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America's Next Producer

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

America's Next Producer
Genre Reality Television;
Game Show
Starring Ananda Lewis
(TV host)
David Hill
Matt Roush
Country of origin US
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10 (Season 1)
Production location(s) Los Angeles, CA
Running time approx. 60 min.
Original network TV Guide Channel
Original release July 18 – September 12, 2007

America's Next Producer is a reality show where ten contestants compete for a TV Guide Network deal, office space in Hollywood, 17" MacBook Pro, 23" monitor, Final Cut Studio video editing software, $100,000, and the right to call themselves America's Next Producer. They are challenged to produce a certain genre within a certain amount of time with what they are given. Whoever can impress the judges will move on; those who fail to impress could be cut. The last player standing wins the prizes.


The candidates were:

Name Age * Occupation
Gwen Uszuko 22 Web Producer
Jessica Laccarino 32 Producer, Speed Channel
Alphonzo "Zo" Wesson 46 TV Director/Producer
Daniel Hosea 33 TV News Writer/Producer
Evie Shapiro 37 Freelance Producer
Steve "Schliz" Schleinitz 32 Reality TV Producer
Adam Mutterperl 32 Comedy Writer/Producer
Sharon Nash 46 Freelance Producer
Lindsay Liles 24 Producer, Style Network
Bradley Gallo 29 Freelance Producer

* as of the date of the programme.

Elimination Table
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Lindsay LOW OUT
Bradley OUT
     (WINNER) Producer was chosen by viewers as the winner of The Fashion Show.
     [(1ST) RUNNER-UP] Producer came in second place in the votes.
     (WIN) Producer was selected by judges as the winner of the challenge.
     (HIGH) Producer had one of the best project determined by the judges.
     (LOW) Producer was called last before the final two.
     (LOW) Producer was in the bottom two.
     (OUT) Producer was eliminated.
     [SAFE] Producer was good enough to move on to the next round.


Episode 1 (July 18, 2007)

  • The ten contestants arrive in Los Angeles, CA. The host, Ananda Lewis, sends them to the NBC lot to watch the Carson Daly Show. After the show, the contestants meet Carson Daly and David Freeman. They announce to the ten producers that their challenge is to produce a 1-minute comedic field piece. The contestants then go to the America's Next Producer Studios, where they are divided into teams of two. Each team has three hours to shoot a film at Hollywood and Highland and then 5 hours to edit at the studio. The judges are David Hill, Matt Roush, and guest judge David Freeman. Evie's and Schliz's piece is called My Own Idiot which gives people their very own idiot, played by Schliz, so they can do whatever they want with it. The judges like their piece. They are then asked who should win. Evie says that she should since it was her idea and she did most of the editing. Schliz says that he should win and wants an edit-off against Evie. The next film is Adam's and Jessica's, which is called Brief Encounters where a person ties to guess what type of underwear someone else is wearing. The judges like that they actually show what kind of underwear the person is wearing, but think that it lacks laughs. They ware then asked, if one of them has to leave who would it be. Jessica does not pick who should go home, but Adam says that he should since he is a comedy writer. The next piece is Daniel's and Zo's, which is called Britney Falls Off the Wagon. It is about a drunk Britney Spears. The judges like their work. They are then asked who should win. Daniel picks himself since it was his idea and he did the editing. Zo also picks Daniel. Lindsay's and Sharon's piece is called Why Do.... They would ask people a question, and they would then give their opinions. The judges do not like the type of topics they used and thought that they lacked laughs. They are asked, if one of them has to go, who it should be. Lindsay picks Sharon because she lacks the technical stuff. Sharon picks herself because she is a veteran producer and should have thought about it first. Gwen's and Bradley's piece is called Walk Of Relief, where people cheer about going to the restroom. The judges did not find any humor in it. They were asked, if one of them had to go home who should it be. Bradley picks himself since he thought it was funny. Gwen also picks Bradley since she did most of the editing. Sharon tells Lindsay she is disappointed in her because she sold her out. The judges then deliberate. Sharon tells Gwen that she is trying to mentor Lindsay. Gwen is trying to defend Lindsay since they are both new producers, but Sharon starts to get mad at Gwen too. After the judges decide who should leave, they call the contestants back into the room. The best piece is Daniel's and Zo's, but only one of them can be the winner. Daniel is the winner, but Zo also advances to the next round. Evie's and Schliz's piece is the second best and is good enough to advance them onto the next round. Jessica's and Adam's piece is the third best, but it is still good enough to advance them to the next round. The judges then save Lindsay and Gwen. Sharon and Bradley are the last two contestants left. Bradley is eliminated.
  • Genre: comedy
  • Challenge: produce a 1-minute comedic field piece.
  • Judges: David Hill, Matt Roush, and David Freeman (guest judge)
  • WINNER: Daniel Hosea
  • ELIMINATED: Bradley Gallo

Episode 2 (July 25, 2007)

  • The challenge is to produce a 2-minute pitch reel for the next hit reality TV show which will star their unknown celebrity. Daniel is the team captain since he won the last challenge, and he gets to pick the captains for the other two teams. Daniel picks Sharon and Lindsay. The three captains then choose teams. Each team receives an address to their secret celebrity and is given 6 hours to shoot and 6 hours to edit their project. Daniel, Zo, and Evie's celebrity is Michelle Stafford from The Young and the Restless. Lindsay, Schliz, and Adam's celebrity is Santino Rice from Project Runway Season 2. Sharon, Jessica, and Gwen's celebrity is Lorenzo Lamas, but he bails out because his back has gone out. The team ha two options. They can go to another team or come up with their own reality show concept. If they choose the second option, then they are given 2 extra hours. Sharon decides that they should go with the second option. Gwen decides that they should make the show about Sharon. The people judging their work are David Hill, Matt Roush, and guest judge Chris Moore who is the producer of Project Greenlight, Good Will Hunting, and American Pie. Lindsay, Schliz, and Adam's piece is called The Santino Collection. It follows a typical day of a fashion designer named Santino Rice. The judges do not feel as if it is something that people want to watch and that it lacks drama. Sharon, Jessica, and Gwen's piece is called Beat My Clock One Woman's Mission. It is about a lady's quest to get a man and have a baby before her eggs get too old. The judges think that it would make an interesting show. Daniel's, Zo's, and Evie's piece is called Diva days. It follows Michelle Stafford's life when she is not on camera. The judges do not get it and it leaves them asking questions. The judges feel that this challenge should be judged on leadership, so they save everyone except Daniel, Sharon, and Lindsay. The judges pick Sharon as the winner of this challenge. They then save Daniel, which means that Lindsay is eliminated.
  • Genre: reality
  • Challenge: produce a 2-minute pitch reel for the next hit reality TV show.
  • Judges: David Hill, Matt Roush, and Chris Moore (guest judge)
  • WINNER: Sharon Nash
  • ELIMINATED: Lindsay Liles

Episode 3 (August 1, 2007)

  • The eight contestants receive a phone call from Ananda Lewis. She announces that the next challenge has something to do with comedy and that she is sending them to a comedy club to see two comedians. The two comedians that they watched were Brian Dunkleman and Natasha Leggero. The next day they head over to the studio. The host tells them that their challenge is to produce a 3-minute sitcom piece for one of the comedians. The contestants are going to be split into two teams for this challenge. One of the teams will have Brian and the other one will have Natasha. Sharon is going to be a team captain since she won last week, and she gets to pick the other team captain. Schliz was picked to be the other team captain. Sharon's team will be working with Natasha, and Schliz's team will be working Brian. They will have 4 hours to shoot and 6 hours to edit. Each team will be provided with two supporting comedians, a professional set, a production crew, a camera man, and an audio guy. The teams wrote their script for tomorrow's project. The following day, the teams headed to DC Studios to shoot their projects. The two supporting actors for Schliz's team was Iliza Shlesinger and Jay Larson. Sharon's supporting actors were Melinda Hill and Howard Kremer. Both teams went to the studio to edit their films. Evie and Adam were having problems with Sharon, who was bossing them around all day. They decided that they would let her hang herself instead. The next day, the remaining eight contestants headed off to elimination. Schliz's team produced a show about Brian, who gave up working for American Idol. He is now an unlucky person, who keeps on losing to Ryan Seacrest. The judges thought that it was very good. Ananda asked Robin if it would be a show that they would be interested in. Robin said that it would be a show that they would consider. Sharon's team produced a show where Natasha was rich, but lost everything. She tries to get back to the lifestyle that she was used to. The judges thought that they tried to hard to produce laughs. The teams were then sent into another room, while the judges went to work on who should go home. The teams were brought back in to receive the news. Schliz's team won and was safe. Schliz was picked as the winner. Evie and Zo was saved, which left Sharon and Adam to be eliminated. Sharon was eliminated, since her job as the captain was to make everyone work together as a whole.
  • Genre: comedy
  • Challenge: to produce a 3-minute sitcom piece.
  • Judges: David Hill,[Matt Roush, and Robin Shorts (guest judge)
  • WINNER: Steve Schleinitz aka Schliz
  • ELIMINATED: Sharon Nash

Episode 4 (August 8, 2007)

  • The final seven head to the studio to receive their next challenge. For the first time, the contestants will all work together. Their challenge is to produce two segments for a new children's show. One of the two segments must be a musical. The contestants have to pick a team leader. They all decided that Daniel will be their leader. Daniel divided the team in half. Zo, Schliz, and Gwen will work on the musical segment. Jessica, Evie, and Adam will work on the scripted segment. The next day, the remaining seven headed off to elimination. The musical segment was about making friends. The judges thought that they executed it. They liked the scene and how it led up to the song. They also liked the turtle's name Shellby and the lyrics to the song. The other segment was about protecting the environment and recycling. They liked this segment too. Daniel was asked if he got hired and had a budget to take six people, who would he not take. Daniel picked Gwen since she did not help him on the pitch. Schliz was asked the same question, and he picked Gwen as well. Gwen had to pick a person as well, and she chose Daniel. Zo picked Evie since he has had problems with her. Jessica picked Daniel. Unexpectedly, Evie picked Zo to go home. Adam refused to answer the question, but when he was forced to pick someone, he chose everyone to go instead of him to go home (that was his way to avoid the question). The contestants were then excused from the room, while the judges picked which one should go home. The seven remaining contestants were brought back into the room. Jessica was the winner, since it was her idea for the scripted segment and for the name she gave the turtle. Zo was saved for writing the song. Evie and Schliz were also saved. Daniel was saved, which left Gwen or Adam to be eliminated. Adam was eliminate since he could not deliver an answer right away. And because the judges could only see him as a writer and not a producer.
  • Genre: children's show
  • Challenge: create 2 segments for a new children's show
  • Judges: David Hill, Matt Roush, Claude Brooks (guest judge), and Gelila Asres (guest judge)
  • WINNER: Jessica Iaccarino
  • ELIMINATED: Adam Mutterperl

Episode 5 (August 15, 2007)

  • The final six received a phone call from Ananda to meet her at an unknown location. They arrived at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Daniel Hinerfeld presented them their challenge, which is to produce a 30-second public service announcement. The winners project will be used at a natural outreach campaign. They will each be working in teams of two for this project. Each team has 3 hours to film and 5 hours to edit. The next day the remaining six headed to elimination. Daniel's and Gwen's video was about global warming. The judges liked it and thought it was all right. Jessica's and Zo's video dealt with recycling. The judges thought that it was terrific. Evie's and Schliz's project was about saving the oceans. The judges found it boring and did not like the filming. The contestants then left the room, while the judges went to work. The contestants came back into the room to receive the news. Zo is safe and he is the winner. Jessica is also safe. Their piece is going to be used on the NRDC website. Gwen and Daniel were also saved. Schliz was eliminated since he messed up on filming, which meant that Evie will be moving on.
  • Genre: public service announcement
  • Challenge: produce a 30-second public service announcement
  • Judges: David Hill, Matt Roush, and Daniel Hinerfeld (guest judge)
  • WINNER: Alphonzo Wesson aka Zo
  • ELIMINATED: Steve Schleinitz aka Schliz

Episode 6 (August 22, 2007)

  • The final five contestants head out to the studio to receive their challenge, which is to create a new dating game show. Lauren Michelle Hill is the host for the game show. Once again, the contestants will all work together. Zo picked Evie to be the team captain. The contestants headed off to elimination the following day. The show that the team produces is about a girl finding chemistry and compatibility with a guy. The judges do not like their project. Evie and Zo started arguing that Anandaa had to tell them to stop. The judges send them all out and deliberate on whom to send home. Zo and Evie continue their argument outside of the room. The contestants enter the room to receive the news. For the first time, the judges did not pick a winner for this episode. Evie was eliminated for creating a bad piece and for letting the director change the work she had done.
  • Genre: game show
  • Challenge: create a new dating game show
  • Judges: David Hill, Matt Roush, and J. D. Roth (guest judge)
  • WINNER: none
  • ELIMINATED: Evie Shapiro

Episode 7 (August 29, 2007)

  • The remaining four received a phone call early in the morning from Ananda. They arrived at the Fox 11 News studio. Lisa Kridos, told the contestants that their challenge is to produce a feature news story for live broadcast. The contestants will be split into teams of two for this challenge. Zo and Gwen will work with Jean Martinez, a reporter for Good Day LA. Daniel and Jessica will work with Tony McEwing, another reporter from Good Day LA. The final four headed to elimination. Daniel's and Jessica's project was about how celebrities, Paris Hilton, are treated different from everyday people. The judges thought that it was basic and that it switched to another story, instead of what their topic was about. Gwen's and Zo's topic was about emotions in the workplace. Again, the judges thought that it was pretty basic and that they did not address the topic. After the judges deliberated, the contestants were called back into the room to receive the news. Again, the judges did not pick winner for this project. Gwen and Zo were saved. Jessica was saved, which meant that Daniel is eliminated.
  • Genre: news
  • Challenge: produce a feature news story for live broadcast
  • Judges: David Hill, Matt Roush, and Lisa Kridos (guest judge)
  • WINNER: none
  • ELIMINATED: Daniel Hosea

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