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Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast
Author Robin McKinley
Language English
Genre Fantasy
Publication date
25 October 1978
Media type Print
ISBN 978-0-06-024149-0
OCLC 4037372
813/.5/4 398.2
LC Class PZ8.M1793 Be 1978

Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast was first published in 1978, written by American children's book author Robin McKinley. It was her first book, retelling the classic French fairy tale La Belle et La Bete. The book was the 1998 Phoenix Award honor book.[1] It was the 1966 -1988 Best of the Best Books for Young Adults.

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Hi everyone i'm JosieWose and we're going to be reading Beauty and the Beast which is a story about a girl named Belle. Did you know that Belle means beauty in French? Belle is a little bit different from her other village of friends well she doesn't really have any friends but she loves reading books. She also loves her father very much and Belle stumbles across an enchanted castle in the forest. Once upon a time a spoiled selfish prince lived in a castle in the forest one night an old beggar woman offered the prince a rose in return for shelter repulsed by her appearance the unkind prince turned her away suddenly the old woman turned into an enchantress she transformed the prince into a beast and placed a spell on the entire castle to break the spell the Prince must learn to love and be loved in return before the last rose petal fell otherwise he would remain a beast forever. Not far away a young woman named Belle lived in a small village she dreamed of a more exciting life and wanted adventures like the ones in her favorite books. Belle was very beautiful and had long been admired by Gaston the most handsome and vain man in the village Gaston was certain that Belle would feel lucky to marry him but Belle thought Gaston was rude and bad mannered he didn't understand her love books. Belle returned home to her father Maurice surrounded by pieces of his latest invention I'll never get this boneheaded contraption to work said Maurice yes you will said Bell and you'll win first prize at the fair tomorrow with Belles encouragement Maurice quickly finished his automatic woodchopper then he loaded it onto a wagon and set out with his horse Philipe for the fair Bell knew the villagers thought Maurice was odd but he was her father and she always believes in him as evening fell maurice realized he had taken a wrong turn he was lost deep in the forest when wolves howled near by Philipe threw Maurice off and bolted the snarling wolves cornered Maurice in front of a huge gate he banged on the gate until it opened then gratefully stumbled inside Maurice crept into the enormous castle that lay beyond the gate before long he heard voices whispering he nervously picked up a candlestick to light his way "Hello" said the candlestick Maurice couldn't believe his ears all of a sudden the castle seemed full of enchanted objects that could move and talk the candlestick whose name was Lumiere led Maurice to a comfortable chair in front of a warm fire suddenly a terrifying beast stormed into the room "So you've come to stare" the Beast grumbled "I meant no harm" Maurice stammered I needed a place to stay. "I'll give you a place to stay" the Beast snarled then he locked Maurice in the dungeon. Meanwhile Gaston arrived at Belle's cottage he announced that Belle's dreams were about to come true he had made all of the preparations plans for them to marry that very day "I'm very sorry Gaston but I don't deserve you" Belle replied. She opened the door and splat Gaston lost his balance on the way out and fell into a large muddy puddle Gastons sidekick Lefou stopped conducting the wedding band and asked Gaston what had happened Gaston was furious "I'll have Belle for my wife make no mistake about that" he shouted. Just then a frightened Philippe galloped into the yard. "What happened?" asked Belle. "Where's Papa? You have to take me to him". so Philippe lead Belle in the direction of the castle. Belle bravely searched the castle until she found her father shivering and coughing in the dungeon before Maurice could warn Bell the Beast lunged from the shadows he refused to let Maurice go finally when Belle offered to take her father's place the Beast agreed with one condition "you must promise to stay here forever" he said Maurice raced back to the village shouted for help to rescue Belle from a horrible Beast but no one believed him meanwhile Belle met some of the castles enchanted servants including a teapot called mrs. Potts her son chip and a clock named Cogsworth. "That was a very brave thing you did" said mrs. Potts thinking about how Belle had saved her father. Belle refused to join the Beast for dinner instead she awaited until it was late then crept down to the kitchen. To Belles delight the staff treated her to a magnificent feast with singing and dancing they were thrilled to finally have a guest after dinner Belle wanted to explore the castle the Beast had forbidden her to go into the West Wing but Belle was curious although Cogsworth and Lumiere tried to discourage her Belle slipped away from them and went up the stairs Belle peered into a dark room and gasped broken furniture and mirrors lay scattered as if someone had torn everything apart in a rage then Belle saw a rose glowing under a glass dome she noticed that several petals had fallen off entranced by its beauty Belle reached out but before Belle could touch the rose the Beast burst into the room "I warned you never to come here" he bellowed do you know what you could have done? Get out!" terrified Belle ran from the castle promise or no promise I can't stay here another minute she cried she climbed on to Philip II who was waiting outside and raced into the forest soon they were surrounded by ferocious wolves suddenly the Beast sprang from the shadows he fought off the wolves until Belle was safe but the Beast had been injured. Belle returned to the castle to help nurse the beasts wounds if you hadn't run away this would've happened he complained if you hadn't frightened me I wouldn't have run away Belle replied she then added thank you for saving my life you're welcome the Beast said quietly as the days passed they all began to see a different beast he was learning to be gentle and kind even little birds had noticed the difference in him perching on his shoulders and eating birdseed from his paws everyone in the castle watched Belle and the Beast with hope it seemed as if the pair were beginning to care for one another maybe just maybe the spell would finally be broken and everyone would become human again one evening after an elegant dinner Belle and the Beast danced together the Beast gazed at Belle he wondered if he would ever find the courage to tell Belle that he loved her the Beast knew how much Belle missed Maurice. He showed her a magic mirror revealing an image of her father lost and trembling with cold as he desperately searched for Belle sadly the Beast released Belle from her promise and let her return home to her father he gave Belle the mirror to remember him by. With only one petal left on the enchanted rose it seems that any hope of breaking the spell was gone forever Belle rushed home to Maurice to her surprise chip had sneaked into her bag and come along to. "How did you escape that horrible Beast?" asked Maurice. He's different now papa Belle said but before she could explain there was a knock at the door Gaston had bribed the owner of an asylum to declare Belle's father insane. Maurice would be locked up in the asylum unless Belle agreed to marry Gaston as the guards dragged Maurice away Gaston cornered Belle I might be able to clear up this little misunderstanding he said slowly if you marry me never replied Belle to prove that her father wasn't crazy Belle showed people the beasts image in the magic mirror he's my friend she told them jealous and enraged Gaston seized the mirror kill the beast he shouted. Gaston locked Belle and Maurice in the cottage then he led a band of Angry Men to the castle boom The Doors shook as the mob tried to force their way into the castle with Belle gone the Beast no longer cared about anything just let them come he said the servants tried to think of a plan when the angry mob stormed inside the servants were ready they fought and chased until the men ran away only Gaston remained finding the Beast alone Gaston raised his bow when the arrow hit him the Beast staggered back crashing through the window and onto the castle roof Gaston followed the Beast outside and raised a club before he could strike Belle screamed out from below no she and Maurice had escaped from the cottage and raced to the castle startled Gaston paused the Beast heard Belles voice too and it filled him with hope he suddenly found the strength to defend himself the beast lunged at Gaston then decided to let him go he climbed over to a terrace where Belle had run to meet him all of a sudden Gaston stabbed the Beast he roared with pain and whipped around accidentally knocking Gaston off the roof Gaston plunged through the darkness as he fell to his death Belle pulled the Beast to safety and knelt beside him you came back he whispered at least I got to see you one last time please don't leave me Belle sobbed I love you as Bell spoke the last rose petal fell then out of nowhere magical sparkles began to swirl around the Beast he rose into the air turning slowly in a shower of light Bell watched in disbelief as the Beast began to transform magic swirled above the castle as the servants were transformed too the spell was broken Belle cried the handsome prince it's me Belle gazed into the princes eyes it really is you she said in wonder later the servants watched as Belle and her prince waltzed across the ballroom are they going to live happily ever after chip asked her mother of course my dear mrs. Potts replied and so they did. What a beautiful story thanks for watching everyone if you liked this video please hit like and subscribe bye



Roderick Huston, a wealthy merchant, has three daughters; Grace, Hope, and Honour. When Honour was a child she asked what her name meant and afterwards said she'd rather be named Beauty, a nickname which soon stuck. As she grows older, she feels the nickname is increasingly ill-fitting, as she remains plain while her sisters become lovelier and more socially adept. Grace becomes engaged to one of her father's ship captains, Robert Tucker, and Hope to a blacksmith named Gervain Woodhouse. When all of Huston's ships are lost at sea, Robert is presumed dead and the family become destitute. They are forced to move to the countryside, near Gervain.

A year passes. The family slowly adapt to their new lives and Hope has two children with Gervain. One day they receive news of one of Huston's ships arriving back into port. Huston leaves the next day, but not before asking his daughters if they want any gifts. Grace and Hope jokingly ask for jewellery and dresses, while Beauty asks for a rose cutting or seeds, as none grow in the countryside.

Huston returns home sooner than everyone expected, with a beautiful rose and saddlebags filled with more treasure than they could possibly hold. He explains that on his way home through the forest he became lost in a storm, and happened across a mysterious castle. Inside he was given shelter and waited on by invisible servants. As he was leaving the next day, he found a beautiful rose garden and plucked a single rose for Beauty. The owner of the castle, a terrifying beast, appeared, furious that Huston would steal from him after his hospitality. The Beast agreed to let him go on the condition that one of his daughters must return and live in the castle.

Despite her family's pleas, Beauty insists that she go. As the months pass, Beauty comes to enjoy living in the castle. She grows close to the Beast, enjoying walks together and spending time in the castle's enormous library, but cannot bring herself to love him and refuses his marriage proposal every night. She also dreams every night of her family in vivid detail and tries to decipher clues about the Beast's past when she slowly starts to hear the voices of the two invisible maids that wait on her. When Beauty becomes homesick, the Beast shows her a magic mirror that allows her to see her family. In it she sees Grace agreeing to marry the local minister, despite still loving Robert. Robert himself has recently returned home after years lost at sea, eager to find Grace. Beauty begs to visit her home and tell Grace before it's too late, promising to return in a week and stay with the Beast forever afterwards. The Beast reluctantly allows her to go.

When Beauty arrives home her family is overjoyed, but quickly become disheartened when they learn she's leaving again. During the days without the Beast, Beauty begins to recognize how she truly feels about him. At her family's behest she agrees to stay a while longer, but quickly rushes back to the castle when she has a dream about the Beast dying. Beauty discovers him nearly dead. Realizing her true feelings, she confesses her love and tells him that she will marry him. In an instant the enchantment on the Beast and the curse is broken.

The Beast is returned to his handsome human form, explaining to the astonished Beauty about a curse on family lineage and how it could only be broken by someone loving him despite his appearance. He shows Beauty her reflection, revealing how she has blossomed into a true beauty. Beauty is reunited with her family, and she and the Beast start their new lives together.


A review in The Guardian said "It's great to have this lovely retelling published in Britain at last."[2]


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