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B roads in Zone 6 of the Great Britain numbering scheme

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The numbering zones for roads in Great Britain
The numbering zones for roads in Great Britain

B roads are numbered routes in Great Britain of lesser importance than A roads. See the article Great Britain road numbering scheme for the rationale behind the numbers allocated.

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Welcome to the United Kingdom (and a whole lot more) explained by me, C. G. P. Grey The United Kingdom, England, Great Britain? Are these three the same place? Are they different places? Do British people secretly laugh those who use the terms wrongly? Who knows the answers to these questions? I do and I'm going to tell you right now. For the lost: this is the world, this is the European continent and this is the place we have to untangle. The area shown in purple is the United Kingdom. Part of the confusion is that the United Kingdom is not a single country but is instead a country of countries. It contains inside of it four co-equal and sovereign nations The first of these is England — shown here in red. England is often confused with the United Kingdom as a whole because it's the largest and most populous of the nations and contains the de facto capital city, London. To the north is Scotland, shown in blue and to the west is wales, shown in white. And, often forgotten even by those who live in the United Kingdom, is Northern Ireland shown in orange. Each country has a local term for the population. While you can call them all 'British' it's not recommended as the four countries generally don't like each other. The Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh regard the English as slave-driving colonial masters — no matter that all three have their own devolved Parliaments and are allowed to vote on English laws despite the reverse not being true — and the English generally regard the rest as rural yokels who spend too much time with their sheep. However, as the four constituent countries don't have their own passports, they are all British Citizens, like it or not.They are British Citizens of the United Kingdom — whose full name by the way is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So where's Great Britain hiding? Right here: the area covered in black is Great Britain. Unlike England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Great Britain is a geographical rather than a political term. Great Britain is the largest island among the British Isles. Within the United Kingdom, the term 'Great Britain' is often used to refer to England, Scotland and Wales alone with the intentional exclusion of Northern Ireland. This is mostly, but not completely true, as all three constituent countries have islands that are not part of Great Britain such as The Isle of Wight, part of England, the Welsh Isle of Anglesey and the Scottish Hebrides, The Shetland Islands, Orkney Islands, Islands of the Clyde. The second biggest island in the British Isles is Ireland. It is worth noting that Ireland is not a country. Like Great Britain, it is a geographical, not political, term. The Island of Ireland contain on it two countries, Northern Ireland — which we have already discussed — and the Republic of Ireland. When people say they are 'Irish' they are referring to the Republic of Ireland which is a separate country from the United Kingdom. However, both the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom are members of the European Union even though England often likes to pretend that it's an Island in the mid-atlantic rather than 50km off the cost of France. But that's a story for another time. To review: The two largest islands in the British Isles are Ireland and Great Britain. Ireland has on it two countries — the republic of ireland and northern ireland, while Great Britain (mostly) contains three: England, Scotland and Wales. These last three, when combined with northern Ireland form the United Kingdom. There are still many unanswered questions. Such as, why, when you travel to Canada is there British Royalty on the money? To answer this, we need to talk about Empire. You can't have gone to school in the English-speaking world without having learned that the British Empire once spanned a 1/4th the worlds land and governed nearly a 1/4th its people. While it is easy to remember the part of the empire that broke away violently... We often forget how many nations gained independence through diplomacy, not bloodshed. These want-to-be nations struck a deal with the empire where they continued to recognize the monarchy as the head of state in exchange for a local, autonomous parliament. To understand how they are connected, we need to talk about the crown. Not the physical crown that sits behind glass in the tower of London and earns millions of tourist pounds for the UK but the crown as a complicated legal entity best thought of a a one-man corporation. Who created this corporation? God Did. According to British Tradition all power is vested in God and the monarch is crowned in a Christian ceremony. God however — not wanted to be bothered with micromanagement — conveniently delegates his power to an entity called the crown. While this used to be the physical crown in the tower of london — it evolved over time into a legal corporation sole able to be controlled only by the ruling monarch. It's a useful reminder that the United Kingdom is still technically a theocracy with the reigning monarch acting as both the head of state and the supreme governor of the official state religion: Anglicanism. Such are the oddities that arise when dealing with a 1,000 year-old Monarchy. Back to Canada and the rest. The former colonies that gained their independence through diplomacy and continue to recognize that authority of the crown are known as the Commonwealth Realm. They are, in decreasing order of population: Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Jamaica, The Solomon Islands, Belize, The Bahamas, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Tuvalu. All are independent nations but still recognize the monarchy as the head of state even though it has little real power within their borders. There are three further entities that belong to the crown and these are the Crown Dependencies: he Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey. Unlike the Commonwealth Realm, they are not considered independent nations, but are granted local autonomy by the crown and British Citizenship by the United Kingdom — though the UK does reserve the right to over-rule the laws of there local assemblies. Are we all done "now"? Almost, but not quite. There are still a couple of loose threads, such as this place: The tiny city of Gibraltar on the Southern Cost of Spain famous for its rock, its monkeys and for causing diplomatic tension between the United Kingdom and Spain. Or what about the Falkland Islands? Which caused so much tension between the United Kingdom and Argentina that they went to war over them. These places belong in the last group of crown properties know as: British Overseas Territories. But their former name — crown colonies — gives away their origins. They are the last vestiges of the British Empire. Unlike the Commonwealth Realm, they have not become independent nations and continue to rely on the United Kingdom for military and (sometimes) economic assistance. Like the Crown Dependencies, everyone born in their borders is a British Citizen. The Crown colonies are, in decreasing order of population: Bermuda, Cayman Islands,Turks and Caicos Islands, Gibraltar, The British Virgin Islands, Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Anguilla, Saint Helena, Ascension Islands, Tristan da Cunha, Montserrat, British Indian Ocean Territory, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Falkland Islands, British Antarctic Territory, Pitcairn Islands. For our final Venn diagram, the United Kingdom is a country situated on the British Isles and is part of The Crown which is controlled by the monarchy. Also part of the crown and the British Isles are the crown dependencies. The independent nations of the former empire that still recognize the crown are the Commonwealth Realm and the non-independent remnants of the former empire are the British Overseas Territories. Thank you very much for watching.

Zone 6 (3 digits)

Road From To Notes
B600 Alfreton Nuthall, Nottingham Previously the A613
B656 Letchworth A505 at Clothall Common Formerly part of the A505
B660 Bedford Ramsey St Mary's Starts in Bedford, Bedfordshire, crosses the A14 & the A1(M), ends in Cambridgeshire where it intersects with the B1040.
B663 Bythorn Caldecott
B668 Oakham A1 at Stretton
B669 Desborough Wilbarston
B671 Wansford, Cambridgeshire
(A47 road)
Elton Hall (A605 road)
B675 (defunct) A60 at Hoton, Leicestershire Former A6 at Quorn, Leicestershire Now declassified, no longer a B road
B676 A60 at Cotes, Leicestershire A1 at Colsterworth, Lincolnshire In two sections; uses A6006 between Melton Mowbray and a point near Old Dalby, Leicestershire - truncated at eastern end, used to run to Bourne, Lincolnshire, now A151 and B1193
B679 A60 in West Bridgford A453 at Silverdale, Nottinghamshire Formerly part of the A648
B680 A60 at Ruddington, Nottinghamshire B679 at Wilford, Nottinghamshire
B683 A60 south of Mansfield A611 north of Nottingham

Zone 6 (4 digits)

Road From To Notes
B6000 A6 at the Cock Pitt, Derby A6 at Traffic Street Island, Derby via Derby railway station and Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. London Road section was formerly part of A6 before that was rerouted via Pride Parkway
B6001 A619 north of Bakewell A6187 at Hathersage
B6002 B5010 at Sandiacre B6450 at Long Eaton railway station
B6003 Stapleford, Nottinghamshire Chilwell
B6004 Arnold, Nottinghamshire Stapleford, Nottinghamshire Between Bilborough and Stapleford, Nottinghamshire merges with the A6002
B6464 Beeston Chilwell Bypasses by A6005
B6006 A52 at Bramcote Hills Beeston
B6007 A609 in Ilkeston A6007 in Ilkeston Bypassed by A6007
B6008 Bilborough Bulwell
B6009 Hucknall Watnall
B6010 Kimberley Greasley
B6011 Hucknall A60 at Burntstump Hill
B6012 Rowsley Baslow
B6013 Belper Shirland
B6014 Mansfield Tansley
B6016 Lower Hartshay Selston
B6017 Leabrookes Somercotes Short link road between B6016 and B600
B6018 Sutton in Ashfield Selston
B6019 Alfreton Kirkby in Ashfield
B6020 Kirkby in Ashfield Rainworth
B6021 Sutton in Ashfield Annesley
B6022 A38 in Sutton in Ashfield B6139 in Sutton in Ashfield
B6023 Intersection with A38 and A6075 east of Sutton in Ashfield A38 west of Sutton in Ashfield Part of the A38 through Sutton until bypassed.
B6024 Worksop Roundabout with A57 and A60 Part of A60 until bypassed by A57
B6025 A61 north of Alfreton Tibshelf
B6026 Sutton in Ashfield Tibshelf
B6027 A38 Huthwaite
B6028 Sutton in Ashfield Stanton Hill
B6030 Mansfield A614 south of Ollerton
B6031 Church Warsop B6407 east of Shirebrook
B6032 A60 in Mansfield Woodhouse A6075 in Mansfield Woodhouse
B6033 Mansfield Forest Town
B6034 Worksop Rufford Uses the A616 for part of its route.
B6035 Warsop A6075
B6036 Kelstedge B6014 near Stretton
B6038 North Wingfield Hasland
B6039 Chesterfield Tibshelf
B6040 Roundabout with A57 Gateford A57 through Worksop until bypassed.
B6041 Manton Gateford Goes round northern suburbs of Worksop
B6042 A60 west of Welbeck Abbey Creswell Rerouted by approximately 150m to the north in 2006/7 to minimise the impact of traffic on Creswell Crags
B6043 Whitwell Common A619 east of Whitwell A619 branch road through Whitwell
B6044 A638 in Retford Retford railway station
B6045 Worksop Drakeholes
B6047 A607 at Melton Mowbray A4304 at Market Harborough By way of Great Dalby, Thorpe Satchville, Twyford, Tilton on the Hill and Tur Langton
B6048 A619 north of Bakewell B6012 north of Edensor
B6049 Blackwell in the Peak Brough-on-Noe
B6050 Chesterfield A619 east of Baslow
B6051 Chesterfield A621 at Owler Bar
B6052 Chesterfield Eckington
B6053 Staveley Beighton
B6054 Highlane Calver Uses A6102 as part of the route. Western section past Owler Bar now A625.
B6055 A625 A6178
B6056 Eckington Dronfield Woodhouse
B6057 Chesterfield Dronfield Part of A61 until bypassed.
B6058 Mosborough Killamarsh
B6059 South Anston Wales, South Yorkshire
B6060 South Anston Wickersley
B6061 A623 at Sparrowpit Mam Tor
B6062 A6 near Whaley Bridge A624 north of Chapel en le Firth Part of A625 before it was rerouted and bypassed by A6
B6063 A6135 in Gleadless, South Yorkshire Gleadless
B6064 Gleadless Orgreave, South Yorkshire
B6065 Gleadless Handsworth
B6066 Woodhouse Catcliffe
B6067 A57 Brinsworth
B6068 Beauchief Ecclesall
B6069 Sheffield Fulwood
B6070 City Road (A6135) in Sheffield Burngreave Road (A6135) in Sheffield Via A61 in Sheffield
B6071 Farm Bridge (A61), Sheffield B6073, Attercliffe, Sheffield Shrewsbury Road, Talbot Street, Bernard Road
B6072 Sheffield Park Square A61 Sheffield Park Square A57 Part of Park Square roundabout
B6073 Exchange Place (A61), Sheffield Attercliffe Road (A6178), Attercliffe, Sheffield
B6074 Wicker (A6109), Sheffield Penistone Road (A61) Nursery Street, Neepsend Lane
B6075 Sheaf Square, Sheffield Fitzalan Square, Sheffield Pond Street, Flat Street
B6076 Walkley Low Holdworth West Route
B6077 Walkley Low Holdworth East Route
B6078 Sheffield Hillsborough Park
B6079 Worksop A1 at Ranby
B6080 A6178 in Sheffield B6082 in Sheffield
B6081 Sheffield Heeley
B6082 Sheffield Concord Park
B6083 A6178 B6082
B6085 A6178 in Attercliffe, Sheffield A6102 in Darnall Darnall Road
B6086 Wincobank Harley, South Yorkshire
B6087 Parson Cross Ecclesfield
B6088 A616 west of Stocksbridge A6102 east of Stocksbridge Was A616 until bypassed.
B6089 Rotherham Brampton
B6090 Hooton Roberts Harley
B6091 Nether Haugh Hoober
B6092 Swinton Low Stubbin
B6093 Hooton Roberts Bramley
B6094 Conisbrough Wadworth
B6096 Hoyland Darfield
B6097 Hoyland Wath-upon-Dearne
B6099 Dodworth Kingston
B6100 Kendray Worsbrough Bridge
B6101 Marple New Mills
B6102 Marple Marple
B6104 Romiley Marple Bridge
B6105 Glossop Crowden
B6106 Holmfirth Millhouse Green
B6107 Holmfirth Marsden
B6108 Armitage Bridge Meltham
B6109 Slaithwaite B6107 south of Slaithwaite
B6112 Salterhebble Outlane part of the road was formerly the A6026
B6113 West Vale Ripponden
B6114 Rastrick Scammonden most of the road was formerly the A6025
B6116 Kirkburton Scissett
B6128 Horbury A662 northwest of Dewsbury by way of Ossett
B6130 Shadsworth, Blackburn Intack, Blackburn Part of the Blackburn Ring Road
B6136 Castleford Knottingley
B6137 Garforth A1 road near Kippax
B6138 Mytholmroyd Blackstone Edge
B6144 Haworth Bradford
B6145 Denholme Gate Bradford
B6154 Leeds Stanningley
B6156 Calverley Stanningley
B6157 Moor Allerton, Leeds Stanningley
B6159 Headingley, Leeds Halton, Leeds
B6160 Addingham Aysgarth
B6161 A61 at Killinghall A658 near Pool in Wharfedale
B6162 Harrogate Beckwithshaw
B6163 Knaresborough A661 near Follifoot
B6164 Knaresborough Kirk Deighton
B6165 Knaresborough Pateley Bridge
B6166 A46 south of Newark-on-Trent A46/A1 north of Newark A46 through Newark until bypassed.
B6168 A693, Annfield Plain A692, Mountsett, near Flint Hill Passes through Annfield Plain, Catchgate, Harelaw and Flint Hill
B6170 Ashton-under-Lyne Hyde
B6171 Heaviley, Stockport Offerton, Stockport
B6174 Mottram in Longdendale Hattersley
B6175 Greenfield Dukinfield
B6176 Stalybridge Stalybridge Caroline Street and Market Street
B6177 A635 at Mossley railway station A670 in Top Mossley Stamford Road
B6179 Little Eaton Watch Horn 10.5 miles long
B6180 A56 in Broughton, Salford A665 in Cheetham Hill, Manchester Waterloo Road
B6182 A6 in Salford A6042 in Manchester Greengate and New Bridge Street
B6186 A56 Broughton, Salford A6 in Salford Frederick Road and Camp Street
B6187 A56 Broughton, Salford A576 in Broughton, Salford Knoll Street and Great Clowes Street
B6197 Delph Crompton Grains Road and Buckstones Road
B6198 A56 Whitefield A665 in Whitefield Church Lane
B6199 A579 at Over Hulton A575 at Farnworth Plodder Lane
B6200 Attercliffe Swallownest Formerly A57 until the construction of new A57 link road onto the Sheffield Parkway
B6212 B6213 in Bury A58 in Bury Fenton Street, Harvey Street, Newbold Street and Stephen Street
B6213 A676 near Hawkshaw B6214 in Bury Tottington Road, Bury Road, Market Street and Turton Road
B6214 Haslingden Bury Helmshore Road, Lumb Carr Road, Longsight Road, Brandlesholme Road and Crostons Road
B6215 B6214 in Brandlesholme A676 near Holcombe Brook Brandlesholme Road and Holcombe Road
B6219 A56 in Bury B6222 in Bury Wellington Road, Parkhills Road, Heywood Street, Bond Street and Parsonage Street
B6225 Milnrow Littleborough Runs between the A640 in Milnrow and the A58 in Littleborough
B6230 Walton-le-Dale Samlesbury
B6231 Darwen Church
B6232 M65 junction 5 Haslingden
B6233 Blackburn Ramsgreave
B6234 Knuzden Oswaldtwistle
B6235 B6232 near Haslingden Helmshore
B6236 Blackburn Haslingden Formerly A677
B6237 Church Accrington
B6238 A681, Waterfoot A671, Deerplay Moor Passes through Whitewell Bottom, Lumb, Water, and joins the A671 for Burnley
B6241 Preston Deepdale, Preston Ring road around the north side of Preston and Fulwood
B6242 A5085 at Preston A6 at Preston
B6243 Preston Clitheroe Via Longridge
B6245 A666 in Wilpshire B6243 near Longridge Via Salesbury, Clayton-le-Dale (junction with A59), and Ribchester
B6246 Whalley B6243 near Great Mitton
B6247 Barrowford Colne
B6248 Brierfield Fence
B6249 Nelson Wheatley Lane, Fence
B6250 Colne Trawden
B6251 A59 near Horton Foulridge
B6252 Barnoldswick A56 in Thornton in Craven
B6253 A65 at Hellifield A682 near Hellifield
B6254 A65 at Kendal A6 at Carnforth A601(M) terminates onto this road
B6255 Hawes Ingleton
B6258 Bamber Bridge Walton-le-Dale Formerly part of A6
B6259 Warcop Garsdale
B6260 M6 / A685 at Tebay B6542 at Appleby-in-Westmorland Passes through Tebay, Orton, Eden, Hoff and Burrells
B6261 A685, Gaisgill A6, Shap Rural, Shap Passes through Orton, Eden and Oddendale
B6262 A6, Eamont Bridge A66, near Penrith Passes through Brougham, Cumbria
B6263 M6, J42 A69, Warwick-on-Eden, Cumbria Passes through Wetheral, Cumbria
B6264 A689 A7, Stanwix Bank
B6265 Green Hammerton Skipton
B6267 Masham A61 near Skipton-on-Swale
B6268 Bedale Masham
B6270 Nateby, Cumbria A6108
B6271 Richmond, North Yorkshire Northallerton
B6273 A638 Wragby, West Yorkshire A6195 south of Middlecliffe, South Yorkshire
B6274 Richmond, North Yorkshire Staindrop
B6275 A1(M) A68 Roman Road
B6276 Middleton-in-Teesdale Brough
B6277 A66 near Greta Bridge Alston
B6278 Barnard Castle Shotley Bridge
B6279 Eggleston Haughton le Skerne
B6280 Blackwell A66
B6282 Middleton-in-Teesdale Shildon
B6285 Bedale A6055 near Burneston
B6286 A690, Willington A689, Toronto, County Durham Passes through Sunnybrow and Hunwick
B6287 A688, Coundon A167, Ferryhill Passes through Coundon, Leeholme, Kirk Merrington
B6288 A167 Croxdale B6287 Kirk Merrington Passes through Tudhoe, Spennymoor
B6290 A693 Blind Lane, Chester le Street A167 Park Road North, Chester le Street
B6291 A688 Old Quarrington A188 Cassop Passes through Old Quarrington, Coxhoe and Quarrington Hill
B6295 Langley on Tyne A689, Cowshill Passes through Langley-on-Tyne, Catton, Northumberland, Thornley Gate, Sinderhope, Allenheads
B6296 A691, Lanchester A689, Wolsingham Passes through Hollinside Terrace, Satley, High Stoop, Wolsingham
B6298 A689 Crook, County Durham B6299 Billy Hill Passes through Crook, Billy Row and Billy Hill
B6299 A690, Willington, County Durham A68, Tow Law Passes through Willington, Billy Hill and Sunderland, Weardale
B6300 A690, Meadowfield A167, Sunderland Bridge, County Durham Passes through Meadowfield and Browney
B6301 Lanchester A68, Tow Law Passes through Cornsay Colliery, Hedley Hill
B6302 Cornsay Colliery A690 Stonebridge, near Neville's Cross Passes through Broompark, Ushaw Moor and Esh Winning
B6303 Allendale Catton
B6304 B6305 Branchend, Langley on Tyne B6295 Beacon Rigg Farm, Langley on Tyne
B6305 Hexham A686, Langley on Tyne Passes through Lowgate and Langley on Tyne
B6306 Hexham Edmundbyers Passes through Ruffside, Blanchland, Slaley, Northumberland, Fellside, Hexham
B6307 A695 Dilston Linnels Bank Passes through Dilston
B6308 Medomsley A692 Delves Lane Passes through Consett
B6309 Leadgate, County Durham Stocksfield, Northumberland Passes through Whittonstall and Ebchester
B6310 Burnopfield A691, Blackhill near Consett Passes through Hamsterley Mill and Medomsley
B6311 Clough Dene, near Tantobie Flint Hill Passes through Tantobie
B6312 Witton Gilbert Plawsworth
B6313 A693 Oxhill A167 Chester-le-Street Passes through South Moor, Craghead
B6314 Burnopfield Rowlands Gill
B6315 Ryton Rowlands Gill Passes through Woodside, Greenside, High Spen and Highfield
B6316 Whickham A692, Sunniside, Gateshead
B6317 A692, Lobley Hill A695, near Crawcrook Passes through Whickham, Swalwell, Blaydon-On-Tyne, Ryton, Barmoor and Crawcrook
B6318 Heddon-on-the-Wall A7, south of Langholm Includes the Military Road, which runs alongside Hadrian's Wall, some of which was demolished in the 18th century to provide material for the road. At 61.4 miles (98.8 km), it is the longest B Road in Mainland Britain.
B6320 A696 Otterburn B6318 Humsaugh 19.8 miles long, passing through Otterburn, Bellingham, Park End, and Nunwick
B6321 A695 near Dilston B6318 Passes through Corbridge and Aydon
B6325 South Muskham North Muskham A1 until bypassed, then A6065 until A46 bypass around Newark
B6326 A46 north of Newark A1 south of Newark A1 until bypassed, then A6065 until A46 bypass.
B6342 Crossroads with A68 and A6079
near Colwell
B6341 at Rothbury Over 20 miles long; goes through Little Bavington, crosses A696 near Kirkharle, then through Cambo and Ewesley
B6346 Alnwick A697 near Wooperton
B6347 B6346 Christon Bank
B6348 A697 at Wooler A1 near Bellshill
B6349 B6348 near Wooler A1 near Belford
B6350 B6352 at Kelso A698 at Cornhill-on-Tweed
B6351 B6352 near Kilham A697 at Akeld
B6352 Kelso, Scottish Borders Mindrum Mill, Northumberland
B6353 A1 at Fenwick A697 near Crookham
B6354 A697 near Ford A1167 at Tweedmouth
B6355 A1107 at Eyemouth B6371 at Tranent 41.3 miles (66.5 km), via Chirnside, Preston near Duns and Gifford
B6357 A68 near Jedburgh Annan Passes the A74(M) and B7076 (former A74 before bypass by motorway) near Kirkpatrick Fleming (north of Junction 21)
B6358 A68 at Jedburgh A698 near Spittal-on-Rule
B6359 A7, north of Hawick East of Melrose, (A6091) Meets at a cross roads on the A699
B6363 A198, at Longniddry B6355 north of Pencaitland 4.7 miles (7.6 km), via Gladsmuir[1] and Penston.[2]
B6367 A7, north of Falahill A6093 north of Pathhead 7.0 miles (11.3 km), via Crichton. Passes near Crichton Castle.
B6368 A6093 at Haddington A7, south of Heriot 16.9 miles (27.2 km), via Humbie. Passes by Soutra Aisle near Gilston.[3]
B6369 B6355 at Gifford B6368 south of Haddington 4.0 miles (6.4 km)
B6371 Humbie, East Lothian Cockenzie and Port Seton, East Lothian 13.7 miles (22.0 km), via Ormiston and Tranent
B6372 A766 in Penicuik, Midlothian A68 at Oxenfoord Castle, near Pathhead 14.4 miles (23.2 km), passing Temple, running through Gorebridge
B6373 A6106 in Dalkeith, Scotland A6106 in Dalkeith Wholly within Dalkeith, original route of A68
B6374 Heage Ripley
B6383 Barnoldswick Kelbrook by way of Salterforth
B6384 Holme, Cumbria Milnthorpe
B6385 Crooklands Milnthorpe
B6386 Southwell A614
B6387 Ollerton Gamston
B6388 Lowfield, Sheffield Mosborough, Sheffield Newly-defined in the 2010s, runs from A61/A621 junction near Sheffield city centre outwards to the south-eastern suburbs, consisting of (in order from the city centre) Myrtle Road, Prospect Road, Spencer Road, Richards Road, Gleadless Road, White Lane, High Lane and Quarry Hill. White Lane carries Sheffield Supertram tracks between Gleadless Townend and its junction with Fox Lane.
B6391 A666 road near Cadshaw Bromley Cross, Bolton
B6396 B6352 south of Kelso B6352 at Mindrum Mill across the Anglo-Scottish border
B6399 A698 B6357 (north of Newcastleton) Starts at the end of Hawick one-way system
B6403 Colsterworth A17 at Byards Leap Forms part of the Roman road Ermine Street
B6407 Pleasley Sookholme
B6411 A635 Hickleton, South Yorkshire B6273 Great Houghton, South Yorkshire
B6412 Lazonby A66 near Temple Sowerby
B6413 A6071 at Brampton, Carlisle, Cumbria A6 at Plumpton, Cumbria By way of Castle Carrock, Cumrew, Newbiggin, Croglin, High Bankhill, Kirkoswald and Lazonby
B6417 Pleasley Clowne
B6418 Long Duckmanton Clowne
B6419 Bolsover Renishaw
B6420 Babworth A1/A57/A614
B6422 Scawsby Hemsworth
B6429 Cullingworth Bingley Road in West Yorkshire that leaves at A629 at Cullingworth Moor before heading east through Cullingworth, Harden and then into Bingley town where it has a junction with the B6265. It crosses the River Aire immediately west of Bingley by the means of Ireland Bridge
B6430 A6 south of Catterall A6 north of Garstang
B6434 Burnley M65 Junction 11
B6441 Hartshay Hill (Ripley) Greenwich (Ripley)
B6447 Ewood Beardwood Part of the Blackburn Ring Road
B6457 A68 Fala Village B6368 1.4 miles (2.3 km)
B6458 A68 near Fala Village B6367 at Tynehead 2.3 miles (3.7 km)
B6463 A6182 Rossington A57 Todwick
B6465 Ashford-in-the-Water Wardlow
B6469 A57 in Manchester A635 in Manchester Whitworth Street West, Whitworth Street and Fairfield Street
B6478 Clitheroe Long Preston
B6479 Ribblehead Settle
B6480 A683 near Farleton, Lancashire A65 near Clapham, North Yorkshire
B6521 Eyam A6187
B6524 A197 Loansdean, Morpeth A696 Belsay Passes through Loansdean, West Edington, Whalton
B6525 A1 Scremerston A697 Wooler Passes through Ancroft, Barmoor Castle (near Lowick), Doddington, Wooler
B6527 A56 and A680, Bent Gate, Haslingden A680, Edenfield Formerly A680. Passes through Ewood Bridge
B6528 A69, Horsley, Northumberland A69, Denton Passes through Heddon-on-the-Wall, Throckley, Walbottle, Blucher
B6529 A68 Corbridge B6321 Corbridge
B6530 B6321 Corbridge A69 near Corbridge Passes through Corbridge - Newcastle Rd.
B6531 B6305 Battle Hill, Hexham A69 Burnland Terrace Passes through Hexham
B6532 A691, Framwellgate Moor A693, Stanley Passes through Sacriston, Edmondsley, Craghead, The Middles, Stanley, County Durham
B6533 Sheffield Parkway/A630 Catcliffe
B6535 Rishton Great Harwood Formerly the A6064
B6539 Moor Hill roundabout, A61, Sheffield Corporation Street, A61, Sheffield Formerly the A57
B6540 A50, Castle Donington Long Eaton, The Green
B6542 Appleby-in-Westmorland A66
B6546 Chapeltown, Sheffield (A629/A6135) Grenoside, Sheffield (A61)


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