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Armorial of Europe

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This is a list of the national coats of arms or equivalent emblems used by countries and dependent territories in Europe.

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Sovereign states

Country Coat of arms or emblem Blazon Motto/Text Article
Gules, a two-headed eagle Sable; in chief the helmet of Skanderbeg or. None Coat of arms of Albania
Quarterly: I Gules, a bishop's mitre or lined Argent (for La Seu d'Urgell); II Or, three pales Gules (for Foix); III or, four pallets Gules (for the Crown of Aragon); IV or, two cows passant per pale Gules (for Béarn). Virtus unita fortior (Latin)
United virtue is stronger
Coat of arms of Andorra
Four symbols of Armenian dynasties (Artashesian, Arshakunian, Bagratuni, and Rubinian); In the center of a shield is a depiction of Mount Ararat with Noah's Ark sitting atop it. None Coat of arms of Armenia
Gules a fess Argent, escutcheon on the breast of an eagle displayed Sable, langued Gules, beaked or, crowned with a mural crown of three visible merlons or, armed or, dexter talon holding sickle, sinister talon holding hammer, both talons shackled with chain broken Argent. None Coat of arms of Austria
Fire with stalk of wheat and oak on escutcheon. None National emblem of Azerbaijan
Globe, rising sun and an outline of Belarus in Or. Рэспубліка Беларусь (Belarusian, Respublika Bielaruś) Republic of Belarus National emblem of Belarus
Sable, a lion rampant or, armed and langued gules. L'union fait la force (French) | Eendracht maakt macht (Dutch)

(lit.'Unity makes strength')

Coat of arms of Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Per bend enhanced or and azure, a bend of mullets palewise argent. None Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Gules, a crowned lion rampant or. Съединението прави силата (Bulgarian, Saedinenieto pravi silata)
Unity makes strength
Coat of arms of Bulgaria
Chequy gules and argent. None Coat of arms of Croatia
Czech Republic
Quarterly: 1 and 4 Gules, a lion rampant queue fourché in saltire argent armed, langued and crowned or (for Bohemia); 2 Azure, an eagle Chequy gules and argent armed, beaked, langued and crowned or (for Moravia); 3 or, an eagle Sable charged with a crescent trefly Argent ending in crosses armed, beaked and langued gules crowned or (for Silesia). None[nb 1] Coat of arms of the Czech Republic
Or (specified to be copper-yellow), a dove rising proper, in its beak argent an olive branch proper vert. 1960. Year of declaration of independence.[nb 2] Coat of arms of Cyprus
Or, three lions passant in pale Azure crowned and armed or langued Gules, nine hearts Gules. None. Each monarch chooses a personal motto. Coat of arms of Denmark
Or, three lions passant guardant azure. None Coat of arms of Estonia
Gules, a crowned lion rampant or striking a sword Argent on armoured dexter arm, trampling on a sabre Argent; surmounted by nine roses Argent. Vapaa, vankka, vakaa (Free, steadfast, stable) Coat of arms of Finland
A shield at the corners of the head of a lion and an eagle with the monogram RF, standing for République française. A shield is placed on a fasces with crossed laurel branch and an oak branch, all or. RF (République française) (French) French Republic Coat of arms of France
Gules, with an image of Saint George, riding a horse trampling upon a crawling dragon, whose head is pierced by the saint's spear, all of them Argent. ძალა ერთობაშია (Georgian, dzala ertobashia)
Strength is in unity
Coat of arms of Georgia
Or, an eagle sable, armed, beaked and langued gules. None Coat of arms of Germany
Azure, a Cross Argent. None National emblem of Greece
Per pale: 1 barry of eight Gules and Argent; 2 Gules, on a mount Vert a crown or, issuant therefrom a double cross Argent. None Coat of arms of Hungary
Azure, a cross gules fimbriated argent. None Coat of arms of Iceland
Azure, a harp or stringed argent. None Coat of arms of Ireland
The Stella d’Italia, which is the oldest national symbol of Italy, since it dates back to ancient Greece,[1] supported by branches of olive and oak. The cogwheel surrounding the star refers to Article 1 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, which states: "Italy is a democratic republic, built on labour." REPVBBLICA ITALIANA (Italian) Italian Republic Emblem of Italy
A Sky-blue yurt with a yellow pentagonal star in the top, Shanyrak in the centre-half, two tulpars in the right and left, and motto of Kazakhstan in the bottom. QAZAQSTAN Emblem of Kazakhstan
At left: A red lion rampant sinister against a silver background (for Kurzeme and Zemgale); At right: A silver griffon rampant with a silver sword in its right paw against a red background (for Vidzeme and Latgale); At top: A golden rising sun against a blue background. None Coat of arms of Latvia
Quarterly: 1 or, an Eagle displayed Sable crowned and armed or, charged with a crescent trefly Argent ending in crosses (for Silesia); 2 Barry of eight or and Sable charged with crancelin Vert (for the Kuenring family of Saxony); 3 Per pale Gules and Argent (for the Duchy of Troppau); (4) or, a maiden eagle displayed Sable the human part Argent crowned and armed or (for the Cirksena family of East Frisia). In base: Azure, a Hunting Horn stringed or (for the Duchy of Jägerndorf). An Escutcheon per fess or and Gules. None Coat of arms of Liechtenstein
Gules, an armoured knight armed cap-à-pie mounted on a horse salient holding in his dexter hand a sword Argent above his head. A shield Azure hangs on the sinister shoulder charged with a double cross (Cross of Jagiellonian dynasty) or. The horse saddles, straps, and belts Azure. The hilt of the sword and the fastening of the sheath, the stirrups, the curb bits of the bridle, the horseshoes, as well as the decoration of the harness, all or. None Coat of arms of Lithuania
Barry of ten Argent and Azure, a lion rampant queue fourché in Saltire (with tail forked and crossed) Gules crowned, armed and langued or. None Coat of arms of Luxembourg
North Macedonia
Two curved garlands of sheaves of wheat, tobacco leaves and opium poppy fruits, tied by a ribbon decorated with embroidery of traditional Macedonian folk motifs. In the centre a mountain, a lake and a sunrise. None National emblem of North Macedonia
Per pale Argent and Gules, a representation of George Cross Argent fimbriated Gules in Dexter Chief. Repubblika ta' Malta (Maltese)
Republic of Malta
Coat of arms of Malta
Party per fess, Gules and Azure; an aurochs, an eight-pointed star, a rose, and a crescent moon, all or. None Coat of arms of Moldova
Fusily (lozengy) argent and gules. Deo Juvante (Latin)
With God's help
Coat of arms of Monaco
Azure, a base Vert, a lion passant or armed and langued Gules; a bordure or. None Coat of arms of Montenegro
Azure, billetty or, a lion with a coronet or armed and langued Gules holding in his dexter paw a sword Argent hilted or and in the sinister paw seven arrows Argent pointed and bound together or. Je Maintiendrai (French)
I will maintain
Coat of arms of the Netherlands
Gules, a lion rampant or, crowned and bearing an axe with blade argent. None Coat of arms of Norway
Gules, an eagle argent armed, crowned and beaked or, langued argent. None Coat of arms of Poland
Argent, five Escutcheons Azure, each charged with five Bezants or, crosswise; a bordure Gules charged with seven Castles or, all surmounting an armillary sphere or. None Coat of arms of Portugal
Quarterly: 1 Azure, an Eagle displayed or, beaked and taloned Gules, holding in its beak an Orthodox cross or, between in dexter chief a Sun in splendour and in sinister chief an Increscent, both or (for Wallachia); 2 a Bull's head caboshed Sable, between in dexter base a Rose and in sinister base a decrescent, both Argent, between the Bull's horns, a Mullet of five points or (for Moldavia); 3 Gules, issuant from water in base proper, a Lion rampant or, holding in its dexter paw a Sabre Argent, hilted or, behind a Bridge of two arches embattled or, masoned Sable (for Banat and Oltenia); 4 Per fess Azure, a Demi-Eagle Sable between in dexter chief a Sun in splendour or and in sinister chief a Decrescent Argent; and or, seven Castles Gules, a Barrulet Gules (for Transylvania); Entree en point, two Dolphins urinant respectant or (for Dobruja). None Coat of arms of Romania
Gules, a two-headed eagle each head imperially crowned holding in its dexter talon a sceptre and in its sinister talon a globus cruciger and ensigned with an imperial crown all or. An Inescutcheon Gules, a representation of Saint George upon horseback argent slaying a dragon or. None Coat of arms of Russia
San Marino
Azure on three mountain tops vert three towers argent masoned and windowed sable each weather vaned with an ostrich plume argent. Libertas (Latin)
Coat of arms of San Marino
Gules, a two-headed eagle Argent armed or, two fleurs-de-lys or. Overall an escutcheon Gules, a St. George's cross Argent between four firesteels Argent (Serbian cross). None Coat of arms of Serbia
Gules, on a mount Azure, issuant therefrom a double cross Argent. None Coat of arms of Slovakia
A representation of Mount Triglav in white on a blue background, with two blue bending lines below and three gold stars above. None Coat of arms of Slovenia
Quarterly: 1 Gules, a three towered castle or, masoned sable and ajouré azure (for Castile); 2 Argent, a lion rampant purpure (for León); 3 or, four pallets gules (for Aragon); 4 Gules, a cross, saltire and orle of chains linked together or, a centre point vert (for Navarre); En point: Argent, a pomegranate proper seeded gules, supported, sculpted and leafed in two leaves vert (for Granada); Inescutcheon: Azure bordure gules, three fleur-de-lis or (for the House of Bourbon). Plus Ultra (Latin)
Further Beyond
Coat of arms of Spain
Quarterly: 1 and 4 Azure, three coronets or, placed two above one (the Three Crowns); 2 and 3 Three sinisterbendwise streams argent, a lion crowned with an open crown or armed gules (for the House of Bjelbo). Inescutcheon party per pale Bendwise azure, argent and gules, a vasa or (for the House of Vasa); and Azure, issuant from a wavy base a bridge with three arches and two towers embattled argent, in honor point an eagle regardant with wings inverted resting on thunderbolts or, and in chief the Big Dipper constellation of the same (for the House of Bernadotte). None Coat of arms of Sweden
Gules, a Cross couped Argent. None Coat of arms of Switzerland
A crescent and mullet gules None National emblem of Turkey
Azure, a Tryzub (trident) or. None Coat of arms of Ukraine
United Kingdom As used in England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and externally
Quarterly: 1 and 4 Gules, three lions passant guardant in pale or armed and langued azure (for England); 2 or a lion rampant Gules armed and langued Azure within a double tressure flory-counter-flory of the second (for Scotland); 3 Azure, a harp or stringed argent (for Ireland). Dieu et mon droit (French)
God and my right

Honi soit qui mal y pense (Old French)
Shamed be he who thinks ill of it

Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom
As used in Scotland
Quarterly: 1 and 4 or a lion rampant Gules armed and langued Azure within a double tressure flory-counter-flory of the second (for Scotland); 2 Gules, three lions passant guardant in pale or armed and langued azure (for England); 3 Azure, a harp or stringed argent (for Ireland). In Defens (Scots)
Abbreviation of In my defens God me defend

Nemo me impune lacessit (Latin)
No one attacks me with impunity

Vatican City
Gules, two keys in saltire or and argent, interlaced in the rings gules, beneath a tiara argent, crowned or. None Coat of arms of the State of Vatican City

Other sovereign entities

Entity Coat of arms or emblem Description Text Main article
Sovereign Military Order of Malta
Gules, a cross argent None Coat of arms of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Disputed and/or unrecognised countries

Country Coat of arms or emblem Text Main article
None Emblem of Abkhazia
None Coat of arms of Kosovo
Northern Cyprus
1983 Coat of arms of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
South Ossetia
Ossetian: Республикӕ Хуссар Ирыстон.
Russian: Республика Южная Осетия.
Translated in English: "Republic of South Ossetia"
Emblem of South Ossetia
Romanian: Република Молдовеняскэ Нистрянэ (in Moldovan Cyrillic)
Russian: Приднестровская Молдавская Республика
Ukrainian: Придністровська Молдавська Республіка
Emblem of Transnistria

Dependent territories

Dependency Coat of arms or emblem Blazon Text Main article
Åland (Finland)
Azure a stag trippant Or. None Coat of arms of Åland
Azores (Portugal)
Argent, a goshawk displayed azure, beaked, langued, taloned and armed gules,a bordure gules, charged with nine mullets of five points Or. Antes morrer livres que em paz sujeitos ("Rather die free than subjected in peace") Coat of arms of the Azores
Faroe Islands (Denmark)
Azure, a ram argent, langued gules, armed and unguled Or. None Coat of arms of the Faroe Islands
Gibraltar (UK)
Argent, upon a base gules a castle triple-towered of the same ported and windowed sable with a cord issuant from the portal, pendent therefrom a key Or. Montis Insignia Calpe (Badge of the Rock of Gibraltar) Coat of arms of Gibraltar
Guernsey (UK)
Gules, 3 lions passant guardant Or, langued and armed Azure. None Coat of arms of Guernsey
Isle of Man (UK)
Gules three legs in armour flexed at the knee and conjoined at the thigh, all proper, garnished and spurred or. Quocunque jeceris stabit (Latin)
Whichever way you throw, it will stand
Coat of arms of the Isle of Man
Jersey (UK)
Gules three lions passant guardant in pale Or armed and langued Azure. None Coat of arms of Jersey
Madeira (Portugal)
Azure a pale Or charged with the Cross of Christ. Das Ilhas as Mais Belas e Livres (Of all islands, the most beautiful and free) Coat of arms of Madeira

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  1. ^ The Czech national motto, Pravda vítězí ("Truth prevails"), does not appear on the arms, but rather on the Presidential Standard
  2. ^ An alternate render of the Coat of Arms of Cyprus based on its blazon has been depicted here, in place of the render officially used by the Republic of Cyprus, in respect of WP:NFCI


  1. ^ Rossi, Girolamo (2014). Lo scudo crociato. Un simbolo medievale nella comunicazione politica del Novecento (in Italian). Armando Editore. p. 38. ISBN 978-88-96817-06-3.
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