. The Lord gives us hope! You will be strong. Go to your mother. Mom! - Mom! - Marcus! - Enough! Please, Augusta emperor! - That the Christians. They must be exterminated. - Not that way! - He's right, enough. Give up! It's inevitable end, very brave man. Your bravery deserves the award. I'm not asking for anything, but if Faust desires ... I move to save the child's life ... ... And other prisoners. Please! Are freed. won Just so much bloodshed today. What a touching scene! Real charity gala. There will come a day ... ... When the word of Jesus is revered worldwide. None of us would see this day ... none of our children. When you run out massacres and violence? When people will not be divided on the persecutors and persecuted ... ... Masters and slaves? Prayer is not enough, If Christ is to triumph. If you oppose violence violence Matthew destroy us. - Our strength is only love. - Justice is not about words. Praetorians! Blocked the exit! Keep calm, calm down! - Arrest them all! - Livia! Where are you? Run for your life! Livia! Livia! Demetrius! Where is Livia? Maybe she ran away. Go! Run. God forgive. This girl is not a Christian. I know that. Hello, centurion! We often get together! It was horrible to see your fight in the arena. Why did you do that? I do not know ... It was an impulse. You can not remain indifferent, looking at the massacre of defenseless people. Even if you want to die. I think I understand Christians Why do that. Really? If you really love someone, easily devote himself ... even their lives. - I'm sorry to bother you, lady! - What is it? Outside is a centurion, who insists on a conversation with Constantine. - Who is this? - His name Hadrian. - He went to Constantine for help. - I predicted it. - This time, Constantine did not get away with it. - Do you think that Diocletian ordered his arrest? Of course. We operate within the law. I will go also. Will try to escape ... ... And unfortunately, someone would kill him. - I'll take care. - Perfectly. Good luck, Licyniuszu! - One competitor less. - Two! Death of Constantine entail the death of Licinius. - Diocletian anyone, never forgive. - I always learn something from you. All power in the hands of one man. I owed it all ... accident and humility to fine Christians! Tomorrow will be executed. What she's fault? What harm done? I'm not one of the judges. Rights against Christians are strict. But their persistence is annoying. I saw myself. I can not forget that they do not hesitate to and that help us pay for it with their lives. How do I ask of the law, an exception for this girl? Under what pretext? Constantine, can not you see that he is in love with her? - That's right, Hadrian? - Maybe ... I do not know ... This fear ... pity ... from view, as dies at age 16 ... If you wish, Maxentius, can release it. Maxentius? He did not even come. I never asked for anything, Constantine, but this time, please help. Unfortunately, Hadrian. I can not do anything. Let's go. It is in vain. Have you thought about where to hide, if you manage to escape? The others are waiting for us in front of the main gate. Become who? - Here are imprisoned Christians? - Yes, the grandstand. - I want to go. - Guards! Officer came. Open! - I want to see those arrested today. - Come with me! No, not here. Livia ... - Come with me! - No ... no. - Where do you take it? - Do not ask me ... - Go with him, Livio. - No, I can not leave you here. - Please ... - This is the will of God. Perhaps you intended, different fate. No ... - What can I do for you? - Nothing. God bless you, Constantine. Come on! - Was it easy? - Too easy, even for the tribune. This is suspicious. Others are there. God willing, we will meet ... I'm sure, Hadrian, that we will meet again. Go! Hurry up. Livia ... It's a challenge, not acceptable. Not even tried to stop him, but it was a tribune and a centurion. Abused power and privileges. Not only freed the girl ... centurion killed. - Are you sure this is Constantine? - I know him well. I saw him when he came, to free the peasants. These Christians ... are everywhere? Who is trustworthy? Even my doctor ... ... And now, Constantine ... Caesar future! We can not accuse Constantine, without hearing it. - It is so ... listen to him. - Right. - Bring him here immediately. - It will take this Licinius. Do not forget to treat it, with respect for the office of tribune. I will not forget. They are there. Stand up! - Constantine! - Fausto! - What are you doing here? - Pretorians Licinius looking for you everywhere! - What happened? - Diocletian knows everything. Why did you kill the guard? - I did not kill anyone. - But the guard saw you! Lying! - Now I understand. Set a trap. - Who? I do not know, maybe Licinius. Constantine, now do not go back to Rome. I need to talk to Diocletian. Otherwise, believe it. Never let you stand living before him. Only your father can help you. I will not run. I'll find a way, to get to Diocletian. Coming. Run for your life! I beg you! Run! Faust is right. They sent too many of them, just to arrest us. I will definitely return. Be sure! On the day of our choice ... ... Maximianus and I ... ... We made a solemn commitment ... in front of the Senate and the inhabitants of Rome ... ... In due course ... ... We pass all the power, given to us by our ancestors ... ... And pass our features people chosen for our successors. We promise to respect promises. Announcing So, Emperor eastern provinces ... ... Gaul, Dacia, and as Emperor west ... ... Constantius Chlorus! - Long live Constantius Chlorus! It deserves for your applause. In order to replace the function of the Empire ... ... Were appointed two people, known for their values, courage and action. Flavius? Severus for the West. ... And the East, the tribune of the first bench, Licinianus Licinius. - I want to be the first to congratulate you. - I'll never forget how much you helped me. See, to which the legion. This is the third legion. Hid there. Hey, you! Stand up! Let's go! Indulge yourself! Let's go! - What's going on? Stop! - Who's in charge here? Barbarians ... many. There is no hope. - Let me go. - You, commanded vice versa ?! No, let me go! Romans call yourself? Constantine! Hurrah! Total Romans! Follow me! Soldiers Constantius Chlorus! Come on! Give me a sword! Forward! I am wounded. Get him out of here. Defeated ... Resort ... No, Father. We won. - Yes, victory! - You're back, Constantine? Come closer, Now you should know ... - There are a Christian, you know? - What? Your mother ... she is a Christian. - A Christian? - Right ... she had to hide ... ... I was forced to break up with her, not to lose you. Locate it and tell that my last thought ... ... I was with her. Elena ... Elena ... I lost it ... Barbarians ... Empire ... It was my last fight. No, I told you ... it was a victory. Not mine. Soldiers! It was the last fight Constantius with Chlorus. Your emperor ... It was a real Roman soldier. You were under his command, just like me. Ceniliście it, perhaps, more than me. Victorious in battle, gained experience in government. Impartial and fair. We will follow his example, path laid down by him. Long live the Emperor Constantine! You, come here! Give me your sword! Go to the place! Legionnaires! From now on, it will be his sword. I will keep this one. As a symbol of power, which I got from you. No power in the world ... ... Never, not receive it out of my hands. I promise! Only I if it will not be worth it. ... Grateful to the soldiers and all the people of the Roman ... ... With the help of Hadrian Rufus ... ... I, Constantine, to inform the Senate of Rome ... ... That after a painful period of the war ... ... I'm going to set up ... policy of peace. Not only room at the borders, barbarians, but also peace in the empire. And that means freedom and tolerance against Christians. Decided, for our well-being and welfare of the empire. Constantine Augustus, Emperor Western Empire. So Edict of Diocletian ... ... Against Christians, is repealed. - We burn the temples of the gods? Senators ... I agree with the decision taken by Constantine ... I am sure, I understand what he meant ... ... And I assure you that the will of the Emperor will be done with the utmost seriousness. ... Because it can rely on us. Christians should learn to appreciate, like us, generosity of Constantine. Without fear underground. Free to worship their God, but not mocking our own. - Right! - This is the practice of equality of all people: release of Christians, but to prevent the liberation of slaves and calling for rebellion. - Well! The Senate provides Augustus, their devotion and faith. I'll take care of it. Constantine is a usurper ... selected and supported by their troops. - Why speak on our behalf? - No, I will not give up ... - The Senate is the supreme authority! - No one can issue orders. Do you want to show your courage, front face legions of Constantine? Currently, I am able to arm no more than a hundred people, like you, ... In the whole area and the suburbs. We need time ... and we should not lose confidence. No, Cecilias, I want something simpler. Lady, little enough Take a bracelet with a snake, which brings me happiness. - How much heat paternity ... - Why are you still you insist? You're the one who issued the absurd version of events that night. It was the only authentic. Unfortunately, I had no proof. Because there. Maxentius always show loyalty, as a friend to Constantine. This morning in the Senate, calmed others. My brother is very wise, but do not deceive me. Now, if there is Constantine, He wants to use me. That's why you came here. - Do not. - Do shivering from fatigue driving here? I understand that the costs of resignation of power, but you have to resign. Your time is up. This is not no end, Fausto! Understand it all. - Hello, Hadrian. - Thank you for the invitation. On behalf of the emperor, accept these gifts ... ... As an expression of his modest thinking about you. Wnieście to my room! There are woven by women with Etruscan tribes. Furs, jewelry, necklaces, vases ... ... With this. I think it's your heart. I was restless. I'm sorry! - Nice to see you, Hadrian. - The gods be with you! You bring good news, the coming of Constantine? Everyone is waiting. Unfortunately, the important duties stop it in Germania. - Celebrations were prepared ... - Put them on until after the wedding. - Where did you take? - In Trevirze. If your daughter would agree want to marry the Emperor in Trevirze. - You have to give me something, Hadrian? - I expected the moment when you ask for it. Belonged to his mother. For Constantine is the most precious object. Now my. I want to be a as happy as I am now. I take requests! Soon we shall see, leave our father and go to the top. Livia! Livia! Hadrian! - I do not believe that's true, Hadrian. - Your God will help us. It has been said that God is love. Where are ukrywaliście, all this time? In the mountains, it was horrible moments. But God has given us, Helen, to guide us. It's an amazing woman. - Elena? - Yes - How old is she? - I do not know. How much do you think? - About 50 years. - Do you know where she is now? No, I immediately returned to Rome, to continue the persecuted. But it can help you everyone at risk. - You gotta help me find her. - With all the pleasure. But why? A woman very close to the heart of Constantine. Where will you be, Constantine ... Faust will ... Certify to the Almighty Jupiter. - Bring me the ribbon, Cecilio! - Immediately. - You do not mind that brought you to Treviru? - No, ma'am. I saw wonderful things. It's your wedding celebration! Listen! They sing, everyone is happy. - And you? - I am very happy. I do not want to think about our marriage ... - ... As a compound for the good of the state. - I do not see it that way. Do you remember ...? One day, I was wondering if you can ever love me. I ask again. Listen, my dear! When you send me the ring, I realized how much we are bound. Never, not divide us. A woman like you, remain in the memory, the whole of human life. I will remember this forever. Never have authorized Maxentius to recruit other soldiers. Another cavalry. Increased bodyguards in Rome. For what purpose? To protect Rome. - In times of peace? - Forget about Christians? Removed our ancient rights. This is the greatest pacifists. They say slaves, they have souls and consider them as enemies. From a political point of view, Maxentius considered ... Maxentius policy, for now only increases the number of the persecuted. - I do not approve of this. - I think it's appropriate, Constantine. My son is your most loyal friend. Learn from me, imperial dignity ... ... Should not be divided between you and Galerius ... ... Must be only in your hands. I hope you did not understand. Galerius is here to see the Emperor East and officially recognizes my choice. I respect his authority, as he should respect mine. But never let that excessive violence was above the law. - The right to win. - You're too cynical. If the imperial powers are to be connected ... This ... will spontaneously ... ... Accepted together, by all authorities. Christians? You know that I am not a Christian and not succumb to superstition. But I firmly believe that justice will be equal for all. - How did it happen? - Scaffolding was shaky. - Find Holder. - Justice is equal for all. A moment ago he was alive, and now ... Listen, Constantine! Think of the Empire. If something like this would happen Galeriuszowi, imperial power could unite ... Now, as soon as possible. Forget what you said. Because you are the father of Fausta. - Nice to see you, Maximianusie. - Not the way I with them. - Not yet emperor. - But I will. I doubt it. Constantine, can not easily be forgotten. ... And is closer to the Christians. Come on! I want to talk to you. I do not know to whom I owe life ... ... But maybe, justice, will be equal for all. Arrest him! He drew his sword. I could not stop him. Please allow me, Senators of Rome ... ... To pay tribute to a man whose the value and virtue ... ... Justice, always inspired to act ... It was worth it. Perhaps more ... Even here, in this room ... afraid to celebrate. I do not know. As a son, I have the right to complain. Even our body has not been issued. Simply said: "He's dead." From the infamous death ... We were told that threatened the life of the emperor. But where is the proof? Where are those who can confirm this? It is easy to blame the dead, for the most heinous crimes. My father can not stand up, to overthrow it. How is it possible that conspired inspired by the power that you have so many years? And he killed himself voluntarily. Maybe I should quit, so as not to worsen situation arising from the despotism of Constantine. For me, Constantine, was more than a brother. But today, with deep sadness, I am forced to evaluate its operations. I want my words were not true. With tears in his eyes, before Roman senate ... ... Accusing Constantine for the murder of my father! This is a lie! Arrest him! He offended the Senate of Rome! To jail! To silence him. He just wants to take power. Do not be fooled. Does not change the truth closing the mouth. - You're rebels! - Take the oppressor! Constantine punish the rebellion. Senate lead to liability ... It will be a civil war. I heard a statement Envoy of the emperor. We can tolerate it for whole life, in spite of honor ... ... And unfortunately, save in the memory of citizens being subject to absolute power? No! No! No! The one who killed my father. The same fate will meet anyone, who try to oppose the judging of Constantine. And ... I'll do it! But who's with me? - Who? - My ... I propose that all laws adopted by Constantine ... Subject to the requirement ... approval by the Senate. It is proposed to put a clause to the most cunning and dangerous enemies of Rome. Christians! To get rid of this terrible gangrene. Deliver us! Long live the Emperor Licinius! Wait, Roman senators! Quiet down. - Think about it! I respect your trust, but I'm not as ambitious as Constantine. I'm not going to use the moment of enthusiasm, to occupy the highest position in the country. Accept the authority ... ... But only in a free vote of the Senate. It's your decision, members of the Senate. It is your choice whether you want to announce Maxentius our emperor. I give my vote. Long live the new emperor! My representative was arrested. Disorders of the massacre, my bill was repealed ... For him, your brother ... and your father tried to kill me. I know the story could have been avoided saving the life of his father. - But you did not. - Do you blame me, too? Do not you understand that only the lookout Maxentius an excuse to be elected emperor? I hesitated, prior to sacrifice your father. I was surrounded by enemies even here in my house! Thank you for theories of complicity. I'm sorry, Constantine. Between us can only be confusion and pain. And the blood. What began Maxentius, it will cost the lives of thousands of people. Do not forget that. - You still have time, Fausto. - My place is with you. It will not be easy. Why me? Because I'm your wife. Where will you, Constantine, there will be Faust. Do you remember? Never mind the words, only feelings. I surrendered to Eritrea. This is too much! I'm just waiting, on adversity and betrayal! - What? - Forgive me. I do not come to announce misfortune, on the contrary ... - I have a very important message. - Yes? Go away! And you. Go away! Constantine's mother is here, in Rome. Her name is Elena. Is a Christian. I want her here. Immediately. Where Elena is hiding? You do not want to talk ... For the last time ... Where is the hidden Elena? No. You're very pretty. Take it with others. - Livia! - Demetriusie! - And you? - I said I've never seen him. Leave it! You do not need. Well, young ... Where is Elena? It is not necessary, you tell us wasting time. Enough! You and I, we will meet all the time. I'm afraid that it will be the last time. What can you tell me about Elena? I do not know who she is. You do not know her mother, your Emperor? But you know where she is. Do you think that if I had known, I would have said? ... The suspect, the absence of ... ... Show power Emperor Maxentius our ... ... And military might of Rome. Constantine beat. But treasure needs money ... ... To arm the other legions. We will give a good example, on a voluntary basis. Who is against my proposal, please raise your hand. Do not ... Do not touch me! Livio! Livio ... Do not you recognize me? It's me, Hadrian. Hadrian ... My poor Livia ... What kind of horror ... Why I spared? Why do not you let me die? - Tell me why? - Do not say that, Livio. Livia ... Livia ... - Allows you is your God? - You are not a Christian. - Do not - Christ protects you. How to behave towards it? Your Christ, is the god of death. No, Hadrian ... no. This is not true. Even now, I know that this is not true. You said it! I'm trying to understand ... ... But when I see so much suffering, ill is not to believe in anything. Why do you run away from me? Do not fill your heart with hatred ... Love must unite us ... Love for all of us ... Even for those who tortured you? Even for them. But you ... forgiven? Yes, and you forgive ... ... Livia Livia! We have to do something. Who can help me? It does not make sense, Hadrian. You have to go. I'm sorry. No, do not leave me. You must live, Livio. You have to live! You have to! ... I wanted to live longer. ... Livia Livia! Stop! Do not waste your strength. Not this kind of death awaits him. Everybody out! Ended up seating for public money. Get out! Beasts! To the top! All of you! Close! Fire did not leave anyone? No, only the dead. Come on! Create it! Do you know where is the fountain Lupo? Go there. Someone is waiting for you. - Why do you want me to save? - Because a lot depends on you. You have to go. - You sent ... - I know. Constantine is on the river Tevere. Fights. Tell the Emperor that persecuted and oppressed trust him. - Never before have you not seen. You Elena! - Yes. Your son is looking for you everywhere. He told me to ... It would be dangerous for him, find me. Hold my son me ... ... And tell him that Christians are waiting. - Pretorians! - Go. - I can not leave you here. Who cares one life, when you can save more? - Do not worry about us. - But I ... Go! Take it as a command. - Do not let them get away. - Let's go further. There he is. Fell. Take a torch. Faster. - Get them! - What to do with them? Keep them under close observation, Do not tell anyone. I have a message from Licinius, for Maxentius. Galerius, the emperor of the East was murdered. Licinius weakened our strength. Instead of an ally, we have an enemy. Stronger than Maxentius. The enemy to destroy us is forced to to march to join with Maxentius. What do you propose? Maxentius promised more. To send a delegation to Licinius and promise more. The important thing is to stop it and gain time. In contrast Maxentius, we have the advantage. We know what disregarded. Naive you are! Think that Licinius only sent two messengers? For several days, the soldiers did not rest, after a long and tiring march. We relied on the help of Galerius. As soon as this rumor was spread ... I wanted to enlist, than marry ... What about you? For 15 years, I am far from Rome. When I left, my son was a child. - Who knows how much longer grown? - It's good to simply just fight! We will never be in Rome, gods protect him. - Against the gods of Rome, we are Christians. - They are good! We fight, and they pray. And they say that they have courage. - In the face of lions ... - Yes, kneeling on his knees ... What if tomorrow you find yourself in front of your brother? Kill him? Who has a different uniform than mine, This will not be my brother. Hey, you! Where are you going dressed Praetorian jacket? Leave her, she wants to conquer Rome. Drink. Our advice to withdraw, to gain time. Night. In Germany, we can defend ourselves, but here is suicide. I see someone among you, who should not be here. Do not you see? Of course. Because it is among you. It's called fear! Regroup in Germany? Licinius cross the road, and Maxentius will be behind us. There is only one possibility. Fight here! And this is the only problem! How to win? Go back to your troops and wait for my orders. Where is my wife? I asked where my wife! I saw you out. She was dressed in a coat. Why do you want to fight? Empire is already yours, you can show a little compassion. I beg you, Maksencjuszu. Listen to me! - Who do you cheat? - I understand your indignation. I assure you that Constantine did not kill our father. At the beginning I doubted, but then I discovered the truth. You think it's all for to avenge the death of our father? How naive you are! This old fool was the end, he deserved. I missed one important body like his, to trigger war and achieved it. Maxentiuszu! Constantine has now humiliated in front of me ... ... Or in front of the woman he he loves most in the world. Apuleiusie! - You are a vile monster! - Do you have hallucinations, did not think about you. Look at her! This is a valuable art. Elena, a Christian! His mother. Your emperor is finished. Remember that with him his family. I am proud that I am the wife of Constantine and deny that I'm your sister. It all helps. Give me your ring! Answer for it. Congratulations, Constantine! It is rare for such a meeting of commanders, before deciding the fate of the battle. Tomorrow will be disastrous for you. You can still be avoided. - In return? - Submission of weapons ... ... And recognizing me, too the sole and legitimate emperor. - And my life will be spared? - Only yours. Not your friends Christians. Because your edict, not applicable. Thanks to you, do not hide already and will be easy to exterminate them to the last. - That you wanted to tell me? - Wait! There is a particular reason why I wanted to talk to you. I save only one of the Christians. This is my strength. My name is ... ... Elena. You have no choice. And the way retreat is closed. Legions of Galerius stand behind you ... but it will not help you. Galerius is dead. My ally Licinius took power. - You will be crushed! - I'll see you tomorrow! You still have time to decide. If you take the fight, you will be in Rome ... ... Dead rather than alive ... buried in a mass grave. ... With your mother and wife. She is my prisoner. Do you recognize? It must be my sister, a renegade. I will not scruple to kill her. There will never buried, or remembered. I swear it! Why did you leave her there alone? It was impossible to object to the order. No wonder it's your mother. - I could not even see her there. - But you saw. This is the woman I interrogated in court. Do you remember? This woman ... Yes, she was in the arena. I have often thought about it ... ... And I did not realize ... I felt something ... And now remained only to remove ... ... From Faust, which is my wife. Your mother told me ... ... Life has no meaning, when you can save many. The massacre began. I saw tortured ... ... Shame suffering and their courage ... Even such poor creatures as Livia, boundless cruelty could not overcome. Supports their faith, and they know what they die. Words, Hadrian. Christian doctrine. For me, their life is important, now more than ever. I can not let them die. It's as if I abandoned the Empire. How to leave him in the care of a rogue, no sense of reason and rules? I want the world, for which we fought ... ... A world without injustice and violence. Where all people are born and live free. - Is it lost forever? - I regret that I can not help you. I know. Leave me alone, Hadrian. In every decision that you make, You can count on me. Your mother said ... "... Who cares, when you can save the lives of many "? Find it! ... Tell her that my last thought was about her. When you love someone, it is easy to spend your life. This sign will bring us victory. Council decided to withdraw. It's suicide. Bury you in a mass grave ... ... With his mother and your wife ... - What is your name? - Does it matter what my name is? - I am a Christian. - Convict. "We are never alone God is with us. " Almighty ... win. - The gods are with us! - Tell that whoever believes in it. Soldiers ... We are preparing for an attack on Rome. Each of you can stand against a relative ... ... Brother, maybe ... even his own son. This means civil war. History always evaluates raw, it involved. However, I am not afraid of the judgment ... ... Because we fight under the banner of justice. Cross! ... Cross the humble and oppressed. No one forced to embrace the faith. Will be with me, only those who fight for people to live freely ... ... Without oppression, threats and intolerance. Set fire! Burn it! Everything! You came, I assumed that go by. But it worked. Carry us! Quickly! - Where to now? - This way. Come on! Hide horses. Here, they will not be seen. Get out fast! Take a torch, Valeriuszu! Follow me! Send cavalry. - It is risky without infantry cavalry ... - Follow the order! Tell Tuliusowi to be withdrawn. Quickly. Come with me! Come on! We meet again! Watch out! No, Hadrian. Do not kill him! Soldiers Constantine occupy prison. We're trying to stop them. Damn Christians! Send immediately meals. Hurry up! Regroup on the left and right flank. Attack! It's time. Forward Varoniuszowi to attack. Cowards! Why are you running? Stand, cowards! Stop! Cowards! Scum! Forward! And your mother is alive. - Where is she? - Expecting. No, Mother. Arise! Please! Your son you include, and not the Emperor. Constantine, my son ... Legionaries, listen! Your loyalty and courage ... ... Changed the course of history. Future generations will be grateful to you. TRANSLATION: * WSH * {Y: i} I recommend to fans of cinema: {Y: i} {Y: b}

Life and career

Born in Salice Salentino, Tamberlani was born in a family of actors and made his debut in his father's stage company.[2] After working with some of the major companies of the time he founded his own company with the actress Bella Starace Sainati and later served as vice-director of the Ermete Zacconi's stage company.[2] Between 1936 and 1939 he worked as acting teacher at the Accademia di Arte Drammatica.[2]

Selected filmography


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