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Basketball at the 1959 Mediterranean Games

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The basketball tournament at the 1959 Mediterranean Games was held in Beirut, Lebanon.

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  • 2017 Junior Varsity Quiz Championship


♪♪♪ (Nathan Tannenbaum) Hi. Welcome to the Clark County School District's Jr. Varsity Quiz championship. JVQ is a knowledge-based quiz bowl competition for middle and junior high school students. The best and brightest of Clark County's middle school students are matching wits today for the title of Jr. Varsity Quiz champ. There were 34 middle and junior high school teams that competed in a one-day tournament where these two teams competed in four separate JVQ matches, earning their place in this championship, and the winner of tonight's match will be the 2016-17 Jr. Varsity Quiz champion. A reminder to the students, when you're answering a question, the microphones hear you for the recording but we want you to speak loudly and clearly so the judges can hear you. Let's meet our players for Leavitt Middle School, here's 8th grader Cole Freer. Hi, Cole. -Hi. -Glad to see you. Next is 8th grader Alex Bean. -Hi, Nate. -Here is 8th grader Maxwell Workman. -Hello. -Hey, Maxwell. -And 8th grader Chloe Day. Hi, Chloe. -Hi. That's the team from Leavitt Middle School, so let's meet our players from Webb Middle School starting with 8th grader Xavier Paul. Hi, Xavier. -Hi. -Next is 8th grader Will Duhe. -Hello. -Hi, Will. Next is 8th grader Josh Hettinger. Hi, Josh. -Hi. -And 8th grader Caleb Fears. -Hi. -That's the team from Del Webb. We'll get to know more about these young men and women after we get into Jr. Varsity Quiz with this question. Popocatepetl and Volcan de Colima are both volcanoes located in what country? Del Webb, Xavier: Mexico. That is correct. The parathyroid gland secretes hormones necessary for the metabolism of phosphorous and what other mineral necessary for proper bone development? Del Webb, Josh: Calcium. Yes. Next question is a math question: How many Olympics were held from 776 B.C. through 760 B.C.? Del Webb, Josh: Five. That is correct. The two most prominent colonists expelled by Puritan leaders from the Massachusetts Bay Colony were Ann Hutchison and who else? Webb, Josh: William Penn. That's incorrect. (bell rings, time expires) We were looking for Roger Williams. What condition, often synonymous with chaos or disorder, is marked by the absence of governing forces-- Leavitt, Maxwell: Anarchy. Yes. Shortly after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1788, Congress voted to establish the temporary seat of the new U.S. government in what city? Leavitt, Maxwell: Philadelphia. Incorrect. Webb, Josh: Washington, D.C. Incorrect. The answer was New York. What structures on an airplane cause the plane to lose altitude when they're lowered or to-- Webb, Will: Flaps. Incorrect. --or to gain altitude when they are raised? Leavitt, Maxwell: Ailerons. No. We were looking for elevators. Who was the American president at the time of the Russian Revolution of 1905? Leavitt, Maxwell: I don't know. That's a no answer, so we'll go to Webb, Josh: Calvin Coolidge. Incorrect. It was Theodore Roosevelt. What flower does Juliet reference when she says "A<i> blank </i> by any other name--" Webb, Josh: Rose. Yes. Set during the early days of the American Revolution, what novel ends with a doctor repairing the protagonist's hand that had been badly burned by molten silver so he can take up the musket-- Webb, Xavier: Johnny Tremain. Yes. What country has its judicial capital in Bloemfontein-- Webb, Josh: South Africa. Yes. In the 5th century, Bleda and his more famous brother led a nomadic people called the Huns in several invasions-- Webb, Josh: Attila. Yes. In 2016, the EgyptAir passenger jet that went down in the Mediterranean had taken off from Paris and was headed to what North African capital city? Leavitt, Cole: Cairo. Yes. Vulcanization increases the strength and flexibility of what-- Webb, Josh: Rubber. Yes. What branch of the American government includes the U.S. Court of Appeals-- Webb, Josh: The judicial branch. Yes. What characteristic of a substance is directly related to the motion of the molecules within it? Webb, Josh: Temperature. Yes. Reminiscent of action taken to keep a boat from sinking, what is the idiom for the rescue-- Webb, Josh: "Whatever floats your boat." Incorrect. --rescue of a company that has serious financial problems? Leavitt, Maxwell: Bailing out. Judge, may we accept "bailing out"? Yes, that is correct. Robert Scott, Richard Byrd and Roald Amundsen explored what continent-- Webb, Josh: Antarctica. Yes. Recently, Cheerios has given away 1.5 billion wildflower seeds as part of a campaign to increase the global population-- Webb, Will: Bees. Yes. Name the largest desert that is entirely within the geographic region known as the Middle East. Webb, Josh: The Rub' al Khali. Incorrect. (bell rings, time expires) We were looking for the Arabian Desert. Next question is a math question: If the pedal gear on a bicycle has 60 teeth and the gear on the driven wheel has 30 teeth, how many times will the driver gear rotate each time the pedal gear rotates-- Webb, Josh: Half. Incorrect. Repeating: If the pedal gear on a bicycle has 60 teeth and the gear on the driven wheel has 30 teeth, how many times will the driver gear rotate each time the pedal gear rotates once? Leavitt, Maxwell: Twice. Yes. What verb begins the famous battle cries from both the Spanish-American War and the Texas-- Leavitt, Maxwell: "Remember." Yes, as in "Remember the Maine" or "Remember the Alamo." According to Greek myth, artists, poets, singers and writers are inspired by what daughters of-- Leavitt, Maxwell: The Muses. Yes. How many syllables are in the last prepositional phrase of the Pledge of Allegiance? (bell rings, time expires) Two. Longitude measures vary from zero degrees to how many degrees? Webb, Josh: 180. Yes. That's the end of round one, so let's find out more about our players. We'll start with Leavitt and 8th grader Cole Freer. Hey, Cole, are you having some fun? -Yes. -I want to ask you about something that says you would like to see on your card. Do you remember what you wrote? -No. -It said you want to see a Broadway musical. -Oh, yes. -Which one? <i> -Hamilton.</i> -Yes. Supposedly it's coming to the Smith Center, so will that work for you? -Yes. -Excellent. Good luck with that and with JVQ. Here's 8th grader Alex Bean. Hi, Alex. -Hi, Nate. On your biography card, it says you like a subject that most students don't. -Math. -Yeah. Good luck with that and here on JVQ. Here's 8th grader Maxwell Workman. Hi, Maxwell. -Hello. -Now, how many siblings do you have, Maxwell? -Seven. -And what's the mix of boys to girls? -Six boys including me and two girls. -And where do you fall in the order? -I'm the oldest. -Excellent. Good luck with your family and on Jr. Varsity Quiz. Here's Chloe Day, an 8th grader at Leavitt. Hi, Chloe. -Hi. -Now, I know something about you that maybe the folks here don't about why you've been in this studio before. -I was a finalist for the Spelling Bee. -Do you remember what grade that was? -Yes, it was this year. -So did you go to the state bee? -No, I didn't. I got through some rounds but then I dropped out. -Well, good luck here on JVQ. It's great to see you again, Chloe. That's our team from Leavitt Middle School, now let's meet our players from Del Webb starting with Xavier Paul. Hi, Xavier. -Hi. -I want to know what high school you're going to. -LVA. -Do you know what you'll be doing there? -Probably video production. -Excellent. Congratulations on getting into LVA. That's awesome. Good luck with the rest of Jr. Varsity Quiz. Here's 8th grader Will Duhe. Hi, Will. -Hello. -You belong to a couple of clubs at school. -Yes. -Which ones? -I belong to archery and JVQ. We just got second place in the archery. -Excellent, congratulations, and good luck on Jr. Varsity Quiz. Here's 8th grader Josh Hettinger. Hey, Josh. -Hi. -You have a weird hobby, actually a few of them. Can you tell me one of them? -Woodworking was one of them. -Okay. You also wrote down eating chicken. -Oh, you know what? That's more of a lifestyle than just a hobby. -Oh, okay. Well, good luck with the woodworking and the eating chicken. Thank you, Josh. Here's 8th grader Caleb Fears. Hey, Caleb. -Hello. -I understand you're close to achieving a goal you've been working on for quite a while. -Yes, Eagle Scout. -That's awesome. So are you in the middle of your final project? -Yes, I'm about to turn in my review. -Well, good luck with that and on Jr. Varsity Quiz. That's the team from Del Webb. Round two will begin after a quick review of the Jr. Varsity Quiz rules. <i> Our Varsity Quiz match consists of three rounds.</i> <i> Each question is worth 5 points.</i> <i> The first round has 25 toss-up questions.</i> <i> The second round is the bonus round,</i> <i> and it is timed.</i> <i> The team correctly answering the toss-up</i> <i> question will have the opportunity</i> <i> to then answer a two-part bonus</i> <i> question worth 10 points. </i> <i> The final round is the lightning round,</i> <i> and it is also timed.</i> ♪♪♪ After the first round, here's the score: Leavitt has 30 points to Webb's 65. A lot can happen here in our bonus round. Before we get there, we want to introduce some new players. For Leavitt, here's 8th grader Andres Romero. Hi, Andres. -Hi. -Good luck on JVQ. And two new players for Del Webb, Chris Luna. Hi, Chris, an 8th grader. And also 8th grader Devin Morada. Hi, Devin. -Hi. -So those are new players, and now it is time for our bonus round starting now. In<i> The Indian in the Cupboard,</i> what does the protagonist inherit from his great grandmother that magically gives life to inanimate objects? Leavitt, Maxwell: A wooden cupboard. Incorrect. Webb, Devin: A magic wand. That's incorrect, and next time speak up a little louder so the judges can hear you. The answer was a key. Next question for both teams. Although the British Parliament was mainly responsible for provoking the American Revolution, because he was the ruler of the empire-- Webb, Josh: George III. Yes. Bonus questions for Webb only. Answer the following associated with U.S. history: First, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere headed the Sons of Liberty in which American colony? Second, the first significant English effort to establish a colony in North America ended in mysterious failure on what island? Our answers are Massachusetts and Roanoke. Both are correct; you've got bonus points. Now a question for both teams, and it is a math question: A room measures 12 feet by 20 feet. You have 40 tiles, each measuring 12 inches on a side. What fraction of the room's floor can be covered with the tiles? Leavitt, Maxwell: 1/6. Yes. Bonus questions for Leavitt only. Answer the following math questions: First, multiply (3Y + 8) by (3Y - 8). Second, what's the square root of -6 squared? The first one is 3Y squared - 64, and the second one is 6. The second one is correct. The first answer is 9Y squared - 64, so you get some bonus points. This question now for both teams. Whenever virga occurs, rain is changed from liquid form to what other state of matter? Webb, Josh: Solid. Incorrect. Leavitt, Alex: Gas. Yes. Bonus questions for Leavitt. Answer the following science questions: First, what term is defined as a person's resistance to disease? Second, what is the most frequently used chemical to kill microscopic living things in water? First one is immunity; the second is chlorine. Both are correct; you've got bonus points. Now this question for both teams. In the novel<i> Holes, </i> Sam was the black farmer in Green Lake, Texas who cultivated what vegetables-- Webb, Josh: Onions. Yes. Bonus questions for Webb. Answer the following associated with books: First, in <i> The Secret Garden,</i> Mary Lennox lived in what country before a cholera epidemic killed her parents and she moved to England? Second, immortality is the central concept explored in what novel by Natalie Babbitt? Our answers are France and<i> Tuck Everlasting.</i> <i> Tuck Everlasting </i> is correct. The country is India, so some bonus points. This question now for both teams. What is the collective name for those who invaded England in 1066 from a region in France? Leavitt, Maxwell: The Normans. Yes. Bonus questions for Leavitt. Answer the following associated with word history: First, in what country was the printing press invented? Second, legend has it the history of what great European city can be traced back to a couple of boys and a carnivorous quadruped? Number one is Germany, and number two is Rome. Both are correct; you've got bonus points. Now this question for both teams. George Washington appointed Alexander Hamilton to what cabinet position? Leavitt, Cole: Secretary of the Treasury. That is correct; bonus questions for Leavitt. Answer the following associated with U.S. presidents: First, what president's name is part of the title of the National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri? Second, in 1955, what American president deployed the first U.S. military personnel to South Vietnam? Number one, James Monroe; number two, Lyndon B. Johnson. Both are incorrect. It was Jefferson and Eisenhower. This question now for both teams. What small mammals are associated with the Pied Piper and-- Webb, Josh: Rats. That's correct; bonus questions for Webb. Answer the following associated with animals: First, what pit viper of the American Southwest leaves J-shaped impressions on the sand over which it travels? Second, what structure on a bird consists of the upper and lower mandible? Our first answer is sidewinder, and the second is a beak. Both are correct; you've got bonus points. Are we out of time? All right. Before we move on to our third round, we want to make sure you know about our Jr. Varsity Quiz coaches. These are the teachers who work with the students week in and week out, putting in a lot of time and effort to make Jr. Varsity Quiz the success that it is. Let's meet our coaches for the championship teams. For Leavitt, it's Maureen Schmidt; for Webb Middle School, Kaitlyn Bengel. Also, our judges are from the Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas and CCSD. The Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas and teachers from around the District also provide judges and moderators for the JVQ tournament. We'll be back with round three. After two rounds, it's gotten a little tighter: Leavitt has 75 points to Webb with 105. Truly in the speed round, a lot can happen. We want to introduce some new players. Leavitt has all of the same players, but for Webb we have three new players starting with Jacob Lutostanski. Hi, Jacob. -Hi. -Also Vance Davis. Hi, Vance. -Hello. -And Andrew Wilson. Hi, Andrew. -Howdy. -And they're all 8th graders. Let's get started with our speed round. What provides the centripetal force for satellites-- Webb, Josh: Orbit. Incorrect. --orbiting the Earth? Leavitt, Maxwell: The Earth's gravity. Yes. Who is the personification of freezing weather? Leavitt, Maxwell: Old Man Winter. Incorrect. Webb, Josh: Jack Frost. Yes. Name the 13th English colony founded in the New World. Leavitt, Maxwell: Georgia. Yes. In our solar system, what's the farthest planet from the Sun? Webb, Josh: Neptune. Yes. In 2016, it was announced that what woman's portrait will appear on the U.S. $20 bill? Leavitt, Maxwell: Harriet Tubman. Yes. What U.S. national park was named for its formations that are reminiscent of curved masonry structures that span openings? Webb, Josh: Arches National Park. Yes. What adjective describes a substance that transmits light in a disturbed-- Webb, Josh: Translucent. Yes. What is the first adverb in Poe's "The Raven"? Leavitt, Maxwell: "I." Incorrect. (bell rings, time expires) The answer is "Once." Name the ability of a substance to dissolve in a solvent-- Webb, Josh: Solubility. Yes. The term "jovial" is derived from the name of what Roman god? Webb, Josh: I don't remember. That's a no answer. Leavitt, Cole: Jupiter. Yes. What kind of structure that was central to Iroquois life was sometimes about the length of a football field? Webb, Josh: A longhouse. Yes. What was the nickname of the South American revolutionary leader after whom the country of Bolivia was named? Leavitt, Cole: Simon Bolivar. Incorrect. Webb, Josh: Bob. No. We were looking for his nickname, "The Liberator." You were right about the name but we needed the nickname. If you found yourself in Japan riding in a small, wheeled vehicle being pulled along by one person-- Webb, Josh: A rickshaw. Yes. What one gas comprises over 3/4 of the Earth's-- Webb, Josh: Nitrogen. Yes. Located high in the Himalayas, what landlocked country is the home-- Leavitt, Maxwell: Nepal. Yes. What was the background color of the flag of the Soviet Union? Leavitt, Maxwell: Red. Yes. In the Harry Potter series, what village founded by the medieval wizard Hengist of Woodcroft is situated northwest of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft-- Leavitt, Alex: Hogsmeade. Yes. The medulla oblongata is a major region of what organ? Webb, Josh: The brain. Yes. What seaway connecting the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean-- Webb, Josh: The Erie Canal. Incorrect. --was completed in 1959? Leavitt, Alex: The St. Lawrence River. Judge? We cannot accept that. We were looking for the St. Lawrence Seaway. What cinematic musical tells the story of Simba-- Webb, Josh: <i> The Lion King.</i> Yes, sir. A jet traveling at 760 miles per hour is going about what Mach-- Webb, Josh: Mach 1. Yes. What word for a kind of folk dance can be spelled by using the first letter of the names of each of the World War II Axis Powers? Leavitt, Maxwell: A jig. Yes. Any two colors that are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel-- Webb, Josh: Complimentary. Yes. The native habitat of the Giant Sequoia is on a certain western slope of-- Leavitt, Maxwell: California. No. --what mountain range? Webb, Josh: The Sierra Nevadas. Yes. The metallic element rhenium was named after the Latin name for what European river? Leavitt, Maxwell: The Rhine. Yes. <i> Cool Runnings </i> was a movie based on which country's-- Webb, Josh: Jamaica. Yes. In May of 2016, what NASA vehicle completed its second Martian year since-- Webb, Josh: The Rover. Incorrect. --landing in 2012? Leavitt, Cole: <i> Curiosity.</i> Yes. "A cat will take the breath away from a baby" and "A sailor wearing an earring cannot drown." These are examples of what kind of beliefs? Leavitt, Maxwell: Superstitions. Yes. A right triangular prism has how many edges? Webb, Josh: Ten. Incorrect. Leavitt, Maxwell: Three. Incorrect. The answer is nine. What kind of teeth are located at the back of the mouth and are adapted to crushing and grinding food? Webb, Josh: Molars. Yes. We're out of questions, so let's find out who won. The final score, Leavitt has 130 points to Webb's 175. Congratulations to both teams. (applause) We want to thank both teams. It really was an excellent match, but a special congratulations to the new Jr. Varsity Quiz champions from Webb Middle School. To present the plaque, we'd like to welcome Howard Naylor from the Kiwanis Club. Howard, take it away. -Thank you. It's a great pleasure representing the Clark County School District and the Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas and present the semifinalist runner-up plaque to Leavitt Middle School. (applause) Maxwell Workman, great job. You had a great team. -And the champion, Webb Middle School, congratulations on a real fine match. Both of you did an extremely good job. -There we go! (applause) Anything else you want to add, Howard? We want these kids to play Varsity Quiz, don't we, when they get to high school? -They should go to Varsity Quiz when they get to high school, and when you get to be a graduating senior, you'll be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship. All you have to do is submit your application and it's $1,000 in your hand for your college. -Awesome. We hope to see you guys on Varsity Quiz. In the meantime we're grateful to all the folks that make Jr. Varsity Quiz a success. We mentioned the coaches and our students, but also all of their teachers, their parents and the volunteers. A special thanks to everyone who helps in the administration of Jr. Varsity Quiz with the School District and also to Kiwanis Club and Vegas PBS. We'll see you next year for the 2018 Jr. Varsity Quiz championship. Good night. ♪♪♪


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